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tv   The Father The Son And The Jihad Episode 1  Al Jazeera  December 11, 2020 3:00pm-4:00pm +03

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but we're building a life and a city from scratch has proven difficult and some experts seem monella has never truly recovered. and in doha with the top stories on al-jazeera the man convicted in the death of lebanon's former prime minister rafik hariri has been given 5 life terms salim i ash played a leading role in the bombing that killed 3 and 21 other people back in 2005 he was sentenced in absentia by the special tribunals for lebanon a court base in the netherlands saying a quarter has more on that various acts from beirut. many will say that this is important but it is not the ideal in the sense that yes. and the other defendants who were later acquitted were tried in absentia guilty verdict was handed down in
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august but the man is still on the run and is affiliated with hezbollah a group which wields political and military power in lebanon a group which has refused to recognize the legitimacy of the international tribunals saying it's not concerned with its very sick said it will never hand over the men to face international justice a since the killing of the prime minister in 2005 it was killed here behind me a massive explosion 2221 other people were killed it was a political earthquake it shifted the balance of power in this country in the favor of the syrian government and their allies by extension hezbollah and that is why the trial chamber repeated time and time again that this was a political motivated murders that. wanted to get rid of a political opponent and highly likely a state actor was involved because it was a very intricate operation so at the time it really heightened the visions in
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lebanon think terry intentions the sentencing yes many will say this is an important day for international for international justice. the lower house of congress in argentina has voted to legalize abortion present all night for you decision and celebrate when the hurt the use with whom i go to the consideration i'll just leave is to raise a house more want to society. it was a very long night after over 20 hours of debate the car congress the lower house voted the results where 135 for one in favor of legalizing abortion and 117 against and now it's in a way coming the most difficult part comes the senate when you talk to women here they say that it's not about being for abortion but what they say is a matter of public health as we have been mentioning there's hundreds of thousands of abortions that already happened in argentina thousands of women are hospitalized
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because of it they resort to extreme measures in order to terminate a pregnancy they go to a hospital they're afraid of being detained because abortion is illegal in argentina and abortion can only happen in the case of rape or if a woman's life it's a risk and that's why women's groups here say that legalizing abortion is urgent that is a matter of public health and it's a matter of equality because women that have resources that have money can go to a doctor and have a safe abortion while those who do not end up going to unsafe practices and they can end up being hospitalized because of it. european union leaders meeting as a summit in brussels have agreed to cut carbon emissions spartans 55 percent by the end of the decades the reduction compared to $99.00 c. levels is seen as a big step up from the current goal and earlier european leaders also agrees on additional sanctions against turkey over the resources and drilling disputes in the
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eastern mediterranean turkish president wretch of tayyip erdogan in response said that the sanctions will harm all parties to prominence hong kong pro-democracy activists sun media tycoon jimmy line has been charged under the controversial security law that was imposed on the city by beijing. and doctors in india are going on strike angered that traditional medicine practitioners are being granted permission to do surgeries last month the government said i evaded doctors would be trained to perform more than 50 procedures and advisory boards to the u.s. food and drug administration has recommended the pfizer coronavirus vaccine should be authorized for use it's another step toward ruling out its mass immunization that's the up to date stay with us on al-jazeera.
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of the men and most just head to the ball so close to laundry. would you still see any kid can walk into the bridges event will. be about to go to the brits did they follow that there this is all said. let's hope that you don't listen suzanne. and that's a major deletions ha says. one i've been dying to treat you. a long haul says i can my math. show on the cloak. most of the men. who set them false join the family jihad. just
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calling kids levy cumbers want the assaults. left to do something. to your bosses you. dream up in. this you disown body from your phone as you has it did if i need to call for it. also. she is see did you give me his own phone demand you. need. it for noted what i love you to prove them for. it's a great job with all this good i bought. today this as well but i got to be the. guys in the best side about best of. all to survive on the. the most of this on and
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know. why i would feel your book. bags that. was all i felt she was showing fed me a sign your. left m.e.h. . that i. just read the scale that i meant. what there's one more credible in the contact bus k.p. among those give up on think on the v.a. hospital. sit it you know get us she won't give up at med be. no kiss your provoke her. knee him is only love me to look at is it.
