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with. indonesia goes ahead with regional elections despite warnings that could worsen the nation's coronavirus crisis. and can be dealt with his answers are in line for dog also coming up a 100000000 shots in the 1st 100 days u.s. president elect joe biden avants his plan to bring the coronavirus pandemic under control. work as well underway in britain vaccination drive for the most at risk citizens begins in the fight against poverty. and under fire ethiopia says
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a u.n. team visiting the tiebreak region is shot at stopping 2 checkpoints. and officials say they're imposing strict health measures at polling stations as around 100000000 people vote in local and regional elections in tunisia is experiencing the worst covert 19 outbreak in southeast asia recording more than 580000 cases and 800000 virus related deaths some health experts awarded a large voter turnout will make matters worse the election has already been delayed once because of the growing infection right well just of washington joins us now live from south. just to just tell us what's happening there where you are. can you can imagine even in normal circumstances these elections are logistical challenge let alone in the midst of covert 19 but here we do see that there are
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some thank you protocols in place trying to seek out a state who have sanitizer and. compulsory in this area but there is no concern from doctors that a large turnout could lead to a spike in infection. there has been as we've been saying you know increase and infections in indonesia experiencing the worst covenant outbreak of the 19 outbreak in the region want to sort of precautions will generally as the country take taking . hoping for the most a lot of the restrictions that all the countries experienced in the maze it did not have a strict law sound in that sense and part of that is to do with the problem me many people out of what's been struggling and so the real focus for indonesia has been on social distancing measures on enforcing some sort of crowd restrictions in terms of scented requirements in terms of how many people can be in public spots the most
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life has continued relatively normally but the majority of the information that has been a focus on 1st hearing back screens and that's something that the government has really reinforced and they are depending on the availability of those vaccines in the next. ok thanks jessica washington there live from south tenggara. cover did 9000 cases in the u.s. have now passed 50000000 with no slowdown in sight the rollout of the 1st ties a vaccine across the atlantic in the u.k. office hope but relief in the states is still a long way off on tuesday president elect joe biden unveiled his plan to bring an end to the pandemic mike hanna has the story thank heaven tran convened what was billed as a proxy summit just days before the f.d.a. is due to decide on whether to grant an emergency use authorization for the 1st of
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2 vaccines and it appears the president is intent on claiming credit for the unprecedented rate of the facts in this development we're just days away from authorization from the f.d.a. and we're pushing on the heart that which point we will immediately begin mass distribution before operation works read the typical time frame for development that approval has you know. could be infinity and we were very very happy that we were able to get things done at a level that nobody has ever seen before representatives from pfizer and lerner that companies are waiting if the approval would not be present at the meeting submit strip or that the transport ministration declined to take up an option with pfizer for an extra $100000000.00 doses earlier this year confirmed by a former f.d.a. commissioner who's now on pfizer's board i think they're betting that more than one vaccine is going to get off the rise no be more vaccines on the market and that
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perhaps could be why they didn't take up that additional $100000000.00 option agreement which really one of required necessarily even to front money it was just an agreement that they would purchase those vaccines president trump signed an executive order aimed at preventing the export of vaccines from the u.s. before all americans have been treated an order that would appear to be an impossible given the international contracts both pfizer and mcdonough have signed . another figure absent from the white house meeting with the country's foremost infections diseases expert to be faulty opus had another greengage material school a little meeting with the president a letter to ensure he's been asked to advise. i look forward to advising you on these most urgent priorities and to work with this team of world class experts whom i have known for many years and deeply respect i have been through many public health crises before but this is the toughest one we have ever faced as
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a nation up to 5 she was on the high powered advisory team introduced by joe biden this team will help get at the latest at the last 100000000 covert 9000 vaccine at least 100000000 covert vaccine shots into the arms of the american people in the 1st 100 days 100000000 shots in the 1st 100 days all eyes now on the food and drug administration which is likely to complete its review of the application for merchants to use authorization by the end of the week mike hanna al-jazeera washington. versus health chiefs say the rollout of the vaccine will be a marathon not a sprint and just tickle challenges mean a majority of vulnerable people will have to wait until early next year if our carports from other. it is happening a turning point in the global fight against a virus that killed more than a 1000000 people around the world 90 year old grandmother margaret keenan made
