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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 12, 2020 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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the toxic substances were there to me in physical threat from al jazeera. 0. hello there i'm a star via tape this is the news hour live from our headquarters here and coming up in the next 60 minutes united states becomes the latest countries to approve the fine is a coronavirus vaccine the elderly and key workers will get those fast jobs. president donald trump attacks the u.s. supreme court after it rejects a request to overturn very biden's victory. the 1st international aid convoy reaches the capital of ethiopia's war torn t. grave region. and fighting climate change 5 years now since the paris agreement we
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take a look at how close nations are to achieving their goals. and joining us rosko with the sports the world anti-doping agency reassures advocates over the current virus vaccine and the pressure is on manchester united as they face local rival city as one of the 2 big european darby's coming up on saturday. for the country hardest hit by the corona virus is now preparing to administer its 1st vaccinations in these hours ahead that's off to united states health officials authorize the files a biotech coronavirus vaccine for emergency use the company says it will start shipping immediately with inoculations beginning as early as monday the hospitals and pharmacies have been preparing for a nationwide immunization campaign but finds a vaccine needs to be kept true cold temperatures and some states. worried there
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weren't enough try to transport it to rural areas news of a private 1000 vaccine in the us can't come soon enough with daily cases soaring to record highs they have now been more than 15000000 infections and nearly 300000 deaths mike hanna reports for us from washington d.c. very much. followed immense pressure from the white house during the course of the day president trunk shot to additional fire wall between politicians and if v.a. deliberations with a furious early morning tweet describing the f.d.a. as still a big old slow turtle and addressing the f.d.a. commissioner he continued get the damn vaccines out now dr hahn stop playing games and start saving lives the white house chief of staff is understood to have followed up with a phone call to the f.d.a. commissioner urging him to expedite the approval. first followed to rip you off the vaccine by independent health experts thursday voted overwhelmingly to recommend
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emergency use authorization president trump has now welcomed the f.d.a. approval of really good news today our nation has achieved a medical miracle we have delivered a safe and effective vaccine in just 9 months this is one of the greatest scientific accomplishments in history it will save millions of lives and soon end the pandemic once and for all the vaccine manufacturer has said it will be able to roll out an initial $20000000.00 doses within 24 hours of approval in terms of guidelines drawn up by the centers for disease control the 1st recipients will be frontline health care workers and the elderly in assisted care facilities though it will be left to the governor of each state to establish distribution protocols. the governor of new york state andrew cuomo said he was expecting 170000 doses by
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sunday or monday this will be enough to treat 85000 people in the 1st wave of vaccinations. a 2nd vaccine manufactured by madonna will come under review next thursday it too says it will be able to roll out 20000000 doses within a day of emergency use approval the virus continues to rage throughout the united states with more than 200000 new cases being reported each week and some 3000 deaths a day being recorded and health officials warn that it will take months before the vaccine begins to have an impact on the stock statistics mike hanna al-jazeera washington well let's get more on this now with john hendren he's also in washington d.c. joiner we're set to hear from the f.d.a. in the next couple of hours or so but right now do we have any details about how this is going to roll out and where exactly. well vet is subject to
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a vote that's going to happen as you say today it was originally going to happen on sunday but the general guidelines are that the 1st $3000000.00 doses will go out those will go pretty quickly they'll go to health care workers their nurses and doctors who have been taking care of patients with coated and elderly people in nursing homes because they're especially vulnerable at those places where we have seen a number of outbreaks at pfizer that scene is being rolled down by u.p.s. and fed ex pfizer's got a facility in michigan from which it is sending those out but it's probably going to be this spring here in the u.s. more like march april may before regular people who don't have co-morbidities and who are not frontline health care workers begin to get this vaccine but officials expect that binds some or most people will have been vaccinated who want to be vaccinated john given the time this case i have precious here what do we know about
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the supply chain is there a worry that they might run out of vaccines and have to stop at some point. yeah that's a definite concern pfizer it asked the u.s. if it wanted more supplies the us the trumpet ministration said no an initially came back in asterism and fines or said no i'm sorry we've sold those to other countries so there is a concern about the supply there are of course the other 2 vaccines also coming up for approval here in the u.s. but the concern with the pfizer vaccine is that it is required to be kept at such a cold temperature that it's got to be stacked with dry ice and that product can be held for 30 days in a container if they're dry ice is replaced every 5 days but there are concerns about reaching rural areas and certainly any kind of problem with transportation with the planes with the production of the virus would delay delivery to people so
