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ok. and it's. out on the street. you find the latin america. this is. the 1st shipments of covert 19 vaccines began rolling out across the united states as the government urges americans to take a. photo there on your car now this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up an explosion hits a singapore flagged oil tanker of the saudi port city of jeddah. indian farmers block
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a key highway and you need just go on hunger strike prompted talks with the government failed. and bosnia 25 years on the anniversary of a peace deal that ended europe's bloodiest complex as the 2nd world war. the 1st u.s. shipments of the finds a covert 900 vaccine are being delivered across the country in the nation's largest ever immunization project well then 16000000 people in the u.s. have tested positive for corona virus and the death toll is headed towards 300000 california ohio texas and pennsylvania been reporting the most daily infections california has confirmed almost 200000 cases in the past week alone one of the riskiest places to be right now is the tiny state on the right rhode island that's where cases are by almost 50 percent compared to a fortnight ago new york still has the highest death toll overall with more than
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35000 it was the 1st epicenter of the virus in the united states and cases are again on the rise john hendren has the latest from washington d.c. . the united states rolled out the most ambitious vaccination program in american history. to the applause of workers at pfizer's michigan vaccine plant it is a test of an unprecedented national effort to save millions of lives in the nation most ravaged by the pandemic. with these low dry ice into boxes containing the super chilled vaccine tested negative 70 degrees celsius. then in a scene not witnessed in this century that scene bearing ferric to u.b.s. delivery trucks are escorted by u.s. marshals the shipments are expected to reach the 1st $145.00 locations on monday and a total of $636.00 by wednesday $20000000.00 vaccinations this this month and then
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we think will be up to $50000000.00 total vaccinations of people by the end of january and $100000000.00 shots in arms by the end of february just with the derren and foster vaccine but amid the celebration there are warning signs to achieve the herd immunity necessary to stop the disease in the u.s. just say 75. percent of the public must be vaccinated but in a study of one health care system florida's jackson health system half of the health care workers said they would not be taking the vaccine another 35 percent said they would not take it in the 1st round the head of the u.s. national institutes of health says that's a major concern i would like to plead this to people who are listening to this this morning to really hit the reset button on whatever they think they knew about this vaccine that might cause them to be so skeptical please people when you look back in a year and you say to yourself did i do the right thing i hope you'll be able to say
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yes because i looked at the evidence across the u.s. the virus is reaching new peaks state of mississippi reports it now has no more intensive care beds available what i fear that people do not understand however is that the resources are finite. they are finite there gets to a point where we have to say we don't have another place to put another patient safely we can't do it with nearly 300000 dead in new infections rising the human toll continues to mount john hendren al jazeera washington. new zealand says it's planning to allow a quarantine free travel with a strain by april next year a so-called travel bottle scheme is an attempt to reconnect the neighbors and would allow people to travel between the 2 countries without having to complete a 14 day mandatory quarantine is inspired just endurance and says no date has been
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confirmed yet. how many zone has been exposed in an oil tank cantilevering congo at saudi arabia's jeddah ports a shipping company half man said one of its oil tankers the b.w. rhine had been hit by an ally 10 to fight external source that caused an explosion and fire that comes after another tanker was damaged by a mine off the coast last month that attack was blamed on yemen's rebels matchups wary as director of the gulf study center at castle university he says this is a serious incident in a critical part of the red saying it's very interesting to see this happened just after one month of. other incident that we have to look at also what was happening to our eye a previously i think of this we have to look at the context the context that is it is very tense there is a tension in. sodas and how that is that there's a tension between so there and there are there's
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a tension between iran and the united states and alliances and the region so it's a very it's a very tense moment. and the minute we have to look at also the consequences of the a summation of the nuclear scientists of iran. so i think the context is very tense and the little box of the nation will appear in next few hours about what's happening but it does reflect that this region is basically is very tense and you know another state actors militia can act with solo or with the suction from 3rd party if it's needed and i think that is what we should what we have to keep our eye on it. farmers union leaders in india have begun a one day hunger strike in a bid to ramp up protests over new agricultural laws farmers have been camped out on major highways for weeks blocking some entry points into the capital new delhi angry over legislation that would change the rules about the sale and pricing of
