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in the final episode of the series al-jazeera explores how the long and bitter fight for the french empire still resonates today blood in tears french to colonise ation on al-jazeera. the. hong kong's high profile pro-democracy activist and media mogul jimmy lie is denied bail as he faces charges of 4. hello i'm adrian for the get this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. thousands of farmers camp on the outskirts of new delhi in protest against the government for its proposed new laws. we could be close to form 50000 american farms a warning from one of the top health officials in the us salt reporting the highest
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daily covert 19 death toll since the pandemic began. at a different type of exam season half a 1000000 students in south korea tackled the most important day in their academic calendar. police in hong kong have detained media tycoon and pro-democracy advocate jimmy lai the outspoken government critic has been charged with defrauding government owned businesses he remain in custody until a court case in april earlier this year lai was among 10 people arrested on suspicion of violating beijing's national security law and the japanese government says that it has grave concerns about the jailing of 3 hong kong activists joshua wong this child and ivan lamb were found guilty of unlawful assembly on tuesday they received 1310 and 7 month jail terms respectively agnes cho is fluent in
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japanese and well known in japan says that its conveyed its concerns to china several times let's go live to hong kong al-jazeera to vehicle pollen is that let's start with jimmy lai what's alleged. this is quite an allegation against. the office within his media complex he's been accused of abuse that office which comes under a government enterprise now while it may sound. this case to the what it's being called to defraud a government enterprise. up to 14 years. guilty but this is just one of many concurrent cases against jimmy lie and it is sending waves across the city yet again jimmy law is not only one of hong kong's most high profile put them ocracy activists he is also a media tycoon here he owns the biggest pro-democracy newspaper here and he's also
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estimated to have worth of about a $1000000000.00 he has close international ties particularly with the with the united states and so it is a huge blow to hong kong some ocracy movement that he had reported to the police station on a scheduled visit on wednesday night and it was deemed that he would be a flight risk and so he was denied bail and could stay in jail until april which is when the next hearing is scheduled but his lawyers say they are definitely trying to appeal it but to me like could face yet many more months in jail and during that time prosecutors are expected to continue building up cases against him he's facing several cases mostly to do with last year's pro-democracy protests but also a national security law case it related to colluding with foreign forces with could which could eventually if found guilty get him life in prison so he's definitely
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being seen as in the crosshairs of the government and the pro-democracy camp is saying this is very much politically motivated particularly due to the fact that the judge chose to to preside over this particular case it's one that has been handpicked to deal with national security law charges although this is a fraud case and not to do with that law yes that's denial of bail needs to be seen in the wider context of thing at the crackdown in hong kong as we heard a moment ago japan adding its voice to the chorus of condemnation of the jailing of pro-democracy activists yesterday. that's right in that case too is getting a lot of international attention not from japan but also particularly from the united states as those 3 young pro-democracy activists were very much in part the face of hong kong's democracy movements and known very well in international circles but hong kong has faced many setbacks in its democracy movement this year
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particularly due to that national security law due to the fact that many who had taken part in protests last year up 210000 of them have been arrested many of them all through the courts and now the pro-democracy a legislators and governments have completely left the government walked out of the government due to what they say since appearance from beijing so definitely hong kong's to more prosy movement is on the back foot soldiers there is to be a part in reporting live from hong kong to view many thanks indeed pharmacy in india a meeting government ministers for a 2nd round of talks process intensify against proposed laws on farm produce the farmer said they'll carry on with their protests off to negotiations on tuesday ended without an agreement they're worried that the new legislation will put an end to minimum crop prices and they say that it will lead to corporate exploitation are just here's elizabeth product has more now from one of the main gathering points for protesters. we are at one of 3 border crossings into the indian capital which
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are completely closed to traffic now because of these protests causing a lot of traffic disruption and fama say they want to continue to create this disruption until the government either repealed 3 recent found those all rights guarantees of minimum prices for the projects and to the north the farmers unions amazing with the government 2nd round of talks this week taking place on thursday and the government says that it's going to enter these talks with an open heart they want to. find a solution that's in the interest of farmers but with prime minister that in the moody's recent comments that these were much needed reforms that are in the interest of pharmacists difficult to see right now how the 2 sides can find a middle ground something like around a half of a nice 1300000000 people who work in the agriculture sector and these protests are getting more and more attention and support now we've had around a 150 athletes including
