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close up part of the viewfinder latin america series on al-jazeera. the new. the in. 1000 vaccinations are set to begin rush hour but that questions about safety. hello this is al jazeera live from doha for the back to go also coming up. the situation is urgent. if we don't act now the future will be very bleak a call for immediate action as u.s. job growth slows and soaring kovac 19 factions threaten to worsen the crisis pressure mounts on ethiopia to allow aid groups research syrian refugees in the
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northern tikrit region and recognize her of women are on the ballot test polls open in kuwait's bottom entry elections. russia is pushing ahead with the 1st stage of its large scale covert 900 vaccination program teachers doctors and social workers are set to get the locally produced sputnik vaccine around 2000000 russians are expected to be inoculated this month some western scientists have raised concerns about russia's vaccine because it did not complete all the clinical trials before it was approved alexandra got 4 has more from moscow. they store for the 1st people open 17 books a nation centers across moscow so city of moscow people can apply for vaccination online exclusively and that this for now only for people working in health care
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education as well as in social services there are certain requirements for these people apart from their profession and that is that they are between 18 and 60 years of age they don't suffer any chronical disease serious chronical diseases like diabetes or serious heart liver kidney problems they have to be healthy at the moment of the vaccination and they register only for the 1st shot alphabetically when they get their 1st child they will be registered for the 2nd one in 3 weeks time now the whole procedure is supposed to take our patient that is 10 minutes to estimate the dental health of the 1st and then 15 minutes to prepare the vaccine the vaccine has to be kept on temperatures below minus 18 celsius and then half an hour for the observation off the short has been given to a person the vice prime minister of russia with the un
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a goal of course said that so far they have some 168000 vaccines that have been produced for the general population they expect to have 2000000 by the end of this month i have to say that these oxidation essex nations starts officially today but it's been happening quietly by a couple of weeks. and the pandemic continues to get worse in the u.s. in just the past one day more than 2500 people died from call the 19 and they've been nearly a quarter of a 1000000 new cases the recent surge is prompting many areas to impose new regulations among them the city of san francisco whose mayor as warned the current rise is unlike anything we've seen so far and with a large number of americans still unemployed president elects joe biden is calling on congress to urgently pass a cold 1000 relief bill he says the situation is bleak and urgent action is needed christensen only reports from wilmington in doubt away with colder weather on the
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horizon and the coronavirus surging in an already fragile economy the united states is bracing for a tough winter american employers sharply scaled back hiring in the last month adding just $245000.00 jobs the fewest since april president elect joe biden says quick action is needed to reverse what he described as one of the worst economic crises in modern history the folks out there aren't looking for a handout they just need help they're in trouble through no fault of their own nothing they did cause them to have hours cut or lose your job or drop out of the market but they need they need us to understand one of crisis we need to come together as a nation be the congress to act and act now. biden has highlighted the plight of
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working class americans and struggling business owners speaking to those who have lost jobs in the service industry and public sector in a virtual round table discussion earlier this week like karen coffey who lost her job working in a sports stadium we do we have a lot of concerns mr but i think it's been i mean my last day we're march the 8th when everything shut down retailers shed jobs in november what would normally be peak holiday shopping season a reflection of fewer consumers shopping in physical stores restaurants bars and hotels some modest job growth but many continue to struggle amid the pandemic with parts of the country beginning to reimpose restrictions on businesses trying to statewide. it is saying. we're going to close this is it will be not in our shelter and you're not.
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so there's a balance. in all nearly $10000000.00 jobs lost since the pandemic have yet to return with a rising proportion of the unemployed describing their jobs as gone for good unless congress approves another aid package before the end of the year millions of unemployed workers stand to lose all of their jobless assistance and president elect biden says that should be just the 1st step he plans to introduce more measures to stimulate the economy as soon as he's inaugurated on january 20th kristen salumi al-jazeera wilmington delaware and other world news ethiopia's government says it's captured or killed most of the leaders of the embattled seagrave region as it tries to bring an end to the month long conflict by the head of the to grand people's liberation front says people in the regions capital make a way of protesting about looting by ethiopian backed eritrean soldiers a media blackout in the area makes it difficult to confirm these claims the u.n.