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already we've seen the projections of when people of various groups will get that vaccine move back and as i said earlier we were now looking to spring or so before most people who are not frontline health care workers or the elderly will get this long journey ahead john hendren watching all of that for us from washington d.c. thank you so much don ho staying in the united states in the supreme court there has rejected a legal bed from the state of texas to overturn the results of the president's the election now president trump had backed that north sea to its soul to throw out results in 4 key states that were won by joe biden. reports. many legal experts in the us predicted this outcome the supreme court dismissed a bid by the state of texas to overturn the presidential election results much to the anger of trump who tweeted the supreme court really let us down no wisdom no courage trump and his republican allies wanted the court to set aside results in 4
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states won by president elect joe biden michigan pennsylvania and wisconsin 18 republican attorney generals and 126 republican members of congress supported the lawsuit bought in a short statement the court said that texas has not demonstrated educationally called musical interest in the manner in which another state conducts its elections biden's team celebrated the decision saying the supreme court has decisively and speedily rejected the latest of donald trump and his allies attacks on the democratic process this is no surprise dozens of judges election officials from both parties and trump's own attorney general have dismissed his baseless attempts to deny he lost the election trump and other republican organizations have 52 seats in various states they've achieved partial success in only one but legal analysts say trump may continue to try to overturn the election results i don't count
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halfords i just do something else even though it probably won't get anywhere because it is over as of monday when the electoral college to me but we cannot be in the head down the think what he might try to do next but this was really his last day on there critics of trump say his refusal to concede defeat has damaged the integrity of the u.s. electoral process and biden's victory will be officially certified by the electoral college next week victoria gate and be out there as well ali i spoke to scott nicholas he's the co-founder of america and felt about news and analysis on u.s. politics and foreign policy he says the supreme court's ruling here is largely meant to deter any future legal challenges from the trump campaign. the legal message was that in this specific case 7 of the 9 justices said texas you've got no right to try to interfere over the way that elections were conducted in georgia wisconsin pennsylvania and michigan and the 2 most conservative justices samuel
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alito clarence thomas said ok we would consider your case but there's absolutely no chance that we would grant you what you want which is to throw out the elections in those 4 states what is important beyond the supreme court decision is the political message and that is in 57 of 58 cases the courts have said you really shouldn't be here to the trump lawyers they said there's no claims of fraud there's no evidence and your legal theory is completely inappropriate and misguided you have the combination of the supreme court 1st on tuesday in a case brought over pennsylvania then in the texas lawsuit not only rejected the truck camp's attempts to overturn the elections they said there's no way we're going to consider this there's absolutely no standing here and you combine that with the political which is the electoral college meets on monday they will confirm joe biden's victory of $306.00 electors to $232.00 and that's it it's done what does trump do next he then looks ahead probably saying he'll run for president the
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presidency in 2024 to reclaim what is rightfully his how much support does he get from the republican party and from his supporters to go for this for another 4 years. now the 1st international aid convoy has arrived in the ethiopian city at the center of recent fighting in the northern tikrit region a convoy of trucks from the red cross will distribute medicine and other supplies to hospitals and medical a ethiopian army has captured the city and declared victory while rival fire says from the people's liberation front have vowed to fight on while jeremy england is the head of operations in ethiopia at the international committee of the red cross he tells us little more about the types of supplies that are being brought in. we managed to get 7 trucks in with our convoy today after day on the road those trucks are containing and medical supplies primarily to support the regional hospital there i did regional hospital and several other hospitals in the regions
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and pharmacies. we also carry some fuel and non-food items housewives and some of supplies and communication equipment for the operation there but the main priority is to carry medicines surgical supplies and just basic items that are necessary for the hospital to function the hospital main reference hospital in the kili has been unable to function fully. develop and drop some supplies for over a month now they are dealing with a large number of trauma patients in mccallion so you've seen is the number of wounded persons and also displaced persons coming into that city and the city's only residents being deprived of power water communications for over a month so they've obviously been requirements for floors to support. doctors that had to choose between different patients who they could treat with diminishing supplies and without the ability to disinfect correctly so we were very very
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concerned about the situation occurring we're delighted to see that. 2 convoys arrive there from the government of ethiopia both food and some additional medical supplies in the last week and together with our convoy we hope that begins to ease some of the pressure. on his country more happy trading thousands of his e.t.s. have a tantrum rock after playing contract i suspect many of them are for national. mexico cancels the world's largest african help image but say that kind of action if needed now. and spanish leaders that have got madrid take on their local rivals and one of 2 big here and obvious on saturday that's all coming up in support. new evidence in the case of an italian student tortured and murdered in egypt could
