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your points of view but ultimately stop the war and do the bloodshed the question that has to be asked is whether the fault for the lack of progress and reconciliation lies with the agreement or the balls use themselves the answer is probably both tony burke 3 al jazeera sorry able. to with al-jazeera these are our top stories the 1st batch of the 5 is a vaccine is being dispatched across the us of x. nation of health care workers on the elderly begins on monday as is the nationwide death toll approaches 300000 john hendren has more from washington d.c. in addition to sending these to specific hospitals they're also being sent to c.v.s. and walgreens to drugstores in their pharmacists will receive the vaccine personally and in their own vehicles will take them alone within a radius of 75 miles from each of very locations to distribute them to nursing
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homes where the elderly are most at risk in many cases it will be the frontline health care workers doctors and nurses who will be receiving the vaccines 1st and then it will spread out to the general public over the coming months we are told the general public might start getting vaccinations from march to april may and june. to me has overtaken the u.k. as have become the country with the highest number of coronavirus related deaths in europe and in germany stricter measures are being imposed as the government says the virus is out of control and hospitals are overwhelmed there's been an explosion on an oil tanker delivering cargo at saudi arabia's jeddah port a shipping companies to be the prime had been hit by an unidentified exxon all source that caused the blast and a fire. farmers union leaders in india on
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a one day hunger strike in a bid to ramp up protests over new agricultural farmers have been camped on major roads for weeks and say the legislation more damage their livelihoods. parents in northern nigeria desperately waiting for information about their sons after an attack on a boarding school gunman raid at the school on friday and hundreds of children are reported to be still missing it's not clear if they've all been abducted. e.u. leaders have agreed to keep trade talks going as negotiators missed a self-imposed deadline ahead of the new commission says there are still unresolved issues and all parties to go the extra mile european union's chief negotiator 'd michel barnier will brief ambassadors from. those i had lines of more news here on al-jazeera that's after inside story. realistically how can you do with corruption in this country if we listen if this breaks up into
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conflict. and india this has implications for the rest of the world we meet with global news makers and the stories that back to 0. and its hellion student is tortured and murdered in egypt now italy is pressing charges as more evidence suggests involvement by egypt's security services so will that finally be justice for judea a regime that is my story. and i welcome to the program i'm imran khan it's been nearly 5 years since the death of regime in egypt you talian student was researching labor unions when he disappeared in cairo his body was dumped by road at 9 days later italian investigators say the
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28 year old had been beaten and tortured new videos obtained by al-jazeera suggest the security services had followed him for more than a month if egypt blocking its investigation prosecutors in rome have now charged for gyptian agents with kidnapping and murder egypt as suspended its own probe but says whoever killed regime had no connection with the state. we today we know that the egyptian general security followed regina's tracks for 40 days we know that he was a recent 1st in a camp been transferred to cell number 13 the egyptian ministry of interior this is a very dangerous matter need telling people strongly condemn it we firmly maintain our position with respect to closing diplomatic ties with egypt the lawyer for regime whose family has welcomed the charges as a new chapter in the investigation. yemeni chief judy every genie was spied on for many weeks and that was even in his house the egyptian national security forces
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entered his rear searched it and took pictures of his passport and followed him everywhere they were taking pictures of him and creating a spy network that includes his friends all this can't be done by one individual only and the responsibility is well can't be placed on one single pass in such a matter and ashley would be from the highest authorities rights groups are calling for accountability in hundreds of other cases the committee for justice says that 1056 people have been killed in egyptian detention centers since bill fattah el-sisi took power in 2013731 have died from a lack of health care 144 were tortured and 67 committed suicide the egyptian commission for rights and freedoms says that more than 2700 people have been forcibly dissipated since 2015. let's bring in our guests engine a vote we have i'm afraid director of the committee for justice dahlia for me is
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the associate professor of political science at long island university she joins us from new jersey and to be on the hell is a political writer and analyst specializing in egypt and he joins us from washington d.c. a welcome to each of you i'd like to begin in geneva with our made in the fray the italians are saying that this is damning evidence not just of security services involvement but they're also saying that this shows that there was a conspiracy to try and prove that it. was actually part of a spy ring do you think there's anything in those charges. thank you for having to be around. we've got to get the transparency when we talking about some thoughts or thoughts of transparency on the bar to sit there's not transparency in the works of the states regarding years in each case already gotten and that is huge and it's. gotten to the irish and how many detentions users this is getting it's
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p.r. for us and also stuart for the international community. when we try to open service about 'd what's. we should and should we so it's that there is not all that transparency that there is a bit of transparency and delight and it's bishop and rich and that human rights missions and additions and arts that this is not transparency the base is like the positions of the situations that there is unity in trying to you think that robot got that to mislead the public. that missed it up to its source i think it's not only misleading it's not all the fault and that up they also tried to mislead the warren commission of inquiry as we all seem and the solution of sorts. out the are. all there but that you shines and that is
