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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 13, 2020 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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changes in the political landscape of the middle east and north africa. on al-jazeera. the. 0. hello there i'm just as you tell you this is the news hour live from our headquarters here and coming up in the next 60 minutes as coronavirus vaccines rolled out around the wilds questions grow about both supply and fan. in the united states supplies of the newly approved fund as a vaccine are scheduled to reach some states on monday as the country registers yet another wreck or death toll. parents of kidnapped students say hundreds are still missing after gunmen attacked
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a school in northern nigeria. a dramatic pledges as well leaders marks the 5th anniversary of the power of the court but will they be enough to prevent a climate catastrophe. i'm going to guess rosco with the sport as anthony just sure retains his world heavyweight titles by knocking out challenger. but we begin this news hour with a look at the global race for a coronavirus vaccine 3 western candidates are getting much attention they made by madonna and astra zeneca and also be reported to be close to approval a vaccine developed by us from fires and germany's biotech has already been okayed by some countries the 1st patients got jobs in the u.k. on shoes and vaccinations may begin in the u.s. on monday well russia began administering its sputnik vaccine several weeks ago now
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but many governments are wearing as moscow has said little days on us 3 chinese vaccines. also reported to have received approvals one of them is being used in the u.a.e. but it's uncertain just how widely these are being distributed elsewhere millions of doses have now been ordered by governments around the wild but it is not clear who will get them fast or when or if poor countries can actually get the supplies they need well americans will receive their fast 1st doses of a crime scene from monday as the u.s. experiences its toughest period of this condom excel file the pfizer vaccine is being recommended to those aged 16 and older almost 300000 people have now died of that 1000 and the wild west affected nation john hendren reports from washington d.c. in the nation most devastated by the global pandemic the 1st doses of the 1st approved vaccine or on the move within the next 24 hours they will begin moving back seen
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from the pfizer manufacturing facility to the u.p.s. and fed ex hopes and then it will go out to the $636.00 locations nationwide the 1st $145.00 sites in the u.s. are expected to receive the vaccine on monday with the rest receiving it by wednesday now front line responders like dr ben you sachin colorado will be among the 1st to be vaccinated against cove of 19 i am going to be one of the tips of the spear when the 1st people to step in to help generate is herd immunity which is sold toward the us to get a grip on this terrible disease those 1st vaccinations will happen just days after the u.s. food and drug administration approved it on friday science and data guided the f.d.a. decision we worked quickly based on the urgency of this pandemic not because of any other extra no pressure that external pressure came from president trump who on
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friday tweeted to han to quote get the damn vaccines out now. the vaccine has shown to be 95 percent effective in preventing covert 1900 transmission but it must be stored it all true cold temperatures the road to immunity across the u.s. is likely to be paved with pain and tragedy the head of the u.s. centers for disease control says over the next 60 to 90 days some 3000 americans that's more than were killed in the 911 attacks will die each day of covert 19 and then there are the conspiracy theorists and skeptics who say they will refuse to take it i think sometimes that thing might be a hopes and. i don't think i'd even fall with it because i don't know one soul. that has this know a lot of people that represents just one of the logistical conundrums for president elect joe biden he has set a goal of inoculating 100000000 americans within 100 days of his inauguration on
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january 20th john hendren al jazeera washington let's now speak to mohammad just at lancaster university and he joins us now here on the show mohammed we're seeing this much anticipated brought up again and went out really having to confront some of those really tricky ethical questions we're always going to have accompanying the initiatives in place like kovacs to make sure that poor countries get vaccines i have by my understanding they won't cover everyone so in your mind what should be the ethical priority here. well think of it i mean that's having me on the show i think this is really critical and important to discuss that. people access to this vaccine is particularly for lower income countries i mean callbacks facility which is set by they by the world health organization along with they have no promise zones we percent off the lower and middle income countries population to supply the vaccine by the end up $24.00 to $1.00 but that isn't sufficient enough
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even to immunize the frontline health workers or in their. communities so that really a big challenge and part of the problem is that most of the velvety nations they have already contracted the most of the pharmaceutical capabilities to really to have the vaccine that that's good for example affording to meet people's vaccine i mean s.t.d. that survey indicated that 9 out of 10 people in 67 developing countries want to get access to the vaccine in order to guarantee one and that is primarily because most of the capability excluded by the developed nations well let me ask you about the rich countries that lots of them have bought much more vaccine than they actually need so what is the plan for the separatists. well that isn't really the problem because i mean looking on to canada to power in the usa and u.k. they have a 100 percent more than 90 percent of their needs put in store for instance in the u.k. for the population of $70000000.00 we have contracted $355000000.00 article in $1000.00
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vaccine images 5 times more than i would need i think that is really the major challenge that is putting a question mark how would we get the access in the way that we can protect the vulnerable communities because we all are in same in the in the in this a pandemic that until disease is not eradicated from all corners in the word we should not expect that anybody is safe well likewise a lot of countries support very stiff rent vaccines right with different costs and levels of efficacy is there a sense that high profile vaccines like the 5 and madonna ones for instance will be snapped up in rich countries and then the others dumped in poor countries. yes there so that's a very important point is that the as well because if we look on to the vaccine efficacy of course the pointed out modern and they are close to 90 to 95 percent which is certainly beyond our expectation but when we go on to the next generation of vaccines for example talking about this final form in the u.a.e. that 92 percent of the cases that's what they have proposed at least sputnik 5 is almost at the same level of fear to be 70 percent so once the 1st. front runner
