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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 11, 2020 7:00am-7:30am +03

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our. health care experts in the u.s. evaluate the pfizer kuroda virus vaccine and recommend its approval for a nationwide roll ups. i'm convinced now this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up in a deal brokered by outgoing u.s. president donald trump morocco becomes the 4th of our nation to normalize relations with israel. the streets of argentina's capital erupted protests politicians are to vote on legalizing abortion. a total lockdown imposed in santiago an appeal for 2
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lanes to stay off the streets as the government tries to bring the pandemic under control. welcome news in the u.s. as a panel of health experts recommends the emergency approval of the fire as a biotech coronavirus vaccine group advising the food and drug administration office some hope for an end to the pandemic that has killed more people in the country than anywhere else in the world and his political home explains the next step is formal approval to start an immunization campaign. good bye to the continuation of the go to court it was at times a little hard to understand but that may have been the point to let the thousands of people watching the f.d.a. meeting know that they did their homework this was an independent panel of scientists and doctors going on line and in essence putting the phaser vaccine on trial hour and hour of testimony against the frightening backdrop of coppa death in the u.s.
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and that made it about $55.00 about like every month over the next few months in the end after more than 8 hours of testimony the panel voted to we do have a. urging the food and drug administration to authorize the use of the 1st vaccine that is shown to be highly effective at immunizing people against the virus once final approval is given almost $3000000.00 doses of the vaccine will be shipped out for immediate delivery within days health care providers and residents and long term care facilities will be given the 1st doses it won't be enough to stop the case counts rising along with a record number of americans who are now dying every day while health care workers are begging people to take the virus seriously we're exhausted we are exhausted and there will be no care for your family members if just continue. and $95.00 we can not have a drink of water for hours. we are so idiot hi dana. you
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know and we're doing everything for eyepieces because we know that they cannot see their family. but in much of the country many elected leaders are also not taking steps to stop the spread restaurants bars even bowling alleys remain open to the public and with hospitals filling up health experts are warning they may have to start rationing care basically deciding who can get treatment and who can't fight or says once he gets the approval it expects to be able to produce around $50000000.00 doses by the end of this year the one hopeful sign for a country in a terrifying fight one that right now it appears to be losing. al-jazeera marilyn's. it's the news hospitals and medical storage physical facilities across the u.s. have been waiting for the mt sinai health system in new york is one of several places ready to receive doses of vaccine it's prepared temperature appropriate
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freezes for the fall as a product that needs to be stored at $79.00 degrees below 0. this whole freezer to hold great couple 100000 we spent the week in the house we. live this any given time to to be really. absolutely not to be late for when your preacher. talk to a mock dog is chief strategy officer of population health at the university of washington he says the u.s. has the necessary infrastructure to deliver millions of doses of the vaccine but it's less confident that herd immunity will be achieved. vaccines don't save life it's vaccination and a vaccine is sitting in a fish bait or it doesn't matter how effective and clinical trial is not going to help us the way to do it is we need to build confidence in the vaccine among the american public and everywhere you go so 1st medical doctors and public health professionals need to roll up their sleeves and data about seeing leadership here
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in the country people who are all in there in the united states should shoulder public we are only about seeing it safe also we need to monitor all the 1st event and we need to have a good communication plan to tell the american people what's going on and where you can find the vaccine and here versus eventually. and then be a public message that will go to everybody especially people who are delivering about see what's happening and of course everybody who has a medical condition we found out in the u.k. for example this allergy anybody who has a medical condition should be referred to the physician and they should work who's the local physician in order to make sure they can there at sea and one bishan the one good morocco has become the 4th arab nation to agree to normalize ties with israel the u.s. brokered the deal promising in exchange to recognize morocco's claim of the disputed west and sauerbraten president donald trump and else the deal on twitter. here is the area but shop until now the u.s.
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a great balls to speak of its area and great western sahara has been fought over for years by morocco and they saw how we ethnic group israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says it helps the path to peace for the why the middle east. this is the foundation on which we can now build this peace will resume liaison offices quickly between israel and morocco and work as rapidly as possible to establish full diplomatic relations we also institute direct flights between morocco in israel and israel in morocco giving this bridge of peace and even more solid foundation this will be a very warm peace peace as never the light of peace on this hanukah day has never shown brighter than today in the middle east i feel it has more on the agreement from westerners and i promised you know in the previous normalization deals has been stressing what it could mean practically or israelis in terms of
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trade in terms of tourism in this instance he's been talking about the fact that so many hundreds of thousands of moroccan jews came to israel in the early days of zionism and throughout the early days of the israeli state and that that is what he calls a bridge to morocco and so again he's been talking about the fact that there will be these direct flights that people can go and find a family find trace their family histories in morocco presumably that is something that has happened in the past but in terms of organized to a groups having to fly by europe being able to do so independently directly will be a major change for. israeli jews of moroccan heritage there's been obviously a very different reaction coming from the palestinian side the outgoing member of the executive committee of the p.l.o. how to mush where we has tweeted that between bribery and blackmail the trump administration is in
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a mad scramble to do whatever it can to extract concessions and benefits towards israel. this is the 4th deal between israel and an arab country organized by the white house the united arab emirates was the 1st assigned in august and september was followed by an agreement between bahrain and israel both attended a signing ceremony at the white house then in october it was the total don'ts transitional government now with morocco there is added weight behind trump advisor jared christians claim that a deal with saudi arabia could happen mike hanna has more from washington d.c. on the u.s. political reaction to the decision. president trump in the service acted unilaterally you know consultation with our lives or the united nations which is the overarching body discussing the western sahara issue this is once again a trump move taken just by himself with absolutely no consultation whatsoever the meaning of this is that the u.s. position has not been reversed decades of u.s.
