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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 8, 2020 12:00am-1:01am +03

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children. now have a voice. jenny as close a part of the viewfinder. 0. hello i'm watching the news hour live from london coming up on the program growing a virus cases overwhelm california's hospitals millions of people ordered to stay at home. or not it is to deter a good call i was really excited to go to go do opportunity. the equal rights campaign has become one of the 1st in the world to receive a coronavirus vaccine. the french president hosts his egyptian counterpart in paris
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but is accused of turning a blind eye to egypt's human rights record. and lives torn apart by war poverty and the pandemic and the urgent appeal for funds to help millions of children in the middle east and africa. and i'm santa how much with the sport as europe holds its qualifying draw for the 2022 world cup in qatar details coming up this hour. welcome to the news our hope of imminent vaccination programs is doing the thrill to reduce the devastating global impact of the coronavirus record numbers of people are being admitted into hospital in the us tough restrictions are also coming into force in different parts of the world on monday more than 33000000 people in southern california in the san joaquin valley were hit with stay at home or does restaurants a close to in person dining in many other places like hair and nails salons museums
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and playgrounds have been completely shot in germany a chance and has hinted that harsher regulations will be required there she said existing measures of partial lockdown and social distancing rules will not be sufficient to get the country through the winter period and then there's been a 3rd wave of cases in south korea the. about new regulations araf is that people are becoming fatigued by them the restrictions on travel and gatherings of so far failed to cut the growing number of infections that well al jazeera rob reynolds is in los angeles where those tough new restrictions have now come into effect rob just tell us how these new rules are going to work. well let me get to california in just a moment but 1st some some breaking news out of the white house in washington d.c. where outgoing president donald trump has signed or says he will sign an executive
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order insuring that americans get 1st did sort of 1st in line to receive vaccinations for the coronavirus this is. something that public health officials have have spoken about repeatedly they are afraid of a. vaccine war breaking out between countries with each country trying to hoard its own vaccine so we'll see how this executive order takes effect or if it has really any effect at all past the presidency of donald trump and here in california it's a very dire situation as you mentioned more than 30000000 people under the most severe stay at home orders since back in march in the 1st wave of the coronavirus the metric that the state uses is to get to trigger lock downs is when a region's hospital intensive care unit capacity falls below 15 percent well
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southern california and the san joaquin valley have fallen well below that the last figure on sunday for the southern california area including los angeles san diego many other cities was 10.3 percent and just a few moments ago the governor of california gavin newsom explain to people in a televised briefing that the number of californians now in hospitals has top 10000 and that is a shocking 72 percent increase over the past 14 days so it's really all about hospital care and courts when you have overcrowded or filled to capacity hospitals with people suffer. from covert 1000 receiving treatment for that illness there's no room for people who might be in a car accident or or suffer a heart attack or something like this so this is the situation here now there are widespread restrictions on businesses that's getting
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a lot of pushback as well and really quite a dire pronouncement from the head of public health the head of the public health department here in los angeles county the largest county in the united states director barbara frere saying we're going to have 3 weeks of devastation before we'll even be able to assess the impact that these new lock downs in effect have had so it's it's a long way to go frankly and of course we've seen this done with the crown a virus everywhere in the wild trying to balance what is a public health crisis but the that mental economic impact tell us more about reaction that particularly from rest on time as and small businesses. yes there's been a lot of pushback there's been a lot of small business owners and restaurant tours people who you know barber's shop owners nail salons beauty parlors there they're complaining that they don't
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understand why they're being singled out they they question the science behind it and even some law enforcement officials for example the sheriff of riverside county that's east of los angeles went on put it put a video out on facebook saying that the governor's rules on the shutdown are all wrong he's not going to follow them and he's not going to have his officers interfere with anyone or any businesses. in in enforcing the shutdown the governor has come under harsh criticism for a trip that he made to a fancy restaurant with a group of his friends and associates back in november they were seen dining without masks so there is a question of the park receipt that's raised about gavin newsom and is his ongoing orders but certainly this is not
