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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 11, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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take on us politics and society that's the bottom line we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world is another matter when you call home we'll bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. this is al jazeera. hello i'm adrian from again this is the live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes we will reduce emissions by at least 55 percent by 2030 the european union sets itself an ambitious targets to help prevent the planet from overheating. a un backed court sentences and on the run has to life in prison for the 2005 assassination of lebanon's former prime minister rafik hariri.
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argentina moves one step closer to legalizing abortion after the lower house of congress approves a landmark bill. scientists from russia and the u.k. are joining forces to try a combination of the oxford astra zeneca and sputnik the coronavirus folks years. basketball star le bron james is named time magazine's athlete. of the chords against protests oppression. after more than 10 hours of the go see asians european union leaders have reached a deal to try to slow climate change tackled the most pressing issue of our times the block has agreed to cut carbon emissions by at least 55 percent by the end of the decade good sure but. a reduction of 55 percent by 2030 means that our
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2050 commitment is credible it means that we in europe would have a leadership role to play very soon we will be celebrating the 5th anniversary of this commitment made in paris the paris agreement and we have been firmly committed as the european union from the beginning this is a very positive battle in the field of climate and diplomacy to bring in other parts of the world to get the jump on the bandwagon and to come up with common standards and share our ambitions. the agreement was reached the day before a climate summit marking 5 years of the landmark paris agreements in 2015 world leaders reached a legally binding treaty to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees celsius but friday's e.u. agreement is fraught with challenges a global federation of trades unions estimates the transmission the transition to 0 net emissions will put 11000000 jobs at risk mostly in eastern europe but at the same time climate groups say the e.u.
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target force far short of tackling the global climate emergency let's go live now to brussels al-jazeera is paul brennan is there paul tell us about the negotiations that led to this ambitious deal. well it was a tricky one because the e.u. would prioritize sorting out the $78.00 budgets and so they punted the negotiations over the climate deal into the evening and as a result it went way into the night in fact it was around 6 am when they finally decided to agree a deal largely because i know a magical the german chancellor of germany holding the presidency of the european council for this 6 month period said it would be a disaster if they couldn't come to an agreement on the eve of the 5th anniversary of the paris agreement now what basically happened is that poland fell into line polish the polish economy is heavily reliant on coal some 3 quarters of the electricity generated in poland is from burning coal and the industry employs
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around 100000 strongly unionized workers so i'm hearing that the polish prime minister said look you've got to give me a deal to protect our economy otherwise i'm going to lose my job when i go back to warsaw although shell michele the president of the european council didn't say what kind what the exact concessions were i can tell you a poll that was looking for and that is for economic concessions economic protections and also for the level of emissions cuts to be associated with the g.d.p. of each country so although the european union is going to go for 55 percent as a bloc it's clear that some countries will probably not meet 55 percent and others will have to exceed 55 percent if that's a reach that 55 percent average as a say michel very relieved and happy that a deal was done it's hugely symbolic it's hugely important for the planet as well don't forget but it was a long night so symbolic important ambitious but to what extent was it
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a fudge in that it's left a lot of people not very happy at all. well as i say because the terms weren't spelled out by shall michel because they will have to be worked out afterwards by the policy making executive of the european union it remains to be seen exactly how big a fudge it is that was one of the objections that some of the european countries had to poland's demands because those 2 demands would tie the hands of the executive which is actually going to draw up the policies in order to achieve these this 55 percent cuts so yeah it was a fudge how big a fudge they've kind of kept on the kept it behind the curtains hold many thanks indeed i was there as paul brown of their lives in brussels tim gore is the head of climate policy at oxfam international he joins us now live from stockholm tibial
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one of the people who is not very happy with this deal. well look it's a big step forward let's be clear and it's really important that. all countries put the focus on strengthening their near term emission cuts has been a lot of talk it's year about long 0 or carbon neutral commitments by the middle of the century we need to have a focus on strengthening near term emission reductions in the next in the next 10 years so it to that extent of course it's good news that the e.u. has agreed a new stronger talk it but yes there are some big loopholes in there going to counts removal of emissions from forests in europe as well that's a big leap hole and it's still not enough i mean particularly percent yes it's a big step forward compared to what they had committed previously but we do understand we're in an absolute emergency now we needed more like 60 per cent even 70 percent emission reductions from the e.u. so it's
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a step in the right direction but they're going to need to keep on strengthening that ambition in the years ahead all right so you want a further reduction in emissions what else you think needs to be done. well of course reducing emissions at home is only half the story for rich countries in terms of fighting climate change they need to put money on the table to help poor countries that have done the least to cause the climate crisis and year are facing the worst impacts of more extreme weather already today that he money on the table to help those countries both to adapt to climate change and to be carbonized their own economies so the sort of moved on the 1st part of that they've put some stronger targets on the table reducing their own emissions now we need to see them put some more money on the table as well to help poor countries do the same to do you get the fact the e.u. politicians to some extent caught between a rock and a hard place yes they need to do more to help the environment there where aware of the climate emergency but also the need to keep people in jobs so that so that