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further implicate security officials that but there are clips retained by al-jazeera from italian judicial sources indicate for the 1st time that 28 year old researcher journey original was being monitored while in egypt car leg has a story. that this video recording may not show much but for italian officials investigating the brutal murder of julio region in egypt it's a breakthrough the 1st evidence that the italian student was targeted and put under surveillance by egyptian authorities was actually going to mug this image was 3 hours it was. it comes after italian prosecutors announced plans to charge for egyptian security offices with the students torture and death they say one of the defendants colonel as a commercial assigned the informant to monitor julia originate a month before he was killed. more guard or say we go today we
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know that the egyptian general security followed regina's tracks for 40 days we know that he was a recent 1st in a camp been transferred to cell number 13 of the egyptian ministry of interior this is a very dangerous matter me telling people strongly condemn it and we firmly maintain our position with respect to closing diplomatic ties with egypt ridge and his body was found on a desert highway after he disappeared in january 26th seen he was last seen near an underground subway stop in cairo where he'd been researching the sensitive topic of labor movements in egypt his mother later said his body was so mutilated she was only able to recognize the tip of his nose rights groups say the marks resemble those resulting from. widespread torture practices in egyptian facilities the national security agency is quite a torrijos we have documented the torture we have documented and forced disappearance in the country and hold the judiciary affectively in service of the
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system of repression in. country the death sparked outrage in italy and strained diplomatic relations between the 2 countries with italy's government accusing egyptian authorities of non-cooperation we want stores and justice for our citizen who has been killed tortured in such a terrible way we have an explanation egyptian prosecutors have continued to insist that region is killers remain unknown and all thirty's deny any involvement in fact they've announced a temporary suspension of the investigation but israeli plans to push on with the case regardless the suspects will be tried in an italian court in abstention as for julia region as parents they're still calling for justice for their son his mother applauded an investigation that not only shed some light on his death but held up what she called a mirror of how human rights of violated in egypt every day carra leg al-jazeera. saturday marks the 5th anniversary of the paris climate agreement since then
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extreme weather events from drought wildfires and super storms are all taken their toll and highlighted a renewed quarter urgent action so how is the well placed on its battle against the climate crisis anika texas there was an extraordinary moment after only loose years of negotiations the oceans of the world united in this common cause and the paris agreement was born. because it was. for celebrations they were short lived within 18 months the accord was in deep trouble suddenly u.s. leadership was lost. the united states will withdraw from the paris. lima court well in the 5 years since paris national commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions well they haven't measured
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up and time is running out remember the agreement ange to stop global temperatures from rising 2 degrees celsius above pre-industrial levels ideally one and a half degrees but average global temperatures are right now as i speak at $1.00 degrees and climbing and the impacts of a warming world they're already shocking displacing millions and costing billions extreme weather events are becoming all too familiar from superstorm stew record wildfires from heat waves to devastating floods ice packs they've continued to diminish at both poles with the current decade the warmest on record it sounds bad it is bad and yet despite it all suddenly there's an opportunity president elect joe biden has pledged to return the united states to the paris agreement the world's 2nd biggest emitter of greenhouse gases back at the table and the number one a matter that's china responsible for 28 percent of global emissions they promise
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carbon neutrality by 2060 other countries have followed suit japan and south korea committing to net 0 by 2050 joining the u.k. the e.u. and next year the united states and hopefully more to come out of the tragedy of the covert pandemic suddenly major economies are eyeing a green recovery with trillions of dollars in stimulus funds available i think yes we are in a moment i would say in a turning point moment in history and it's set in my view it's a great opportunity very few either some very few generations have the opportunity to become so relevant for at history overall it doesn't mean that it is going to be easy on the contrary i think these bullets on our shoulder. and responsibly the thing is nations political action is one thing implementing
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policies to assure new found hope is not misguided well that's quite another but never will there be a better opportunity to realize the goals of the paris agreement and to put the brakes on the worst effects of climate change and you can watch our extended interview with the executive secretary of the un framework convention on climate change patricia espinosa who you were just hearing from there that's at 830 g.m.t. on sunday right here on talk to al jazeera for now that speak to nick maybe he's the chief executive of a 3rd generation environmentalism that's an independent european think tank and he joins us now from london nick i know you yourself have been a strategic advisor on climate change issues to the british government so i want to start there we've just seen the u.k. now say that they'll stop funding overseas fossil fuel projects which a number of big banks have decided some time back it trillions are still being spent so realistically is change happening fast enough.