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a popular order it is not something that police are going to go door to door shop to shop to enforce rather officials here in los angeles and statewide hope that the power of persuasion will keep people indoors and out of harm's way mari much thank you from los angeles rob ronald's well here in the u.k. a country that's in 12 hours away from beginning a mass coronavirus vaccination program festo says of the vaccine made by pfizer and biotech will be given out on tuesday those over the age of 80 and cash is going to be 1st 2 in line for this health chiefs are also warning that the road out going to be a marathon not a sprint with the majority of vulnerable people likely to receive it next year eve barker reports now from london. will be among those at the front. of the cue to be vaccinated against covert 19 the racial equality campaigner from newcastle upon tyne in northeast england says it's a relief and i have received
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a telephone call i was really excited i feel. it's good you know. the opportunity of doing get and so i'm not no. i looking forward to final preparations are under way ahead of the largest vaccination program in british history of the pfizer bio and tech drug approved for use in the u.k. last week have been arriving from pfizer's factory in belgium the logistical challenge is immense the vaccine needs to be kept to the around minus 70 degree celcius everything we need in england 50 hospitals would facilities to store the super chill drug will be the 1st to administer it scotland wales and northern ireland will also begin similar programs and hospitals on choose day it's the beginning of the end of this pandemic we're not there yet it's so important that people keep doing the things we know we need to do following the rules and the basics to make sure we keep this under control but we can now see the light at the
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end of the tunnel the government's ordered 40000000 doses so far and initial 800000 will be available in the 1st round of treatment this week capable of inoculating 400000 people with 2 injections 21 days apart this is one of several london hospitals that will begin backs in ating this week because initial supply is a limited those at the front of the line will be elderly people currently receiving treatment in hospital many others over the age of 80 have also been contacted to come forward and get their jobs and care workers who look after the elderly have also been prioritise if there are any doses left to health care workers at serious risk of contracting the virus. immunity starts to build off to the 1st dose but becomes fully effective a week after the 2nd in later phases of the rollout boxes of the vaccine that come
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in packs of almost a 1000 doses will be split up shared around the country and defrosted the vaccine could be stored at normal fridge temperature but only for a few days as well as the logistical challenges the government also hoping to build public trust to the vaccine developed and approved record speed. in the wake of the pandemic conspiracy beliefs of going ground a sizable minority of anti vaccination demonstrators believe the pandemic was fabricated by government and the vaccines designed to insert people with microchips i don't. 7 according to researchers at oxford university up to a quarter of the population could be entertaining such ideas. british scientists say stringent checks have been carried out to ensure the vaccine safety and effectiveness the u.k. is setting the pace for many other countries what happens here could be a game changer in the global campaign against coronavirus. london
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we were us president elect joe biden is building his team to fight the crown a virus pandemic named california's attorney general as his incoming health secretary if confirmed by the senate will be the 1st latino to head the department is known for leading a series of lawsuits defending obamacare will take on the top health officials prepare for the mammoth task of vaccinating millions of americans our white house correspondent kelly how care has more on the reaction to buy pick. it's been a combination of surprise and controversy let's start with the surprise given the fact that he's california's attorney general. many people thought this was an unusual pig given the fact that really this is the health and human services secretary oversees a very large and sprawling health department but what he would say and what many of his defenders would say is that he was an ardent defender of
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a key piece of law in the united states that has been under attack for years and that is the affordable care act that gives millions access to health care so in that respect he is not a surprise but still there is some concern about his background being legal versus medical in fact number of prominent medical groups including the american college of physicians the american college of pediatrics have sent a letter to joe biden the president elect saying that they were not happy or they were concerned that he was even being put forward as a contender given the fact that they feel there should be a public health background in that role but still having a bizarre has the blessing of a top official currently fighting pope at 19 and that is dr anthony found the top infectious disease specialist and that certainly speaks volumes as the united states is facing the daunting challenge and the high number of deaths in this
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country as a result. so i have for you on this news hour from london nicolas maduro as coalition sweeps the country's parliamentary elections but the u.s. and e.u. refused to recognize the results. marathon of fans campaign for commemorative banknotes a move some economists hope could boost the embattled peso and then later inspire will tell you about the israeli football club now call out by the abu dhabi royal family. now french president has been accused of failing to challenge egypt's president over human rights abuses present. in france for 2 days on an official visit mark owen has confirmed he will allow the sale of weapons to egypt because they have a shared mission in fighting terrorism in the region and reports now from paris.
