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all in 2010 al-jazeera access to north korea to investigate the alleged use of biological warfare by the us during the korean war rewind revisits dirty little secrets on al-jazeera. a peace pact between the governing party and opposition leaders in tatters in gaza 5 people die in post-election violence. hello i'm adrian some of this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. a good do you still to be done britain's prime minister boris johnson says that a last minute in you trade agreement is possible but that his country would prosper even without. donald trump opens another front in his attempts to overturn his election defeat hours after the supreme court dismisses his case in pennsylvania.
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rich nations are accused of hoarding covert 19 vaccines leaving poor countries to miss hours. 5 people have been killed in post-election violence and gonna police say that 61 incidents of violence a been reported since monday's presidential and parliamentary vote former president and main opposition candidate john muhammad accused the incumbent of trying to rig the election president's not a coup for steam has released an official results suggesting that he's leading the race that's go live now to the capital of the capital accra ahmed addresses outside the election commission in the capital so you've got both the governing party and
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the opposition accusing each other a vote fraud in this election. absolutely this has been going on since i. 'd began my killers looking for a place. busy for the benefit of. shortly after the election clearly. there was. a time for the election. in the words of the opposition however the election. nothing to hide it has done the best it can to get a refund credible the government and its party of course responded to those allegations by john muhammad and today when we were supposed to be getting the final results of the next presidential election
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a parliamentary election this is exactly what's happening in front of the election commission you can see for your release the other part of the united nations not taking the wrong body changing the test is saying i turned to the military to have their complaints about the allegations brigade they live on against innocent commission as well as. the security forces here trying to stop them have stopped them by the way from getting to the election and this is not on the place where we are witnessing this incident then being. there in the town of tamanna by the way similar incidents where opposition supporters. opposition and d.c. party are protesting the way and none of the results will be later and they believe that there was an attempt to steal the boat from those to get what they knocked out
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of a big election comes here is not a gun is that these radicals and they are yet to even announce it is also they want to why should these protests start right now we spoke to me. but 2 hours ago under said they were being robbed of 5 seats of parliament and of course they're also saying that the election commission i am the ruling party for trying to link them to play by the president and his party to win this vote which of course all of them have denied now this is some of the disappointing lives that from goddess capital across many thanks indeed. pressure is mounting on the u.k. and the european union to reach a deal before britain leaves the bloc in 3 weeks prime minister barak's johnson is headed to brussels for intensive talks with the e.u. commission chief president van de lay on the team barbara as the latest from london . back in parliaments and showing no sign of pressure ahead of crisis talks in
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brussels whether the terms on which we deliver our new trading ranges whether the new arrangements resemble those of australia as with the e.u. or whether they like those of canada with the e.u. i have absolutely no doubt that from january the 1st this country is going to prosper mightily misters here. johnson meets to live on the lion president of the european commission over dinner on wednesday evening it's simply to gauge appetite for compromise something needed to break the impasse over the future trading relationship between the u.k. and the european union if nothing emerges the chances of a no deal scenario on the 1st of january look greater the german chancellor insists that a use ready for that she says the area where the 2 sides are furthest apart is how to ensure fair competition in the midst of a level playing field national's your plate we need a level playing field and not just for today but for tomorrow and the next day we
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need agreements on how each side can react when the other side changes its legal parameters otherwise it will result in unfair competition and we won't let this happen to our businesses. differences over what access e.u. fishing fleets have to u.k. waters as seen as more solvable the other sticking point has been how to enforce any trade deal this week a u.k. e.u. joint committee agreed specific arrangements for northern ireland including managing the border with island now the u.k. has dropped legislation that would break international law but the committee's co-chair says level playing field demands remain a big problem the prime minister is being clear. that we're going to maintain high standards in this country but we're also going to be a sovereign country and that we need to be in control of our own rules and regulations our laws and ways of doing things e.u. leaders are holding their own summit on thursday and friday if there is no resolution tonight i think we will have more calls from even the decides to step up
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the narrative preparations but at the same time the e.u. will not walk away from these new ca sions they will try to negotiate until the very end until the actual deadline which is the said as of december and no deal bricks it is what many businesses in britain and the youth fear most incredibly nobody truly knows whether that's what they'll get in a few weeks time knitting barber al-jazeera one of the leading members of the palestinian liberation organization has submitted her resignation shrubby was the highest ranking female politician in the palestinian authority at a p.l.o. executive since 2009 let's go live now to ramallah to sarah's neda abraham is there why has had on a shrubby resigned. in the statement that she sent just almost an hour and a half ago she did not specify the reasoning behind her resignation she said that
