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a 1000000 people have died from aids related illnesses over the past 4 decades deaths are down 60 percent since the peak in 2004 and more than 26000000 people are on antiretroviral drugs but there are still around 12000000 people living with hiv who are not on treatment and the pandemic has put some gains in jeopardy the churning use of the 19 bundle mean that the world is moving important grown in the fight to end aids as a public assured by 20 certainty the un says the response to hiv aids demonstrates what can be achieved by working together and what can be done when all have access to the treatment they need and al-jazeera. dissolves there and these the top stories u.s. attorney general william boss says the justice department found no evidence of widespread voter for last month's election president trump's team says the legal
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fight will continue alan fisher has more from washington d.c. before the election bill barr was saying that voter fraud could well be caused by mail in ballots but now he's saying look we've looked at this and there's no widespread evidence of voter fraud that goes completely against what the president has been saying even in the last couple of hours if you tweeting you know more people who are suggesting that there is widespread voter fraud in the election was stolen from donald trump you'll remember just a couple of weeks ago the man who was the head of the cyber security unit for the election said this was the most secure election in american history donald trump said yeah that was because of my administration but still stolen from us and by the way you're fired. u.s. president elect joe biden has urged congress to pass a groat of our aid package that's been stalled for months he spoke while availing his economic team to deal with the crisis bipartisan group of lawmakers unveiled a 9 $108000000000.00 covert 19 relief bill aimed at breaking for
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a long deadlock i didn't is hopeful that it will pass but says his team is focused on the next session of congress a panel from the u.s. centers for disease control is recommending that front line workers and nursing home residents should get the coronavirus vaccine 1st and independent advisory team made up of 15 medical and public health experts voted in favor of the guidance states and other local authorities will decide on the issue israel's all that prime minister and defense minister benny gantz says is possible back an opposition bill in favor of dissolving parliament dances is also patience with benjamin netanyahu and is ready to break their alliance if a lot of it you budget isn't passed immediately the move could force israel's for that action invest in 2 years. there's the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera right after inside story which is coming up next.
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will india's protesting farmers forced the prime minister into a climb down to render a modi is resisting calls to repeal farming reform laws they fear they'll be left at the mercy of big corporations what are the political risks for modi this is inside story. hello welcome to the program byrne it's more than 60 percent of india's population rely on agriculture for a living but farmers who've long been a crucial voting bloc often complain of being ignored and now they're worried they
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could be exploited by agriculture reforms passed in september the laws seek to loosen rules around the sale pricing and storage of farm produce fair the new free market system means they'll lose government back to minimum price guarantees they've tried to march on the capital new delhi but have been stopped by police using tear gas and batons now they're blocking main roads plan to stay until the demands are met. a lot of us that we have enough facilities to cook and eat and arrange for our stay we only want the last to be rolled back and to go back home happy if it's not done the moon will continue to protest be it for 6 months or a year the guard again lead the way we always suspected the government's intention and always will because the government has become a slave of the corporations they want to turn us into their slaves as well well we want to government which is elected by the people and talks about the people the indian government says the reforms and necessary to boost production and bring in
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much needed private investment prime minister narendra modi has tried to assure farmers the laws won't tom their businesses. there's a lot of your book i have no doubt that i want to tell the citizens and farmers from the banks of the river ganges and the holy city of out an aussie that we're working with intentions which a pure is the water of the river ganges and without any purpose of betrayal most of the farmers come from the states of punjab and haryana that are known as india's grain baskets many have camped out at the sink who border elizabeth around him has been to one of the protests in the capital new delhi. well despite from union leaders attending talks with the government tens of thousands of promise remain on 2 key highways blocking the road into the capital region of delhi now from union leaders have told us that they're attending the talks but they're not hopeful of a breakthrough and that's because of prime minister narendra modi's comments that
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these. are good for farmers that they're in the interest of farmers and fama say that that's what happened last time in the last round of talks in november that the government didn't listen that they would write guarantees around a minimum price for they produce and to nor that is why they're protesting now and that's why they'll say they'll continue to do so until the government repealed these laws meanwhile the pharmacy have had some international support the 1st international comments about what's happening here from canadian prime minister justin trudeau who said that canada will always stand by the right of people to peacefully protest to protest peacefully that's perhaps not surprising given canada has such a large population more than half a 1000000 people in canada are off panjabi descent many of these farmers are from punjab all those comments weren't well received here in india with the ministry of external affairs calling them calling them ill informed and saying that canada shouldn't be making comments about internal affairs about the internal affairs of