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the grandest ceremony at the start of a contentious visit egyptian president abdel fattah el-sisi was a school to the lease a palace where he was greeted by the french president emanuel michel the leaders discussed regional issues counterterrorism and their shared opposition to turkey's actions in libya and the eastern mediterranean mackerel said he also raised concerns about human rights in egypt with sisi but refused to jeopardize paris's strategic partnership with cairo. conditionally. i will not make our cooperation in defense or economic matters conditional on these disagreements 1st because i believe in the sovereignty of people and respect for our legitimate and reciprocal interests 2nd because i believe that it is more effective to have a policy of demanding dialogue than a policy of boycott that would reduce the effectiveness of one of our partners in the fight against terrorism and for regional stability president sisi dismissed
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accusations of rights abuses. it is not appropriate for you to present the egyptian state and everything it does for its people and for the stability of the region as no press of regime. the french president says that egypt is a strategic partner in the region but activists say unless cairo respects human rights such a partnership is a betrayal of french values. france is one of egypt's main suppliers of weapons campaigners say the sale of arms to cairo should be suspended the accused sissy's government of using what he calls counterterrorism operations to crush civil society and arrest thousands of rights defenders journalists and perceived opponents as wrong as the egyptian president uses the fight against terrorism to suppress civil society voice. there is no shortage of partnership that can be done with the government. in 2019 michael visited cairo and spoke about human rights in
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egypt since then relations between france and egypt have been strained macro hopes to repair them but campaigners questioned the cost to france's reputation and its actual butler i'll just era powers. u.k. prime minister boris johnson is due to travel to brussels this week in a bid to thrash out a last minute post breaks it deal both the u.k. and the e.u. of called on their chief negotiators will also attend a meeting to prepare an overview of their remaining differences boris johnson as you have on the line spoke by telephone for 90 minutes before releasing a statement confirming that significant differences remained on 3 critical issues is the 2nd phone call now and forth hours as they try to reach a breakthrough before you case transition period comes to an end. if one is let's be to really challenge joins me in the studio now not long to go now henri that is a feeling that will be a deal well i mean it's high in the balance as i mean how often have we said with these negotiations over the whole brics it saga this was crunch talks or last gasp
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chance to pull something out of the ashes and it seems to happen time and time again and with this as we are heading towards really the you know the deadline of deadlines on the 31st of december of this year if there is no deal reached between the u.k. in the you then the transition period and on the other side of that the 1st generally 2021 the u.k. and the e.u. will be trading with each other on what's called w t o terms world trade organization terms essential that means that all of these trade barriers spring up tariffs and regulate rechecks accept or it would really throw a spanner in the works of what has been for decades very seamless. between the 2 sides will there be a deal what i think if you're looking at the statement this is being released by
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sort of underlying and from a surprise johnson you'd say that perhaps the you know the chances are on the up would boris johnson really decide that he was going to go to brussels later on this week if he didn't think that there was a deal that was possible i would argue that he probably thinks there is and that he wants to be front and center when the deal is actually start of course group of the other way but that's my go crunch thanks very much rory well now unicef is asking for 2 and a half $1000000000.00 in new funds to help children in the middle east and north africa aid agency says $39000000.00 children have been impacted by war poverty and the coronavirus now yemen syria lebanon and sudan have the highest number of children in need most of the funds requested will go towards education nutrition and health care earlier this month unicef issued its largest ever emergency funding appeal for $6400000000.00 to reach 300000000 people or nicola bennett is unicef's
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regional advisor for emergencies for west africa for west and central africa and she's saying the pandemic has deepened the crisis in child health and education. we see malnutrition increasing as families have less access to to livelihoods and to income remittances from from wealthier countries are decreasing and so nearly 20 percent increase in malnutrition and then of course the education impact which is just been staggering as a result of co-pays before cough it we had in this region 44000000 children out of school and we went up 128 additional 1000000 children out of school as a result of colditz we're being deprived of learning for months already at a time to the extent possible we're trying to reach them through distance learning through internet radio television but but it has its limits especially in the poorest areas in crisis areas like displaced persons camps about 48 percent of
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children in this region don't have access to distance learning so we're working to get kids back into school now to venezuela the coalition led by president nicolas maduro has won the country's parliamentary elections as expected after the opposition boycotted the vote the u.s. and e.u. say the vote was not free or fair and they don't regard the outcome as legitimate on sunday the organization of american states said it wouldn't accept the outcome either the poll elected a new congress which was previously the only government project currently controlled by opposition parties 1.0 the opposition leader is trying to hold his own referendum he says we want to use his approach to duty to stress they're going to share our needs a political solution to end the caribbean for us. to allow for the delivery of those did purges require humanitarian assistance to its people. that have been you know girls under it is rare enough but it is the leaders to parade it guys seem to disability people and to originally come together to start the miniature electorate
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says to process. let's cross america additively senior news of course following developments in venezuela from the chilean capital santiago and of course it was just there was such a a mental behind 11 time to say does he still have the international backing he needs. that is really the 100000000 dollar question mariyam you know his his support has been waning little by little you had almost 70 percent support almost 2 years ago it's now fluctuating and it's 83025 percent but by and large venezuelan steel and the polls seem to show this that he's not going to be able to bring about the change that that his will and had once hoped for and also the international community so the question is how much longer will not only venezuelans but also. from the united states all the way
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to brussels or ordinary you'll continue to think that he is really the solution that or will do they believe that it's time to change of strategy and leadership and in fact i posed that question to him today remotely albeit he had his that response was that no we said we can't say that having an interim government led by him him because he was the elected president of the national assembly in fact to continues to say that he is still the president of the assembly and that that is still the only valid assembly even though they've just been new elections to replace it but he has he also to sort of turn the tables saying that the international community would be recognizing that model was right that using murder and force would be is sufficient and that the international pressure that's been put to bear all this time isn't enough to change or to oust bullies well that sounds very good but as we've just heard now from joseph borrowed from the e.u.