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vaccines will be taken up by most of the wealthy nations we were left with the vaccine those are probably at least demand in these countries that would be pulling another challenge to distribute because even for example if we teach to 50 percent of the population in the developing we're seeing that is 50 percent effective basically we are covering only 25 percent of the population which isn't sufficient enough to establish your immunity of course i say that there's now also a debate beginning about whether people should be able to pay for vaccines and then potentially jump the queues and in developed countries now even if that money does go back into vaccine production friend sense the ethical concerns about changing the incentive structure for distribution. oh absolutely i think this would be disastrous if that would be the case that people would buy the vaccine because that would mean that people who would have the money would get the vaccine not of the one who need it for example we know based on our lack of debt in the last one year
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there are people who would. lend or abilities people who are there you know ethnic minorities they are the most well known are able and are getting disproportionately affected by the cold and are in vaccine and if they don't have access to the vaccine that i mean we are putting them on to be even more vulnerable at least so that we're going to really have at the country level or at the continent level even at the global level so i think there will must be some equitable distribution of the vaccine that should be treated by the local realities so let me then ask you the big question about take a moment every country is going to have their own approach to trying to convince people to get these jobs are there concerns here about coersion fasces persuasion and how does the public health imperative fit into all of this. i think this is again a very important and maybe critical i mean we knew that there had to be a certain level of vaccine it has a chance even before the close of 19th and i mean but the it how the intensified because primarily the rumors and the speed of the vaccine development and probably
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more importantly their trust and this is even more penetrated into the black. minorities i mean if we talk about the u.k. itself i mean in london one of the sort of indicated that only 40 percent of the black people will take the vaccine compared to 70 percent in the. english y. age so that is really a big difference and that is going to be one of the major challenges how to build trust and data has to be trained really by the government to bring all the stakeholders on board because until we don't really immunize 75 percent of the population we're not accusing the herd immunity and we were going to be breaking the trust which in turn up this infection and therefore it is critical to the vaccine probably not to really if that's been damaged well there's clearly still a very long road still ahead and many questions to be on to mohamed minear there from lancaster university always get cable thoughts turn out as they are thanks for being with us again. thanks for having me. now moving on an afghan police say 3
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people have been killed in attacks in the capital a prosecutor was shot dead in the east of kabul and in a separate attack 2 people were killed in a bombing that targeted a member of parliament no group has yet claimed responsibility on saturday eisel fight has fired 10 rockets into couples international airport can at least one pass and. well hundreds of students in nigeria are feared missing after gunmen stormed a secondary school and kidnapped a number of children there the attackers arrived on motorbikes at the boarding school and concurrent district that's in the northern katsina state. reports. these are some of the boys relieved to be going home after the school raid in which many of their friends were taken hostage there leaving behind parents anxiously waiting for the return of their missing children. sincerely speaking we here in katsina state are in a terrifying condition we don't see the value of the government i have a younger brother and a child taken by the kidnappers i'm from dan jacques katsina state and i've been
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here in the school since dawn and yet there is no update. it's not clear how many children have been abducted from the all boys boarding school nigerian police say they forced the gunman to retreat after engaging them in a shootout for more than one hour but this anger that 6 years up to more than $270.00 girls were kidnapped by the armed group boko haram at chip uk nigerian security forces appear to have once again failed to keep school children safe for rates to be that we have him a jaw tragedy off abduction most hundreds and hundreds of students once again in the country is an indication that we learned no lessons from the previous tragedy there is something called the sieves call initiative this government should ask itself how seriously it has to conduct initiatives abductions
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have become increasingly common in nigeria just 2 days before the school abduction a village elder along with 20 others was kidnapped in the same state. the governor has ordered the immediate closure of all boarding schools while the investigations are underway. i'll just sarah. political and security analyst after politics he says katsina state as a long way from backhands usual areas of operations in the northeast it's very likely that these are bonded not not because like we saw happen in 2 in 2014 that is because the air off oppression here it's. not with ninja particularly cussing usted and this this disgusting was on fast at the northwest and is known to have serious. attacks from from bandits on courtney to groups that don't really
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have any any my line intention against the states or trying to impose any policy on the state to institute also understood that we have a book this is a criminal element operating freely i would see in north west and europe so even before i have them kidnapping they also have been reports that b. have been particularly invested in illegal mining also to fund the operation of this inlet addicted to gov loves offer us the shutting down all my minds just like we saw what was in the gov of course not that i was even close on boarding schools you know in the state following the us news and issues you we are losing you reactionary. store when it comes to protecting life propriety you know in not west and. pretty much yourself and you and your. well there's plenty more ahead for you this news hour including britain's chief negotiator is in brussels as a key deadline approaches in the south for abraxane deal. they were driven out by
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iceland now thousands of you c.d.'s are returning to iraq but they still fear for their future. and what it learned out skis saves appointed by munich the german champions come under pressure in the lead that's all coming up with charter school . and more than hall of the 70 countries involved in the un climate talks have unveiled additional goals for 2030 but organizers say it's still not enough to stop dangerous global warming this century china for instance has pledged to speed up the expansion of wind and solar power and the u.k. has announced it will no longer fund overseas fossil fuel projects pakistan says it will not produce additional power based on coal but a strategy and result both of the major emitters failed to make ambitious enough pledges to even qualify to speak at an online summit and the outgoing administration of u.s.
