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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 12, 2020 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the board. take it we'll bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. al jazeera. hello i'm rob matheson this is the news our live from doha coming up the next 60 minutes stepping up efforts to protect the planet's board leaders plan to unveil additional goals 5 years since the power supply in that deal. the u.s. gets ready to begin covert 19 vaccinations after it gets final approval. the international aid finally arrives in ethiopia seagrave region after more than a month of violence between local fighters and government forces but as well as
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opposition holds a consultation vote asking people if president nicolas maduro should stay in office i'll go. i'm generous with the sports to the semifinal be asian champions league and in formula one max the 2nd denies this elite to smash for red bull at the abu dhabi crown prince. warning that the world is facing a dramatic emergency and that's why u.n. secretary general is urging leaders to declare climate emergencies in their own countries speaking at the virtual climate ambitions summit until you get out of said we need to stop the assault on our planet for the sake of our grandchildren the meeting marks the 5th anniversary of the powers climate accord and in 2015 countries agreed to stop global temperatures rising 2 degrees celsius above
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pre-industrial levels and trying to get terrorist told leaders that they should not hesitate to take aggressive action against climate change no. this is a moment of truce this is also a moment of hope more and more countries have committed to net 0 emissions the business community's getting on board the sustainability train we see city striving to become greener and more live a bull we see young people taking on responsibility and demanding it of others the promise of a net 0 world a reality now on the past a cop 26 i urge everyone to show him bisham stop the assault on our planet and do what we need to get into the future of our children and grandchildren for our sins then extreme weather events from droughts wildfires and super storms are taken their toll and highlighted a renewed call for action so how is the world placed in its battle against climate crisis like clarke takes a look it was an extraordinary moment after endless years of negotiations nations of the world united in this common cause and the paris agreement was born that.
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the law for celebrations they were short lived within 18 months a quarter was in deep trouble suddenly u.s. leadership was lost i am the united states will withdraw from the paris. climate acourt well in the 5 years since paris national commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions well they haven't measured up and time is running out remember the agreement ange to stop global temperatures from rising 2 degrees celsius above pre-industrial levels ideally one and a half degrees but average global temperatures are right now as i speak at $1.00 degrees and climbing and the impacts of a warming world they're already shocking displacing millions and costing billions
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extreme weather events are becoming all too familiar from superstorm stew record wildfires from heat waves to devastating floods ice packs they've continued to diminish at both poles with the current decade the warmest on record it sounds bad it is bad and yet despite it all suddenly there's an opportunity president elect joe biden has pledged to return the united states to the paris agreement the world's 2nd biggest emitter of greenhouse gases back at the table and the number one a matter that's china responsible for 28 percent of global emissions they promise carbon neutrality by 2060 other countries have followed suit japan and south korea committing to net 0 by 2050 joining the u.k. the e.u. and next year the united states and hopefully more to come out of the tragedy of the covert pandemic suddenly major economies are eyeing a green recovery with trillions of dollars in stimulus funds available i think yes
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we are in a moment i would say in a turning point in a moment in history and it's in my view it's a great opportunity very few who either send very few generations have the opportunity to become so relevant for at history overall it doesn't mean that it is going to be easy on the contrary i think these bullets on our shoulder. and even be there by sponsibility the thing is nations pledging action is one thing implementing policies to ensure new found hope is not misguided well that's quite another but never will there be a better opportunity to realize the goals of the paris agreement and to put the brakes on the worst effects of climate change on the babies the chief executive of 3rd generation environmentalism an independent european think tank he says clean energy technology has become cheaper and developing countries need support to adopt
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it. the cost of clean energy if for instance parents fall faster than we have a thought around 30 years also of offshore wind solar electric vehicles the u.k. just published really detailed analysis of how it was going to get to carbon neutrality by 2050 and it was cheaper than its previous target which didn't get there and cheaper than all talk as we had 10 years ago if there were much more ambitious so the key driver now is it's cheaper to go clean because you know how to do it as a former economist who works in the state people overplay the importance of global carbon taxes and trading on the key issue is investment and so just because it's cheap doesn't mean it's easy to many of specially from the developing countries suffering from coal that you have a lot of money to spend they haven't got the money to invest in the new clean technologies which would be better for them economically and for their people so the key things we need to do is make access to finance and access to new technologies for the poor countries so they can benefit from the clean energy
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revolution rather than just the same old rich middle income countries china us europe benefiting and making all these new products we have to decide how we build back out of the cove into recession we have to decide if we're going to meet the ambition of the climate targets if we do both together then we really do the foundations for a more stable a more equal a better world with cleaner and better jobs and less energy in security so climate change is having a devastating impact in the mountain regions of france ski resorts are closed because of unreliable snow fall and scientists in the alps said the rising temperatures are causing mountains to crumble the tasha buffet reports. striking and majestic the french alps aren't chanting sight for thousands of years people have lived and worked in the mountains or simply come to eat my them but something to swallow in peace ancient peaks
