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tv   People Power Kenya The Unfathomable Virus  Al Jazeera  December 15, 2020 2:30am-3:01am +03

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a privilege. in 2024 another total solar eclipse will pass through mexico and parts of the united states but it will be another one in this exact place for their 400 years. al-jazeera something. you're watching al-jazeera with me so robin a reminder of our top stories the u.s. attorney general william barr is resigning a bit donald trump's accusations that he hasn't done enough to investigate the president's false claims of election fraud he leave his post just before christmas she had a chance he has more on william barres resignation from wilmington delaware what he didn't do off to the election for donald trump was go out fighting saying wait a 2nd there's been enormous election fraud and the d.o.j. you have to investigate in fact. after
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a relative period of silence actually there wasn't any evidence of election fraud that you can imagine that kind of gone down terribly well with donald trump and then just in the last few days it was announced in some rather well placed well wall street journal articles which seem to be single source you can decide where they were getting this information from the william barr had in fact. kept quiet the issue of the d.o.j. investigation into hunter biden during the election. the u.s. electoral college has formally validated joe biden's victory in the november presidential election california's electors pushed joe biden over the threshold to clinch the presidency it's one of the last steps to finalize the outcome of november's election. the number of covert 19th a tele t's in the united states as the past 300000 on the day the largest vaccination campaign in the country's history got under way medical workers and home residents are being prioritized cheering the rollout. and most european
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countries are struggling to contain a new wave of covert 1000 cases germany's president is warning the cove of 19th that you ation has become bitterly serious but all essential businesses will have to close in germany from wednesday until january the 10th in london has been moved to england's highest level of restrictions as well well the u.s. has imposed sanctions on turkey over its purchase of a russian missile defense system increasing tension between the 2 nato allies the us had already removed turkey from its f. $35.00 jet program because of the deal turkey brought the russian s $400.00 ground to air defense system last year and it insists it poses no threat to nato as one condemned the sanctions targeting turkey's weapons procurements sector those were the headlines about that more news in a half hour here on al-jazeera next its people in power do stay with us. what is sandy been doing with the money that it's borrowed we bring you the stories and developments that are likely changing the world living seen as congress is debating
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a bill seeking to raise billions of dollars from the super rich to support families get advice on damage counting the cost on al-jazeera. that's covert 19 spread around the world in 2020 attention inevitably focused on those nations with the highest rates of infection of satanic seas or the best or worst track record at tackling the disease but the pandemic has also had unexpected consequences for people far from the headline making events elsewhere one such place lies deep in the heart of kenya where a community reliant on international tourism has been left struggling to survive.
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good afternoon from the canyons. on the 27th of march this year we announced a nationwide dawn to dusk a few and then again on the 5th of april we augment it this but i don't sing the sation of movement into and out all of the number of countries that due to the of moving nature of the disease globally international travel restrictions are here but extended. when a new virus appeared in blue hunt china in late $21000.00 few would have imagined it's far reaching effects within weeks of it 19 was spreading around the world within a year it had killed one and
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a half 1000000 people hospitalized millions more and forced nation after nation into law. as international travel has ground to a halt the social and economic consequences has been catastrophic in even the most remote places far from global headlines one such place is something in the heart of kenya where the community reliant on foreign trailers in the us struggle to survive . this is the story of just some of it's been. my name is on old you clearly born and brought up in the area called. nairobi mall one town but next to a big border been growing up seeing. birds and so i don't know a beautiful area but next one just. all know it is a story and. animals have been his passion since school and his career choice was
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inevitable. from the moment he heard he could earn a living showing visitors the remarkable wildlife of his country he was hooked he studied the subject at college and has been a god ever said. but now that outlook is on set. during the busy time especially due to a migration to the high season. both of them for 4 months nonstop. which means i'm busy almost every day. especially for me. having specialized in photography safari. the coverage of common. shut everything down like everybody's home for now. well the main problem with our communities especially at some of the community generally like my size in australia is to leave around international that's. my go to turn them defensively tourism. being
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one of them we've got to meet in our immediate jobs around. the villages we need like immediate box as a fight against god even friends because in so while there are doubts like waitress we tarzan bomb and. housekeeping so that's the image we did our job loss for them. another thing i went to it is going to be a lot of them they like the sitting nearby villages just off of cultural experience . to see the lifestyle of the fighting that's on the roof and now that's also it's couple. but today on notice trying to do something about that he's on a mission to deliver food to some of the communities in an amount sambhu national is that it's internationally famous for its wildlife and before the pandemic
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visitors where much needed source of income what i don't like a box of boodle and what makes them go to one of the special especially toward investigation is the culture. that people from bottle they are beautiful friendly. and also. nature friendly for conservation. it's a beautiful place so support elephants up close. the elephants on bull last took off frankly. to watch them to stay with them towards their behavior behavior. is present when they are streaming. they create a while so many of the river. after a long drive to the result on old can finally set up camp for the night.
