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britain i believe has not been touched by empire. unscripted it's on al-jazeera. the u.k. approves the pfizer and bio and tech covert 19 vaccine for use from next week. hello i'm adrian for the gum this is al jazeera life and also coming up thailand's constitutional court acquits the prime minister of an ethics violation about where he lives meaning that he'll keep his post. hong kong pro-democracy activists have been sentenced for their role during last year's anti-government protests. at a firsthand account from one of the thousands of refugees who fled fighting in
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ethiopia stuck in a refugee camp with little news of relatives back home. the u.k. government has approved a covert 19 vaccine to be rolled out for next week that's accepted the recommendation to approve the fire as a bio and tech vaccine committee is now working on final advice for which people should receive it 1st that's expected to include care home residents and health workers the u.k. health secretary says that around 50 hospitals set up and waiting to accept the vaccine lived out a london 0 steve buck is the talk us through this announcement when will people be able to get this vaccine. wagered firstly this is probably the most hopeful announcement since the start of the pandemic at least of course since the announcement that several vaccines were being worked on by different pharmaceutical
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companies and researches in different places around the world but it was of course the finds are by and tank vaccine made by that team of german scientists in partnership with the u.s. pharma to cause giant came back with initial results from key trials to suggest that they had a significant effectiveness when it came to their vaccine of more than 90 percent and now the u.k. becomes the 1st industrialized nation to give the green light to this vaccine allowing it to essentially start to be rolled out as early as next week from monday morning said britain's health secretary. this morning the m h r a which is the medicines or regulator e or 30 is an independent organization it has basically sped up all of the checks and balances that it needs to go through to make sure that this vaccine is safe for use. now it's all down to exactly how fast the manufacturer can make the vaccine to
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determine exactly how how many people we can reach but we do believe the from monday morning 800000 doses will be in the u.k. they need to be some checks on that vaccine before it actually leaves belgium where the factory is actually based before it arrives here people will need 2 doses of vaccine injected into the arm 21 days apart so 800000 doses means that 400000 people will receive that vaccine and of course also key thing to remember it's what's known as a key chain vaccine so it needs to be kept at incredibly low temperatures a minus 80 degree centigrade and that has to be the case throughout the whole. all of the the movements of the vaccine from one country to another or the place of manufacture to the place in which is actually being deployed so the best place based poised places to receive the vaccine are of course going to be hospitals but
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we will find out later on exactly the order who will get the vaccine 1st you know who's to who's in charge of deciding who gets it. you give me some huge numbers that this is going to be a massive logistical operation getting this vaccine out to those who need it. absolutely right and determining the order of who gets the vaccine is a key one we will find out a little bit later on whether another key organization that advises the government comes back with its findings on how exactly the vaccine should be distributed according to my hancock the british health secretary who has been speaking of the course of the morning the british government even prior to the regulator giving it the green line greenlighted said that they were ready to receive $10000000.00 doses before the end of the year they do believe that the majority of people will be vaccinated at the start of next year but when it comes to deciding who gets it 1st
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will the indication is that elderly in care homes and their carers will be at the top of the list national health service workers will then gets it and that it will professedly go down the ages so a huge logistical operation underway but shorty of people getting it next year those most vulnerable very soon they are deserve need barker reporting live from london many thanks dave gillian tang is a consultant verona just at leicester royal infirmary he joins us now from leicester good to have you with us julia what do you make of this. yes i'm just speaking as a university of leicester special sciences girl it just here basically this is good news the prairie data shows good fixie and terrible safety for this vaccine but if there's any based on about one $100.00 to $200.00 participants results then only in normal times would you know it would wait for a phase street to be completed which would include thousands or tens of thousands.