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a crumbling rising temperatures are melting permafrost the face inside. illinois that holds them together speeding up erosion and triggering dangerous rock falls glaciologist frost manuf says the high vertical rock faces of the alps are particularly vulnerable to changes in temperature. in effect we have noticed that in warm periods particularly the last 2 or 3 decades rockfalls have been more frequent than in past colder decades or so when the summer's a very hot as they were in 20032015 the rock falls happened more often than they see as an also melting faster than before there are 4000 in the alps chain that spans 7 countries scientists say half will have disappeared by 2050 climate changes also transforming low altitude mountains like those in the photos region in eastern france it's still snowing here every winter inventor on the problem is the
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snow fall has become less reliable the ski season much shorter so that's why been operated this year has decided to close the resort. duke's grandfather created the ski resort his family have always run it is odd competed in the olympics shutting the resort down wasn't an easy decision but he says he had no choice he now plans to build a luxury hotel to attract tourists all year round. the ski stations face the same problem because the work you need snow at the right time during the holidays and good weather so it's hard to have all that in a short season we used to have a bad winter every decade now it's every 3 years so it's impossible to recover. rising temperatures a forced dozens of ski resorts to close in france in recent years scientists warn than unless more is done to stop climate change snow capped mountains and glistening places may 1 day become things of the past natasha butler al-jazeera
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venture on live. further more ahead on the news hour including the u.s. supreme court throws out its donald trump's latest lawsuit contesting the results of the presidential election. mexico council's the world's largest catholic guild religious but a lot of us say the celebration is needed now more than ever and america's schools start mckayla schiffer returns to the giant slalom for the 1st time in 11 months jen is going to tell you how she got on. the u.s. is expected to begin administering its 1st covert 1000 vaccination within days now that's awful health officials authorized the pfizer biotech vaccine for emergency use the head of the u.s. drug regulator a sought to reassure the public of its safety head of its rollers and urged people not to let their guard down but this vaccine met the f.d.a.
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as rigorous standards for quality safety and efficacy science and data guided the f.d.a. decision we worked quickly based on the urgency of this pandemic not because of any other extra no pressure this decision was based on the strongest scientific integrity and i am so proud of the work that our career scientists have done while our federal partners are already taking steps to distribute this vaccine we remind the public to remain vigilant as an occupation will take time. the u.s. is the hardest hit hospitals and pharmacies have been preparing for a nationwide immunization campaign but if eyes are vaccine needs to be kept at ultra cold temperatures some states are worried there will be enough dry ice to transported news of a covert 1000 vaccine in the u.s. can't come soon enough with daily cases soaring to record highs there'll be more than 15000000 infections and nearly 300000 deaths well as
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a live to john hendren who's in washington for us john just talk us through what the logistics are going to be of this rollout because we heard stephen hahn the commissioner of the f.d.a. there being enthusiastic about it but at the same time warning people to be patient . that's right the f.d.a. commissioner has just spoken already finds or says that that vaccine is on the move now what would happen now is that the f.d.a. has selected $636.00 sites actually i should say that's operation work speed general good stuff perner spoke just a short while ago and said they've selected these 636 sites pfizer is already patched packaging them up will deliver them from its michigan production facility to hubs for u.p.s. and fed ex and they will transmit it 1st on monday to 145 sites then over the next
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couple of days to the remaining 636 locations across the u.s. that will get the initial dose of that vaccine but you're right there's not really very much to go around we're talking about 3000000 doses being sent out initially and that's for a country of 320 something 1000000 people the 1st people to get that vaccine will be the 1st responders doctors nurses and other medical officials and then those who are extremely vulnerable people in nursing homes in veterans facilities and that will go out just within the next few days president trump has already sent out a video claiming credit for this he had been tweeting on friday at the f.d.a. commissioner stephen hunter telling him to stop playing games and start saving lives han had planned to approve this on saturday instead got it approved on friday
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now the centers for disease control is meeting and is expected to recommend distribution which will begin within days john thanks very much indeed john hendren talking to us from washington d.c. . i want to talk to julie fisher she's an associate research professor of microbiology and immunology at georgetown university medical. center she's joining us now from washington d.c. good to have you with us as always on. i want to talk about what john was mentioning the pressure that donald trump is putting on publicly on the f.d.a. commissioner to move this along and get this approved what kind of impact does that public pressure have on the public perception of the vaccine that is the biggest concern because the f.d.a. was already firmly in the process of moving forward on the recommendations of a technical advisory group that met this week that indicated that the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks and that it was important to begin moving forward so
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they have today had already begun acting on that process and moving forward in a way that is actually unprecedented pace so the biggest concern is that that very open political pressure might give the public the impression that they process have been accelerated or corners cut and that is really simply not the case it's a matter of just a few hours difference in announcing on saturday morning versus friday night. best is critical of course and they were in there when stephen hammers making his statement a couple of hours ago or so he was taking it appeared at great pains to say that nothing medical in terms of testing and so on had no corners being cut they're the only corners that had to being cut had been red tape where it was safe for them to do so and of course as we were just talking to john about the fact that he was also insisting that this is not going to be a fast process this is going to take some time isn't it. yes because there's a lot of logistics involved in getting the vaccines out to the states and then from
