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happened. when the hiroshima bomb explodes. organized a sort of memory park to recall that the memory of the tragedy in lebanon we used to raise all the way to the memory of to reach the grain silos are credited for absorbing the brunt of the explosion and limiting the damage to the western half of the city there also evidence of a crime many fear may go unpunished in a country with a legacy of impunity. beta and. it is good sorry with us hello adrian filling in here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera the u.k. government has approved a covert 19 vaccine to be rolled out from next week it's accepted the recommendation to approve the vaccine created by pfizer and bio and tech a committee is now working on final advice on who should be immunized 1st that's
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expected to include care home residents and health workers the u.k. health minister says that 50 hospitals set up and waiting to accept the vaccine thailand's constitutional court has acquitted prime minister channel of ethics violation the case against him focused on his place of residence the former johns a leader who was in power in 2014 ended his career as an army chief to become prime minister 3 of hong kong's well known pro-democracy activists have been sentenced to prison joshua warren will spend around 13 months in jail while agnes chiles spent 10 months for their role in last year's protests another activist ivan lamb will be in prison for 7 months demonstrations outside hong kong's police headquarters and $29000.00 were triggered by the introduction of a controversial extradition bill which has since been shelved adrian brown reports from hong kong. they had faced possibly a maximum sentence of up to 3 years but in spite of all that i've noticed cho is
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still in a pretty serious situation because 4 months ago she was arrested under the new national security law on suspicion of colluding with foreign powers now she's been out on bail or had been until she pleaded guilty a week ago and if she is convicted on that if she is charged and convicted she faces the prospect of you know life in jail u.s. attorney general william bar says the justice department has not found widespread voter fraud in last month's presidential election his comments contradict president donald trump's claims that the vote was raked. up today it's more noosphere out of 0 after the stream next the american people have finally spoke in america as i see it when america is off balance the world becomes more dangerous the world is looking at us live next year of sanusi. with the election behind us the republican
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party dumptruck your weekly take on u.s. politics and society that's the bottom up. after me ok welcome to the stream today we're talking about extreme that link to that challenge and i'm sure you've seen reporters on this network and elsewhere took about president where the conditions and never before was seen a let me let me remind you of the weather conditions like this let me remind you of a couple of things i peaked my interest as well as trading are funny. record breaking battle not yet over gets to locust invasions in east africa and in another extreme weather story linked to climate change and one of the california fires the west in us feeling is there as well the reason we're talking about these tips is
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because the 2020 states of climate service is a report that is out by the world we see logical organization talking about climate change connected to how we can better put pay so extreme weather because of climate change i know you have questions i know you have thoughts this is why we have you can jump into the comment section and be part of today since the west. hello hello good morning everyone it is indeed tuesday you can chuck away the big coats today we have a blast so mild and moving towards us keep the phrase hold her spray how do you know it's going to be pretty windy but this morning is just flirting with us my dogs cold air returns then over the next couple of days of course we all love the finer details and you can get out by demo to the b.b.c. weather are they safe. because we can't have a weather show without talking about the weather with the forecast don't like the
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way it's not the 4 conflicts you say if it is cheese steak where you live that is not a forecast that was prerecorded earlier and we say hello to the guests you just saw i want to introduce yourself to the global audience. i family thank you so much for having me it's great to be here and also found telling us about what got you to a very important. alignment avenue you work as a wedding present for the b.b.c. a big part of what i do would while being a can you be where the president is kind of trying to make the weather a bit different i suppose a bit more engaging it's the young girl going to the concert like a trip to just all of that so we're going to try and communication where there's a big. looking forward to hearing more about that hello salai tell everybody he won't. hi everyone i'm selling pot ephron genius science in wellington new zealand and i conduct research on how people respond so warnings from different heads including with the warnings welcome and nice to have to tell everybody he's
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eating great good morning america i mean thank you sir for the welcome and good morning to colleagues so money was all gone what i needed beauty direct to general of the pacific community which is a science and development organization based here in fiji right in the heart of the pacific. can i start recently that may be controversial gas or not is i think most people and yes that pilots sailors extreme gardeners or farmers have no idea what the weather forecast means and they're just looking out for the icon summary at the end. roan sally. i think to some to some degree and i think people have their own 3 shelves in their mind as well as to what what they're with the mainstream so if i get a forecast for a 100 kilometer hour wind gusts and wellington new zealand i know that that's not
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really going to states me very much whereas if i just got totally in terms of where and impacts i might find at least are supposed to personalize it to me so there's lots of challenges and with that you should include the hess's as a wind gust and space for the witting out sell. oh i knew nothing guy had. yeah i mean everything that sally said that you know i agree with i think that if it's relative almost you know the weather depending on where you are more happening in the forecast because if you're doing a focus let's say the whole of the u.k. the weather varies hugely across different parts of the united kingdom and i think that now we know a lot of people say i mean you know we'll just pick up the phone and you know we'll have a look at the we'll see what company is out all you need well i still think that there's a lot of value to being a person into the mix somebody who can tell you a bit more about the structure of why the forecast is presenting itself in the way
