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well it's like. 100000000 shots in the 1st 100 days. president elect joe biden lays out his covert 19 battle plan as the u.s. infection count passes 15000000. you're watching al-jazeera live from a headquarters in doha and also coming up antony's and doctors warn of new coronavirus clusters after up to 100000000 people vote in regional elections last hopes of a post trade deal hang on crisis talks between the u.k.
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prime minister boris johnson and chief ursula von der leyen and the arctic records its 2nd warmest year since 1900 continuing a pattern of extreme heat melting at the top of the world. hello the us president elect joe biden has laid out his plans to bring america's spiraling coronavirus outbreak under control as infections passed 15000000 he's promising a 100000000 vaccinations within his 1st 100 days in office donald trump meanwhile is telling progress made with vaccine development under his watch mike hanna reports from washington. president tran convened what was billed as a proxy summit just days before the f.d.a. is q. to decide on whether to grant an emergency use authorization for the 1st of 2 vaccines and it appears the president is intent on claiming credit for the
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unprecedented rates of the facts seems development we're just days away from authorization from the f.d.a. and we're pushing on the heart that which point we will immediately begin mass distribution before operation warp speed the typical time frame for development that approval has you know. could be infinity and we were very very happy that we were able to get things done at a level that nobody has ever seen before surmount representatives from pfizer and lead burner in their companies awaiting if the approval would not be present at the meeting submit strip or so that the transfer administration declined to take up an option with pfizer for an extra $100000000.00 doses earlier this year confirmed by a former f.d.a. commissioner who's now on pfizer's board i think they're betting that more than one vaccine is going to get off rising will be more vaccines on the market and that perhaps could be why they didn't take up that additional 100000000 option agreement
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which really one of required necessarily even to front money it was just an agreement that they would purchase those vaccines president trump signed an executive order aimed at preventing the export of vaccines from the u.s. before all americans have been treated an order that would appear to be an impossible given the international contracts both pfizer and mcdonough have signed another figure absent from the white house meeting with the country's foremost infections diseases expert dr anthony fauci opus you had another greengage material in school a little meeting with the president elect to mention who he's been asked to advice . i look forward to advising you on these most urgent priorities and to work with this team of world class experts whom i have known for many years and deeply respect i have been through many public health crises before but this is the toughest one we have ever faced as
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a nation dr fox she was on the high powered advisory team introduced by joe biden this team will help get at the latest at the last 100000000 covert 19 vaccine at least 100000000 covert vaccine shots into the arms of the american people in the 1st 100 days 100000000 shots in the 1st 100 days all eyes now on the food and drug administration which is likely to complete its review of the application for merchants to use authorization by the end of the week mike hanna al-jazeera washington well campaigners are warning that 9 out of 10 people in nearly 70 poor countries will not get the vaccine next year the peoples vaccine alliance says rich nations are hoarding vaccines buying up enough doses to inoculate their populations several times over its calling on companies to share their information so more doses can be produced. strict health measures have been
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enforced at polling stations across indonesia as tens of millions of people voted in regional elections indonesia has the worst cove in 1000. with more than 580000 recorded cases and 18000 doctors are worried a large voter turnout will make matters worse the elections had already been delayed ones just washington is in south. jakarta. regional elections are under way in indonesia local elections would normally be a logistical challenge involving millions of voters let alone during the pandemic when there are of course safety considerations as well now at this polling booth in south we can see that authorities are trying to take precautions they've got sanitizer compulsory in there also temperature checks as well but despite these precautions there re still concern from doctors that a huge voter turnout could lead to a spike in infection indonesia has been hit hard by the covered 900 pandemic with
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at least 800000 deaths but despite that authorities said the elections had to go ahead apart from the health consideration political analysts also keenly observing these regional elections because there are some key candidates including the president's son. the u.s. supreme court has rejected a last ditch attempt by republicans to reverse joe biden's electoral victory in the battleground state of pennsylvania the state's results has been certified in favor of biden and in a one line statement the supreme court refused to call the a certification process and to question this derailment attempt by donald trump's republican party to have as many as 2 and a half 1000000 votes. now even as the supreme court delivered its ruling against the republicans trumper earlier said he is hopeful you will remain president. we were rewarded with a victory down let's see whether or not somebody has the church where the rich
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legislature or legislate sure's or whether it's a justice of the supreme court or a number of justices of the supreme court let's see if they have the courage to do what everybody in this country knows is right. south korea's national assembly is set to vote on whether to ban people from sending anti pyongyang material across the border north korean defectors and other activists have been flying leaflets and other materials inside balloons towards the north of the main opposition party says it will do everything it can to slow that legislation. the u.k. prime minister heads to brussels later on wednesday for a last minute talks with the european commission chief on a post that trade deal both sides however are warning that the chance of reaching agreement is slipping away from brussels paul brennan reports. they spoken twice by telephone in recent days and still not been able to bridge the gaps boris johnson
