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prehistoric times or classics times from palestine enjoyed social snapshots of different times and places from the british mandate to 950 s. jordan and the palestinian diaspora today musical expressions of a cultural identity and a yearning for the homeland that many of the forced from in 1948 songs for the love of history on al-jazeera. healthcare experts in the u.s. evaluate the pfizer coronavirus vaccine and recommend its approval for a nationwide rollout. when i'm come on santa maria this is the world news from al jazeera in a deal brokered by the outgoing u.s. president donald trump morocco has become the 4th arab nation to normalize
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relations with israel. is the time for the public and for businesses to get ready for january the 1st but talks with the e.u. still at a stalemate there's a new sunday deadline but the u.k. prime minister is warning a no deal breaker that's a strong possibility in the streets of argentina's capital russian protesters politicians to vote on legalizing abortion. so an advisory board for the u.s. food and drug administration has recommended the pfizer coronavirus vaccine should be authorized for use the committee will meet again for formal approval but it's another step in the right direction towards rolling out an immunization campaign in what is the worst affected country in the world there are still safety concerns to think about this is that biotech vaccine was rolled out in the u.k. early this week it was health care. because the vulnerable were 1st to get it but
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it came with a warning the day after that those with an afflicted allergies should not get the job because 2 national health service staff had adverse reactions still this panel of outside advisors to the f.d.a. voted 174 in favor of the known benefits of the fires a shot outweighed the risks in adults off we go to silver spring maryland patty callahan's following this one so just 1st of all patty this is an advisory committee to the f.d.a. so the f.d.a. still has to rubber stamp this. exactly 2 totally separate organizations but the way they do this in this is normal just because of coded they have outside experts so think of it like the pfizer vaccine is on trial and these experts the scientists and doctors they're the jury and the judge so they spent about 8 hours more than that talking to witnesses going over the statistics going through the process talking about the ethics of it at the end of the day as
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you mentioned 17 of them said yes this is safe enough and worth the risk if there is any risk although they stress that they don't see a whole lot of risk just for context there were 4 who said no one who abstained and i don't believe that was because they don't agree with the vaccine the discussion right before the vote was who exactly they should recommend get it the recommendation was basically 16 and up and this committee thought some members of the committee thought maybe that should just be 18 and up because they were worried about 16 and 17 year olds that may be in effect not enough study had been done on that so they're trying to send the message though and the reason they did it on zoom and the reason thousands of people watch which is very unusual about is unusual is the fact that i've stated before the f.d.a. have never done that and career it's because this is so important and because they want americans to trust this vaccine because we have a population of people a minority but say that they don't trust vaccines period for the flu for anything
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and so already 50 percent say that they may not take this vaccine so that's why you see the f.d.a. taking this step so this is an advisory board they've said yes that's a very important step that the f.d.a. could have approved it even if they said no but that's unlikely they usually follow this group's recommendations so we do expect probably not the next couple of hours be by tomorrow they'll go ahead the f.d.a. station base here will go ahead and give the approval and then you the government says within 24 hours you're going to see about 3000000 doses hit the air hit the skies they've got all these sorts of procedures in place so that fed ex drivers have police escort. they get priority on airplanes so they're going to try and start putting shots in arms or as you say jabs in our in the next couple of days concomitant enough can it patios looking at the numbers up over $3000.00 deaths a day now if you had even suggested that at the start of this pandemic we would have all full of money not
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a chance well and that's exactly it because it isn't just the start of the pandemic we're 9 months into it and there's a big difference between what happened in the spring and what's happening now what we saw when it hit the coast the west coast new york city was particularly hard hit as you'll remember that's when they put out the call the doctors and nurses the military sort of field hospitals they rush to those locations that's not happening now because every place is as bad as new york and california were at the beginning now they're even worse so what we're seeing experts said this was going to happen they said if you travel for thanksgiving if you get together with people who you all don't live with already and sit there and eat in closed contact this virus is going to get out of control so what are we seeing the virus completely out of control and unlike this spring we're states in cities they were pretty quick to say ok lock it down only essential personnel stay in your house we need to figure out where this vaccine is they're not doing that most of the country right now here in