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i believe we are having some communication challenges there with nic maybe we will be getting him back as soon as we can bear let's move on for now because climate change is also having a devastating impact on the mountain regions france scare resorts there have closed because of unreliable snowfall and scientists in the alphonso say rising temperatures are causing mountains to crumble at ashoka reports. striking and majestic the french alps aren't chanting site for thousands of years people have lived and worked in the mountains or simply come to admire them but scientists warn these ancient peaks are crumbling rising temperatures are melting permafrost the frozen soil an ice that holds them together speeding up erosion and triggering dangerous rock falls glaciologist falls manuf says the high vertical rock faces of the alps are particularly vulnerable to changes in temperature. in effect we have
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noticed that in warm periods particularly the last 2 or 3 decades rockfalls have been more frequent than in past colder decades or so when the summers are very hot as they were in 20032015 the rock falls happened more often and. also melting faster than before there are 4000 in the alps chain that span 7 countries scientists say half will have disappeared by 2050 climate change is also transforming low altitude mountains like those in the photos region in eastern france it's still snowing here every winter inventer on the problem is the snow for has become less reliable the ski season much shorter so that's why be operated this year has decided to close the resort. grandfather created the ski resort his family have always run it is odd competed in the olympics shutting the resort down
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wasn't an easy decision but he says he had no. choice now plans to build a luxury hotel to attract tourists all year round who want to board all the ski stations face the same problem because to work you need snow at the right time during the holidays and good weather so it's hard to have all that in a short season we used to have a bad winter every decade now it's every 3 years so it's impossible to recover. rising temperatures a forced dozens of ski resorts to close in france in recent years scientists warn that unless more is done to stop climate change snow capped mountains and glistening place is may 1 day become things that the past natasha butler al-jazeera venture on live. from hospital climate change it's now time for the weather and where that bitter. spent a very wet start to the week full australia on a very wet end to the week that eastern parts of the country side which was the west we've had 2 tropical distances make their way through producing some very
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heavy rain but as we go on through the next 24 to 48 hours just little area of low pressure hey that's going to give some cause for concern just around the southeast of queensland also into the northeast of new south wales really heavy rain pushing through here some parts could see maybe 200 millimeters of rain what some spots could see as much as 400 millimeters of rain say we are expecting widespread flooding river flooding and flash flooding as a result of the heavy downpours very strong winds as well winds could gust in excess of 100 kilometers per hour so damaging winds gnostic weather as we go through the next day or so further south into were new zealand across the other side of the ditch things looking pretty good here actually perfect cricket weather in wellington clear blue skies and plenty of sunshine that we have blue skies but a good deal colder across northern parts of china and that cold air is going to continue sinking its way further south which as we go through the next couple of days so little around 3 degrees celsius on sunday with some bits and pieces of snow
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much colder here by monday still ahead for you here on out as they're forced to pay bribes for services that shipping for the people of ghana say systemic corruption is an accounting why. we funded the lives of internally displaced 25 years after the war. and trial here since turning professional this scare finally ends up at the top of the podium over to his house coming up the scorcher. we've never had a president who has little use for the full year of repeatedly attacked our democracy. you know lucy lerner it isn't i don't have a narrative i have a question you're getting there really were you treated. or even through the join
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me richelle carey and up front as my guest from around the world take a hot seat and we debate the week's top stories in pressing issues here on the earth. building a new life on an entirely beach living off the sea and the land. a dream shared by so many but so few make it a reality. a family business led by a mark of a woman with a flair for cooking and desist from living. my chinese yeah i didn't catch it on al-jazeera.
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and i missed all the attendant hotlips remind you about top stories here this hour the u.s. has become the latest country to approve the fires a biotech coronavirus vaccine for emergency use the president says the fastest could be administered within 24 hours with millions more set a nationwide distribution. and the u.s. supreme court has rejected a legal bid from the state of texas to overturn donald trump's election defeat trump head back to that dossier which sort of throw out the results in 4 key states where joe biden has won several other legal challenges have already been rejected across the country. in the 1st international aid convoy has arrived in the ethiopian city at the center of recent fighting in the northern tier a region ethiopia's army has captured mecca lay but rival fighters from the tikrit people's liberation front have valid to fight all. well that's now pick up on one of the stories that we've been covering the paris climate accord that was signed 5
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years ago now in the coming hour british prime minister barak johnson and the u.n. secretary general are expected to hold about 12 missing with us to discuss it for now though we can speak to nick maybe he's the chief executive of 3rd generation environmental as an independent european think tank we've managed to get him back and he joins us now from london nick as i was saying earlier you've been a strategic advisor on climate change issues to the british government we've seen the u.k. now say that they'll stop funding overseas fossil fuel projects but even though a number of big banks decide about some time back trillions were still being spent so in your mind realistically is change happening fast enough. as it was with this in this 2 sides no immediate change. for still putting too much money into fossil fuels or not most of the clean energy but then as your report earlier with all the big countries including the us and china now by you know 2050 neutrality talk that we're within spitting distance or cheating the goals if people deliver so the
