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controls datable to predation has prepared a 90 conversion or under which religious conversion would require permission from a state official human rights groups say the law is aimed at keeping ballots in that place. coronavirus cases overwhelm california's hospitals millions of people are ordered to stay at home. though i'm maryam namazie and london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program. good night it is to do good call i was really excited to go go do appear to need to be the equal rights campaign has become one of the 1st in the world to receive a corona virus vaccine. the french president has his egyptian counterpart in paris
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but is accused of turning a blind eye to egypt's human rights record. and lives torn apart by war poverty and the pandemic and the urgent appeal for funds to help millions of children in the middle east and africa. the hope of imminent vaccination programs is doing little to reduce the devastating global impact of the coronavirus record numbers of people are now being admitted to hospital in the u.s. and tougher restrictions are coming to force around the world on monday more than 33000000 people in southern california are in the san joaquin valley were hit with stay at home or does restaurants are close to in person dining and other places like hair and nail salons museums and playgrounds have been completely shot in germany the chancellor angela merkel has hinted that harsher regulations will be required she said existing measures of partial lockdown and social distancing rules
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wouldn't be sufficient to get the country through the winter and then there's been a 3rd wave of infections in south korea that's resulted in new regulations there and there are fears that many people are becoming fatigued with these measures restrictions on traveling gatherings so far of failed to cut the growing number of infections in the country will rob reynolds is following developments for us angeles where of course those tough new restrictions have now come into effect rob tell us more about why the lockdown has happened. well this lockdown was triggered when the intensive care unit capacity of hospitals in southern california and the san joaquin valley of california fell below 15 percent that was the limit set by the state in its policy on new restrictions so the capacity of the ice use around los angeles has been falling rapidly it is now at just above 10 percent was 12 percent on saturday
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but there are increasing fears that the whole hospital system is going to be overwhelmed and california is but one place in the united states facing similar types of crises of potential collapse of the hospital system. to t. . weary populations. fatigued with with pandemic restrictions millions of business owners facing financial ruin and it's not going to end anytime soon here's the country's top infectious disease expert dr anthony. we have likely a surgeon rated to the travel and the socialising the family gatherings the dinners that occurred over thanksgiving the brunt of which we'll see in a probably about another week in a week and a hand which will bring us right at the cusp of the christmas and hanukkah season
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with will be yet again more travel and more people gathering together in social events indoors usually those are the kind of things that are very precarious for and censuring inducing another search so we have tough times ahead of us. overall been all the developments pfizer and madonna have declined invitations to the white house what do we know about this vaccine summit. that's right there was there's the event scheduled at the white house with president donald trump vice president mike pence and private sector executives it's called a vaccine summit that's what they're billing it as but the company's fires are. and but derna incorporated the 2 companies with vaccine proposals proposed vaccines now facing review by the u.s. food and drug administration have declined to attend this summit it's not clear why neither company has commented on their decisions on this meanwhile
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a new report in the new york times says that pfizer offered the trump administration millions of additional doses of its vaccine candidate in the summer months several months ago that is but that the the trumpet mistake should be ministration declined it's not clear exactly why that took place either but it does mean that now the u.s. government is going to pay for $100000000.00 doses of the pfizer vaccine provided it is approved by the f.d.a. but it requires 2 doses per person for the immunization so that means that it's only $50000000.00 people who would be affected and be. able to receive the dosages from pfizer immediately. thank you very much for this rob reynolds all u.k. is less than 12 hours away from beginning a mass crowd
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a virus vaccination program the fust doses of the vaccine made by pfizer biotech is going to be given out on choose day those over the age of 80 and cat home will be the 1st in line and health officials warn the rollout will be a marathon not a sprint with the majority of vulnerable people on me like her see that next year we've bought carports now from london. hari show will be among those at the front of the queue to be vaccinated against covert 19 the racial equality campaigner from newcastle upon tyne in north east england says it's a relief and i have received a telephone call i was really excited i feel you know it's good you know i want the opportunity of doing get and so on not know. i looking forward to final preparations are under way ahead of the largest vaccination program in british history of the pfizer bio and tech drug approved for use in the u.k. last week have been arriving for pfizer's factory in belgium the logistical
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challenge is immense the vaccine needs to be kept to the around minus 70 degree celsius everything we need in england 50 hospitals would facilities to store the super chill drug will be the 1st to administer it scotland wales and northern ireland will also begin similar programs and hospitals on choose day it's the beginning of the end of this pandemic we're not there yet it's so important that people keep doing the things we know we need to do following the rules and the basics to make sure we keep this under control but we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel the government's ordered 40000000 doses so far and initial 800000 will be available in the 1st round of treatment this week capable of inoculating 400000 people with 2 injections 21 days apart this is one of several london hospitals that will begin back soon ating this week because initial supply is