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produce several rounds of talks with the government has so far failed to reach a compromise live upon him the gossip or border crossing between delhi and pradesh states she says the protests are no sign of stopping. if anything increasing pressure on the government around $45.00 union leaders are on hunger strike at the 3 highways at least 3 highways into the capitol region of delhi which they've blocked for 2 and a half weeks now including here at the ghazi cooed border between the states of the predation and delhi they're on hunger strike from 8 am local time till 5 pm and they're receiving political support from the state leader here in delhi i've been cagey while and his aadmi a common man party they have joined the hunger strike in solidarity with farmers and on the weekend we saw another part of a not a major highway between the states of raja stalin and delhi being blocked by
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farmers and so farmers are increasing the pressure but prime minister in that interim order at least doesn't seem to be feeling it he was as defiant as ever when we heard from him on the weekend he was defending the law saying they will help farmers they will make them more prosperous by giving them new markets and attract investment in the agriculture sector the farmers maintain that the laws must be must be repealed and they've rejected the government's proposed amendments. a growing number of activists in hong kong are facing a difficult choice as old as crackdown on dissent many are deciding whether to risk 7 a prison sentence or flee the territory agent brown met one such activist who is now facing an uncertain future. there was a time when hong kong was a haven for families fleeing persecution in mainland china as 2020 nears its end people are now living the city for the same reason aged just 15
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a rule ranks as one of hong kong's youngest political exiles here packing her bags in the hotel room where she spent last week before flying to london on saturday she was 14 when she was detained during protests 7 months ago and although not charged remains worried about the impact of a sweeping new national security law or said i joined a social movement last year and became one of the frontline protesters on my protest team mate having a rest and charge with serious crimes including rioting and asan i'm afraid that it will not take long for them to come up to me her actions of divided her family but her mother supports her decision to leave she's being helped by a group assisting others who also want to go to britain where a ruler expects to resume her studies in january i found i wonder if i did not expect that i would end up like this when i joined the protest i know we were hard
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to say goodbye it would be sad but rather leave to seek a bag of future and to live without fear as much about this case that's troubling auroras age the fact that she was radicalized so young and is now seeking political asylum in a country where she knows few save the members of a group who now in effect be her guardians she least behind a city where pro-democracy activists are being arrested almost daily. on saturday the prominent businessman jimmy lai appeared in court charged under the security legislation and is now facing a lengthy jail term activists only chung fled in august a warrant since been issued for his arrest for. my family. if still in hong kong. i'm sure. i missed the studio why is it the. sign in front office and their families
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like a real or a sunny doesn't know if he'll ever step foot here again and like her has no regrets about where their activism has let them adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong. still ahead hey i'm not a terrible parent some payoff to help has hundreds of children a name missing after an attack on a school in northern nigeria. and the u.s. says hackers attacked computers at the treasury department there are ways it can be much more far reaching. this particular year is along the new year which tends to mean we get more active weather in this part of the world southeast asia doorway down to north not straight or nice not straight here and you can see that action to some degree now that the
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rainy season is rather more in hans to java and east was true east timor towards poppy in new guinea the brighter the tops mean the heaviest showers we've still got a fairly cold northeast monsoon which means showers in vietnam and the philippines every down again getting hearts they become big as well but australia is probably not just the biggest change whilst it's now dry in the northwest off the brits been coast and further south new south wales has been on the shore breeze story with the big waves eroding the coastline here and giving pretty unpleasant weather was for what is of course summer we're talking about 23 in sydney on tuesday of 29 in brisbane and you know some of the edge here to tropical cyclones they don't look very close to fiji but yes it's forecast about. 4 days' time might get close enough to be damaging it's a tropical cyclone that strengthening whereas this does not look like summer in australia will back down to bring significant rain to a.c.t in eastern victoria the
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tension melbourne reasonable but not good 23. from fossil fuels to modern day renewable as societies develop the energy demands increase requiring innovative solutions to meet such demands as a global power developing to the basement company brash power is uniquely positioned to deliver against the state we provide business growth promote social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and vironment we shall energy solutions for future generations the brush fire nearing future.