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there to the facilities at the local level that will begin administering the 1st vaccinations the u.s. centers for disease control prevention c.d.c. has made recommendations about how states should prioritize those 1st recipients but then at this point it's really up to the states and their planning and support to get the vaccines to the people who are in line and prioritized to be among those 1st to receive the doses and of course that assumes that people want to take the dose and there will be a significant number of people in america who are very skeptical about the background of any vaccine and will be resistant to this that's going to be a significant issue isn't it. it is and it comes back to that issue that you raised about public confidence and trust the f.d.a. and the regulatory authorities in the us have worked with public private partnerships the pharmaceutical companies that have produced the vaccines and the
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the researchers who have helped review and evaluate the safety data to really bring these to people in record time a faster pace than we would have ever expected by cutting out what you might call the dead space the time between phases of vaccine trials when we would normally take lots of time to review the data instead we're putting pressure. on the regulatory process to speed up not on the safety process and i think what it's really important for people to understand right now is that the data on the vaccine safety were reviewed the hearings were very transparent very public the data has been published we know there will be adverse events but most of them are our side effects that are signs that the immune system is very active in actually making an effective response and i think it's just very important right now for people to understand that the evaluation of the safety and the efficacy of the vaccines has not been sped up or abbreviated it's the the evaluation phases when we bring the
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experts together to give their advice and then to turn it into recommendations that we have put pressure on we really appreciate you giving us the benefit of your expertise julie fisher as always thank you very much indeed thank you for having me a number of countries across asia are reporting a rise in corona virus cases after initial success in containing its spread takes a look at what's behind the surge. everyone living in this apartment block in quaalude bay hong kong has to take a coronavirus test after the building reported at least 7 confirmed cases of covert 19. earlier this week hong kong banned evening dining at restaurants and order gyms beauty salons and message palace to shut in a bid to contain a 4th wave of corona virus infections the government has also set up temporary testing stations but people can get tested for free. by the government and citizens
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are responsible for the outbreaks some people are too selfish and continue to organize social activities illegally he's also the government's fault all troubles from overseas should be under full compulsory quarantine. hong kong isn't the only place that seen a resurgence in corona virus cases in asia is battling a 3rd way the country largely avoided a massive outbreak because of strict early lockdown but following a local election in sabah state in late september malaysia started recording a rise in daily cases last month hostels that housed workers for a glove manufacturer were locked down after more than 2000 workers tested positive for coke at 19 health officials say the number of daily new cases is likely to remain high as they expand screening on migrant workers authorities have also reopened a temporary foreign team and sweetman center just outside of quality to deal with
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the includes in south korea authorities are building temporary hospitals and shipping containers as a 3rd wave of coronavirus cases threatens to overwhelm medical facilities many experts believe even with a vaccine available it will take a while before normal life can resume right now there's limited vaccines and. we also don't really know if that. transmission. in the. in the early stages we were pretty good at saying at the think leave the vaccines that it will decrease a severe disease but when i will stop the transmission in the early stages of still to my mind it would not answer the question but authorities are keen to reopen albeit with precautions the thai government recently said all nationalities can apply for a tourist visa if you tend on an earlier stipulation that only those from low risk countries can apply it even allowing big countdown events to take place on new
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year's eve florence clearly al-jazeera quality of poor police in nigeria is searching for missing students after gunmen stormed the school the group attacked the 800 people boarding school in concord a district late on friday around $200.00 children who fled to during an hour long gun battle have since returned locals say several students are still missing. international aid has arrived in the ethiopians at the center of recent fighting a convoy of trucks from the red cross is distributing medicines and other supplies to hospitals in the hull and the northern to grow region alexy o'brian ports. precious cargo carefully packed and headed from a calais a city that's been cut off from international help for weeks inside these boxes is aid made since surgical supplies and disinfectants reference was. has been unable to function fully. drop some supplies for over a month now they are dealing with
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a large number of trauma patients but also the. chronic care patients delivering babies meghalaya is the capital of ethiopia's northern to cry region that became the frontline and a power struggle between the central government and regional authorities. ethiopia's army says it's captured nicolay and declared victory forces from the to cry people's liberation front say they're still fighting back each regards the other as illegal and the conflict has threatened to destabilize the country and its neighbors. more than 50000 refugees have sought shelter across the border and sit down many terrified and traumatized. and more evidence is emerging of mess killings in the region this man tells of a message in the town of may khadra november so now after the fighting began. they just hid any body they slaughtered them with knives they cut them here with