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history becoming the 1st person to be vaccinated with the pfizer bio and take drug outside a trial she encourage others to follow her lead. over it because it's free and it's the best thing that's ever happened and the moment you do please go for it in a somewhat dramatic turn the 2nd vaccine went to a man called william shakespeare a poetic start perhaps to a new chapter in the fight against corona virus more than half of the people who've died of the virus in the u.k. are over 80 they're getting the injection 1st along with the elderly in care homes and their carers unused doses are going to frontline medical staff the british government's call this a v. for vaccine day but the prime minister warned it's too early to call this a v. for victory in scotland and wales in england people are having the vaccine for the 1st time and it will gradually make
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a huge huge difference but i stress gradually because you know we're not. yet we haven't defeated this virus yet bunches of the pfizer biotech drug approved for use in the u.k. last week have been arriving from pfizer's factory in belgium the logistical challenge has been immense the vaccine needs to be kept to the around minus 70 degree celcius in england dozens of hospitals with facilities to store the super chill drug are the 1st places to administer it scotland wales and northern ireland have also begun similar programs the government sorted 40000000 doses so far and initial 800000 will be available in the 1st round of treatment this week capable of inoculating 400000 people with 2 injections 21 days apart we've shuttered our economies. and struggle through months of grief and anxiety lives cut short and elderly people separated from their loved ones we've known for some time but the
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only sure fire way out of this pandemic is a vaccine and now a shred of hope that in the not too distant future things might start returning to normal it's hope so 1000000 people will be back soon 80 before the end of the year when boxes of the vaccine that come in packs of almost a 1000 doses will be split up and sent to doctors' surgeries and homes around the country the vaccine can be stored at normal fridge temperature but only for a short period it's a day of mixed emotions joy and hesitation most vulnerable people won't get the vaccine until next year but with infection rates going up here in london and elsewhere restrictions may have to get tighter before they get easier. but it is only a matter of some scientists set their minds on defeating this common enemy a process that takes many years and now against all odds
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a sense of the long march out of the pandemic that's begun to leave barca al-jazeera london. the oxford astra zeneca corona virus vaccine has been deemed safe and effective in the 1st pair of view of its phase 3 trials but the lancet medical journal says more work is needed to prove its 90 percent success rate that was achieved when some trial participants were mistakenly given a half dose of the vaccine followed by a full dose fewer than 6 percent of participants got smaller dose and under $55.00 the oxford astra zeneca vaccine is seen as particularly important for tapping coronavirus in the developing world as it's cheaper and easier to distribute. is a vice president of vaccine research and development and willow biologics and an adjunct professor at the university of michigan he says a centralized approach is needed for distribution of a vaccine. for such a national. and they make an error a bit demick it is very important to have
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a one body that the treat it and deal with it in one way. across the country and not allow it with a governor or 3 state to deal with the different ways so if you have a centralized operation that's an promos operation will be much more efficient in achieving the goals compared to each state will deal differently and also you know in each state you will have different policies and different priorities you have to have a centralized operation and this is what's happening with the team that the workers are going to his or put together a. president elect by then and giving their priority to experts in the field to public health officials and to institutions like the united states and the see this see and the f.d.a. and the department of health and human services all these together really it's
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a quote a comprehensive approach to the problem still ahead on al-jazeera with breaks at trade talks on and i fetch the u.k. prime minister tries to reach a last minute compromise but the head of the european commission. prospects and nothing to those who test his railing against corruption and progression in northern iraq refused to back down. a little. now the last storm systems go through is quite active not it's remains in afghanistan the next one will produce a few showers in lebanon maybe a bit further south increasingly northern iraq and the higher ground of turkey has to be snow so guys are bottom and the a lot has 3 fine days but a cloud that's a small chance for shabbat 21 degrees is reasonable enough whether the show is
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blowing steadily than the gulf and there's an increasing likelihood of snow on the mountains of iran to around to this 1st snow day of the season as well the active season already showing itself now in zambia and zimbabwe in particular and although it is welcome it isn't always helpful for example this is what happens when you get only 50 minutes or so gathering up in any of the rivers in zimbabwe overflowing quite often so are the victoria falls that is flooding up the windows so level in the south 50 millimeters in a raging torrent through this soft red mud even in the foundations tends to undermine them as has been happening in sudden zimbabwe on the whole though this is positive news we've had some pretty poor season rain last couple of years so this is good and there's more to come for zimbabwe and mozambique and malawi to focus a bit away or calm therms it 3 sundry days great stuff.