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maryland they just put out the word that indoor dining is going to be restricted in the coming days but think about that the numbers are what they are and people still in this county been able to go inside a restaurant where people say it's not safe so the word not seen the steps we saw in the spring we are seeing numbers climb and health care providers saying they might have to start rationing care very soon how do you tell haynes silver spring maryland thank you for that update. on to other news morocco has become the 4th arab nation to agree to normalize ties with israel the u.s. brokered the deal promising in exchange to recognize maracas claim over the disputed western sahara region president on trump announced the deal on twitter this is the area in question up until now the us agreed it was disputed that part and great western sahara which has been fought over for years by morocco and the subtly ethnic group on israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says this helps
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the path to peace for the wider middle east this is the foundation on which we can now build this piece will resume liaison offices quickly between israel and morocco and work as rapidly as possible to establish full diplomatic relations we also institute direct flights between morocco in israel and israel in morocco giving this bridge of peace and even more solid foundation this will be a very warm peace peace as never the light of peace on this hanukkah day as never shown brighter than today in the middle east more with our correspondent ari force that in western most of them promised you know in the previous normalization deals has been stressing what it could mean practically or israelis in terms of trade in terms of tourism in this instance is been talking about the fact that so many hundreds of thousands of moroccan jews came to israel
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in the early days of zionism and throughout the early days of the israeli state and that that is what he calls a bridge to morocco and so again he's been talking about the fact that there will be these direct flights. the people can go and find families find trace their family histories in morocco presumably that is something that has happened in the past but in terms of organized to a groups having to live by europe being able to do so independently directly will be a major change for. israeli jews of moroccan heritage there's been obviously a very different reaction coming from the palestinian side the outgoing member of the executive committee of the p.l.o. hamas where we has tweeted that between bribery and blackmail the trump administration is in a mad scramble to do whatever it can to extract concessions and benefits towards israel so if it all sounds from any of this is because this is the 4th deal between
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israel and an arab country organized by the white house starting with the u.a.e. in august united arab emirates in september that was followed by an agreement with behi and israel and then both attended the signing ceremony at the white house and then in october sudan's transitional government joined in as well now with morocco there is added weight behind the claims from trump's adviser jared cushion or that it deal with it in saudi arabia could happen here's mike hanna in washington d.c. he's got the u.s. political reaction to the decision. president trump in this service acted unilaterally no consultation with allies or the united nations which is the overarching body discussing the western sahara issue this is once again a trump move taken just by himself with absolutely no consultation whatsoever the meaning of this is that the u.s. position has not been reversed decades of u.s. policy with regard to western sahara as not simply being reversed the us had been
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alongside a united nations members african union the european union had all insisted that the way to get a peaceful settlement in the region was to get a referendum in western sahara now president trying to simply turn his back on all those years of discussion all those years of policy making and all those years of negotiation that happened and there's already been a consequence a very rare criticism from a republican in the senate jim inhofe has released a statement saying that president trump has traded the voices of the people of the no voice for this particular peace deal he really critical of president trump for taking this action for reversing u.s. policy now the question is when joe biden comes into office where the heat is follows along with what president trump does which could well anger many off his allies or whether he attempts to reverse the situation which could imperil this
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peace deal and of course there are implications on politics across the middle east to consider his hands from a whole barrel with more on that. that recognition today by u.s. president donald trump is something which will definitely reshape the whole thing about the conflicts of western sahara is going to give morocco massive political advantage in the coming in the future it will put more pressure on the polish sorry a front backed by 2 key players in africa and south africa and algeria as far as the middle east peace process of the normalization between morocco and israel the royal palace said that the kingdom of morocco. reiterated in the special status of jerusalem and would like to see to a solution a 2 state solution happening in the near future the king of morocco is at the same time the chairman of the. committee of jerusalem committee which was established in