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a machete there was so much killing a saw about 300 to 400 people who were dead and that. this video said to show the aftermath of the attack which refugees like to blame on the military ethiopia's government though says to gray and forces were behind it an informal group of youths. we were supported by militias and police that harks but having said that i would also like to point out it's as i said earlier reports that we've so far released preliminary nature. last month prime minister ahmed denied any civilians had been killed by his forces during the operation. but some analysts suggest thousands of people have died it's hard to confirm what's actually happening the government's restricted access to the region and there's been a communications blackout. rights groups are calling for an independent
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investigation and say while this 1st convoy of international aid to to cry is a step forward it's not enough they warn of an all out humanitarian crisis both in ethiopia and across the border and i hope we don't have any plans for the future everything we worked for is now useless we are just a sleeping on the ground without even a change of clothes life for these people is on hold and they feel scared and far from home. brian al jazeera. protests are taking place in cities across france as part of a nationwide rally against a controversial police security bill the national would make it a crime to publish photos or videos on on jews in the offices critics say would undermine press freedoms document police brutality that have been weekly rallies against the bill and the intensified after footage emerged of 3 policemen beating a black music producer. the world's largest catholic pilgrimage has been cancelled
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due to a surge in covert 19 cases about 10000000 people visit the basilica of our lady of guadalupe in mexico city every year but this time church and government officials have asked catholics to worship at home instead our correspondent longwall apollo reports from mexico city. every year millions of people flock to the mexican capital for the day of the virgin of guadalupe celebrated on december 12th. it's the largest catholic pilgrimage in the world and an important religious festival for many faithful catholics. this year however the coronavirus pandemic has put those celebrations on hold. get the natural hands was among the last catholic pilgrims to visit the holy shrine before authorities closed it to the public. just be back my mother's in the hospital she's in very serious condition and i have faith that our lady of guadalupe will help me so that she'll be home soon. in.
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mexico city's national shrine houses an image of the virgin mary which according to a legend dating back to $1531.00 is said to have miraculously imprinted itself on a cloak belonging to an indigenous boy named one diego the day of the virgin of guadalupe is mexico's largest annual public gathering on any other year this area outside of the basilica of our lady of guadalupe it would be a sea of worshippers but as deaths from coronavirus have continued to increase dramatically so have restrictions on public gatherings. enforcing these restrictions or more than 1700 mexico city police officers with the annual pilgrimage officially ancyl church leaders and government officials have encouraged to attend catholic mass via television or live stream ceremonies online. bloody slow day to an artists in the state of one haka says even though people aren't allowed to visit the national shrine they can still bring the virgin of guadalupe
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it into their homes i mean there is that i mean look i think that's. what's being proposed is for people to not go outside and his stead set up an altair in their homes where they can receive the blessings of the virgin where we can still say the same preggers were used i'm sure the virgin would gladly make an exception in this case and visit each one of us in our homes. the annual pilgrimage for the day of the virgin of guadalupe is a tradition that reaches far beyond mexico's foreigners even though travel to her sanctuary won't be possible this year faithful catholics in mexico and around the world are finding other ways to worship money ended up a little al-jazeera mexico city i still had an audience here are thousands of years it is a returning to a back off to fame conflict with ice all but they still fear for their future. we'll tell you why this indonesian legislator tendon self over to police. at a chinese ball player makes history in the u.s. polish food. paula zahn model out everybody is heels in support.
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of. how either the weather sloshy set fair across the middle east if a little on the cool side has to be some cloud pushing across to some other wet weather some wintry weather here recently distaste disturbed across the eastern side of the mediterranean as we go on through the next couple of days sundays not see bad but a few showers there just creeping into northern parts of syria just coming out so as we go on through monday you see some really wet weather and some well the windy weather across that east side of the mets any tutting very unsettled in cyprus that would just make its way into syria lebanon and jordan further south it is generally tries still what a brisk wind down towards the gulf temperatures here in doha getting up to around 23 degrees celsius some a time below the seasonal average but as i said last you drive or some hazy
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sunshine that sunshine stretches down across the whole of africa plenty of showers into central parts of africa but clutch of storms so that eastern side of angola at the moment actually we could see some localized flooding here what's the weather there pushing across into the democratic republic of congo still some showers are rolling across into zimbabwe some showers f.-a central and northern parts of my sam big could still see some wet weather there for type in that he says out of south africa but clip on monday. setting the discussions millions of americans feel disaffected by both political parties examining the headlines this group of activists and relatives are marching in prison right now where they're calling part of morning edition the pics one or an abundance of world class programming design. to inform why is child the only
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solution for a child as young as 10 motivate and inspire and you see the weld from a different perspective on out is iraq we're told technology can help tackle the spread of coded 19 but all tech solutions the best solutions you're starting something that seems like it's public health very quickly becomes a measuring people what data is being collected where is it being stored ali really looks at the limits of tech and the potential of other creative ways to deal with the issues we face track it when tech tools go viral episode 3 of all hail the lockdown on al-jazeera. or. form. oh.
