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investigate the alleged use of biological warfare by the us during the korean war rewind revisits dirty little secrets on al-jazeera. org. pfizer vaccine supplies make their way to distribution sites across the united states as the country's coronavirus death toll approaches 300000. when you're watching al-jazeera life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 30 minutes and most of. the. nigerian authorities say they're stepping up efforts to rescue the boy still missing after gunmen attacked their school on friday also they're putting off i'm afraid that it will not take long for
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them to come up to me the 15 year old who is among going increasing number of young opposition activists from hong kong is moving abroad to avoid prison. and john le carré the spy turned novelist whose narratives defined the cold war as we enlarged thriller has died at the age of 89. welcome to the program a massive distribution effort is underway in the united states to dispatch the 1st batch of a coronavirus vaccine trucks and planes carrying 3000000 doses of the pfizer biotech vaccine heading for all 50 states nationwide death toll approaches 300000 workers cheers house the 1st shipment left the production plant there loaded with dry ice and g.p.s. enabled sensors to ensure the doses remain at minus 70 degrees celsius it's a very different picture in brazil where the president's vaccination plan is
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receiving widespread criticism and start dates being provided a no details on vaccine supply despite being in the midst of the world's 2nd deadliest outbreak and over in europe italy's now surpassed britain for the worst death toll on the continent more than 64000 people have died in both nations well we'll have more on the situation in europe short. 100 reports on the race in the u.s. to an ocular millions. the united states rolled out the most ambitious vaccination program in american history. to the applause of workers at pfizer's michigan vaccine plant it is a test of an unprecedented national effort to save millions of lives in the nation most ravaged by the pandemic. workers low dry ice into boxes containing the super chilled vaccines attempted negative 70 degrees celsius. then in a scene not witnessed in this century that scene bearing fedex and u.b.s.
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delivery trucks are escorted by u.s. marshals the shipments are expected to reach the 1st $145.00 locations on monday and a total of $636.00 by wednesday $20000000.00 vaccinations this this month and then we think will be up to $50000000.00 total vaccinations of people by the end of january and $100000000.00 shots in arms by the end of february just with the derren and foster vaccine but amid the celebration there are warning signs to achieve the herd immunity necessary to stop the disease in the u.s. just say 75 percent of the public must be vaccinated but in a study of one health care system florida's jackson health system half of the health care workers said they would not be taking the vaccine another 35 percent said they would not take it in the 1st round the head of the u.s. national institutes of health says that's a major concern and i would like to plead this to people who are listening to this
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morning to really hit the reset button on whatever they think they knew about this vaccine that might cause them to be so skeptical please people when you look back in a year and you say to yourself did i do the right thing i hope you'll be able to say yes because i looked at the evidence. across the u.s. the virus is reaching new peaks state of mississippi reports it now has no more intensive care beds available what i fear that people do not understand however is that the resources are finite. they are finite there gets to a point where we have to say we don't have another place to put another patient safely we can't do it with nearly 300000 dead in new infections rising the human toll continues to mount john hendren al jazeera washington well the 1st batch of the size of bind take vaccine has now arrived in canada the initial
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batch of 30000 will go to frontline health care workers and care home staff by the end of the month canada should have enough doses to vaccinate about $125000.00 people and regulators are expected to also approve the maternal vaccine within days now the brazilian government is facing criticism over its vaccination plan and the supreme court has given the health minister a 48 hour deadline to fix the starting date. has more from buenos aires in neighboring argentina. a president who right from the beginning didn't take the virus seriously called it nothing worse than a little flu rarely wears masks in public and self suffered from from the virus and then recovered but he's been giving out mixed messages his health ministry has announced that it wants to vaccinate 51000000 brazilians in the next 5 months but it's not clear where those that are going to come from which vaccine they're going
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to use how it will be rolled out and then have how the next group of people will be vaccinated after those initial $51000000.00 health workers and the most vulnerable mostly elderly people and those with serious illnesses the newspapers health experts all the politicians have criticized president job also now are accusing him of homicidal recklessness criminal negligence in his approach to trying to have 200 or so 1000000 brazilians vaccinated they've about 7000000 brazilians have been infected with the virus 181000 have died the numbers keep rising i.c.u. beds close to saturation more than 90 percent occupied in cities like brazil. and so they released these mixed messages the president himself saying he's unlikely to take the vaccine has cast doubt on their effectiveness really his supporters going along with him and continuing to mix in public trying to work
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trying to keep the economy afloat those who are opposed to him strongly critical accusing him of incompetence among other things. prime minister has done it for weeks of testing positive for covert learning teams. many passed away in hospital in south africa where he was being treated he was aged 52 but the country formerly known as swaziland has a population of 1200000 and has recorded nearly 7000 infections. algis there is a president has also made his 1st public appearance in testing positive for covert 19 nearly 2 months ago. and has been receiving treatment in germany since the end of october there has been widespread speculation about his health not much information about his condition has been released and 75 year old appeared in a video posted on twitter saying he was expected to make a full recovery within the next 3 weeks nearly 2 days after gunmen raided