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or dispense with the data so still early days that are the prospects are promising to what extent the british being used as guinea pigs here that well i think the mh ari has approved this very quickly that's true even before the f.d.a. and the year may. and i think they must have confidence in the effects of the safety data they've seen so far of course pfizer going to have published the most recent set of data so we've seen some early safety data published in the in the lancet this most recent set of data we haven't seen it in public so for a press release so that we have access to additional data that is in confidence all this early approval should people be choosy about about which particular vaccine that they they they get. i'm thinking about the difference in between this bank scene and the one the oxford vaccine that different
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technologies on that. yes of the emanated knowledge he has been used for some time for developing cancer therapy to cancer vaccines there are a couple in phase 12 clinical trial faces full of the forester's like that are polar and c m d who haven't seen a actual license products based on this technology for widespread human use so there is some his presence there as well. but the safety profile for the from the early data looks quite good with this vaccine may be. more advantageous then the device but the vaccines in the future if you need repeated use this because you know are they less likely to do such a strong new response that may neutralize the advice but the back seems like the astra zeneca will prox that and also the russians but that 5 x. seen. as a doctor you'd have no qualms about about getting this virus when it becomes this
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vaccine rather when it becomes available. yes i think if i had a choice i'd probably give the m. on a vaccine just that they are seed. of course we should really wait full additional dates come out from the regulators or from pfizer. for the at the trial participants. i think the main part of this vaccine is probably the initial ultra low storage required full. initial distribution. and i've been talking to some of our local g.p.'s who said that the poor have said what that for which they will actually then just to live it every 5 days to their local practices for vaccination purposes. so that may be the initial hurdle to overcome but once you get used to that i think the vaccine will be rolled out more if it effectively at i'm from the data i've seen and i think the safety fixie may alter a little bit we'll we vaccinate more people but maybe i'm not much really good to
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talk to join in many thanks indeed joining tank consultant from the chesterton lesser royal infirmary. thailand's constitutional court has acquitted prime minister chacha of an ethics violation allowing him to keep his post the opposition to challenge the form of john to lead us to sit and to continue living in a military residence to spite being a civilian leader. seized power in 2014 and ended his career as the chief to become prime minister protests calling for his resignation started in july they've since grown into calls for reforms of thailand's powerful want to keep i'm serious can't hide is live for us now and bank called tell us more about this case and the prime minister's acquittal. and yes there just happened within the last hour behind me the constitutional court a unanimous decision saying that the prime minister pro tennis i did not violate
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ethics violations or so i didn't violate ethics laws by staying in the house he lived in while he was the army chief of staff and let it cool with that overthrew the democratically elected government here in thailand some 6 years ago they said that because he is still serving the country and he's a retired senior member of the military that it's ok for him to be living in on that property which is technically on a military base but they say also that this literal house that he lives in is there for guests for v.i.p.'s so that they say was not a violation of any of these ethics codes as stipulated in the constitution obviously as you mentioned you know we've got this protest movement that is really kind of swelled since july and 1 of the main goals of the protest movement movement is to see prime minister pro to not to go they obviously were hoping for a different verdict today they're holding a protest just a little bit from here the constitutional court they wanted to come here during this hearing today but they were barred by authorities so they're holding
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a protest nearby again they say after this verdict came out they say they're going to continue on they're going to continue with the fight to have him resign and for the reform of the monarchy and they have a new constitution drafted so you might see it as a setback for them but they say they're going to continue with the fight adrian al-jazeera scott heide to live for us in bangkok many thanks scott. 3 of hong kong's best known pro-democracy activists have been sentenced to prison joshua one will spend around 13 months in jail while at this child will spend 10 months for their role in last year's protests another activist ivan lamb will be in prison for 7 months month's demonstrations outside hong kong's police headquarters and 2019 were triggered by the introduction of a controversial extradition bill which has since been shelved live to hong kong officers adrian brown is there talk us through the sentencing. well adrian the the latest chapter in hong kong's unfolding political drama has
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today been a west kalou magistrate's court where 3 of hong kong's most high profile political activists joshua wong agnes child and ivan have received jail sentences they have received those sentences over events that happened outside hong kong's police headquarters in june of last year joshua one received 13 and a half months for organizing and inciting an unlawful assembly agnes cho received 10 months for what was going to easy and participating in an illegal assembly and of course i've received 7 months now the reason why their sentences were not as high as might have been expected they were facing the prospect of 3 years in jail is of course a week ago they pleaded guilty the magistrate said on wednesday that only an immediate jail sentence was the appropriate option now of course this is not the
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1st time the joshua one has been to jail adrian he has served 3 terms before he's been arrested 10 times when the sentence was read out in court agnes cho who's 24 on thursday burst into tears joshua one was in characteristically defiant mood. he said the days ahead will be tough but we will pull through now in the past 18 months or so agents into the protests began more than 10000 people have been arrested or 1000 of those people were under the age of 18 and there have been almost 2300 prosecution so the courts here in hong kong really are getting clogged up with cases stemming from those protests which are now of course largely died out al-jazeera is adrian brown reporting live from hong kong a very many thanks. a weather update next here on al-jazeera t.v.