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a limited those at the front of the line will be elderly people currently receiving treatment in hospital many others over the age of 80 have also been contacted to come forward and get their jobs and care workers who look after the elderly have also been prioritise if there are any doses left to health care workers at serious risk of contracting the virus. immunity starts to build off to the 1st dose but becomes fully effective a week after the 2nd in later phases of the rollout boxes of the vaccine that come in packs of almost a 1000 doses will be split up shared around the country and defrosted the vaccine could be stored at normal fridge temperature but only for a few days as well as the logistical challenges of the government's also hoping to build public trust to the vaccine developed and approved a record speed. in the wake of the pandemic conspiracy beliefs of ground a sizable minority of anti vaccination demonstrators believe the pandemic was
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fabricated by government of the vaccines designed to insert people with microchips i don't. have. 7 according to researchers at oxford university up to a quarter of the population could be entertaining such ideas. british scientists say stringent checks of being carried out to ensure the vaccine safety and effectiveness the u.k.'s setting the pace for many other countries what happens here could be a game changer in the global campaign against corona virus. london more than a 1000000 doses of a chinese corona virus vaccine have arrived in indonesia sign a vaccine or be held in storage until regulators seen them safety use indonesian authorities are already planning how to distribute the doses among thousands of islands but as jessica jessica washington reports from jakarta the logistics could
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prove challenging at indonesia's main airport a highly anticipated delivery has arrived inside this container a 1200000 doses of recovered 19 vaccine from china more will come next month and later the rule materials to allow indonesia to manufacture millions of doses itself . scientific considerations and the final results of the clinical trials will determine when the covert vaccinations can be carried out the vaccines won't be used until they're given clearance by the intonation food and drug authority and. we're still waiting for the data relating to safety and efficiency we need 3 months of data to check the blood test in town not far from the capital hospital workers are preparing pharmaceutical refrigerators for the son of a vaccine needs to be stored between 2 to 8 degrees which is a common temperature requirement for many vaccines indonesia's government has also
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preordered 100000000 doses of the vaccine developed by oxford astra zeneca which has the same temperature requirements. we are ready to receive to store and to distribute in accordance to the standards set by the national agency of drug and food control but not everyone shares this confidence far from the capitol on the island of floors health officials in sicca are concerned about their lack of resources. coffee the problem we face now even for regular vaccines is that electricity cuts out often people thousands of remote communities around the country don't have reliable power health workers also say they don't have enough cold storage units. and they to look at them but they're an option number if the coronavirus vaccine comes here we can't store it yet or hope we can have a bigger cool room so we can store vaccines for the whole area when needed indonesia with its tropical climate and thousands of remote communities is not
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alone in facing issues with cold chain logistics. the vaccines developed by american pharmaceuticals corporations pfizer and maternal require ultra cold storage at subzero temperatures because of that requirement it may not be a feasible option for some countries. it will be 40 hoped for if the term predator is not too low for the requirements so far above mine mass storage and. we will have a big challenge for out of the country and part of the profits manufacturing and procuring the vaccine is only part of the problem in the fight against covert 19 in many countries the biggest challenge is managing the logistics jessica washington al-jazeera jakarta.
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now the french president manual at kron has been accused of failing to challenge egypt's president of human rights abuses president abdel fatah sisi is in france for 2 days on an official trip mark on his confirm that he will allow the sale of weapons to egypt as they have a shared mission in fighting terrorism in the region it's all about reports now from paris. the grandest ceremony at the start of a contentious visit egyptian president abdel fattah el-sisi was a school to the lease a palace where he was greeted by the french president emanuel macro the leaders discussed regional issues counterterrorism and the shared opas ition to turkey's actions in libya and the east in may. to terrain ian mccall said he also raised concerns about human rights in egypt with sisi but refused to jeopardize paris's strategic partnership with cairo. conditionally. i will not make our cooperation in defense or economic matters conditional on these disagreements
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1st because i believe in the sovereignty of people and respect for our legitimate and reciprocal interests 2nd because i believe that it is more effective to have a policy of demanding dialogue than a policy of boycott that would reduce the effectiveness of one of our partners in the fight against terrorism and for regional stability president sisi dismissed accusations of rights abuses. it is not appropriate for you to present the egyptian state and everything it does for its people and for the stability of the region as no press of regime the current president says that egypt is a strategic partner in the region but activists say unless cairo respects human rights such a partnership is a betrayal of french values. france is one of egypt's main suppliers of weapons campaigners say the sale of arms to cairo should be suspended the accused sissy's government of using what he calls counterterrorism operations to crush civil society and arrest thousands of rights defenders journalists and perceived