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says fighting is complicating efforts to deliver humanitarian aid despite a deal granting them access catherine mahoney is a spokeswoman for the united nations high commissioner for refugees she says the u.n. is hearing unverified reports of human rights violations in tikrit. you know we've had some 47000 people cross the border from ethiopia into sudan a 1000 people crossed the border just last night now what's different about the situation now we know people are still on the move those that are arriving say that more are coming but what's different in the past few days is the number of eritreans who have arrived which raises our concern for the situation inside the gray that where we're still waiting to see ourselves so the reports that we're hearing are unverified but they are alarming gruesome reports of you know potential attacks on refugee camps of potential abductions even the possibility of
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the killing of civilians refugees or humanitarian staff. has played an important role in helping refugees from ethiopia seagrave region despite its own economic difficulties but this is not the only challenge posed by the conflicts mom advance reports on the sudanese ethiopian border. the sudanese army on patrol near the g.o.p. border it's on the lookout for refugees who might be stranded in the area after the scaping the fighting in ethiopia is no integrate region brigadier general but because it is proud of his country's humanitarian for the. foot of mushroom doubleness wood for the 1st 12 days before aid agencies arrived the people of get a reef were the 1st to offer food blankets shelter and comfort to the refugees the sudanese armed forces organized transportation for thousands of civilians and brought them to hash camps. the has also known as village 8 hosted 15000 refugees
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in the 1st 2 weeks after the fighting started integrate these homes were borrowed from local sudanese farmers to host the refugees so that is aid agencies prepared food in the camps there is one of so many sudanese into his shop a village who share their small homes and modest meals with the refugees should be the one we look at if europeans as part of our family our neighbors and friends we have you started ties with them so when the war broke out we went out into the streets and open fields looking for those who came here fleeing the fighting. so that itself is going through chronic inflation fuel shortages and other economy problems stability at its borders is of utmost importance where the war in its european has brought to the fore another on resolved issue here what i stand is the facade of farmland thousands and thousands of hectares of militants asemi fields
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and this land is actually disputed between ethiopia and so than. the triangle where most of the refugees are staying covers an area of about 250 square kilometers and it has about $600000.00 acres of felt thailand so that says it's an integral part of its territory because it lies west of the line drawn by colonial britain but ethiopia maintains an army presence here and if you open a pharmacy exploit huge parts of the land a joint committee has been trying for years with little success to finalize a border demarcation. pointing to it across the adjacent up body for this sudanese farm he's unequivocal. abode is a well defined we're not really for compromise our government has allowed these ethiopians to settle on our land but we object to them and we will fight them to the last minute to be restored fully that's the pick we made without. and sisters we haven't crossed into ethiopian territory what do they want to take out. during
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the 1st few days of the fighting integrate some each open army units abandoned their bases within and the void was filled by the sudanese army now it's commanders tell us they're not intending to cede those positions to the choppin army if it tries to return. or just your for sugar triangle so the knees each open border. still ahead on al-jazeera keeping the peace thousands of security personnel are deployed across ghana ahead of monday's presidential election and dissembles eye in the sky keeps watch on social distancing as sec'y sees a surge in covering 1000 cases. there has been a big drop in temperature and
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a good feel of winter throughout central and western europe over the last few days in the middle that code is now circulating low which means there's going to be more of the save at least the cold persists for there will be differing weather types was the snow on the ground in england in switzerland and more especially in northern italy there will be increasing winds down the bay of biscay that go into northern spain and into western france that will bring rain with it and persistence of this are the snow or rain depending your heart above sea level in italy switzerland austria and parts of germany during reflects off the northwest in italy it will be just on the cusp of rain or snow she saw in the pictures it's rather wet snow at the moment but the positions on the mountains be a bit more substantial a red warning of up to 3 meters more snow exists for today tomorrow probably the next day it will fade out that is not snow it will be rain rain particularly in its lead role on the coast of croatia as well now for bill back which is the north
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coast of spain you got the rain with the wind gust of wind for the next 3 days but especially cold is especially windy as i say the snow persists in italy and austria beyond. dissecting the headlines in the midst of a pandemic let's start with some of the on the ground realities affecting the news coverage what's the lay of the land there stripping away this being a gripping story about presidential corruption it is real reporting it's not if you keep challenging assumptions and the official line or the 5 agree need to tell our core look we don't want to rely on authority and. village post on al-jazeera. the
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only. one come back a recap of our top stories on al-jazeera covered 19 vaccinations are said to be again involved despite questions about safety teachers doctors and social workers will be the 1st in line to get a domestically produced but need vaccine. and more than 2500 people died from cold in 19 in the united states in the past 24 hours in there been nearly a quarter of a 1000000 new cases of recent surge is prompting many areas to impose new regulations. now nationwide weekend curfew is in effect in turkey to try to stop a sharp rise in new infections at least 30000 cases were reported every day this past week simcoe so reports from istanbul. the area near
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istanbul's taksim square is now being monitored by police strewn to see how many people are walking through its pedestrian only zone it's part of africa to tackle the suppression of 19 issachar street or remains a popular tourist destination despite a global pandemic. the police allow almost 7000 people to cross at the same time here while others wait to enter this came after the turkish government and new measures from overnight curfews to partial weekend lockdowns the government wants to encourage people to stay at home as the number of daily call with 9000 cases of course to come tree surpasses 30000. we need to observe but also to proceed there's no need for full curfews people have businesses to run controlled progress is important with masks and social distancing especially before the vaccine according to official data at least 22000 people walked through
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a stick last street at any given time and this number reaches around 28000 during the summer the crowd restrictions only apply to sick last street other public squares that are s. crowded as the streets are still open to everyone. some here who complain the measures that have been imposed are not enough to prevent the spread of call it 19 since many spent always commuting to work they would like to see more restrictions on public transport and fewer measures on open public areas like the streets. smoking outside has also recently been banned restaurants and cafes are only open for takeaways and delivery foreign tourist we spoke to say it was easy to come here for a visit the spiked restrictions which was 30 because. we don't need to bring a p.c.r.
