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realistically how can you deal with institutionalized corruption in this country we listen if this breaks up and the conflict between august and india this has implications for the rest of the world we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al-jazeera. californians face stay at home orders as the number of coronavirus cases surges across the u.s. states. watching al-jazeera live from a headquarters and. also coming up polls have just closed in ghana where the incumbent leader and his predecessor a facing off in an election that's being called a battle of 2 giants francaise that won't make human rights
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a condition for arms sales to egypt as president sisi visits paris as bush fires force evacuations in australia scientists say 2020 is on course to be the hottest year ever. hello we begin in the u.s. navigating its way through a presidential transition as well as a worsening coronavirus situation a record 100000 people were admitted to hospital on sunday with more than 2000 americans dying from the disease every day so the president elect joe biden's reportedly made his pick for health secretary one of the incoming administration's most consequential jobs he's eyeing this man california's attorney general have you for the position well in his home states some 33000000 californians are now under sweeping new restrictions private gatherings will be banned as intensive care
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capacity their shrinks and members of congress who've been deadlocked for months over another coronavirus aid package could unveil a bipartisan proposal as early as monday it's expected to be some $908000000000.00 in funding our white house correspondent kelly halkett has more on biden's pay for health secretary. it's been a combination of surprise and controversy let's start with the surprise given the fact that he is california's attorney general. many people thought this was an unusual pig given the fact that really this is the health and human services secretary oversees a very large and sprawling health department but what he would say and what many of his defenders would say is that he was an ardent defender of a key piece of law in the united states that has been under attack for years that is the affordable care act that gives millions access to health care so in that
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respect he is not a surprise but still there is some concern about his background being legal versus medical in fact number of prominent medical groups including the american college of physicians the american college of pediatrics have sent a letter to joe biden the president elect saying that they were not happy or they were concerned that he was even being put forward as a contender given the fact that they feel there should be a public health background in that role but still have your basara has the blessing of a top official currently fighting pope at 19 and that is dr anthony found the top infectious disease specialist and that certainly speaks volumes as the united states is facing the daunting challenge and the high number of deaths in this country as a result in pakistan 6 coronavirus patients have died in a hospital in the shower after oxygen supplies round too low hundreds of patients
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were left for hours on reduced oxygen because of a delay to delivery pakistan has so far a total of more than 400000 factions and over a 1000 deaths from coban $1000.00 kimo haidar has more from islamabad. really only know about the preliminary bolts and the preliminary reports speak of systematic failure. for example. has the capacity to have 20. cubic meters of oxygen. for only. cubic metres was delivered to the hospital yesterday when this incident happened the operating experience. there tried to call the concerned department. including the biomedical engineer who is responsible for maintaining the level of oxygen and.
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there was no. later on. finding out about this report there was no. basic. that day was. for several months nobody. regarding renewals contracts so it's a failure. to achieve minister. saying an independent inquiry a number of people have already been suspended and everybody had to be watching to see whether that is appropriate and quite whether this again is brushed aside. unicef is asking for a 2 and a half $1000000000.00 in new funds for children in the middle east and north africa earlier this month that issued its largest ever emergency funding appeal for 6400000000 dollars to reach 300000000 children it says 39000000 children in the
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mena region have been impacted by war poverty and the coronavirus the u.n. agency says the highest number of children in need of critical humanitarian assistance or in yemen syria lebanon and soon don most of the funds requested by unicef would go towards education nutrition and health benefits is the unicef's regional advisor for emergencies for west and central africa she says it's a crisis that will reverse years of progress made in advancing children's rights. i think we all know that that 2020 has been a year on like any other in the history of unicef. and we see rising humanitarian needs as a result of preexisting emergency situation as collating conflict situations also here in sub-saharan africa across the central sahal region in south sudan and the lake chad basin mozambique and ethiopia now also heating up and on top of that we
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now have the coverage crisis coming in both in terms of the direct impact of that it has of course on on the health and well being but also the social economic impact and the restrictions that are overburdening systems and that are cutting access to health so we've really seen this as a child rights crisis that has the potential to reverse decades of progress made in terms of child rights it would really mean that we're going to see a reverse in some of the really hard won gains of the last the last few decades if i look at that summation rates which have increased dramatically in west africa and central africa over a recent decades those were immediately interrupted this year as health centers closed as a result of either conflict or cultivated so we really need this money to invest into a reestablishment of basic services and we know pockets are tight we know governments will struggle with budgets in the social economic impact that we've seen but we need what money there is to go into essential services like health nutrition
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education and we need donors to maintain the level of commitment that they had prepared demick. polls to choose ghana's president and members of parliament have closed the incumbent president. was facing 11 challengers but his main rival is the man he replaced 4 years ago ghana is regarded as one of africa's most stable democracies and both men have signed a pact saying they will accept the officially declared winner i did research joining us from the capital he's at the largest polling center in ghana where as we're saying polls have just closed over there and now the counting begins are. absolutely there in the last voter in this particular polling unit and left less than i haven't have a minute to go so what is happening right now is that election officials are packing up their. stuff and then from there over there you see one of the ballot boxes one of the ballot boxes for the presidential election the other one for the