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president donald trump who pulled washington out of the paris accord also didn't take part. and now 5 is off to a landmark deal on climate change for science the u.n. chief is sounding yet another warning about the future of our planet and terrorism is the anniversary of the paris accord to plead with wild leaders to declare climate imagine he says it's vital that nations act now for the sake of future generations some reports. behind the crisis of a global pandemic another danger is waiting in the wings the climate emergency fueling global warming and according to the united nations with devastating consequences for humankind if we don't change course we may be headed for to get the stuff you temperature rise of morgan city degrees the century. any body's still being are that you are facing at the domestic emergency if you strike today i call on only those worldwide to declare a state of climate emergency in their countries and you've got to look at how it is
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reached. 5 years on from the launch of the u.n. climate summit when $196.00 countries signed on to prevent the rise in global temperatures the organization is sounding the alarm of ophelia's to curb greenhouse gas emissions. where some countries have acted on their commitments others have not one country which has seen the effects of climate change is australia the world's number one exporter of coal its economy is heavily reliant on fossil fuels and over the past 5 years it has moved away from its commitment to cut carbon emissions. in recent years devastating bushfires have ravaged the country set off by record breaking temperatures as well as severe droughts and the us where in the past 4 decades the yearly wildfires in the west have grown 8 times larger the outgoing
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president donald trump controversially pulled the country out of the court a policy that left many dismayed yet the commitment by president elect joe biden to rejoin the accords was welcomed at the virtual summit was a moment we find ourselves in an important moment days after the united states president elect joe biden has expressed his desire to rejoin the paris agreement and i really want to tell our american friends welcome back welcome home the impacts of climate change have been more evident in recent years from melting ice caps to intense hurricanes and rising sea levels while there have been extra efforts to setup greener forms of energy the question will be how leaders deal with the current economic slump caused by the pandemic will they stick to their promises a will economic growth once again take precedence in a world that is experiencing more extreme weather phenomena sun agle al-jazeera
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and who also have an interview with patricia espinosa she is the executive secretary of the un framework convention on climate change you can watch that right here on out is there at 1930 on our program talk to al-jazeera well that's now speak to mark houghton he's the director of the climate change institute at the australian national university and he joins us now from canberra mark really great to have you back on al-jazeera looking at what's been committed during the so-called climate ambition a solid new optimistic about how and when for. anastacia well it seems to me that the summit was successful in the sense of it wanted to maintain momentum ahead of the glasgow conference of parties next year and the 5 year mark of the paris agreement when there was always an expectation that governments would step up with increased commitment and the other part of the agenda here i think was to connect climate change and the coronavirus response more effectively so that we actually to
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build back better so we actually generate momentum towards a green renewal and i think it was quite successful in that respect. mark any level of success presumably will require countries to stick to their commitments their arguments for instance that nations should rather be looking at shorter term commitments so they're more measurable and accountable what do you think. at the moment the commitments under the paris agreement simply aren't enough to put a hold on climate change or as your lead in story said we're hitting more towards 3 degrees than keeping it to $1.00 or 2 so there is a very significant reason for concern here but what we did see was a large number of countries stepping up increasing their levels of commitment but there's still question marks about how they're going to do that and so increasingly we're seeing net 0 commitments so roughly 2 thirds of the economies across the world have either got a commitment or are planning to put in
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a commitment like that but not necessarily with good good detailed plans about how they're actually going to do that in a cost effective way and maintaining economic growth and sustainability at the same time or this year if the in person negotiations had gone ahead that would have been the 26th conference of the parties and this has been a long drawn out process and we've really only seen progress being made as countries so really realize it's in their own financial self-interest to move towards a green economy do you think we should now really be looking beyond the framework here beyond paris in order to try to get things done. i think we always need to look beyond any individual treaty or agreement simply because the world's far more complex than the net and so as one example what we're seeing is businesses stepping up in terms of climate ambition and they're not required to do that under the paris agreement but that's what they're doing because sometimes they see a benefit in terms of new industries new york unities sometimes it's because they
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actually do genuinely feel concerned and it's a significant risk for them and their customers so there's many motivations there's many ways of making progress but we do need to make progress and that's why i think it's important to have these summits to maintain that momentum. as you were saying clearly the commitments that countries are making aren't enough even given the growing awareness of the real devastation that potentially lies ahead not only in terms of actual changes in the weather but also in terms of social cohesion more broadly fight your gauge how much time do we have left to make the cuts that we need. while it's we need to be doing it right now in fact we needed to be doing it 20 years ago. the sooner we start to reduce emissions significantly the the longer and slower the glide path is to near 0 the later we reduce emissions the steeper and more risky and dangerous there will be so given that the goal of