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frank assessments you've got colleagues on the ground in the canaries what is the situation there's only one doctor and one nurse for 2200 people informed opinions of how big this foreign policy they get in the early stages of a bi ministration he comes into office with a huge amount of foreign policy experience in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines how will a place like you live get the vaccine when there's no money and all the rest of rich countries are fighting for an inside story on al-jazeera. one moon. the. you're watching al-jazeera reminder of our top stories this hour indonesia is
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holding regional elections despite warnings from health experts the vote could worsen the nation's krohn of arms crisis but officials say they are imposing strict health measures at stations. u.s. president elect joe biden has pledged to go get a grip on the pandemic in his 1st 3 months in office in else his medical team and promise to provide 100000000 vaccine injections in the 1st 100 days of his administration. president donald trump signed an executive order to prioritize vaccines for the u.s. before sending aid to other countries signing comes amid reports that the president rejected an early offer from pfizer to double their order of medication. quest to overturn the election result suffers another defeat as the u.s. supreme court rejected an appeal to throw out votes in the u.s. state of pennsylvania republican party wanted to dismiss up to 2 and a half 1000000 ballots arguing the state's 2019 expansion of mainland voting was illegal under state law the nation's highest court didn't explain its reason for
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denying the emergency request state officials had already certified president elect joe biden the winner the future trading relationship between the united kingdom and europe is hanging in the balance with just 3 weeks before the u.k. leaves the e.u.'s single market british prime minister bras johnson is expected to travel to brussels for crucial talks with the european commission president despite months of negotiations there are still significant differences on key issues bread and reports from brussels. they spoken twice by telephone in recent days and still not been able to bridge the gaps boris johnson and van de lay and forced to admit the conditions for a deal are simply not there. when the e.u. chief negotiator michel barnier a brief d.-u. ambassadors this week he was described as being downbeat and gloomy with no tangible progress on the 3 main sticking points of fisheries a level playing field and dispute resolution so ahead of the leaders face to face
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meeting in brussels the negotiating teams have been asked to step back take stock and produce a summary report that peter. martin have of the brickie group patients even a unit refutation of the work of the negotiating teams is constrained by their own respective mandates the political leaders of course have a little bit more leeway within the bounds of their own political redlines face to face talks may unlock the empress or presented with a list of just how big their differences are the 2 leaders may end up admitting defeat. most commentators regard the dispute of a fishing rights a solvable whether to science of run into more trouble is issues of fundamental principles such as the concept of sovereignty to access the e.u. single market the u.k. except it will have to abide by e.u. standards rules. that the idea that the e.u. could impose rules and sanctions that seem overbearing you've got to be you got to
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be optimistic you've got to believe that is the power of sweet reason. to get is the over the law but i've got to tell you it's looking very very difficult at the moment there may even be a 3rd way another stretching out the already stretched deadlines it's looking very likely that. the e.u. will have to use the procedure of a provisional application which would mean that the deal will enter into force even if not. even if there. ratification will not have been completed yet which throws up the risk that if. one actor you saw it still have to ratify in february or so that the deal would be off and would be nolen void to rid writter actively which would be of course a legal nightmare. the mood was certainly improved with tuesday's news that the you can't you had reached agreement in principle on border checks in northern ireland
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with the result of the u.k. withdrew contentious proposals to override the legally binding withdrawal agreement but the main talks remain on a knife edge but a slightly better mood may not be enough to overcome the substantial differences paul brennan al-jazeera brussels they dotted arab emirates and egypt have welcomed kuwaiti and american mediation efforts to end the 3 year blockade of qatar egypt's foreign ministry spokesman said cairo hopes the talks will lead to a comprehensive solution and the u.e.s. minister of state for foreign affairs on like august tweeted saying his country supports saudi efforts on behalf of the 4 countries both countries say they appreciate mediation efforts by kuwait and the u.s. after saudi arabia announced progress had been made saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt imposed a land air and sea blockade on qatar and 2017 the u.a.e. ambassador to the us told the hudson institute that there are signs the reconciliation is taking place there is definitely progress or at least there's.
