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we asked executive director david beasley how the challenge of combating global hunger would be met in the age of the coronavirus pandemic the nobel interview on al-jazeera. the. arab. news. newer. 2 deaths every minute a surge in coronavirus cases in the u.s. sends california into yet another lockdown. so you're watching al jazeera live from doha with me fully back to bill also ahead ghana's incumbent leader and his predecessor are facing off in an election that's being called a bottle of 2 giants. the french president rolls out the red carpet for the depiction leader with the 2 countries at odds over human rights as bushfires forced
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evacuations in australia scientists say 2020 is on course to be the hottest year ever. thank you very much for joining us we begin with the continuing fallout from the corona virus pandemic more than 100000 people were admitted to hospital in the united states on sunday the highest number on record since the outbreak began the virus is now killing more than 2000 americans a day that's 2 people every single minute nearly 33000000 people in the state of california are under a stay at home orders aimed at slowing the spread of the virus in south korea meanwhile the president has deployed the military to help with expanded coronavirus testing and tracing more than 600 cases where reported on monday the 30th day in a row of triple digit increases and globally more than 67000000 people have now
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been infected and about 1500000 have died in the last week alone an average of more than 10000 people died every single day around the world we'll have more on the situation in the u.s. very shortly but 1st a developing story out of pakistan where 6 coronavirus spacious have died in a hospital in. the shower after oxygen surprised ron to know hundreds of patients were left for hours on reduced oxygen because of a delay to deliveries let's speak to our correspondent come on about this he's in islamabad so come on what more do we know about this incident in push our end who's responsible. really in the tragic incident this happened dave famously lady reading hospital in law. supplies running out there were 90 patients in the isolation wards and died of
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course and included mostly 19 casey however 7 of them died because they were and immediate got off of the oxygen supply. to geisha and later sure that they were criminal negligence because nobody was manning their storage tanks which were supposed to have a minimum of 10000 liters of. however there was none there were no backup supply there were no stuff on location so. criminal negligence time when the country is in the grip of a 2nd wave of 19 with warnings that depend greek have all although couple guest on had to wipe the floors so indeed big questions about negligence and competence nothing that really help the government in its image better day by day has to be an investigation to find out what really happened you say pakistan is dealing with the
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2nd wave now how stray medical facilities around the country is pakistan struggling to cope with this pandemic. well if you remember during those 1st 3 days they were. focused on. crumbling medical sincerely would be overwhelmed because they bend make what is wreaking havoc across the world and so head in pakistan there were downs of pakistan did well and of course by then the 2nd wave rigid now on the way they seemed to be a lack of responsibility from a large section of the population of course the medical facilities will again be taken because they may be 0 which were the number of 1000 cases rising and the problem is further compounded by the fact that all the combined opposition parties are holding rallies where tens of thousands of people which are acting and. so the
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country very well liberal indeed and the medical center medical facilities of course were nothing to write home about to begin with so indeed that is something that is going to be a huge worry for this country goes to the 2nd wave and that of course proved to be . even more dangerous. in islamabad thank you very much for that update and let's get an update on the situation in the united states not a country worst hit by the pandemic. in washington d.c. new walk downs are being put in place in a number of regions amid the ongoing surge in interactions health officials are considering ending even outdoor dining and in most of california stay at home orders have been imposed this far from festive season for the small businesses that rely on holiday trade. christmas temple mean that's how people get the now no more
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you know get beautyful holiday and now they said now again the food and drug administration is set to review a new vaccine this week it's a process that in the past would have taken months but in what amounts to a life or death situation hell the fishes are hoping it will take a matter of hours based on the data that i know i expect the f.d.a. to make a positive decision but of course it's their decision and as you probably know they are totally separated and firewalled from the operation they will make their own judgment based on the data and i hope that the decision will be positive but even when they are approved it will take months before the vaccines are widely available to the general public be finking in the february march timeframe that you're going to see more general vaccination and by the 2nd quarter of next year will still have enough vaccine for every american that wants it as health officials continue to call on americans to follow social distancing measures and no other member of
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trump's inner circle who hasn't followed that advice has fallen ill to the virus rudy giuliani personal attorney was reportedly hospitalized sunday after he tested positive he traveled the country last week trying to help the president overturn the election it was trump who announced his lawyer has coded 19 on twitter calling it the china virus meanwhile the pandemic is claiming the lives of 2 americans every minute. castro al-jazeera washington turkey has ease its coronavirus restrictions off to a weekend of partial lockdown with businesses opening again but the daily infection rates in turkey remains one of the highest globally who has more from istanbul. after a partial lockdown over the weekend that ended 5 am local this morning life is back to its normal. and in a stumble especially where we are in the fox industry life is really back to it's
