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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 9, 2020 11:00am-11:31am +03

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down to 0. 100. in the 1st 100. president-elect joe biden lays out his covert 1000 battle plan the u.s. infection challenge has now passed 15000000. wealthy governments are accused of hoarding vaccines leaving poor countries to miss out. you're watching obviously we're live from a headquarters and. also coming up last hopes of a post trade deal hang on crisis talks between the u.k. prime minister boris johnson and the chief of underlying. allegations of
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racism at a champions league football match problem both teams to walk off the pitch. follow the u.s. president elect joe biden has laid out how he plans to bring america's spiraling corona virus outbreak under control as infections passed 15000000 is promising 100000000 vaccinations within his 1st 100 days in office donald trump meanwhile is touting progress made with vaccine development. reports from washington. president tran convened what was billed as a proxy summit just days before the f.d.a. is q. to decide on whether to grant an emergency use authorization for the 1st of 2 vaccines and it appears the president is intent on claiming credit for the unprecedented tapes of the fax seems development we're just days away from
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authorization from the f.d.a. and we're pushing on the heart that which point we will immediately begin mass distribution before operation warp speed the typical time frame for development that approval has you know. could be infinity and we were very very happy that we were able to get things done at a level that nobody has ever seen before surmount representatives from pfizer and lerner in their companies awaiting if the approval would not be present at the meeting submit strip or start the transfer administration declined to take up an option with pfizer for an extra $100000000.00 doses earlier this year confirmed by a former f.d.a. commissioner who's now on pfizer's board i think they're betting that more than one vaccine is going to get off the rise no be more vaccines on the market and that perhaps could be why they didn't take up that additional $100000000.00 option agreement which really one of required necessarily even to front money it was just
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an agreement that they would purchase those vaccines president trump signed an executive order aimed at preventing the export of vaccines from the u.s. before all americans have been treated an order that would appear to be an enforceable given the international contracts both pfizer and mcdonough have signed . another figure absent from the white house meeting with the country's foremost infections diseases expert to be found he'll pursue had another greengage material school a little meeting with the president elect to ensure he's been asked to advise. i look forward to advising you on these most urgent priorities and to work with this team of world class experts whom i have known for many years and deeply respect i have been through many public health crises before but this is the toughest one we have ever faced as a nation dr fox she was on the high powered advisory team introduced by joe biden
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this team will help get at the latest at the last 100000000 covert 19 vaccine at least 100000000 covert vaccine shots into the arms of the american people in the 1st 100 days 100000000 shots in the 1st 100 days all eyes now on the food and drug administration which is likely to complete its review of the application for merchants to use authorization by the end of the week mike hanna al-jazeera washington well campaigners are warning that 9 out of 10 people in nearly 70 poor countries will not get the vaccine next year the peoples vaccine alliance says rich nations are hoarding vaccines buying up enough doses to inoculate their population several times over the alliance's a coalition that includes oxfam amnesty international that's going to dr sanjay. is
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here is an associate professor for infectious diseases at the australian national university he's joining us from cambra thanks for your time so should we be surprised by this news that governments are really looking inward when it comes to this vaccine or are they right to be looking out for their own citizens. yes hello i don't think we should be surprised and i think there's a bit of going both 'd ways in terms of the fact that yeah look at government's 1st responsibility is to explain a show and in fact if you do look at some of the richest nations in the world they're the ones who are having enormous problems but cope with it the moment the us is having over 200000 cases a days it's 7 day rolling average regularly having 2000 deaths today the u.k. is. similarly dire situation which is why they're rolling up their vaccine program so quickly so a lot of these rich countries actually do need to do something and the population
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expense of them however as hot of the global community which is on 41 reason why kind of it spread so weakly globally through tourism and training cetera we have a responsibility to look up to now our fellow nations in the world and as i stand because of trade and tourism business sent to the rich countries to make sure that code it does get stamped out and controlled in the world but as bad a enough incentive you think for a for these rich countries. not perhaps not and i think it will be very important for countries who are having difficulties accessing these vaccines to lobby as they could do in groups of leaders from asian countries or african countries to make sure their voices are heard loud and clear that they want fair i think that it will access through the spec scenes and of
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course bring it out for a like the media group also helps but i think it is an important thing to do now we look at countries like canada the usa and australia so the usa has got can potentially dose purchases of vaccine about 2600000000 doses which is probably enough to immunize the population 4 times over canada has thought about potentially board about just over $414000000.00 doses of vaccine which is enough to ignite the population about 5 times over in australia about almost 3 times over so there is an opportunity right now the people's vaccine alliance is also calling on pharmaceutical corporations who have been working on the co-head 1000 vaccine to kind of share their technology and their ip and their know how how likely is it that how likely will that how likely is it that will happen excuse me considering
