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world war 2. but rebuilding a life and a city from scratch has proven difficult and some experts say manila has never truly recovered. rich nations are accused of hoarding over $1000.00 vaccines leaving poor countries to miss out. you're watching all to 0 live from headquarters and. also coming up lost hopes of a post trade deal hang on crisis talks between the u.k. prime minister boris johnson and chief ursula vander lion. a big blow to donald trump's at times to block joe biden's election when the u.s. supreme court dismisses his pleas to overturn the pennsylvania results. no
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prospects and nothing to lose protesters route railing against corruption and repression in northern iraq refused to back down. hello there is a global rush to get corona virus vaccines and campaigners are warning that 9 out of 10 people in nearly 70 poor countries will not get the job next year peoples vaccine alliance as rich nations are hoarding vaccines buying up enough doses to inoculate their population several times over the alliance is a coalition that includes an amnesty international so canada has enough confirmed doses to inoculate 5 times its population and the option to expand to 6 times it's followed by the u.s. and u.k. which are both looking to have enough for populations 4 times bigger than they have
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on the other end of the scale there are countries like lebanon that's where the government is nearly bankrupt it's only got enough to vaccinate 15 percent of the population last bangladesh with just enough to cover 9 percent well the philippine government says it will have to rely on $1000000000.00 loans and private donations to get enough vaccines to mellow and organ reports from manila. general so the door is a cool video 19 survivor he spent 2 weeks in hospital in a critical condition and he says he spent his life savings a few 100 dollars on medicines he's now without a job and despite reports event see the against coronavirus will be available early next year he's not confident his family will get access to them. you know i didn't even get this in that time so i don't even think about soon as something will get either a yes or no about the children that's all they care about this so the doors live in
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one of the poorest communities in manila the center of the pandemic in the philippines there are some people here however who don't share it sure will specimens him and are hopeful the vaccines will signal to return to normality. didn't belong to that up society we the global mentor girls are looking forward to these boxes hoping will be made a priority the government aims to vaccinate at least 60 percent of the country's population in order to achieve herd immunity but in an archipelago of more than $7100.00 islands and a national budget that's barely enough even the official theory admit it won't be easy for weeks now countries around the world have been trying to secure deals to buy vaccines when they become available wealthier countries are bidding for a huge share of supplies hoping to vaccinate their entire populations but the
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united nations says 2 thirds of the global populations will not get enough and many countries including the philippines do not have the logistical support to establish an adequate vaccination program they also don't have the capacity to produce their own vaccines officials here say they hope that by taking part in face she trials and joining initiatives with other less developed countries they may be able to procure enough doses. programers the 50 percent will be dedicated or the government will be given to the b. sectors and particularly our help workers and our poor and vulnerable communities if they present to be given to the private sector will also be given to their problem or low income laborers who give access in its ability to contain the virus in southeast asia over the past few months the philippines is seen as the worst
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performing country and many here fear it will also find itself on the bottom of the list for the vaccine jim duggan al-jazeera manila. a hunter explains the a dire situation in beirut. it has been a difficult fight and the battle is not over and even when the vaccines arrive it's not expected to be a quick solution according to doctors there is a community infection the positivity rate is high the number of critically ill patients is high as well and this is one of the main public hospitals in beirut that has been treating coronavirus patients and the public sector really has been the gluck that for decades there it's still fun the ill equipped ill equipped and underfunded really cut the public sector so they've been struggling and only recently the private hospitals which really have been the backbone of the health sector in this country have started to treat corona virus patients so it's
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a difficult task and now we're hearing from the health ministry that they managed to secure 2000000 doses of the pfizer vaccine which is enough for 1000000 people and they're hoping they're hoping that it will be in lebanon arrive in lebanon in february according to officials who work at the ministry who i've been talking to they're saying that they're ready they have enough centers across the country this is a relatively small country and they feel that. they will be able to deal with the logistical challenges and they say that health workers of course the elderly the vulnerable people they will be given priority just like what is happening in other countries across the world but they're saying it will take at least a year or a year and a half before they're able to vaccinate at least 35 percent of the population and it's still not clear who's going to pay for the for the vaccine and in this country where more than 55 percent of the population are now poor because of
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a very deep economic crisis this is going to be another challenge and the economic crisis is only worsening by the day more and more people sink into poverty so yes a lot of talent. it's ahead levanon may have secured those doses and they're hoping that it will arrive in february but it's just the beginning on a long road to recovery well dr sanjay i said and i act as an associate professor of infectious diseases at the australian national university and he says that governments are within their rights to look out for their own people but vaccine hoarding won't help anyone i don't think we should be surprised and i think there's a bit of his going both 'd ways in terms of the fact that yeah look at government's 1st responsibility is to its nation and in fact if you do look at some of the richest nations in the world they're the ones who are having enormous problems but cope with a lot of the us as having over $200000.00 cases