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people can keep feeding their families. absolutely and you know we need to make sure that this is a just transition to a low carbon economy but the good news is that there are lots of policies that can cut emissions while also benefiting some of the poorer communities in europe think about renovating homes for example the european commission has proposed this is a big initiative next year if you had a big push on renovating low income housing across the continent you could create millions of jobs in a new low carbon sector and you can cut emissions and and save save money on energy bills for those households as well so that's a win win there's lots of ways in which low carbon policies can be designed in a way that is not just good for the planet but good for people as well and that's really the challenge now to turn from setting targets to developing the policies that can implement in a fair way creating new jobs getting the european economy back on track after the covert 19 crisis so our politicians need to be more creative not only with
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solutions to help climate change but with their economies also. yes so this is a an absolutely historic once in a generation opportunity now off to the economic dip that we've seen as a result of the code 19 restrictions all governments around the world europe just the same except for where us needing to climb ways to reboot their economies the question is are they going to just reboot the old dirty polluting unequal economy we had before or is this a chance to build back something new something different something fairer something greener and you can create new jobs in that economy you can save people's lives so you can make the world actually better out of this crisis and that's really the challenge that european leaders now faces to design those policies in a way that will reduce emissions but also build a fairer economy across europe could talk to tim many thanks indeed for being with us there tim gore from oxfam international. this is the news hour from us as there
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are still to come on the program hong kong's pro-democracy media tycoon jimmy lai charged under china's controversial national security law. donald trump's move on morocco will look at the impact of u.s. forces in the western sahara on one of the world's longest running conflicts. and the formula one champion beats cope at 19 to return for the final race of the season to be coming up later in the sport with joe. turkey is criticizing european union plans to expand the sanctions targeting its drilling operations in the eastern mediterranean the e.u. has agreed to widen its sanctions list of turkish individuals and companies involved in gas drilling activities which of contested by greece turkey is describing the move as biased and unlawful more e.u.
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countries say that they hope it will send a strong message. on the 50 europe showed its ability to be firm with turkey by adopting sanctions to make it put a stop to its unilateral actions in the eastern mediterranean last october we gave turkey a chance we reached out a hand laid down conditions we have unanimously observed that turkey has continued with its provocations this firmness and the new sanctions of a sign of a new approach to what turkey's president other one says the differences with the e.u. can be resolved through dialogue but at the same time he is also facing the threat of new sanctions from the u.s. reports suggest that washington will target turkey over its purchase of russian s. $400.00 missiles they didn't look these sanctions will harm all the parties it is not benefiting either side despite all this we believe common sense about shared interests would cause the right steps to be taken any difference can be
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resolved through dialogue. despite the sanctions turkey's doors will remain open to all investors both the us and e.u. administrations should not listen to the anti tikki lobbies rather than go back to common sense and practical policies live to istanbul all of 07 costello is for us so mr earle one president one rather i'm not happy what are people there in turkey saying about this. well as rian in turkey actually most of the people most of the turkish people are on the same side with present don honestly i have to say that all those threats coming from the european union and do not to the states have impact on the people here that gathers them around as the nationalism is a very strong sentiment among the turks especially within the last couple of years
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as so ricky went through a failed coup attempt back in 2016 and the government has been successful in a using the retore that foreign powers are trying to break the country or break the government and when the economy suffers it's the foreign powers that's why people in turkey buy this and i have to also say that in the last 2 decades anti a anti us sentiment is highly on the rise and tricky it's almost up to the ball 80 percent according to the polls according to academic studies so these will have no more impact than gathering people around the president aired on and supporting him more but of course the economy will be a fact that why many people have been buying u.s. dollars the turkish lira national currency has been negatively affected especially because of the diplomatic tension between washington and ankara in the last 2 years
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but definitely political wise in turkey people believe that turkey has rights in this and mediterranean and people believe that france and greece have maximalist approach this is what also the government has been claiming since the beginning of the crisis this will have no more impact than gathering people around. al-jazeera saddam concealer reporting live from istanbul so many thanks indeed will turkey's relationship with the european union has been tested on several issues recently as you heard turkey's decision to send drilling vessels to the eastern mediterranean is the latest flashpoint greece argues that the area is under its jurisdiction of turkey maintains that it's well within its rights to operate the tension is also flared between turkey and france president other one recently called on turks to boycott french products of the president but call defended the
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rights to caricature the prophet mohammed earlier this year early on said the turkey would no longer prevent syrian refugees from crossing its borders into europea cues the e.u. of not keeping to its commitments and speak to freeze party who's a former head of policy planning at nato he's now the chief strategy officer at rasmussen global good to have you with us how far can this go kentucky's economy which is already embattled cope with possible u.s. sanctions and e.u. sanctions at the same time despite president once rhetoric well in principle yes because i think we had took aim both on the u.s. and the e.u. fraud of a target that sanctions so many sanctions on individuals or specific companies so i said it's not going to necessarily create the turkish economy like we could imagine for example the international sanctions on iran have been crippling iranian economy for a long for a long time however the symbolic nature of having both u.s. and e.u.