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policy with regard to western sahara has not simply been reversed the u.s. had been alongside a united nations members african union the european union had all insisted that the way to get a peaceful settlement in the region was to get a referendum in western sahara now president trump has simply turned his back on all those years of discussion all those years of policy making and all those years of negotiation that happened and there's already been a consequence a very rare criticism from a republican in the senate jim inhofe has released a statement saying that president trump has traded the voices of the people of the no voice for this particular peace deal he really critical of president trump for taking this action for reversing u.s. policy now the question is when joe biden comes into office where the heat is follows along with what president trump does which could well anger many of his
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allies or whether he attempts to reverse the situation which could imperil this peace deal. lebanon's caretaker prime minister has sunday and has been charged with negligence of the devastating explosion of beirut support 3 other former ministers have also been accused more than 200 people were killed in the disaster thousands injured and many more left homeless center one of reports from favors. it's been 4 months since a massive explosion at beirut's airport this story didn't damage surrounding neighborhoods killing 200 people and injuring thousands. an investigation has yet to provide an explanation on what caused nearly 3000 tons of ammonium nitrate to explode. but for the 1st time senior officials are being charged. the caretaker prime minister has sandip along with 3 former ministers are accused of negligence dep says his conscience is clear
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and that he has no intention of being questioned again he's now the 1st prime minister in lebanon's history to be charged dad was forced to resign days after the blast but later returned as caretaker he was only in power for a few months when the explosion happened that's why some are questioning the judicial decision that the state is protecting itself and the clearest indicator truthout is with that accusation caught on foreign minister they also accused 3 previous transportation ministers a lot of articulate sponsible for the pork but so you to accuse the 3 previous prime ministers who've been and power since 2014 when the my truth i'm on your shipments going and to lead them on so it's very clear that this has been a very selective accusation by the state which includes the major 6 women to comport fuse and their leaders. deb repeatedly acknowledged receiving prior
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warnings about the dangers posed by the ammonium nitrate but he wasn't the only one . so far low and mid-level employees at the port and custom authorities have been charged and that is why there has been so much public anger official correspondence between various branches of government so the president the now caretaker prime minister former and current ministers as well as security officials and judges knew that the large amounts of explosive material were at the port and fail to take action. it was one of the world's biggest non-nuclear explosions and for many it was the direct result of corruption encouraged by political class that governed for decades. this is not enough all this destruction in beirut is due to a history of corruption before her son and after him they should question all of them. but. families of the victims have been protesting
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against the delay in justice now a high ranking official is being held to account but this process could drag on for years already some are saying is being unfairly targeted he once said corruption is bigger than the state senator there beirut. still ahead on al-jazeera all smiles in azerbaijan as attacks president hails what he calls a glorious women can stop mania russia's backyard. the upside of lockdowns new doctor shows a record drop in carbon dioxide emissions. we're into a nice quiet spell of weather across the middle east at the moment we have got a few showers in the forecast has been a we've got some wet weather just pushing across turkey over the next day or so
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just so the odd shot just around northern parts of iran to run it around 6 or 7 celsius over the next day i also see some showers as you can see just pushing towards the levant as we go on through saturday but for many it is dry and 523 celsius afresh 23 here in doha on saturday afternoon as we go on through the next couple of days on the other side of the arabian sea we have got some wetter weather just pushing towards that northwestern corner of india some very heavy rain there for good or rather westerly disturbance bring cloud right to. all possible based on some snow that across northern areas of india but for a good part of india for the south at least it should be lousy dry fine and sunny fine a sunny 2 across the horn of africa the usual showers into central parts of africa so some west of weather once again into uganda rwanda burundi system a heavy rain that wet weather stretches way into northern parts of angola some west
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the weather so the coming through here could see some showers too into the east the side of south africa for a time but turn into dry by saturday. ok calm and make sure you're not hyping the situation be part of the debate my main characters are women when no topic is off the table there was in the last allowed child marriage to happen legally these are basically archaic walls dads often legitimize and legal one is pedophile on arrow online jumping to the quick section and the teen to be part of the discussion this stream on out is the era. one rule. the you.