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parliamentary elections so we expect them now they're putting them together we expect them to unseal those boxes and put the content of the boxes on the table and then start the process of counting the ballots now what is happening is this is happening simultaneously across ghana across the country and from here results correlated here will be transmitted or taken to the regional cooperation center the regional coalitions center will put together the results of all voting stations in a particular region and then transmit the results. to the national coalition center where there are devices that fax machine computers that will receive these results electronically and that is where representatives of the 2 political parties all the political parties by the way but most especially because this is a 2 way race between the incumbent president and the money to play 4 years ago so these results will be correlated in the presence of security agents observers as well as representatives of these political parties then
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a result will be announced the election commission promised to announce the results in. within 24 hours after the closing of voting here so we expect in the next 24 hours we will know who will be the president of gonna do so if that candidate's calls 50 percent plus one vote in this election otherwise it will have to go into a run of in 3 weeks time during and for the voters. one of them the most important issues for them in this election. basically there are so many things that the voters consider chiefly the issue of corruption and then there is the issue of the handling of corporate 19 the president will say that he's handled this very well yes gonna lead the pack among african countries in trying to contain the spread of coverage 90 they're also talking about infrastructure development they're also talking about education and so many other things but again like many votes or other many elections i've covered elections are specifically
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being decided not largely by development developmental projects but also by some personal issues personalities play a critical role in african elections and so we expect to see that in this particular election whether or not the 2 candidates will wind outrightly is a matter of. how the whole the voters chose to deal with them before they cast their ballot today but within the next 24 hours we will know which direction we go are we going to have. mr. continue or we're going to have the former president back in power after 4 years of service all right mother we'll check in with you over the next 24 hours or so thank you very much for the time being. well still ahead on al-jazeera. a huge spike in targeted attacks on afghan state officials how fear of assassination has now overshadowed hopes of peace why
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afflatus are joining the ever growing list of celebrities to stand in solidarity with india's farmers. were we went to the season that this is the time when you set up one storm system that goes from west to east the next one follows fairly rapidly that was an active one now falling apart giving showers the snow wall right now afghanistan the tail end once it's gone through tends to produce the shamali persistent northwest breeze down through the gulf the next one through will give a few showers in jordan syria and turkey but probably not much further south than vassar remains dry with the wind determining or rather a drop in temperature in for example doha 23 or 24 is indeed the average it's been a big shocker of the last month or so and this wind will be persistent dusty at 1st
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i suspect now here's a good consequence of what happens when these things come east was a tense disturbed the air because otherwise stacked into this town the particular northern plain of india in northern pakistan air quality is poor but 300 is hazardous and that was the case this morning in both new delhi and lahore this is tiny particles you can see they can be sprayed out that's one option the other more effective option is just to wait because once these westerly waves come through they do disturb the atmosphere so on choose day in northern pakistan or wednesday maybe around new delhi the i would churn over and improve. frank assessments you go holies on the ground in the canaries what is the situation there's only one doctor and one nurse for $2200.00 people and in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines. inside story on al-jazeera the world food program will
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receive the nobel peace prize for fighting against hunger and the use of starvation as a weapon of war we ask executive director david beasley how the challenge of combating global hunger would be met in the age of the coronavirus pandemic the nobel interview on al-jazeera. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera in the u.s. a record of more than 100000 people were admitted to hospital on sunday president elect joe biden has chosen california's attorney general to service health secretary and some $33000000.00 californians are waking up to news stricter measures unicef is asking for a 2 and a half $1000000000.00
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a new funds for children in the middle east and north africa earlier this month that issued its largest ever emergency funding appeal for 6400000000 dollars to reach 300000000 people in. polls to choose gone as president and members of parliament tough close to being come and president than i can for those main rival is the man he replaced 4 years ago john muhammad both might have signed a pact saying they will accept the officially declared winner. the french president of anyone mccall's says future arms sales to egypt will not be made conditional on its human rights record he's hosting of the egyptian president up in fact the has d.c. in paris activists have been urging micron's to use the visitor purse for the release of political prisoners and reports from paris. the grandest ceremony at the start of a contentious visit egyptian president abdel fattah el-sisi was a school to the lease a palace where he was greeted by the french president emanuel michel the leaders
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discussed regional issues counterterrorism and the shared opus ition to take these actions in libya and the eastern mediterranean mackerel said he also raised concerns about human rights in egypt with sisi but refused to jeopardize paris's strategic partnership with cairo. conditionally. i will not make our cooperation in defense or economic matters conditional on these disagreements 1st because i believe in the sovereign. he of people and respect for our legitimate and reciprocal interests 2nd because i believe that it is more effective to have a policy of demanding dialogue than a policy of boycott that would reduce the effectiveness of one of our partners in the fight against terrorism and for regional stability president sisi dismissed accusations of rights abuses. it is not appropriate for you to present the egyptian state and everything it does for its people and for the stability of the region as no press of regimes the current president says that egypt is
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a strategic partner in the region but activists say unless cairo respects human rights such a partnership is a betrayal of french values. france is one of egypt's main suppliers of weapons campaigners say the sale of arms to cairo should be suspended the accused sissy's government of using what he calls counterterrorism operations to crush civil society and arrest thousands of rights defenders journalists and perceived opponents as wrong as the egyptian president uses the fight against terrorism to suppress civil society voice. there is no shortage of partnership that can be done with the government. in 2019 micro of his state cairo and spoke about human rights in egypt since then relations between france and egypt have been strained macro hopes to repair them but campaigners questioned the cost to france's reputation.