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sanctions more or less at the same time is is i think a significant move it's not there to be a point of no return of the russian ship but this crew clearly crossing a line does the e.u. have anything to lose if its relations with turkey deteriorate any farther. well 1st days what your reporter was mentioning earlier which is the migration aspect that mean turkey's of a significant access point for migrants from c i n there swear to the european union and president there though and he's fully aware of that then there's been in a way using this argument to remind the e.u. to to basically stick to the deed that he had done with the e.u. leaders some years ago and not to go too far however turkey also needs the e.u. because the e.u. is one of the main exporting markets for took his goods and he's also one of the main investment this nations of investment so there is
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a dependence here that i think both sides are fully aware of to what extent is the deterioration of racial relations between turkey and europe the fault of president earlier one and is attempts to to establish more forcefully in turkey on the on the global stage. i think putting the blame on one specific site is always tricky when you are entering this kind of tense relation between different diplomatic powers what's clear is that president there though and has taken over the last 5 to 10 years a trajectory which he's often. in clash with with the interest and even devalues of the west nato community however we also know that the e.u. leaders especially have some share of the blame even that some years ago america and then president sarkozy made very clear that there turkey don't change don't stand much chance to join the european union so i think everybody's got some share
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of the blame but clearly president their door and is playing a game that is very. offensive in terms of turkey's poster in the region and where the e.u. is trying to to lead to limit the damage so i think it now is for president at the end to try to deescalate the situation and where the president biden is going to position himself on that question is going to be very important it was constructive for british many thanks indeed for response here thank you very much. to briggs if there's been a frank admission from the european commission chief of on the land at goshen asian teams have until sunday to decide whether to press ahead with talks for an easy you u.k. trade agreement wonderlands admitted for the 1st time that it's more likely that no deal will be done. we will decide on sunday whether we have the conditions for a an agreement on not in the meantime the commission has proposed for targeted
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contingency measures today they provide a short term fix to ensure basic connectivity in air and road transport for 6 months and we are also proposing to the u.k. to ensure resi proper access to each of us waters for next year one way or the other in less than 3 weeks it will be new beginnings for old friends unfortunately at the moment it is you know there are 2 key things where we we just can't seem to. make progress not it's going to ratchet because they've got in to keep the u.k. locked in to whatever they want to do in terms of but they just ration jobs doesn't work and then there's the whole issue of fish you know we've got to be able to take back control of our about water so there's a way to go. one of the men found guilty over the murder of lebanon's former prime
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minister has been sentenced to 5 life terms salim was tried and sentenced in absentia he was found to have played a leading role in the bombing that killed rafi community and 21 other people in 2005 the sentence was handed down by the special tribunal for lebanon based in the netherlands let's go a lot out of beirut to zeros anahata is that a tell us more about this. well this is the sentencing the guilty verdict was handed down in august a try oh well it was held in absentia the man who was found guilty is still on the run so some will say well this is an important judicial decision just this is incomplete but the bottom line is this the tribe you know does not have any enforcement mechanism and cannot in any way force the lebanese government to hand over. to face justice in fact hezbollah which has really downplayed the
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importance of the tribunals saying that this tribunal is politically motivated and that we're not concerned with its verdict has repeatedly said that they will not hand over a yes and they're in control of political power their armed wing is much stronger than the state that if any security agency attempts to arrest sally my yes it could trigger conflict so many will say justice is still incomplete others will say well we believe that he's just a low level operative and that the tribunals should have gone after those who actually gave the green light for us to carry out an execute such an intricate operation of the court the tribunal is not allowed to try countries or groups but they in directly implicated has been lost when they said is affiliated with with the group and that you know has a law was was. part of this this whole intricate operation stay with us
