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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 14, 2020 12:00am-1:01am +03

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early stages of on the situation he comes into office with a huge amount of foreign policy experience in-depth analysis of the day global headlines how will the place where you live get the best seat when there's no money all the rest the rich countries are fighting for inside story on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. hello i'm. watching the news hour live from london coming up the u.s. races to distribute the pfizer vaccine as the number of americans killed by the coronavirus edges closer 230-0000 while it's only becomes the country with the most covert deaths in europe and germany and else is
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a strict lock down for christmas. it is responsible at this point in time to go the extra mile i'm afraid we're still very far apart old cheesy where there's life there's hope. person in the e.u. agreed to extend their trade talks again to prevent a damaging no deal breck's it. and the nigerian authorities say they're stepping up efforts to rescue the poise still missing after gunmen attacked their school on friday. devon ash with supporters max 1st stop and wins the final race of the formula one season and christiane out of schools to penalties it's a happy event to speak generally in the italian football league. welcome to the program the united states is racing to mobilize its 1st shipments of the pfizer covered. vaccine or inching the country's largest ever immunization
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program operation what speed officials are hoping to immunize 14000000 people this month and as many as 100000000 by the end of march but the virus is continuing to spread and it's spreading quickly with the country seeing a new spike in cases 2 weeks after the thanksgiving holiday a vaccine comes too late for the 2368 people who died in the united states on saturday over $219000.00 infections are also confirmed taking the country's case tally beyond $16000000.00 on the total death toll there is now edging towards 300000 let's get more now from john hendren washington. against the backdrop of that rather depressing death toll john this is very positive news about a vaccine we're going to be the just tickle challenges in terms of a program on this scale. that's right this really is
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a ray of hope in a bleak pandemic and this is the most ambitious vaccination program in american history in world history and so what's happening right now is you've seen the 1st trucks roll out of a michigan manufacturing plant by the pfizer company those trucks that are being loaded there and those boxes that we have all seen loaded up with dry ice to keep it negative 70 degrees centigrade celsius rather those boxes are loaded into fed ex and u.p.s. trucks the trucks themselves are escorted by federal marshals and that's because they don't want any anything to go missing from those trucks on the way and they are going to be delivered to the states to various hospitals we're often it is going to be the hospital workers who are the 1st to receive their vaccinations and
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their go to nursing homes and the security on this is really unreal the drugs that are vaccinations are delivered to the pharmacist personally at various drugs stores that pharmacist will drive them personally alone in a car to nursing homes to deliver it so there are a number of safeguards on this but so far we're only seeing $3000000.00 doses being sent out a $145.00 locations will receive those on monday by wednesday it will be $636.00 locations in all 50 states and that of course is just the beginning as you mentioned the goal is to have more than 100000000 by the time joe biden serves his 100th day in office as new president of the united states as you say there are set of braces that this vaccine development is very much a ray of hope but is there also concern that. if they take take up
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a vaccine could undermine its its effectiveness of people worried about the safety of it. yeah and that's a real problem this skepticism here is enormous and that's largely because the entire pandemic has become politicized here in the united states the president has not helped that in a number of ways he was always downplaying the pandemic and then now you've had him publicly pressure the head of the food and drug administration to approve this vaccine faster on friday we are told that he had his chief of staff called steven hahn the head of the f.d.a. and threatened that if he didn't approve that vaccine on friday evening that he would be fired on saturday so in fact that was approved on says that's not exactly how that went down but the president also said that could have been approved a week earlier though the whole issue here is that the public is now questioning
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whether this was rushed because it's been done in less than 11 months 9 months according to the president's counting of when they stopped this started this project so one health system questioned its workers this was in florida and 50 percent of them these are health care workers who actually know the subject said they would not take the vaccine and another 35 percent said they would not take it in the 1st round where you need 75 percent of the public to take to be vaccinated in order to achieve herd immunity they've got a long way to go to get there all right thanks very much john hendren and washington. well turning now to the country with the 2nd deadliest outbreak in the world brazil has unveiled its national vaccination plan president is being criticized for being slow off the mark in preparing for mass immunization. live for us and when desirous now and talk about nearly 200000 brazilians who have died from