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a days it's 7 day rolling average regularly having 2000 deaths per day the u.k. is you know similarly dire situation which is why they're rolling out their vaccine program so quickly so a lot of these rich countries actually do need to do something and the population expects sit of them however as part of the global community which is on 41 reason why code that spread so we clean globally through tourism and training etc we have a responsibility to look after our fellow nations in the world and as i said because of trade and tourism there's an incentive for rich countries to make sure that code it does get stamped out and controlled in the world. the british prime minister boris johnson is expected to meet the head of the european commission later on wednesday to try to reach a last minute compromise on a future trading relationship with the e.u. go suitors have been unable to agree on
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a number of key issues in barker's joining us from downing street so what is the expectation that a compromise can be reached. i think on the whole expectation saw pretty much makes we've heard different things from different politicians over the course of the morning when of them are unclear as to what extent boris johnson can actually get negotiations going again because that of course is the aim the resumption of trade negotiations in the hope of having some kind of trade deal in place before the final deadline of the end of the month but we've said this many many times this agreement will need to be agreed not only by the commission and the parliament but ratified in every single e.u. member states and in some countries that also includes federal areas in countries like belgium for instance and any one of these states or areas can actually do you write any kind of agreement that is reached so it needs to be watertight whether or not face to face
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a dinner date with us live on the land will make any difference will really have to see at the end of the day but the iraq of course key sticking points that haven't gone away and very little progress has been made of course to do with fishing to do with business competition rules to do with who exactly is going to him for say any kind of agreement so disagreements post breaks it there was some positive movement on choose day with a separate arrangement a separate agreement over the movement of goods between northern ireland and the republic of ireland many people see that as a positive movement that could well pave the way towards now focusing on the real meat of negotiations hopes of a trade deal yes so need what is it that we should be looking out for next in the coming hours in the coming days. well i think we should really be looking at any kind of new music coming from politicians around negotiations and already we've seen some positive sounds coming from the islands my whole martin the
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prime minister of ireland t shock of ireland has said that they could well be some wiggle movement when it comes to fishing rights go in forward but according to ian duncan smith the former . conservative party leader also a prominent figure in the brics it camp he suggests that a trade deal was very much in place on the sidelines of the it's the issue of sovereignty that is the main sticking point we're talking about who will regulate who will enforce any kind of or betray should between the e.u. in the u.k. post breaks it the british negotiators do not want european courts to have any kind of involvement in the because they know over the last li redwall voters they all voters in the largely in the north of england that formally voted for the opposition labor party and switch their allegiance to the conservative party have made sovereignty a key issue and the government can't afford to let them down right now barkha thank you for that update from london. the u.s.
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supreme court has rejected a last ditch attempt by republicans to reverse joe biden's electoral victory in the battleground state of pennsylvania so the state's results has been certified in favor of biden and in a one line statement the supreme court refused to call that certification process and to question it derails an attempt by donald trump's republican party to have as many as 2 and a half 1000000 votes dismissed but even as the supreme court delivered its ruling against the republicans trump earlier said he's hopeful he will remain president. we were rewarded with a victory that let's see whether or not somebody has the courage whether it's a legislature or legislate sure's or whether it's a justice of the supreme court or a number of justices of the supreme court let's see if they have the courage to do what everybody in this country knows is right thomas gift is the director of the center on us politics at the university college london he says trump's legal
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options of all but run outs i do think that the pennsylvania good result really does close the door on the last of trump's major legal battles there are still some minor cases winding their way through various courts but they're extremely far fetched ultimately the decision by the supreme court was quite anti-climactic with just a one line order saying that the application for injunctive relief had been rejected there were no dissents and that was that trump has been saying for weeks but the supreme court would ultimately decide the election so i said post he got his formal answer of course by all indications trump still doesn't have any intention of conceding to keep trying his case in the court of public opinion which has been somewhat successful in creating skepticism among republican voters about the veracity of the election results but perma procedural standpoint trumpet's really exhausted all of his main legal options one challenge and broadly with biden was being poured with the transition is that so many republicans on capitol hill have
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been reluctant to interact with him as president elect so that has delayed some of the conversations with congress that he'd otherwise like to have at the moment but i still think that donald trump is such an immensely popular figure within the republican party he still holds so much poll that a lot of republicans are still going to be very reluctant at that point to back away from him and to acknowledge the election results you know it might take until january 20th until many republicans in washington actually say ok it seems like joe biden believes the president. still ahead on al-jazeera oil for cash why china is ready to invest billions of dollars in iraq and what makes the deal dubious. and i nicholas hawkinson it galls tom but could i read to find out next how this once bustling town that tracting migrants looking for work has become a major transit point for migrants trying to make it to europe.