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a because it's something else i want to ask you about here in a separate development some political groups are saying saying rather the charges brought against the current prime minister and others sort of the former prime minister of the beirut support explosion a politically motivated interim prime minister. and 3 former ministers have been charged with negligence over the ogust blast that left more than $200.00 people dead the statement by the iran backed hizbollah is part of a wider political pushback against the course an ongoing investigation found the minister as well aware of the stockpile of ammonium nitrate responsible for the blast so when these charges were handed down against the interim prime minister yesterday we were discussing the fact that they would be those who would who would say these charges are politically motivated. yes there has been reaction from across 11 on's divided political spectrum the arabs foes and friends alike seem to be in agreement that this is politically
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motivated and that his targeting has been selective they're saying that the judiciary has bypassed parliament because there's a special courts in parliament that should try ministers now some will say that the different political parties are trying to close any door to accountability because if you open one door if you hold one official to account then it could open more doors you hezbollah we have to remember hezbollah appointed the ministers who have also been charged with negligence are close to hezbollah hezbollah saying this is targeted may be hezbollah would like to see former prime ministers who were in government when the ammonium nitrate entered the country to be held to account as well or not the same time when the caretaker prime minister said that this is not just targeting me but targeting the posts that the prime. minister what he does there was rally the sunni community behind him and the highest religious authority
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of the senate community today even the criticize the judicial decision in one way or the other is the semi's are saying why are you going after the prime minister when the president also knew that ammonium nitrate explosive material oh was the port so across the political divide there saying that he's been unfairly targeted but some will say what the political class the whole political class friends and foes alike what they're trying to do is close the door to the possibility of accountability. live in beirut so many things a bill to legalize abortion in argentina has cleared a major hurdle in the law so congress is expected to face more resistance in the service from point a status so as a boat ports. a much awaited vote this is the beginning of the end of a battle this women have been fighting for
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a very long time the legalization of abortion in this mostly catholic country. congress passed the bill on thursday by a 131 vote to 117 it now goes to the senate and i know many as i don't know your head up anywhere in 2018 we were disappointed because we lost in the senate but we hope this time it will be different it's a right that we deserve to see women's lives. activists gather outside congress abortion is a divisive issue in argentina although a large sector of society wants to see legalized others do not want to see the bill turned into law. pope francis is from argentina and can influence how politicians vote. the plaza in front of congress was separated by a fence as security forces were there to prevent violence between those in favor of abortion and those against a 1000000 they would have rather than me. in the midst of a pandemic we are invited to discuss
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a bill in just 10 days inn express bill tell me of this is not genocide when they don't want to show what an abortion is this is it and they don't want to show it they're hiding the truth we're not foolish people in 2018 the bill was approved in congress but failed to pass the senate women rights groups say thousands of private abortions are already happening in argentina and women are suffering because of it . every day oh oh oh that woman i was like hey from the word abortion come back oprah my mother come out of her was that her father you know. her was 6 over the border but i was like well not bergen 3 not that i'm lucky i know about the world. he says that argentina's abortion legislation could set a precedent in the region with our beloved flow all the other countries in the region back to the bank to have the happy feet on their 10 back in
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a 5050 happening here have to be a millionaire field in mexico i would say i am told that this hole has nothing close to marriage and here she can we finally have it because you think you got efficient enough you have a very happy happy marriage. the government says they would like to see the vote in the senate before the year's end. this women say they'll be here again to see the bill turned into law and women gain the rights they have long demanded. when the hightest where rapidly approaching the midway point in this news out a weather update next then the un condemns if he appears government. returning refugees to the albany to gray region. more some businesses struggle to survive the pandemic others are innovating to keep their doors open attorney. and firms crash over a controversial purchase but it is ready for the combine m.r.c.
