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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 13, 2020 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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be the hero world needs right. washer. al-jazeera. hello i'm rob matheson this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the brig's at trade talks will go on u.k. e.u. leaders say they're far apart on key issues but they won't give up on negotiations . the u.s. begins shipping the 1st doses of coronavirus vaccines and hopes in united's 100000000 people in 4 months. germany is going into lockdown again it's
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imposing more covered $1000.00 restrictions after cutting measures fail to reduce infections. rally against their government protesters in pakistan demand the prime minister and his cabinet step down. i'm gemini actually its forces allison high and i progressed to the final of the asian champions 8 red bulls final in the last race of the formula one season in athens and the. british and e.u. leaders say brags that talks will go on abandoning a self-imposed deadline for a trade deal ahead of the e.u. commission van dillen says both sides agreed to go the extra mile because some topics deserve more discussion have been several sticking points including access
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by french fishing boats to british waters there's also the so-called level playing field which is ensuring fair and open competition if the 2 sides don't reach an agreement by december the 31st there will be border checks and taxes for goods travelling between the u.k. and the e.u. join a whole begins our coverage. high drama an 11th hour brinkmanship north for the 1st time in the 4 and a half year break up between the u.k. and the e.u. our negotiation teams have been working day and night over recent days and despite the exhaustion after almost one g. of negotiations and despite the fact that lines have been missed over and over we both think that it is responsible at this point in time to go the extra mile did the fact that the 2 sides hadn't called a halt to trade negotiations as some had expected mean that progress was being made
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you know what was going that far. i do think as i say there is a deal to be done if our partners want to do it but we remain very far apart on these key issues and they are u.k. can't be locked into the e.u. as regular treat or bit we've obviously got to take back control fisheries full of years after people voted for it no deadlines been set for this latest extension of talks frankly there's been so many deadlines made and missed that no one would believe it anyway the only hard date now is the 1st of january by which time these 2 giant trade partners will have separated for good deal or no deal britain intent on protecting its sovereignty the e.u. looking after the interests of its single market it is a nail biting time particularly for businesses for whom world trade organization
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rules in a no deal scenario would mean tariffs and quotas raising the cost of imports and exports with implications for some sectors that may struggle to survive the amount of tax. people are going to be afforded and specially after. you can reach us to return the poorer even more poor so. we don't know how it's going to be you know boris johnson's government is adamant britain will flourish even without a deal no one it says should warre but plenty do don't know how al-jazeera london ok let's talk to paul brown he's live for us from brussels just as jonah was explaining there are things look pretty tense in the u.k. they're obviously trying to gear up for some sort of preparations and in terms of a no deal talk us through what's happening with the e.u. what are the main sticking points there. well michel
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barnier the chief a unit go see it said will brief e.u. ambassadors from the 27 nations tomorrow morning monday morning with the latest states of the negotiations bring them up to speed but as far as in broad brushstrokes what i can say is that divergence appears not to be as big an issue as it seems to be in the week you know we had a journal report this is a mess a deep fundamental importance to both sides britain insisting that the brics it votes gave it a mandate to divert from european regulations or rules to go its own way the european union equally adamant that if you want to access to this massive single market you have to play by the single market rules you can't just simply divergent simply and expect to have the same degree of access that set us live on the land on friday said that the european union was no longer expecting britain to follow the
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rules of the european union as rules evolved as standards got higher as regulations changed but she said there would be differences in the way britain access if the divergence was there and so what i think we're really looking at here is trying to manage the divergence that's what i think they're discussing in the building behind me and we'll continue to discuss how to define for example what is unfair competition how to define what kind of process should be triggered if unfair competition is seems to be in evidence who should adjudicate on that those kind of issues and whether it should be sort of a big transgression or whether it you know minute should be picked up so i think these are really important issues for the european union and for the u.k. they're matters of principle but they are matters which i think can be negotiated and the prospect of no deal is so stark that they're willing to continue right up to december 31st in the hope of of coming to some kind of agreement on this paul
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thanks very much indeed that's paul brennan talking to us from brussels. a lot of waiters from are searching or should have called u.k. in a changing europe he says the pressure will can continue to build on the british prime minister over the next 2 weeks the odds of a deal still to be in the balance probably more likely than not that there will be a deal because of the political tradeoffs that are going to be necessary bars johnson to sign up to the sort of deal that the e.u. is is offering even if there is. a lot of fear about no deal in the in the u.k. this is the level of of. of alignment that the evas ask people and the and the legal to the certainty that it wants that the u.k. won't diverged from the means that it's going to very hard sell the forced johnson mr bracks if you like to sign up to something which is obviously you know that inevitably as with any trade deal going to sort of reduce the you case ptolemy and