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opponents as wrong as the egyptian president uses the fight against terrorism to suppress civil society voice there is no shortage of partnership that can be done with the government. in 2019 michael visited cairo and spoke about human rights in egypt since then relations between france and egypt have been strained my call hopes to repair them but campaigners questioned the cost to france's reputation. i'll just 0 paris now u.k. prime minister boris johnson is due to travel to brussels this week in a bid to thrash out a last minute post breaks it deal both the u.k. and the e.u. of called on their chief negotiators who also attend the meeting to prepare an overview of the remaining differences between them or us johnson as you have on the line spoke by telephone for 90 minutes before releasing a statement confirming that those divisions remain on 3 critical issues this is their 2nd phone call now 48 hours as they try to reach
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a breakthrough before the u.k.'s transition period comes to an end. watching out there at live from london much more still ahead on the program ls my dear as coalitions weeps the country's parliamentary elections but u.s. and e.u. refuse to recognize the result and it's 7 weeks of destroy half of australia's fraser island feeling criticism of the country's climate policies. this is becoming an interesting start to summer the latest cold front this one here will drop the temperatures as it goes through breeze been it will take some rain with it is on its way through at the moment so the temps will start off harbors and they will drop in some rain for phrase around the wind changes well the tail end of
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it disappears into what's a developing area of low pressure tropical weather significant rain coming into broome and generally speaking the northwest of australia the rain has gone off the east coast temporizing victoria and south australia which is a nice change in the last few days and melbourne's reflected that drop down to 27 whereas perth is warming up to about 30 three's or shows the use well quite possibly broome there reflects the wettest part of australia and quite interestingly flooding seems likely wednesday thursday or friday 3 days a significant thunderstorms. when it is shown its hand spotting was stole way down through china as far south we're just south of the harm the high ground is not much more to come there is there a drop in temperatures is co-director comes out across the sea once more so tokyo's temperature goes down down to about 12 degrees.
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it captures memory and present reality and. the camera as a tool for an author. didn't want to when i saw his most deprived areas children who have nothing. now have a voice. close up part of the viewfinder latin america series on al-jazeera. a comeback on main stories now
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a record number of people have been hospitalized with the corona virus in the united states you knocked down orders have come into effect in parts of california affecting more than 33000000 people. and 87 year old man from the northeast and mississippi of newcastle upon tyne will make history on tuesday when he becomes one of the 1st people inoculated against the corona virus using the pfizer biotech vaccine going to be the largest vaccination program ever undertaken in the u.k. . and french president has been accused of failing to challenge egypt's president over human rights abuses at present abdel fatah sisi is in france for 2 days on an official trip back on is confirmed he'll allow the sale of weapons to egypt. when all the stories we're following unicef is asking for 2 and a half 1000000000 dollars in new funds to help children in the middle east and north africa the aid agency says 39000000 children have been impacted by war poverty and the coronavirus yemen syria lebanon and sudan have the highest number
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of children in need most of the funds requested will go towards education you trisha and health care earlier this month unicef issued its largest ever emergency funding appeal for 6400000000 dollars to reach 300000000 people well earlier we spoke to nicola bennett who's unicef's chief regional advisor for emergencies in the region of west and west in central africa she says the pandemic has deepened the crisis in child health and education. we see malnutrition increasing as families have less access to it to livelihoods and to income remittances from from wealthier countries are decreasing and so nearly 20 percent increase in malnutrition and then of course the education impact which is just been staggering as a result of co-pays before cough it we had in this region 44000000 children out of school and we went up 128 additional 1000000 children out of school as
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a result of colditz we're being deprived of learning for months already at a time to the extent possible we're trying to reach them through distance learning through internet radio television but but it has its limits especially in the poorest areas in crisis areas like displaced persons camps about 48 percent of children in this region don't have access to distance learning so we're working to get kids back into school without a political developments in venezuela the coalition led by the president nicolas maduro has won the country's parliamentary elections that was expected to happen after the opposition boycotted the vote the u.s. and e.u. says the vote wasn't free or fair and they don't regard the outcome as being legitimate on sunday the organization of american states said it wouldn't accept the outcome either the poll elected a new congress which was previously the only government branch controlled by opposition parties opposition either one is planning to hold his own referendum we want to use is a pretty to stressed evidence that our needs
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a political solution to end the caribbean for us. to allow for the delivery of those did courage would require humanitarian assistance to his people. could have been yield goes under it is going to fight it is the leaders to parade it guys seem to disability people and to originally come together to start the manager led to the decision process. iran says a satellite controlled machine gun was used to kill its top nuclear scientists last month the deputy commander of iran's revolutionary guard says an advanced camera was used to zoom in on moss and the iran has given contradictory details of his death which to iran blames on israel israel has not confirmed or denied any involvement but an israeli official did say iran's explanation of his death is to avoid the embarrassment of having not properly protected him in gone to the polls
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have closed in presidential and parliamentary elections with the results now expected in the next 24 hours president a coup for oddo is seeking a 2nd for yet while his main challenger john muhammad is aiming to unseat him candidates offering competing visions on how to help the economy rebound i'm interested reports from. president. arrives to vote at a polling station in his assistant home k.b. hoping to to see to guess his protests as a defeated 16. the president is confident his performance of the past 4 years will earn him another tim in office. we have a very mature and civilized people that get their people because we have proved in the past we have deep attachment democratic values don't count so i do have a little cold surprise that this is going on there is live this across the country