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shake that's coming up with joe and his push. for. the weather this on the cool side across the middle east but dry a lot of settled weather coming through there will be a few showers possible in parts of the region to he could see some showers some longer spells a frame for a time sliding a little further east which maybe still wanted to show is that they too were northern parts of iran just up around the caucuses here in casa fun is right temperatures of around 24 celsius quite a keen should malo it's going to feel fresh tempests 2324 degrees then as we go on through the next couple of days the fire weather the sunshine that stretches dab across much of the arabian peninsula and joins up with a fine weather that we have on the other side of the gulf of aden to settle there
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for somebody with us and showers sent to central parts of africa as we should do the showers stretch in the way of a towards the gulf of guinea some watching weather for tom across that western side of the democratic republic of congo somewhat of weather too is coming in to zambia some really heavy rain you notice just showing up of course that eastern side of south africa that could cause some localized flooding is still there as we go through sunday but should to turn a little tries to make a way to start of the new working week most of that russia shows that the center no the pos of mozambique with also some showers for good measure in zimbabwe. for me out to c.n.n. london to open. to the special guest in conversation i don't feel because of colonialism it's uninterrupted there's a sense of but i'm still having some legitimacy in terms of spreading
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technology pretty. soon. something monumental a horrific past slavery studio unscripted on al-jazeera when the news breaks the impact of the storms in honduras has been particularly devastating when people need to be hurt no group has claimed responsibility for the shooting on the outskirts of srinagar in indian administered kashmir people here say they're living in fear al-jazeera has teams on the ground but never at the start that we simply don't know we contiki to bring you more award winning documentaries and live on air and online.
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hello again this is the news from al-jazeera adrian 2nd with you here in doha the headlines european union leaders have agreed to cut carbon emissions by at least 55 percent by the end of the decade the reduction compared to $990.00 levels is a step up from the previous goal of 40 percent. turkey is criticizing the european union's plans to expand sanctions targeting its drilling operations in the eastern mediterranean the e.u. is agreed to widen its sanctions list of turkish individuals companies involved in the contested drilling activities. to his bar fugitive convicted of the assassination of lebanon's former prime minister rafik hariri has been given 5 life terms salim i asked was sentenced in absentia at the u.n. backed force in the netherlands. hong kong pro-democracy activist and media tycoon jimmy lie has been charged under the controversial security law that was imposed on
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the territory by beijing the allegations include that he colluded with foreign forces lie is already in prison after being denied bail over a separate al-jazeera the pollen reports now from all. now jimmy lies facing a number of cases mostly related to his pro-democracy activities and his own involvement in protests but this charge of collusion with foreign forces against the national security is the most significant he faces the biggest penalty if found guilty possibly life in prison to me lies well known here he's a billionaire is a media mogul he's a founder of hong kong's biggest pro-democracy news outlets he's also known for his very close ties with the trumpet ministration in fact last year he held meetings at the height of the hong kong protests last summer with the u.s. secretary of state mike pump aoe and with the vice president mike pence it is
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perhaps his close relationship with the u.s. that has put him in the crosshairs of the national security law and incidentally this latest charge comes just days after the u.s. leveled the latest round of sanctions against chinese officials for what they say is eroding hong kong's autonomy but the crackdown on hong kong seems to have intensified as we come towards the end of the year in fact just today around $100.00 people are facing cases in charges in court for protests and pro-democracy related activities one of those 100 activists in court was high profile protest leader tony chung has been found guilty of insulting china's national flag over unlawful assembly line t.v. the old was convicted for his part in demonstrations outside hong kong's legislature in may of last year he'll be sentenced later this month but charges carry a combined penalty of up to 8 years in prison. ethiopia's government says that it's
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returning eritrean refugees to camps in the golden tee grey region they fled to the capital addis ababa during fighting integrate between local forces and federal government soldiers the u.n. says their returns to grave so soon is absolutely unacceptable but ethiopia says they'll be safe there are 96000 eritrean refugees registered in ethiopia most of them live in gray which borders eritrea at least for aid workers have been killed in ethiopia stingray region its national rescue committee and the danish refugee council announced the deaths. the policy area of front in western sahara is threatening to intensify its conflict with morocco and south of the us recognized morocco's claim over the disputed territory in exchange morocco became the 4th arab nation to agree to normalize ties with israel jazeera stephanie decker reports. the announcement came in a presidential tweet calling it a historic breakthrough and
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a massive breakthrough for peace in the middle east morocco and israel agreed to full diplomatic relations it's another victory for the israeli prime minister america follows the u.a.e. bahrain in sudan in recognizing israel and establishing full diplomatic relations this is the foundation on which we can now build this peace will resume liaison offices quickly between israel and morocco and work as rapidly as possible to establish full diplomatic relations we also institute direct flights between morocco and israel and israel morocco giving this bridge of peace and even more solid foundation this will be a very warm peace in return to trump administration has gone against decades of u.s. policy and agreed to recognize the disputed western sahara region as moroccan. western sahara has been disputed for decades between morocco and the pro independence police are your front 1st country in the world. are 65 countries.