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and van de lay and forced to admit the conditions for a deal are simply not there. when the e.u. chief negotiator michel barnier a brief d.-u. ambassadors this week he was described as being downbeat and gloomy with no tangible progress on the 3 main sticking points of fisheries a level playing field and dispute resolution so ahead of the leaders face to face meeting in brussels the negotiating teams have been asked to step back take stock and produce a summary report that peter. martin have of the brickie group creation even a unity refutation of the work of the negotiating teams is constrained by their own respective mandates the political leaders of course have a little bit more leeway within the bounds of their own political redlines face to face talks may unlock the empress or presented with a list of just how big their differences are the 2 leaders may end up admitting defeat. most commentators regard the dispute of a fishing rights
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a solvable whether to science of run into more trouble is issues of fundamental principles such as the concept of sovereignty to access the e.u. single market the u.k. except it will have to abide by e.u. standards and rules. that the idea that the e.u. could impose rules and sanctions that seem overbearing you've got to be you got to be optimistic you've got to believe that is the power of sweet reason. to get this the over the law in but i've got to tell you it's looking very very difficult at the moment there may even be a 3rd way another stretching out the already stretched deadlines it's looking very likely that. the e.u. will have to use the procedure of a provisional application which would mean that the deal will enter into force even if not. even if there. certification will not have been completed yet which throws up the risk that if. one actor you saw it still have to ratify in february or so
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that the deal would be off and would be nolen void a writ writter actively which would be of course a legal nightmare the mood was certainly improved with tuesday's news that the you can't eat you had reached agreement in principle on border checks in northern ireland with the result of the u.k. withdrew contentious proposals to override a legally binding withdrawal agreement but the main talks remain on a knife edge and a slightly better mood may not be enough to overcome the substantial differences paul brennan al-jazeera brussels just a moment ago we were telling you about south korea and the national assembly there is set to vote on whether to ban people from sending anti pyongyang material across the border let's bring in rob mcbride he's following developments from seoul so how do we expect this vote to go and what's prompted it. it is called reverse sure legislation but it is
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a very contentious issue here in south korea these are defectors who are based in south korea who form groups who then send across these propaganda messages attacking the north korean leadership either on balloons that float across the demilitarized zone or in these plastic bottles into waterways rivers and coastal waters in the hope that they get washed up on the korean beaches now and always in rages north korea north korea are always accuses south korea of not doing enough to try to prevent these sorts of action taking place and things really came to a head this summer when relations really deteriorated across the d.m.z. we had the north koreans cutting communication lines and even destroying and into korean liaison office so south korea mindful of the fact that they want to try to keep dialogue on track and keeping gaging with north korea has been using various local laws and various measures to try to stop these controversial activities but
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now it's actually putting it into a national law which is quite serious stuff it makes it illegal to launch these propaganda balloons or 3 year prison sentence and thousands of dollars in fines but as far as the defectors are concerns it violates their rights to free speech here in south korea. just put this into context for us and tell us where things stand our diplomacy front. well that's right and we had a reminder of that today with yet another spat between north and south korea with kim you know john this is the sister of kim jong un of north korea who is very much the point person when it comes to into korean affairs really having a go at south korea and accusing south korea's foreign minister of spreading mistruth if you like by apparently the foreign minister of south korea questioning this claim by north korea that it is yet to have a single case of the coronavirus and north korea kim jong saying that this might
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pay dearly for these kinds of comments so it does show you where the situation is between north and south at the moment that basically things are still stalemate they are still deadlocked and of course with the end of all of this summit diplomacy between donald trump and kim jong un everybody seems to be in this holding pattern waiting to see what this transition will mean water biden administration will mean for the korean peninsula all right robin thank you for that update from seoul. coming up right after the break why the philippines finds itself at the bottom of the list for a coronavirus. player in or what happened to print to walk out during a champions league football.
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the orientation of the weather patterns of europe is changing but it is twisting a bit like this so many places been sitting in funk for a while in eastern europe even the british isles alyse that changes the wind picks up the stormy weather we've have through italy and particularly in the northeast that's moving a bit further south for the next tranche so wednesday sees the wet is where the light being greece so those must tonia for example still some more snow to come through the alps and it's creeping up through low in parts of germany as well but the next thing is diving into the bay of biscay every snow throughout southern france most of the higher grama not entirely so and then we see development over for the south as sardinia sicily and towards greece i think beyond thursday century or plain european plain still disappointing the cloudy and cold but there's a sort of change taking place warsaw for example sees a slow warming trend as some of the air down here gets tucked up through eastern europe that in the immediate future we still got the cooling trend for places like
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robots in algiers and tunis from on shore wind clouds and rain it does improve some degree of thursday lagos at $34.00 degrees is surprised me warm for this time of the year. but. frank assessments you've got colleagues on the ground in the canaries what is the situation there is only one doctor and one nurse or $2200.00 people informed opinions how big does foreign policy they get in the early stages of a bi ministration he comes into office with a huge amount of foreign policy experience in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines how will a place like it lead get the vaccine when there's no money at all the rest of rich countries are fighting for it inside story on al-jazeera. the.