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a limp dick gold medalist saying that they're going to go to the presidential building on saturday to return their national awards again and solidarity with these farmers and this is something that the government is aware of the support of the farmers have which is probably why they allowed farmers to come into delhi after trying to stop them for 2 days of tear gas and water cannon and baton charging them and have now agreed to holding talks despite the fact that farmers will not clear the highways the u.s. has reported more than 2719 deaths on wednesday that sits highest daily toll death toll rather since the pandemic began father to bat for the 1st time daily hospital admissions across the u.s. topped 100000 in a day 200000 new cases were also reported that's another record now the head of the u.s. centers for disease control organs but by february a further 200000 people could have died with the virus. so we're in that range
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potentially now to see if team 100 to 2000 to 2500 deaths a day. from this far so you know the mortality concerns are real. and i do think unfortunately before we see february we could be close to a foreign 50000 americans have died from this virus in the u.k. the pfizer bio enteric coated 19 vaccine is to be administered to high risk groups within days it's the 1st country to approve a vaccine that's made it through all the clinical trials paul brennan reports from london the approval of a vaccine almost exactly a year since coated 901st emerged in china is a triumph for science the final trial data for the pfizer buy on tech vaccine was only submitted to the u.k. regulator the m h r a a week ago but as a result of a process of rolling approval examining data even as the trials were taking place
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the regulator has been able to move swiftly and confidently to declare it effective and safe the safety of the vaccine has been scrutinized independently by our commission on human medicines and no stone has been left unturned so absolute confidence in the safety effectiveness and quality of the pfizer violent tech vaccine. brussels airport has been demonstrating its refrigerated cargo facilities in expectation of a major role in distributing the belgian made vaccine britain has bought 40000000 doses of the pfizer pion tech job in the 1st 800000 doses will be shipped to the u.k. within days we're packing vials of fact seeing as we speak and will be shipping in the next 2448 hours the 1st batches to the u.k. $10000000.00 doses will be delivered by the end of the year and the remainder will arrive during 2021 we're no longer resting on the mere hope that we can return to
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normal next year. in the spring but rather the sure and certain knowledge that we will succeed and together reclaim our lives and all the things about our lives that we love there are still challenges this specific vaccine needs to be kept within minus 70 celsius and minus 80 celsius meaning that hospitals will almost certainly have to be the main hubs for distribution but it can be kept for up to 5 days of normal fridge temperature between 2 degrees and 8 degrees celsius individuals need to japs 21 days apart for full protection and in the u.k. a committee called the j c v i says elderly care home residents and their carers will be 1st in line you know order to protect the most vulnerable we have prioritized the most vulnerable individuals 1st the other element is protection of the n.h.s. the health and social care system because by protecting the n.h.s.
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we osu protect lives the challenge now is to manufacture and distribute the quantities required to meet what will inevitably be extraordinary demand britain has a head start but the united states has ordered 100000000 doses of the pfizer biotech jab and the european union 200000000 there are several other vaccines undergoing final stage trials and vaccine candidates by madonna and oxford astra zeneca have been submitted to regulators with the u.k.'s approval pfizer bio on tac are leading the field the options for tackling this global pandemic are likely to get even wider within a matter of weeks paul brennan al-jazeera london officials in the us and are racing to follow the u.k. and approve the pfizer vaccine as early as next week approval for the madonna vaccine could soon follow the u.s. health secretary says that he hopes 40 percent of adults could be inoculated within 3 months. we can make our 1st shipments of vaccine to state this month and we are
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on track to be able to ship enough vaccine for $20000000.00 americans before the end of the year of course we're all eager to have enough supply vaccinate every american who wants it because of operation works we'd we expect to be at that point in the spring vaccines will only bring this pandemic to an end if enough americans choose to take these vaccines the world health organization is also reviewing the pfizer bio and tech vaccine for emergency listing however it could take developing nations months to get access to it we need to develop more vaccines we should stop we need more the least 3 or 4 we need to increase production we need to pull the price down we need we'd love a woman those vaccines because these all of the ideas so far to those so the innovation is a finished we need the research to continue we need everyone to support our research russia's president has ordered health officials to begin masco of it 19 vaccinations next week but it may have putin says that his country will have
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produced $2000000.00 doses of its sputnik 5 vaccine within the next few days it's said to be 92 percent effective but data hasn't been released showing that it's gone through the same clinical trials as other vaccines russia has reported bull than 2300000 infections u.s. media are reporting that saudi arabia is close to reopening its airspace and land borders to consol the gulf nations but on the land sea and air blockade by saudi arabia bahrain the u.a.e. and egypt since june 27th teen president trump's senior adviser jared krishna was in doha on wednesday and is reported to have also visited saudi arabia bloomberg the new york times suggests that the tentative deal is being brokered by kuwait but doesn't include bahrain the u.a.e. or egypt. a weather update next here on out to 0 then fears for her refugees who are being moved to an island that aid groups say is dangerous. and an
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ocean crisis in syria as the cold of winter puts millions of people there at risk. some very heavy showers sundry downpours into good parts of southeast asia the seasonal rains doing a very very well indeed some parts of thailand nearly 300 millimeters of rain coming through here in that west the weather slides this way over towards more apostles moderate was barrace fania showers there when the northeast monsoon driving some very heavy rain to northern parts of the philippines over the next day also in that western weather continue to slide down across the south china sea is not impossible you're seeing some heavy showers for a time some big downpours to possible across a good part of indonesia fringe into the far north of australia but for much of