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where again your geology is there as a reminder of our top stories this hour the 1st batch of the fires a coronavirus vaccine is being splashed across the u.s. backs nation of health care workers and the elderly begins on monday as the nationwide death toll approaches 300000. has been an explosion on an oil tanker glittering cargo at saudi arabia's jeddah port a shipping company said the b.w. brine had been hit by an unidentified external source that was the blast under fire . and farmers union leaders in india on a one day hunger strike in a bid to ramp up protests over a new agricultural north farmers have been camped on major roads for weeks and say the legislation won't damage their livelihoods. bosnia is marking the 25th anniversary of the signing of the days in peace agreements that brought the war to an end but as everyone is celebrating tens of thousands of displaced people are
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still unable to return home to anybody joins us live now from sarajevo so tony a somewhat mixed legacy of the dayton agreement but has it kept the peace. so far lower after 25 years it has kept the peace and that's the one overwhelming unmitigated success of the dayton peace agreement that ended the war it stop the bloodshed and anyone who covered this war intensively you will know what that means but having said that since that dayton agreement the progress has been very muted and very slow here there has not been the achievements in reconciliation and harmony that existed before the war and the dayton agreement for source so there have been problems along the way here there's also the problem of injustice dayton accords made provision for the people to move back to their homes or receive compensation that has not happened so you don't have that mix of communities that existed before the war and therefore basically dayton is cemented the divisions of
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this country unintentionally but that is the case and the problem is where do we go from here it's a very difficult situation the future is not looking bright. plus new buildings in sarajevo but it's a facade real life for most of bosnia is not as bright as one of the poorest countries in europe has high rates of youth unemployment widespread corruption and a fraught political framework. for the sarajevo film on an orchestra playing mozart's 25th symphony a special coded restricted online celebration marked the official signing of the dayton peace agreement that ended the wall like bill clinton who was us president at the time lauded the achievement the nightmare you endured then has never returned and the credit for that achievement belongs to all the people of all backgrounds. the peace deal ended the bloodiest conflict in europe since the 2nd
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world war but it didn't kick start the process of reconciliation or we knew the ethnic co-habitation enjoyed in pre-war bosnia had the dayton agreement been implemented. we would have had a much better situation today what is being implemented is to genocide here because there is too school in an effort to reverse the ethnic cleansing the dayton accords stated that everyone had the right to return to their homes or to get compensation that has never happened the serbs control 49 percent of the country and for them dayton was a good deal but. the newly elected mayor of east sarajevo says 80 percent of bosnian serbs would vote for independence if they have the chance and not thinking about it but if different counterparts different sides and kurds if they want to have to have a centralised state where the majority of x. . all decisions to do service and to other nations yes i'm going to say
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that's not possible the dayton agreement has been criticised because it appeared to reward the serbs for aggression by legitimizing their territory republika serbska despite the atrocities committed on all sides during the conflict there have been hardly any revenge killings or into ethnic violence but with many unresolved issues especially the prosecution of war criminals according to some there's tension the sparks that is here in boston there is very dangers. should not be here what has been done is often harder to undo dayton unintentionally cemented the division of the country most don't know how injustice will be solved but they do know that bosnia can never go back to what it was when no one looked at the religion but only a person. the lack of opportunities here has laid $1800000.00 in salif the country . nobody knows where it is going from now it's in
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a very precarious situation there hasn't been this it's the ethnic violence that was feared in the time but there are a lot of questions about justice to seeing justice to be done there are nearly $600.00 people who are facing criminal war crimes charges and till that is finished the process of harmony reconciliation can't really truly start to begin so the question is in a region where violence tends to happen every 50 years what is the future for both here and that's a question that not put not many people can answer absolutely ok many thanks for that. on the 25th anniversary of the signing of the dayton peace agreement. he is chief negotiator says although 2 conditions remain unresolved sealing a trade deal with person is still possible as despite missing a self-imposed deadline on sunday michel barnier is a briefing negotiating teams in brussels as they press on with talks to avoid a no deal outcome from interviews up because you don't use it often going our