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scenes of progress there's a lot of commitments a lot of are these numbers of governments decisions to kind of things now to stand down if that holds i think it's promising and there's a chance that you can at least begin a process of the conflict whether that holds whether it doesn't hold whether everyone's on board i think it's still too early to tell but i think there's definitely progress towards some kind of. a curfew has been imposed in iraq's northern city man the province after i think 5 people were killed in anti-government protests because stan is reeling from a long standing financial dispute between the central and regional government made worse by a global decline in oil prices which has left public servants on paid for months more faulty reports. this is the office of kurdistan security agency near a town of one of many government buildings set ablaze by angry protesters in iraq's
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northern soul in money a province it's a defiant show of dissent in the region where security forces use deadly force against anti-government demonstrators many here are afraid to show their faces on camera in fear of being targeted i don't know what no no no no no no we're not going to tell them we're going to. go over there to the gallows. no no no no. in nearby town mourners gathered to pay their respects to the family of 23 year old. shot to death on monday by security forces who opened fire at demonstrators. at sunset we were told brought the shop on the main street he didn't participate in the protests within the army and of the kurdish democratic party open for the protests is in the dog and the protests began over the nonpayment of government salaries but have spilled into brother anger. the ruling
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parties in kurdistan who stand accused of corruption nepotism and repression injunction mollies stations are very but is now have you know our water. is not. here. kurdistan is supposed to get a share of the central government's budgets to cover public sector salaries but baghdad has refused to pay up because kurdistan is selling its all independently rather than for the central government kurdish politicians say they're being denied a constitutional right to the story there is a constitution in place and let it be the judge between us and iraq therefore this issue should be within the framework of the constitution but the iraqi government owes the could the store region billions of dollars. the drop in oil prices has shifted attention to nonna revenues like customs duties every year billions of dollars in goods enter iraq from turkey via this border crossing in kurdistan at
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the moment all customs revenue goes to the kurdistan regional government but some say much of it is siphoned into private pockets most of the major. corruption is doesn't go into the books so in a place like clean and other places. they simply write it off they don't include that in the revenues for the government in october the government implemented a new system to automate financial reporting in an effort to boost transparency which would also facilitate revenue sharing with baghdad for years the federal government of iraq and the regional government of kurdistan have quarreled over how to share revenues in august they agreed to split customs revenues from border posts like these but since then new political tensions have hampered the implementation of. the latest demonstrations have put pressure on kurdistan to agree to terms for releasing their budget chair but the people protesting now are not just unpaid
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public servants they are you for who feel they have no prospects and little to lose some wonderful thing al-jazeera in iraqi kurdistan. a brutal murder in the u.s. state of texas could it end up having broad ranging impacts for the army and tunnel investigation has found rampant problems with a military base at fort hood 14 officers and soldiers have been fired or suspended as policy changes ordered to address leadership failures that led to a widespread passon of violence i call him reports. when vanessa gay and disappeared in april her family and friends protested outside of the army base where she was stationed at fort hood demanding the army do more to find her or her remains were found a few months later police say another soldier bludgeoned her to death then dismembered and burned her body he killed himself as police were moved into arrest him her family said she was being sexually harassed but was too afraid to report it