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she's met with president mahmoud abbas on the 24th of november and she told him that she's going to be resigning and followed that up with the written resignation the next day she says that the president has referred to her as a nation to the palestinian central council this is the council that has reappointed are we to this position of being a p.l.o. executive committee member in 2018 but in harris statement she says that this is resignation wasn't supposed to be announced but it has been leaked to the media and we've heard some media has been to some sources telling them that she indeed did resign and in the statement she sent today she says while i appreciate and respect the president's position for my resignation and consider it to be in effect allow me to quote another. of her statement which is important for
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us to understand probably the reasoning behind it is ignition she says it's time to carry out that acquired 'd reform and activate the p.l.o. in a manner that restores it standing and rule and that could be also linked to the issue of saw a better death he was a senior palestinian official the p.l.o. secretary general and he has been responsible for the negotiations mandates in the low and it seems like there has been some sort of a disagreement on who is going to be taking that position after a pause that could be one of the reasons why ashrawi has resigned you don't hear him reporting live from ramallah thanks. the u.s. supreme court has rejected a last ditch attempt by republicans to reverse joe biden's electoral victory victory in the battleground state of pennsylvania the state's result has been certified in 5 or in favor of biden out of the one line statement the supreme court refused to call that certification process into question it deals an attempt by
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donald trump's republican party to have as many as 2 and a half 1000000 votes dismissed well i thought a washington white house correspondent kimberly hellcat is kimberly the president issuing a flurry of tweets this morning where we start including the one that just says hash tag over ton let's start with that pennsylvania result then that the president denying that that case was anything to do with him anyway and that he has bigger fish to fry in texas. yeah that's exactly right the u.s. president downplaying what was seen as a sizable loss of the u.s. supreme court in a case involving the u.s. state of pennsylvania that would invalidate millions of votes it's quite notable that given the fact that donald trump has 3 republican appointees on that court that there was 0 dissent that means that all the democratic appointed and republican appointed judges agreed that there was no merit to the case that was
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brought before them essentially what they were claiming is that these votes should be invalidated those defending the case said that this would really undermine u.s. democracy in the u.s. constitution and the judges agreed but donald trump has been tweeting a flurry of tweets i'll talk about one of them that references this pennsylvania case 1st and then we'll get to the rest the president saying this was not my case as has been so incorrectly reported that's why he's talking out of pennsylvania the case that everyone has been waiting for is the state's case with texas that's still to be heard and numerous others joining it is very strong all criteria met how can you have a presidency when the vast majority think the election was rigged the case the president's pinning his hopes on texas the attorney general leading it out of that state but it involves pennsylvania georgia michigan and wisconsin and essentially what they're asking the supreme court to do is to declare that the electoral college votes in that state not go to joe biden so that's it in
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a nutshell but again given the track record it doesn't look hopeful now very quickly all those other tweets that the president was talking about the hash tag overturn he's trying to undo the election results and he's being very clear about it he says there's massive evidence he said he had hundreds of thousands of legal votes more than joe biden that's not what the results show so far and he's also pointing out that no candidate historically has ever won florida or ohio and still . last donald trump pointed out he won both of those states bring into question again the election results but this will have to be heard by the courts so far the evidence that has been presented by the campaign the courts have said has been flimsy and also has not been enough to show there was widespread fraud and off to overturn these election results so donald trump still clearly picking his case on hopes on the supreme court but again it would be a long shot a white house correspondent kennedy how could life for us in washington can but he
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meant that he thinks it will get a weather update next here i'll just hear oh then a high turnout in indonesia's regional elections has doctors worried about clusters of covert 19 about. 5 years out paying for a documentary about an ancient aboriginal size a mining company destroyed its spring told to pay for it. hello we still have a few showers in the full cost for russia pat nothing too much to speak of you see more in the way of cloud out into the open waters here we want to show us just around honshu maybe some wintry florist coming up into hokkaido for a time but it's brightening optimal see temperatures getting up to maybe 15 celsius in tokyo as we go on through friday as that dry weather is christe sunshine but
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it's going sunshine there for beijing temperatures at around 4 degrees celsius a little more in the way of fat it's eastern parts of china we want to shower squeezed out of that but again nothing too much to speak of 13 celsius there in shanghai places i think a good job right now across much of south asia lossie settled and sunny over we do still have some showers just around the fos out of kerala maybe pushing up towards kanata care we might be see want to shower still coming into sri lanka for much of a there it is dry but notice we do have something of a westerly disturbance just sliding out of pakistan we'll see some what the weather coming through here sliding over towards northern parts of india as we go on through the next couple of days will help to clear the air to the smoke that we have in new delhi notice a lot of western weather down towards a good herat down towards mumbai but elsewhere it's fine.