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question now is not drift persuade people but we need to get so close a climate what can we deliver on the promises right amounts the big challenge for the glasgow conference next year sure will speaking of that delivery as you point out our environment at a nick was explaining that paris is in agreement with voluntary targets right no real sanction for missing those targets now to cut emissions in a dramatic way that we really need to many are arguing that we need to restructure the existing economic system itself how do we incentivize that change. well you're right but i know that sanctions were never going to force people like china or the u.s. to change the whole energy system they were only ever going to do it because it was in their interests and now really the reason they're going to do it is cheaper so the costs of clean energy fall and since parents fall faster than we have a thought around 30 years false of offshore wind solar electric vehicles the u.k. just published really detailed analysis of how it was going to get to carbon
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neutrality by 2050 and it was cheaper than its previous target which didn't get that and cheaper than all talk as we had 10 years ago much more ambitious so the key driver now is it's cheaper to go clean the question is how to do it well working within our current economic frame lack and also the very unequal while that we level one of the sorts of practical tools that you envision that could potentially help push us in the right direction like a carbon tax friends densa a carbon credit trading system is that the way we should be going. think as a former economist or what's on the safe people of the play the importance of global carbon taxes in trading the key issues investment and so just because it's cheap doesn't mean it's easy to many of specially from but developing countries suffering from colleagues that you haven't got the money to spend they haven't got the money to invest in the new clean technologies which would be better for them economically and for that people so the key things we need to do is make access to finance and access to new technologies for the core
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a country so they can benefit from the clean energy revolution brought them just the same old rich middle income countries china us europe benefiting and making all these new products and make you mentioned that it does feel like we have this moment here as we grapple with this pandemic to potentially really change the way that we rebuild our lives our economies and as you say we have the technology at the scale and at the cost to do this so in your mind is this a moment that we look back on and say that's when we chose a future. you know i think sometimes people use the historic moment too often but i think you know 2021 really is story time we have to decide how we build back up cope with the recession we have to decide if we're going to make the ambition of the climate target if we do both together then we really laid the foundations for a more stable a more equal a better world with cleaner and better jobs and less energy and security so that's on the plate world leaders next year they're going to make those choices there's no
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barrier sums of money or technology it's purely about politically can we agree make maybe you have a chief executive of 3rd generation environmentalism great to get your thoughts here or not as they are thanks for being with us. thank you now since joining 18000 members of the as a the minority have returned to some in northern iraq over 300000 fled when i saw invaded that region there's a community now hopes to rebuild but many feel that they've been excluded from important decisions about the areas of governance so not a fault and reports from. the iraqi army is once again in charge of sindar home to iraq's easy to religious minority the district is one of several disputed areas claimed by both the central government in baghdad and the semi autonomous kurdish region it has changed hands 5 times since 2003 as part of an agreement between the 2 sides in october but that deployed its army to take control of few
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dozen gentlemen sort of short of the security situation in said is the responsibility of the police and iraqi army controls all the suburbs districts in subdistricts the security is stable in said there is no flag other than the iraqi flag posted into the town all the positions are under the control of the iraqi government. after the fall of the late former president saddam hussein in 2003 kurdish peshmerga fighters controlled singe our while the iraqi army was deployed further south both abandoned their positions in 2014 when the islamic state of iraq and the levant are eisel launched an offensive across northern iraq much of the city of sendai was destroyed during the conflict there's a lack of trust among the easy to minority towards both the federal government in baghdad and the regional government in kurdistan due to the decades of neglect and because those forces failed to protect them when i saw swept through our killing an abducted thousands more over they feel that they have not been meaningfully
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included in the negotiations that determine the future governance of their region. among those not consulted on the agreement. groups that sprung up in 2014 to help survivors escape eisel and who fought to retake singe are this group called the singe resistance units has now handed over several checkpoints to the iraqi army but their commander told al jazeera that the fighters will remain in the mountains . we want guarantees to keep the residents of sin just safe we will not hunston job to a specific political party and we will not allow anyone to deal with singe or in an oppressive way the resistance units are closely affiliated with the outlawed kurdistan workers' party while other armed groups operating in the district are linked to iran many people living in sin jar say they are tired of living at the mercy of competing political interests and some welcome the presence of the iraqi
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army. having the iraqi government here is better for us there are many parties and illegal armed factions here if the iraqi government is here at the situation will be better and the security will be better but there are concerns that the parties to the agreement will meddle in the selection of the local government and police force choosing. people who serve their interests. should themselves form the local police the name should be chosen by the people of said years after being displaced by the conflict with i saw a 3rd of the inhabitants have returned and are beginning to rebuild their homes that means they'll be able to cast their ballots in elections in sindar next year and have a chance to have their voices heard and choose their own leaders seem. sindar now gone on to corruption activists say the country is news in the fight against graft and county ranks on the perception that's out of $180.00 countries and