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sovereignty like if there's no deal they'll be a huge amount of destruction on day one huge you know an inability for all basic goods to get in and out of the u.k. any sort of speed that is going to be sort of real difficulty and the manufacturing as well as in some of the supply of basic goods like food so that's the real potential short term destruction of a new deal for people's day to day lives the victims of them significant evidence of economic and economic hit will come just as where moving out of the recovery from from cave at 19 so that's why as as as as the possibility of an immediate direct approaches 'd over the next few weeks the political pressure on boris johnson to sign up to something which may be said optimal in his view in terms of his position on regulate on regulation and all sovereignty will increase. plenty
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more ahead in the news hour including fears over missing students after gunmen attacked a school in northern nigeria on a family's plane the government plus why all 3 dogs christians in iraq say they are being pushed out. and that's a familiar face back at the top of the european golf rankings that's coming up with jemma in sports. the 1st doses of fisons coronavirus vaccine are being delivered in the u.s. it's hoping to immunize $100000000.00 people by april pfizer's using containers with dry ice and g.p.s. enabled sensors to ensure each shipment remains at minus 17 celsius workers in michigan are preparing more containers for the next shipment the elderly and health care workers will be the 1st to get the vaccine john hendren is joining us live from washington d.c. john we really can't underestimate the scale of the operation that going on at the
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moment just talk us through what the rollout involves. this is really an unprecedented roll out of a vaccine unlike anything we've really ever seen here in the u.s. and that's why workers applauded as those trucks left the facility with those cases of vaccine kept it a temperature of negative 70 degrees celsius in boxes filled with dried ice they were transported to fed ex and u.p.s. sites and they will be delivered by plane to the 1st $145.00 sites on monday if everything goes as planned by wednesday the 1st 636 locations will have received this 1st 2900000 doses and then from there it will expand assuming everything goes well so we're talking about something like 40000000 doses in december that is the goal that would serve 20000000 people because
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everybody has to get 2 shots and then as you say 100000000 doses by april that is the plan for president joe biden who wants 100000000 people vaccinated in his 1st 100 days in office and the prediction is that it will be something like june if everything in the rollout goes well and then of course we've got the madonna vaccine which looks as if it would be approved within days. so by the end of june the beginning of the summer here in the u.s. that is when regular people will have been vaccinated people who don't work on the front line in health care people who are not in nursing homes those will be the 1st people to get them and people who don't have the kinds of co-morbidities the problems that would cause complications if they were to get covert 19 so by summer things could be much better here in the u.s. that the hope we're hearing from u.s. officials right now you know john there are going to be people of course who are
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going to be for whatever reason suspicious or wary of taking the vaccines they're also going to be people who think that it's just going to solve everything instantly trying to convince people of the reality of what's going to happen is going to be tough business. that's right and that problem may be worse than people think there was a study in one hospital system the jackson health system in florida and that found just among health workers there that half of them said that they were not planning to take the vaccine and another 35 percent said they wouldn't take it in the 1st round but would consider taking it out afterwards these are health care workers people who are supposedly well informed about the vaccine one of the fears is that this was a vaccine developed in record time in less than a year the previous record was about 4 years for the mumps vaccine and there is concern among people that there could be unknown side effects and alex aids are the
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secretary of health and human services took to the airwaves on the morning talk shows here in the u.s. to plead with people asking them to reconsider their questions about this vaccine and that's because in order for it to be effective in order to achieve herd immunity here in the u.s. you have to have about 75 percent of people immune either by vaccination or or other reasons and so this is a very serious problem and that's why you got high profile people like 3 presidents president clinton obama and george w. bush all saying that they will publicly take this on television this vaccine in order to persuade people to take what they've got some work to do in order to achieve that john 100 live for us in washington d.c. john thank you very much indeed omaha money it is about all that just at lancaster university explains the challenges of distributing the vaccine. if we look on to the vaccine efficacy of course the vitamin going on they are close to 90 to 95 percent which is certainly beyond our expectation but when we go onto the next
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generation of vaccines for example talking about the spinal farm in the u.a.e. that as a 92 percent i think it's you that's what they proposed at least sputnik 5 is almost at the same that last year to be 70 percent so once the 1st. front runner vaccines will be taken up by most of the melting nations we were left with the vaccine those are probably at least demand in these countries that would be willing and other challenge to distribute because even for example if we teach to 50 percent of the population in the developing word for erecting that is 50 percent effective basically we are covering only 25 percent of the population which isn't sufficient enough to establish your immunity but it has been a certain level of vaccine as attempts even before the closure of 19 and but it has intensified because primarily the rumors and the speed of the vaccine development and probably more importantly their trust and this is even more penetrated into the black. minorities i mean if we talk about the u.k.