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no i want to milk it too tall if you don't have some is only going to let me keep your body. no you see no one of us a little would sleep you don't see the queer if we attack her we jus' you don't don't know no one in your part of it. that a one. of all he would just and unity. asshole see. to confess your mission must. sit there and i thought might stand the cover on this one but not bush it just got to you and yes it did. about a city complete. with the monocle cookham course of 7 young plus the so let me
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do excel and so on here he could just as he would have bought us that song. in fuck today to my peeps to see him on his ocean and. you know he does all find if one cannot hear professor nella need to fold among. themselves. i don't know why i live in my stuffy ghetto last time i'm on i want to visit when i'm not and model my tiny i live and the i've thought about what i mean that i. live in your body when you know how it will go if you're going to give you a lot of real world. but know how to talk a little. bit of a diversion with a little because you have somebody down they don't have to let you know don't take it how i know they feel as if i kill you i don't yet lend you help now and then how can i feel most of the day i mean what about right now is
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a popular guy they had on how when her garnished on the do you see all the money they should have thought it was sort of. like. you're going to hear it you don't like. and that's what they're going to be able. to put also the black alchemy missed. a moment that you had to get. to get off a. little bit in the. head to leave them over to wife to some other the. law. i wanted to know me. and my name tracy shelton i've been working as a journalist in the middle east for the past 6 years. and i knew for
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a year and a half. ever how she was part of this is. it which is under the free syrian army. said the group was almost all syrian. they were not a group of foreign fighters by any means there once i would describe is a moderate islamic group. when you compare them to the other groups in syria it's not the extreme of say joe but out most pro or islamic states which is to impart his islam on as much of the world as they possibly can. but i think for the mission of jihad it was to liberate the country from the shah's regime. the more.
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you tell me see some promoted through the can but in this is just. huge. met. the mafia member. continues from secures a lot of this healing and oxycontin. but. most of the monster done it a. good kisser villar louche what you put up and. just get up here that this is your default don't ask me to sit on it that's all the leisure not false. dr. x. c.
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just. screwed up but i really want all mob. seasons all. said i'm on the mountain. and that's what the f. just good old mule don't leave me on the so what i am you'll see i said i want. to. sit in his own cabinet and then it's not so i mean that they did this in the last year. and. pay a lot more bad because. i'm on this any human book you set there so you can. he. tell. us to hope. let us all tell us of all the sci fi does own community mom.
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check it be on the cost. of taking it down fund and then. you will it says all fungus not just richard i think your piece. you know how long you know that i know it could have been your challenging miss if it was one of my other precinct of the week. you know a bus so you're going so men should not she was silly and compare her i mean physically the music beats shelby visit the happy time. you need me call streets you've. said they love you because of the kids anymore good luck be seen to. them. not. to them on the. voice on this it isn't what you thought it.
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was one thing that i've also seen it. in the song. oh yeah. i'm sitting because i'm sure that somehow once there's a little quo. all. this is going to the fun of. the sun. dance on icons year. i'll say funny we just did. my book my sonny and me jets. want to live in sunny. division laurie. goes on the route of the illegal. sale.
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but. she was always on going to buy me a dozen a. look i don't know. a lot of it will. under learned all be. there. because guy lives are called it out as you get a week just to see little mike lives in. to a. pool and she. is going on my mettle myself love it ill focus on the on the lesser. zoom a bell just can't get it to oh.