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going to net 0 is really critical in terms of climate bishan we need to start right now and the latest science actually indicates that at the moment we're likely to get to 1.5 degree early in the 2030 years so that's not very far away and and so we do need to accelerate their mission reductions the sorts of emission reductions that the u.k. is announce that the u.s. announced of 55 or 60 percent reductions is the sort of ambition or this but 2030 is the sort of ambition that we need globally and we need to deliver on where the great state of emergency india have not had and that the director of the climate change institute and here in canberra thanks so much for being with us again mark great to have you on out of there thanks for starting and moving on and the u.k. is brecht's at negotiator david frost has arrived in brussels as a deadline looms to agree on a trading deal but britain and the e.u. have warned and no deal outcome is actually most likely one of the main sticking points is whether european fishermen will still have access to waters off the
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british coast or barbara sarah is standing by for us in westminster will speak to us shortly but 1st let's go to paul brennan here is standing outside the european commission for us in brussels paul i understand the talks went late into the night last night that kicked off again early this morning but it seems that the sticking points a very much still stuck. indeed and level playing field seems to be probably even bigger than fisheries grassed fisheries regarded as solvable as long as you can work out the numbers between the 2 sides but the level playing field is the real sticking point and it's difficult to understand exactly where the 2 sides are failing to agree because you look back at the statements that have been made over the last week here and in london for example wednesday the cabinet office minister in the u.k. michael gove said that britain could accept a kind of non regression type of arrangement but couldn't accept a ratchet mechanism if i explained that basically means britain would agree not to
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water down its standards and its regulations but it wouldn't agree to meet every time the e.u. up to their standards and regulations and the e.u. is response to that on friday as live on the lead at the end of the european council summit said that she could accept that britain would retain a degree of sovereignty and that they would the u.k. would not be expected all sematic lee to increase its standards when the when the european union raised its ambition she said but of course there would have to be a tweaking of britain's access to the markets if there was a divergence so it seems to me reading between the lines that perhaps the issue is more about how you would you do case on how far the divergence has gone and what should be the penalty in terms of tariffs and quotas but that's been as you say talking late into the night they resumed again at 9 am this morning and frankly we get a decision in a phone call at about lunchtime today between boris johnson live on the lead the expectation is that it will go one of our 2 ways it will either be
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a no deal that the 2 leaders will agree that they frankly reached the end of the road and they're too far apart the other possibility is that they will agree that there is still a glimmer of light and they will carry on talking i think we're not expecting a decision for a firm deal today so that's important to say paul brennan there following those talks for us in brussels thanks so much paul well let's now cross over to london where barbara starr is standing outside westminster barber we've been hearing about this potential phone call that's going to take place as the clock is ticking down operates now really having to prepare for a possible no deal back since. absolutely miss the us and even though you could think you could say the country's been talking about nothing other than bricks that apart from the and then making a fuss for months for 4 and a half years it's only now that the no deal option is becoming a realistic one that people are both worrying and preparing for an overnight the country released the contingency plan saying that they will spend around $5000000000.00 trying to ease a lot of the congestion that could come from
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a no deal breaks it's a for example an extra $9900.00 border patrol guards at the border and also another $1100.00 to be hired by march helplines to help businesses prepare for the potential of a no deal break said certainly the government is trying to sound upbeat they've said that they've prepared for all the possible. scenarios in the u.k. is ready i have to say that's not an optimism that's shared by others a here for example supermarkets are worried food producers have said that there could be a shortage of vegetables for the next 3 months and so supermarkets should stockpile and of course there are fears that that could cause some panic buying here in the u.k. as well so obviously a very tense situation in the past few days we heard the prime minister say that it was likely that there would be a no deal breaks at some newspapers here putting that at 80 percent if you want to
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put a number to it all the commentators saying there is still time potentially for a deal so everyone here waiting but obviously the whole country is worried and to make matters worse any attentions that would arise from a no deal breaks it and that's just remind our viewers that even if there is a trade deal that would still be changes in there would still be disruption with the u.k. leaving the european union at the end of the same day but everyone here are also worried because of course it coincides with the pandemic cos there with all the nicest for us from london thanks so much. it is now time for the weather. just like northern india knows and china can get foggy in the winter and this is not far away from beijing that was extensively foggy but that was 24 hours ago the air has moved a bit since then incomes sags that suddenly pushes clear the air because it's been so to code behind just look at these temperatures it does these daytime highs beijing subzero seoul minus 4 and look at honshu and hard to see extensive snow as
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a result of that cold air coming across the relatively warm water that has been snow on the ground in seoul already there's more likely cheering sunday and it stays code does the sun comes in with this biting wind so you can sync of wind chill as well the average should be by day 4 degrees never not monastery where we're at minus 4 by day and minus 10 if not so we are well below the average and that's just an example in solving our cold out of course floods through japan most of northern china and if you follow this here look at hong kong down to about 16 degrees what do you think hong kong should be at this time here around about the 20 mark siegel 1617 ride to 20 by the end of the day but to be honest 16 degrees in december in hong kong is going to feel pretty chilly. well still ahead here on al-jazeera mounting promises of a vaccine rolled out across latin america but as people wait the situation goes