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and it turns out she wasn't alone but we found was that there was a fear of retaliation all forms of retaliation stigmatism ostracism career the railing a career. assignments work assignments and that sort of thing chris swecker led the investigation into the basin found rampant problems with sexual harassment and assaults in the last 4 years there have been more than 150 non-combat related death at fort hood including 7 murders and 71 suicides i'm gravely disappointed that leaders failed effectively create a climate that treated all soldiers with dignity and respect because of this store of trust and confidence and accountability. i directed the relief and or suspension of commanders and other leaders from the corps to the squad love in all 14 people have been fired or suspended and the army is promising widespread changes for the entire service again family has been demanding it taking their case to the white
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house and the f.b.i. now and we got them in. and the people at fort hood where took place or very much and. we didn't want to have this swept under the rug which could happen and to congress where they say the laws that govern service members need to be changed they say this report is just the 1st but important step everyone who hears about when this name or hears about sexual violence in the military or any any way to endorse the bill to act i mean because this will keep my sister's legacy alive and believe me that i it will save lives the army plans to make one permanent change renaming the gate for again at the spot where friends and family brought attention to her story that we now know was shared by thousands of other soldiers petty calling al-jazeera and the u.k. elderly people in care homes have spent months isolated from their families as
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a result of news of the 1st fully tested coronavirus vaccine being rolled else has given many of them hope of a normal life in the coming months to haul reports from you colossal. badly hit by the coronavirus care homes have had to devise innovative ways to allow families to meet but i was just going to say here i actually normally go a sanitized pod in the garden half hour slots it's no substitute for physical contact but it's as close as many are able to get. married it's. not. so the vaccine is especially good news here with the government promising delivery within weeks it's sparked cautious excitement i think realistically we're looking at probably february march next year and that's because of the logistical challenges do you think yeah the more and more information that we're hearing from public health and various other sources i believe it's going to
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be a very difficult program for them to rollout and so. talking to various people again this morning i think that's the realistic they of course will welcome it sooner but we just got to be patient with the program and make sure that it works and do it right. peter is visiting his parents ron mary both forced to self isolate after mary's return from a spell in hospital. as far. as members should go and were unsure. how wide yeah they're having to do it the hard way there are a lot i'll know there's not more decorations out this week on talk find out 1st. of all it would be lovely to go in there and to give them a hard. to say. and to get up close but you call do it but often their selves people in that situation so you just get them over the most
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of a lot 4 months residents and started care homes have lived a precarious existence full of emotional stress and on certainty families have been deprived of close contact the vaccine offers the hope of an end to all that it's. music to all of our and i just think you know it's what we've all been waiting for it's almost hope he was going to be this side of christmas but you know it's not worth washing it before being so patient for most of this year when it was just no point rushing it just to say christmas so let's just wait let's do it right. but all best to try to hold al-jazeera newcastle. the italian city of venice has been flooded off the heavy rain strong winds took off by surprise tuesday's downpours arrived before officials could activate huge flood barriers which were only introduced 2 months ago a system of 78 gates guard the entrance to the venetian the good and protect the
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city from times of up to 3 minutes past they require 48 hours notice to be activated and whether bulletins had forecast such high tides. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories indonesia's holding regional elections despite warnings from health experts that the vote could worsen the nation's coronavirus crisis but officials say they're imposing strict health measures at polling stations the country is experiencing the worst covert 19 outbreak in southeast asia the election has already been delayed once because of the growing infection rate us president elect joe biden has introduced his team of health experts to combat coronavirus he pledged to bring the pandemic under control in his 1st 3 months in office this team this team will help get at the latest at the last 100000000 covert 19 bragg.


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