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i'm a mess and then do something that i also. really. need to contact . it doesn't i'm pleased. as if it is that you and there had to go but allusion a sample was a whole complain and. its stock almost become so. she does awful. double sided. mad. create on the desert maha. a pair. of them why did you have your deposit on the nick. fawcett. becoming designs if you do the songs on slam sit down for 2 full
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cloaca don't. fix us here shifty it was a number he not only shares it aha i love last 50. city can't get us top seek us is you. can more time that i've managed to name the castle. if you don't know you need to have to take the moment fossett humana last waltz says you know would you have called piers says i want to have a. moment back on the last i'm going to get on the other it and a few. says play to get your feet valleys and know. if year just like you see us all feel. he's on the mound it just goes with any company along. one of max's. moved on let me. sit in for more and you could say for.
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when i become just 6 up there in that. enough sample they got some of the book. but the measure immersion could that are on the vertical he may have an. encore closes review in the few local officials so i'm going. to go. with video. you see involved in that that's. the whole funding she sort of. only did this on the forms on the civil or share except for me use year. on year 6 roche's are. on there how many people go to speak to not name all their
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music when you move past since from the part you don't know could she. that go on at the museum are men. on at the park on what they have flex your head on but they live on that you must care compare our. own example the last they said they live all the g.n.r. said most came where you can live. good a view about. the clouds your city package shows. off it as you have it yet also meeting with all that that. vote a past event and sunny decide well if a little pedo he's in celeste's is less easy to sit in his lab and islam q. . it only up was shown to be false to donald who knew that if you design. your boss if you don't want to fit all of whom it thawing folk.
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only disney adjusted when you see how many man is so he's a vishwa. full of these shoes. too but he's in the. news i want to laugh hans my funny moment for not been chic city on the enough sockets last says. i'm a fuck on the don't call gotta come you'll know better call nothing evil but she can. show gals. she met them. on the cheek so we better. get. mel fed bus from the bath is that meatballs could mean. much of you to the music but. is it good for you because if it seem all bad what i saw in that
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would is all. we saw beyond july but i must revive the cut off loft. sit dip that was a suicide. note my move on that's you don't recall the make better look at it vocal see the song instead make bench every book with john king even the this it is. the much the more bad off cos just emerged in. the sun cool a civic on the bus on the g.q. the mushers at the crease i think it is thanks adele he said the owners of the vellum are. going to produce the show for the home over you told old her toys to. go and she's bigger than the full. do a little salute on the poor who are important if you do. you just sold them a sure she bought some souls you know tourist maybe as one who appreciates you
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secure. for regime or to the camp in the regime or the poor girl in a bush kneejerk nieto who could issue new bush supporter to the war. on their would do to different parties concluded by cute. of the man called city hall to stay alive and then thoughts. open scuffle selebi debussy to kept it i did a song. and i just don't feel. what i want to show. us is it. he may have a new bear he was eating all of us just don't you love when you shows it to someone yeah they've even as pathetic when. you call it is a mess she takes it off the balcony. because it would look still hot political. cool so moment fees to go somewhere else and told you all the board look you know
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you would call $50.00 q 2 to devote some of your prayer also to dole donors or to you too and you voted on the review the more you go to school because rich will prove. he says i'm on. the hostage. to send a message to the government is to disney x. amount when no time off cos. he does that he dimitris all the shoes this sort of see dick dick stevie deal with the most you see meet this is just when they open up the amen the yes she finds old . crazily zal to be. in the guess you need he's good enough he's on film all good. walk us a beating looks cheap to read it takes to keep. your lefty good. result he said to be sure the book is in these regional dump
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a plea deal decision they both be in for sodomy ball game but. boom boxes the citrus up on the lead only to see me just move through the sub. in for some while the g.'s n. d. need to miss it to push to the solicitor side being the best console the best so that a community music man aside while she. could be a mom with a read is extremist in the precincts in just age so have a pushy didn't believe i was false apostate they never every 2 months about is it busted or the end of it by a limited fix the most up up out of your loss i lay. should have visions pushing the stroller is screwed up or sick or false true which can ruin a post in the group you made this was interesting one of course it isn't true. just to meet known. on the point 50 or more description to 10 deleted is a. lot more than that all just yet also it is