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they receive only only a stick not a street where we are all shops are open as you see and you have the locals and tourists coming and forcing by the restaurants and cafes are open for only takeaways and their liberties and there are some extra measures especially for such acoustic area for instance there are police checkpoints in order to control the number of the people who will be able to cross at any given time through the area and these partial measures will they will they help to curb the coral no bars is still on them but as some of the health experts suggest that the government needs to impose a full lockdown for at least 2 weeks but of course these are full lockdown is a concern for small businessmen across the country because they have to make their living and they say they need government support and for now it's only a partial weekend like phones and all night curfews that begin mine a pm and 5 am every morning and this is this is alarming
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unfortunately if you win that thing in within the last 24 hours the ballycloran know why risqué says it's a bore $13000.00 and the death is a ball $190.00 that's why time will show whether this partial measures will help curb the koran of virus in other world news photos in ghana heading to the polls to choose their president and members of parliament incumbent president. is facing 11 challenges but his main rival is the man he replaced 4 years ago john dramani mahama ghana is regarded as africa's most stable democracy and both men have signed a pact saying that accept the officially declared winner $275.00 parliamentary seats will also be up for grabs in monday's fox has more from the largest polling station in ghana in the capital. so far election is on the peaceful no would appear to be going smoothly both in the greater region and across the country. we
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understand that the security forces have deployed more than $63000.00 across the country to various posts especially hot spots across the country including of course the volatile region where a few months ago would see in. such an isp trying to stir. to talk about the security operations in the great our car region i would need to produce a pretending to police. who will talk to us about the arrangements in place and whether or not you're receiving information regarding security breaches across the great region i think. it's been very small.
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for all the money training that we have done so far together with the feedback we pickin on the ground. and everything is going on peacefully and those areas we're talking about how many are there in the greater region and why don't you have enough to deal with any trouble for regional police come and we every. and i think. we how. leaders from across the european union are holding last a chance to see what hope remains of a pull spread trade deal with the u.k. the chief negotiator michele banier has been meeting ambassadors of the 27 member states to see if
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a deal can be agreed before the january 1st deadline mr boies johnson is due to speak with the e.u. commission chief am later on monday. egypt's president has arrived in paris for a 2 day state visit. meeting the french president emmanuel mccall more than a dozen groups are urging me to use a visit to address egypt's human rights violations and push for the release of political prisoners. live to natasha miles at the presidential power in paris natasha so a bit of a controversial visit what can we expect 1st. yes the egyptian president arrived in paris on sunday he's spending a couple of days here in the french capital he's already met with the french foreign minister joy and has a busy agenda of the next 48 hours meeting m.p.'s senators ill even go to a digital take up in the city but of course the centerpiece of the visit is his
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meeting with the french president emmanuel monk or another 2 men are in the lease a palace behind me sisi presence easy arrived a short while ago and this visit is really seen by both egypt and france as an opportunity to really revive the strategic partnership between the 2 countries but has been somewhat strained since 2019 since the french president visited to cairo and spoke about egypt so human rights records that did not go down very well with egyptian authorities well there lisa they say that the 2 will talk about a range of issues they'll talk about syria iraq they will talk about libya and also their shared concerns over turkey's actions in the region in libya and also in the eastern mediterranean and they'll discuss to counter terrorism in the region what our rights are saying about this visit. well rights groups are many of them dozens of international names like amnesty
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international human rights watch are very concerned about this visit they are unhappy that the french president is rolling out the red carpet if you like for presidency see they say that egypt has an extremely poor human rights record since 2014 since sisi came to power but thousands of perceived political opponents journalists human rights campaigners activists have been detained and they are calling on president michel to put more pressure on presence easy to release some of those that have been detained and to improve the human rights record in the country they're also calling on to suspend continued arms weapons sales to egypt because they say that some of those weapons surveillance tools for example could be used to crush and oppress civil society at ash about may in paris thank you. still ahead on al-jazeera as satellite monitored assassination more details emerge
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on how iran stop nuclear scientists was killed last month and marah dona money more on the campaign to but the night football legend onto banknotes say in argentina. now you would expect more snow at this time of the year there's been some going through her car this previous to the massive cloud that might give a little bit more on home she on the western slopes of the higher ground to kids temperatures down to 60 but with single figures to the west of the korean peninsula and china there's been snow dusting all over the place quite a long ways south and is a bit of interruption to what should be a smooth ne the monsoon the rain will likely be enhanced in taiwan and will make some ingress in and into southern china particularly around hong kong hong kong's forecast for a little disappointing if you happen to be there it's like to be shari rainy