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he's not suggesting that there be 2 governments he's suggesting that both sides in venezuela come together and finally agree themselves on the way for a transition it may not happen but that is what he's saying thank you very much our latin america and his her lucien human. now the united nations says has been a rise in targeted killings by an identified attack as in afghanistan in the capital kabul once described as the country's most secure city grieving family members a calling for aunt says and justice for contra ferry is that with this. it's been more than 3 months since a monster father the peace advocate and minister of education employee was killed on his way to work an explosive device was placed in his car. i'm on wants answers the door. to the killers if
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they find the killer or killers. the u.n. says targeted assassinations by unknown assailants an activist government employees journalists and others have increased by 50 percent this year compared to 2019 these attacks spread fear and insecurity often they are carried out by unknown gunmen but another method is more lethal. magnetic bombs placed on cars have become the signature weapon for on planes targeted assassinations that inexpensive is it is used and 10 almost certainly kill and injure not only those targeted inside the car but anyone more happens to be around when the bomb explodes. the head of of ghana stands independent human rights commission so how does that akbar sees these attacks as an attempt to weaken and silence again
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a stand civic society we're also pushing for for civilian protection and more generally for seaside to kid an enabling environment for a peace process where there is just public participation because if this goes on i'm just right i'm just really worried about the fact that people will be very hesitant to take an active role in that process pressure has been mounting on the government to provide more security and to fully investigate these murders the government says several people have been arrested in ministry of interior says its investigations show the taliban the haqqani network and i so are behind the killings or intelligent and they are trying to know if a small section. that they are can make it in the big groups of the terrorist that they. made the plot and the flavor of the plot an actual plan to do small groups
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and the act they do the. arctic bombs in kabul city. after his father was killed i'm on feared for his family's lives and sent them out of the country he stayed to seek justice. for those so he didn't he got threats he didn't and i am who going on his. so i'm not asking for something so that i should fear of it i'm just asking for justice if asking for justice should take my life it's ok asking for justice and peace valeo contra for al-jazeera kabul. still ahead for you on the news hour 7 weeks of bushfires destroyed hoffa of australia's fraser island fueling criticism of the country's climate policies. we need to stand together and bring about the
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change one thing that's how we can be. social distancing and remove. our india's 1st female superhero is taking on the fight against corona virus and this information. and then in sport south africa's one day international cricket series with england has been called off. hello if you watch the satellite picture it gives away the pattern of the weather it comes in here and it turns around goes up through central europe now it is edging slowly eastward so the 1st of those storms is this one here over rumania and that's a frontal system during tuesday giving snow as fun as the sweden the next one coming in is almost a repeat performance significant very richly including in the noles has been
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flooding significantly more snow in the dollar amounts italian alps the austrian tirol as well and the cold then creeps up through the heart of europe because the higher temperatures for that subject 5 is a high temperature one in zurich for example and the same is true on wednesdays this tries to progress into the balkans once more the cold creeps northwards we go up to 7 in london but innsbrook reflects what's happening up in the mountains last year a real cold not minus 11 the obvious manas 3 at this time the years of the cold have definitely iraq and now given what's happening the west and that is hardly a surprise to see that the on shore weather from morocco to tunisia is windy cloudy and often with not particularly cold breeze only about 30 degrees no g.'s so won't feel that good.