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responsibility is to continue these very difficult negotiations never before in the history of the e.u. have we negotiated with an entire country on such an agreement on business goods energy security of citizens transport we've never negotiated an agreement on such a short amount of time it's been 9 months we should have had at least 5 years to get through all of these so we'll give it our best it's our responsibility it's still possible to get a good balance agreement that needs to be 2 conditions that are still not fulfilled free and fair competition and accord that guarantees reciprocal access for fishing in markets. on monday britain and the e.u. have agreed to go the extra mile and continue trade talks if they fail border checks and taxes will be introduced for goods traveling between the u.k. and the e.u. from the 1st of january join a whole has more. high drama an 11th hour brinkmanship north for the 1st time in the 4 and a half year break up between the u.k. and the e.u. are negotiation teams have been working day and night over recent days and
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despite the exhaustion after almost one g. of negotiations and despite the fact that deadlines have been missed over and over we both think that it is responsible at this point in time to go the extra mile did the fact that the 2 sides haven't called a halt to trade negotiations as some had expected mean that progress was being made you know what was going that far. i do think as i say there is a deal to be done if our partners want to do it but we remain very far apart on these key issues and they are u.k. can't be locked into the e.u. is regular treat or bit we've obviously got to take back control fisheries full of years after people voted for it no deadlines been set for this latest extension
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of talks frankly there's been so many deadlines made and missed that no one would believe it anyway the only hard date now is the 1st of january by which time these 2 giant trade partners will have separated for good deal or no deal britain intent on protecting its sovereignty the e.u. looking after the interests of its single market it is a nail biting time particularly for businesses for whom world trade organization rules in a no deal scenario would mean tariffs and quotas raising the cost of imports and exports with implications for some sectors that may struggle to survive the amount of tax like if it's like. people just seem going to be afforded and specially after kovi. you can tell a lot of rich asked in return the poorer even more poor so. we don't know how it's going to be you know boris johnson's government is adamant britain will flourish
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even without a deal no one it says should warre but plenty do don't know how al-jazeera london. scuffles broke out between police and protesters in poland where thousands took part in an anti-government rally many people are angry about policies that a complete ban on abortions gathered outside the residence of the deputy prime minister has widely seen as the architect of a new abortion law. a series of coordinated protests have been taking place in bella roots against president alexander lukashenko more than 70 separate rallies took place across the capsule minsk it was a new tactic by protesters after security forces violent crackdown on large demonstrations at least 14 migrants have died following a shipwreck off the coast of venezuela it happens near the port city of gear a ship was destined for trinidad and tobago in the past 5 years it's thought more than $25000.00 venezuelans have left for trinidad and tobago to escape the economic
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crisis at home. a group of armed men herds attacked a village in south east and killing at least 27 people around 70 gunmen opened fire on the village in the different region before setting it alight. responsibility for the attack described by local officials as unprecedented savagery it happened the day before local and regional elections took place parents in northern nigeria desperately waiting for information about their sons after an attack on a boarding school gunmen raided the school on friday and hundreds of children are reported to still be missing some of those who escaped have been speaking out about their ordeal as bar and go reports this summer is one of the boys rescued after gunmen stormed his school and abducted hundreds of children he says he was falling asleep when the attack started. i started hearing