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the fact that these pharmaceutical companies have rather spend billions of dollars manufacturing this vaccine. yeah look i don't know how likely that this didn't happen you're referring to the code that 90 technology writes full well health organization i'm veiled about 6 months ago i think i think at that time and i think it's very relevant now pfizer c.e.o. is on record as saying that he wasn't very keen on the program as were some others and a lot of the developed nations where these companies are established weren't keen on it either because of course if you're sharing all this intellectual property then potentially there's a loss in income but i guess my argument is we're not asking them to do it for everything that they're producing but just the things related to cove 'd it so i still think it is an option worth considering all right we'll leave it there thank
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you very much for speaking to us from canberra thank you. strict health measures have been in force the polling stations across indonesia as tens of millions of people voted in regional elections and uneasy has the worst covert 1000 outbreak in southeast asia where the more than 558-0000 recorded cases and 18000 deaths doctors are worried that a large voter turnout will make matters worse the elections had already been delayed once the us supreme court has rejected a last ditch attempt by republicans to reverse joe biden's elects world victory in the battleground state of pennsylvania on the state's results has been certified in favor of biden and in a one line state and the supreme court refused to call these certification process into question at the rails an attempt by donald trump's republican party to have as many as 2 and a half 1000000 votes dismissed or even has
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a supreme court deliverance that ruling against the republican party trump earlier said he is hopeful you will remain presidents. we were rewarded with a victory down let's see whether or not somebody has the courage whether it's a legislature or legislate sure's or whether it's a justice of the supreme court or a number of justices of the supreme court let's see if they have the courage to do what everybody in this country knows is right now the british prime minister heads to brussels later on wednesday for a make or break a meeting with the european commission chief they'll try to reach a last minute compromise on a post breck's that trade deal between the u.k. and e.u. because haters have been unable to agree on a number of key issues let's find out more with the barker he's joining us from london so is there much hope about this meeting in brussels knave. well that while the mood music ahead of this meeting between boris johnson and us live on the land
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later on of the day a formal dinner we gather hasn't been all that great michel barnier the chief negotiator said on tuesday that he felt that the prospect of a no deal breaks it is looming ever closer saying that it is down to the prime minister now to try and get things moving again if he is successful it means that potentially we can talk about setting a new date for the resumption of negotiations to try and get this trade deal over the over the line but we've said this a 1000000 times time of course is running out they've only got a couple of weeks to do this to be able to make sure any trade deal this ratified in every single government and every single e.u. member state on tuesday though there was some positive movement but to do with a completely separate deal altogether to do with the movement of goods between northern ireland part of the u.k. and our public of ireland and the e.u. member that is kind of crucial really to be able to send the right kind of messages when it comes to resuming talks all into being deeply worried that the british
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government would backtrack on some of the details agreed in the withdrawal agreement as the 1st part of the breaks a deal signed and sealed in january now that that problem seems to be pushed aside the focus now can be put back on how wring out a trade deal but there are in some mountable challenges it seems at the moment the question is can boris 'd johnson get things moving again all right thank you for that update from london. coming up in a moment. why a mining giant is being told to pay compensation to indigenous people in australia . no prospects and nothing to move protesters railing against corruption and repression in northern iraq refused to back down.
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how i would have very unsettled spell of weather across western and central parts of europe areas of low pressure streaming in from the atlantic brings them a wet windy at a time when she weather in across many parts is a deep area of low pressure that we have just around the central med that's been facing some very heavy rain into italy and the balkans bumping into this area of high pressure that is something of a blocking high says preventing the movement from west to east of the system so we'll see some wet weather coming back in across the balkans as we go through the remainder of whedon's day more heavy snow around the else we'll have the snow to into that their accounts i went to weather that so wintry weather as stormy weather that will continue to just push its way further eastward so across the ionian sea and eventually easing across into the aegean into that western side of he will see some cloud of rain coming in across ball garia into rumania still getting blocked off by a high pressure there into that western side of russia moscow will be draw and cold
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minus 5 the top temperature here where it's meanwhile across the northwest more heavy rain coming into the british isles we have seen some flooding recently into that northwestern corner of england well western parts of europe also seeing some rather wet weather over the next couple of days with the risk of flooding from all the morocco and also algeria. jump into this story and julian on global community. bio diversity is biosecurity it is that essential for our species to survive be part of the debate i know you have my days and you too can be part of this conversation when no topic is off the table the complaints are not neutral and all of these cases goal here is to terrorize and here's the other part of this there's no consequence to this stream on out as they are.