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citizens have little faith that the newly elected politicians will adequately tackle the problem amid address reports from the capital. also she will picks passengers on his motorcycle for although the government has banned commercial much cycle operations in the capital across the business thrice he says what keeps them in business is paying a bribe. money to the police when they get. to work for the crowd i see guys from the police on the streets to markets in public or business offices many gunnin say they are compelled to pay a bribe source a business that i meant to be free that was what pushed and nasty your boss into activism i had an issue with my. electricity meter and so i had to go to electricity company i got there and. stuff were demanding that i i had to pay something before they quote
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a funny service but exposing corruption comes with a heavy price in $21000.00 a young journalist was assassinated. because of an investigative story he was doing . goners most famous investigative journalist and us out of it as conducted many undercover investigations and corruption in guyana the most award winning journalist says threats against him and his colleagues are real and it's intimidating many. a bit of a depth of some level of fear by some journalists because they think that this government is a bit intolerant a journalist many have died many have sacrificed that's not induce in us in a sense of the city. again and say they are more worried about corruption among public officials even institutions investigating abuse of public trust at mit the problem is huge. truths. i would say people are beginning
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to be alive today sponsibility of holding people accountable and this is general election corruption was a dominant theme for the 1st time in an election governor's got a hung parliament why no party holds an absolute majority analysts believe that the results of monday's vote sends a strong message to politicians that people have taken note of more corruption cases and i demanding accountability. when i would talk to see how much of that they will get from public officials activists a strong institutions vibrant civil society and fearless journalists are needed to tame corruption that's draining hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayers' money each year. al-jazeera across. all iran has executed a dissident journalist convicted of feeling anti-government on rest during nationwide protests and 27028 team. was captured by the revolutionary guard and
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29000 often is an exile he was the founder of a modern news or a social media channel with more than a 1000000 subscribers also job ari has all the latest from tehran. from the time that he was brought back into iran and he stood trial the charges against him there were 13 charges and the most serious one being what they call here corruption on earth he was also accused of cooperating with intelligence services of israel and france and also. revealing state secrets about he was the sentence was handed down to him in june of this year and then up held in the supreme court last month and then he was hanged this morning this is one of the fastest cases that we've seen of somebody being executed within the country in recent years now sam wasn't just a journalist he came from a clerical family his father was a cleric who worked within the establishment in the ninety's he was also accused of
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revealing secrets he claimed he had sources within the intelligence ministries and the government and in that telegram channel he was revealing certain secrets and that was one of the mean issues but he was arrested in iraq in baghdad according to his wife who is still in france and he left iran following the. instabilities that happened after the 2009 presidential election and he eventually ended up in france with his family that is when the intelligence officials here. saw the channel that he started on telegram which had over a 1000000 subscribers followers 25 hands after the bosnian war tens of thousands of displaced people still unable to return to their homes they call me that as crippling their lives that many leaving is not an option tony batley visit
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a camp where people are still fighting for a better life. time has stood still in parts of rural bosnia to make a living these men have to scavenge for low grade discarded coal the way they did 100 years ago they were promised a better life but 25 years after the war ended they are still suffering they are the forgotten in 1905 the settlement at the age of that benefits sea in northeast bosnia was meant to provide temporary accommodation the roof leak there is no insulation and the living conditions are cramped other sickly or they're not and everyone is promising us that they will get better but nothing is getting better yeah where we are like cattle stuffed and these buildings had 0 was wounded by a serb shell instructor needs her brother and several cousins were killed she knits socks to sell for a dollar a pair she's one of more than $7000.00 internally displaced bosnians who have largely been forgotten and. they have been forgotten by the government small
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children who came to the temporary collective centers have remained in them and they're having their own children in them now it's unbelievable how much time has passed and there are still in the same horrible situation local authorities say they are working to improve the living conditions of all those who've been displaced and projects are in the pipeline but so far nothing has been done another approximately 90000 displaced people have found their own accommodation because they haven't been able to return to their homes even though the dayton peace agreement stipulated the right of return for everyone. else i think it is unsafe to go back to srebrenica especially for the children i was a child when the one genocide happened i experience so many horrible things i would never want my children to experience what i did 78 year old fighter all of which wasn't scared her husband was among the 8000 muslim men and boys from strabane eats are executed by the serbs the village of qana which polly was overrun 27 years ago
4:43 pm