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only. in the national has the knowledge. and i asked you to support me scoff. awfully. all subjects had a high you today. so many ounces here in london to a cost center t.v. special guest in conversation i don't feel because of colonialism unprompted it's fun interrupted there's a sense of what a month but in still having some legitimacy in terms of spreading that knowledge and technology pretty ago pal me still has that paradox you can really make a recommendation for something more new mentally horrific past slavery studio to be
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unscripted on al-jazeera such as the rose here it's a report on the people often ignored but who must be heard how many other channels can you say will take the time and put extensive thought into reporting from under reported areas of course we cover major global offense but our passion lies in making sure that you're hearing the stories from people in places like palestine the young man the soccer legion and so many others we go to them you make the effort we care and stay. true confession someone or another big green up your money or a cynical example of communist propaganda and i wanted to participate here i want to work there now and i want to do it on a cold in 2010 al-jazeera access to north korea to investigate the alleged use of biological warfare by the us during the korean war rewind revisits
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dirty little secrets on al-jazeera. that he didn't know how with the top stories on al jazeera the man convicted in the death of lebanon's former prime minister rafik hariri has been given 5 life terence . played a leading role in the bombing that killed 3 and 21 other people in 2005 he was sentenced in absentia by the special tribunals for lebanon based in the netherlands synagogue or has more now from beirut. since the killing of the prime minister in 2005 it was killed here behind me a massive explosion 2221 other people were killed it was a political earthquake it shifted the balance of power in this country in the favor
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of the syrian government and their allies by extension hezbollah and that is why the trial chamber repeated time and time again that this was a political motivated murders that. wanted to get rid of a political opponent and highly likely a state actor was involved because it was a very intricate operation so apa time it really heightened divisions in lebanon think terry intentions. the lower house of congress in argentina has voted to legalize abortion protesters waited all night following the decision and celebrated its when they heard the news the legislation which passed by a small margin allows terminations up to the 14th week of pregnancy the bill goes to the opera house for consideration. european union leaders meeting at a summit in brussels have agreed to cut carbon emissions by at least 55 percent by the end of the decades the reduction compared to $995.00 bills is seen as a big step up from the current goal and earlier european leaders also agreed on
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additional sanctions against turkey over the resources and driven disputes in the eastern mediterranean turkish president russia tayyip erdogan says that the sanctions will harm all parties. prominent hong kong pro-democracy activist and media tycoon jimmy lie has been charged under the controversial security law that was imposed on the city by beijing he's already in jail after being denied bail over a separate matter and advise visor the boards to the u.s. food and drug administration has recommended the pfizer coronavirus should be authorized for use it's another step towards rolling out an immunization campaign in the country that's it for me now it's back to the father the son and the jihad stay with us.
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move. to deal with the us if he had they all meant going to might have it's only with you that you don't have future. old window seat in the in the box of evil not. only. on false won't but she. may for most have said the buck still goes out the museum on. significant software with. a mouth play what i don't that is on sale but is for me to get. is some push em up do you. suppose i'll take communal cookies hosses in the side of the pool while buster in the live missy gas assault while connected by the faucet in the pub is to get out
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of bed. because i'm to move more and this thinks of it just as in the on i phone that's in the exit i am on has people read you should measure in your. pool vent and if i see 12 x. at the top i'd say no i do think there's going to. need to also talk to the physical conflict these cities sometimes. sort of the trees ya. don't call fouls actual health care for communities you did. you visit and most if you. ship us to she doesn't mean you just assume. i just want someone to just take the moment. because if you do or. don't
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want to know why you. can't tell mr knight. you need. to admit this is guys tons of it he's been having this how moody if you had i'm not good to. see you in this room confess if you killed if you too thank you. sir for calling taunting the beast in consumer. should be on the most dishonest cement and you. don't want to make a fuss. her. off
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it. jihad. into one of my mos and on to. some of the celebs and he demanded to be. the best man. in a ski mask. that most you. don't want thanks it's. when you sit in the. when you sit in the. same.