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covert 19 is grounded global travel for countries dependent on tourism like kenya the effects are devastating. you have not been called when. somebody dies livelihoods vanish people in power reveals the hardships facing affected communities and the efforts being made to protect wildlife from the threats of increased production in the wake of the pandemic kenya the unfathomable virus on al-jazeera from the al-jazeera london to a car sent our 2 special guests in conversation i don't feel because of colonialism unprompted uninterrupted there's a sense of what i must burden still having some legitimacy in terms of spreading the knowledge and technology pretty ago powell meets george the. regulations for something more new mentally horrific past slavery studio to be unscripted on al-jazeera.
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just want to run through the main stories we're covering this hour in a record number of people have been hospitalized with the corona virus in the united states new lock down always have also come into effect in parts of california this is affecting more than 33000000 people meanwhile an 87 year old man from the northeastern english city of newcastle upon tyne will make history on tuesday when he becomes one of the 1st people inoculated against the corona virus using a pfizer biotech vaccine it's going to be the largest vaccination program. have undertaken in the u.k. . and the french president has been accused of failing to challenge egypt's president over human rights abuses president abdel fatah sisi is in france for 2
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days on an official visit on his confirmed he'll allow the sale of weapons to egypt . now 6 coronavirus patients have died in a hospital in the pakistani city of bashara off the oxygen supplies ran to load at least 200 patients were left hours on reduced oxygen because of a delay in deliveries or reports. i didn't they in the delivery of oxygen to a hospital in the city of push is being blamed for the deaths of several coronavirus patients they drill i don't oxygen to stay alive at the khyber teaching hospital but with no backup supply they died shortly after it was caught the minister of health of the past in province tweeted a preliminary report from the hospital that showed failures in many areas it cites a lack of oxygen for several months and cylinders not being completely filled it
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says this went unnoticed unsupervised an unchecked cell phone also absent at the hospital's oxygen plant brown spirits the big compromise do you want to tell you there will be no compromise on transparency action should be tough and fair and bring back the credibility of the hospital to our masses we tried our best in making the report public in as little time as possible this sad incident will help put us in the right direction for the future strategy of health care although staff members have been suspended some analysts say this reflects a government failure to prepare for the pandemic this incident. reflects care less that ask alison klayman i'm like the jazz. disaster knowledge where a lot of the essential is spent here and there and then meet a geisha and that is. the government of capital in particular and the government of pakistan and this is giving as far as is
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concerned the world health organization know them the praise pakistan for its fight against the pandemic saying it had taken appropriate measures to control infections the mangy it worked with the country to set up labs and to be able to test $50000.00 people a day but so far only around 2 percent of pakistan's population of around 220000000 people has been tested for the virus back in the shower as an investigation is underway many want to know why there was so many failures and how they all seem to go unnoticed nor about the money out is there a. now india's 1st female superhero has been enlisted to help fight this information around the coronavirus and demi. we need to get real about the one thing that can be. social distancing and really.
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priya was created in 2014 to highlight the problem of gender and sexual violence across india but now she's turned her attention to the coronavirus as india battles the 2nd highest caseload globally almost 10000000 infections have been confirmed and more than 140000 people have died rampant conspiracy theories have seen people flout restrictions in some areas health workers have been attacked tanvi gandhi is one of the producers of prius moss joins us by skype from mumbai so this is india's 1st female superhero tell me about tell us about shakti and how the concepts came about. you know i think rama the creator was in new delhi in 2012 when the nearby archaean broke out in delhi which was this brutal repeat on a moving bus and i think that triggered this. absolute.