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hello again the top stories on al-jazeera this hour u.s. president elect joe biden has laid out his plans to bring america's spiraling coronavirus outbreak under control as infections passed 15000000 he's promising 100000000 vaccine shots within his 1st 100 days in office. strict telfer measures are in place at polling stations across indonesia as around 100000000 people vote in local and regional elections with the worst coronavirus outbreak in southeast asia some health experts are worried a large voter turnout will make things worse. and campaigners are warning that 9 out of 10 people in nearly 70 poor countries will not get the vaccine next year the
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peoples vaccine alliance says rich countries have bought up doses to inoculate their into populations nearly 3 times over. the philippine government says it will have to rely on $1000000000.00 loans and private donations to get enough vaccines. has more from manila. general salvatore is a covert 19th survivor he spent 2 weeks in hospital in a critical condition and he says he spent his life savings a few $100.00 on medicines he's now without a job and despite reports a vaccine against coronavirus will be available early next year he's not confident his family will get access to them. you know i didn't even get any cash this entire time so i don't even think about since something like that either i just worry about the children that's all i care about this so the doors live in one of the poorest communities in manila the center of the pandemic in the
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philippines there are some people here however who don't share ger will specimens him and are hopeful the vaccines will signal a return to normality. our residents belong to the society we the global mentor girls are looking forward to the suboxone hoping will be made a priority the government aims to vaccinate at least 60 percent of the country's population in order to achieve herd immunity but in an archipelago of more than $7100.00 islands and a national budget that's barely enough even official theory admit it won't be easy for weeks now countries around the world have been trying to secure deals to buy vaccines when they become available wealthier countries are bidding for a huge share of supplies hoping to vaccinate their entire populations but the united nations says 2 thirds of the global populations will not get enough and many
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countries including the philippines do not have the logistical support to establish an adequate vaccination program they also don't have the capacity to produce their own vaccines officials here say they hope that by taking part in face she trials and joining initiatives with other less developed. and she's they may be able to procure enough doses. our frontline nurse the 50 percent that will be dedicated for the government will be given to the b. sectors and particularly our headquarters and our poor and vulnerable communities while at the present to be given to the private sector will also be given to their front line or low income laborers to give fair access in its ability to contain the virus in southeast asia over the past few months the philippines is seen as the worst performing country and many here fear it will also find itself on the bottom
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of the list for the vaccine development duggan al-jazeera in the. hamas authorities who control the gaza strip are considering imposing a 2nd lockdown as corona virus infections continue to serve it's something they've tried to avoid because of the harm it could do to an economy where more than a 1000000 people are living below the poverty line harri faucet has more. causes intensive care units are filling up this week nearly 90 percent of the i.c.u. beds equipped to treat cope with 1000 patients who occupied the mathematics of the surge in cases seen in a skate experts warn the system will soon be overwhelmed their mortality rate is. high yet from audits. there were 50 cases in 2 months from october to test of this number the number has been. in recent days more than 30 percent of those being tested have registered positive for the corona virus with $2.00 to
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$3000.00 tests carried out a day in a population of $2000000.00 it's thought only a fraction of cases are being detected gaza's hamas run health ministry is calling on the population to follow safety measures and on the international community to help or otherwise a dangerous scenario is waiting for us and we might find ourselves forced to take harder preventative measures in the coming days including a general lockdown. the much of this year gaza's besieged blockaded status that helped keep it almost entirely insulated from the pandemic but since the detection of community transmission in august the other realities of that 13 year isolation enforced by israel in egypt the ravaged economy the teetering health system a worsening the crisis health officials also blame a lack of public compliance on mosques gatherings and social distancing a lockdown in late august person economy were already 65 percent of young people are unemployed those who've clung on to their jobs worry about what
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a 2nd lockdown might need is. the how do we already get half salary because of the better canonic situation and there was fear that the owner of the business could reduce the working days and pass even lease is the new code with 19 measures destroyed the business. and there are security concerns too after recent weeks in which rocket fire into israel and airstrikes on gaza have started to resume the creation of the health social could it work situation in gaza is boys thinks security threats do we need to have another war do we have another to have another protest on the border and then. continue like this. recently there has been some increased assistance 15 ventilators from kuwait oxygen from qatar but a wave of disease is already on the way gaza's shaky institutions are said to be
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tested too and perhaps beyond their limits are a force that al-jazeera. if european security forces have shot and detained the un security officials trying to reach the region the u.n. says the 4 personnel were assessing roads for delivering aid to refugee camps the government says the team drove through to a checkpoint and ignored demands to stop more than 150000 people have been displaced by conflict in northern ethiopia since early november yes some of their un staffs where actually did in some way showed that when that happened. this company is not no man's land it has a government it only has difficulty in the roads so they went in some of and as they were in most of the most moved. but they invented isms and was due. in kind of advent of the expedition our leading u.s.