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a school in northwestern a jury hundreds of parents are still waiting to find out what's happened to their sons some of the boys who escaped after gunmen kidnapped them from their boarding school in northern nigeria have been speaking about their ordeal they say hundreds of others are still being held captive in could see the state barbara and per reports this summer is one of the boys rescued after gunmen stormed his school and doctored hundreds of children he says he was falling asleep when the attack started it all quite a lot of it will be up to the i started hearing gunshots then when they came out there were many people already outside we were asked to go back to our hostel then they said the gunmen were already in the school we climbed the school fence but they asked us to return back we thought they were soldiers who were trying to protect us but unfortunately they were not. this summer used all his wits to try and survive. when i decided to run they brought
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a knife to slaughter me but i ran away quickly i ran into the crowd but they couldn't get me then i put my clothes upside down so they could not see me from there they said they would kill whoever is trying to escape i then began to run in climbing one rock to another through a forest. 2 days after the attack more than $300.00 boys still missing their parents said desperate. to our last prayers to see that our children are back that is the only prayer that we are doing we are sleepless even this last night we stood up praying to god to bring our children. criminal gangs in northwest nach area have become increasingly brazen targeting civilians for ransom can't terrorism experts say armed gangs may have stormed the school to force concessions from the local government is that guy that actually benefited from. let's see some forms of negotiation in the past what they can see in our government and also the exam for
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us to govern but it's believed that there is a conference in terms of agreement reached between cuts not state government and disbanded so it's more like an attack in the community so like sure all of the cuts gnostic got made into negotiating with nigeria's defense ministry says the whereabouts of the so called bandits is known and the military is trying to bring the boys back home safely but there's anger that the abduction happened this tour. nigeria's government put measures to prevent school abductions after the booker harangued kidnapped 276 school girls at chibok and 2014. 6 years later. more than 100 of the girls are still missing the fear for parents and cats in the state is that their sons could suffer the same fate barbara and
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their power outages era. hackers of infiltrated computers and the u.s. treasury department and possibly other government agencies the u.s. national security council says it's investigating the cyber attack and it comes less than a week after a major u.s. cyber security firm fire i said foreign government hackers had stolen tools it uses to probe the defenses of its customers 1st china intensifies its campaign against dissidents in hong kong democracy activists in the territory face a bleak choice move overseas or go to prison an increasing number of young people are amongst those choosing political exile adrian brown reports now from our cong. there was a time when hong kong was a haven for families fleeing persecution in mainland china as 2020 nears its end people are now leaving the city for the same reason aged just 15 a rule ranks as one of hong kong's youngest political exiles here packing her bags
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in the hotel room where she spent last week before flying to london on saturday she was 14 when she was detained during protests 7 months ago and although not charged remains worried about the impact of a sweeping new national security law or said i joined a social movement last year and became one of the frontline protesters on my protest team mate have been a rest and charge with serious crimes including rioting and asan i'm afraid that it will not take long for them to come up to me her actions of divided her family but her mother supports her decision to leave she's being helped by a group assisting others who also want to go to britain where a ruler expects to resume her studies in january i found out when the only thing i did not expect that i would end up like this when i joined the protest i know we were hard to say goodbye it would be sad but rather leave to seek
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a bag of future and to live without fear as much about this case that's troubling auroras age the fact that she was radicalized so young and is now seeking political asylum in a country where she knows few save the members of a group who now in effect be her guardians she least behind a city where pro-democracy activists are being arrested almost daily. on saturday the prominent businessman jimmy lie appeared in court charged under the security legislation and is now facing a lengthy jail term. activists sony choong fled in august a warrant since been issued for his arrest for me a major culture is a bust my family who is still in hong kong i am concerned about their safety and i. are weird x. . is today why is that they can try to silence and frighten africa
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and their families like aurora sunny doesn't know if he'll ever step foot here again and like her has no regrets about where their activism has led them adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong. well still ahead here on out as there are near 25 years on the anniversary of a peace deal that ended europe's bloodiest conflict since the 2nd world war and the brics it trade talks will go on so now you can do you need a say that far apart on key issues but won't give up on negotiations those stories after the break. we're about to create a winter wonderland throughout honshu it may not be a wonderland the amount of snow potentially his quite a lot and you can see why it's cold air coming across the warmish waters and then
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hitting the higher ground of honshu it will be snow after snow after snow for monday tuesday and beyond we've had a little bit of snow in the korean peninsula but i think it will just be catching that western edge but the air in which it's falling is really cold minus 5 as a maximum sol it should be about plus 4 so we're 9 below normal reproachfully $5.00 to $9.00 below normal for a good part of northern and central china not koshary felt that hong kong with your max about 16 which is below normal with a chill breeze not chill breeze and also increase the the frosty of the potential sunder storms on the coast of vietnam now that it's rainy season and the weather to go to should do is significant rain for thunderstorms daily in java throughout borneo soo much of it your malaysia at a good part of southern thailand than usual rain on its way through mumbai and up into the interior north of that it's still settled and quiet weather the forecast
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for new delhi tells half the story says fog now you can call it smog. but. the virus is indiscriminate to get those living in poverty are far more vulnerable to the dangers of covert 19 i'll be re-examined as the reasons for this disparity the social and economic inequalities that surround us are much deeper and much more problematic than we thought and asked whether lessons learned from the global pandemic could lead to positive change the culture of the world the fix for him how could it all hail the lock down exposing privilege and poverty during a crisis on a just 0. 0. 0. 0.