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the disease why what does it jebel snorers administration say about why they have been sluggish in their vaccination program planning. it's a very similar situation in many ways of the one john was just describing in the united states. president right from the start of the coronavirus was accused of not taking it seriously you may remember called it just nothing more than a little flu has been under playing in the efforts all along to encourage people to buy by the quarantine rules as a result mention the numbers in brazil coming up 220-0000 dead more than 7000000 or coming up to 7000000 people infected so a very serious problem problem there without any real kind of coordinated policies to try to deal with the problem and the same seems to be applying now a vaccination plan nothing has been approved yet there's lots of talk of all of
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brazil's 1000000 population being vaccinated by the end of next year you have a rivalry now between job and the governor style paolo's state. possible contender for the presidency when the next elections come around him trying to organize for very populous state. being accused by many certainly the major newspapers and medical leaders in the country saying he's not taking it seriously there is no coordinated policy to try to deal with it and as a result the people of brazil choosing to choosing who they believe with the believe job also not all who just tells them the economy takes precedence they can carry on as before all those who listen to their medical experts asking them to stay at home to stay away from the beaches that is a major problem which we're also seeing replicated in other countries mexico for instance they have now started in the mergence the program they have approved the
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pfizer vaccine only the 4th country in the world to do so the 1st in latin america they will be applying not especially in mexico city and the surrounding areas where we're seeing infections and death rates going up we're seeing i.c.u. beds close to saturation point over 90 percent occupation so that is it is a serious situation there and other countries in latin america thanks very much and one is our astonishment. well it's really has overtaken the u.k. to be the country with the most coronavirus related deaths in europe it reported another $484.00 fatalities on sunday taking its overall death toll beyond a $64.00 and a half 1000 stricter lock down measures are also coming into force in germany through the christmas period up to january the 10th to reduce a surge in cases that santa gave. quiet days and silent nights this is a festive season like no other here in germany but traditionally at this time of
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the year the streets are bustling with christmas markets this year not so after more than 20000 cases were confirmed on sunday the chancellor angela merkel announced most stores would be closing of the christmas shopping period as well as further measures placing germany into a complete lockdown over its record number of infections the fish did to cling in government because of. we urgently need to act with the decisions made today are the result of that with the goal remains we need a ration of 50 cases per 100000 people per week of all the while this will all have an impact on the holidays we know this but we're forced to take action and that's what we're doing. initially another grim milestone has been passed at least 64000 people have now died from the pivot 19 of the taking the u.k. for most deaths resulting from the virus in europe. transmissions had slowed down
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over the summer but as the days grew colder the numbers began to rise again. to be much hope is being pinned on to a new vaccination campaign that will see pavilion set up in squares across the country to dispense vaccines in the hope that it's early in the game in the coming year france's stay at home policy has now been lifted but a nighttime curfew is today in place the government will only loosen the restrictions when infections full to around $5000.00 per day but it is a long way off from that figure with an 11 and a half 1000 new infections announced in the past 24 hours in the u.k. joining another nail biting moment in the bronx negotiations the vaccine rollout has already begun as a spread of the virus continues relentlessly from 16 and a half 1000 new cases a day on wednesday to nearly 18 and
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a half 1000 on sunday with the capital once again one of the worst hit areas so need a agel al-jazeera. well south korea's president has warned that coronavirus restrictions could be rise to the highest level there after a 2nd day of record high infection rates more than a 1000 new cases were confirmed on sunday earlier this year the country was held a success for stabilizing the outright without having to shut down the economy but infections on now right rising quite sharply. just on it's a very serious and urgent situation we cannot back down these are disparate times and we must devote all of force to stopping the spread of coronavirus by focusing all our core on to cripple to use the administrative unless the outbreak can be continued now we have come to a critical point of considering rules and restrictions to deliver 3. algeria's president has made his 1st public appearance since testing positive for cut the 19
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nearly 2 months ago. and has been receiving treatment in germany since the end of october has been widespread speculation about his condition as little information has been released about it the 75 year old appeared in a video posted on twitter saying he's recovering and will spend another 3 weeks in germany. there with the news hour live from london still ahead. while i strongly disagree with the court's decision i accept it. 20 years after al gore gave his concession speech and a day before the u.s. electoral college votes still no sign of president trump conceding. opposition supporters defy coronavirus restrictions in the city of luck or to demand the resignation of pakistan's prime minister and the late transport shane how anthony joshua's successfully defended his world heavyweight title its.