and she had to flee but she won the right to return to her. house although she says she suffered several beatings from the serbs she also won a legal case for the also docs church built on her learned to be demolished but the saudis have so far not complied with the court order doulas them now though. i sued the orthodox church when i returned here but nobody wanted to help me establish my rights i tried so hard and it took 5 years for me to win in court i received threats from the serb side this community like most in bosnia expected so much more when the war ended but after 25 largely fruitless years their lives of hardly improved and with the political paralysis and the economic stagnation many are either choosing to leave or want to leave official figures show that 1800000 balls didn't have left the country but leaving isn't easy for the poor here they have to stay and fight for a better life tony berkeley al-jazeera years of its camp northeastern bulls year
4:44 pm
now venezuelans have been voting in a referendum organized by mainstream opposition leader one and follows last week's parliamentary elections in which president nicolas maduro regained the power of the national assembly quite as a referendum is asking venezuelans whether they want to end the duras role and hold new presidential elections hong kong media tycoon and pro-democracy activist jimmy lie has appeared in court to face charges for violating a controversial national security law and i was seen at the courthouse in handcuffs and chains he was detained earlier this month and also denied bail police accuse him of commuting with foreign forces lies the publisher of apple daily which is seen as the last media outlet there critical of the car and. a number of countries across asia are reporting a rise in corona virus cases after seemingly initial success and containing the
4:45 pm
spread trying to take a look at what's behind the search. everyone living in this apartment block in college hong kong has to take a coronavirus test after the building reported at least 7 confirmed cases of covert 19. earlier this week hong kong banned evening dining at restaurants and ordered gyms beauty salons and message palace to shut in a bid to contain a 4th wave of corona virus infections the government has also set up temporary testing stations but people can get tested for free. by the government and citizens are responsible for the outbreaks some people are too selfish and continue to organize social activities illegally he's also the government's fault all troubles from overseas should be under full compulsory quarantine. hong kong isn't the only place that seen a resurgence in corona virus cases in asia is battling a 3rd way the country largely avoided
4:46 pm
a massive outbreak because of strict early lockdown but following a local election in sabah state in late september malaysia started recording a rise in daily cases last month hostels that housed workers for a glove manufacturer were locked down after more than 2000 workers tested positive for code that 19 health officials say the number of daily new cases is likely to remain high as they expand screening on migrant workers authorities have also reopened a temporary or in teen and sweetman center just outside of quality to deal with the includes in south korea authorities are building temporary hospitals and shipping containers as a 3rd wave of coronavirus cases threatens to overwhelm medical facilities many experts believe even with a vaccine available it will take a while before normal life can resume right now there's limited vaccines and. we also don't really know if that. transmission. in the. in the
4:47 pm
early stages we were pretty good at saying at the thing leave the vaccines that it will decrease a severe disease but when i will stop the transmission in the early stages of still to my mind that have not answered question but authorities are keen to reopen albeit with precautions the thai government recently said all nationalities can apply for a tourist visa a huge 10 on an earlier stipulation that only those from low risk countries can apply it's even allowing big countdown events to take place on new year's eve florence italy al-jazeera kuala lumpur. well that says mexico has canceled the rounds of the largest catholic pilgrimage to a set and private 1000 cases that about 10000000 people visit the basilica of our lady of guadalupe everywhere at this time chats and government officials have catholics to wash up at home and stop buying up the reports from mexico city. every
4:48 pm
year millions of people flock to the mexican capital for the day of the virgin of guadalupe celebrated on december 12th. it's the largest catholic pilgrimage in the world and an important religious festival for many faithful catholics. this year however the coronavirus pandemic has put those celebrations on hold. get a natural house was among the last catholic pilgrims to visit the holy shrine before authorities closed it to the public. can't just get back my mother's in the hospital she's in very serious condition and i have faith that our lady of guadalupe will help me so that she'll be home soon. mexico city's national shrine houses an image of the virgin mary which according to a legend dating back to $1531.00 is said to have miraculously imprinted itself on a cloak belonging to an indigenous boy named one diego the day of the virgin of guadalupe is mexico's largest annual public gathering on any other year this area
4:49 pm
outside of the basilica of our lady of guadalupe it would be a sea of worshippers but as deaths from coronavirus have continued to increase dramatically so have restrictions on public gatherings. enforcing these restrictions or more than 1700 mexico city police officers with the annual pilgrimage officially to instal church leaders and government officials have encouraged. to attend catholic mass via television or live stream ceremonies online . bloody slow day to an artist in the state of one haka says even though people aren't allowed to visit the national shrine they can still bring the virgin of guadalupe. into their homes i mean the way that i would look at it that's. what's being proposed is for people to not go outside and his stead set up an altair in their homes where they can receive the blessings of the virgin where we can still say the same preggers were used i'm sure the virgin would gladly make an exception a nice case and visit each one of us in our home. the annual pilgrimage for the day
4:50 pm
of the virgin of guadalupe is a tradition that reaches far beyond mexico's borders even though travel to her sanctuary won't be possible this year faithful catholics in mexico and around the world are finding other ways to worship money ended up a little al-jazeera mexico city. also ahead here on al-jazeera a chinese point to make history in the u.s. college football when you know how they fell for you to look for. as a 2nd wave of covert 19 brings a surge in infections a few months ago there were dozens of cases a day now if we chose 2000 and countries in force new measures to curb contagion this is the 1st step forward for the government a in of mass testing the entire population scientists are on the brink of releasing new vaccines to reduce the spread of the virus will it be enough to bring the
4:51 pm
global health crisis to an end the coronavirus pandemic special coverage on a. power to ming city a city with a drug problem. in a neighborhood consumed by trafficking. transforms a scare into. giving children to reclaim their street and it's. straight to the viewfinder latin america series now this is.
