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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 14, 2020 8:00am-8:31am +03

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i don't want a state's child. on al-jazeera. man . the 1st shipments of 19 vaccines in rolling out across the united states urges americans to avoid skepticism. but on the clock this is out their life and also coming up parents call for help as the nigerian government steps up efforts to find children missing after an attack on their school. that i'm afraid that it will not take long for them to come up to me choosing a life in exile the 15 year old joining a growing number of activists leaving hong kong authorities crackdown on dissent.
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and the british spy turned author john mccurry whose novels defined the cold war espionage thriller has died at the age of 89. so the 1st u.s. shipments of the finds of biotech over $1000.00 vaccine are arriving at distribution centers across the country and the nation's largest immunization project ever it is a ray of hope in the fight against the pandemic that killed nearly 300000 americans more than anywhere else in the world but officials are worried that skepticism and conspiracy theories could undermine the roll out john 100 reports now from washington d.c. . the united states rolled out the most ambitious vaccination program in american history. to the applause of workers at pfizer's michigan vaccine plant it is a test of an unprecedented national effort to save millions of lives in the nation
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most ravaged by the pandemic. workers low dry ice into boxes containing the super chilled vaccine tested negative 70 degrees celsius. then in a scene not witnessed in this century that scene bearing fed-ex in u.b.s. delivery trucks are escorted by u.s. marshals the shipments are expected to reach the 1st $145.00 locations on monday in a total of $636.00 by wednesday $20000000.00 vaccinations this this month and then we think will be up to $50000000.00 total vaccinations of people by the end of january and $100000000.00 shots in arms by the end of february just with the derren and foster vaccine but amid the celebration there are warning signs to achieve the herd immunity necessary to stop the disease in the u.s. just say 75 percent of the public must be vaccinated but in a study of one health care system florida's jackson health system half of the
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health care workers said they would not be taking the vaccine another 35 percent said they would not take it in the 1st round the head of the u.s. national institutes of health says that's a major concern i would like to plead this to people who are listening to this morning to really hit the reset button on whatever they think they knew about this vaccine that might cause them to be so skeptical please people when you look back in a year and you say to yourself did i do the right thing i hope you'll be able to say yes because i looked at the evidence. across the u.s. the virus is reaching new peaks state of mississippi reports it now has no more intensive care beds available what i fear that people do not understand however is that the resources are finite. they are finite there gets to a point where we have to say. we don't have another place to put another patient
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safely we can't do it with nearly 300000 dead in new infections rising the human toll continues to mount john hendren al jazeera washington where the 1st batch of the pfizer biotech vaccine has arrived in kind of the initial 30000 doses will go to frontline health care workers and care home staff kind of the hopes to have a quarter of a 1000000 doses by the end of the year canadian regulators are also expected to approve the medina vaccine within days. and brazil's top court has given the government 48 hours to announce the start date for its vaccine rollout the president jaya both sonar came under widespread criticism after plans for its about to nation program were released on saturday with no start they provided that is despite brazil being one of the worst affected countries. has repeatedly downplayed the virus at least 14 migrants have died following a shipwreck off the coast of venezuela happening at the port city of geary the ship
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was destined for trinidad and tobago in the past 5 years it's thought more than 25000 venezuelans have left the island nation to escape escape the economic crisis at home parents in northern nigeria desperately waiting for information about their sons after an attack on a boarding school gunmen raided the school on friday and hundreds of children are reported to be still missing but it's not clear if they've all been abducted some of those who escaped been speaking about their ordeal as barbara starr reports. this summer is one of the boys rescued after gunmen stormed his school and abducted hundreds of children he says he was falling asleep when the attack started. up. i started hearing gunshots then when i came out there were many people already outside we were asked to go back to our hostel then they said the gunmen were already in the school we climbed the school fence but they asked us to return back we thought they were soldiers were trying to protect us but unfortunately they were
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not. the sama used all his wits to try and survive. when i decided to run they brought a knife to slaughter me but i ran away quickly and i ran into the crowd but they couldn't get me then i put my clothes upside down so they could not see me from there they said they would kill whoever is trying to escape i then began to run in climbing one rock to another through a forest. 2 days after the attack more than $300.00 boys still missing their parents said desperate. our last prose to see that our children are back that is the only prayer that we are doing we are sleepless even this last night we stood up praying to god to bring our children. criminal gangs in northwest nach area have become increasingly brazen targeting civilians for ransom can't terrorism experts say armed gangs may have stormed the school to force concessions from the local
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government is that guy that actually benefited from. let's see some forms of negotiation in the past what they catch in our government and also the exam for us to go by but it's believed that there is a conflict in terms of agreement reached between cuts not state government and disbanded so it's not like an attack in the community so. like i am sure all of the cuts gnostic got made into negotiating with nigeria's defense ministry says the whereabouts of the say called bandits is known and the military is trying to bring the boys back home safely but there's anger that the abduction happened this tour. nigeria's government put measures to prevent school abductions after the book around kidnapped 276 school girls chibok and 2014.