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leaders of person in the e.u. have abandoned their latest self-imposed deadline to reach agreement on a brics a deal saying the talks will carry on if the sides don't reach an agreement by december 31st they'll be border checks and tariffs for goods traveling between the u.k. and the e.u. john hall has our ports. high drama and 11th hour brinkmanship north for the 1st time in the 4 and a half year breakup between the u.k. and the e.u. our negotiation teams have been working day and night over recent days and despite the exhaustion after almost one g. of negotiations and despite the fact that deadlines have been missed over and over we both think that it is responsible at this point in time to go the extra mile did the fact that the 2 sides hadn't called
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a halt to trade negotiations as some had expected mean that progress was being made you know what was going that far but i do think as i say there is a deal to be done if our partners want to do it but we remain very far apart on these key issues and you know what they are u.k. can't be locked into the e.u. use regulatory or bit we've obviously got to take back control fisheries full of years after people voted for it no deadlines been set for this latest extension of talks frankly there's been so many deadlines made and missed that no one would believe it anyway the only hard date now is the 1st of january by which time these 2 giant trade partners will have separated for good deal or no deal britain intent on protecting its sovereignty the e.u. looking after the interests of its single market it is a nail biting time particularly for businesses who world trade organization rules
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in a no deal scenario would mean tariffs and quotas raising the cost of imports and exports with implications for some sectors that may struggle to survive the amount of taxes like if it's like percent tax on some cheese you know. when the people just seem going to be afford it and specially after coheed law. you can tell like to reach off to reach and the poor even more poor so say we don't know how it's going to be you know boris johnson's government is adamant britain will flourish beaven without a deal no will it says should warre but plenty do during the whole al-jazeera. let's just take a look at the the disagreement where the disagreement lies that's preventing a brics it deal right now you've got fishing rights that's a key issue european boats catch a $100000000.00 worth of fish in u.k. waters every year the e.u. wants to retain that right person wants most of it back so it's seeking
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a bigger share of the fishing quota for its boats and then a level playing field that's an important obstacle the ensures that businesses on one side of a free trade agreement don't have an advantage other businesses on the other side the e.u. is of argue capers nisus can cut costs by cutting regulations like workers' rights and environmental protections it wants u.k. laws to closely resemble rules but the u.k. says breaking free of those was the whole point of brecht's it and then the 3rd issue is dispute settlement how will the rules of any deal actually be enforced who would adjudicate in disputes the u.k. argues that as a non member of the e.u. it can't be bound by the european court of justice so al-jazeera is paul brennan is following events for us in brussels where he says there might be some sign of progress. divergence appears not to be as big an issue as it seems to be in the week you know we heard in journal report this is
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a matter of deep fundamental importance to both sides britain insisting that the brics it vote gave it a mandate to divert from european regulations or rules to go its own way the european union equally adamant that if you want to access to this massive single market you have to play by the single market rules you can't just simply divergence simply and expect to have the same degree of access and so what i think we're really looking at here is trying to manage the divergence that's what i think they're discussing in the building behind me and we'll continue to discuss how to define for example what is unfair competition how to define what kind of process should be triggered if competition is seems to be in evidence who should adjudicate on that those kind of issues and whether it should be sort of a big transgression or whether it you know my new show i should be picked up so i think these are really important issues for the european union and for the u.k. they're matters of principle but they are matters which i think can be negotiated.
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the prospect of no deal is so stark that they're willing to continue right up to december 31st in the hope of of coming to some kind of agreement on this joining us now by skype is professor alex to roy ted director of the center for breakfast studies at burning in university and i suppose it's a question of how much we can believe of what we're hearing publicly around these talks are negotiations actually more conciliatory than we think and is a deal more likely than hardbacks. but we're repairing a city universal been following this from day one of course but. it's very hard to draw concrete conclusions from the kind of rhetorical flourishes that both sides are to put out of course to try and manage expectations and some are portrayed apparent control of events but you've summed up the outstanding issues quite well it it basically does boil down to the issue of regulatory alignment and have to determine going forward with a fair competition has taken place i mean that's
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a substantive issue at stake if we get fishing for good governance issues that should be capable of being sort of there but the the big one of course you know that the fundamental reason d'être breaks it is this notion of sovereignty and to what extent could be ek going forward diverge away from the e.u. threshold as you say that's the key issue and it seems as though there might be some flexibility from the e.u. on that in these remarks that we're hearing from the commission president on the line he seemed saying that you they could have a deal and keep its sovereignty but how is that going to work how is it going to work over this level level playing field. well let's go back to what's on offer here i mean the u.k. is seeking a free trade agreement that effectively would mean 0 tariffs on sarah tears and for quotas for goods it's a very limited trade deal. both sides already agreed in effect the so-called laundry question of current standards in place. that means that the u.k.