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we got a lovely big area of high pressure across much of china so keeping things settled the seasonal high here we have got some west the weather just pulling away from japan fair bit of cloud here at the moment want to show a straddling japan for the time being temperatures in tokyo would around 13 celsius but you see that dry weather through the korean peninsula coming back in across those northern parts of china might just catch the old rope shallots will cease to china but nothing too much to speak of it will be essentially try and find for the most part if a little cloudy at times still want to show us into that western side of honshu as we go on through friday but eastern areas of japan should be fine and try to case in those temperatures picking up to around 15 degrees now across south asia here
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it's much drier than it has been recently we have got the northeasterly winds picking up once again lossy settled i would say good parts of southern india as to the few showers just around carola pushing up towards kind of dhaka we will see want to see showers up towards gujarat but nothing much to speak of the main thing to watch out for over the next couple days will be a westerly disturbance who pitches from right over pakistan northern parts of india here in the air in new delhi but some rather heavy rain there for a good parts the northwest. from fossil fuels to modern day renewable as societies develop the energy demands increase requiring innovative solutions to meet such demand as a global power developing to the investment company nebraska power is uniquely positioned to deliver against the state we provide business growth promote social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and fire mentally sound energy
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solutions for future generations the breast pioneering future. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera campaigners are warning 9 out of 10 people in nearly 70 poor countries will not get the cloven 1000 vaccine next year the peoples vaccine alliance says rich states have enough to inoculate their population several times over. the u.s. supreme court has rejected an attempt by republicans to overturn joe biden's victory in pennsylvania parts he had sought to scrap 2 and a half 1000000 votes and so when his results has been certified in biden's favor.
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prime minister boris johnson is due to travel to brussels later for intensive talks with the e.u. commission chief president or some of underline both are under pressure to agree a trade deal before the u.k. leaves the bloc in 3 weeks time. a curfew has been imposed in iraq's northern sinai many a province after at least 5 people were killed in antigovernment protests the semi autonomous kurdish region is reeling from a longstanding financial dispute between the. and regional governments and a global decline in oil prices has intensified the crisis simona fulton reports. this is the office of the kurdish security agency near the town of one of many government buildings set ablaze by angry protesters in iraq's northern soul in many a province it's a defiant show of dissent in a region where security forces use deadly force against anti-government demonstrators many here are afraid to show their faces on camera in fear of being
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targeted i don't know what. we're not going to tell them. that they're close. enough. in nearby mourners gathered to pay their respects to the family of 23 year old. shot dead on monday by security forces who opened fire at demonstrators. the shop on the main street if you didn't participate in the protests within the army and of the kurdish democratic party open for the protests is. the protests began over the nonpayment of government salaries but have spilled into broader anger at the ruling parties in the semi autonomous kurdish region. very. few. the unrest comes amid a deepening fiscal crisis brought about by
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a decline in global oil prices which has exposed long lasting structural problems the 1st factor in the. crisis that we have is the lack of transparency in kurdistan region. the illegal taking off. benefits from the public's. call for the kurdish regional government is supposed to get a share of the central government's budget to cover public sector salaries but baghdad has refused to. pay up because the region is selling its oil independently rather than for the central government kurdish politicians say they are being denied a constitutional right. there is a constitution in place and let it be the judge between us and iraq therefore this issue should be resolved within the framework of the constitution but the iraqi government owes the. billions of dollars the drop in oil prices has shifted attention to our revenues like customs duties every year billions of dollars in
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goods enter iraq from turkey via this border crossing in the kurdish region but some say much of the customs revenue is siphoned into private pockets in october the government implemented a new system to automate financial reporting to boost transparency for years the federal government of iraq and the regional government of kurdistan have quarreled over how to share revenues in august they agreed to split customs revenues from border posts like these but since then new political tensions have hampered the implementation of. the latest demonstrations have put pressure on the kurdistan regional government to agree to terms to release the budget but the people protesting now are not just public servants they are you feel they have no prospects and little to loose. al-jazeera in the kurdish region of northern iraq. and as iraq reels under an economic crisis it is expected to sign a multi-billion dollar oil deal with china it's being seen as
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a bailout with beijing offering money up front now baghdad would receive more than 2000000000 dollars for a year worth of oil supplies the contract is between iraq so more petroleum agency in china zen while oil company iraq has been hit particularly hard by the drop in oil prices the government has been struggling to pay salaries and its economy is set to contract 12 percent this year china's prepayment contract is among the largest in recent history it adds to beijing's large scale loans and strategic investments in latin america and africa let's discuss this with minister attack and he's an international orlan energy consultant he's joining us from london thanks for your time with us on al-jazeera so it's not dangerous time that we've seen this type of deal being made castor oil but it is a 1st for baghdad are you surprised it's. yes and no yes because iraq has not done that in the past that this despite what they said but