4:52 pm
welcome back it's now time for sports and history with some vaccine is a sport that's right misters here yes as more countries approve the pfizer current a virus vaccine the world anti-doping agency has reassured athletes they won't be breaking doping rules by taking it wider says it has no reason to believe the job poses an anti doping risk but they'll continue to monitor ingredients as fact scenes are approved meanwhile the head of world athletics at coach says he'll leave it up to at least to decide if they should take it or not all i'm saying is i'm not sure that it is for sport to be crashing the case full fit young people are i would like on the other hand the where the vaccine does become available and the right moment pleats have the opportunity to make use of it they do but are not mandating it some athletes will take a view. you know the speed with which the vaccine has come together and all the
4:53 pm
things that the rest of the population are are grappling with well there's a couple of big dobby games coming up in europe 1st to manchester where local rivals united play city in the english premier league united come into the game looking to bounce back from the disappointments of the champions league exit earlier this week the pressure is on manager on a gun assault as they sit 7th just a point i had a city. when you get the 1st goal in a game it's easier of course it is so that's something we we want to get to in this game we've done. well against. city in the last few games against them early on then again it's a 90 minute game and we but we want to get off to a good start of course meanwhile his counterpart says he pep guardiola expects all shots who handle the situation and says he doesn't need to give him advice on how to deal with being under pressure i will have to get him for board because he has
4:54 pm
he's strong enough he knows how would work. does job. and like you said to begin of the question so when you win we are a genius when you lose you have to suck up and united all the clubs around the world does the reality. the other big dobby of the day c.-span actually does that let it go madrid face local rivals rajel in a league that's occur on an 8 game winning streak in the lake and qualify for the last 16 of the champions league on wednesday while life 4th 6 points off the pace and with just one win in their last 4 league matches but if history is anything to go by atletico haven't beaten royal in the league since february 26th st. mary's you are which is you must sign your real madrid have been competing at the highest level for years now so that makes us admire our rivals and their players even though they're getting older with some players 333435 years old they are still competing as if they were young players in their heads i admire them even though
4:55 pm
they are an historical rival for us in italy said they add this season surprise package sas wallow have moved to 2nd in the standings on friday they hosted better vento 7 minutes in they went in front thanks to a penalty from to many cope better out of the swallow then went down to 10 men when lucas her wrestling was sent off early in the 2nd half it didn't matter though they had their goal and tonight ben event 0 to win one nil robert live on the ski is the only man who can stop playing on messi and cristiano ronaldo from winning the fee for best men's player of the year award by munich and poland striker joins those $2.00 on a 3 man short list with the results be announced next week evan dusky has already won the european awards scored 55 goals to help buy and win 4 trophies last season including the champions league and they beat messi as barcelona 82 in the quarter finals but only once since 2008 has faith as a ward not been won by messi over now though. well heavyweight boxing champion
4:56 pm
anthony joshua defends his titles against challenger cooper a poor live later but things got a little heated already security guards had to separate the pair as they faced off at the weigh in joshua has won 23 of 24 points with 21 not counts for his ball gary an opponent has only lost one of his previous 29 fights a 1000 fans will be allowed to london's wembley arena for the bounce that it was american mckayla shifrin has placed 4th in her 1st giant slalom race in 11 months schifrin who is the 2018 and then pick champion in a discipline last race the event in january before the death of her father and the current virus pandemic which ended last season early sesay has raced in the french result of course was won by marta but you know the telling clinched her 2nd straight giant slalom win of the season. in the men's super jean valdas a swiss skier yet still got his 1st world cup win at the age of 32 he made his
4:57 pm
world cup debut in 12 years ago but it wasn't until saturday that caviezel found himself at the top of the podium for the very 1st time. japanese go for him was at the top of the leaderboard at the u.s. women's open carded a $67.00 in the 2nd round and he still stake a 3 shot lead the 22 year old is looking for her 2nd career major title. and finally in the u.s. a college football player has made history jackson he is believed to be the 1st chinese born player to score a touchdown in the league arizona state university running back went over the line against the university of arizona as his team won 70 to 7 he came to america from china at the age of 17 and played just a year of high school football wes's name in chinese characters on the back of his jersey to honor his heritage. all right that is all your sport for now have more feel the stars thanks so much for such a nice touch there on the telly that's it for this news and don't go away i'll be
4:58 pm
back and just a couple minutes but what is going. the health of humanity is its stake a global pandemic requires a global response. w.h.o. is the guardian of global health delivering lifesaving to lose supplies and training to help the world's most vulnerable people uniting across borders to speed up the development of test treatments and a vaccine keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the wooed and in the lab now more than ever the world needs w.h.o. making a healthier world for you. to everyone. i
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the united states becomes the latest country to approve the pfizer corona virus vaccine the elderly and the workers will get the 1st jobs. i don't get i must tell you this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up president donald trump attacks the u.s. supreme court after it projects a request to overturn joe biden's victory. the 1st international aid convoy reaches the capital of ethiopia's war torn t. range. and fighting climate change 5 years.


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