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join africa's largest trade and investment and rwanda into african trade track gives me access to more than 1100 exhibitors 10000 visitors in bias and more than 5000 conference delegates from more than 55 countries participate in trade and investment deals with $40000000000.00 u.s. dollars as business and government come together to explore business and networking opportunities at the international exhibition boat by the african export import bank and their premium partners the i a.t.f. 2021 transforming africa. well again this is al jazeera let's remind you of the main news this hour at least 5 people have been killed in post-election violence in ghana police say that 61
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incidents of violence of the reported since monday's presidential and parliamentary vote official results have not yet been released. one of the leading members of the palestinian liberation organization shall we has submitted her resignation this rally was the highest ranking female politician in the palestinian authority but a p.l.o. executive since 2009. and britain's prime minister boris johnson says no leader could accept the post brings a trade deal that the e.u. is currently offering johnston's faced questions in parliament hours before he's due to fly to to brussels for a last ditch talks. iran's president hassan rouhani says that u.s. sanctions are making it difficult to access medicines including covert 19 vaccines iran is suffering the worst corona virus outbreak in the middle east it's not its 3rd wave that is recorded over a 1000000 cases of more than 50000 deaths sanctions imposed by the united states since its 2018 nuclear deal with drawl of made it difficult for iran to access
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funds and to import its. and our people should know that whatever we want to do when we want to import medicine or import equipment or vaccines we have to kiss trump a 100 times as he has created so many problems in annoyances a simple job that would normally be done with a phone call a message or swift transaction takes weeks or months to complete and the whole country has to work together to transfer money from one place to the other just to buy medicine the bunch is spending their last days of this sinister teenie at the white house our vets work it all is a global wash to get corona virus vaccines campaigners are warning that 9 out of 10 people in nearly 70 poor nations will not get the next year the people's vaccine alliances the rich nations the hoarding vaccines buying up enough doses to inoculate their populations several times over the alliance's a coalition that includes oxfam and amnesty international. well here's how rich
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countries are hedging their bets a study shows that canada has enough vaccine doses to inoculate 5 times its population with the option to expand to 6 times it's followed by the u.s. and u.k. in comparison india has an offer on the 60 percent of its people brazil 47 percent existing inequality in both countries has been blamed at least in part for the severity of the breaks and finally there are countries including lebanon whose government is almost bankrupt it has only enough to vaccinate 15 percent of its population bangladesh can cover just 9 the philippine government says that it will have to rely on $1000000000.00 loans and private donations to get enough vaccines jemma island organ reports now from the. general salvatore is a covert 19th survivor he spent 2 weeks in hospital in a critical condition and he says he spent his life savings
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a few $100.00 on medicines he's now without a job and despite reports event see the against corona virus will be available early next year he's not confident his family will get access to them. you know i didn't even get any cash this in that time so i don't even think about since something will get either a yes worry about the children that's all they care about this so the doors live in one of the poorest communities in manila the center of the pandemic in the philippines there are some people here however who don't share it sure will spare and are hopeful the vaccines will signal a return to normality. belong to the society we mentor girls are looking forward to hoping will be made a priority the government aims to vaccinate at least 60 percent of the country's
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population in order to achieve her. immunity but in an archipelago of more than $7100.00 islands and a national budget that's barely enough even the official theory admit it won't be easy for weeks now countries around the world have been trying to secure deals to buy vaccines when they become available wealthier countries are bidding for a huge share of supplies hoping to vaccinate their entire populations but the united nations says 2 thirds of the global populations will not get enough and many countries including the philippines do not have the logistical support to establish an adequate vaccination program they also don't have the capacity to produce their own vaccines officials here say they hope that by taking part in face she trials and joining initiatives with other less developed countries they may be able to procure enough doses be our frontline nurse the 50 percent will be dedicated or the
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government will be given to the b. sectors and particularly our headquarters and our poor and vulnerable community at the present to be given to the private sector will also be given to their problem or low income laborers who give access in its ability to contain the virus in southeast asia over the past few months the philippines is seen as the worst performing country and many here fear it will also find itself on the bottom of the list for the vaccine jim duggan al-jazeera manila. strict health measures have been enforced as tens of millions of people voted in. elections it has the worst of it 19 outbreak in southeast asia doctors worry that a large voter turnout could make things worse just like washington reports. politics has long been a family affair in indonesia and circuit had this candidate is hoping to follow in his father's footsteps. good brown rock
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a booming rucka is the son of president joker widodo and is contesting the same mayoral race that kick started his father's political career is contesting his 1st election in unusual circumstances when some might be reluctant to go out and vote because of concerns about covert 19. right at the voting booth the safe comfortable and sterilized don't forget to wear your mask so i have a somewhat when president joke otoh was elected to the highest office many saw him as an outsider to the dynasties that have long characterized indonesian politics. now in his 2nd and final term with his son and some and will contesting the election analysts say president you coing may be setting up a dynasty of his own. president that he was going to be different he was the outsider he made it to the top of politics because he was seen as being different and you proved he would sweep away the cobwebs the ism and corruption.