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lord how does it remind of our top stories this hour the u.n. secretary general has called on world leaders to declare climate emergencies in their own countries a turn of the teller's one the virtual climate visions summit of future catastrophe saying change isn't happening fast enough. the u.s. is getting ready to begin a nationwide covert 19 vaccination campaign health regulators have approved a pfizer biotech vaccine for emergency use i just showed americans that it is safe . the 1st international aid convoy has arrived in the ethiopian city at the center of the recent fighting in the northern tier granger a convoy of trucks from the red cross will distribute medicines and other supplies to hospitals in the college. venezuelans are voting in a referendum organized by opposition leader one quiet till it follows last week's parliamentary elections in which president nicolas maduro regained the power of the
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national assembly the referendum is asking people whether they want to end models rule to hold elections like the medicare to the sea and human is full of events from chile's capital sons jago she's joining us live from there one would have thought that by this time that the lines would have been drawn essentially about whether or not people wanted to go what is the opposition trying to achieve with this referendum. they're trying to have a comeback they're trying to remain valid after what has happened last sunday which was the legislative elections you just alluded to in which the opposition did not take part and in which. the president could ask my daughter basically won over hands down all the seats in the new congress and so present the opposition leader why though is trying to make a statement here we're still exist trying to give something for opponents of the
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government to hang onto i would say at this point it is a really rather desperate move but most of this this referendum or consultation as they call it was done online both abroad and inside venezuela but most of it is leyland's don't have a decent the internet or connectivity there was the news media is controlled by the government so they didn't even know in many cases that this was going on and what's happening right now is the culmination of this process what we're hearing is that in venezuela several of the voting stations that were set up by the opposition have been broken down by the quality of the armed groups that are loyal to the government in the state of the boxes where the votes were put in were taken on. a some people have been beat up but more or less it is going smoothly remember this is not going to be recognized by the government even though it is supposed to be binding of courting to the venezuelan constitution but as i say this it's even here
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in chile where i am right now in a venezuelan neighborhood because we're in a total lockdown on the weekends you only see very very few people who are out going to the media markets and they have to have a special license to go out so they won't be able to vote as well which means that the turnout is not expected to be massive outside or inside of venezuela the national assembly was really the only official body that the opposition had any sort of influence if indeed it. is all over it must be all skiing itself what the future no holds. the opposition is that's a say trying to read. a gauge with the people of venezuela and with the international community which is beginning to become disappointed shall we stay with with the way things have turned out so far after nearly 2 years of massive international
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sanctions against the government lots of solidarity from the overseas community and initially a lot of support from the local community inside venezuela this has seems to have waned so this is an attempted to kind of make that happen again to do re infuse the venezuelan people i spoke a short while ago to lowball the locus he is probably the most wanted man in venezuela by the government he escaped the country a short while ago is based in spain but he is now out in colombia trying to get the vote out and i asked him what was the point of doing this. the idea behind to gather popular support venezuelans and outside our territory to support 1st. last sunday there was a fraught 2nd or commitment to have free and fair presidential elections and 3rd it's a message for the international community that we need all the pressure we need all
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the support in order to reach freedom and free and fair elections in venezuela so the idea is to organize mobilize and promote the active consciousness of the venezuelan people everywhere in the world in venezuela and outside to gather around a common objective. what they're really trying to do though is to show the international community that they're still united that they are still there that they're still fighting and willing to resist think he might go to a government that they want free elections and they want more help and more pressure we'll have to see what happens in the coming days and months whether or not the opposition can achieve that that's a lot in america and it's in this in human talking to us from chile's couple in santiago to see it thank you very much the u.s. supreme court has rejected a legal bid from the state of texas to overturn the results of the presidential election donald trump had backed the lawsuit that sought to throw out results in 4
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key states won by joe biden today getting reports. many legal experts in the us predicted this outcome the supreme court dismissed a bid by the state of texas to overturn the presidential election results much to the anger of trump who tweeted the supreme court really let us down no wisdom no courage trump and his republican allies wanted the court to set aside results in 4 states won by president elect joe biden michigan pennsylvania and wisconsin 18 republican attorney generals and 126 republican members of congress supported the lawsuit bought in a short statement the court said that texas has not demonstrated educationally called musical interest in the manner in which another state conducts its elections biden's team celebrated the decision saying the supreme court has decisively and speedily rejected the latest of donald trump and his allies attacks on the
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democratic process this is no surprise dozens of judges election officials from both parties and trump's own attorney general have dismissed his baseless attempts to deny he lost the election trump and other republican organizations have brought more than 52 seats in various states they've achieved partial success in only one but legal analysts say trump may continue to try to overturn the election results i don't count now for trying to just do something else even though it probably won't get anywhere because it is over as of monday when the electoral college to me but we cannot be in the head down to think what he might try to do next but this was really his last day on there critics of trump say his refusal to concede defeat has damaged the integrity of the u.s. electoral process and biden's victory will be officially certified by the electoral college next week the tory gating be out there. since june 18000 members of the minority have returned since are in northern iraq over 300000 slides