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already is binding itself to not watered down environmental standards or labor laws or strategy provisions. in terms of trying to assess what is unfair competition would be looking at things like state rules try to see where the companies are being unfairly subsidized looking at the thruster regulatory developments whether you know because it meant the u.k. government caring for the try and. not match the strictures of developed or maybe control their emissions will very minute i think that this is right and which is it is all very technical and that's what the negotiators are in involved in and yet it's very important for us to try and understand it is that i mean those things around state a rule than regulation of these things that the prime minister would compromise on if it meant the u.k. could maintain access to the single market. yeah and that the data as of this murph i can get through sector by sector analysis just you know regulations would apply
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going forward but i think i think the big the big principle here is that the u.k. in effect. if it wants to strike a deal will be forced to abide by some form of ongoing regulatory alarm with brussels as it as it evolves and that it's going to limit its room for maneuver that issue try deals with other parts of the world if you get back to $26.00 day one of the big prizes a break for the course to the port to try to meet with the united states now if the u.k. looks softening with the basic threshold level aggression and some commitment to trying to avoid unfair competition in future that's going to limit its ability to see try deals elsewhere in the world with countries that don't match the standard says it can the steps in areas like say environmental protection also or agricultural standards when it comes to things such a modified crops. you know if this person working his way up to a big climb down and just sort of having a party at the last minute or or or is it the case that they want there to actually
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reach agreement in these areas because of the the sovereignty issue in the u.k. not think of him sufficiently into the virtual way in that it still remains to be seen america i think it certainly does that we can because all that in this interview thanks very much professor bombing in thinking about it what they're writing thank you thank you you're welcome. well now to nigeria 2 days after gunman stormed a school in the northwestern part of the country hundreds of parents are still waiting to find out what's happened to their son's families desperate for news of converged on the secondary school in the state of katsina a government spokesman told the reuters news agency that 321 students are still missing it's not clear if they've been abducted or if some might have escaped to other regions for their safety the authorities have ordered all schools in the state to close while a manhunt is underway attacks by armed groups are common in northern nigeria it's not clear if there is a political motive behind this attack but if the government is the only one that
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will help us because they have the authority to rescue our children and give them strength to rescue our children and reunite them with us. well you know why she idea toe is a counter-terrorism expert and former officer at the nigerian state services department joins us via skype from lagos now now can i just 1st ask you about your investigation into this attack and what you have discovered in terms of how this school came to be targeted. but there are more that's from what's with. it's was an opportunistic attack on the bandits internation of the touching was the. sound of concur and led the vigilante. on front of them at a time that they kinda gimme matter of france and then like
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a movie like the police so also still thought so or why one of the groups were trying to make it retreats was wendy stared into the school and mushed several students out of the school it's believed that a box on bricks close to the one on the ground at the time that the attack to please her was a was done and the fact that contrary to what up only because of that she and she walked else very cool. to the still clueless skier translate what can i hear can i just ask you. this part of nigeria like other countries suffered from conflict and violence for years now but the attack in katsina people are saying is really and new so can i ask you who the perpetrators are and the source
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of groups becoming stronger. yeah i mean you've been following the situation in the not west western pattern also interrupt but i think this is involved in the bandits. and i think it is in the past where banning the backpack customers. and they've been so. active in some far might do some broadcast last that she has boundary so this particular. candidate is led by a one person. look at a 2nd career i mean the leaders of the butler is believed to be behind if there is but and if that guy that i actually benefited from. let's see some forms of negotiation in the past one day cuts in our government and also the exam for us to govern but it's believed that there is a conference in terms of agreement reached between cuts not state governments and
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disband it so it's more like an attack in the community so like sure of course that cuts gnostic governments into negotiating with them or goo but so any agreements of sense mates so this is the leave that decision is the book see behind this particular attack but because the governor of kansas last saw. doubts turns against negotiation on this just. so. it's the current state which is some foreign it's more each year with this issue of people to back it all to contracts or just kind of attack tag that is going up so that is believed that the motive here east of the hands of the government in. the continent of so as they will stop these banditry and attacking communities
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is a complicated situation in the northwestern part of the country and thank you for shedding some light on it for us. appreciate your time a wash i had to tell you. still ahead on the program. from tony bertie nakamichi central bosnia the scene of one of the worst atrocities in the war where more than 100 muslim men women and children were killed. after being targeted by saddam hussein and myself and has started papal visit help provide for christianity and iraq. and then later with jemma rebels knocks the statue and wins the last race for i don't want scenes.
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hello yet another quite major winter low pressure is developing in the atlantic which means it's be spreading fairly mild weather with rain all the way from portugal through france absolute countries and scandinavia which return at least initially as snow in norway but amsterdam captures it really the temperatures around by degrees or so which is a few degrees above average it's breezy to be sharing at least for a couple of days now much of eastern europe is still cold and fairy settled and it's pretty wet even snowy in turkey we've had freezing rain out for ukraine but this seems they repeated that in ukraine at least by the time we get to tuesday but what's happening in the eastern med or sudden e.g. it is certainly stormy at the moment or will be on monday so it's likely to be potentially flooding weather in turkey with an onshore breeze rather unpleasant with a lot of thought in eastern libya and even north in egypt and funnily enough where the temperature in carter goes down to 20 that's not really far from the average
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for this time the use of these things happen fairly frequently then there's a vast area of afterwards very quiet she won't expect still surprisingly more in place to khartoum and mina but lagos is back down to the average stew with a few showers on the coast of nigeria. an invitation to bear witness to all that life office. the heidi's the learners the trials and tribulations we see it and every day miracles the injustices the defiance the tests of character and the person to witness documentaries with a delicate touch on al-jazeera.