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sometime in the next 3 days with little showing of the sunshine this constant temperature around about 2122 but it won't feel like that looks now the northeast monsoon is just as down a little bit in the bay of bengal we have still got more rain to come all the way down through time a lot of as far north as chennai a bit beyond and the possibility of this circulation in the arabian sea current subjects are remains of that last tropical cyclone it's quiet for the most sprott further north in india new delhi still suffering from poor air quality and once the storm is gone through iran now we watch a show set up down the gulf coast and things down in dire. but. in 2008 rocky traveled across the united states discovering what it was like to be both a patriotic american and a devout muslim can he be muslim and american you have to be american 1st i didn't
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have much appreciation for why it would be a big deal that i'm listening to elect of the united states congress want has changed rewind islam in america on al-jazeera. the order. or. a recap of our main stories on al-jazeera millions of people across the u.s. state of california are back and along down the sea at home order is being implemented as a state record his highest ever number of calls in 1000 infections more than 30000 in one day people in ghana are voting to choose their president and members of
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parliament the main presidential contenders are the incumbent in and out before i don't and the man he replaced 4 years ago john dramani mahama both have signed a pact saying they'll accept the officially declared winner and egypt's president is in paris for a 2 day state visit his meeting a monument all right now activists have a huge the french president to use a visit to address egypt's human rights violations and push for the release of political basis. iran's foreign ministry says it's welcoming the progress made by all parties in solving the gulf crisis as days after saudi arabia's foreign minister said all involved are on board to find a solution saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain in egypt imposed a land sea and air blockade on ca time 2017 among their demands was for doha to downgrade relations with iran tehran however says its relations with qatar will not be affected for. explicitly welcome solving tensions in the persian gulf the
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foreign minister said in the framework of the policy of good will we welcome the political solution of this crisis at any level we believe the past the u.a.e. and saudi arabia have adopted during the khatami blockade was one of bullying and it should be politically resolved as soon as possible so the conditions can return to normal again iran in qatar relations is not affected by a 3rd party and it's a friendly relationship iran stands next to its neighbors in tough times and regular times and it will continue this policy. france britain and germany have criticized iran spawn's to expand its uranium enrichment capability to iran announce it intends to install additional centrifuges and wants to pass laws that could develop its nuclear program the 3 states have to cancel the plans and return to the negotiating table and tehran took the step to try and roll back its nuclear program after the assassination of its top atomic scientists it stop nuclear scientists he was killed by controlled machine gun according to new reports in
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state media will say in fact resided died in hospital last month after he was ambushed near tehran iran's president has been the assassination on israel dosage of barry has more from tehran. these details were revealed why the deputy commander of the revolutionary guard who was speaking at an event to her own university on sunday evening he said that there was the use of artificial intelligence in carrying out this is the nation the nuclear scientists was killed on november 27th he was accompanied by 11 bodyguards in 3 vehicles now the events that this sequence of events that we've heard from this revolution guard commander paints a picture that shows that there was no actual physical people that carried out any components of this attack the commander said that the nuclear scientist was hit there was 13 bullets that came his way and the head of his bodyguard team took 4 of
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those bullets because he threw himself on top of the to prevent him from being hits and he was taken to hospital as well he is believed to be certain ok at the moment he's going to be released shortly the attack is the details that we're hearing now is that there was that gunfight in the beginning of this attack and then there was a large explosion all of which was carried out by remote control that is what the officials here have been saying and we also are still waiting for the official report from the intelligence ministry who is carrying out the investigation to india now where police in new delhi have stopped a group of athletes from returning their medals to the president it was meant to be an act of solidarity with farm is protesting you know thousands of farmers have been running at entry points to the capital for more than a week now they're pushing to overturn laws they say will damage their livelihoods and that's with them has more. tens of well known athletes have arrived here in the
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center of the capital new delhi after travelling for the past 2 days from the states of punjab and haryana where many farmers and protesting farmers from they have been met with the largest security presence here on their way to the presidential building to return their national awards now they did make a brief stop at the main protest site single where they received a rapturous welcome from tens of thousands of farmers who were blocking a key highway it doesn't look like they're going to receive a warm welcome by president romney who has denied their request for an audience but pharma say that the athletes rather including a limpet gold medalist say that they support farmers they support their demands and they want to return their medals and protest against what they say is the government's ill treatment to farmers. we want to tell the government that farmers provide the food to the nation the government's been stubborn in its attitude towards farmers and it should stop behaving with arrogance these laws have been
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made for farmers and if they're not happy the laws should be repealed and there is growing support for a nationwide protest has been planned for tuesday a number of the country's biggest opposition party said they're going to participate in protest in a shutdown against laws which they say will threaten india's food security and destroy farmers and the agriculture sector by mortgaging it to corporate pharma say they're going to block all of the key broads the coming into the indian capital region at the moment tens of thousands of farmers remain on 33 border crossings including where we're at the ghazi put border between india's most populous state predation and we're also hearing that wholesale produce market from the state of raj is a planning to close and some of the country's biggest transport trade and banking unions are planning to shut down all their services. on tuesday in solidarity with india. the world has just 6 perience its hottest november on record according to