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itself i mean in london one of the sort of indicated that only 40 percent of the black people will take the vaccine compared to 70 percent in the. english white so that is really a big difference and that is going to be one of the major challenges how to build trust and that has to be trained really by the government to bring all the stakeholders on board because until we don't really immunize 75 percent of the population we're not achieving the herd immunity and we wouldn't be breaking the transmission chain of this infection. or the 1st batch of the pfizer biotech vaccine as you survive in canada on sunday the initial batch of $13000.00 will go to frontline health care workers and care home staff by the end of the month canada should have enough doses to vaccinate around 125000 people and regulators are expected to also approve the moderen of vaccine within days. germany's going back into lockdown the prime minister of bavaria warning the situation in his state is out of control chancellor angela merkel says action must be taken to stop the
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spread of the virus the measures include closing shops and schools and limiting social contacts until the middle of january when the league. of we will be closing the shops from once the the 16th of december and will only keep open those that sell essential d.d. products we will also take care not to extend the sale of non-food products in the shops that remain open and the sale fireworks will be prohibited before new year's eve. supporters of pakistan's opposition parties are protesting despite coronavirus restrictions they're demanding the resignation of the prime minister resigned about how imran khan has handled the pandemic protesters also say khan has been incompetent and they say the 2800 elections were manipulated by the military position are planning even larger protests and aim to march to the capital in 2021 has more from islamabad. you must not forget that.
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although they will be claiming that hundreds of. referendum we have not seen more crowd than 50 maximum $55.00 when you go of course they will be dogged claim from the opposition one must not forget that on the other hand the government. according to some analysts that the economy recovering and. trying to add pressure and perhaps try. to galvanize. the government more roy so that corruption can be dropped it must not be forgotten that. the prime minister heading one of the large parties had in august on it and.
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so a war of words between the government and the opposition. from. day have been members of men for over 2 years now and threatening a long march on this. country in the grip of the 2nd wave of. the un's condemning what is calling a brutal attack on a secondary school in nigeria as to. money in the return of hundreds of students who are reportedly still missing after a gunman stormed the campus in katsina state on friday barangaroo over reports. these are some of the boys relieved to be going home after the school raid in which many of their friends were taken hostage there leaving behind parents anxiously waiting for the return of their missing children. sincerely speaking we here in katsina state are in a terrifying condition we don't see the value of the government i have
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a younger brother and a child taken by the kidnappers i'm from dan jack katsina state and i've been here in the school since dawn and yet there is no update. it's not clear how many children have been abducted from the all boys boarding school nigerian police say they forced the gunmen to retreat after engaging them in a shootout for more than one hour but this anger that 6 years after more than $270.00 girls were kidnapped by the armed group boko haram at chip uk nigerian security forces appear to have once again failed to keep school children safe for rates to be that we have him a jaw tragedy off abduction of hundreds and hundreds of students once again in the country is an indication that we learned no lessons from the previous tragedy there is something called the cisco initiative this
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government should ask itself how seriously it has taken that initiative abductions have become increasingly common in nigeria just 2 days before the school abduction a village elder along with 20 others was kidnapped in the same state the governor has ordered the immediate closure of all boarding schools while investigations are under way barbara and get her out as sarah. all the way a great who analyzes geopolitics and security for africa politica it's a think tank focusing on security on the continent he says many accuse the government of failing to crack down on criminal groups very likely that these are bonded not not because like we saw happen in 2 in 2014 that is because the air operation here it's. not with ninja particularly cuts announced it's this this disgusting nasm fast it in northwest and europe is known to have serious
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. attacks from from bandits on courtney to groups that don't really have any any my line intention against these states or trying to impose any policy on the state or institutions understood that we have a book this is a criminal element operating freely i would see in north west and europe balaji government has made efforts efforts are not in of are you counting is the discontent indeed in the voice of the people when the government of course in the city went to describe yesterday following that the attack on concord in concord a local government the parents actually booed him so that doesn't tell you the deep rooted. approve our people feel they are not represented by his government that their interest on their lives and the property is not is not proud for the government asking people happening and we always get reaction i responses and
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president we just see he is condemning the attack what it doesn't stop the attack from happening and people are getting fed up. sudan's prime minister has made a brief visit to ethiopia in an effort to resolve the un rest in the northern region. of metz prime minister and says they agreed to hold a meeting with the bloc 'd of east african countries called egads the fighting between government forces in the people's liberation front broke out last month the un says thousands of people have been killed in the conflict with over 950000 being displaced many of those who fled their homes crossed into sudan to seek refuge. afghan police say 3 people have been killed in attacks in the capital a prosecutor has been shot dead in the east of kabul in a separate attack 2 people have been killed in a bomb blast targeting a member of parliament no group has claimed responsibility bhutan has extended its diplomatic relations with israel himalayan kingdom only maintains ties with about
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50 countries due to its isolationist policies the deal did not appear linked to recent u.s. brokered deals with arab nations israel and bhutan say they hope to cooperate further in agriculture and health pope francis will make his 1st ever papal visit to iraq in march the announcements being welcomed as a sign of hope by the country's off the docks christian community that's fallen from about 1000000 to about 300000 similar 14 reports from the christian town of patel. in iraq's town of the christian orthodox march many church has reopened its doors it was partly destroyed by eisel as the group launched its offensive in northern iraq in 2014 but there are few worshippers to fill its restored nave that with suliman has been a pastor here for 24 years and has gradually watched his congregation shrink so.