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australia the heat does remain the story all the way over the next few days is going to the cold will become the story going to marry of high pressure into the southeast maturing in a cool southerly wind and in fact we saw some very a wintry weather wednesday morning in tasmania a little dusting of snow here so some some a snow for parts of oz as we go through the next couple of days maybe even some of the areas of taurine south wales could see some wintry weather to want to see showers into eastern parts of new south wales pushing up into the gold coast as we go on through friday the showers little more expansive as we go on into saturday i mean further east. 2019 sphere fee disputed election for this believe you the indigenous president. right style as ever morale is considered his future and hope to return his party rallied behind new candidates. with
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a tense new election drawing close in late 2020 people in power went behind the scenes to see if the indigenous movement could pull off a remarkable comeback from livia exile will return on al-jazeera. again this is for much of the main news this hour hong kong media tycoon and pro-democracy advocate jimmy lai has been refused bail the outspoken government critic has been charged with defrauding the government of businesses. follows a the india of meeting ministers for a 2nd round of talks as protests intensify against the rules of produce the farmers
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worry that the proposal will end better on crop prices and lead to corporate exploitation. more than 2700 people in the u.s. have died from covert 19 in the past 24 hours it's the highest daily death toll since the pandemic began hospital admissions reached a record 100001 wednesday. the government of brazil south polo states has welcomed another batch of china's couvade buying team vaccines 600 liters of the corona virus shot arrive 2 weeks after the 1st batch was delivered brazil has been one of the countries hosting human trials of the vaccine it also has the 2nd deadliest outbreak in the world behind only the us or health experts in brazil are warning of a 2nd wave of covert died seen as authorities continue to struggle to deal with the 1st intensive care units in sao paolo of rio de janeiro are running out of beds from rio water to get
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a care for ports. as summer approaches and temperatures rise the beaches in rio de janeiro are increasingly cracked. and so are the intensive care units both in public and private hospitals 90 percent of them are occupied many of them by younger patients but that's not stopping countless others who believe the couvade 19 pandemic is so i'm no longer afraid of the coronavirus nobody is just look around the. ignoring social distancing and the use of masks is a risk that comes at a high price no them we are not prepared for the 2nd ways i'm urgency field hospitals have been dismantled doctors say existing hospitals in rio de janeiro and sao paulo are reaching their limit and may no longer be able to cope with the increasing number of infected unless urgent measures to stop them are taken.
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several. docs that were in the front working that well i see and they are all right in here that. means that we are headed on the other than a peak and and i am afraid i'm really afraid that december can bring to brazil this week so why are small feeling is that we'll we are to have very sad christmas and beginning of the new year with 174000 couvade 1000 related deaths brazil has the world's 2nd largest number of fatalities after the united states but just as the curve was beginning to fatten there was a spike more and more young people were seen in crowded bars and parties and then there was the recent political campaign for mayoral elections in more than
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5000 cities nationwide and as soon as the november 29 municipal elections were over the governor of the state of sawah will announce new safety measures a foggy. no we want to close down economic activities but restrict them to avoid gatherings. as of now shops bars and restaurants will only be able to operate at 40 percent of their capacity and must close by 10 p m. for some it may be too little too late brazil still lacks a national policy for dealing with the pandemic so even for researchers working on the vaccine like margaret dunn of coolmore it's hard to imagine what will happen if government author origins and brazilians themselves don't take the necessary precautions i don't know i don't know. i am afraid i don't. excrete say the best hope is
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still the vaccine but in the best case scenario mass vaccination in brazil is expected to start only after march of 2021 monica innocuous rio de janeiro all just 0. bangladesh has begun to transfer hundreds of wrangel refugees to the island of russian char which the u.n. warns is prone to cyclamens and floods at least 10 buses carrying around $400.00 people left the camps in cox's bazaar on thursday almost 1000000 have been living in squalid camps in southeast bangladesh after fleeing violence in myanmar they are refusing to return there without guarantees for their safety and rights i'll just be a child rejoins us now live from cox bazaar tom why is bangladesh doing this well there is a bit of different things that i mean there are foreign minister things with
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a. growing out of our. cause for and stability and and he could be a danger curriculum ability as well and other research as well and also because the camp is very congested the government spend about nearly $280000000.00 constructing that arrangement in the remote isolated island which is 50 kilometer of the coastline a banger of that and it is highly prone to cycle on and title way even though the government are saying there bill. there are hospital police although there is no school now save their boss about your going out are being taken out of the nearly 2500 in the short we know that 80 buses have been defied the bats left on 11 in the morning local time the 2nd batch on 1245 local time and there's more to leave and i think that there's growing up amylase whoever and they volunteered to go with their families to abbas in charge now we spoke to many of their own many of them