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6 years later more than 100 of the girls are still missing the fare for parents and cuts in the state is that their sons could suffer the same fate barbara and al jazeera. religion itself has come under attack leaving at least 27 people dead and hundreds of homes destroyed around 70 silence open far in the village in the differ region before burning half of it down on saturday boko haram has claimed responsibility for the attack which was described by local officials as unprecedented 73 it happened the day before local regional elections to. her let's move on to hong kong where a growing number of activists are facing difficult choice as authorities crackdown on dissent managed. using between prison time or leaving the city aging brown met one such activist who's now facing an uncertain future there was a time when hong kong was a haven for families fleeing persecution in mainland china as 2020 nears its end
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people are now living this city for the same reason age just 15 a rule ranks as one of hong kong's youngest political exiles here packing her bags in the hotel room where she spent last week before flying to london on saturday she was 14 when she was detained during protests 7 months ago and although not charged remains worried about the impact of a sweeping new national security law or said i joined a social movement last year and became one of the frontline protesters on my protest team mate have been a rest and charge with serious crimes including rioting and asan i'm afraid that it will not take long for them to come up to me her actions of divided her family but her mother supports her decision to leave she's being helped by a group assisting others who also want to go to britain where a ruler expects to resume her studies in january i found i wonder if i did not
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expect that i would end up like this when i joined the protest i know we were hard to say goodbye it would be sad but rather leave to seek a bag of future and to live without fear as much about this case that's troubling auroras age the fact that she was radicalized so young and is now seeking political asylum in a country where she knows few save the members of a group who now in effect be her guardians she least behind a city where pro-democracy activists are being arrested almost daily. on saturday the prominent businessman jimmy lie appeared in court charged under the security legislation and is now facing a lengthy jail term. activists sony choong fled in august a warrant since been issued for his arrest for me a major culture is of us my family who is still in hong kong i am
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concerned about their safety and i. are weird acts. come to the studio why is that they can try to silence and frighten africa and their families like aurora sunny doesn't know if he'll ever step foot here again and like her has no regrets about where their activism has led them adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong. hackers have infiltrated networks of the u.s. treasury department and possibly other government agencies the u.s. national security council says it is investigating the cyber attack comes less than a week after a major u.s. cyber security firm far i said foreign government hackers had stolen tools it uses to probe the defenses of its customers. still ahead here on al-jazeera there are no signs of giving up by farmers in india is they stage a hunger strike to protest against new agricultural. pushed out of persecuted white christians in iraq say they no longer feel safe.