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if this hard situation continues it will be difficult for christians to stay in iraq maybe we will persist but the next generation we cannot force them to stay. but tell i used to be a christian majority town but over the past 4 decades the number of muslims here has steadily grown in the 1980 s. then president saddam hussein nationalized farm land belonging to christians and gave it to families of soldiers killed in the iran iraq war in 2014 eisel took over forcing the christian population to flee almost half emigrated abroad about a quarter have returned while another quarter remain in the semi autonomous kurdish region. members of this family in that abuse christian quarter of say the reason they don't feel safe to go back is the security force that controls the town they want to remain anonymous for security reasons. of course safety is the most
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important thing we've had enough of the infringements on our lands there is should be controlled by the sons of the area why do they bring strangers to rule the area . that group is the 30th brigade of the shia led popular mobilization forces which helped to retake but eisel the brigade is composed of ethnic shabaka just like most of the muslim population that lives here last year its leader though was placed under u.s. sanctions for alledged human rights abuses against christians other was forced to step down 2 months ago he denies the charges against him and at the article. i believe there's no control of one function over another we should back on the christians have been residents of the area for a long time the christians are welcome to return back to live in their homes and we support these returns there's complete stability and security. the majority of the town is now shut buck many shopkeepers in this market who have
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bought or rented shops that used to be run by christians one of them mohammed of nun who recently returned belief such changes are a natural development it's the purchasing power that is ruling the situation the christians don't have money to buy but the muslims conboy but many christians say they are being pushed out and that much of the construction in but is funded by people in power who want to accelerate the demographic change the vatican's announcement of pope francis visit to iraq has given many christians hope that what is left of their heritage can be preserved but the demographic changes here are so extensive that few believe they can be reversed simona felt in al-jazeera but. still ahead in all does iran waiting for a miracle promises of a vaccine roll out across latin america as the situation there goes from bad to worse plus. i'll tell you good enough miki central bosnia and siena one of the
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worst atrocities in a war where more than 100 muslim men women and children were killed. in support of gemma we'll show you how intimate joshua successfully defended his world heavyweight titles. the next always already churning in the eastern med it's brought snow way across turkey it will bring rain to a good deal of west and central in sunday and monday i think with snow inland lindy's big showers in syria and eventually a frontal system will come out of that and drift dancer's saudi and iraq which tends to prompt showers as well possibly flash flooding most likely i think in iraq oh once again maybe northern syria every else's car at the moment temperatures in the twenty's rather than the thirty's which is normal for this time the seasonal
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rise re picked up now in southern africa and particularly in south africa around joburg and since a huge thunderstorm if you notice that botswana zambia zimbabwe and beyond of the areas where you get big damp was this time the year blown away represents one example sunstone forecasts of course monday and tuesday and then carry on into wednesday temperatures in very is just the amount of rain that falls from malawi long way represents sunday from monday chews day and wednesday this rain likely in the northern part of madagascar as well but this is all seas know all welcome cos it does tend to use flash floods anyway. to inculpate a culture of knowledge openness and pluralism worldwide and to reward merit and
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excellence and encourage creativity the shape come out award for translation and international understanding was founded to promote translation and on a translators and acknowledge their role in strengthening the bonds of friendship and cooperation between arab islamic and wild cultures. true confessions one or another big clean up or clinic or a cynical example of communist propaganda and i want to play the pay back your want to watch their hour hour and do it all in 2010 al-jazeera access to north korea to investigate the alleged use of biological warfare by the us during the korean war rewind revisits dirty little secrets on al-jazeera.