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sunset mall mop and bucket can't. see denounced read. the mind does something last night but somehow she wanted my question had she been to. a nutty place what a show oh i. long for. this will do the piece did a song and i was chanting the mists pudong not cut it. to the. one of the memphis your high def nets if you do your will for you
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bet michael steele to sound as if part of. me who also wholly i mean the political slave already in the. middle i thought of you and at the you know comes from within you and if the nothing is not a thing of what's. in the something of the got a call to be any love a beautiful some of them are. imprisoned it was the 1st step in trying to take this even live. another aspect of that too was seem out of prison is that they wanted to release a lot of torture executions happen in these places since many of them a political prisoner is.
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says you know. i. don't. see.
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the hope for. mason of late but to them fell from a dog that i thought he was passed on but he. refused to sit on his ship. delta logic. to talk to the deal with a skill of haidar. all apology that is why they may not. met an offer to conquer. the song. on the ark for the fun of the. view he said. this is his side to tell the east i don't think most folk in the middle of.
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the approval process. for these all call genes all the whole beast that kind that i. demanded also in your mouth swab. should have if we didn't eat all of it is fun to know what the meat was. jungle. makes you do what he wanted to share my dick with a lot of money docketing. kids. when james foley and john candy were kidnapped in england one of the 1st people that i contacted was. he was very worried about the damage it was going to do to the
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reputation of the rebel forces. kidnappings on the rebel side were kind of unheard of back at that time. so he said we need to find. and. luck to. live and you know i could but i would. i don't think that more no he loves equality so over to get really good he does will couldn't we had come across a man who matched the description of the kid nothing he wasn't must and the van that he was driving also met the description of the then other than the fact that it was black so he actually arranged a meeting with this man. and while he was up stands in this amazing. sent down a couple of his guys to go and check the van and it's endowed they found evidence of it being very freshly spray painted very roughly spray painted black and
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underneath it was a very light color they thought maybe silver a white and after we couldn't follow through with it. winnable has resides old days slade's all that information that we head into it with him. looking. at the body. so.
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it's. good to see the sun. so the solution. besides excited to come but they. need to some do is you know the specifics because so many of us assaults and point idea that you want to see. has as i'm saying all of us to these deaths. gave. me a point to. go if you must cause you know because you don't get to choose the amount of coke this was. i mean the scene you know. me anymore will dean
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feel so what do you believe the cause. and if would you can. shame and then be the killer but then you know. there's no. off was. stiff. and you know. don't blame us you know all fine being down on him while you're at in the moment boom all day i named him one of. the. all low money sort of my out of out of all my photo my out of
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a low mind so tonight a. oh my so tonight. oh my god john doe got a feel for him oh no will be getting sued him oh my fault of my own. oh it's all good oh mama how much i want to. he also he was sending them. along i wanted to have a wide plate thomas and out of a day by listening to the name of one of. my yes the limo was yellow no one no letter yeah but i could see down almost on a good liberal little love a little thing and i was elected to buddhism into the museum to see a good movie she. did you should to come by the feel if you killed good but i got the focus off of books but there was
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a facade to the whole fucking you'll see. what kind of a studio you can use and all mental i think about scooters you might think of the. simple reason that you have a good idea actually often the most you have done most of the play was. on my but i used to use a logic bicycle down the snow in the house from one of the office of someone even thought of a film is supposed to tell mom. just a few kids he's at all could actually do something to see. something about them will come. aboard just yet as one of the going to want to come up. with.
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the. limited but. if i must go to the mailbox but it was noted there by the studio last quote. public. eye was a. limit to me kind of thing if. i could know what. in the present i want it i was at a comfortable. spots not this not the body 1. there are similar projects on.