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book about what you all deserve me so horribly remind of our top stories the 1st batch of the fires are biotech coronavirus vaccine is being dispatched across the u.s. acceleration of health care workers on the elderly begins on monday that sounds the nationwide death toll approaches 300000. to 2 days after gunman made to the school in northwestern nigeria hundreds of parents are still waiting to find out what's happened to their sons there are reports of $321.00 still missing the song clear if they've all been abducted. and hackers have infiltrated computers on the u.s. treasury department and possibly other government agencies the u.s. national security council says it's investigating the cyber attack. british and e.u. leaders have agreed to extend breaks it talks if both sides don't agree on a trade deal by the 31st of december they'll be border checks and terrorists of
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goods traveling between the u.k. and e.u. journal reports. high drama and 11th hour brinkmanship north for the 1st time in the 4 and a half year break up between the u.k. and the e.u. our negotiation teams have been working day and night over recent days and despite the exhaustion after almost one g. of negotiations and despite the fact that deadlines have been missed over and over we both think that it is responsible at this point in time to go the extra mile did the fact that the 2 sides hadn't called a halt to trade negotiations as some had expected mean that progress was being made you know what was going that far. i do think as i say there is a deal to be done if our partners want to do it but we remain very
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far apart on these key issues and they are u.k. can't be locked into the e.u. is regulatory or bit we've obviously got to take back control fisheries full of years after people voted for it no deadlines been set for this latest extension of talks frankly there's been so many deadlines made and missed that no one would believe it anyway the only hard date now is the 1st of january by which time these 2 giant trade partners will have separated for good deal or no deal britain intent on protecting its sovereignty the e.u. looking after the interests of its single market it is a nail biting time particularly for businesses for whom world trade organization rules in a no deal scenario would mean tariffs and quotas raising the cost of imports and exports with implications for some sectors that may struggle to survive the amount of tax.
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the rich and the poor even more poor soul. we don't know how it's going to be boris johnson's government is adamant britain will flourish even without a deal no one it says should warre but plenty do don't know how al-jazeera london. these spy turned novelist behind some of the world's best selling espionage fiction and a sharp critic a critic of bricks that has died at the age of 89 that carries agents that he died in caldwell england on saturday after a short illness when he worked for britain's intelligence service before turning his experience into books which helped define the genre of cold war espionage literature they include tinker tailor soldier spy and the spy who came in the cold while the carries last book agent running in the field published last year betrays britain in the shadow of brics it bosnia has marked the 25th
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anniversary of the signing of the dayton peace accords that brought the war to an end but not everyone is celebrating tens of thousands of displaced people are still unable to return home and the country's fraud's political framework and die economic situation means many bosnians leaving to find work tony berkeley has more . plus new buildings in sarajevo but it's episodic real life for most of bosnia is not as bright as one of the poorest countries in europe has high rates of youth unemployment widespread corruption and a fraught political framework. for the moniker orchestra playing mozart's 25th symphony a special covert restricted online celebration marked the official signing of the dayton peace agreement that ended the war bill clinton who was u.s. president at the time lauded the achievement the nightmare you endured then has never returned and their credit for their achievement belongs to all the people of
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all backgrounds. the peace deal ended the bloodiest conflict in europe since the 2nd world war but it didn't kick start the process of reconciliation or we knew the ethnic co-habitation enjoyed in pre-war bosnia had the dayton agreement been implemented we would have had a much better situation today. what is being implemented is still genocide here because there is. in an effort to reverse the ethnic cleansing the dayton accords stated that everyone had the right to return to their homes or to get compensation that has never happened the serbs control 49 percent of the country and for them dayton was a good deal but. the newly elected mayor of east sarajevo says 80 percent of bosses would vote for independence if they had the chance and not thinking about it but if different parts different sides and kurds if they want to have to have
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a centralized state with a majority of x. . all decisions to do service and to other nations yes i'm going to say that's not possible the dayton agreement has been criticised because it appeared to reward the serbs for aggression by legitimizing their territory republika srpska despite the atrocities committed on all sides during the conflict there have been hardly any revenge killings or into ethnic violence but with many unresolved issues especially the prosecution of war criminals according to some there's tension the sparks that is here in boston there is very dangers. should not be here what has been done is often harder to undo dayton unintentionally cemented the division of the country most don't know how injustice will be solved but they do know that bosnia can never go back to what it was when no one looked at the religion but only a person the lack of opportunities here has led $1800000.00 in still leave the