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and siding with. only the united states is recognized. for a long time and. international law concerns. in order to get. the palestinians have condemned the agreement saying it's yet another country to break the promise of not recognizing israel until the establishment of a palestinian state that more and more arab countries are stablish in ties with israel whereas the reality of a palestinian state seems to fade further and further away it's hailed as yet another victory for israel another unilateral move by this outgoing administration who have little more than a month left in office stephanie decker al-jazeera. indonesia
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has reported 175 corona virus related deaths on friday the highest since the pandemic began the government has received over a 1000000 doses of china's sign of ag vaccine that aims to begin occupations as soon as regulators approve the job a curfew has been imposed across the occupied west bank to try to contain the outbreak the palestinian authorities ordered a full lockdown in cities such as nablus and bethlehem and hebron after a certain infections over the weekend all non-essential businesses will be closed the health ministry has reported more than 104000 cases since the outbreak began at least 900 deaths britain's astra zeneca will start to test a combination of its experimental vaccine with russia's sputnik the shots. sovereign wealth fund which is bankrolling sputnik we made the announcement trials
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for the combined inoculation a set to start by the end of the year peter drove batches of global health and infectious disease experts at the university of oxford he says while they have been concerns over the quality of russian testing a joint effort with astra zeneca would be good news. press parents is so critical and that's why we've been pleased to see publication of data from the pfizer vaccine from the auster asters an oxford astra zeneca vaccine recently and it is a concern with the vaccine coming out of russia we've seen some phase one in 2 trial results published in medical journals but no yet data from the ongoing phase 3 trial there always is a concern to approve a vaccine before you have that validation of safety and efficacy now as being announced today as this possible trial of the century combining the 2 vaccines would be done in a clinical trial setting and it has you know some promise the idea sort of to it's
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almost like cross training in athletics where 2 different sports can make you a better athlete so rather than giving them the 1st dose of the booster dose of the same vaccine maybe giving different types of vaccine for the 1st and 2nd doses might give you a stronger or more durable immune response so that's something that i think will we'll see through various trials in the months to come and i think it's always promising to see collaboration we're talking about a partnership between the galileo institute and astra zeneca and the researchers in oxford which i think can be viewed potentially as separate from some of the both the political dialogue and some of the other elements you know the reality is that we need scientific cooperation you know my view is we need the best vaccines we need them to be available the best approaches and it doesn't matter where they come from as long as it's done in a way that is rigorous and ethical and transparent so that we can have full confidence of the vaccines are going to be successful. chile is in the grip of
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another wave of corona virus infections and it's bigger than the outbreak in europe authorities have decided to re-impose restrictions in the capital santiago where things are particularly bad as a latin america at a solution human. this is downtown santiago on the 1st day of new restrictions aimed at getting massive numbers of people off the streets and as far away from each other as possible chile's health minister says authorities had no choice but to roll back on the confinement measures give them what we want to show the progress of the weekly surge of cases in the capital increased by 53 percent in less than a month from 1775 cases to 2698 decisions are based on the data shows that we're in a critical situation and. faced with the 2nd wave of coded 19 much sooner than expected the government has limited restaurant capacity to 25
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percent and only outdoors the. total lockdown will be enforced on weekends residents can travel outside of the metropolitan area and no more than 20 people can gather outdoors although no one seems to be paying much attention. to blocks away santiago's mer and gov appealed for understanding and discipline. it's a harsh measure without a doubt but let's not forget that santiago already suffered one of the world's longest lock downs $144.00 days and nobody wants to go through that again. at the peak of the pandemic chile had one of the world's highest mortality rates per capita from cold 19 hospitals warned that their staff are too exhausted from the 1st wave to deal with the 2nd one effectively but i like that one coming. the new
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restrictions will hit small businesses most craftswomen i know he was counting on christmas sales to survive bonnie said it's the uncertainty of not knowing if we'll be able to work anymore we've worked all year to saudi and it's not just some travel of it in trouble 11 other regions have been declared critical some have even been put under total lockdown authorities say that they hope to be able to relax some of the restrictions private and of your holidays but there is no guarantee especially since there won't be a vaccine for anybody here before the 1st quarter of next year you see a new an al-jazeera something. both south korea and japan seeing a rise in the number of new infections people that are experiencing fundamental changes to their everyday life that while some have struggled to adapt others have come up with new ways to cope and stay afloat as well by reports now from seoul.