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cyber security firm says it's the victim of a sophisticated state sponsored hack the company called fire eye hasn't commented on who exactly was behind the attack but says the technique used hasn't been seen before specialist software was stolen which is used to test customer's security a murder at a military base in the u.s. state of texas could end up having broad ranging impacts where the army 14 officers and soldiers have been fired or suspended with policy changes ordered to address leadership failures in reports. when vanessa guinn disappeared in april her family and friends protested outside of the army base where she was stationed at fort hood demanding the army do more to find her her remains were found a few months later police say another soldier bludgeoned her to death then dismembered and burned her body he killed himself as police were moved into arrest him her family said she was being sexually harassed but was too afraid to report it
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and it turns out she wasn't alone what we found was that there was a fear of retaliation all forms of retaliation stigmatism ostracism career the railing a career. assignments work assignments and that sort of thing chris swecker led the investigation into the basin found rampant problems with sexual harassment and assaults in the last 4 years there have been more than 150 non-combat related death at fort hood including 7 murders and 71 suicides i'm gravely disappointed that leaders failed effectively create a climate that treated all soldiers with dignity and respect because of this historic trust and confidence and accountability. i directed the relief and or suspension. and other leaders from the corps to the squad level in all 14 people have been fired or suspended and the army is promising widespread changes
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for the entire service again family has been demanding it taking their case to the white house and the f.b.i. are now in to get them in. and the people at fort hood where it took place oh very much a. week and we didn't want to have this swept under the rug which could happen and to congress where they say the laws that govern service members need to be changed they say this report is just the 1st but important step everyone hears about when this name or hears about sexual violence in the military. anyway to endorse the bill i mean because this will keep my sister's legacy alive and believe me that i it will save lives the army plans to make one permanent change renaming the gate for gay and at the spot where friends and family brought attention to her story that we now know was shared by thousands of other soldiers. al-jazeera the arctic regions had its 2nd warmest year since
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1900 of the annual arctic report card shows sea eyes dwindle to almost its lowest point on record in september measuring just 3740000 square kilometers thinner ice is leading to warmer arctic waters sea surface temperatures of between $1.00 and $3.00 the greys were recorded in august and snow cover in europe and asia was at its lowest since records began rick thalmann as a coeditor of the arctic report card he explains why and how the warming is affecting marine biology and human activities. the arctic report card this year you know straits that continuing pattern of a warmer less frozen and biologically changed arctic this year a lot of the headlines were in eurasia particularly siberia and the oceans just offshore of siberia last year the extremes were in alaska and the
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adjacencies years before that it was greenland what this illustrates it is at this point in the arctic it's always extreme somewhere the exact areas are very as the storm tracks and what's going on in the oceans and deep ocean currents vary with time but it's now always some places through at this point we have seen such a dramatic wasin the volume of the ice 30 years ago most of the ice in the arctic had been around for several years that was very thick ice very resilient to melting storminess in the summer now 70 percent of the ice is 1st year ice that's much thinner ice much more fragile much more easily disrupted and so we're seeing things like changes in the seasonality of the ice it isn't just the
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ice minimum when there's ice there at all this year we had the northern sea route across the north coast of siberia then down through the bering strait open longer than it ever was it wasn't that long ago it was almost never passable by nano spray or ships so this is changing commercial shipping it's impacting the biology of the oceans in the way hands it's changing national security considerations. the italian city of venice has been flooded after heavy rain and strong winds to call for days by surprise choose those downpours arrive before officials could activate huge new flood barriers the system of 78 gates protects the city from tides of up to 3 meters. now a champions league football match has been suspended after players from both teams walked off the pitch over allegations of racism that incidents are up to it when pierre way to an assistant coach with turkish club was involved in
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a fierce sideline arguments and the former cameroon international who was shown a red card to accuse the match official refusing a racist term players from his team and their paris and german opponents then left the field a match will resume on wednesday the way for says it's investigating. fellow the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. president elect joe biden has laid out how he plans to bring america spiraling coronavirus outbreak under control as infections passed 15000000 he's promising a 100000000 vaccines shots within his 1st 100 days in office he made the pledges he introduced his team of health experts to combat the pandemic this. will help get the latest at the law.


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