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test to come inside the tree is good for tourism i mean we're going to be walking the streets more relaxing that in other countries in europe but the turkish medical association say's the measures are too little too late or very late to impose restrictions except for the essential those who must close all production facilities for at least 10 to 15 days of already lost 207 medical personnel so far . these are defers hours of a full weekend lockdown and a quieter friday evening in text him weeknight curfews have already been in place for a week some sectors are excluded from the restrictions now many are waiting to see if these latest measures will help turkey curb the virus or if it will be forced to impose a full lockdown seen on al-jazeera stumble. germany's hoping to have mass vaccinations and is ready next month to start immunizing people as soon as it
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approves a vaccine many cane has more from berlin. this is a 1st glimpse of what the mass vaccination centers will look like moves created inside large warehouses or exhibition halls where thousands of people can safely be immunized every day there are 6 of these centers planned across berlin serving a population of several millions to centers will be at the former temple whorf and now closed tegel airports the man responsible for coordinating the construction of all 6 centers explained the process we recently we know that we need to vaccinate 20000 people every day and we wondered if we could do this in one place the answer is no there is no place big enough and the organisation would have been very complicated i thought about how many centers we would need with 6 centers we have an optimal number in terms of their location in the different areas of the city the plan is for these centers to be ready by mid december so that if and when the
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vaccines are approved the centers are ready to go almost straight away but with the u.k. government having already approved one vaccine for distribution ministers here facing questions about why their approval process seems to slow the health minister young man says rushing to be 1st is not the most important element and under siege it is no protests. we are following a different approach within the e.u. there are also individual member states germany included that could activate these emergency approval procedures but after much consideration we decided against doing this they said we would proceed in collaboration with the e.u. we are proceeding with caution to keep the maximum level of trust in this product. the need for the vaccine is clear every day so far this week germany has been recording record daily coded death rates almost every day hospitals are gradually becoming fuller with corona patients which explains why some eminent scientists
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here have put great faith in the vaccines being developed since we have so far there's been developed extremely fast fantastic the science behind it really is great. but. tested for now 6 months ok and if you want to have a vaccine and want to be immune for life time you have to test it for a long time so this is some insecurity whole good theories are opinion polls suggest the majority of germans are prepared to have the vaccination provided it is safe i'm going to merkel has said the 1st vaccinations could begin before christmas but so far nothing has been finalized dominic kane al-jazeera berlin u.s. president donald trump is pulling nearly all american troops out of somalia in the next few months some 700 american soldiers are training and advising somali forces in the fight against al shabaab trumps latest order follows
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a series of announcements to withdraw forces from missions abroad before he leaves office is already ordered troop drawdowns in afghanistan and iraq. the emir of kuwait says he's happy with the progress made in talks aimed at resolving the gulf crisis that's after saudi arabia's foreign minister said he's hopeful a deal could soon be reached saudi arabia bahrain the u.a.e. and egypt imposed. in june 27th. crucial days are had for gulf nations talks aimed at and in the 3 and a half year blockade of qatar seem to have achieved significant progress kuwait's funny minister whose country has been be generally mediating and and to the crisis says he is confident. a constructive and fruitful talks have taken place recently where all the parties have stressed their desire to reach a final agreement and resolutions to preserve the region stability and harmony
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maintain the interest of the peoples within this context we express our appreciation for the latest efforts by jared cushion or the u.s. president advisor. qatar's point assertion mohamed men are the last man on earth any says he also remains optimistic about the prospect of a deal we have achieved certain formulas certain point of dying more than a year ago and then things has giordano and right now there are some more moments that we hope that this will put and for of this crisis because we see and we believe actually that gulf unity is very important for the security of the region for the stability of that region and for for the sake of our people this need this crisis needs to end a few hours after the kuwaiti and qatari statements saudi arabia's point minister also said significant progress has been made and all sides are close to reaching an
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agreement we hope that. this progress can lead to a final agreement which looks in reach and i can say i am somewhat optimistic that we are close to finalizing. an agreement between all the nations in dispute to come to a resolution that we think will be satisfactory to all the gulf corporation council has welcomed the news in a statement is. server development reflects the strength of the g.c.c. it's been and its ability to overcome all obstacles the new developments come a few days after the u.s. president's senior adviser jared. made a visit to the region he held talks with a meet of qatar shift i mean but how middle 30 and saudi crown prince mohammad been selman the visit was widely seen as a last ditch effort by the trump administration to end the land sea and