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you and you know things have moved on the weather forecast isn't what it once was i think that we have got the technology so much better now so for a science communicator or a meteorologist to be able to give that a bit of extra value i think about this when video based for cost kind of come into their own. i want to play you audrey sheryl nelson has a book cost me choice and do you think about what she had to share with us a little bit and he she is. when communicating weather events to the public you really want to make sure you start with the who what when where and why it really goes back to basics because the viewer wants to know how is the weather going to affect me how is it going to affect my family what are the impacts going to be why should i care those are also important to talk about and get that information out there it's also crucial to tell the facts stay calm and make sure
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you're not hyping the situation because all hyping is going to do is cause fear and confusion and that's not going to help get the weather story across. can multiple. you get a message. that's such an important message and. let me just put a little bit of context around the region that we that we live in and. the reality is serous is there whether events are a common some nominal so the pacific and the majority the countries in this region are really high on the risk register for both sites on tsunamis and so forth and when we're talking about communicating with or against a community the language as colleagues on the show as it is really critical and the majority it out she never sees in this region live on the coast probably 90 percent of our communities live not too far from an ocean or a river and so forth so the reality is that when we're communicating events of so
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forth the language becomes an incredibly important and it's not just really i think what the weather is going to be like what it is that we can expect but for this community in this region we really are starting to talk a lot more about what the weather will do to us what's the impact of that is going to have on our communities and our lives so descriptions are a sort of no offense to our wayne and others but descriptions around what the weather is doing is really not good enough any longer and we really need to start to take. the lead which that is actionable that is about impact that is about how do we scribe who lives on these coasts and that's really last region of the notion that you really do need to move back up shift your animals pick up the chickens and your r. and run for life income rather learn to describe what with it looks like and what
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it may eventually be like when it hits your shores it's really about actionable information for decision making for many opportunities in this region. yeah i think it was really interesting hearing the origin of the weather in your region is so widely different to what it's like here in the u.k. but on a similar as far as tone is concerned with a focus or really an earlier on today kind of from buoyant and does it mean you know that there's a calm presentation style but one thing that i've noticed over the past few years is that what i've drawn that i know a lot of where the percentage of drop now is any kind of tone of celebration when we get to prolonged spell of hot weather you know like a heatwave because that is absolutely no reason to celebrate a mirage you know even 5 years ago you know maybe people watching this now were thinking oh yeah actually if we got sun warm weather that's a reason to celebrate i think people are
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a lot more clued up now on what's happening with the climate and therefore that language is kind of gone so it's all about tone as well and. specially when we're talking about warnings which i know the new you both are probably more well versed in is our severe weather is concerned than i am. let me just bring in the eugene coming to this right now there was there watching 03 of you enjoying the conversation so eric the inventor says i love how that full cost is and where the present is doing a percentage chance of rain just to give us some hope oh i know why do you do that i don't know why do you do that. yes i mean nothing great question and one of those things that in the past i've kind of told what is it what a 20 percent chance of rain may look like you know. that i'm going to need a rain coat and that mean i can just risk it. you know yeah weather forecasts have gotten much much more technical and much more detailed you know than what they were
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even a couple of years ago for me as you know. but yes it is what it is it's a there is a chance that this will happen because often if you have from rain coming in then the likelihood of it affecting you will you see not rain is higher than if they say showers in the forecast and you know this isn't a crystal ball this is still data driven that is pretty community so i guess about why we need so i love and i said that because. you don't 2nd guess. since i was just going to react to john's comment and i think you're right the science absolutely critical. but one of the things that we've learned in this region in particular is that science engineering practice particularly messaging is really important we are used in a science you know that is that is part of the read your article well that we need to be translate that into language into action language that that i think probably
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a bit of sets the way our lives and it's a behavioral saying so this is something that we've been exploring and practicing in this region a lot better in recent times. this is in the dow and china dell i'm told is in amman jordan and he was commenting on an unusual weather event which brought snow to amman jordan and in a while again again this is not current weather everybody said don't panic you can watch in jordan right now this is what amman had to say about his forecasts. all over. my opinion is that we can no longer trust these channels or weather forecast over the past 2 days we have been on guard and we stayed home but i don't see any road closures or any other issues everything seems normal previous knows that they did not announce ahead of time or worse than this. study says he's the issue the weather is not an exact science it is a science but it's not an exact science also so things can happen in the forecast