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the latest winter low is spinning up in the eastern side of the mediterranean which means significant rain for turkey snow height and a whole lot expanse down to northern egypt and across into the levant now initially it's not going to be particularly cold it'll just be shower is the forecast for gods to get through monday tuesday and wednesday showers on tuesday wednesday a bit of a breeze temps are dropping below 20 degrees and it goes probably love that jerusalem's forecasts of 15 the time we get to tuesday the rain the 1st band has gone through as a cold fronts are iraq the northern edge of course the high ground is going to be bringing more snow potentially big thunderstorms in its way dancers saudi across to kuwait
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and of course when we contact the western side of iran significant right and significant snow possibly once again even the capital up into iraq otherwise it's quiet and the next season already we come across is of course in southern africa and there's masses of it but really the line takes you from angola dian through zambia and towards madagascar but significant big son still has been around in south africa there continue and in zimbabwe but always a good example of 3 days of the. so may al-jazeera london to a cost center to special guests in conversation i don't feel because of colonialism unprompted fun interrupted there's a sense of what a month but i'm still having some legitimacy in terms of spreading the knowledge and technology pretty ago pal me still is that parents community make
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a record ration for something more new mentally horrific and flavoring studio to be unscripted on al-jazeera. how to get your watching out 0 remind of our top stories this hour and the 1st batch of the files a biotech coronavirus vaccine is being dispatched across the united states vaccination of health care workers and the elderly begins on monday that says the nationwide death toll approaches $300.00 towns. parents in northern nigeria desperately waiting for information about their son's off from attack on a boarding school gunman raided the school on friday and hundreds of children are reported to be still missing but it's not clear if they've all been. hackers have
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infiltrated computers at the u.s. treasury department and also it is believed other government agencies could also be . becomes less than a week after a major u.s. cyber security firm. said foreign government hackers had stone tools it uses to prove to differences of its customers. now farmers unions in india preparing for a one day hunger strike in a bid to ramp up protests of a new agriculture laws farmers have been camped out on major highways for weeks blocking some entry points into the capital new delhi there's anger over legislation that would change the rules about the sale and pricey projects several rounds of talks with the government have so far failed to find a compromise all right let's take this on we can bring in given the sharma he's a an agricultural expert and joins us via skype from china golf in mr sherman welcome to the program so no compromise no resolution where do we go to find
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a resolution with neither side backing down. but if somebody's seriously. concerned as far as me at all concerned because a simple case in bed is a lot solution to give a solution a big chunk of this there is a state made there exists the government is abusing to budge from the but we're going to be laws that we fund must demand and that is different in suspense has to be does it lead us a group if you must look just today i was. describing that if i'm going to happen north korea this is going to be an effort to britain and the government who . are so stupid you know a human being and us are not going to give up on their commodity but we're going to get the most right why is the government do you think so move bill on this given that agriculture is a likelihood that provides what 70 percent of the country with its source of work
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so why won't the government budge and how will it affect in the future. well i think that's the question being asked you're not at this understanding that there was the new law will be helping. with the higher income is something that has proved to be a failure in america that you're not basically bought there's a lot from america and europe and we all know that american agriculture and you're going to get back to the. states on a massive subsidies that the plant going to look like that it's not the market that we can see that is there but i think farmers in some but let me also make it very clear that in america despite the laws of the open market system in agriculture they got it before the last 6 that were the case american farmers are going to $125000000000.00 of bankruptcy and they don't do that there's a question and. it's not what their concern in america is. very tedious and then