6:43 pm
serving up ramen noodles in this tokyo district for 15 years this is yes shiro her last day in business has regulars lined up for one final ball like many other small businesses here's hasn't been able to survive the pandemic. that the coronavirus has drastically changed the movement of people for example in business districts the number of workers during the daytime has dropped a lot so restaurants can stay open other tokyo businesses are adapting to survive this newly opened sauna caters for individual customers in their own steam rooms and business is brisk for your one hour session you need to book 2 weeks in advance any. we felt they would be a strong demand for solo services and i think businesses aimed at individuals will catch on even after the pandemic is also changing the way that libraries in japan operate with the installation of ultraviolet light machines to sterilize books
6:44 pm
being taken out and returned an important safeguard especially as many of those who rely on libraries are elderly then there's the question of what to do with the huge numbers of face masks we use and discard every day last month south korea alone produced more than 600000000 of them well one student here has a novel solution furniture design student came home takes used masks and turns them into stools melting down and molding the mostly plastic fabric it takes about $1500.00 masks for each 3 legged creation for humans masks protect us from the virus for 40 earth they are big source of environmental pollution they're proving popular with fellow students as a reminder of a year that many would probably want to forget including those whose big. this is won't make it into next year robert bride al jazeera so. a free education program
6:45 pm
in ghana's public schools is proving so popular that some private fee paying schools are being forced to close all of their grades are improving many students have to wait months to get a place critics say that's causing major social problems already addressed reports . after 3 months of 2 these students are back in class among them many who transferred from private schools after the government declared education free in public high schools had not been dad's most students were in school now linda had the opportunity to be school and that is what can beat those face for the ideal best to cope with this is then. the school year has changed from one of terms to a university semester system but when the schools have struggled to accommodate all the students who apply for places that means while some students attend classes for
6:46 pm
months others are forced to stay home and wait their turn. sat a tall has and has 2 children in junior school. the. implementation. problem every parent worried about a film. where. i think their mug of government. is about $500.00 a mug. about $500.00. but they. been a rule on for years. and then even if the child comes back you'd have to spend another $400.00 or $500.00. said it was concerned that with a lot of free time on the hands many students cultivating bad habits including drug abuse smoking and prostitution. private schools were once the exclusive preserve of middle and upper class commands but there's been
6:47 pm
a bus exodus to public schools for free education. the private. high school. closed down because most. interested in this very free thing the government argues that improvements in the performance of high school graduates is evidence that the free high school system was but critics say it is running private schools out of business and creating other social problems. for many parents who struggle to find the money to pay high school fees the free education program is a huge relief however they urge the government to address the social problems caused when students have to spend months a tool waiting to place in class comment increase. or gotten. bangladesh's laura schwartz thought to be the world's largest climate refugees project the goal is to house a growing number of people who are forced to leave homes to to climate change and
6:48 pm
a failing economy. and their child reports now from cox's bazar. muzzammil hawk was 17 years old when his father died at sea during a devastating cycle on that heat southern bangladesh in 1901 an estimated 140000 people were killed and 10000000 lost their homes he managed to survive the storm along with his mother and 4 siblings but those memories still haunt him. the place where i was born went totally in the sea there is nothing there now but the ocean our family took refuge in a government lending cox's bizarre after 3 decades of government provided us with a permanent home here praise along migrants living on government land face the constant threat of every action as they don't have any rights to stand most of the people living here in the supplemental in our climate change migrant many fled
6:49 pm
their island homes that go there to the impact of global warming as part of his new strategy the government has started providing permanent homes to many of the families here life is seldom easy for these migrants many workers day laborers or rickshaw pullers woman mostly work as domestic helpers are in clothing factories etc john likes a new home but says it's not easy living here she now runs a small shop to get by the very top of the. aisle home got washed away in 1991 after 30 years finally our prime minister has provided us with homes here but this place is too isolated with little opportunity to make a living plus there are no schools no mosques graveyards. according to the world resources institute bangladesh is one of the country's worst affected by global warming despite having one of the lowest carbon footprints bangladesh government
6:50 pm
says one percent of its g.d.p. every year due to the impact of climate change. environment experts say the 2015 peri segment is still the best hope to contain the facts of global warming but for bangladesh the impact of climate change is already a harsh reality and dealing with climate internal migration has become one of its biggest challenges. sports just ahead
6:51 pm
5 by can't come soon enough these guys are these 2 boxers joel have in just a few books starting to kick off a little bit get a response. the
6:52 pm
a. the. elegant time for sports history adrian thank you we're just a day away from well the heavyweight boxing champion anthony joshua defending his title from challenger cobra pullup but the pair kicks off the fight at the weigh in earlier in london security guards had to separate the boxes faced off joshua has won 23 of 24 flights with 21 knockouts carry an opponent who has only lost one of
6:53 pm
his previous 29 fights a 1000 fans will be allowed into his wembley arena she's for the bouts but if he says lebron james has been named time magazine's athlete of the air for his work against voter suppression that a lakers star helped his team to the n.b.a. title earlier this year but it's his work against social injustice has been rewarded after his more than a vote organization helps drive wreck or turn outs in this year's u.s. presidential election i don't want to lose sight of le bron james awesomeness on the court. she is the greatest basketball player of his generation arguably of any generation and he wanted with title yes year that's no small thing but his influence was what he did off the court and le bron has had a remarkable influence across activism triathletes a brown world he has used his unparalleled platform as not just the.