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for an awful invaded the region community now hopes to rebuild but many of them feel they've been excluded from important decisions about how to govern the area so when the whole team reports. the iraqi army is once again in charge of sindar home to iraq's easy to a religious minority the district is one of several disputed areas claimed by both the central government in bucca bad and the semi autonomous kurdish region it has changed hands 5 times since 2003 as part of an agreement between the 2 sides in october but deployed its army to take control. of the security situation inside is the responsibility of the police and iraqi army controls all the suburbs districts and subdistricts the security is table inside there is no flag other than the iraqi flag hosted inside the town all the positions are under the control of the iraqi government. after the fall of the late former president
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saddam hussein in 2003 kurdish peshmerga fighters controlled singe our while the iraqi army was deployed further south both abandoned their positions in 2014 when the islamic state of iraq and the levant or eisel launched an offensive across northern iraq much of the city of sendai was destroyed during the conflict there is a lack of trust among the easier the minority towards both the federal government in baghdad and the regional government in kurdistan due to the decades of neglect and because those forces failed to protect them when i saw swept through singe are killing an abducted thousands more over they feel that they have not been meaningfully included in the negotiations that determine the future governance of their region. among those not consulted on the agreement are easy the armed groups that sprung up in 2014 to help survivors escape eisel and who fought to retake singe are this group called the sindar resistance units has now handed over several
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checkpoints to the iraqi army but their commander told al jazeera that the fighters will remain in the mountains the monarchy has we want guarantees to keep the residents of sin just safe we will not. to a specific political party and we will not allow anyone to deal with sin jar in an oppressive way the singe or resistance units are closely affiliated with the outlawed kurdistan workers party while other armed groups operating in the district are linked to iran many people living in sin jar say they are tired of living at the mercy of competing political interests and some welcome the presence of the iraqi army. having the iraqi government here is better for us there are many parties and illegal armed factions here if the iraqi government is here the situation will be better and the security will be better but there are concerns that the parties to the agreement will meddle in the selection of the local government and police force choosing people who serve their interests. should
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themselves form the local police the name should be chosen by the people of certain jaw years after being displaced by the conflict with a 3rd of the inhabitants have returned and are beginning to rebuild their homes that means they'll be able to cast their ballots in elections in sindar next year and have a chance to have their voices heard and choose their own leaders seem awful to an al-jazeera sindar. a muslim cleric in indonesia has turned himself into authorities for breaching covert 19 restrictions after organizing gatherings that attracted thousands of supporters this except heber is the leader of the islamic defenders front towards demands the adoption of islamic law in indonesia jessica washington reports from jakarta. the recent shihab is seen by many as a polarizing figure in indonesia after ignoring police requests to come in for questioning he turned himself into authorities over accusations of preaching covert
9:43 pm
19 protocols. today god permits i can come to the jakarta police to attend to the investigation into me in accordance with the law the music returned to indonesia last month after 3 years of self-imposed exile in saudi arabia thousands of supporters showed up at the airport to welcome the leader of the islamic defenders front or f.b.i. back to jakarta since then he's been involved in several events that drew large crowds including his daughter's wedding i mean that the before we run by was that promoting this topic that he didn't come for questioning when we asked him the 1st time all the 2nd time we stated that we would a raised him but today he has come here raise it is accused of ignoring covert 1000 protocols by hosting large events in a country with more than 600000 confirmed covered 1000 cases but human rights organizations say they're concerned there is more to this case than just health
9:44 pm
violations. we have an increasing concern about increasing crackdowns by indonesian government to with the islamists or those perceived to be a slum is said to ready calloused. and you know those who are not in not aligned with the government met the narrative all nationalism. in its early years the f.b.i. was accused of b.j. lanty isn't targeting nightspots western embassies and some minority communities f.b.i. is considered a hardline organization by many and although its membership is significantly smaller than mainstream religious groups its leaders are able to organize large demonstrations i was when thousands took to the streets in 2017 to protest against the governor of to counter a christian ethnically chinese man over allegations of blasphemy. was seen as
9:45 pm
a key figure in the demonstrations that were viewed as a challenge to indonesia's secular identity. before travelling to saudi arabia recently was charged under the country's pornography laws those charges were later dropped now he could face 6 years in prison for violating covert $900.00 regulations that can say i just next period will be precisely how the government manages what it clearly is clear that i see them as a political problem. how they manage the perception that they're actually using our goals to repress a group for political reasons rather than actually breaking the law or days ago police shot dead 6 alleged reporters a phrase ache police say the men were armed with guns and a sword indonesia's national human rights commission is investigating the incident and whether the killings were lawful and police in jakarta say they will continue their own investigations into research jessica washington al-jazeera to contact
9:46 pm
still ahead and al-jazeera we build up to the semifinal of the asian champions league that's coming up with genocide in sport. it's 10 years since the arab spring shipped countries across the middle east a decade on from the 1st uprising we'll look at the legacy of the revolution. join us as we assess the changes in the political landscape of the middle east and north africa. on al-jazeera. building a new life on an entirely beach living off the sea and. a dream shared by so many but so few make it a reality. a family business led by a mark of a woman with a flair for cooking and a zest for living. my chinese yeah i didn't catch it on al-jazeera.