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from bad to wise. antone but enough to make the central bosnia the scene of one of the worst atrocities in the war where more than 100 muslim men women and children were killed. i'm tight on here i want to fight next. tyson fury confirms he is out to get anthony joshua in the ring for the world heavyweight champion retains his titles. al-jazeera while tells the intriguing stories behind 4 classic songs from palestine enjoyed social snapshots of different times and places from the british mandate to 950 s. jordan and the palestinian diaspora today musical expressions of the cultural identity and the yearning for the homeland that many with forced from in 1988 songs for the
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love of history on al-jazeera. getting close to the people most affected by those in power is often dangerous but it's absolutely part of the stories to be told lots of still sided in this area we push fall forward as we can to the frontline now the smell of day is overpowering a lot of the stories that we cover all high the conflicts so it's very important that we make them as on the stand that will as we care to as many people as possible no matter how much they know about a given crisis or issue as al-jazeera correspondents that's will be strong to. the. kind of they're watching out is there and let's remind you of our top stories this
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hour the 19 vaccines from a diner and astra zeneca are reported to be close to approval that's after a fire was given the go ahead by more countries for strike the u.s. is due to roll out its faster he says on monday. hundreds of students in nigeria are feared missing after gunmen stormed a school in kidnapped a number of children about 800 students attend that school and could see in a state many of them fled during an attack police say 200 firsthand. the u.k.'s backs bigger share says and brussels as a deadline looms to agree on a trading deal negotiators from both the e.u. and the u.k. have warned and no ideal outcome is most likely. now brazil is one of the many countries across latin america pinning their hopes on the promise of mass vaccinations against the coronavirus but as people wait the number of deaths and infections is rising than your crime reports from one of. the vaccines are
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coming that's the reassuring message from leaders across latin america this from the chilean president after meeting regional heads of state in santiago to discuss ensuring comprehensive vaccination coverage good know what is left out. of up it with this will allow us to better control the coronavirus pandemic which also allows us to recover our freedoms and recover the capacity of all people to fulfill and to take forward their dreams and projects mexico is the 4th country in the world to approve the use of the fires of a. seen it comes as the number of infections and deaths in mexico continue to rise more than 11000 new daily infections in mexico city is the clear that culvert emergency call feeling us having them does unless you're there i trust to the residents of the city we are on alert because of covert 19 hospitalizations are on the rise and are only only if we all comply will we be able to reduce contagions in
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the city. a similar grim picture is reported across the region more than 90 percent of intensive care beds in the brazilian cities of rio de janeiro and go to cuba or occupied. the population needs to do its part as tired as we might be it is important that our health professionals are exhausted after all these months in this war against the current a virus in this battle for life with latin american economies being hit hard by the pandemic christmas this year is unlikely to bring much rest bite. i'm not going to buy anything because i can't i'm unemployed and receiving the government's aid it's peanuts and i can't do much with it so there will be no gifts no christmas just out of me ever to. spend less because the future is so unclear it's not easy what we really want is that the code vaccine arrives as soon as possible. the vaccines are that light at the end of a long tunnel but it will take time to see their effects and precautions still need
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to be taken that's proving a difficult message to drum home. there are 2001 osiris on protest returned to the streets of albania for a fortnight with people there angry over a fatal police shooting police dispersed crowds in the capital toronto with tear gas and water cannon as they tried to reach the interior ministry an officer has been arrested over the killing of a 25 year old man on tuesday who is defying a coronavirus calf. the war in bosnia and the 25 years ago but there's still a quest for justice nearly 600 people are still awaiting trial now following the closure of the war crimes tribunal for the former yugoslavia in the hague courts in bosnia have taken over the legal process our correspondent tony about he went to a meaty and central bosnia that's the scene of one of the atrocities in the war there survivors say many of the guilty are still walking free. is
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a small village with a dark past it was where one of the biggest atrocities of involved in war happened 116 muslim men women and children killed by bosnian croat forces the men were shot the women and children were herded into basements that within satellite a small room with photos next to the last documents that terrible day in april 1993 today much of the village has been repaired with the psychological damage hasn't this been worse in the city where my dad was 73 when he was killed he was weak and disabled it is really difficult to understand how the human mind is capable of something like that abdullah as mother and 3 sisters died in a burning basement his father and brother were executed he was shot through the head but he survived and play dead he gave evidence of the war crimes tribunal in the hague and hopes for justice spic questions regarding really meaningless it all all of us who testified tried to present all facts we had and we hope that the perpetrators will be convicted and some were but we don't believe that the
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sentences were strong enough. all these villagers lost family members in the attack and feel that more need to face justice the war crimes tribunals started in 1903 with a budget of 270000 dollars by the time it wound up 24 years later the annual cost was around $270000161.00 people were tried and 90 were found guilty now bosnian courts of continuing war crimes trials 25 years after the war ended and there are still nearly 600 people facing war crimes charges in bosnia and many more with blood on their hands are still walking free and that's not making the reconciliation process any easier. an estimated 150 bosnian croat to sort of taken part in the amici attack 10 were convicted but 3 fighters were later acquitted on appeal they are back living in the area and lisa lost her father and 47 members of a close and extended family that day she points out where the accused men lived.