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christianity as examples it's not always old energy good it's also. in trying to mislead the human rights mechanic. that's by giving until information about many. of the uses. by. how doing its. part in egypt we think that with that with that expense oh and that human rights organisation. and outside egypt we will find. that egyptian regime. where. i can see that number one all it's who ever you hearts on the other hand what i mean just actually is an interesting point you make there let me just put it in the below the bill the egyptian government stopped the probe into regime he's deaf they've just said actually they didn't have
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anything to do it wasn't the state however they haven't provided any real evidence that our guest in geneva is basically saying that there's no transparency and there's never been any transparency when it comes to human rights in egypt. ok thank you very much for your kind invitation and. also the distinguished guests and to the under the desks ok let me put it this way the question of any human rights activist whether this kidnapping disappearance is exciting and then it takes away a little bit and then later it is revisited so that cycle has been followed in the case of jeannie and others whether it could be repeated in the future it's possible so it will be an issue it will be a file and there are many issues in so many countries who are by the human rights concerns was always recycled often and under different circumstances and as a matter of fact elec me defend the present time prison term has never been silent
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on the questions of human rights in egypt where their vision e.a. or any other subject it has always been raised and debated. the other part of the question points to the issue of transparency i mean well come to the age of globalization everything is open i mean it's a circle back to the debate or the syndrome of an open society it is no longer george orwell's 1904 and to tell attorney and society hiding the secrets of the states in court a court a ministry of propaganda so every nation faces oppression even the united states about the transparency of the elections at the transparency of the treatment of inmates or the human rights activists when it comes to egypt yes egypt is an open society it cannot escape the dictates of openness so any human rights
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issue will never be hidden from egypt as a matter of fact i recall once and expected egypt told me when i was young and very wise a statement any rumor in egypt has its own. foundation and grounds because there is some substance to a pip talk about anything so any human rights concern in egypt has to be transparent you cannot hide it well just because egypt has. shown a veil if there is no probe there is no transparency dollar for me in new jersey the italian prosecutors have named 4 people they are providing evidence but the egyptians are don't seem to be paying attention what's a sec what's the consequences of naming these people. so 1st let's look at the evolution of the egyptian narrative you know just last month the prosecutor in egypt said that the perpetrator of whatever happened to regina is unknown but if you recall just awhile regina's body was being flown back to italy the egyptian
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government executed for individual saying that he was killed by a criminal gang the narrative in egypt by the regime has evolved over time and what's happened in the past month is very interesting because the italian government has actually named 4 individuals and is looking into the investigation of 12 more individuals that it's asked the egyptian government for information on that they dipshit government refuses to release any information now the naming of tarik sauber mohammed ibrahim captain osman homie and magic bird hema sharif is very interesting because by naming them in public what's happening is that they are now liable in risk detention under interpol if they are to leave we used to talk about human rights violations in the names of states and regimes now by targeting individuals at the lower ranks they can actually be arrested if they attempt to leave the country here in united states the global manusky act that was passed
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actually allows the u.s. government to sanction individuals and target security officers who have particular pated and perpetuated and enabled torture to happen to to activists and other individual especially those who hold for in foreign passports now just this past summer the european union also agreed to establish a similar regime to the global manusky act in america allowing its 27 member bloc to sanction those responsible for human rights abuses so by the italian government naming individuals we've entered into a different moment of accountability on the international world stage because accountability. is not coming from within the investigative bodies of egypt and that's become clear over time moving from a narrative that he was killed by a criminal gang that evidence was found with these gang members and when the evidence was presented to regina's family they said that this does not belong to
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him and so by creating an international farce over the cover up of a cambridge university student whose doctoral dissertation was looking at union activities among street vendors being seen as a threat is quite telling evidence released this week and tapes so is that regina was followed for over 40 days that there are tape recordings of individuals and within the security apparatus who are a member talking about what do we do with the so-called young man we have him this leads that this was actually state perpetuated torture leading to the death of a foreign international grad student the evidence released recently by the italian government dalia i have to say the interruption the egyptian government is actually it one of its defenses one of his many defenses in this case is actually if this will wasn't a foreign student you wouldn't care and now you do because it's