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from the from venice of caracas to the battlefields around also i would job is to get to the truth and empower people through knowledge. ghana's antti corruption activists say the country is losing the fight against graft it currently ranks a.t.f. on the corruption perception index out of $180.00 countries and citizens have little faith the newly elected politicians will adequately tackle the problem reports from our car but also she will picks passengers on his motorcycle for
9:48 pm
a fee although the government has banned commercial much cycle operations in the capital across the business thrice he says what keeps them in business is paying a bribe you've been paying money to the police when they get. to work for you the name of the cut i see you've got from the police on the streets to markets in public or business offices many gun in say they are compelled to pay bribes for services that are meant to be free that was what pushed and mr your bought into activism i had an issue with my electricity meter and so i had to go to electricity company. gets there and stuff when demanded that i i had to pay something before they quote off i mean and selfish but exposing corruption comes with a heavy price in $21000.00 a young journalist was assassinated near his home because of an investigative story
9:49 pm
he was doing no no no no gun as most famous investigative journalist honest at a macro as conducted many undercover investigations and corruption in guyana. the mosque award winning journalist says threats against him and his colleagues are real and it's intimidating many i must say there's a dip a bit of in depth of some level of fear by some journalists because they think that this government is a bit intolerant a journalist many have died many at 2nd fast that's not inducing mass in a sense of the city. again and say they are more worried about corruption among public officials even institutions investigating abuse of public trust at mit the problem is huge. and the truth i would say people are beginning to be alive to the responsibility of holding people accountable and this is general election corruption was
9:50 pm
a dominant theme part of last time in an election gone has got a hung parliament why no party holds absolute majority analysts believe that the results of monday's vote sends a strong message to politicians that people have taken note of more corruption cases and i demanding accountability. when i we talk to say how much of that they will get from public officials activists a strong institutions by principle society and fearless journalists are needed to tame corruption that's draining hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayers' money each year you grease al-jazeera across. that it's time for the sports heroes jamma . thanks rob let's start with formula one and red bulls max the stock and we'll start from pope position of a sundays at last grand prix of the season in abu dhabi the dutchman snatched the top spot in qualifying from the sadie's. second champion do us hamilton in it's a step in the 1st part of the season just 872nd separated the top 3 would have
9:51 pm
launched into night a record extending 99th career on his return from coronavirus. yeah it was quite a tricky qualifying in the beginning you know to get your left especially if it's destroyed to last the turn over so many corners where you can make a mistake but you're lucky everything together in the final. isn't even the difficult we can know it's. just getting back into a rhythm even though it's only a couple of weeks so it just felt like you lost that momentum and really struggled so far we needed the balance this weekend to do i gave it my all and you know reformations to max great way for him to sue the the. year very performance we're going to give him a good healthy good run for the money tomorrow. now to the asian champions league semifinal taking place in castle high and they play this ok but on sunday to decide who will be crowned champions of the east and say there's been
9:52 pm
a late change of venue as david states reports have the in-form team in the east training in the desert sun olsen hogan die of the favorites heading into sunday's champions league semifinal the south koreans have won all 7 of their games since touching down in qatar where the tournament is being held inside a bio secure bubble and now standing in their way is the japanese side. but cole little or no woods necessity we need to perform to get the title the players know how important the win is and we all prepared very well so we want to show our quality. also have scored more goals than any other team in the competition 18 all together including this stunning effort from brazilian junior growled he got both goals in the quarter final win over beijing to keep them on track for a 2nd champions league title. things were a lot tighter for vessel kobe who squeeze through 76 on penalties against the c one
9:53 pm
blue wings spanish world cup when the andres iniesta scored one of them but i thought i strain is likely to rule that big a star out on sunday nevertheless his team mates remain confident they can get the job done without him. i don't that it is a question of our target is to be champions so it does not matter who we play against of course we know they are tough and strong but we have to believe in ourselves. everyone knows that also on our strong team but our preparation is not just about yesterday and today we have been preparing for this since we were in japan sunday's game was originally supposed to be played at the algae new 2022 world cup stadium but it's been moved to preserve the pitch for the final of the champions league on december 19th when the winner will face the western zone champions persepolis ever run david stokes al-jazeera. it's a big day of darby's in europe in the premier league right now manchester united
9:54 pm