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our jersey or we're going. to move. a compact with the news hour live from london a look at main stories the u.s. is racing to distribute its 1st shipments of the pfizer vaccine as it's covered $1000.00 death toll rises steadily towards 300000 operation what speed officials
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i've been to immunize 40000000 people this month and as many as 100000000 by the end of march. has overtaken the u.k. to become the country with the most coronavirus related deaths in europe after reporting another $484.00 fatalities. germany is also imposing strict a lockdown measures to curb the rising number of cases and deaths that. are all the headline the u.k. the e.u. negotiators a failed to reach a deal on what was supposed to be the final day of bricks and trade talks that lead to say negotiations will continue beyond the self-imposed deadline in the hope of finding a last minute agreement before the end of the transition period on december 31st so the u.k. of the u.s. the u.s. electoral college will meet on monday to formally vote on the next president and vice president of the united states this is the next step in finalizing joe biden's election victory but weeks after the election and in spite of many legal defeats
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president donald trump is still refusing to concede and continuing to make unproven claims that the election was rigged i worry about the country having an illegitimate president that's what i worry about a president that lost and lost badly this wasn't like a close election you look at georgia we won georgia big we won 10 sylvania big we won wisconsin big but no judges had the courage including the supreme court i am so disappointed in that no judge including the supreme court of the united states has had the courage to allow it to be heard. but it is exactly 20 years since democratic candidate al gore conceded the u.s. presidential election to george w. bush gore and bush were separated by only a few 100 votes in the battleground state of florida is some of that concession speech let there be no doubt while i strongly disagree with the court's decision
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i accept it i accept the finale of this outcome which will be ratified next monday in the electoral college and tonight for the sake of our unity of the people and the strength of our democracy i offer my concession. i also accept my responsibility which i will discharge unconditionally to honor the new president elect and do everything possible to help him bring americans together in full film of the great vision that our declaration of independence defines and that our constitution affirms and the film oil lawrence douglas is a professor of law and chairs prudence and social thoughts at amherst college and author of appropriately named will he go trump and the looming election meltdown he had joins us by skype from sunderland massachusetts. i suppose one thing that's interesting about this process is it doesn't appear to be any legal mechanism to.
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that might prompt trump to concede the election that that's read i mean he's basically exhausted his legal remedies by now out and i don't think he necessarily even held out the prospect of william court i think it's always been a political stunt to begin with and you know if we think of conceding as recognizing the legitimacy of your opponent's victory there's no way he's ever going to do that he's never going to concede even if you does ultimately submit to defeat which he doesn't really have any. it is a choice of the matter at this stage or does that mean for a stable or orderly transition. well it means that you know on the most basic level joe biden will be duly inaugurated president of the united states on january 20th in terms of trying to. to his moods the the rough waters that we have in this nation it suggests that we're really in for some containing hard times
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because trump is determined at least among his base and among many republican supporters to continue to spread this conspiracy theory that this election was rigged and that his wait for victory was stolen from him. even if the legal challenge is completely ineffectual he has succeeded to some extent in undermining confidence and democratic institutions in the country that's exactly right and which is an incredibly dangerous game to play and obviously he has been playing it alone i mean one of the most shocking and disappointing features of the last few weeks is to see the way in which republican lawmakers have been willing to carry the mantle of the reaching kennedy i mean we saw 126 republican members of the house of representatives that's basically half their
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contingent in congress willing to sign on to this completely baseless legal challenge to biden's victory. i. don't know what extent i mean obviously president trump is leading this effort but actually to what extent does he reveal existing feeling existing sentiment in the country there where there does appear to be this constituency that believes in well it's reflected even in the views that we've heard around the 19 and the measures taken to combat the pandemic that particularly around this election is trump a reflection of that reality as opposed to someone that is that the cause of it i wouldn't say he's either the effect or the cost exactly i mean sometimes it think about it this way and actually her older son lives in california which as you know recently had you know these horrific wildfires and you can imagine these kind of
12:38 am
little bullies is already. you know lighting up parts of the landscape and so you have a really long hot wind blowing hard that turns these little local blazes into a regional conflagration and that's what i kind of think of trump as lives i mean he's the one who is really kind of taken all this receptivity to conspiracy theories and then given a really dangerous and powerful grounding with him and now we're a political body. well thank you very much lawrence douglas presser of last year's princeton social for to amherst college there freesheet your thoughts on this pleasure. well in all the developments we're following police in the united states of shot dead a gunman who opened fire outside a cathedral in new york city now these are some of the live pictures coming to us shots were fired at an outdoor choir performance in the grounds of the church of st