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hello again the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. president elect joe biden has laid out how he plans to bring america spiraling corona virus outbreak under control as infections passed 15000000 he's promising 100000000 vaccine shots within his 1st 100 days in office. campaigners are warning that 9 out of 10 people in nearly 70 poor countries will not get the vaccine next year the peoples vaccine alliance says rich countries are bought out doses to inoculate their entire populations nearly 3 times over. strict health measures are in place at polling stations across indonesia as around a 100000000 people vote in local and regional elections with the worst coronavirus
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outbreak in southeast asia some health experts are worried a large voter turnout will make things worse. the mining giant rio tinto is being told it should be a compensation for the destruction of sacred indigenous heritage sites in australia the company blew up caves despite warnings of their cultural significance and australian parliamentary inquiry has been investigating the company's actions in the pilbara region as well as the fines the government is also considering stopping mining in the area nicola gage is joining us from camera what more did the report say nicola. well the report had 7 broad recommendations the main was one was if the government does approve these recommendations that rio tinto media in the area where these sacred caves were destroyed and puts together negotiates
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a restitution package with the traditional one as it was pretty it didn't mince its words when it came to rio tinto though it said that its actions here were inexcusable and raise significant significant issues with the culture and practices within the mining company and said that internal changes were needed as well it said that the p.k. k. paypal the traditional owners were totally let down by radio but they were let down by multiple governments station federal native title law and even their own lawyers this really was a situation of a perfect storm where they sacred thoughts were able to be destroyed so what happens next will compensation be paid. that's a really good question at the moment those committee men busy on this palm entry inquiry have said that they all accept these recommendations this is only an
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interim report we'll have to say what happens next but every state and territory actually has its own mining act and western australia where these caves are has its oil in which it's dating at the moment but in terms of rio tinto it has apologized saying that this should never have to have it could and it's trying to make up to the traditional one is so i will have to say what decisions get made here but we do need to remember that what he did was legal there was nothing actually wrong with it it did receive approval in 2013 to destroy these caves but it was a year later the it was discovered that remains in this cave went back 46000 years and it was actually fall more significant than it was realised when it was given approval so there really needs to be some changes in terms of. the law and heritage laws in
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a stroller and that's what we will be seeing hopefully these recommendations all right nicola thank you very much for that update from canberra south korea's national assembly is set to vote on whether to ban people from sending anti pyongyang material across the border north korean defectors and other activists have been flying leaflets and other materials inside balloons towards the north the main opposition party says it will do everything it can to slow the legislation rob mcbride has more from seoul. it is controversial legislation but it is a very contentious issue here in south korea these are defectors who are based in south korea who form groups who then send across these propaganda messages attacking the north korean leadership either on balloons that float across the demilitarized zone or in these plastic bottles into waterways rivers and coastal waters in the hope that they get washed up on the korean beaches now and always in rages north korea north korea always accusing south korea of not doing enough to
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try to prevent these sorts of action taking place and things really came to a head this summer when relations really deteriorated across the d.m.z. we had to the north koreans cutting communication lines and even destroying an into korean liaison office so south korea mindful of the fact that they want to try to keep dialogue on track and keeping gaging with north korea has been using various local laws and various measures to try to stop these controversial activities but now it's actually putting it into a national law which is quite serious stuff it makes it illegal to launch these propaganda balloons a 3 year prison sentence and thousands of dollars in fines but as far as the defectors are concerns it violates their rights to free speech here in south korea . a curfew has been imposed in iraq's northern province after at least 5 people were killed in antigovernment protests kurdistan is really from
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a long standing financial dispute between the central and regional governments a global decline in all prices has intensified the crisis which has left public servants unpaid for months simona fulton reports. this is the office of kurdistan security agency near a town. one of many government buildings set ablaze by angry protesters in iraq's northern soul in money a province it's a defiant to send in the region where security forces use deadly force against anti-government demonstrators many here are afraid to show their faces on camera in fear of being targeted. you know going to tell. their. a 6. in nearby town mourners gathered to pay their respects to the family of 23 year old
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. shot to death on monday by security forces who opened fire at demonstrators. at sunset we went to a brother shop on the main street he didn't participate in the protests within the army of the kurdish democratic party open for the protests says. the protests began over the nonpayment of government salaries but have spilled into brother anger at the ruling parties in kurdistan who stand accused of corruption nepotism and repression. is stations very but is now have you know what and. is not. here. kurdistan is supposed to get a share of the central government's budgets to cover public sector salaries but baghdad has refused to pay up because kurdistan is selling its oil independently rather than for the central government kurdish politicians say they're being denied a constitutional right. there is