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your charges either reminder of our top stories this hour british an e.u. leaders have agreed to keep trade talks going even though the go she has failed to reach a deal head of the e.u. commission says that are still unsolved issues and all parties to go the extra mile . the 1st doses of pfizer's coronavirus vaccine though being delivered in the u.s. it's hoping to immunize 100000000 people by april the elderly and health care workers will be the 1st to be inoculated. germany's tightening coronavirus restrictions as infections their surge is reporting about $25000.00 new cases a day schools and all but essential shops will be closed for nearly a month from but instead. the war in bosnia ended 25 years
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ago but there's still a quest for justice nearly 600 people are waiting to face trial courts in bosnia have taken over the legal process after the closure of the war crimes tribunal for the former yugoslavia in the hague tony berkley went to see in central bosnia the center of one of the atrocities in the war survivors there is say many of the guilty are still walking free. it is a small village with a dark past it was where one of the biggest atrocities of the bosnian war happened 116 muslim men women and children killed by bosnian croat forces the men were shot the women and children were herded into basements that would then set alight a small room with photos next to the mosque documents that terrible day in april 1993 today much of the village has been repaired but the psychological damage hasn't but this one was in this city where my dad was 73 when he was killed he was weak and disabled it is really difficult to understand how the human mind is
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capable of something like that abdullah as mother and 3 sisters died in a burning basement his father and brother were executed he was shot through the head but he survived and play dead he gave evidence of the war crimes tribunal in the hague and hopes for justice speak questions regarding julie musicianship doggedly all of us who testified tried to present all facts we had and we hope that the perpetrators will be convicted and some were but we don't believe that the sentences were strong enough all these villagers lost family members in the attack and feel that more need to face justice the war crimes tribunals started in 1903 with a budget of 270000 dollars by the time it wound up 24 years later the annual cost was around $270000161.00 people were tried and 90 were found guilty now bosnian courts of continuing war crimes trials 25 years after the war ended and there are still nearly $600.00 people facing war crimes charges in bosnia and many
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more with blood on their hands are still walking free and that's not making the reconciliation process any easier. an estimated 150 bosnian croat to said have taken part in the amici attack 10 were convicted but 3 fighters were later acquitted on appeal they are back living in the area and lisa lost her father and 47 members of a close and extended family that day she points out where the accused men lived. immersions our wyoming when we see them and their children where both parents love the last hours they killed ours their families are whole and together and thank god it is like that we lost our loved ones there is no clear black and white in war every side has faced charges bosnian serbs have been accused of the majority of war crimes they say innocent serb civilians of also being killed and they've been wrongly portrayed as the bad guys victims are victims on each side and in it
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does war between 1985 degrees no innocent people innocent sides just 47 balls in serbs have been found guilty of killing the 8000 muslim men and boys in in 1995. justice is only partially been served but i hope justice will be served in its entirety we have been waiting 25 years for it. some are trying to heal the wounds with the young this is a project called the house of good tones instructor anita that brings together bosnian muslims and orthodox serbs in the hope that one day they can find the reconciliation and harmony which is a leading their parents tony berkeley al-jazeera central bosnia. south korea has reported a record number of infections for a 2nd day more than a 1000 new cases were confirmed on sunday many in the capital seoul earlier this
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year south korea was hailed as a success for stabilizing the virus without having to shut down its economy but infections are now rising sharply the governments want to may have to increase restrictions huge or just hang on it's a very serious and ocean situation we cannot back down these are desperate times and we must devote all it 1st to stopping the spread of corona virus by focusing all our quarantine capabilities and administrative power unless the outbreak can be contained now we have come to a critical point of considering grazing restrictions to deliver 3. durham came is director general of the international vaccine institute explained why the most vulnerable groups should get 1st priority for vaccinations. the thing is that you know the only way around the pandemic is is not through treating our way out but to identifying those groups of people who are the highest priority for vaccination so health care workers the elderly and then setting up of prioritization of different
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segments of the population that need to be vaccinated i think the government here has made a commitment to vaccinate 30000000 people at least which is roughly 60 percent of the population in the hopes that that will achieve what we call herd protection that the level of immunity in the community will be sufficient to prevent large operates of coping $1000.00 from occurring you know whether that's going to happen or not is up and it's a scientific hypothesis it's definitely testable i think the other thing to remember is that right now we only have 2 months worth of data on safety and efficacy for these vaccines and so whether it's pfizer or moderna or amalia or ashta zeneca we still don't have all the information that we need to say that at 6 months and 12 months these vaccines will continue to be safe and effective we are hoping that they will be there's every suggestion that they will be but we at this point have to say that we don't actually have all the information. brazil is one of