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john the divine on the west side of manhattan there are no reports yet of any injuries or the identity or motive of the government but obviously at this time of year in december of particular in the run up to christmas there are bound to have been people there perhaps a rather packed congregation but these are the pictures. these are some of the pictures coming to us from new york city where you can see obviously police and security forces are on the scene. or opposition supporters in pakistan have defied a corona coronavirus restrictions to protest against the government they want prime minister and non-con to resign accusing him of failing to deliver on his promises and mishandling a pandemic alexy o'brien reports. pakistan's opposition party has described this rally in the hole as a referendum on prime minister imran khan's government they say the turnout proves
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he has to go into march on the capital islamabad to force him from office. but time for dialogue is over we don't have any other choice except a long march i want to log on your coming now islamabad we are coming. this is the latest in months of protests by an opposition alliance called the pakistan democratic movement is accuses khan of incompetence and failing to deliver on promises made ahead of the 28000 election by building millions of houses and creating jobs for the poor. inflation has reached its peak no one's listening to us people are helpless and they can't feed their children we know the corona virus is spreading rapidly but we don't have any other option except to protest. the crowds defied covert 9000 restrictions which ban gatherings of more than 300 people cases have been on the rise in pakistan where a 2nd wave is well underway leaving some hospitals overwhelmed the government has
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said opposition leaders are pushing their own interests ahead of their supporters by holding rallies in the middle of a pandemic. this is a political circus they're threatening the government but it's useless they're just playing with people's lives where the corona virus is spreading rapidly. the former cricket legend turned politician can has dismissed the allegations against him as pathetic he said the protests are aimed at. like mailing him to drop corruption cases against opposition leaders like convicted former prime minister nawaz sharif who now lives in exile his daughter was among those who addressed the crowds calling on supporters to join the march to the capital prime minister imran can those says he will never give in. was brian al jazeera.
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now 25 years after the end of the war in bosnia many survivors still on a quest for justice following the closure of the war crimes tribunal in the hague 3 years ago courts in bosnia have taken over the legal process but nearly 600 people still awaiting trial for war crimes tony but we went to. central bosnia the scene of one of the worst atrocities in the war. it is a small village with a dark past it was where one of the biggest atrocities of the bosnian war happened 116 muslim men women and children killed by bosnian croat forces the men were shot the women and children were herded into basements that were then set alight a small room with photos next to the last documents that terrible day in april 1993 today much of the village has been repaired but the psychological damage hasn't let this be misunderstood the my dad was 73 when he was killed he was weak and disabled
12:43 am
it is really difficult to understand how the human mind is capable of something like that abdullah as mother and 3 sisters died in a burning basement his father and brother were executed he was shot through the head but he survived and play dead he gave evidence of the war crimes tribunal in the hague and hopes for justice speak with. all of us who testified tried to present all facts we had and we hope that the perpetrators will be convicted and some were but we don't believe that the sentences were strong enough all these villagers lost family members in the attack and feel that more need to face justice the war crimes tribunals started in 1903 with a budget of 270000 dollars by the time it wound up 24 years later the annual cost was around $270000000.00 arnon $61.00 people were tried and 90 were found guilty now bosnian courts of continuing war crimes trials 25 years after the war ended and there are still nearly 600 people facing war crimes charges in bosnia and many more
12:44 am
with blood on their hands are still walking free and that's not making the reconciliation process any easier. an estimated 150 bosnian croat to sort of taken part in the amici attack 10 were convicted but 3 fighters were later acquitted on appeal they are back living in the area and lisa lost her father and 47 members of a close and extended family that day she points out where the accused men lived. emotions out overwhelming when we see them and their children where both parents love the last hours they killed hours their families are whole and together and thank god it is like that we lost our loved ones. there is no clear black and white in war every side has faced charges but as you serbs have been accused of the majority of war crimes they say innocent civilians have also been killed and they've been wrongly portrayed as the bad guys victims are victims on each side and
12:45 am
in this going to war between 1995 degrees no innocent people innocent sides just 47 bosnian serbs have been found guilty of killing the 8000 muslim men and boys instead beneath in 1995. justice is only partially been served but i hope justice will be served in its entirety we have been waiting 25 years for it. some are trying to heal the wounds with the young this is a project called the house of good tones instruction eater that brings together bosnian muslims and orthodox serbs in the hope that one day they can find the reconciliation and harmony which is alluding their parents tony berkley al-jazeera central bosnia now more than $130.00 people have been detained a syrian a series of coordinated protests in belarus against the president alexander lukashenko 4 months after his controversial election victory more than 70 separate