are up against manchester city and is currently in their own in that one in spain later at leaders athletic a madrid based local rivals raul in the league or at sky on an 8 game winning streak and qualified for the last 16 of the champions league rout life for 6 points off the pace of just one win and their last 4 league matches but i haven't beaten rat in the league since february 2016. my that is you on which you must learn your room the grid have been competing at the highest level food use know so that makes us rivals and their players even though they are getting older with some players 333435 years old they are still competing as if they were young players in the i admired them even though they are an historical rival for us. thousands of football fans gathered in the italian city of in chance to pay their last respects to paolo rossi he's funeral has taken place there the former italy strike it played a huge part in helping his country when the 1982 world cup and his coffin was
9:55 pm
carried to the cathedral by his teammates from that side he won the golden ball and golden future that tournament 38 years ago as well as to syria last night also the european cup and the copper is how it was eventis he died on thursday at the age of 64 following a long illness. patrick reed is still on track to become the 1st americans to win the biggest prize in european golf the race to dubai is a 3 way tie for the lead at the season ending world top championship thanks to shots like this one victory it will see read finish as the top player in europe without him $2000000.00 but england's just a shot behind and he'll take the prize if he wins the tournament as more countries approve the pfizer corona virus vaccine that the world anti-doping agency has reassured athletes they won't be breaking dating rules by having it wada says it has no reason to believe the jap is an anti doping risk but they'll continue to monitor ingredients as vaccines are a priest ahead of what fs except says he'll leave it up to athletes to decide if
9:56 pm
they should have it or not all arms training is i'm not sure that it is for sport to be pressing the case for fit young people are i would like on the other hand the were in the vaccine does become available and at the right moment let's have the opportunity to make use of it they do but are not mandating some athletes will take a view. you know the speed with which the vaccine has come together and all the things that the rest of the population are are grappling with. american skis thought mckayla shifrin finished 4th in her 1st john saw the rice in 11 months different use the 2018 olympic champion in the disappearance last race preventing january before the death of her father on the current virus pandemic which ended last season early saturday's race in the french resort of course of our it was won by monster the senior italian clinched
9:57 pm
a 2nd straight johnson and one of the season in the men's super g. invalidism s. whiskey america so got his 1st world cup win at the age of 38 c. it made his debut in the event 12 years ago but it wasn't until saturday that he found self on top of the podium for the 1st time and finally in the us a college football player has made history jackson hayes believed to be the 1st chinese born player to score a touchdown in the league the arizona state university running by went over the line to get to the university of arizona. and it's as a team won $70.00 to $7.00 he came to america from china at the age of 17 and just a year of high school football. that is all you'll sport for now i'll be back with more a little bit later gemma thanks very much indeed the money and the most is going to live in london in a couple of minutes with more on all these stories including the news that you are the sort of the general is calling on the world leaders to declare climate emergencies in their own countries and robotics and thank you very much indeed for
9:58 pm
being with the boy. as a 2nd wave of covert 19 brings us surgeon infections a few months ago there were dozens of cases a day now it reaches 2000 and countries and force new measures to curb contagion this is the 1st step forward for the government in the master's degree in talk of population scientists are on the brink of releasing new vaccines to reduce the spread of the virus will it be enough to bring the global health crisis to an end the coronavirus pandemic special coverage on
9:59 pm
a. dissecting the headlines in the midst of a pandemic let's start with some of the on the ground realities affecting the news coverage what's the lay of the land there stripping away the spam repeating story about presidential corruption it is real reporting it's not if you keep challenging assumptions and the official line we all decided we needed to tell our story we don't want to lie. and if the listening post on out is the right. so many ounces here in london to a cost center t.v. special guest in conversation i am he'll because of colonialism unprompted it's fun interrupted there's a sense of what a month but i'm still having some legitimacy in terms of spreading that knowledge and technology pretty go pound me still is that community make a record racial slur something monumental a horrific past slavery studio to be unscripted on al-jazeera because context is
10:00 pm
a live feed into storytelling around the biggest issues but had to do the usual do it again. good anybody still be married at your face you get the domestic emergency u.n. chief antonio good terrorist governments to declare a state of climate emergency as world leaders mark 5 years since the paris agreement was signed. hello i maryam namazie and london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program gunmen storm a secondary school in northwest nigeria police are still searching for students after reports that many were missing. we worked.


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