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country there are both positive and negative aspects to the agreement depending on your point of view but ultimately it stopped the war and ended the bloodshed the question that has to be asked is whether the fault for the lack of progress and reconciliation lies with the agreement or the bosnians themselves and the answer is probably both tony. sarajevo. at least 40 migrants have died following a shipwreck off the coast of venezuela what happened there the port city of the ship was destined for trinidad and tobago and in the past 5 years more than 25000 venezuelans of left for the island nation to escape the economic crisis back at home while opposition supporters in pakistan have defied front of ours restrictions to protect against a protest against the government they want prime minister iran card to resign alexy o'brien reports was pakistan's opposition parties described this rally in the
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hole as a referendum on prime minister imran khan's government they say the turnout proves he has to go into march on the capital islamabad to force him from office believe. the time for dialogue is over we don't have any other choice except a long march i want to log on your coming now we are coming. this is the latest in months of protests by an opposition alliance called the pakistan democratic movement is accuses khan of incompetence and failing to deliver on promises made ahead of the 28000 election by building millions of houses and creating jobs for the poor. inflation has reached its peak no one's listening to us people are helpless and they can't feed their children we know the corona virus is spreading rapidly but we don't have any other option except to protest. the crowds defied covert 9000 restrictions which banned gatherings of more than 300 people cases have
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been on the rise in pakistan where a 2nd wave is well underway leaving some hospitals overwhelmed the government has said opposition leaders are pushing their own interests ahead of their supporters by holding rallies in the middle of a pandemic. this is a political circus they're threatening the government but it's useless they're just playing with people's lives whether grown a virus is spreading rapidly. the former cricket legend turned politician can has dismissed the allegations against him as pathetic he said the protests are aimed at blackmailing him to drop corruption cases against opposition leaders like convicted former prime minister nawaz sharif who now lives in exile his daughter was among those who addressed the crowds calling on supporters to join the march to the capital prime minister imran khan though says he will never give in
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was the next year brian al jazeera. pope francis will make his 1st ever papal visit to iraq in march the announcement has been welcomed as a sign of hope by the country's christian community this fall of 1000000 to around 300000 some of the 14 reports from the christian town of bottle. in iraq's town of but the christian orthodox march many church has reopened its doors it was partly destroyed by eisel as the group launched its offensive in northern iraq in 2014 but there are few worshippers to fill its restored nave there with slim man has been a pastor here for 24 years and has gradually watched his congregation shrink subject in which he look if this hard situation continues it will be difficult for christians to stay in iraq maybe we will persist but the next generation know we cannot force them to stay. but tele used to be
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a christian majority town but over the past 4 decades the number of muslims here has steadily grown in the 1980 s. then president saddam hussein nationalized farm lands belonging to christians and gave it to families of soldiers killed in the iran iraq war in 2014 eisel took over forcing the christian population to flee almost half emigrated abroad about a quarter have returned while another quarter remain in the semi autonomous kurdish region members of this family in that abuse christian quarter of say the reason they don't feel safe to go back is the security force that controls the town they want to remain anonymous for security reasons. of course safety is the most important thing we've had enough of the infringements on our lands there is should be controlled by the sons of the area why do they bring strangers through all the area. that group is the 30 year brigade of the shia led popular mobilization forces
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which held 3 take but i saw the brigade is composed of ethnic shabab just like most of the muslim population that lives here last year its leader though was placed under u.s. sanctions for alledged human rights abuses against christians other was forced to step down 2 months ago he denies the charges against him and out here. i believe there's no control of one function over another we should back and the christians have been residents of the area for a long time the christians are welcome to return back to live in their homes and we support these returns there's complete stability and security. the majority of the town is now shut back many shopkeepers in this market are shot back who have bought or rented shops that used to be run by christians one of them mohammed who recently returned belief such changes are
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a natural development it's the purchasing power that is ruling the situation the christians don't have money to buy but the muslims can buy but many christians say they are being pushed out and that much of the construction in but tel is funded by people in power who want to accelerate the demographic change the vatican's announcement of pope francis visit to iraq has given many christians hope that what is left of their heritage can be preserved but the demographic changes here are so extensive that few believe they can be reversed simona felt in al-jazeera but. the whole wrong a reminder of our top stories the 1st by.


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