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a foreign student now it was a nothing to do with us it was a criminal gang a k there's written evidence presented but we've shut down the probe i mean there is there is the italian government bringing this to the fore but what about all the rest of the people of muslim brotherhood really who've been arrested people on his of telfair over the years and the opposition groups have been cracked down on why don't those stories get told you why this will. you know since 2015 there have been almost 3000 cases in egypt a force in forced disappearances the have led to torture there are over 60000 political prisoners yes what is happening in the prison systems in egypt and throughout the country remains on unknown because egypt has done several things it's denied the entry of human rights workers like human rights watch and amnesty international it just imprisoned and released because of international pressure members of a human rights organization and so this is indicating if the egyptian government
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can law on what's happened to an italian graduate student from cambridge university then imagine what happens the every jay-jay action the international community has to remain silent on what's happening even for strategic reasons for example the italian government even though this is an italian graduate student it's evolved even in its relation of egypt from removing its ambassador to actually becoming a weapon sales country that sells weapons to egypt a country that's involved in a $1300000000.00 oil project with egypt and so even the italian government just like the french government just like the united states hedges its bets on is it international human rights or is it our strategic interest but what's happening with the global might act and the highlighting of cases like regina and for example the incoming biden administration is that there might be a turning point where the international community is forced to look at human rights
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violations that's political the one helpful our security is a vital point ali let's just put that point to made in geneva there's 2 points i want to put to you firstly our guest in washington d.c. said actually we don't live in 1904 anymore does the police state anymore egypt is partly the society so it is transparent just because of the fact we live in the modern world and secondly what do you think of this point that the incoming biden ministration the european union etc months used regime his case to actually take a look at what's going on inside egypt. ok i will begin with 2nd parts and i have a comment regarding their sheep case and my view will we have now come to the truth of what's happened with the g.d. and the situation now with the change we are not calling the court of justice or a genie and a whore more than one. who will have. presence and his attention and
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sense of sense. is unique is not only a victim of your kind of heart it's been harder here in the french citizen and. america james and i hate doing our hands most of us and that's our mouth detainees in egypt and others. where it can't hold up and go without at home to benefit for their killers and tortured souls are what we think we will. not be justice regarding this is syntax we are speaking now about more than 1000 detainees killed inside egypt's sense to expel their uncertainty and if this is. for all of this i will answer the 1st which is accountability do you think that
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egypt the government. which means you think it isn't to governments. accept any investigation regarding one sounds the detainees does. except your genius because usually is that the bus they get from you is god well that's good i was going to respond so let's make it our target let's get it let's get a response well below. that is not the 1st edition since 2013 until now or what sometimes they said well let's get a response seal your question in the below hill what's your response. ok look egypt can still handle the crisis because i mean they have a history of this i'm old enough to remember the 1970 s. when. massive cases of human rights atrocities that were committed after that illusion of july to discern under the regimes of nasr were just revealed and now
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and so there was an admission of the crimes of the former head of the intelligence apparatus a lot nicer and his associates and as a matter of fact just a few days ago about brown the former or minister or the guy who hired people who worked for his talent the torture of the muslim brothers and other inmates died and that also revived the whole question about torture and detention in egypt egypt can still manage the crisis the can i advise them to have a full and candid admission of everything if he was killed and tortured just stated publicly and loudly and then somehow you would be forgiven but i think egypt has transformed. you cannot really high things in egypt anymore because that is the mid-south since the 1970 s. has acknowledged that in the value of you have made what are you have made that point but let me just put something else here ok so if we are in
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a position where you're suggesting that egypt is transparent it should make these admissions however it shut down the regime probably always shuts down any probe coming into human rights abuses within egypt itself it never really investigates human rights abuses and there's very few actual convictions we've got 1056 people dead since our bill fattah el-sisi took power in egyptian jails no one has been held accountable for any of those deaths simply because the government employees and if you start charging government employees even to find that you are going to be a very unpopular government surely that's the case. ok this is actually a big question and can be debated from different perspectives let me just focus on 2 points quickly. it depends any discussion with the egyptian government and the minister of interior it was that's a definite on human rights has to be done so certain organs or in certain institutions like for instance in the case of the journalists if some journalists