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. in the northern town of folly his main challenger former president john muhammad voted but raised concerns about shoddy preparations especially with the late stops and problems with verification machines on voting day. if you're serious like you were i mean was a very serious illness and maybe the moment has not had contact with this woman is there something else might have been a lot of it although it was one of a regular that was already said here with me about her time during the exhibition we checked as the name of the day that we got it from his name is something the while the 2 leading candidates differ constance of marie is participating in an election for the 1st time of the late for so so ho it's so simple. i thought it's very little value. what i want to buy nolo dirty has been voting since when gunness founding president kwame cooma was in power. i continue to borrow he said to our democracy keep growing not also
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expect whoever is charities in work to develop the country one. of 7 say this election is a referendum on both candidates a president for 4 years well i think the the the recordings the next one is that the candidates one point i've been presidents. and that gives the we need for the electorates to access them on the basis of the 4 months dunning's also voted to choose $275.00 parliamentarians. a few incidents including gunshots or reported on election day but election officials say these words difficult enough to affect the outcome of the vote with voting officially over petition shifts from polling stations like this to regional and national counting centers the national electoral commission has promised to announce the results within 24 hours a candidate was called more than 50 percent of the vote to win outright otherwise
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the names will be asked again to turn out to decide the winner in 3 weeks. with degrees al-jazeera across gonna now well there's just experienced its hottest november on record this is according to new data from the european agency the climate agency copernicus its analysis of surface and at temperatures found last month was 0.8 degrees warmer than the 30 average from 1901 to 2010 the world meteorological organization says global temperatures from january to october 1 point 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels meaning this decade will be the hottest on record while 2020 is on course to be among the 3 hottest years ever recorded a master says australia experiences warmest spring on record 2.03 degrees above the long term average the united states south america and southern africa also experienced higher than average temperatures this year or that horses spring it was speaking about has helped generate very dangerous fire conditions with australian
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emergency services evacuating homes in the path of a bushfire in queensland people on fraser island of been told to leave after the fire burned large parts of the northeastern coast the reports. the view from a helicopter over straightly is inferno bushfires on fraser island have been burning for 7 weeks they've destroyed half of the us go listed world heritage site now people living in the town of happy valley have been told to leave as the fire's closed in a look where where they are preparing for the worst you know it's over the ng and we're going to try to hit it with everything we've got today we're pulling out all stops we're trying to stop these 4 impacting on that happy valley township as well as managing the other numerous fars accounting course for his role in the blaze was sparked by an illegal campfire but it's been fueled by high winds record low rainfall and record high temperatures it's been a warm day been a tough tough day when it comes to far farting and we have been dividing
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significant resources to far in the far on fries or on. the spot fires go down a public inquiry into australia's devastating bushfires last year said the conditions that created the president it and wounds they may become more common it was the country's hottest and driest year on record and the fire has burned about 350 square kilometers inland. many blame climate change but a strain as prime minister has rejected calls to cut dependence on coal and take more action on global warming. what we're saying is very much according to the playbook of climate change we've been expecting these sorts of changes for decades now they're increasingly coming to fruition and increasingly what we're seeing is climate change is embedded in each of these events so it's not a question of whether this would occur with or without climate changes just that climate change is ramping up these events when they happen. the authorities in
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praise island say mobile phone coverage power and will to services might soon be consul despite the dangers some people are staying behind to defend the. victoria gate to be al-jazeera. pope francis will become the 1st pope to visit iraq when he arrives there for a 4 day trip in march the vatican says the historic toll stops in 5 places including baghdad erbil and mosul pope francis a plan to visit iraq this year but the covert 1000 pandemic put a stop to his overseas travel spokesperson says the exact schedule depend on the ongoing global health emergency the international olympic committee has agreed to include breakdancing in the 2024 paris olympic games things skateboarding and sports climbing will also be added to the list of events new i.o.c. rules allow host cities to hand-pick sports to include in the games based on local
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popularity and public appeal paris organizers say they want to offer sports like break dancing to attract a new and younger audience one. al-jazeera dot com for more on all of our top stories breaking news and of course analysis that takes you behind the headlines. want to mind you have our headlines stories now just before we go on record number of people have been hospitalized with the corona virus across the united states and parts of california new lockdown orders have come into effect having an impact on more than 33000000 people restaurants are closed in person dining and many other places like hair and nail salons museums and playgrounds have all been completely shot. an 87 year old man from the northeastern inner city of new castle up.


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