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you know he felt that it was important to talk about this and in 2014 he came up with the 1st comic shakti where korea is actually a survivor of sexual abuse and brutal rape and that started the journey of korea and the subsequent comics that came out which spoke about acid attack and then human trafficking so yes that the journey actually began in 2014 and when you speak about rape an acid attacks and sex trafficking i mean it's. has quite the impact to be disturbed actually openly including these themes in a cartoon because these are not issues that are are openly discussed in the country or within families. absolutely and i think that was sort of brave and incredible and courageous on rahm's part to really to speak about
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something distraught through comics getting younger minds young teenagers so that at least there is some sort of awareness people talk about it people read about it and i think it was phenomenal and which is why there was it was recognized it was appreciated it was considered as a gender equality championed by u.n. because nobody speaks about these things across a dining table or with children or schools as such so i think it was so fabulous to be able to come out with something this chong's for brown. you know a super hero or a female that talks about courage that talks about voice that talks about chant and that is how our super power welcome back sion and kindness and so i think it was absolutely so smart and intelligent to be able to target the young mind with that
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yes taboo breaking story telling tell us how priya is fighting coven $1000.00. the best spot is the pre-i has come at the right diamond with the 2nd toward the waves hitting globally when we talked about the fact that we shouldn't be speaking about. you know this you know we've we've talked to dissemble might be you know we might be getting the vaccine or it might be too late maybe things would get better but we've just arrived at the right time again speaking about the very basics which is where i'm lost for your safety in mind it's speaking to young children because the most affected you know we have been children who suddenly are seeing a world in which is virtually no snow no school no interaction normal family apart from berenson him egypt who friends and living in a mosque through and through so i think the wind leaves dogget did cool with
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beautiful animation and comic is speaking to the young kids speaking about compassion speaking about overcoming fear and really appreciating the frontline health care what those who can be as simple as your parents were super heroes because they're stepping out to look after somebody else. and there's a very sweet message of a strong message that korea actually gives a little girl mean other because it's through the eyes of a young girl that sometimes we have to be strong so that those who love us can also be strong so it's a great way to you know spread the of venice to a younger mind telling them about compassion and wearing the mosque as simple as that. and how and what effect does this have on people obviously you have this
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cartoon and people definitely raises awareness it's fighting this information but of course in a country like india i mean you know with lockdowns and with loss crying it's so important to take those precautions because of course you have people everywhere all the time and not everyone has a home to go to. are absolutely i think. the the very basic from the beginning till now actually has been world over including india and india being you know highly densely populated is wearing the mosque and social distancing so for us it was very important also trying to give it a larger voice by getting bollywood. actors to come and support us who are very graciously gave their voice and that amplified the reach of what our message was which was as simple as being responsible and where the mosque which really is the
12:40 am
kind of communication that is going across every day encouraging people to do not drop which do not read it under the noise or on the chin but where to because that's pretty much your oxygen you know well thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us and telling us more about priya the gandhi thank you thank you so much laura and. well and now authorities in the indian state of entrepreneurship are racing to figure out what caused hundreds of people to fall ill with symptoms ranging from north to an apparent seizures to a loss of consciousness or than 200 people have been hospitalized in the town of nuru most have recovered but one person died on sunday none of the patients tested positive for corona virus and voting in time nation has also been ruled out health officials say pesticides could be behind the mystery illness although waiting on the results of blood samples. police in new delhi have stopped
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a group of athletes from returning their medals to the president it was meant to be an act of solidarity with farmers the protesting new laws in india tens of thousands of been running entry points to the capital new delhi for more than a week now pushing to overturn laws they say will damage their livelihoods as above purana has more from debbie. tens of well known athletes have a vibe here in the center of the capital new delhi after travelling for the past 2 days from the states of punjab and haryana where many farmers and protesting farmers from they have been met with the largest security presence here on their way to the presidential building to return their national awards now they did make a brief stop at the main protest site single where they received a rapturous welcome from tens of thousands of farmers who were blocking a key highway it doesn't look like they're going to receive a warm welcome by president romney who has denied their request for an audience but
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pharma say that the athletes rather including a limpet gold medalist say that they support farmers they support their demands and they want to return their medals and protest against what they say is the government's ill treatment of fondness. we want to tell the government that farmers provide the food to the nation the government's been stubborn in its attitude towards farmers and it should stop behaving with arrogance these laws have been made for farmers and if they're not happy the laws should be repealed and there is growing support for a nationwide protest has been planned for tuesday a number of the country's biggest opposition party said they're going to participate in protest in a shutdown against laws which they say will threaten india's food security and destroy farmers and the agriculture sector by mortgaging it to corporate pharma said they're going to block all of the key roads the coming into the indian capital region at the moment tens of thousands of farmers remain on 3 border crossings
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including where we're at the gaza border between india's most populous state to predation and we're also hearing that wholesale produce market from the state of raj is a planning to close and some of the country's biggest transport trade and banking unions are planning to shut down all the services on tuesday in solidarity with india as follows. iran says a satellite controlled machine gun was used to kill its top nuclear scientist last month the deputy commander of iran's revolutionary guard says an advanced camera was used to zoom in on. the iran has given contradictory details of his death which to iran blames on israel israel hasn't denied confirmed any involvement but and israeli officials did say iran's explanation for his on his death is to avoid the embarrassment of having not properly protected him. the world is just experienced its hottest november on record this is according to new data from the european
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climate agency copernicus its analysis of surface and air temperatures found last month was 0.8 degrees warmer than the 30 average from 1901 to 2010 well meteorological organization says global temperatures from january to october 1 point 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels meaning this decade will be the hottest on record while 2020 is on course to be among the 3 hottest years ever recorded and nasa says australia experiences warmest spring on record 2.03 degrees above the long term average the united states south america and southern africa also experienced higher than average temperatures this year. without hossa spring on record as helped create some really dangerous fire conditions with emergency services in the australian state of queensland ordering some people to leave their homes as a bushfire bez down upon them fi's of been raging on fraser island for 7 weeks now destroying half the world heritage listed site heat wave conditions are expected
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all week firefighters have worn the situation is very dangerous and posed a threat to all who had directly in its path. now preparing for the worst and we're going to try to hit it with everything we've got today we're pulling out all stops we're trying to stop these fall on that. ship as well as managing the other. takes place.