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blockade that was imposed by saudi arabia u.a.e. and egypt on qatar in june 2017 the located in countries sever diplomatic ties with doha and issued a list of 13 demands for qatar to implement. they include downgrading ties with iran closing a turkish military base and shutting down al-jazeera qatar dismissed the demands as a violation of its sovereignty the us has been trying to and the blockade were reared it might undermine its efforts to contain iran's influence in the region in the last few months american officials had been hoping saudi arabia would open his space to the tide of flights and move the trump administration believes will deny iran an estimated $100000000.00 in annual fees qatar pays to fly
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over its airspace the coming days and weeks which show if the gulf rival nations are ready to set aside their differences $1.00 of the ones of the blockade might take even longer to heal. polls have opened in kuwait's parliamentary elections are recognized women are among the more than 300 candidates . on a means winning from falling oil prices and the carnival endemic. to ghana now where a large security operation is underway ahead of monday's presidential election have been threats of political violence in recent weeks election commission says it's concluded preparations for about 39000 polling stations reports from the capital are. done is leading presidential candidates came to signed a pact for good conduct and peaceful elections but as soon as the event started the
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political rivalry the define their campaigns for decades was on display. recent events under the current administration have given many anxious moments of doubt about this administration's ability to deliver useful bargains be election we believe in the election and the house had to give my word that we shall accept the verdict of the people of. pleasant the people the peace and safety of ghana will be our primary race. watched by traditional and religious leaders as well as the international observers including the united nations the 2 rivals signed the document anyway it's the agreement in as many elections. a few kilometers from the venue of the ceremony some 63000 military and paramilitary offices have been deployed to keep the peace during the elections. this well he says of the 1st 9 units of the dawn of police service and the armed forces who
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might come back officers who may be on to provide cultural and rapid response to go. on the trail or in the ocean in use in days battered by use of force audiences more than 6000 been identified by gun and security services during this election among them the volta region why separatists still pose a substantial threat there are also ethnic and political tensions capable of disrupting the vote. at the election commission materials for the leave the stores for the 39000 polling stations election officials accused by the opposition of attempting to rig devote say they have nothing to hide the. evidence. so. it is in the shipping that. when it does not. monday's election will be the 8th since the country's returned to democratic
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rule 28 years ago. hoping to build on their record as one of africa's most stable democracies. but they also know the dangers posed by the current political and ethnic tensions as well as the threat from separatists near the border with turkey. across. a u.s. federal judge has ordered the trump administration to fully restore and obama protecting young undocumented immigrants from deportation and. try to end the program prompting angry demonstrations how any of this. brain course. is a way for undocumented teens and young adults. apply for residency. from washington . we know that trump still has more than a month left in office but certainly the court ruling today is a death knell to one of his signature hardline immigration accomplishments of his
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time in office now we know that trump won office partly by his promise to undo this obama era program that trump had called amnesty to young undocumented immigrants who were brought to the united states as children at its peak that obama program called dhaka assisted about 800000 immigrants and it gave them work permits as well as temporary protection from deportation well as soon as trump took office he his white house attempted to cancel the program altogether only to have that effort stopped at the level of the u.s. supreme court that didn't stop the administration's attempt to diminish the programs as much as possible only to confront now this latest hurdle from a federal judge ruling today that the program must be fully restored which means new applicants must be accepted as early as this coming monday course this is
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a victory for immigration advocates but it's one that they had foreseen for a while it's come earlier than expected given that president elect joe biden had already promised to help these so-called dreamers but the timing of that coming now before trump is even left office certainly it's a symbolic blow to the president's legacy when it comes to immigration. hello again for the baucus bill with the headlines on his iraq over 1000 vaccinations are set to begin in russia despite questions about safety teachers doctors and social workers will be the 1st in line to get the domestically produced vaccine alexander god has more from my.


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