12:46 am
rallies took place across the capital minsk a new tactic by protesters after security forces viney crackdown on mass demonstrations because election win in august was widely discredited with the main opposition to this vote on a chicken off skier forced into exile now pope francis will make his 1st papal visit to iraq in a couple of months time in march it's welcome news of the country's orthodox christians is numbers are dwindling before the u.s. led invasion the community was a 1000000 strong now it's down to about 300000 in the town of beit teller some on a fault in reports. in iraq's town of but the christian orthodox march mini church has reopened its doors it was partly destroyed by eisel as the group launched its offensive still in northern iraq in 2014 but there are few worshippers to fill its restored knave that would silly man has been
12:47 am
a pastor here for 24 years and has gradually watched his congregation shrink such that it will miss him look if this hard situation continues it will be difficult for christians to stay in iraq maybe we will persist but the next generation we cannot force them to stay. but tell i used to be a christian majority town but over the past 4 decades the number of muslims here has steadily grown in the 1980 s. then president saddam hussein nationalized farmlands belonging to christians and gave it to families of soldiers killed in the iran iraq war in 2014 i still took over forcing the christian population to flee almost half emigrated abroad about a quarter have returned while another quarter remained in the semi autonomous kurdish region. members of this family in that abuse christian quarter of say the reason they don't feel safe to go back is the security force that controls the town
12:48 am
they want to remain anonymous for security reasons. of course safety is the most important thing we've had enough of the infringements on our lands theories should be controlled by the sons of the area why do they bring strangers to rule the area . that group is the 30 year brigade of the shia led popular mobilization forces which held 3 take but tell us from i saw the brigade is composed of ethnic just like most of the muslim population that lives here last year its leader wild card though was placed under u.s. sanctions for alledged human rights abuses against christians other was forced to step. down 2 months ago he denies the charges against him going to appear to study and. i believe there's no control of one function over another we should back the christians have been residents of the area for a long time the christians are welcome to return back to live in their homes and we support these returns there's complete stability and security.
12:49 am
the majority of the town is now shut buck many shopkeepers in this market are shot back who have bought or rented shops that used to be run by christians one of them mohammed who recently returned belief such changes are a natural development it's the purchasing power that is ruling the situation the christians don't have money to buy but the muslims can buy but many christians say they are being pushed out and that much of the construction in but tel is funded by people in power who want to accelerate the demographic change the vatican's announcement of pope francis visit to iraq has given many christians hope that what is left of their heritage can be preserved but the demographic changes here are so extensive that few believe they can be reversed to manifold in al-jazeera but. now yemen sporting community has been left in shock after a former footballer and his 10 year old son were killed while training at
12:50 am
a stadium athletes and activists gathered in protest outside the stadium entires which was hit by a rocket on saturday killing nasir rainey and his son 3 other children were also wounded in that attack a local government official says the who sees where i need to. want to get the sport now with gemma thanks mariam it's a merge at the home of italy's a football world cup winner paolo rossi it was burgled during his funeral on saturday thousands of people turned out inventions or to pay their respects to russell who died on thursday when his widow returned to their house as she discovered that been a break in and their valuables have been stolen the police are investigating rossi it was remembered by his old club eventis before their game at genoa he went to a serious titles and the european cup with you in this game it was their current star striker who else christiane in our day is called to penalties to help them win the match theory one that's 42 goals in 42 games for him this year event is
12:51 am
a force in the week ahead of them in the table into the air in 2nd place they fought from a goal down to beat county read 31 former player but i was called the pick of the goals and set up another napoli a behind them in 3rd place so i needed to fight from behind to beat some doria to one substitute and there for 10 years got the goals in that one. and in the english premier league the top 2 sides tottenham and liverpool both failed to win their games on sunday spurs were hounded to a 100 by crystal palace and the same happened to live a political of their still 1st and 2nd but they could be 4th and 5th by the time they next to kick off meanwhile i are in germany close former club brasil dortmund have sacks their coach lucy in far for after they were thrashed 51 by newly promoted stuttgart on saturday father had been in charge for 2 and a half years. in the netherlands i extract quincy promise has been arrested over his alleged involvement in
12:52 am
a stabbing right sort incident in july when he reportedly got into a fight with a relative promise scored in iraq his win on saturday then didn't show up for training on sunday sunday a yet to comments. off the top of the evidence he tabled on sunday if it s. a missed the chance to get within 2 points the they were how did 2 in one order a head of fame. now it to the asian champions league and south korean clubhouse and high end i have progressed to the final as east and saying champions as after they fought from behind to be japan's at this ok an extra time basis and it reports. to the east asian teams meeting to determine a one asian champions league finalist unfortunately for the japanese club versal coby they would be without former boss alone a star under sydney esther who was on crutches after picking up an injury earlier in the tournament after a goal is 1st half the total yamaguchi put the soto be ahead. the club making their