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are really not into that are comfortable in the camp because they can't visit their extended families they feel at home because the near to their home border which you can see right behind me me and maher is just several kilometers away they're out there they're going to get isolated this scared there's going to be a cycle on tidal wave another natural disaster of another government say they will have access to all 3 diary and fishing abilities but their real concern is the isolation it's a psychological fact that you have 801-010-0000 people there nearly a 1000000 people who are living in the main camps here so this isolation is a major psychological factor for them but the government is very different mines to take 100000 people within a month the wakes in coming months maybe. it's time to charter reporting live from cox bazaar in bangladesh. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is hitting out
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of efforts to dissolve parliament and trigger another election the motion was supported by his main coalition partner the ultimate prime minister benny gantz the relationship between the 2 leaders has deteriorated during the coronavirus pandemic the proposal will now be discussed by another committee and could force the country into its 4th national election in less than 2 years. iran's top council has approved a law that would allow for higher levels of uranium enrichment it would also stop unrestricted inspections by international nuclear watch talks of war still needs to be approved by president hassan rouhani it seemed there was a show of defiance after the assassination of a top iranian nuclear scientist last friday the united nations says that urgent aid is needed for 3000000 syrians living in refugee camps winter can be harsh there so they desperately require essential and shelter to keep warm and as in a hotel reports there's
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a possibility that many more people could soon become homeless. winter in northern syria can be bitter and harsh it has still not fully set in but already heavy rains have flooded overcrowded camps home to nearly one and a half 1000000 people displaced by war the united nations calls it one of the biggest displacement crises in the world. we have trying. times i don't. really want. but peace remains elusive so for now the priority is survival families have been moving into new camps but the u.n. says it received only 54 percent of the money it requires to provide safe for
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living conditions to all those in need 2020 with this the largest mass displacement in the 9 year conflict nearly a 1000000 left their homes because of a months long russian backed syrian government offensive in the opposition controlled province of idlib so you see. you know we now live in a big prison used to have. you don't know how you will find food to. a life in exile is what many fear particularly those living close to the front lines a truce reached in march were made for a child by. were freed the regime will launch an offensive to capture this area then will have to leave and never be able to return. just there a sure city is on the m 4 international highway which the government wants to be able to connect the coast to the commercial capital aleppo in the offensive earlier this year the regime recaptured the m 5 after intensely bombing an empty villages
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along the route. we saw what happened to the others they were forced from their homes now they live in the rain with no means to make a living at least half of it lives population have been displaced from other parts of syria people trapped in a small pocket of territory where a humanitarian situation threatens to get worse it's a reality that doesn't appear to be temporary that what they're. in south korea nearly half a 1000000 school students sitting their national college entrance exam during a recent spike in corona virus cases but the bride reports from seoul the annual event looks a little different this year it's the most important day in the academic calendar and it's being held under tough coded 19 restrictions as south korea fights through a 3rd wave of the pandemic. it's in stark contrast to what is traditionally a celebration that brings everyone together in
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a society obsessed with academic achievement. younger pupils and family members normally through the schools as the students arrive for the exam. police provide escorts for those running late and even flight departure times are adjusted so planes don't disturb exam takers. this year all students are carefully checked while distancing measures are being strictly observed for examinees and invigilators alike. special evening classes known as cram schools which are normally busy preparing students ahead of the exam have mostly suspended operations as part of the government's efforts to ensure safety. and i urge all people including examinees to follow the prevention rules in your daily lives what hasn't changed is just how important this day is in the lives of students and their
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families this exam will determine which college they get into and so influence their career paths afterwards it doesn't get much bigger temples across south korea families have been praying for exams success but also probably for their children to stay safe special arrangements have been made for infected students to take the exam in hospital and south korea's president has being seeing for himself special centers set up for students who are self isolating on. and i had various concerns but again looking at the preparations i am somewhat relieved to be however the cove in 1902 ation is now worse than when we 1st planned for this day already under incredible exam pressure students this year have the added concerns of the pandemic to stress over rob mcbride al-jazeera sole. china's lunar probe has finished
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collecting the soil samples and is preparing to return to the 1st such mission in more than 40 years along march 5 lander is also mapping the area and using groundbreaking ground penetrating radar to search for minerals and water it's unclear exactly when the probe will lift off from the mood surface and begin its journey back to us. it is good to have you with us hello adrian figure here in doha the headlines allowed to 0 police in hong kong have detained the media tycoon and pro-democracy advocate jimmy lai the outspoken government critic has been charged with defrauding businesses will remain in custody until a court case in april to be a part of the reports now from hong kong.


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