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have been abused the head of the syndicate would talk to the police will talk to the prime minister to the president and usually there is a distancing between the office of the president and the human rights abusers that has been the norm since the dots in the seventy's because we held that last and so much involved in observing and knowing about human rights crimes the 2nd thing is that like what it says if there are problems say in the treatment of christians the cup the church will talk to the foreign to the prime minister to the interior minister so that police will be scrutinized this way so any human rights issue or will be debated with within certain institutions whether this is a deviant or a lot is another debate but you cannot hide it i'm quite sure that any developments in the case of the british regime need is still being discussed and debated there is some discourse going on i do not know about it but i would love to reach out ok
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does he have family in new jersey our guest in d.c. is saying that there are institutions that are ways of dealing with these human rights abuses they may sometimes going through the church they may sometimes even go through political organizations are for those institutions. and that not that we know of if we think about what's happened in the past 7 years since the military coup of 2013 there's upwards of 60000 political prisoners there have been the torture to death of just this year of 140 individuals over 100 over a 1000 have died in prison from torture neglect but and if you look at the cases that are used and abuse against women and children in egypt's prisons today misty international released her i'm sorry human rights watch and really sort of porous saying that there are cycles of hell of what women go through in egypt's prisons including gang rape by security officials this case is highlighting is
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a regime all the way to the top that is type 2 that is tied to abuse of individuals if you look at the case that was filed in american courts june of this year by activist mohammed sultan against the former prime minister has the former prime minister being accused of actually ordering the torture of of political prisoners this case highlights that this is these are not independent acts that are going to be dealt with in syndicates or by journalists indicates that this goes all the way to the top and what's become clear in the case of or in genie is that the torture was ordered he was monitored he was followed there is a special security apparatus that just monitors foreigners in egypt and all of this is been highlighted by this case and what this is greater reflecting is that if this is how foreigners are treated americans italians british. and british students then imagine what happens to every day gyptian is that don't have forces speaking
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on their behalf outside because there are no longer any more human rights. we are going out tom i would like to come to the other guests as well. just very quickly egypt has institutions all capable of dealing with this as a guest in washington d.c. do you agree. i don't believe this is not true this is not sure. if we if we see the situation calls lee there is no names that you should use it and suspect it's any crimes against human rights old irish i haven't even started but since i believe that you should do if she does or now care about human rights situation all or any. i don't but rather mis information. this is the way that egypt regime and egypt institutions right used. to answer our church. to speak about or to answer to which i got
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a rights violation what we know will sorry i'm going to sorry we are running out of time and i would like to come finally to guess the bill but helen the bill after having listened to everything that you just heard do you still think they are capable institutions and a decent human rights situation in egypt. it's not a perfect situation i would not use the term these since it's not a perfect one but again it is subject to debate it can improve and if there is any mistake could be highlighted and eventually you will settle this because on the question of human rights you have to think it is selective and this is a play couple in every country every situation 2nd it can be said to lucky you have thought was africa were a whole population was because he denied basic rights and then you have the truest commission so somehow there was any consolation with that this is this can be found in egypt depends on the attitudes of the political leadership but i think we can
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have this disposition of the consigning to any complains about human rights violations i want to thank all our guests ahmed maher for a family and the bill and i would like to thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by this single website i was there dot com and for further discussion go to her facebook page at facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can also join the conversation on twitter we are at a j inside story for me imran khan and the whole team here and i found out.
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the you should live. an invitation to bear witness to hold that life office. the heidi's the loves the trials and tribulations the unseen movements and
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everyday miracles the injustices the defiance the tests of character and the closeness they takes witness documentaries with a delicate touch on al-jazeera we're told technology can help tackle the spread of covert 19 but all tech solutions the best solutions we're starting something that seems like it's even in public health very quickly becomes a measuring people what data is being collected where is it sorted ali brain looks at the limits of time and the potential of other creative ways to deal with the issues resurface truck it when tech tools go viral episode 3 of all hail the lockdown on al-jazeera. it's 10 years since the arab spring shook countries across the middle east a decade on from the 1st uprising we'll look at the legacy of the revolution. join us as we assess the changes in the political landscape the middle east and north
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africa. on al-jazeera. the 1st shipments of coded $1000.00 vaccines begin rolling out across the united states those the government urges americans to take them. all of them are a kajal this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up an explosion hits a singapore flagged oil tanker off the saudi port city of jeddah. indian farmers block a key highway in union leaders go on hunger strike after talks with the government fail.


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