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1975 with the aim of finding a solution to the issue of jerusalem and i think the walkers would like to take this opportunity now to say that we will use our normalization with israel to move forward and help the both the palestinians and the israelis move forward to worse a permanent solution to the crisis i can say this is a seismic movement move moment that could shape the future of the conflict between morocco on the front and could have far reaching consequences consequences in the middle east or. now argentina is poised to become only the 3rd country in south america to legalize abortion as politicians prepared to decide on a bill before congress have been prone anti abortion rights campaign is held in rallies in buenos aires where the legislation is being debated ahead of a vote in the lower house says that is expected to narrowly approve the law it will then move to the senate where an even closer vote is expected to an estimated half
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a 1000000 illegal abortions i carried out every year in argentina history is about in one a size. we're not far away from congress and there's thousands of people that are from new to follow the debate that are happening right now in congress the major story for argentina around the country polarized on the outcome of the vote for roland right now the pro-choice the protesters are here with the green cards that have come to be known not only in argentina but throughout latin america the demand for legalized abortion not only in argentina but also in other parts of this region on the other side of this class of their role in life movement that have the support of pope francis who is also from argentina has been known going into people protesting a pick up against the bill that is currently being debated we know that the catholic church has increased pressure on lawmakers to know that if told he felt
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have been calling federal lawmakers in order for them to vote against the bill that is currently being the vote of what the president i've got a problem on the phone is a valid legal i forgot motion in this country is a matter of public health officials are already happening in argentina and thousands of women are hospitalized every year because of complications with the obligations and that's not only that's not the only problem but once they got to have it all because of those 40 cases afraid of the name crazy. in the news ahead all smiles in azerbaijan as the turkish president hails what he calls a glorious win against armenia in russia's backyard. we've got so many hot spots right now and western donors and donors around the world are struggling with the amount of monies that we need and recognizing the fight and global hunger the nobel peace prize goes to the world food program.
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but. the weather maze pretty quiet across china at the moment said logic whites who across the korean peninsula little in the cloudy side that cloud spilling over towards japan bits and pieces of cherry rain into western parts of honshu temperatures in take a 14 or 15 degrees as we go on through saturday the breeze just picking up a little but it should be largely try to that eastern side of holland shape fine enjoy across central and southern parts of china but a few showers just coming back into northern areas as we go on through the next day also plenty of showers across the philippines at present some lively ones there into lose on west the weather also sliding back towards southern parts of thailand down towards the malaysian peninsula more than areas of somalia where we'll see some very heavy rain pushing back through here exacerbating the flooding places say
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it's much stronger now across much of south asia will be do have a circulation out in the arabian sea and this is just throwing in some west the weather towards gujarat's was northwest of india a westerly disturbance bringing cloud and rain across northern pakistan pushing across into the fall north of india general kashmir seeing some snow hopefully stirring up the dense fog and smoke that we have around new delhi temperatures here struggling to get to 26 degrees. canada a country of promise and opportunity from my gram workers but with little protection from the state or thirties many are forced to pay extortionate relocation phase under saddled with heavy debts $7000.00 to come to canada here 7 and a lot of money in one brave group of indonesian workers speak out and seek justice
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for their exploitation migrant dreams a witness documentary on al-jazeera. to . form. the top stories this hour on al-jazeera an advisory board to the u.s. food and drug administration has recommended the pfizer coronavirus vaccine should be authorized for use the committee meets again for formal approval but this is another step in the right direction towards rolling out an immunization campaign in the worst affected country in the world morocco's become the 4th arab nation to agree to normalize ties with israel the u.s. brokered the deal promising in exchange to recognize morocco's claim over the
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disputed western sahara region. and argentina is poised to become only the 3rd country in south america to legalize abortion as politicians prepared to debate a bill before congress pro and anti abortion rights campaigners held rallies in point of saris with the legislation is being debated ahead of a vote in the lower house. well more than 4 years after the vote to leave in the leaders of the u.k. and the e.u. have given their negotiating just 3 more days to shore up the post briggs it trade deal british prime minister burris john snow is warning there is a strong possibility they will fail so now both sides are beginning to prepare for the u.k. to leave the e.u. with no deal at the end of the month the support from the fucka. a very real and sudden lurch towards the prospect of a no deal breaks it the british prime minister told the u.k. to get ready the deal on the table is really not at the moment right for the for the u.k. and now is the time for the public and for businesses to get ready for