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and when in doubt whether or with a happens to you but does the public appreciate it. yes it's a very much an interesting question because the. demand the reason lucian that there with a model and you get down to it the states you can't forecast for extremely localized with and impacts and so when you get your region gets a warning and might actually just say for the mountains nearby or for you know the next area are not yet and so this warning but you would personally and actually a c i asked and so they very much has a database. and so it's a pretty tricky am challenge for the way the forecast is and that includes it extends to where the impacts a given communicated as well so if you say the impacts of this is going to be a you know flooding on the streets and that kind of thing and might be for that next area over the hills not for your particular area and so it's an ongoing
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challenge that is full classes have to face that the science is improving and and this is why they put those uncertainties in as well just pretty important means people can take that into account when they're looking at one of these forecasts. i'm just going to give you a little bit of a behind the scenes of want sally was saying about morton. many many years ago that you had to be really good at mathematics to do a full comp because you have to do some specific trades you have to do math and do adding up and now to print all sorts of things to make the weather actually work and then you use that math to then do the full cost you know story now we have computers and the computers will put all of that they together they clinch it and they will tell you what the so comfortable 88 probably more accurate than somebody with a pencil and paper doing not full comp but it can change quite a feat oh and did i get that right oh i don't get that right. absolutely femi yes
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indeed and you know we get several runs of the weather mogul every day because it's always kind of crunching up and trying to see me how we how we can improve itself and obviously most of the time the closer we get to the new to the event to the time in question. back to the details on a sally said just now you know the resolution of these more goes and all the weather data is really good now but to go back to the video message that we just sold which is about snow. is not a region that i focused bowl but snow is also you know really hard to forecast i'm just not me at the why the presenter saying hey we got it won't tolerate it is what it is you know snow come be a tricky thing to kolkata so i think the people. here in the big because it makes no secret of course because well if you have a you know here in the u.k. for example a few years ago we had something called the beast from the east which was
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a storm which came in in mexico that on the qt essentially what you have to. in order to get you know a lot of heavy snowfall here in u.k. it's cold that mixed with some kind of precipitation you know rain no pressure weather front. i mean you get to know but the boundaries of where those things meet and where the temperature contrast. are tiny and. that can have a good impact on whether or not a person is going to know as well about it so that one of the reasons why you know we still are woke up. i'm going to take you from the u.k. to this is just a stand and he's making the connection between those every day for cars the full cost that a line is stealing and then feet to plummet change on those every day forecast. so people see climate change impacts as far off or distant but they're really not we're already seeing huge waves we're seeing rain bombs here in hawaii this is where weather communicators can really help using terms like unseasonably warm or
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unusual rainfall unfortunately makes it look like an anomaly rather than part of a broader climate pattern of picture so we're looking in a rearview mirror at what's happened in the past rather than looking out the front window at the climate projections and how those weather patterns fit into that so predicting weather day to day can be really hard but putting individual weather events into the larger climate story isn't and we've got to get that right. old are you getting that right. so this is this is such a critical issue and. the point that previously just maine is this is a big deal i think search for our region we are on climate change just as a significant issue for the pacific we'll say next costs are significant sea level rise rest in the impact of peace and diseases we are sane communities been impacted . along coasts and so forth and. as as i was talking earlier i was thinking of
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a really interesting example that happened recently here and you are 16 we have a category 5 cycle and it's the country of one washer and corals and schools we knew it was coming because our with the forecasters were able to tell us that a cycle was coming and loss of life significant damage it was it was a really major event for the region what was really interesting is that there were waves that came off that site clone just another country 1800 miles away huge tidal surges which again didn't state in that particular country it was the country of tuvalu and no idea on a bright sunny day the impact of this particular cycle here's another country and so whether impact forecasting i think plays a huge role of course in the pacific because it's these kinds of events that we need to understand better and have course misadjusted communities and in and a timely fashion so that we're able to to create actionable misses just for
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communities and it's just it's just it's for me it was a really prime example that we can do weather forecasting really well but ritchie chan and dissipate the impact of particular weather events if we don't have the tools and other scientific innovations that help us mitigate the types of risks that we haven't anticipated. yes i'm going to just jump yeah i think you can stand . go ahead you should always egypt stand by guys. i was just going to say that this climate change issue is going to be quite interesting when we bring out never warnings because the models that when you. need to be adaptable and they need to be able to take climate change into account we know that the end of cyclons and hurricanes is increasing with climate change and so savagely help those we are you know we made a pledge earlier that we were going to use a language everybody knew so sometimes if you in the world that you don't have a cycling cycling when you do have hurricanes you don't realize that aside time in
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how can i exactly design thinks that big 2 can still stretch intense once can carry on because because we made a plan to ice everybody it was going to understand is one of the sation. standing by. so type variance and sightlines on her hands or the same thing that's right so they're all getting more and. temperature increases around the world and so yeah we have to understand not only how it makes your logical mottos guy and me and her saying i'm an addict going to us over time but also how exposure and vulnerabilities and capacities are going to be changing at risk because of climate change. all right so this is blazing stars he was hanging out in you to place in star says isn't climate change just the weather so who wants to volunteer to in a one sentence explain the difference between climate and weather. all right thank you for valentini klein well i meant. the along with picture if you like