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a democracy. the legislation changes the way farmers do business currently farmers a guaranteed a minimum price for the produce at wholesale markets the new law allows them to sell direct to anyone famous for big corporations could force prices down the law also allows private buyers to hoard essential commodities for future sales and farmers will be able to enter into direct contracts with private companies. let's bring in our guests in new delhi we have deeper senhor assistant professor of economics at university in delhi joining us from oxford is nikita sued associate professor of development studies at oxford department international development and pandey is an agriculture policy specialist and the former director of the institute for social and economic change and he joins us from bangalore and welcome to you
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all our us are i'll start with you if i may just give a quick brief rundown of what the main the most significant reforms the new laws will bring about. i would the new laws there are 3 laws yes one goes with the our commerce and the. it's called farmers' produce trade and commerce act now this comes under the constitution's concordant list part occurred and there are 6 or 7 points which are covered in this law interstate and interstate trading are produced is free is allowed part of me did without any kind of cess duties etc yes electronic trading is permitted trade also must trade a bit up bankcard bankcard is
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a. personal accounting number electronically to straighten our traders is essential if we are told are terrified of getting into. not today libyan creates no market fees price information system should be in place and a dispute resolution is in place this is the 1st act the 2nd act is far most important under protection agreement act this is price as surance and farm services bill. farmers and a sponsor may enter this is a contract. they can enter into an agreement litter fix price with quality grade standards etc then the response of douglas $1.00 serving is to pick the product at the pre-decided price and pay $2.00 thirds of the amount immediately yes the sponsor prepared from act quieting this is most important. only a few needs are marked gauge of the land of the farmer and this is in that
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insurance to be provided and elaborate. procedure is 2nd and the 3rd one then the 3rd one of these essential commodities act allows the government to regulate the supply of certain food. and the stock limit may be imposed on agriculture produced only if there is a steep price rise and there are triggers about the steep price rise that is 100 percent in case appreciable if the price rises more than 100 will have doubled prize a car 50 percent in case of nonperishable this is basically the clear act or right ok thank you very much deeper just why of many farmers so nervous of what are essentially made free market reforms of farming in india. because i think because of that so broadly if we look at these 3 acts what they do is that they beating you
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lived because of the fact that the country and the state it's not in which the families have meanly protesting door states in which the market regulation this quite of bad public procurement by the state happens from a large number of problems they get to get into right and these markets of looking pretty efficiently and they also provide tax revenues to the federal government locally and so this is something that has. without much discussion something that should actually all is under the plough of you all of the federal government not the central government but the state government and i did dying then it's very difficult to put everybody across the country that suddenly think that such major things are being done that out picking the families in 2. is based i'm going to live the last you know all yellows that have been a huge protests across the country in fact asking for legislations which would
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increase that if they should reach one getting tea at a minimum price but this is completely against what the promise have been demanding quote over the last little yes and it was something that this. is instilling a spirit in promise that the existing system will change in the way. families as individuals would have to deal with a lot what parents bed they had bought gaining piled up used to be much no. kids or i read that a quarter of india's farm produce is lost to wastage surely that suggests some sort of reform is needed. that's absolutely right and also stenson believe one you know see that this government is trying to respond to a crisis in agriculture and you have touched on one of the issues are we still but there are many others of grabbing a nation of access to credit and be quids it that you're not these 3 laws are being brought in to make additional harm was better in fact that's what the government
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wants us to believe however why we have to admit that that is a crisis. expectant incestuous sex because a farmer as went you know just last year in 2019 will look down and housing farmers committed suicide in india. these at the not necessarily like your previous because that's not going to make conditions better for farmers they're going to liberalise and didn't get markets where does what is really needed is false promise to have better access to credit did it get a nation crisis will send a sharp prices for that for that produce and these actually none of that are us there is no major economy in the world that leaves farmers completely the mercy of free markets quite like this does the e.u. $34.00 and a half percent of these budget goes on farming and fishing subsidies u.s.