6:54 pm
most talented basketball player in the world but one of the most popular figures in the entire world to create space for other athletes to bring their full selves to their sports and no longer feel there was a trade off between success on the court principle off specifically this year with his more than a vote organization he engaged directly in the democratic process registered hundreds of people to vote tens of thousands of volunteers to work at the polls and he used his leverage to persuade the n.b.a.'s 1000000000 euro knitters to convert many of the stadiums and arenas into polling places enabling more people to vote safely will social distancing i think it is not an overstatement to say that he had a direct impact on the presidential election while a bronze participation next year is that impacts in tokyo is still up in the ed but
6:55 pm
if he goes and rice's social justice issues at the games he'll be supported by his countries and the pick committee the u.s. i.p.c. has announced they won't punish athletes who peacefully and respectfully demonstrate that goes against will 50 of the atlantic charter which prohibits any kind of demonstration. the controversial sale of half of israeli football club beta jerusalem to an ember r.t. shake continues to divide its fans 2 opposing protests were held at the club's training ground on friday all the 100 fans gathered to show their support for a new owner shaikh hamad bin. well a few dozen hardcore fans known for their anti hour fuse protested it police arrested 4 people after scuffles the club's owner who brokered the deal which will see a $90000000.00 investment over the next decade was also reported threats against his family to do some of the ocean. i wanted to be known that baitullah jerusalem is not a racist team but it is a great team in israel i want the stigma to be taken out of its name because we can
6:56 pm
achieve good things and racism is like a glass ceiling preventing us from doing so ukraine's f.a. has launched an appeal against you ate his decision towards switzerland victory in a game that was forfeited because of a current a virus outbreak the nations league match in november couldn't go ahead of the crane team were placed in quarantine for 6 players tests positive european football's governing body handed switzerland a 3 mil win which saw ukraine relegated to the ukraine want the much to be rescheduled. it was hamilton's return to the track for practice ahead of the abu dhabi graeme prix the formula one world champion recovered from cope with 19 and has been cleared to race after completing 10 days of quarantine how to miss sunday sakia grand prix after contract in corona virus in bahrain meanwhile hamilton's extreme etiam has got a new high profile member 9 time rally world champion sebastian local race for hamilton's x. 45 teen 44 team in the off road electric series next year he's partnered with
6:57 pm
a spanish racer christina good heiress who's finished the deck already 4 times the series aims to raise awareness about climate change by racing in some of the world's most remote and harsh environments. so golf now and patrick reed remains on track to become the 1st american to win the european tools race to dubai the former lost as champion was top of the rankings heading into the season ending weld's top championship is now taken control with an 8 under paul 2nd round of $6432.00 shots clear of the field and close a n on the $2000000.00 prize at the u.s. women's open amy olsen jumped into the 1st round lead with a hole in one on the 16th while number 68 played a major for the 1st time in her career women houston is one of 5 majors on the women's golf think. all right that is obvious but for now more with gemma later adrian germany thanks dave that's it for the news out. of all the day's news and
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and in the lab now more than ever the world needs w.h.o. making a healthier world for you. for everyone. you know lose your literacy is the thing is we don't have a narrative i have a question join me richelle carey and up front is my guest from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories in pressing issues here on our just here a lot of the stories that we cover a highly complex social very important we make them as understandable as we can do as many people as possible no matter how much they know about a given crisis or issue all of the books and stuff like this or the spell of the day is over. as al-jazeera correspondents will be strong to do. he uses performance to draw attention to the critical controversial issues facing china.
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when he speaks china. on al-jazeera. we will reduce emissions by at least 55 percent by 2030 the european union sets itself an ambitious targets to help prevent the planet from overheating . again i'm adrian figured this is was a 0 live from doha also coming up a un backed court sentences a fugitive has brought a member to life in prison for the assassination of lebanon's former prime minister rafik hariri.


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