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or if you were to get you know a chunk of information spread date over the i would say that it's climate was weather is what is happening now short term and this is why you know where the full costs look at the here and now and how it's going to affect you over the next couple of weeks and we do have a long term forecast coal which tend to be a bit less suck us poorly because it's so far off the climate you're looking over a much longer kind of scale essentially would you 2 agree that the years right. mean the impact of climate change in this region obviously is much more than weather. as we are a region of course that is at the front line of climate so it's not only ocean sea that will rise and so forth but a really interesting example in this region is of course ocean warming and you know we talked with developed countries about reducing greenhouse gases and so forth and
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a direct livelihood impact of course with the oceans one for us of course is the devastation about carla now biodiversity in the oceans but also our livelihood such as fish rates you know we've seen a huge impact on our fisheries and economies where but the oceans warming officials starting to move to where they are away from traditional fishing sites and making it harder for people to of course manage livelihoods and so forth so. much more than weather and in a general sense yeah yeah yeah i agree maybe i just did the distinction between weather and climate as opposed to weather and climate change which actually but the question was and yeah climate change you know as you said awdrey is so much more than just weather i mean weather is a tiny facet of what it will affect. so let me move on a little bit middle restart of this conversation because the well meter logic organization which is part of the united nations they put out these 2020 states of mine that report and so lot of patterson is from the welcome ecological
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organization that w. and a lot was talking about this idea of having better early warning systems for our extreme weather and this is what she wanted to show us have a listen. whether in climate disasters are increasing in frequency and intensity as a result of climate change and it's often vulnerable communities that are much disproportionately affected. the debian was 2020 it's actually support highlights that despite this only one in 3 people globally are covered by our anyone. systems and there's a global insufficient capacity to translate any warning into any action and to support this that every move recommends moving towards an impact based marketing approach which is not park asking just what the weather will be for forecasting what the weather will do to help action to be taken on the ground to prevent the worst impacts of its event. i had. as.
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well as something that in this region we join a lot of work around we use in multiple different ways of science and technology from oceanic oceanographic tools such as always wave modeling tide gauges and so forth and cooling drones at that melanson help get us on to mention around coastal inundation and so forth so the combination of a range of technologies helping us get better and donations better data that allows us to him to translate that information in a more customized way that we can then transfer that information to communities who then can make decisions about their own livelihoods about their own safety about the risks that potentially is coming so. impact based forecasting this is absolutely critical and i think if we get it right in this region where we've got 30 percent of the world's ocean that we are navigating and protecting and keeping
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safe but we definitely don't have the meteorological information that we so desperately need to predict lights in this region oh and i feel that you kind of live by impact graced forecasting already. yes so we get our weather warnings here in your case from the back office and they go from yellow red just. yet in fact in likelihood to the 2 things going to look out on the impact make tricks if you like and you know i think that it's obviously very important here because we do get fairly severe types of weather at different times of year around the u.k. in different ways and i think that people listen to the warnings you know for me i think that people get what. the weather warnings are and what they mean and it's our job as communicators to delve into a bit more detail and you know people know that if there's a red warning you know that god is going to affect people and in should be a way you conduct could potentially be
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a risk to life. 20 so much sorry an ocean and lying for talking weather with our international audience really appreciate you are no signal to weather but also talking about extreme weather events how they are linked to climate change and how we can bet at the painful of them the conversation is wrapping up here on the street but i am taking it to the instagram thank you guests thank you to. our. setting the discussion millions of americans feel disaffected by both political parties examining the headlines this group of activists and relatives are marching band clinton right now with our colleagues are more distant and our explore an abundance of world class programming designed to be. the only solution for jobs as young as 10 motivate
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and inspire you see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera. in the light of the open seas hides a dark secret. men forced to work without pay in slave for years but it glimmer of hope remains for the forgotten fisherman as a group of activists delve deep into the illegal fishing industry demanding justice . and freedom. go street a witness documentary on al-jazeera. saw me al-jazeera london broadcast center to special guests in conversation people think that racism is having vitriol towards black people and there's no understanding of what systemic racism is unprompted uninterrupted success comes with opposition if you're not upsetting people you're not saying anything f. 100. there is not a family in britain i believe that has not been touched by empire studio b.
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unscripted on al-jazeera. world. the u.k. approves the fires a. covert 19 vaccine for use from next week. a librarian for the al-jazeera live also coming up thailand's constitutional court records the prime minister of an ethics violation about where he lives meaning that he'll keep his post.


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