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emotions are overwhelming when we see them and their children where both parents love the last hours they killed hours their families are whole and together and thank god it is like that we lost our loved ones. there is no clear black and white in war every side has faced charges bosnian serbs have been accused of the majority of war crimes they say innocent civilians of also being killed and they've been wrongly portrayed as the bad guys victims are victims on each side and in it despite the war between 1995 there is no innocent people innocent sides just 47 bosnian serbs have been found guilty of killing the 8000 muslim men and boys instead beneath in 1995. justice is only partially been served but i hope just as will be served in its
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entirety we have been waiting 25 years for it. some are trying to heal the wounds with the young this is a project called the house of good tones instructor needs that brings together bosnian muslims and orthodox serbs in the hope that one day they can find the reconciliation and harmony which is alluding their parents tony berkeley al jazeera central bosnia. now the lawyer representing the family of an italian student tortured and murdered in egypt has welcomed what she calls a new chapter in the investigation on thursday italian prosecutors announced plans to charge for senior members of egypt's security services over the killing of junior jenny has. body was found in a ditch outside cairo and 2016. yemeni chidi julio julio regina he was spied on for many weeks and that was even in his house the egyptian national security forces entered his room searched it and took pictures of his passport and followed him everywhere they were taking pictures of him and creating
1:40 pm
a spy network that includes his friends all this can't be done by one individual only and the responsibility as well can't be placed on one single person such a matter and daschle would be from the highest authorities thousands of his edis one of iraq's oldest minorities are trying to rebuild their lives off iceland asian more than 300000 of them fled sent job after the attack 6 years ago some of them have returned home and while it may be a new start many old problems remain so when a faltering explains. the iraqi army is once again in charge of sindar home to iraq religious minority the district is one of several disputed areas claimed by both the central government in baghdad and the semi autonomous kurdish region it has changed hands 5 times since 2003 as part of an agreement between the 2 sides in october but that deployed its army to take control. of the security
1:41 pm
situation inside is the responsibility of the police and iraqi army controls all the suburbs districts in subdistricts the security is table inside there is no flag other than the iraqi flag hosted in the town all the positions are under the control of the iraqi government. after the fall of the late former president saddam hussein in 2003 kurdish peshmerga fighters controlled singe our while the iraqi army was deployed further south both abandoned their positions in 2014 when the islamic state of iraq and the levant are eisel launched an offensive across northern iraq much of the city of sendai was destroyed during the conflict there is a lack of trust among the easier the minority towards both the federal government in baghdad and the regional government in kurdistan due to the decades of neglect and because those forces failed to protect them when i saw swept through singe are killing and abducting thousands more over they feel that they have not been meaningfully included in the negotiations that determine the future governance of
1:42 pm
their region. but among those not consulted on the agreement are the armed groups that sprung up in 2014 to help survivors escape eisel and who fought to retake singe are this group called the sindar resistance units has now handed over several checkpoints to the iraqi army but their commander told al jazeera that the fighters will remain in the mountains the monarchy has we want guarantees to keep the residents of sin just safe we will not. to a specific political party and we will not allow anyone to deal with sin jar in an oppressive way the singe or resistance units are closely affiliated with the outlawed kurdistan workers party while other armed groups operating in the district are linked to iran many people living in sin jar say they are tired of living at the mercy of competing political interests and some welcome the presence of the iraqi army. having the iraqi government here is better for us there are many
1:43 pm
parties and illegal armed factions here if the iraqi government is here the situation will be better and the security will be better but there are concerns that the parties to the agreement will meddle in the selection of the local government and police force choosing people who serve their interests. should themselves form the local police the name should be chosen by the people of certain jaw years after being displaced by the conflict with a 3rd of the inhabitants have returned and are beginning to rebuild their homes that means they'll be able to cast their ballots in elections in sindar next year and have a chance to have their voices heard and choose their own leaders seem. sindar. venezuela's opposition says millions of people have taken part in the non-binding poll called by opposition leader one quite a 1st as i asked to support calls for for president nicolas maduro to step down and to hold new elections in america at
1:44 pm
a silly seeing him. the fact that their votes would not be recognized as valid by the magruder government did not stop these venezuelans from casting ballots in an opposition organized referendum aimed at showing the international community that they want president nicolas maduro out jacki and that is what we're plagued by government violence there are armed groups everywhere we need the well to intervene one way or another to end this. despite reports of armed gangs loyal to mother attacking some of the estimated 3000 makeshift polling stations opposition leader one by door said millions had voted online or in person you know they have a look at this the illegitimate unconstitutional and fraudulent electoral process carried out last sunday by madeira has been defeated. here in chile the turnout was very low the same in colombia home to the knowledge as to venezuela an ex-pat
1:45 pm