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the many countries across latin america pinning their hopes on the promise of mass vaccinations against the corona virus but as people wait to the number of deaths and infections continues to rise and the reports from. the vaccines are coming that's the reassuring message from leaders across latin america this from the chilean president after meeting regional heads of state in santiago to discuss ensuring comprehensive vaccination coverage that no one is left out. yes sort of up in with this will allow us to better control the coronavirus pandemic which also allows us to recover our freedoms and recover the capacity of all people to fulfill and to take forward their dreams and projects mexico is the 4th country in the world to approve the use of the pfizer vaccine it comes as the number of infections and deaths in mexico continue to rise more than 11000 new daily infections in mexico city has declared
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a culvert emergency call feeling us heavy and as a last year there i trust to the residents of this city we are on alert because of co the 19 hospitalisations are on the rise and are only only if we all comply will we be able to reduce contagions in the city. a similar grim picture is reported across the region more than 90 percent of intensive care beds in the brazilian cities of rio de janeiro and go to cuba are occupied this is a 1st the population needs to do its part as tired as we might be it is important to say that our health professionals are exhausted after all these months in this war against the current virus in this battle for life amid latin american economies being hit hard by the pandemic christmas this year is unlikely to bring much rest bite. them i'm not going to buy anything because i can't i'm unemployed and receiving the government's aid it's peanuts and i can't do much with it so there
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will. no gifts no christmas. to. spend less because the future is so unclear it's not easy what we really want is that the vaccine arrives as soon as possible. the fact that light at the end of a long tunnel but it will take time to see their effects and precautions still need to be taken that's proving a difficult message to drum. one osiris algeria's president has made his 1st public appearance since testing positive for covert 1000 nearly 2 months ago. and has been receiving treatment in germany since the end of october there's been widespread speculation about his health there's not much information about his conditions being released the 75 year old appeared in a video posted on twitter saying he was expected to make a full recovery within the next 3 weeks the us government has adopted a new map of morocco which includes the disputed territory of western sahara the
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decision to recognize robot sovereignty over the region came as part of a washington brokered deal for morocco to normalize relations with israel the pro independence policy front and algeria's prime minister have condemned the move and abortion rights movement is gaining momentum in poland thousands of people have turned out for the latest protest in the capital warsaw demonstrations began in october after the top court ruled in favor of stricter abortion laws while police blocked off parts of the city to prevent them from reaching the home of the deputy prime minister who many believe was behind the court's decision. that is what his opposition says millions of people participated in a non-binding poll called by opposition leader hong quite old voters were asked to support calls for president nicolas maduro to step down and hold new elections the poll was organized to counter last week's parliamentary vote which the opposition boycotted it calling a fraud latin america so the see in human reports. the fact that their
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votes would not be recognized as valid by the magruder government did not stop these venezuelans from casting ballots in an opposition organized referendum aimed at showing the international community that they want president nicolas maduro out jacki and that is what we're plagued by government violence there are armed groups everywhere we need the well to intervene one way or another to end this. despite reports of armed gangs loyal to mother attacking some of the estimated 3000 makeshift polling stations opposition leader one by door said millions had voted online or in person you know they have a look at with this the illegitimate unconstitutional and fraudulent electoral process carried out last sunday by madeira has been defeated. here in chile the turnout was very low the same in colombia home to the narges to venezuela an ex-pat
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community thapar decision leader leopoldo lopez who escaped venezuela 2 months ago was in bogota to send a message that stronger international sanctions and coordination are needed to obtain what he says is the main goal free and fair presidential elections what else can the international community do short of an invasion to dislodge nicholas a lot there's a lot more that can be done a lot more pressure diplomatic pressure the use of sanctions with strategic focus the political pressure the pressure to isolate my gordo. what it is a criminal and i can tell you something to say that we will continue to go forward we will continue to do whatever it takes in order to promote freedom and free elections in venezuela because we don't have another option and the other option is to thread or and we won't surrender our perhaps not but more and more venezuelans are leaving the country rather than fighting for change at home and after nearly 2
9:43 pm
years of failed attempts to force out rekindling faith in the current opposition strategy they take more than a symbolic referendum to see in human al-jazeera santiago more than half of the 70 countries involved in the un climate talks have unveiled additional goals for 2030 include cuts to fossil fuel projects and expansion of wind and solar power but organizers say it's still not enough to stop dangerous global warming this century so we're going to go reports. behind the crisis of a global pandemic another danger is waiting in the wings the climate emergency fueling global warming and according to the united nations with devastating consequences for humankind if we don't change course we may be headed for a get the stuff you temperature rise of more than c. degrees the century again anybody still deny that we are facing
9:44 pm