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i'll just 0 paris leaders from across the european union are continuing talks to see what hope remains of a post trade deal with the u.k. the e.u. chief negotiator michel barnier has been meeting ambassadors of the 27 member states to see if a deal can be agreed before the january 1st deadline for a challenge has more from london. those who are predicting and types i think are saying that perhaps there is a 60 percent chance of a no deal at the moment now what would in no deal mean this the stakes are are huge it has to be said particularly in a year that has seen the u.k.'s economy ravaged by covert 9 see what no deal would mean is that on the 31st of december this year going into the 1st of january suddenly trade in goods between the u.k. and the european union which for decades have been pretty seamless frictionless
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where suddenly have the shutters slam down you would then have tariffs being imposed on things that didn't have tariffs imposed on them before when they were being imported or exported you would have standards checks on things that were just given the green light previously these sorts of impositions words increase the costs of numerous things on both sides of the border so this deal does make a huge difference for the u.k. economy for the european union's economy and of course it makes a difference politically for the future of peace in northern ireland which relies on frictionless trade as being a central plank of the good friday peace accords and on the future diplomatic and political relationship between the e.u. and the u.k. and whether they can carry on being friends with each other so
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a lot of fighting in this certainly. france britain and germany have criticized iran's plans to expand its uranium enrichment capability to iran announced that it intends to install additional centrifuges and wants to pass laws that could develop its nuclear program the 3 states have urged iran to cancel the plans and return to the negotiating table well iran's foreign ministry says it's welcoming the progress made by all parties in solving the gulf crisis that's days after saudi arabia's foreign minister said all involved are on board to find a solution saudi arabia the u.a.e. but here in an egypt imposed a land air and sea blockade on qatar in 2017 among their demands was for it to downgrade relations with iran so ron however says its relations with qatar will not be affected. so we explicitly welcome solving tensions in the persian gulf us the foreign minister said in the framework of the policy of good will we welcome the
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political solution of this crisis at any levels we believe the past the u.a.e. and saudi arabia have adopted during the catawba blockade was one of bullying and it should be politically resolved as soon as possible so the conditions can return to normal again iran in qatar relations is not affected by a 3rd party and its a friendly relationship iran stands next to its neighbors in tough times and regular times and it will continue this policy angry exchanges have taken place in the congolese parliament over president felix jessica these planned to form a new government without the majority party i. wonder what the common front for congo say the plan is to tauriel it violates the constitution the party is made up of allies of the former president joseph kabila that holds most cabinet posts. the european union have strongly condemned the unlawful attacks on journalists politicians and activists in afghanistan in a joint statement your members held be a taliban responsible it follows
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a warning from the un of an increase in targeted killings by an identified attackers across the country from kabul failure contre free reports. it's been more than 3 months since a man's father a peace advocate and minister of education employee was killed on his way to work an explosive device was placed in his car i'm on wants answers the government is responsible to find the killers if they find the killers of the killers the u.n. says targeted assassinations by unknown assailants an activist government employees journalists and others have increased by 50 percent this year compared to 2019 these attacks spread fear and insecurity often they are carried out by unknown gunmen but another method is more lethal. magnetic bombs placed on cars
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have become the signature weapon for on planes targeted assassinations that inexpensive is it in use and 10 almost certainly kill and injure not only those targeted inside the car but anyone more happens to be around when the bomb explodes. the head of of ghana stands independent human rights commission so how does that akbar sees these attacks as an attempt to weaken and silence again a stand civic society we're also pushing for for civilian protection and more generally for cease fire to kid an enabling environment or for a peace process where there is just public participation because if this goes on i'm just why i just did you write about the fact that people will be very hesitant to take an active role in the process. pressure has been mounting on the government to provide more security and to fully investigate these murders the government says
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several people have been arrested the minister of interior says its investigations show the taliban the haqqani network and i so are behind the killings or intelligent and they are trying to know if a small section. that they are can make it in the big groups of the terrorist that they. made the plot and the flavor of the plot an actual plan to do small groups and the act they do the. regatta bombs in kabul city. after his father was killed i mind feared for his family's lives and sent them out of the country he stayed to seek justice. for those so he didn't he got threats he didn't and i am who going on his. so.