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know one thing i'll just share a reminder of our top stories this hour an advisory board to the u.s. food and drug administration has recommended the fog as a crowd of us taxi should be authorized for use the committee will meet again for formal approval but it's another step in the right direction toward rolling off an immunization campaign in the worst affected country in the world. morocco has become the 4th arab nation to agree to normalized ties with israel the u.s. . brokered the deal promising in exchange to recognize morocco's claim of the disputed west and some horribly. of unknowns a caretaker prime minister has been charged with negligence of the pay reports or than $200.00 people were killed in the august disaster with thousands injured and many more left homeless. time magazine has named joe biden in kabul house as its
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2020 person of the year the us president elect and his running mates were among the top 4 content this the other finalists included u.s. president donald trump frontline health care workers u.s. infectious diseases expert dr anthony felty and the racial justice movement the u.s. says it's received what it calls credible reports that eritrean troops are involved in the conflict and atheist ethiopia's northern to great region or it is news agency quoted u.s. officials saying that eritrea and soldiers have been helping the ethiopian military to fight local rebel forces washington has called on them to pull out of the area ethiopia and eritrea deny the reports the 2 countries force a long running war before ethiopia's prime minister abi up had secured a peace agreement. the us military is reportedly on heightened alert to respond to a potential arabian attack us news outlets politico says diplomatic personnel have been reduced in iraq b. 52 bombers were flown to the middle east and back the pentagon fears to iran backed
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militias could be planning an attack to mark one year since an american airstrike killed iran's top general qassim sunni money baghdad. turkey's president is on a victory tour in azerbaijan to celebrate his allies when in the conflict with neighboring armenia he emphasized the country's close links with a display of military power russia's backyard so you can see all the reports. a celebration and buckie of us are big john's victory in the $44.00 day conflict with our mania over the nagano car of our region 3000 hours every soldier's alongside turkish commandos so rendered by military hardware and weapons a show of hard power by 2 countries calling themselves one nation 2 states the leaders of turkey and as rb john have sat the victory will unite the turkic countries. and they said a joint proposal from russia iran turkey as arbet john georgianna armenia to keep
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peace in the region is feasible. if positive steps are taken on this matter we will open our borders that are closed as long as these positive steps are taken we do not have to keep the borders closed with armenia because we want to take the steps for peace moreover we don't hold any grudge against armenian people our problem is with the leadership of azerbaijan's president ilham aliyev sad his country had to freaking did stay rhetorical integrity i get it many started barely but if the armenian leadership draws the right consequences from the war there are unfounded claims and looking to the future they also have a place in this platform we are open to this. the 6 weeks of fighting that erupted in nagano car abidal it september killed more than 5000 people and car was widely accu stuff the spattering mercenaries from syria to bolster baucus army but
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repeatedly denied the charge a cease fire deal was the brokered by russia in early november spurring mess celebrations in azerbaijan and causing thousands of foreign millions living in the territory to leave. harmony as prime minister only called question young faced large demonstrations calling for his resignation for what many called capitalization. nearly 2000 russian peacekeepers have been deployed to the region on the renewable 5 year men date and the truce will be monitored in azerbaijan by the turkish military as promised to reconstruct nagorno-karabakh turkey and azerbaijan signed several agreements. turkey is worth their presence is seen by as our way johnnie's as a support and with former are for turkey are also paves the way for on crowd to expand its influence into the carcasses as their ties strengthen many experts wrong to his aspirations may face resistance from moscow and agger wait there all of the
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fragile relationship over libya and syria set up a solo artist or istanbul. argentina is poised to become only the 3rd country in south america to legalize abortion as politicians prepare to decide on a bill before congress pro and anti abortion rights campaign moves have held rallies and when a side is split the devastation is being debated have a vote in the lower house is expected to now really approve the door before it moves to the senate for an even closer vote is expected and estimated half a 1000000 illegal terminations are carried out every year in argentina to use a bow has been out amongst the protests and what a side is. what we are not told from under stars are the people that have. 7 followed up the good of. 2 all of those women for example. giving a chief of a fine to be present. for legalized abortion napolitano in argentina but also in
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other ludlum a little longer fun of all should be legal abortion public policy 7 issue on the other side of the law got in front of those kolo that feel betrayed by the pressure on lawmakers to prevent the bill from reaching the final to know that both from this leave from all do not mean clearly no money goes for equality in the debate to try to come even full example the law however ruffled a lot of the problem. that legalizing abortion in the country from 0 to $5.00 he calls every year thousands of women off because of publications with an abortion many of them fear going to have to lobby for the afraid of ending up in prison until the profit on it is a matter of public of it's also a matter of inequality because women with resources from gold and powerful from their free love those who do not have them and in