community thankless ition leader leopoldo lopez who escaped venezuela 2 months ago was in bogota to send a message that stronger international sanctions and coordination are needed to obtain what he says is the main goal free and fair presidential elections what else can the international community do short of an invasion to dislodge nicholas soluto there's a lot more that can be done a lot more pressure diplomatic pressure the use of sanctions with our strategic focus the political pressure the pressure to isolate my god oh i see what it is a criminal and i can tell you something the cea that we will continue to go forward we will continue to do whatever. takes in order to promote freedom and free elections in venezuela because we don't have another option and the other option is to surrender and we won't surrender however perhaps not but more and more venezuelans are leaving the country rather than fighting for change at home and
1:46 pm
after nearly 2 years of failed attempts to force out rekindling faith in the current opposition strategy they take more than a symbolic referendum to see a neumann al-jazeera santiago a muslim cleric and indonesia has turned himself into authorities for breaching cover $1000.00 restrictions after organizing gatherings that attract the thousands of supporters rizieq she have is the leader of the islamic defenders front which demands the adoption of islamic law in indonesia just to washington reports from the capital jakarta. the recent shihab is seen by many as a polarizing figure in indonesia after ignoring police requests to come in for questioning he turned himself into authorities over accusations of preaching covert 19 protocols. today god permits i can come to the jakarta police to attend to the investigation into me in accordance with the law was music
1:47 pm
returned to indonesia last month after 3 years of self-imposed exile in saudi arabia thousands of supporters showed up at the airport to welcome the leader of the islamic defenders front or f.b.i. back to jakarta since then he's been involved in several events that drew large crowds including his daughter's wedding i mean that the believe members that come out in this are because he didn't come for questioning when we asked him the 1st time all the 2nd time we stated that we would arrest him but today he has come here . result is accused of ignoring covert 1000 protocols by hosting lodge a vent in a country with more than 600000 confirmed covert 900 cases but human rights organizations say they concerned there is more to this case than just health violations we have an increasing concern about increasing crackdowns by indonesian government to with the islamists or those perceived to be
1:48 pm
a slum is said to ready. and you know those who are not in not aligned with the government met the narrative all nationalism. in its early years the f.b.i. was accused of beating lanty isn't targeting nightspots western embassies and some minority communities f.b.i. is considered a hardline organization by many and although its membership is significantly smaller than mainstream religious groups its leaders are able to organize large demonstrations. when thousands took to the streets in 2017 to protest against the governor of jakarta a christian ethnically chinese man over allegations of blasphemy recent shihab was seen as a key figure in the demonstrations that were viewed as a challenge to indonesia's secular identity. before travelling to saudi arabia recently was charged under the country's pornography rules those charges were later
1:49 pm
dropped now he could face 6 years in prison for violating covert 19 regulations the concern over this next period will be precisely how the government manages what it clearly it's clear that i see them as a political problem. how they manage the perception that they're actually using our goals to repress a group for political reasons rather than actually. days ago police shot dead 6 alleged supporters of rizieq police say the men were armed with guns and a sword with indonesia's national human rights commission is investigating the incident and whether the killings were lawful and police in jakarta say they will continue their own investigations into research jessica washington al-jazeera to contact. 3 amateur investigations in the united states have cracked an encrypted letter by the infamous zodiac killer the 340 character coded message was mailed to the san francisco chronicle by the serial killer at 1969 the murder of 5 people
1:50 pm
with never course and there are no clues to the killer's identity in the letter but part he reads i hope you're having lots of fun trying to catch me the f.b.i. have confirmed the description. it was such a long shot we tried several $100000.00 in correct ways of solving the software and just by chance we happened to sort of stumble upon a fragment of of how it could be sold and using that fragment we reverse engineer the toss aleutian and got the entire message out from the i'm not an expert on what the zodiac had to say are i managed to help 2 to get that message out. it doesn't reveal his identity it doesn't give a lot of clues to his identity i think more what it does is the the method that he was able to use to create that that sort of maybe help track down who he is.
1:51 pm
still ahead here on al-jazeera. pick champion kicks off the snowboarding season with a victory that's coming up at the end for. frank assessments you've got colleagues on the ground in the canaries what is the situation there's only one doctor and one nurse for $2200.00 people informed opinions how big does foreign policy figure in the early stages of a bi ministration he comes into office with a huge amount of foreign policy experience in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines how will a place like good little get the vaccine when there's no money at all the rest of rich countries are fighting for an inside story on al-jazeera when the news breaks the impact of the storms in honduras has been particularly devastating when people need to be hurt no group has claimed responsibility for the shooting on the outskirts of srinagar in india and minister kashmir people here say they're living
1:52 pm
in fear al-jazeera has teams on the ground they never ate the same type of food back home we simply don't know if we counted to bring you more award winning documentaries and lighting us on air and online. welcome back it's out of the sport. thank you bucs and he just has successfully defended his world heavyweight titles knocking out challenge akubra pirlo joshua flowed 3 times and ended the fight in the 9th round with his right hand knocking the ball garry into the canvas a 1000 fans were allowed inside london's wembley arena to watch just who were retained his i.b.s. w.p.a.