a domestic emergency if you strike today i call on not only those worldwide to declare a state of climate emergency in their countries and you've got a look now he is reached. 5 years on from the launch of the u.n. climate summit when $196.00 countries signed on to prevent the rise in global temperatures the organization is sounding the alarm of a failure is to curb greenhouse gas emissions. less some countries have acted on their commitments others have not. one country which has seen the effects of climate change is australia the world's number one exporter of coal its economy is heavily reliant on fossil fuels and of the past 5 years it has moved away from its commitment to cut carbon emissions in recent years devastating bushfires have ravaged the country set off by record breaking temperatures as well as severe
9:45 pm
droughts and the us where in the past 4 decades the yearly wildfires in the west have grown 8 times larger the outgoing president donald trump controversially pulled the country out of the a court a policy that left many dismayed yet the commitment by president elect joe biden to rejoin the accords was welcomed at the virtual summit was a moment we find ourselves in an important moment days after the united states president elect joe biden has expressed his desire to rejoin the paris agreement and i really want to tell our american friends welcome back welcome home the impacts of climate change have been more evident in recent years from melting ice caps to intense hurricanes and rising sea levels while they have been extra efforts to set up greener forms of energy the question will be how leaders deal with the current economic slump caused by the pandemic will they stick to their promises or
9:46 pm
will economic growth once again take precedence in a world that is experiencing more extreme weather phenomena sun agle al-jazeera. a muslim cleric in indonesia has turned himself into authorities for breaching covert 19 restrictions after organizing gatherings that attracted fisons of supporters it's actually hobby is the leader of the islamic defenders fund which demands the adoption of islamic law in jessica washington reports from jakarta. the recent shihab is seen by many as a polarizing figure in indonesia after ignoring police requests to come in for questioning he turned himself into authorities over accusations of preaching covert 19 protocols. today god permits i can come to the jakarta police to attend to the investigation into me in accordance with the law the music returned to indonesia last month after 3 years of self-imposed exile in saudi
9:47 pm
arabia thousands of supporters showed up at the airport to welcome the leader of the islamic defenders front or f.b.i. back to jakarta since then he's been involved in several events that drew large crowds including his daughter's wedding i mean that the believe man was that promoting this topic and he didn't come for questioning when we asked him the 1st time all the 2nd time we stated that we would a raised him but today he has come here raise it is accused of ignoring covert 1000 protocols by hosting large events in a country with more than 600000 confirmed covered 1000 cases but human rights organizations say they're concerned there is more to this case than just health violations. we have an increasing concern about increasing crackdowns by going to the government to work the islamists or those perceived to be at eastlands said the ready. and you know those who are
9:48 pm
not in not aligned with the government met the narrative of nationalism. in its early years the f.b.i. was accused of beating lanty isn't targeting nightspots western embassies and some minority communities f.b.i. is considered a hardline organization by many and although its membership is significantly smaller than mainstream religious groups its leaders are able to organize large demonstrations. when thousands took to the streets in 2017 to protest against the governor of jakarta a christian ethnically chinese man of allegations of blasphemy. was seen as a key figure in the demonstrations that were viewed as a challenge to indonesia's secular identity. before travelling to saudi arabia recently was charged under the country's pornography laws those charges were later dropped now he could face 6 years in prison for violating covert 19 regulations the
9:49 pm
concern over these next period will be precisely how the government manages what it clearly is clear that i see them as a political problem. how they managed the perception that they're actually using our goals to repress the group for political reasons rather than actually right now or days ago police shot dead 6 alleged reporters a phrase ache police say the men were armed with guns and a sword but indonesia's national human rights commission is investigating the incident and whether the killings were lawful and police in jakarta say they will continue their own investigations into research jessica washington al-jazeera to contact. still had all the spalding to the action from the agency. obviously semifinal in qatar where one of the biggest stars had to sit out injured. playing.
9:50 pm
i was raised in france. these are my grandparents. these are my parents and this is mean. by them both isis and us on. the 1st of a 2 part epic tale of a remarkable simony. the father the son and the jihad caught one on al-jazeera. soon as the sun goes down to shutting down russia is a very challenging place to work problem as a journalist even though the authorities here say you can't do it it's not allowed to build pushing you always pushing on boundaries part of the stance of moscow is under love dolly people are being detained for peacefully march here for the fact that we are the while traveling the extra mile we oughta media don't go we go there and we give them a chance to tell their story. more. time
9:51 pm
for the sports and here's gemma. thanks rob let's start with football's asian tankian sake and south korean club have progressed to the final as easton's and champions as off they fought from behind to be japan's at this ok by an extra sign cases that reports. to the east asian teams meeting to determine a one asian champions league finalist unfortunately for the japanese club versal coby they would be without former boss alone a star under sydney esther who was on crutches after picking up an injury earlier in the tournament all through goalless 1st half while total yamaguchi put the soto
9:52 pm