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gunshots then when i came out the rim any people already outside we were asked to go back to our hostel then they said the gunmen were already in the school we climbed the school fence but they asked us to return back we thought the resolder were trying to protect us but unfortunately they were not. the sama used all his wits to try and survive. when i decided to run they brought a knife to slaughter me but i ran away quickly i ran into the crowd but they couldn't get me then i put my clothes upside down so they could not see me from there they said they would kill whoever is trying to escape i then began to run in climbing one rock to another through a forest. 2 days after the attack more than $300.00 boys still missing their parents said desperate. our last prayers to see that our children are back that is the only prayer that we are doing we are sleepless even this last night we stood up praying to god to bring our children. criminal gangs in northwest nach area have
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become increasingly brazen targeting civilians for ransom can't terrorism experts say armed gangs may have stormed the school to force concessions from the local government guy that actually benefited from. i see some forms of negotiation in the past with what they catch in our government and also the exam for us to govern but it's believed that there is a conflict in terms of agreement reached between cuts not state governments and disbanded so it's more like an attack in the community saw like sure all of the cuts nightstick got made into negotiating with the nigeria's defense ministry says the whereabouts of the so-called bandits is known and the military is trying to bring the boys back home safely but this anger that the
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abduction happened the tool. nigeria's government put measures to prevent school abductions after the harare kidnapped 276 schoolgirls chibok in 2014. 6 years later more than 100 of the girls are still missing the fear for parents and cuts in the state is that their sons could suffer the same fate. al-jazeera. the u.s. has officially remove sudan from its state sponsors of terrorism list trumpet ministration approved the move as a side deal to sudan's normalization agreement with israel in october washington and signed an agreement to restore the country's sovereign immunity mean that it cannot be sued in american courts in return sit down pay $335000000.00 to the victims of the 1908 al-qaeda attacks on the u.s. embassies in kenya and tanzania. leaders of 5 african nations are meeting to
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discuss the escalating violence in northern mozambique which is a space thousands of people united nations says attacks by fighters linked to i still have forced 400000 people to flee armed groups in paper delgado province have seized key towns for brief periods wanting to set up a caliphate region is home to a multi-billion dollar natural gas projects hackers have infiltrated networks of the u.s. treasury department and possibly other government agencies u.s. national security council says it's investigating the cyber attack it comes less than a week after a major u.s. cyber security firm fire i said foreign government hackers have stolen the company's own hiking tools. written staying in is chief research analyst for i.t. harvest he says the hacking attacks are far more reaching than expected. so it appears that this is a widespread use of an attack and supply chain so 1st we had the attribution to
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russia and the hackers called cozy bear her a p t $29.00. minutes later we learned that it was just the same people as the tech fire as the treasury department but now we're learning that they got in through a vulnerability installed in a major piece of software infrastructure called solar winds in solar winds has tens of thousands of customers around the world 90 percent of the fortune $500.00 and many government agencies all 5 branches of the u.s. military the pentagon the state department and the office of the president so if they get a foothold in these early indicators treasury and fire could very well be that they are also already penetrating and breaching these other agencies but they should be concerned because we've been hearing these warnings and pundits frankly myself in that group have been criticizing the government's approach to security for a long time. but it should be no surprise right to have
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a gigantic bureaucracy and then larry and new branches of government like the h.s. on top of that they can set policy but they don't control the purse springs you know it goes through congress etc so they really can't be proactive or prescriptive about the actions that each of the agencies takes. to without as there are these are top stories the 1st batch of the pfizer coronavirus vaccine is being dispatched across the u.s. and x. nation of health care workers and the elderly begins on monday as the nationwide death toll approaches 300000 john hendren has more from washington d.c. . in addition to sending these to specific hospitals they're also being sent to c.v.s. and walgreens to drugstores and their pharmacists will receive the vaccine personally
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and in their own vehicles will take them alone within a radius of 75 miles from each of their locations to distribute them.


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