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the vice president's daughter is also running for election i cannot back. as a daughter of the nation i want to show my devotion to the country and bring benefits to its people elections in the world's 3rd largest democracy are usually spirited crowded events and although familial politics may be the norm this year in the shadow of the pandemic things are different wearing a month you can call syria around fall to this point you have found it hard to be voted in but don't disappear over the crowd he will lead to a spike in carbon 19 cases medical groups had called to postpone the election as the country grapples with the worst cope of 19 outbreak in southeast asia with at least 18000 confirmed deaths and more than half a 1000000 cases. doctors say the health care system is under strain and many intensive care units around major cities are already 90 percent capacity.
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i see this in anticipation i have to get ready for december in january because the number of cases will increase some voters told al-jazeera they were aware of the rifts involved in voting. of course i'm worried about private 19 but voting is a responsibility that's part of being a democracy we have to do it the count could take days or weeks the doctors say the result focused on the likely surgeon covered 1000 cases in coming days jessica washington al-jazeera. the european union is said to sanction more turkish entities over drilling in contested waters in the mediterranean a draft statement says the turkish individuals and companies will be added to a sanctions list that's been in place since 29 team greece and cyprus accused turkey of drilling for hydrocarbons in their waters turkey says it's operating in waters on its own continental shelf. any
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decision to impose sanctions against turkey to be of great concern to turkey the european union has been constantly imposing sanctions on us since $963.00 anyway the european union has never acted on asli the european union has never stood behind any promises it has made the champions league football match has been suspended after players from both teams walked off the pitch over allegations of racism incident happened when the assistant coach of the turkish club but here was involved in a fierce sideline argument before the cameroon international accused a match official of using a racist term players from his team. opponents then left the field the tasha butler reports from paris. was been a flurry of reaction after the champions league game on tuesday night here in paris where those 2 teams a walked off the field unprecedented really we have heard of course from you way
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for europe's governing football body they would normally slap a penalty on the teams for refusing to play but of course they have made an exception in this circumstance and they have promised a full investigation into what happened we've also heard it here in france from the french sports minister the spokesperson for the french government both sharing their solidarity for the 2 teams for protesting on tuesday night they said that of course there is no place for any form of racism in sport we've also heard from many top football players around the world including some of the players are involved in that match or last night pairs just stars. and neymar both taking to social media to say no to racism and the turkish president also became involved on tuesday evening just after the match saying that racism was unacceptable in this
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circumstance of course turkish president also making further comments on wednesday rather more unusual saying that this reflects the what he called culture of racism in france well of course the referee in question the 4th official who is alleged to have used a racist slur against the assistant coach of the turkish team was actually remain in so i think the most people they will see the turkish presence latest comments in the context of the ongoing war of words of the turkish presence has with the french presence a matter of macro relations between those 2 countries strained as ever. they had nations is called on france to withdraw a bill that would restrict people from sharing images of police offices the un rights chief michelle bachelet says that the law would infringe on people's freedom president emanuel macaws ruling party said that it will rewrite the draft law after protests boeing's 737 max jet has returned to the sky to being grounded
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since 2019 the revamped aircraft made its 1st commercial flight for goal alliance from sao paolo to porto alegre boeing hopes that it can turn the corner after a damaging crisis in the wake of 2 crashes that killed 346 people. pressure overage destruction of sacred aboriginal shelters in australia. is recommending it pay compensation to traditional. bill what it destroyed the reports from capital. this documentary paid for by mining giant rio tinto describes the deep cultural and historical significance of the ancient jew can gorge rock caves in australia's remote pilbara region. really unique if the preservation. 5 years later destroyed to expand one of its iron ore mines the incident sparking global
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outrage and grief from traditional owners who tried to stop it from going ahead. and national inquiry into their destruction has delivered i think a thing report saying the traditional owners were let down not only by rio tinto but by governments their own lawyers and native title law was granted approval to damage the site in 2013 under aboriginal heritage laws but a year later an archaeological dig intended to salvage anything found there discovered just how precious the caves were containing evidence of human activity 46000 years ago the report describes rio tinto as actions is inexcusable saying it's knew the value of what it was destroying but anyway it also says significant. about the culture and practices within the company and recommended
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rio tinto negotiate a compensation deal with traditional owners known as the p.k. people while committing to reconstruct the caves. can't just be a truck. have the leverage to make a decision about what kind of restitution they believe to be appropriate 3 top executives including the c.e.o. have resigned over the failings that. with the inquiries findings not legally binding many and now watching a response. 0 camera. i think 5 people have been.


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