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the all.
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the world's largest music recording companies are quiet more than $600.00 of bob dylan songs. the us singer songwriter nobel prize for literature went to has a body of work which spans over 60 years and has sold more than 125000000 records globally universal music describe the deal is the most significant is that publishing agreement this century. a campaign is underway in argentina for the face of the late football idea them are donna to be put on one of the country's banknotes he's held in such esteem in argentina that it's hoped his image could attract investors and collectors the new genre reports now from when is iris . he was a legend on the pitch
12:48 am
a controversial but inspirational figure offit. tens of thousands mourned his death last week from a heart attack at 60 he's gone but no one is letting him be forgotten for now the even more. this came from our fanaticism from our love for diego a commemoration of that could help improve the country's economic situation this is the no designed by some of his most ardent fans who have launched a campaign on change dot org appealing to the president and the central bank to issue 810000 pesos note with about $124.00 what we are seeing if this is how people you know use reacting in a way that brings you know maradona back you know to the center of the scene. with something. up very concrete and very. symbolic such as a bank note. now with the economy weakened by debt inflation and lack of foreign
12:49 am
investment argentina needs him again. and getting that hand it could be an interesting boost to the argentine economy imagine the central bank accumulating reserves this way with interest from abroad to generate dollars the petition has so far attracted more than $20000.00 signatures and is growing rapidly it's clear that many arjun time still don't want to let diego maradona go to put his face this face on a banknote or put him on a pedestal with the country's founding fathers with a veto a figure transcending sports and inspiration beyond the football pitch. with his death argentina has been analyzing and appreciating what maraton they gave them during his life the most poignant being in 1986 world cup. however the bank will be asking whether they're a donor who made an squandered millions is an appropriate symbol of money tree good sense others will point to his drug problems and treatment of women but as for what
12:50 am
he did on the page that most want to remember him already anymore you're a great inspiration and very emotional that brings a tear to my eyes just talking about him and. his legend grows his followers now hope his image will continue to inspire them from beyond the grave their own 201 osiris time now for a spot with santa. thank you very much mary and wallace are with football on their 714 days until the world cup in qatar european called fine draw took place in virtual event in zurich the draw was made by italian world cup win a day and yet it wasin world cup finalists that for the netherlands rough elven the are there $55.00 european teams but only 13 will progress and as quickly run through the group several european champions portugal are in group a along with serbia republic of ireland looks on book and azerbaijan while 2010
12:51 am
champions spain are grouped with sweden greece it georgia and kosovo italy are the top seed in the next group alongside switzerland northern ireland bulgaria and between you and the current champions of france's they're in group d. against ukraine finland bosnia and cousin has done the world's top ranked team in belgium is belgium and they face wales czech republic belarus sinestro nya and then the group's containing 6 teams that with denmark austria scotland israel far islands and moldova ingroup g. the netherlands to face a turkey in norway montenegro latvia and gibraltar then is the runners up last time croatia against slovakia russia slovenia cyprus and malta and the final page england take on poland hungary albania and dora and san marino while germany will play romania iceland macedonia armenia and extends time. earlier we spoke to
12:52 am
a.p.'s a global sports correspondent rob paris who gave us his reaction to the jaw. well the major teams were in hot one meant they couldn't come up against each other like in the qualify for the $28.00 team or cup when we had it's italy and spain together that italy missed out on that woke up and they got a pretty tough draw this time because they got switzerland in that group and switzerland at the highest ranked of the number one seeds it's a bit complicated but it's only the top sites that do qualify also matic leave the runners up of the tank groups than have to go through the playoffs as for you know you look at spain well they've got sweet and in that group excrete in are actually something that did not need place the 2080 woke up and there's also a politically charged element to that spain group as well because you've got a in and you've got georgia and you've got greece who don't recognize the independence of kosovo. is in that group so we see how that those games go
12:53 am