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subsidies for custody 37200000000 dollars this year your throwing the indian pharmacy the wolves are they with this legislation. right i bet are quite a few. misunderstandings not only among the promise but also among the academicians. just now the other speakers are dr the agriculture policy in the stateliest yes group that agriculture fault as entry portrayed under the state list that includes agriculture which means production agriculture education protection from person this is us and it is very absolutely written whereas in the union list under the trade and commerce interstate trade is listed and also in 333 which came in the concord list inserted a bigger 3rd amendment in 1054 all it specifies trade and commerce
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in who stops. it will i will since carton and all of the props now the farmers are told and in fact a lot of marketing we should say that agriculture false in the stateliest true but then it's only for that purpose 2nd thing is as far as farmer suicides are concerned but it's a very sad very clear logical build up far more suicide and my book is there by such publications are i'm speaking from a set of very rich and they cannot 30000 power most in 2002 yes across 13 states in the country which impact on you know support prices on the farm economic not had one job in it and one job is very happy with their misspeak or a simple recession that like any other government are going to. the
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government function that is operating in the m.s.p. sector up when jobs are absolutely corrupt and i'm saying it on the camera for the reason that when we are more text then printers are we are see greed to be monday immediately as soon as you can does the money in the great changes from c. to b. 2030 will be the difference from there from 10 quintals by the time we dissuade it becomes 15 crinkle ok which means apartment gets a huge amount from the government neither the night neither the person who is weighing not the person who is grading or losing anything is the state which is losing ok and that's why if i got part of marsar or answer thank you thank you very much deeper most indian farms are very small 1 point one hectare. another farms or
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even smaller than that what are the risks to them of the reforms so. i journeyed this drill that if you look at the fama so what protesting a lot section of them are. because like you said 80 plus indulging in families are what we would close small and marginal and so they do not benefit from the repeal meant by the state very much they don't get the short. however then the market it's either believe it then if they don't mean not good things also that the illegals out if it regulated markets will not function anymore right signalling for instance as one of those bed it kind of sets a lot of the price of various commodities that even the government that's not for the rich 2 kind of set the floor for the price of the small promise that let their issue which i was saying and yet again it's a bill with this whole issue of probably and i loudly in the private sector today
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directly with what that means is that now you can have big corporate interests that icky dealing with problems without any that you listen without any. intervention having the promise in place of. the families especially because they have so small on their interest can be protected or leave and they've looked at the pool all of it is something of a life home that is why i think that it's so that is in fact the biggest that these smaller families would be left. would be a great big companies and almost to be able to raise them in the market and prices they would not get short prices and i get angry not because it isn't it is a problem becoming more expensive but prices i'm going to show and even though these that you talked about earlier is all it's sort of the bull with the last look back because really depressed and that's the markets and so on or so i just want to
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say that i'm not saying that people can get does not need want but going to bump that meager doesn't have more investment and more regulation rather than blowing in the other that nikita how is the how all these small scale farmers going to be able to deal directly with major businesses that surely the scales are already weighted against them off. yes absolutely and that's why they're protesting i think the. political actors are being very unfair and not getting the pulse of the problem going to see it that these actually end bowering acts and the farmers don't understand what's going on the farmers at the ones who are actually facing the conditions that developed previous speakers are talking about and that is right there protesting why we might be seeing lots of farmers on the street they are also seeing organizations of well and smaller farmers who are protesting and trying to get their voice flooded and this is not new they have this protest has been on in
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many parts of locked in delaware not literally months and the government could do with to hear what these farmers are seeing instead of trying to drag this legislation down into the deep thoughts just because they have a majority. and they. are also want to do ask you there are 77 and a half 1000 these regulated agricultural markets mandy's in india are they but what sort of a role do they play in communities where they are. well. you know we have all nationalist government in power that's trying to don't last that what they're going to bring about is one market for one kind of 3 but we have to understand the sort of landscape in next year's mondays exist which are basically you know marketing produce marketing agencies it does not that monday you stumble all over the farm produce that doesn't leave. even today in more students and allow