1:53 pm
and belts all the talk now is a mega unified showdown between joshua and fellow heavyweight tyson fury next year a clash between the 2 brits would be the biggest fight to happen in the sport's fury has already begun the trash talk i am of the time i want to fight next and not sign 3 rounds i think that sometimes you the emotions game the why of screaming and shouting calling out fights and i was not the kind of guy is going to scream and shout people's 9 we know he wants the 5 course i'm going to keep shtum and just tell you that it's my job to deliver that fight next and all different kinds of delivery and we should start that immediately spanish champions around madrid have closed the gap only leaders and local rivals that led to come a trip thanks to a to no when on saturday brazilian midfielder casimir are handed rail the lead in the 15 minutes in the 2nd hole fianna black put the ball into his own net to help sanity's the dans men double their advantage well and now 33 points behind that had
1:54 pm
to go in livy. you know when a similar contest part of you were not it has been a good week with 3 good matches most of all i'm happy for my players they are the ones who fight on the pitch i'm happy for them because they always believe in what they do and they've accomplished something that feels really good now we have to carry on like this we need to recover well because our next match is on tuesday in germany robert leaven dusky helps but it does legally does bind mean it come from behind to earn a point at union berlin having gone one nil down in the 6 minute the poll driven level with his 13th goal of the season by and ahead of the likes of on goal difference but both sides can be overtaken on sunday by by a labor cosen if they beat hoffenheim. japanese club right now looking to reach their 1st asian champions league final the debutantes are taking on also high and die in the east semifinal in doha but there without former barcelona great andrus iniesta the spanish world cup when i turned up on crutches
1:55 pm
after picking up an injury earlier in the tournament and it's goal lists at half time. over in the united states columbus crew have won the m.l.s. cup for the 2nd time in their history on saturday they were up against the defending champions the seattle sounders no problem for the crew though lukas zeller and scored a goal in each half to help skill a 3 nil victory and secure columbus's 1st m.l.s. cup since 20058. sang in the states u.s. president donald trump attended the annual army navy american football game on saturday trump presided over the coin toss in what is likely to be one of the last sports games he attends before leaving office next month the army team beat the navy 15 nothing pick up its 4th win in the last 5 meetings. red bulls much to stop and will start from pole position for sunday's loss grown pretty of the season in abu dhabi the dutchman snatched top spot in qualifying from the sadie's with terry
1:56 pm
but a 2nd and world champion lewis hamilton in the 3rd is the stephens 1st pole of the season just 800 of the 2nd separated the top 3 powelton tonight a record extending 99 korea polls on his return trying to harness. that was quite a tricky course i'm going to beginning you know to get your letter especially if it's destroyed the last october so many corners where you can make a mistake but very unlikely everything to come together in the final lot. is never even the difficult weekend i would say just getting back into rhythm even though it's only a couple of weeks off it just felt like a you've lost the momentum and really struggled so far and even a little balance this weekend still gave it my all and regulations to max a way for him to seal the year year very performance we're going to give him a good home to give him for the money tomorrow. 2001000 british open golf champion who is one round away from adding the u.s.
1:57 pm
women's open to her collection of mages the 22 year old japanese is one shot clear going into sunday's final round in houston on saturday should be no man is just one birdie in a 3 over par round of 74 but she still top the leaderboard the moment of the day though belonged to south korea's chalo choi she's not in contention but this hole in one on the 12 in short a memorable day for the world number 98. the snowball world cup season has got underway in italy and a limping champion estella debts got back to the top of the podium the czech border won her 1st race since february 2019 home favorite roland fish another won the men's competition and a french woman preen lafond made it 2 wins from 2 at the freestyle moguls event in sweden the olympic champion is off to a strong start to the defense of her overall world cup title. all right that is all the support for now it is back to the found yet thanks so much said that's it for this news out of the back and just
1:58 pm
a moment with more of the day's news if you're on al-jazeera. dissecting the headlines in the midst of a pandemic let's start with some of the on the ground realities affecting the news coverage what's the lay of the land there stripping away the spam eclipsing story about presidential corruption it is real reporting it's not if you keep challenging assumptions and the official line we all decided we needed to tell our score look we don't want to they lie on the authority and if the listening post on out is they
1:59 pm
are. it's the u.k.'s biggest hospital with eventual capacity for 4000 covert 19 patients built inside a london conference center it took just 9 days to construct with the help of army engineers dramatically expanding the critical care bed count and other similar sites on the way the actual london numbers could be much higher than advertised researches say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying to close extrapolate that across the country and the spread of corona virus appears far wider than anyone thought. when the news breaks the impact of the storms in honduras has been particularly devastating when people need to be hurt no group has claimed responsibility for the shooting on the outskirts of srinagar. in indian administered kashmir people here say they're living in fear al-jazeera has teams on the ground we never ate beef
2:00 pm
that we simply don't know if we can teach you to bring you the real loot when documentaries and life meet us on air and online. or at the other. as corona virus vaccines roll out around the wild questions grow about bird supply and fanous in the united states supplies of the newly approved pfizer vaccine are scheduled to reach some states on monday even as the country registers yet another record death toll. now again i'm just on the attack in this is al jazeera life and also coming up britain's chief negotiator is in brussels as a key deadline approaches and the search for breakfast deal. and.


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