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4 months after beirut's catastrophic ports explosion little faith remains the top officials will be held accountable. a curve at 19 why imports from several countries are no longer making the cars in china. but. we're seeing some more heavy showers returning to vietnam recently and also clashing up on the satellite picture here and why we had 232 millimeters of rainfall but southern thailand seeing even more 210 millimeters frying here in just 24 hours really the philippines say the heaviest rain over the next couple of days little disturbance just to the east of the philippines may well develop into a tropical depression if not a tropical storm but more heavy showers coming through here northeast dries for the
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showers in across a good part of thailand into the malaysian peninsula and more of the same as we go on through friday and if anything is see that distinct line setting up well heavy rain there coming into northern parts of the philippines active showers right across the region 3 malaysia down into indonesia still some active showers across the far north of australia but things aquatic down further south high pressure in charge here that will help to just ease the temperatures back that we've seen down towards the southeast and kona recently but the intense heat that is set to continue into the interior pushing across into queensland we've seen already seen record december hate heavy showers drive the way into new south wales over the next couple of days and sinking further south. captaining a leading. team at 16 years old takes determination. to that staying on
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top of your game at school. the whole family bands together and shares the sacrifices necessary for a son to have a shot at becoming a professional footballer. my tunisia home game on and jersey. hello again this is al jazeera and it's from niger the main news this hour the u.k. government has approved the fire as a bio and tech curve at 19 vaccine which will be rolled out from next week
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a committee is now working on final advice on who should be immunised 1st. thailand's prime minister for health channel just been acquitted of ethics of ethics violations in a case challenging where he lives the former army chief is still living in military housing despite resigning from his army post 6 years ago. 3 of hong kong's best known pro-democracy activists have been sentenced to prison joshua one will spend around 13 months in jail agnes child and i've received shorter sentences. u.s. attorney general william barr says that the justice department has not found voter fraud on a scale that could change the outcome of last month's presidential election his comments to the associated press contradict president donald trump's claims that the vote was rigged to 0 as alan fischer reports. william barr got the job as america's top law enforcement officer because he was loyal to donald trump no the president might be questioning that loyalty just hours before
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a routine meeting at the white house the u.s. attorney general told the associated press he couldn't back up the president's claims of widespread voter fraud in 2020 saying we've not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election william barr became attorney general after jeff sessions was sacked donald trump didn't think he was loyal enough during the days of the investigation into alleged russian interference in the 26000 election since he took over bar has often been accused of acting more as trump's top lawyer rather than america's his department of justice got involved in cases involving trump allies it dropped charges against former national security advisor michael flynn even though he had method lying to f.b.i. agents and it intervened in the sentencing of course trump roger steward. attorney general barr also announced the findings of the miller prove into russia interference but was accused of misrepresenting the final results to make his boss
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lose a better investigation did not establish that members of the trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the russian government in its election interference activities i am sure that all americans share my concern about the efforts of the russian government to interfere in our presidential election. a concern aired by robert mueller himself but there was a growing rift between the white house and the department of justice donald trump wanted a pre-election investigation into barack obama and joe biden on the rules in the russia probe an f.b.i. announcement into hillary clinton's e-mails weeks before the 26th you know election gave him a boost he was hoping it would be the same again but had nothing to work with and couldn't deliver just weeks ago the man in charge of election cyber security said the 2028 presidential was the more secure in america's history that angered the
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president who claims without evidence that the election was stolen from him so he fired his official when news of bars comments hit capitol hill other suspected what might be coming in response to attorney general bill barr i guess he's the next one to be fired since he now too says there is no fraud. trumps legal team says there's been no substantial department of justice investigation into any allegations of voter fraud the vine covered b.c. they have substantial evidence of wrongdoing in 6 states evidence they've yet to make public or present in court alan fischer al-jazeera at the white house. tens of thousands of people of fled ethiopia's to greater region to live in camps in neighboring sudan has been heavy fighting in the area in the last couple of weeks and it's affected the lives of many people al-jazeera spoken to one university student has had no option but to leave home. my full name is costing q do i guy.