down that security if you've got fans back in stadiums by the time qualifying does begin in march qualifying should be wrapped up in terms of the groups by november 1 of the big things on faith from side is this move to the winter for the world cup in 2022. control. would be held in june and july is normal out of the end of the emperor in december because of the summer heat and cats on that now it could really help feet that because it gives that breathing space in terms of finishing qualifying in time for the told event. in 2 years' time and obviously so much uncertainty at the fates the time damage but speaking to the company to ship yesterday they believe the vaccines and the progress on the vaccines will now actually enable so it meant to be a more normal one hopefully with stadiums as we count down and so 2 years just under until told when the games. one member of royal family has bought
12:54 am
a 50 percent say can an israeli football club. them. and has also committed to investing a more than $92000000.00 over the next decade as the spyder being the only top club in israel never to have signed an arab player they also have a group of fans that known as la familia which has been openly busa of toward israel's arab minority this comes amid a flurry of business deals between israel and the u.a.e. following their move to establish formal diplomatic relations in september. south africa's one day international cricket series with england has been called off if follows positive covert in 1000 cases and reported reaches of the teams by a secure environment in cape town one south africa player and 2 members of staff have been confirmed to have koren
12:55 am
a virus while on sunday england revealed they had 2 unconfirmed positive results among their touring party well earlier we spoke to daily mirror cricket correspondent dean wilson who's in south africa covering the tour he's got the impression from members of the england camp that the measures in place have been less strict than those used for international series hosted by england early in the . i think every order 'd tries to do the best that they can by the players but there are different circumstances throughout the impression that i get inside me speaking to one of the members of the being a group they have found this bubble 'd to be different slightly less stringent to the bubble that they had in the u.k. where you know they're very strict on things like social distancing and you know wearing a.p.a. loves and things like that to have meals really keeping people apart as much
12:56 am
as possible you know. kind of socializing it in communal areas too much and certainly community areas where it's at minimum so i think things in a slightly different here of course you know the weather is pretty good here. and the hotel that the english as an effort to keep staying it's got some you know pretty outstanding facilities and grounds that the players can use and there are all outdoor suite which is which is ideal to increase ventilation and reduce risk and i think it's very much a case so you know during the best that each board can based on the facilities that they have certainly there's a feeling here that this bubble is perhaps not quite as strict and as restrictive as it was in the u.k. vontae names and the l.a. lakers have started a new training camp as they prepare to begin the defense of their n.b.a.
12:57 am
title and its hopes of repeating this success to have been boosted by james and anthony davis signing a new contract for a last week the pen led the team's 1st workout session and were joined by some of the makers new signings after the shortest offseason n.b.a. history the new campaign begins on december 22nd as far as like plan would bark on is not part of who were you know one of the various players there is what is going on that we have. as true that is the foreman was on form and it's not hard just because this it's all. and that's why it's well for me and you back to mary i'm in london all right thanks very much sun are going to have another full bulletin for you at the top of the next hour in just a couple of minutes time actually going to bring you a full round up of all of the day's top stories including all the latest on these difficult tough new restrictions have been brought into force in california as a result of rising coronavirus cases that.
12:58 am
from mother to daughter an ancient craft kept alive by a bustling matriarch. from start to finish. all traditions intertwined with new designs making this family's place unique in tunisia has a rich tapestry. the threads on al-jazeera.
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play an important role ringback. among the lower costs dullards also known as untouchables sit at the very bottom of the hindu hierarchy they perform the lowliest tasks such as manually keening sewers often with no protective clothing or breathing apparatus give all sing right or is a dollar and a lawyer he's taking us to meet some members of the delegate community some of whom he represents kala benvar galas family a cleaners her husband was poisoned in a sewer 4 years ago 2 of her 3 sons now do the same work despite protections under the constitution doll it's untouchables are treated as outcasts many dullards have escaped their predicament by converting to other faiths such as islam or christianity to be g.o.p.
1:00 am
controlled state of what the british has prepared an anti conversion law under which religious conversion would require permission from a state official human rights groups say the law is aimed at keeping ballots in that place. corona virus cases overwhelm california's hospitals millions of people are ordered to stay at home. though i maryam namazie and london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program. tonight is you do to the political i was really excited to go do opportunity equal rights campaign has become one of the 1st in the world to receive a coronavirus vaccine. the french president hopes his egyptian counterpart.


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