12:53 am
1st ever appearance in this competition dead to drew. and then it was to no di juice a sucky doubling the advantage i accept we had and the referee ruled the goal out after consulting v.a.r. . it would not be the last time in this match that the video assistant referee played a role in dashing versal kobe's dreams be on mars johnson netted an equaliser for old san hyundai with just 10 minutes to go. offside according to the assistant referee on the pitch but not a good into v.a.r. $11.00 and on to extra time. with less than 3 minutes to play junior and they do now was brought down in the box. the referee pointed to the spot they got out picked himself up to secure sam's 8th win in
12:54 am
a row since arriving in doha where the tournament is being played in a bio security bubble. in yester helpless to do anything about it i'll send one day now move on to the our stadium one of the venues for the world cup in qatar in 2022 standing between them and a 2nd champions league title are reruns persepolis the western zone winners peter stammered al jazeera. maxa stafford has won the last of formula one race of the season in abu dhabi the red bull driver led from start to finish with the mercedes 3 bottles and world champion lewis hamilton in 2nd and 3rd respectively this was hamilton's of 1st race back after covering 19 asked for the 2nd is the 10th one of his career and 2nd of 2020. it was really enjoyable out there today you know we did basically everything all right. you know i think once you start up front you know
12:55 am
you can control the pace a bit more and that makes your life a bit easier that was a very hard race for me physically with. all the years physically i've been fine but today i would say this guy is a. boxer anthony joshua has successfully defended his world heavyweight titles knocking out challenges cooper up here left joshua floored clear left twice before ending the fight in the 9th round with his right hand sending the bulgarian to the canvas a 1000 fans were allowed inside london's wembley arena to watch him retain his bouts all of that it now is about meg a unified showdown between joshua and fellow heavyweight tyson fury next year when we all want to say now there was a late twist a world tour championship in dubai with lee westwood to clinching the european number one spot and 3000000 dollar prize at the age of 47 westwards the oldest winner of the race to dubai by 5 years he finished runner up to fellow englishman math fitzpatrick after the final round on sunday and that was enough to end the
12:56 am
season as europe's best goal for a 21 years after he 1st did it for the 3rd time in his career. played pretty well all year and you know flirted with really good results in some sort of moments and obviously the new one using want to carry their focus my mind and you know 1st or 2nd was always going to give me a chance and show enough. from the sunshine in dubai to the rain in houston which caused the final round of the u.s. women's open to be suspended until monday lead at japan's an arc i should be able to tee off on sunday jus to that bad weather she's one shot clear going into the final day in skiing there was a big shock in the 1st downhill of the world cup season sylvia martin charts his previous best result was 8th in his $38.00 downhills in the event that harry was racing down in the bright sunshine of out is that a surprise victory and his 1st ever podium what
12:57 am
a day for him and in sweden less of a shock there are those yet another victory for france's pairing last fall in the freestyle world cup the 22 year old olympic champion won the women's ju moguls on sunday that makes it 3 wins from 3 events so far this season that is all your sport for now. thanks very much. well actually it's the time of year when china's northernmost city becomes a popular tourist attraction and this is why it's actually to do with the extreme cold temperatures have dropped more than 40 degrees below 0 making it one of the few places on the planet where it's possible to do this who doesn't want to do this boiling water thrown into the air it freezes into ice crystals and forms a halo effect and it's a phenomenon that attracts tourists from right across china. though i saw videos online showing people splashing water into the air to become ice so i came here to feel the cold and have
12:58 am
a go to. and why no. that's it for the news hour bob be back with a full bulletin for you in just a couple of minutes time soon about. ok calm and make sure you're not hyping the situation be part of the debate my main characters are women when no topic is off the table the law is in the last allow child marriage to happen legally easer basically archaic walls that often
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legitimize the legal one is pedophile. online jumping to the comments section and meeting to be part of the discussion this stream on out is there a. cultural zeros here to report on the people often ignored but who must be hurt how many other channels can you say will take the time and put extensive thought into reporting from under reported areas of course we cover a major global offense but our passion lies and making sure that you're hearing the stories from people in places like palestine libya yemen asako region and so many others we go to the you make the effort we care we stay. building a new life on an entirely beach living off the sea and then now. a dream shared why so many but so few make it a reality. of family business led by a remarkable woman with
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a flair for cooking and desist and if. i didn't catch it on al-jazeera. play an important role. ringback. the u.s. races to distribute the pfizer vaccine is the number of americans killed by the coronavirus edges closer 230-0000 while italy becomes the country with the most covert deaths in europe and germany announces a strict lockdown for christmas. hello i maryam namazie and london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up it is
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responsible at this point in time to go the extra mile i'm afraid we're still very far called a key thing.


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