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the rate up to say that it. is 45 percent higher than other america right after the different. things have a little bit of money got to have it look at india is a big question being asked right so you don't with the government argument the farmer is with these laws will have a wider market to sell to. well i think you are going to see that there we'll have one country one market but what's going to go unsaid any i think is something which needs to be as it has partners us games. not work for the simple reason that the this it is 6 percent of our farmers are small farmers that would be less than 5 acres of land already thought what they did they can't even go from one place to another to sell it but because it's closer to be a war and that would mean that that the what the farmers that it might mean is just what they're saying that the elite who have a minimum support bracelet on clocks which means that they're going to the broad price below which the that makes it but not all of which means in our short plays
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on a short income is what if i was that good money and that would be the real freedom for farmers how strong position finally do you think that modi's government is in if they continue not to compromise what would it do to their popularity because as i say farming it constitutes a fair amount of population. but you would like to know about 50 percent of india's population is good but they get cut which be set up to be about $600.00 people but if you play include their families also $600000000.00 people in one with a pretty good job and not all of the kind of support that is to say is going to get the apartments that were just in part because i don't know of any i think it's pretty nominal we have never seen that kind of a support group coming up quite apart from us and we should be safe you also acknowledge that it exists that the there has been an injustice to the bottom was all due to gates and it's time to really make it efficient and i think that is
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something which the government and bit lazy that you know it's critical of things that also link to that interview scene day and the government of course i'm sure would be considered open to the big concerns all of corporate people to some people put in for that sooner or later you can have on i think more sooner then they're going to have a i think it was a good thing coming up all right we'll see how it all pans out to michelle appreciate that thanks a lot thank you scores of people have been arrested in belarus in another weekend of protests against the president more than 70 separate ronnie's took place against a cap across the compliments and you take take by protestors off the security forces violently crackdown on mass demonstrations mass protests began more than 4 months ago and because shankar claimed victory in the presidential elections. scuffles have broken up between police and protesters in poland where thousands took part in a mass anti-government rally there is widespread anger at the policies including an almost complete ban all abortions which is due to come into force demonstrators
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marched on the residence of the prime minister just look why the scene is the architect of the new boss and law. british leaders have agreed to extend that talks as the deadline for trade deal approaches they've got until december 31st to make the deal otherwise there will be border checks and terrorist goods traveling between the u.k. and the european union general as more. high drama and 11th hour brinkmanship north for the 1st time in the 4 and a half year breakup between the u.k. and the e.u. are negotiation teams have been working day and night over recent days and despite the exhaustion after almost one geo for negotiations and despite the fact that deadlines have been missed over and over we both think that it is responsible at this point in time to go the extra mile did the fact that the 2
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sides hadn't called a halt to trade negotiations as some had expected mean that progress was being made you know what was going that far. i do think as i say there is a deal to be done if our partners want to do it but we remain very far apart on these key issues and they are u.k. can't be locked into the e.u. is regulatory or bit we've obviously got to take back control of our fisheries full of years after people voted for it no deadlines been set for this latest extension of talks frankly there's been so many deadlines made and missed that no one would believe it anyway the only hard date now is the 1st of january by which time these 2 giant trade partners will have separated for good deal or no deal britain intent on protecting its sovereignty the e.u. looking after the interests of its single market it is
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a nail biting time particularly for businesses for whom world trade organization rules in a no deal scenario would mean tariffs and quotas raising the cost of imports and exports with implications for some sectors that may struggle to survive the amount of tax like if it's like. we'll do people still going to be afforded and specially after kovi ads. you can tell a lot of rich asked in return the poorer even more poor soul say we don't know how it's going to be you know boris johnson's government is adamant britain will flourish even without a deal no one it says should warre but plenty do don't know how al-jazeera london pope francis will make his 1st ever papal visit to iraq in march the announcement has been welcomed as a sign of hope on the country's christian community has fallen from 1000000 to about 300000 this metaphor to reports from the christian town of battle.