be ahead. the club making their 1st ever appearance in this competition day to drink. and then it was to no di juice a sucky doubling the advantage i accept he had and the referee ruled the goal out after consulting v.a.r. . it would not be the last time in this match that the video assistant referee played a role in dashing vasile kobe's dreams be on mars johnson netted an equaliser for old san hyundai with just 10 minutes to go. offside according to the assistant referee on the pitch but not a good into v.a.r. $11.00 and on to extra time i with less than 3 minutes to play junior and they do now was brought down in the box. the referee pointed to the spot
9:53 pm
they got out picked himself up to secure ole sam's 8th win in a row since arriving in doha where the tournament is being played in the biosecurity double. iniesta helpless to do anything about it i'll send one day now move on to the stadium one of the venues for the world cup in qatar in 2022 standing between them and a 2nd champions league title all reruns persepolis the western zone winners peter stammered al jazeera. it's verge the home of italy's world cup when paolo rossi was burgled during his funeral on saturday thousands of people turned out to even chance to pay their respects to ross you died on thursday when his wife returned to their house as she discovered that when a break in and the valuables have been stolen police are investigating there was a minute's silence to remember the head of intern runs much against calgary in its least syria on sunday and so forth from a go down to
9:54 pm
a 314 mcalary play in the school to pick up the ghost and set up another. in germany a birth to dortmund to have sacks their father that's after they were thrashed 5 flooded by newly promoted stuttgart on saturday father had been in charge of the 2 and a half years in the netherlands i couldn't see a progress has been arrested over his alleged involvement in a stabbing it relates to an incident in july when he was all silly got into a fight with a relative promise scored an eye on saturday but then didn't show up for training on sunday i x. ray yet to comment and in the united states a columbus crew have won the m.l.s. cup for the 2nd time in their history because it is that ryan scored twice as they beat last year's champions seattle sounders in the final 3 though columbus 1st won the competition in 2008. max the stuff that has won the last of formula one race of the season an abu dhabi the red bull driver led from start to finish with
9:55 pm
a save these paths are 3 process and more champion who is how much in its 2nd respectively this is how much ends of 1st race back after recovering 90 out of the stuff but it's health benefits career 2nd of 2020. it was really enjoyable to do you know we did everything alone. you know i think once you start a probe to know you can get killed appreciate it more and make your life a bit easier that was a very hard race for me physically ill. all year been fine but. we were. just glad it's over boxer anthony joshua has successfully defended his what have you a titles knocking out challenge cooper up here less joshua floored crew left twice before ending the fight in the 9th round with his right hand sending the ball carrier into the canvas a 1000 fans were allowed inside london's wembley arena to watch him retain his bouts all the talk now is of a mega unified showdown between just
9:56 pm
a fellow heavyweight tyson fury next year fury has already begun the trash talk. i want to talk i want to fight next. on 3 rounds i think that sometimes you the emotions get in the way of screaming and shouting calling out fights and i chose not the con to go it's going to scream and shout people's 9 we know he wants the 5 calls i'm going to keep and just tell you that it's my job to deliver that fight next and all different kinds of delivery and we should start immediately. there's a late twist go so well toward championships in dubai with lee westwood clinching the european number one spot and 3000000 dollar prize 47 westwards the oldest winner of the race to dubai by 5 years even if the runner up to fellow englishman mathis patrick after the final round on sunday and that was enough to end the season as europe's best go for 21 years after he 1st did it for the 3rd time in his career. pretty well all year and you know
9:57 pm
flirted with really good results and some so on and obviously a new. focus my mind and you know 1st it was always going to give me a chance to show enough. in skiing that there was a big shock in the fast downhill of the world cup season soviet mohsen shot his previous best result was in his 1st down holes in the events harry was racing down in the bright sunshine of a surprise victory and his 1st ever. no such surprises in sweden that was yet another victory for france's aperient off all in the freestyle world cup the 22 year old olympic champion when the women's a job mabel's on sunday that makes it 3 wins from 3 events. that is a real sport for now i'll be back with more a little bit later. he's going to be live in london broadcast center in a couple of minutes with more on all the stories as and thanks for being with the
9:58 pm
boy. scout realistically how can you do it institutionalize corruption in this country if we listen if this breaks up. and india this has implications for the rest of the world we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter. from the favelas of caracas so the battlefields around i would job is to get to the truth and the power people. through knowledge. an invitation to bear witness to all
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that life office. the highs the lows the trials and tribulations the sea and every day miracles the injustices little fires the tests of character and the person to witness documentaries with a delicate touch on al-jazeera joggers in new delhi take advantage of the relatively clean air after weeks of toxic small stopped people from venturing outside institutions including harvard say air pollution is leading to more severe cases of the coronavirus and more deaths from it and nowhere in india situation worse than a daddy the number of queues ordered records were a desperate situation of the indian government set up a new commission to monitor sources of air pollution across 5 north of the state's
10:00 pm
health experts and environmentalists had been warning for months that the easing of the lockdown would lead to an increase in pollution and the impact that would have on dogs because the 19. the u.s. races to distribute the pfizer vaccine as the number of americans killed by the corona virus creeps closer 230-0000 or elsewhere angler muckle or district in lockdown germany blaming christmas shopping for rise of covert deaths and infections. maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera as a coming up on the program. it is responsible at this point in time to go the extra mile i'm afraid lest.


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