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25 cities or i came from to grab a 1000 or more a. i was happy when i was there with my family and i was helping my family i was playing with my friends i was playing with my brother even my mother you know when you are far away from your family you know. you maybe even become unhappy it becomes. i pray to god to see my family when i go to church i pray to god to serve my family and. i feel sad when i think of the future of this all people as well because. there are so many people there was there out of the family like father like my that is like the star brad i mean there are some. people as there was on good life like civil servants they are highly payments they can make their lives good but this wire. he can't bring to the
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bad life think of this one specially the sick of this one so many people as they go to the refrigerator. their become hopeless i have stayed for 10 days but when i loop over now that i have of that of this oil company there is not good food. still now some of them they sleep on the ground some of them this little. plastic you. know. this is not good still the 1000 to any particular people this is a bad year and all the i don't remember family in my life. bad year for the future out of the 3 but it's become pool. in the doubt on the blog why because there is not any sort of. by doing the condition or the season was. harvesting season. if you know that's not a go if you live in the system. not have it. you know is there
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you know people 8 percent daily on the agriculture. for harvesting like. start again like they like to swim you know. in the car not part of it how they can live on idea i don't to go back there right because. if there is not freedom if there is not peace. i cannot go and if there is freedom wherever that may come to israel's also the prime minister benny gantz says that his party will back an opposition bill in favor of dissolving parliament can says that he's lost patience with benjamin netanyahu and is ready to break their alliance if a long overdue budget isn't passed immediately the move could force israel's 4th election in less than 2 years. many 4 months in the beirut port blast investigators of almost complete at that time but the families of victims and human rights groups
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feel that high ranking officials will escape blame. in the front line of the explosion and from 4 months ago nobody helped us on august for a powerful explosion believed to be caused by ammonium nitrate that caught fire rips through beirut port its impact was felt kilometers away 200 people were killed thousands were wounded and tens of thousands made homeless peers emails extended family used to live in this 8 story building still displaced how can we come back in the states i didn't believe thousands of lebanese have been struggling to rebuild their homes the cash strapped government has largely been absent and geos can only do so much piers family didn't just lose their homes they lost a brother jacob what's happening grief is now compounded with anger towards a political class that acknowledged knowing about potentially explosive material
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and safely stored for years they destroy not only this city not only my houses and my brother houses and i would have been blamed we lost everything we lost any hope survivors and victims' families and human rights groups believe high ranking officials including the president should be held to account so far the investigation has focused on port and customs employees like other explosions and assassinations were not locally tried and therefore we called for an international investigation there is little face of lebanon's judiciary long accused the big politicized there's also little faith in the political class accused of decades of corruption and negligence now some accuse officials of law. to bury the past by demolishing structures at the port that have come to symbolize what happened to be root and its people the state says the grain silos risk
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collapse an assessment dismissed by some experts who say this structures should be kept as a memorial there is a similar situation that happened in hiroshima when the hiroshima bomb explodes. organized a sort of memory park to recall that the memory of the tragedy in lebanon we used to raise or wait 'd the memory of to reach the grain silos are credited for absorbing the brunt of the explosion and limiting the damage to the western half of the city there also evidence of a crime many fear may go unpunished in a country with a legacy of impunity that occurred there i was eager to and. the giant radio telescope in puerto rico has suffered major damage than i 100 ton receiver platform fell 140 meters smashing into the radio below after cables holding it up
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snapped it was the largest dish in the world when it was built maybe 60 years ago and was used to discover the 1st planet outside the solar system it also featured in the james bond film called by china is cracking down on imported froze meat after packaging was found to be contaminated by covert 19 in more than 10 cities authorities say the traces of the virus have been discovered on imports from brazil india germany and several other countries many of those have dismissed the claim saying that beijing's restrictions amount to trade barriers to train a year reports. lacey hall used to run a thriving imported meat and food business but the pandemic has changed that the chinese government says an increasing amount of furs and food being sent to china carries traces of coronavirus and its placed heavy restrictions on many of the products you sells drugs are imported the meta undersea food now must pass our staff and customers a worry about the 50 dart of
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a chinese authorities say traces of the virus have been found in furs and chicken beef and seafood from nearly 2 dozen countries nearly 3000000 people were tested in the port city of tianjin after 2 warehouse workers reportedly contracted carbon 19 after handling german pork last month the findings have resulted in new screening measures and some imports being banned the government crackdown has affected vendors and wholesalers nationwide this used to be a busy hub and may just a lot of the cities imported for isn't seasoned now this area has been completely shut down and closed experts say it's possible for current virus to be transmitted via cold chain products the unlikely.
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and most important. thing and actually. the foreign ministry says frozen food transmission suggest the coronavirus may not have originated in china do you want to walk over there china was the 1st to report cases it doesn't necessarily mean that the virus originated in china tracing the origin of the virus is a complicated scientific issue. the world how. organization says it's highly speculative to argue the disease did not come from china the agency is conducting an investigation into han the original epicenter of the outbreak but will be given limited independent access to official records germany and new zealand are among several governments who have criticised china's crackdown on imported fours and fruit saying new restrictions amount to unfair trade daria's though the chinese
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government says frozen packaging can be contaminated by the coronavirus there have been no cases of people being infected by consuming imported foods. beaching. china says that it successfully landed a spacecraft on the moon beijing launched its chuang a 5 probe last week they are manned craft will attempt to collect around 2 kilograms of raw material from a new area that would make china the 3rd base and for retrieve lunar samples of the u.s. . it is good to have you with us hello adrian figure here in doha the headlines and i was here a the u.k. government has approved the fires a bio and tech covert 19 vaccine to be rolled out for next week a committee is now working on final advice on who should.


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