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a constitution in place and let it be the judge between us and iraq therefore this issue should be within the framework of the constitution but the iraqi government owes the could the star region billions of dollars. the drop in oil prices has shifted attention to non other revenues like customs duties every year billions of dollars in goods enter iraq from turkey via disport across in kurdistan at the moment all customs revenue goes to the kurdistan regional government but some say much of it is siphoned into private pockets most of the major. court option is doesn't go into the books so. in other places. they simply write it off they don't include that in the revenues for the government in october the government implemented a new system to automate financial reporting in an effort to boost transparency which would also facilitate revenue sharing with for years the federal government
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of iraq and the regional government of kurdistan have quarreled over how to share revenues in august they agreed to split customs revenues from border posts like these but since then new political tensions have hampered the implementation of. the latest demonstrations have put pressure on kurdistan to agree to terms for releasing their budget chair but the people protesting now are not just unpaid public servants they are youth who feel they have no prospects and little to lose some wonderful teenagers era in iraqi kurdistan. a champions league football match has been suspended after players from both teams walked off the pitch over allegations of racism so the incidents erupted when pierre way because an assistant coach with turkish club. was involved in a fierce sideline argument the former cameroon international who was shown a red card accuse the match official of using a racist term players from his team and their paris st germain opponents then left
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the field live to sort of cross a road joining us from istanbul for more on the fallout of the story in the. well that's this match actually sparked a lot of reaction last night and turkey the 1st reaction was of course from the players of this here team and. people over a very furious about what the referee told the bush actually here player and all t.v.'s shoulder those clips those clips which intercepted the referee calling the racist word to the player and then we saw another clip where this substitute player from senegal. actually got in a furious quarrel with the other saying that you can't name anyone as
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a black guy because there were also some other callings from the referees to so of course all or all football football teams in turkey react that this section here is the new team actually in turkey and it's known to be they are not among the big force and they we saw them rising during the ruling got quite a time within the last decade or more and they are known to be in a neighborhood where where there is where there are the conservative part of the community and where there are many migrants from other countries too so racism is actually worse is actually not welcome by them so and this the steamboat shocks here football team doesn't have a wholly gone group but all of their football team supported them saying racism. by saying no to racism also present our don was all in world in the case via making a call to launch the roll investigation which which was also approved by do if we.
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are saying that they will launch an investigation but of course this will continue to spark react. from took especially given the tensions between. france and turkey but we have to say that the jenman also stood by us actually have we will see what is going to happen today all rights and i will check in with you later thank you for the arctic regions had its 2nd warmest years since 1900 the annual arctic report card shows sea ice down to almost its lowest point on record in september measuring just 3740000 square kilometers center ice is leading to warmer arctic waters sea surface temperatures of between one and 3 degrees were recorded in august and snow cover in europe and asia was at its lowest since records began ray coleman is
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a coeditor of the arctic report card and he explains how the warming is affecting marine biology and human activities. the arctic report card this year you know straits that continuing pattern of a warmer less frozen and biologically changed arctic this year a lot of the headlines were in your asia particularly siberia and the oceans just offshore of siberia last year the extremes were in alaska and the adjacencies years before that it was greenland what this illustrates it is at this point in the arctic it's always extreme some where the exact areas are very as the storm tracks and what's going on in the oceans and deep ocean currents vary with time but it's now always some places it's true at this point we have seen such
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a dramatic wasin the volume of the ice 30 years ago most of the ice in the arctic had been around for several years that was very thick ice very resilient to melting storminess in the summer now 70 percent of the ice is 1st year ice that's much thinner ice much more fragile much more easily disrupted and so we're seeing things like changes in the seasonality of the ice it isn't just the ice minimum when there's ice there at all this year we had the northern sea route across the north coast of siberia then down through the bering strait open longer than it ever was it wasn't that long ago it was almost never passable by nano spray or ships so this is changing commercial shipping it's impacting the biology of the oceans in the way hands it's changing national security considerations. the
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italian city of venice has been flooded after surprise heavy rain and strong winds choose days downpours arrive before officials could activate huge new barriers the system of 78 gates protect the city from tides of up to 3 meters but they require 48 hours knows has to be effective. and the again the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. president elect joe biden has laid out how he plans to bring america spiraling corona virus outbreak under control as infections passed 15000000 he's promising 100000000 vaccine shots within his 1st 100 days in office he made the pledge as he introduced his team of health experts to combat that pandemic. will help get at the latest at the last.


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