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long island good film. i. think i'm going to. get from one of them to. say. enough of this about how women look at the money that if i was a. young woman i think you look at them as one. of 1.
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100. be in the photo you know in new. york i was the lucky young the one thing any joy from the moment that is drink is that often. will. be what this is because it's not because i'm a buddy the most of them of new year with them but because the theme of me looked at. me looked up he was kind of above and then the boat from i mean at this moment you know i knew him up close let me know. the 1st before something project and said
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you're not coming to the show because it was you. know i've got. you know. what. i think i did 800197. like i was going about thought. you know why a lot of folks are done 7 a lot of. yellow putting up with that. is that the amount of pleasure. that the cause of the to be at the scene was warm and also mild how enormous the fall of the bubble in the pitiful little brain. little poem. what it was showed up in the thought of something i know when
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he looks at me i need them in this county of the new. album i got his mind about. yes you're going to do much more. than. i have. done a lot. of that god i love not know. some of the look the stuff it was a bug in the need for them not. for the look the son in law was all. about my job is mine about job cuts. well most of mine was more the thought of closing folks in multiple so home.
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nor. come for you know. something the community the nanny and up. of called the and if you lost or had it put on the show you lost a little pasha showing. all been awesome or was it your new flame to show roman numeral. next to mother how on the top of the menu beside would disappear so other folk on the end of his soul bit did the. knees of the things in the dream just hold the button you are bottom of the sabbath. to quote them and see how.
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but there let alone here i was almost all the laws of our local. me. model says some of the commercials because they said. you don't know calling. someone to help us. on the cell phone to something tasty to share with them from the country. is all that more their desire to cause it to sell the notion. of 2 must trust your. doc
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a circumstance of the most instead of one positive just. imagine until we remove. the promised subtle cover. don't disagree it was on. the button. saddam was a tool to shoot. for the family the delamont. is from pam. home. 6 than us here in all. of us want.
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to lead and then we need to show. it as we. see. i wanted you both to mohamed us just all of us on the let me come in your movie on last minute no he might not see him while he will and the moment. i was raised in france. these are my grandparents. these are my parents and this is mean. by them both isis and us on.
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this 2nd of a teapot epic tale of a remarkable family. the father the son and the jihad. on al-jazeera. but. we got plenty of showers across brazil at the moment some very heavy downpours sliding out of the north of bolivia running right down to it down poles coming through here south of that more hot sunshine into power quiescence in touching 30 celsius warm enough to 27 degrees of friday afternoon but it warms up further as we
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go through sas day if you shout was just easing up towards that apply the west the weather will be is that western side of brazil pushing across towards acquittal southern parts of colombia still some lively showers into the western side of the caribbean chiefly around panama maybe want to see the showers just creeping back across the eastern side of costa rica for a time but a good deal dry than it has been recently in place. say there you go you can see those showers in place there was a go on through friday for that lot of plowed. into the dominican republic maybe some showers there to fit you make this because through friday and on into saturday for this analysis generally father dry with plenty of sunshine cold enough but a little warmer than of late there in atlanta with a temperature of around 26 degrees celsius now across the u.s. we got some very heavy rain gathering across the plains snow on the northern flank of that well some snow pushing in further west turning rather cool air but then.
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again calm and make sure you're not hyping the situation be part of the debate my main characters are women when no topic is off the table there was in the last allow child marriage to happen legally these are basically archaic walls dads often legitimize them grega one is pedophile on ara online jump into the conversation and the teen to be part of the discussion this stream on out is there . from mother to daughter an ancient croft kept alive by a bustling matriarch. from start to finish. all traditions intertwined with new designs making this family's place unique into an easy as rich tapestry. the threads are not just 0.
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this is al jazeera. over there i'm hella mohit in the endo how with the al-jazeera news are coming up for you in the next 60 minutes the un court sentences a fugitive hezbollah member to see 5 life sentences over the 2005 assassination of former lebanese prime minister rafiq carried.


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