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in iraq's town of the christian orthodox march many church has reopened its doors it was partly destroyed by eisel as the group launched its offensive in northern iraq in 2014 but there are few worshippers to fill its restored nave that with suliman has been a pastor here for 24 years and has gradually watched his congregation shrink so. if this hard situation continues it will be difficult for christians to stay in iraq maybe we will persist but the next generation know we cannot force them to stay but tell i used to be a christian majority town but over the past 4 decades the number of muslims here has steadily grown in the 1980 s. then president saddam hussein nationalized farm land belonging to christians and gave it to families of soldiers killed in the iran iraq war in 2014 eisel took over
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forcing the christian population to flee almost half emigrated abroad about a quarter have returned while another quarter remain in the semi autonomous kurdish region. members of this family in that abuse christian quarter of say the reason they don't feel safe to go back is the security force that controls the town they want to remain anonymous for security reasons. of course safety is the most important thing we've had enough of the infringements on our lands there is should be controlled by the sons of the area why do they bring strangers through all the area. that group is the 30th brigade of the shia led popular mobilization forces which helped retake but eisel the brigade is composed of ethnic shabab just like most of the muslim population that lives here last year its leader watch though was placed under u.s. sanctions for alledged human rights abuses against christians other was forced to
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step down 2 months ago he denies the charges against him and appear to side. i believe there's no control of one function over another we should back on the christians have been residents of the area for a long time the christians are welcome to return back to live in their homes and we support these returns there's complete stability and security. the majority of the town is now shot back many shopkeepers in this market who have bought or rented shops that used to be run by christians one of them mohammed of nun who recently returned belief such changes are a natural development it's the purchasing power that is ruling the situation the christians don't have money to buy but the muslims can buy but many christians say they are being pushed out and that much of the construction in but tel is funded by people in power who want to accelerate the demographic change the vatican's
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announcement of pope francis visit to iraq has given many christians hope that what is left of their heritage can be preserved but the demographic changes here are so extensive that few believe they can be reversed simona felt in al-jazeera but. as one seen as prime minister has died 4 weeks after testing positive for cope with 19. passed away in a hospital in south africa where he was being treated he was 52 the country formerly known as once a land has a population of 1200000 and has recorded nearly 7000 infections. john mccarron the spy turned novelist behind some of the world's best selling espionage fiction has died aged 89 he worked for britain's intelligence service before turning his experience into books which helped to find john silver as his report. for millions of his readers around the world john le carre's work shone a light on the world of shadows in a writing career spanning over 6 decades carry author 25 novels and one memoir that
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came to define the zora of the espionage thriller it was art imitating life the 1st 3 novels were written while the car a whose real name was david cornwell was still working as a spy for the british intelligence his employers made him published under a pseudonym and he kept it for the remainder of his literary career titles such as the spy who came in from the cold tinker tailor soldier spy and the honorable schoolboy became cold war classics. the currys writings help reshape perceptions of that era by patrolling the treacherous antics and moral ambiguity of the british and the soviet spy agencies after the end of the cold war he shifted focus to the chaos of the us dominated world order tackling issues from corporate corruption and russian oligarchs to extraordinary rendition and the wars in the middle east the feelings are very relevant i think. the notion that the
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flood the world with those particular middle east we never know whether they'll end up we don't know the good guys the guys i was so. i think a little thin we can we can explore knowledge as the news of his passing was announced tributes poured in from other genre defining authors on twitter horror and supernatural fiction writers stephen king called le carre elites already giants and the humanitarian spirit while the handmaid's tale author margaret atwood said le carre's novels are key to understanding the mid 20th century in his. last book published just last year le carre continued to draw on the world around him he brought the perfidy and deception that's been central to his novels into the world of bragg's it's and donald trump but in a life such as that of john le carre how much of it was fiction and how much of it was true a chinese space probe is on its way back from the moon bringing samples of the
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lunar surface to earth the 1st time in 44 years chang a probe started its 3 day return journey to earth with about 2 kilos of moon rocks onboard it's on target to parachute into the in the mongolia region of northern china last time luna samples from back to earth was in the ninety's so it's. all right it's a recap of the headlines here and on tour and the 1st batch of the pfizer biotech coronavirus vaccine is being dispatched across the united states $20000000.00 vaccinations this this month and we think will be up to $50000000.00 total vaccinations of people by the end of january. vaccination of health care workers and the elderly begins on monday that's as the nationwide death toll approaches 300000 the 1st batch of the pfizer biotech vaccine has arrived in canada.


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