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a hospital the debate is going to be happening for a lot of the voters got the happened. over friday morning elite keep you updated. and there were 5. doctors in india are going on strike after traditional medicine practitioners were granted permission to study to perform surgeries they say they're withdrawing non-essential and non covert related services and protest last month the government allowed very doctors to be trained to perform more than 50 general surgeries india's medical association is condemning what it calls a mixing of modern and alternative medicine. a surgeon covered 19 infections in southern chile has a past the 2nd wave and european countries the contagion rates in the muggy on this region for example is 47 per 100000 have a sense compared to 22 in the u.k. 30 initially and 13 in spain such an authority have decided to reimpose restrictions of the capitalism factions there so on the say
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a new man has more from santiago. this is downtown santiago on the 1st day of new restrictions aimed at getting massive numbers of people off the streets and as far away from each other as possible should health minister says authorities had no choice but to roll back on the confinement measures given what we want to show the progress of of cases of the capital of increased by 53 to see in less than a month from 1775 cases to 2698 decisions are based on the data shows that we're in a critical situation in a moment. faced with the 2nd wave of coded 19 much sooner than expected that government has limited restaurant capacity to 25 percent and only outdoors. i. told lockdown will be enforced on weekends residents can travel outside of the metropolitan area and no more than 20
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people can gather outdoors although no one seems to be paying much attention. to blocks away centonze mer and gov appealed for understanding and discipline and. it's a harsh measure without a doubt but let's not forget that santiago already suffered one of the world's longest lock downs $144.00 days and nobody wants to go through that again. at the peak of the pandemic chile had one of the world's highest mortality brain. pro-capital from cold 19 hospitals warned that their staff are tool exhausted from the 1st wave to deal with the 2nd one effectively. the new restrictions will hit small businesses most crash woman and he was counting on christmas sales to survive bonnie said it's the uncertainty of not knowing if we'll be able to work anymore
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we've worked all year to sell the and it's not just some travel that in trouble 11 other regions have been declared critical some have been in court or under total lockdown authorities say that they hope to be able to relax some of the restrictions by the end of your holidays but there is no guarantee especially since there won't be a vaccine for anybody here before the 1st quarter of next year we see a new of an al-jazeera sent out. the wall to see the record drop and carbon dioxide emissions this year that's according to a new plymouth dairy figure from the global carbon project the group of scientists says the 7 percent to global cost has lost 3 because of coronavirus lockdowns which forced people to stay home emissions drops 12 percent of the u.s. and 11 percent in europe but to only buy just under 2 percent in china are expected to jump back up once the cove in 1000 pandemic and. bangladesh's launch was thought
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to be the world's largest so-called climate refugee project in cox's bizarre to house a growing number of people forced to flee their homes by climate change and a failing economy more than 400000 people moved to the capital each year the world bank says that number could exceed 13000000 by 2050 have a child. muslim will talk was 17 years old when his father died at sea during a devastating cycle on that he southern bangladesh in 1901 an estimated 140000 people were killed and 10000000 lost their homes he managed to survive the storm along with his mother and 4 siblings but those memories still haunt him. the place where i was born went totally in the sea there is nothing there but the ocean of family took refuge in a government lending cox's bizarre after 3 decades of government provided us with a permanent home here praise along migrants living on government land face the
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constant threat of every action as they don't have any rights to stand most of the people living here in the supplement in cox's bazar our climate change migrant many fled their island homes decades ago due to the impact of global warming as part of his new strategy the government has started providing permanent homes to many of the families here. life is seldom easy for these migrants many workers day laborers or rickshaw pullers woman mostly work as domestic helpers are in clothing factories etc john likes a new home but says it's not easy living here she now runs a small shop to get by by their very sort of there's a little with. our home got washed away in 1991 after 30 years finally our prime minister has provided us with homes here but this place is too isolated with little opportunity to make a living plus there are no schools no mosques or graveyards. according to the world
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resources institute bangladesh is one of the country's worst affected by global warming despite having one of the lowest carbon footprints bangladesh government loses one percent off its g.d.p. every year due to the impact of climate change. environment experts say the 2015 peri segment is still the best hope to contain the facts of global warming but for bangladesh the impact of climate change is already
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a harsh reality and dealing with climate internal migration has become one of its biggest challenges. cox's bizarre. is there and these other top stories an advisory board to the u.s. food and drug administration has recommended the fire as a coronavirus vaccine should be authorized for use the f.d.a. committee will meet again for formal approval but it's another step in the right direction toward rolling out an immunization campaign in the worst affected country in the world i call him explains what went on behind closed doors in the meeting in silver spring maryland. 8 hours of testimony.


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