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look for some to say that that i should fear for i'm just asking for just is if asking for just his should take my life so that asking for justice and peace for. kabul police in new delhi have stopped a group of athletes from returning their medals to be president it was meant to be an act of solidarity with farmers protesting new laws in india tens of thousands have been rallying at entry points to the capital for more than a week they're pushing to overturn laws they say will damage their livelihoods elizabeth purana has more. tens of well known athletes have arrived here in the center of the capital new delhi after traveling for the past 2 days from the states of punjab and haryana where many farmers and protesting farmers are from they have been met with the largest security presence here on their way to the presidential building to return their national awards now they did make
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a brief stop at the main protest site single where they received a rapturous welcome from tens of thousands of farmers who were blocking a key highway it doesn't look like they're going to receive a warm welcome by president romney who has denied their request for an audience but pharma say that the athletes rather including a limpet gold medalist say that they support farmers they support their demands and they want to return their medals in protest against what they say is the government's ill treatment of fatness. we want to tell the government that farmers provide the food to the nation the government's been stubborn in its attitude towards farmers and it should stop behaving with arrogance these laws have been made for farmers and if they're not happy the laws should be repealed and there is growing support for a nationwide protest has been planned for tuesday a number of the country's biggest opposition party said they're going to participate in protest in a shutdown against laws which they say will threaten india's food security and
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destroy farmers and the agriculture sector by mortgaging it to corporate pharma said they're going to block all of the key roads the coming into the indian capital region at the moment tens of thousands of farmers remain on 33 border crossings including where we're at the gaza border between india's most populous state to predation and we're also hearing that wholesale produce market from the state of raj is a planning to close and some of the country's biggest transport trade and banking unions are planning to shut down all the services. on tuesday in solidarity with india's farmers. the world has just experienced that's hottest november on record that's according to new data from european climate agency copernicus its analysis of surface and air temperatures found last month was 0.8 degrees warmer than the 30 year average from 1981 to 2010 last week the world meteorological organization said
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2020 was on course to be among the 3 hottest years ever recorded the e.u. analysis agrees with those forecasts and the study also found the united states south america southern africa and most of australia experienced higher than average temperatures in 2020 well speaking of australia emergency services there are evacuating homes in the path of a bushfire in queensland people on fraser island have been told to leave after the fire burned large parts of the northeastern coast victoria gate b reports. the view from a helicopter over straightly is in for the bush lies on fraser island have been burning for 7 weeks they've destroyed half of the us go listed world heritage site now people living in the town of happy valley have been told to leave as the fires closed in a look we are preparing for the worst you know it's over the ng and we're going to try to hit it with everything we've got today we're pulling out all stops we're
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trying to stop these fall you put you on that happy valley township as well as managing the other numerous fawzi county course for his role in the blaze was sparked by an illegal campfire but it's been fueled by high winds record low grade full and record high temperatures it's been a warm day been a tough tough day when it comes to fall farting and we have been devoting significant resources to farming the 4 on fries or on. spot fires go down a public inquiry into australia's devastating bushfires last year said the conditions that created them precedented. and wounds they may become more common it was the country's hottest and driest year on record and the fire has burned about 350 square kilometers inland. many blame climate change but a strain as prime minister has rejected calls to cut dependence on coal and take more action on global warming and. what we're saying is very much according to the
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playbook of climate change we've been expecting these sorts of changes for decades now they're increasingly coming to fruition and increasingly what we're seeing is climate change is embedded in each of these events so it's not a question of whether this would occur with or without climate change it's just that climate change is ramping up these events when they happen. the authorities of praise island say mobile phone coverage power and water services might seem because of despite the dangers some people are staying behind to defend their homes big touring gates and be al-jazeera. teller again the headlines on al-jazeera and the us a record of more than 100000 people were admitted to hospital on sunday president elect joe biden has chosen california's attorney general to serve as health
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secretary and some $33000000.00 californians are waking up to new stricter measures unicef is asking for a 2 and a half $1000000000.00 a new funds for.


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