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january the 1st because believe me there's going to be change either way that we change whether it's a canada or an australia style deal the comments follow high level talks between boris johnson and the president of the european commission in brussels on wednesday after a 3 hour working dinner compromises remained off the table negotiations however have resumed with sunday set as the new deadline for reaching a breakthrough with the u.k. officially left the e.u. on january the 31st it's been the transition period ever since subject to e.u. rules and regulations while it tries to reach a trade deal with the u.k. falls back on very basic world trade organization terms often called an australia style deal but what it really means is the sudden unplugging of britain's economy from the world's largest trading bloc and the prospect of checks and tariffs on
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goods going between the u.k. and the e.u. on sunday the new deadline will be exactly a year since boris johnson returned to downing street having won a landslide in the election largely on the promise of being able to deliver bricks in 12 months all of the repeated promise of a trade deal with the e.u. though still to be on it. and now hopes of a deal are drifting away seemingly irreconcilable differences on fishing quotas business competition rules and how the new arrangements will be enforced to dog negotiations for mums and in a possible sign of things to come images of tailbacks of trucks on the road. the port of dover and the channel tunnel in folk still thursday logistics companies are reporting a surgeon orders ahead of the breaks it deadline awarding to from france the british citizens may need visas to stay in the e.u. longer than 3 months the e.u.
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suggested it's ready to keep the continent's roads open to british trucks and let the u.k. operate flights for a period of 6 months providing the u.k. does the same but the british government promised a hard break from the e.u. come what may on december the 31st without a willingness to compromise it's difficult to see what avenues are left eve parker al-jazeera london. jonathan list is with us now political commentator and deputy director of the great british influences on skype from london just as a sort of big question 1st jonathan should it have been this difficult i made the point at the start of the segment 4 years since the vote and it's all come down to the last few days i think it was always going to be difficult. mounted something that was unbelievable. the benefits of the membership that's any responsibilities and now is trying to secure. unprecedented access to these
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markets without being any harm to the regulatory framework trying to secure a perfect vision of sovereignty which doesn't exist anywhere in the world. moral. trade which by definition involves someone who of sovereignty and the greens would shout sets of rules so then what are the alternatives as far as johnson now starts talking about the possibility of a no deal breaks it. and then he says things like all the canada model or the australian model what these things actually mean. well that he from isms to reprogram the kind of language that people understand. that not only say the canada star sounds great because you know the calendar is a beacon of free trade but even that would represent a hard rocks it with a huge loss of g.d.p. and australia style outcome is even more ridiculous i guess that means no deal or 2
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now it's not true for start because australia has some deals with the e.u. one's own science deals with trays it's also negotiating a deal with the e.u. so it doesn't like having a signal strength style deal and it's also a trade between australia and the e.u. accounts for 11 percent most trading is x. tools and it was a very far away the trade at most the gravity monitor trade whereas for the each a 43 percent bucket size was going to be used to o.p.c. the e.u. is much closer it's much more important than australia is to the e.u.'s not least australia is britain i think nave mentioned this in his report looking at possible chaos come january 1st year we keep hearing about this idea of long queues at the dove a port and and the like what's your view on the likelihood of that happening. it's a certainty because the last 47 years we've been the instruments and now we're being wrenched out and that's even with the deal we're still going to
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leave this in the modern customs union and that is going to require new checks taking place immediately food tariffs and standards and that's going to lead to huge tailbacks and that's going to be massive destruction so you're calling me now the bank of england as estimates the damage and no you know rocks it is going to be worse than the damage and hope that and you know the l.s.e. has asked in a sense an 8 percent reduction in g.d.p. that's what we would have heard over the course of a few years so this is this really serious stuff which people have not been prepared and part of the reason how many there is a burst johnson delivers these bullish statements talking about australia and not telling people who are the largest going to be affected not great is it thank you jonathan for your analysis on that jonathan list joining us from london thanks turkey's president saw a victory tour in azerbaijan to celebrate his allies win the conflict with neighboring armenia emphasize the country's close links with a display of military power right in russia's backyard. as