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no because this is a trend that as you mention in your introduction already exists with the other countries around the world of mind the chinese companies and the chinese governments that 10 years of this particular need for phony pay for now or the 5 years of future purchase of warren beatty are sweet from day chinese point because you know it does not impose any destruction for the decision of the oil so the company can buy and sell and so on because some of it is countries have restrictions for example of resetting their oil to israel and so on there is no restriction on that parity under the if as is not announced that the interest rates are not that high and are interesting as well horse often so it is a it seems to me although there had been a beating around an announcement by the government you know i can government could difference up prior that this was the best i think it is part of i would say the
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chinese government is the state companies anyway of the chinese government in the last 1020 years the government wants to expand her home to welcome going global and so on and they also provide finance and infrastructure blocks sri lanka major infrastructure development is financed by the chinese and their government has difficulty to pay back and so there is in that case more dangerous by the chinese and go oil producers like iraq for all producers like iraq i mean all of them pretty much all of them have taken a major hits particularly this year and that's because of the coronavirus pandemic but how badly has iraq been hit. well it's very serious to i think you did mention that its g.d.p. economic growth has been 12 percent negative and that has been also the case with iran and others and those with the sanctions document as well you know on our suffering when there. are many other countries oil exporters you see these already
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torching countries in spite of being aware that they have to diversify their economies they are seeing a commodity exporters on fortunately and they have been so for decades and so when there is a big drop in the price of oil and in their actual demand for their oil you see over the oil consumption $100000000.00 barrels per day. and yet in april this year came to 70 so said the medium that is put in draw in the man of course afaik the price of corn right which fell through and so their revenues have fallen both off specially by the price but also if you had to lower. the amount for the. tech and thank you very much for speaking to us from london. it was a pleasure. of strict health measures have been in force the polling stations across indonesia that's as tens of millions of people vote in regional elections
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indonesia has the worst cove in 1000 outbreak in southeast asia with more than 580000 recorded cases and 800000 deaths doctors are concerned a large voter turnout will make that numerous. a champions league football match has been suspended after players from both teams walked off the pitch over allegations of racism that incident erupted when pure way by an assistant coach with the turkish club or was involved in a fierce sideline argument the former cameroon international who was shown a red card accused a match official of fusing a racist term players from his team and their paris and opponents then left the fields mining giant rio tinto is being told it should pay compensation for the destruction of sacred indigenous sites in australia the company blew up caves despite warnings of their cultural significance a parliamentary inquiry has that has been investigating the company's actions in
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the pilbara region as well as fines the government is also considering stopping mining in the area a leading u.s. cyber security firm says it's the victim off a sophisticated state sponsored hacked the company called fire eye hasn't commented on who was behind the attack but says the technique used to present been seen before specialist software was stolen that's used to test customers security. the spanish government has started returning home migrants who've arrived in the canary islands more than 22000 people reached the islands this year with over 8000 arrivals recorded in november alone. reports from the remote village of big young cotto in senegal. a region. i'm a do so i had never seen the ocean before he stepped onto a boat hoping to make it to europe a land he saw filled with opportunities he could not find at home but the coward
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are from tom burke who was caught by spanish coast guards and sent home empty handed to his family his son saif and mohammed streams to play professional football in spain gone are his daughter my mood his hopes to study medicine in europe i'm a do feels like he failed his children you want to i didn't know i wanted to hate carl's for your family in spain maybe that would have changed my life in my children's lives. unprecedented wave of illegal migration from west africa to europe spanish coast over 600 migrants have died trying to make it to the canary islands this year among the dead are many school age teachers that does a professional high school students learn to become electricians in a country where most have no electricity the students say they are learning skills for jobs they cannot find in senegal and then there is this false rumor that europeans dying of the coronavirus are leaving jobs they can't for young african
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men to take. the school principal says every week a student disappears attempting the journey looking for a better future but they're often there is someone in their village or neighborhood that witnesses someone that made it to europe and succeeded in building a new house and being successful and that motivates young people to follow suit. among those that have made it to the other side is my do so is neighbor cherno so he was a young man when he took the boat to the canaries after spending 12 years in the suburbs of madrid selling flowers he came back to the home he built to celebrate his wedding with his 2nd wife something he would have been able to afford had he not gone to spain and he explained. well if you stay here you're on a pittance just enough to survive you will never be able to build this once in europe everything becomes possible. to leave loved ones in order to make their
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lives better flee not war or poverty but in search of a dignified life despite his failed attempts to reach europe it is a pursuit so is not yet ready to give up nicolas hawke al-jazeera predikant to southwest senegal. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera campaigners are warning 9 out of 10 people in nearly 70 poor countries will knock at the covert 900 vaccine next year the people's vaccine alliance says rich states have enough to inoculate their populations several times over canada has enough confirmed doses to inoculate 5 times its population prime minister boris johnson is due to travel to brussels later for intensive talks with the e.u. commission president arsenal of underline both are under.


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