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people to sell at their farm door rather than thinking that produce to amend the but like i was saying that my over the years and the minimum support price that doesn't really look for some commodities in these mondays i don't have a signal effect so all of the other groups that have been sold even at the farm go all and it does this sort of price that will be weak and therefore the signal being sent even to those not sending in my dues to date will have an adverse effect on plant prices and that's why big and small farmers are protesting. an n r us before you address the comments of of our colleagues can i try again to get you to specifically address the issue of farming subsidies they're essential in europe they're essential in the u.s. if you take them away from indian farmers half the population risks it's jobs is
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there enough support for these farmers with these new laws one thing is. nor where in their long it has been stated that m.s.p. is going to coast north the 2nd think is as far as contract farming is concerned and i don't know if you're able to go see this book. ok so what. this is on contract farming and density farms yes it's subtitle is entangled without no contract farming came in with their 2 coggan clean marvell a p.m.c. at angus what opium to act had 3 players in fact get told that here on the contract carving makes it come for the 34 of the contract in while garment in the contract and garment actually worse are a strange latest forgive me for interrupting you because we have very very very tight for time but can i just specifically ask is there enough to ensure with the
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new laws that these farmers will be financially compensated very quickly if you can see these laws are not part of financial compensation if somebody is thinking of that not financial compensation goes through their misspeak 2nd thing is that if we believe and that's what many people believe that it be i'm see our market yards are properly functioning no there are strong cartels and i had done it on an onion the cartel to begin from where it p.m.c. kill the other money be a lot of money these cartels decide the prices and these prizes are decided by even the signals in the air and i have gone into day p.m.c. 2 instances where the hurricane are under farmers will come back tomorrow thank you very much deep deeper he's talking there about the about the cartels currently setting the prices there is some sort of reform needed isn't there is this the way
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to bring it about. absolutely bonkers not saying that the b m c is the way they have cut in people actually functioning politically or that their body democratic that i've lived is that issues of that option and so on but that it's long then is not to get rid of the of the emcees in fact that at some states in the country like it or behind rich it will ever be a b. and c. what about 10 years back and there you'll find that the markets have even learned that the families have no access to any markets. because of them not having the mondays so it is a need for reform but that islam is not one doesn't live with any kind of regulation that would be throwing the baby out with the black water what we need is break that ignition and more support also look from the brain as the site that's not the mind of the middle man and b a b m c let me live once open i actually in the absence of i just informal credit
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with the promise and. i are also very important for some great big i don't know what influence of like they were in the promise of what was going on in the market that is so demented what that has been that is not being based on the basis is still around them it's just completely different in the case of this evidence in your big corporations have a significant effect on the pricing of agricultural product products for example milk is often supply supplied at less than cost price protections as india learned from their protections for the absolutely unlocked and that is why i don't follow why did it is true that the current laws do not do only that minimum support price and many come on to do this but there is a system acting meek a new all. good name fall off the farm lines and. being given to lauch agricultural provisions and there are very few gods that yes.
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being big into current legislation these t.v. laws but others that we can talk about where the flom wasn't just being able to follow us that is not the case it's the corporations that are being pushed for a loophole and even if you see the federal government using that didn't list of the constitution publishing's will this legislation they are doing that because they are allowed to do that fall for a motion marketing like food that is aggregate is good subject to the government the central government to see this as well that there are agricultural marketing that is the farmers are fighting it because they're seen it doesn't matter o. identity and likely old and they're powerful so that is that difference in how these this issue is being seen by the central government as kong was and liberalization and by the farmers as their own i get to be like you were tuesday and you know who they are talking i don't need different levels you know folks
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unfortunately time is against other more out of time thank you to all our guests to deepa sinha to nikita saud and pandey and thank you to are watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com for more debate go to our facebook page facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story we'd also join the conversation on twitter we are a.j. inside story and i am just their opponent for me but it's my whole team here.
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as we examine the u.s. its role in the world on al-jazeera. the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. attorney general william barr says the justice department has found no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the last month's election in response president donald trump's legal team accuse the justice department of failing to do enough to investigate allegations elevation has more from washington d.c. . well or for honest i think a lot of people were expecting bill bart to be fired in the last couple of hours he was here on the white house campus for a meeting that was described by the department of justice as routine he was with the president for about an hour and then he left no before the election bill barr was saying that.


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