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a report. a celebration and buckie of us are beyond victory indifferent to 4 day conflict with our mania over the nagano car of our region $3000.00 every soldier's along side turkish commandos so rendered by military hardware and a weapon used a shell of high powered by 2 countries calling themselves one nation 2 states the leaders of turkey and s.r.b. have sat the victory will unite the turkish countries. and they said a joint proposal from russia iran turkey as rb john georgianna armenia to keep peace in the region is feasible. if positive steps are taken on this matter we will open our borders that are closed as long as these positive steps are taken we do not have to keep the borders closed with armenia because we want to take the
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steps for peace moreover we don't hold any grudge against armenian people our problem is with the leadership of azerbaijan's president ilham aliyev said his country had to free gained its territorial integrity i get it many started badly but if the armenian leadership draws the right consequences from the war there are unfounded claims and looking to the future they also have a place in this platform we're open to this. the 6 weeks of fighting that erupted in nagorno-karabakh in late september killed more than 5000 people on car was widely accurate stuff the spattering mercenaries from syria to bolster backers army but repeatedly denied the charge a cease fire deal was the brokered by russia in early november spurring mess celebrations in azerbaijan and causing thousands of our many and some living in the territory to leave. harmony as prime minister only called question young faced large demonstrations calling for his resignation for what many called
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capitalization. nearly 2000 russian peacekeepers have been deployed to the region on a renewable 5 year men date and the truth will be monitored in azerbaijan by the turkish military as promised to reconstruct nagorno-karabakh turkey and azerbaijan signed several agreements work is worth their presence is seen by as our way johnnie's as a support and with former our troops who are also paying for a way for our crowd to expand its influence into the carcasses as their ties strengthen many experts to his aspirations may face resistance from moscow and agger wait there all of the fragile relationship over libya and syria set up a solo artist or istanbul. libya's internationally recognized government has released 2 russian detainees signaling in easing of tensions the pair were arrested in tripoli last year while working for the son of libya's former ruler muammar
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qadhafi they were accused by prosecutors of election meddling russia backs the tripoli government's rival in libya's civil war that of the world after both sides agreed to a permanent ceasefire in october meanwhile forces loyal to have to say they've released a turkish ship which was seized on monday the libyan national army who control the country's east say the vessel was violating maritime law an incident that was condemned by turkish officials turkey backs the government of national court the one in tripoli a prominent saudi women's rights activist has appeared before a special terrorism court in riyadh where jane i'll have the case was transferred to weeks ago she is among a dozen activists arrested in 2018 as weeks before the lifting of a decades long ban on female drivers rights groups says she's been held in solitary confinement and assaulted while in prison saudi officials though deny the allegations of torture a prominent afghan female television anchor and her driver have been killed in the
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province gunman opened fire on malala my ones cause soon after she left her house and i still has claimed responsibility for the attack my one was an advocate for the rights of afghan women and children the world food program has received this year's nobel peace prize for its efforts to combat global hunger executive director david beasley accepted the award from the u.n. agencies headquarters in rome but he warned of an approaching hunger pandemic with hundreds of millions of people headed for starvation the event was moved online because of the corona virus pandemic. speaking to al-jazeera beazley said he hoped the refugee crisis in sudan wouldn't become a protracted one this is of course where more than $47000.00 refugees have fled across the border since the conflict in tipperary began last month the world food program is already struggling to generate funding for existing humanitarian disasters when you look at the amount of monies that we are having to raise now
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we're actually going to have we've been raised about 8000000000 dollars this year we're looking at $615000000000.00 that we're going to be next year 5000000000 just to avert them and so we've got so many hotspots right now and western donors and donors around the world are struggling with the amount of monies that we need so we're hopeful that because we're already spending a lot of money in sudan and now you've got this crisis and we hopeful we're hopeful that this can be over soon as possible. and these are the top stories on advisory boards of the u.s. food and drug administration has recommended the pfizer coronavirus vaccine should be authorized for use the committee will meet again for formal approval but it's another step in the right direction towards rolling out an immunization campaign in the worst affected country in the world's. callahan she explains what went on
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behind closed doors at the meeting in silver spring maryland threw out 88 hours of testimony they heard from over and over from different witnesses go.


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