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new data from the european climate data and see copernicus its analysis of surface in air temperatures found last month was 0.8 degrees warmer than the 30 year average from 1901 to 2010 last week the world meteorology colgan ization said 2020 was on course to be among the 3 hottest sea is ever recorded the e.u. analysis agrees with this forecast and the study found the united states south america southern africa and most of australia experience higher than average temperatures in 2025 hottest years in history have come since 2015. in australia emergency services are evacuating homes in the path of a bushfire in queensland people on fraser island have been told to leave after the fire burnt launch wants of the northeastern coast the tory gates and the reports. the view from a helicopter over straightly is inferno bushfires on fraser island have been
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burning for 7 weeks they've destroyed half of the us go listed world heritage site now people living in the town of happy valley have been told to leave as the fire's closed in a look where they are preparing for the worst you know it's over the ng and we're going to try to hit it with everything we've got today we're pulling out all stops we're trying to stop these 4 impacting on that happy valley township as well as managing the other numerous fars accounting course for his role in the blaze was sparked by an illegal campfire but it's been fuelled by high winds record low rainfall and record high temperatures it's been a warm day been a tough tough day when it comes to farting and we have been dividing significant resources to far in the far on fries or on. the spot for. a public inquiry into australia's devastating bushfires last year said the conditions that created them were precedented and wounds they may become more common it was the
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country's hottest and driest year on record and the fire has burned about 350 square kilometers and that. many blame climate change but a strain as prime minister has rejected calls to cut dependence on coal and take more action on global warming and. what we're saying is very much according to the playbook of climate change we've been expecting these sorts of changes for decades now they're increasingly coming to fruition and increasingly what we're seeing is climate change is embedded in each of these events so it's not a question of whether this would occur with or without climate changes just that climate change is ramping up these events when they happen. the authorities on fraser island say mobile phone coverage power and water services might seem because of despite the dangers some people are staying behind to defend their homes big. gayton be al-jazeera. a campaign is underway in argentina for the face of the late
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footballer diego maradona to be put on one of the country's banknotes is held in such a seam in argentina that it's home to his image track investors and connect his family has a story from when a size. he was a legend on the pitch a controversial but inspirational figure offit. tens of thousands mourned his death last week from a heart attack at 60 he's gone but no one is letting him be forgotten for now the even more. this came from our fanaticism from our love for diego a commemoration of that could help improve the country's economic situation this is a note designed by some of his most ardent fans who have launched a campaign on change dot org appealing to the president and the central bank to issue 810000 pesos note with about $124.00 what we are seeing if this is
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how people you know use reacting in a way that brings you know maradona back you know to the center of the scene. with something. up very concrete. and very. symbolic such as a bank note. now with the economy we can buy debt inflation and lack of foreign investment argentina needs him again. it could be an interesting boost to the argentine economy imagine the central bank accumulating reserves this way with interest from abroad to generate dollars the petition has so far attracted more than $20000.00 signatures and is growing rapidly it's clear that many arjun time still don't want to let diego maradona go to put his face this face on a banknote would put him on a pedestal with the country's founding fathers with a veto a figure transcending sports and inspiration beyond the football pitch. with his
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death argentina has been analyzing and appreciating what maradona gave them during his life the most poignant being in 1986 world cup. however the bank will be asking whether they're a donor who made and squandered millions is an appropriate symbol of mother treat good sense others will point to his drug problems and treatment of women but as for what he did all the page that most want to remember him already see any movie about a great inspiration and very emotional that brings a tear to my are just talking about him and. his legend grows his followers now hope his image will continue to inspire them from beyond the grave down the road to sierra what osiris now has a 2020 fairy tale ending in the time of coronavirus a bride in india was left hot broken after testing positive a covert 1000 and was sent into quarantine on the morning of her wedding day.
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for the bride and groom exchanged vows after all dressed in p p that's after authorities in the western state of russia's stance saved the day by allowing the couple to tie the knot at a covert care center on the the rights parents and a priest attended the ceremony supervised by medical staff. again i'm fully back to bo with the headlines on al-jazeera millions of people across the us state of california are back under lockdown at the stay at home order is being implemented as a state reports its highest ever number of corona virus infections more than 30000 in one day in pakistan meanwhile 6 coronavirus patients have died in hospital in the shower after oxygen surprised run to know hundreds of patients were left for hours on reduced oxygen because of a delay in deliveries come on hide as more from is on the pot.


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