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foster morning. we are heading to women village go to seoul korea and programmers to visit village which was found in 1964 rescue. the women who have been forced to post modern and sometimes it. so we are distributing food stuff from her nations because of that women have been literally depending on bodies. and also with us we have a tablet. so the tablet is equipped with. education programs to enable the children to catch up with good occasions use they have been out of school for 3 months now. we started. in 1900. women who have been kicked out of
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home. and there will have been a lot of programs because. they didn't have anything to depend on that i would have to address under the children have been dying because of a problem because so good to see 5th or. want us must my name. so a lot of program and many women died because of the program and that's what made us the come unstuck want to. rebecca is the found a matron of. the century for so long because of gender fountains and young girls running from forced marriages. we're going to want to thank you so much the women who live here proud of. but like everyone else in the area the village has withdrawn from visitors. who depend on producing. because when the thought is come we get the entry fee or they've been it or so we said our jewelry
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for the $2.00 are you. 6 b going to donate to is a matter of understandable and celebration the longer the pandemic has gone on the harder it's been to survive. now we have our very had a time yes in this village and in fact everywhere especially those people who decide on quality because of this koran a writer we have a lot of problems this koran us of brought a disaster here. because this love. and even you can't go to the center because also of the. police are arresting people if you don't half mast you would be arrested even if you don't go to the market because you have nothing to well by feel. people have to have somebody very much
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because of hunger so we really appreciate for this food. you guys you have brought to us to really help and we share with our community because if now they see this food here everybody will come and ask for food because people are dying because of hunger not even because of cotton it's because people have no food look at all these children they don't have food. we are really having a rough time and discover life our lives have changed. because of last word he says . to us are really always helping us and feeding us. and we have never seen such a disaster the koran which even we don't know which kind of an animal is this what all the koran because we just had coroner is deceased which is killing
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and you could see miss and i. so rebecca considering your stay away from the city how did you get this information about iraq. in fact we didn't have that r.n.'s yes of course on our radar it's just something we had it's just these people talking about koran so that's just how we had it and we don't know what's going on and we don't know how it is we don't know signs and symptoms of koran and we just heard it from people talking about we don't know this thing nobody of is no 2 people are not going around to get people in a suburb this one. that's the only room thing always we depend on it twice and we didn't know something else so this is not our jewelry this is what we defend of this is our life we never are derided and we sell you this why did. you get. so we have not to are just now coming so
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our women they displayed every morning. their jewelry. and they they wait for everybody to come in and buy their jewelry so that they can have something for their food you know this is their living but not even a single not even a local. so we have nowhere to sell our children and that's why we have a lot of problems because of koran our writer. it's a very hard life now without 2 of those tours it's become painfully clear to many here that over reliance on tourism has been a mistake and that they should find other ways of making a living room but that is easier said than done even basic farming distraught with problems you know. somebody who
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community. we really like. livestock we love life book. content or livestock but us women you know we cannot go past us you can't pick and also we have to have a life book before but the they're worried so we are very scared because. they shoot us and then they took our our next so that will also made us a bit scared of how to live stock as we know and you know our children are going to school our boys are not to people to want read or to dissent and we don't even want that because also we are on the other side we are the women who are trying to keep peace this is not the place of funding or to grow anything nothing can grow here. we don't know how to do it we are not good on that we are good on let's talk we are
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good on looking after life because we grow up looking after our livestock but the being the farm we can try but it is some very hard to thing for us that. i don't know what we can do with that one because it is something we don't know how to do it speaking about alternative source of livelihood apart from tourism it's kind of a challenge for them because the few people i've met the good even no idea on what to do next absolutely no idea for them is like after cause it will we'll go back to the life they're not thought of any option be to for their livelihood we have learned a lot through this quarter and we have to know what the next. to do if we don't have to i do what the next. we don't know where to go.
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there are problems everywhere in the summer. it's off to meet. one of the veteran ranges he looks off to the national parks wildlife. as they head out on a routine patrol all seems normal. is worried about the plan to mix a long term effects on the animals he. could use i.
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spend your. know how and what i thought. and i think that was when. i felt well. or number what were you. i know what i won the 2000000 to bethel or to go with one when i. may hit. the fear of tom and other rangers here is of a cascade of events forcing hungry people into desperate acts with calamitous consequences. that by feed them on the thought. of the name i want to go. liver she got. tough about finding him by gotten up a sign in a community one of the addresses. our english when i'm. wrong
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i. see that one or if you're all of mumbai cycled want to say again you walk through our community you are planted myself will i get to you who knew all about. that sucks and yet again now the question is even you want to involve the community with wildlife day one myself my opinion is they be defeating from the wildlife because if bodies are the issues of lions attacking community. cows and goats if they get compensated out of that then they will not see a need to kill the lion their revenue they call little to collect from tories some of their money should be set aside to do community projects dig bottles for them provide water clean water the school for them you know sponsor the children the
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brightest children even to higher education so all the community will definitively support their wildlife mumble quite a few. what you're monophonic what a man like you to take on our lives he says to us asa was just weary. from some members trying to see why progress from unofficial to p.c. come number 23 how about if i'm quite an i.q. to varying but then great so he'd i'm i'm not sure what circle. number. you work you are quick to rob are credible you thought fadia sama jesse. mine in a. locker tried to go on. try to see what you were taught to india and what your manner from where is your. means what is with
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your game in other words if you a live at heathrow airport if you quit where's your nonna you don't like your minus on the. replacing for interest with people from kenya would go some way to sailing the income gap here. but despite the remarkable wildlife on offer many kenyans haven't paid much attention to the wonders on their doorstep the challenge is how to change that we no longer have international tourists coming at all we were wondering if these coveted and do we still wait for the international authorities. we're not sure. they will come but if the education was passed to the generation it could have even have a lot of locals coming to visit. and definitively that will bring back the jobs where people were forced to quality because it the parks of course didn't generate
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income and their livelihood we come back considering 40 percent of kenyan is involved into what is in one way or another has people just. supplies visited was foods to this big fight because they're no longer doing that. depends on tourism. 1. so. our web site now and the moment the tourism is affected it affects literally a lot of people in the end arnold believes it all comes down to education and the importance of encouraging local 20. pretty good people leaving the city. when one of the mystic is like the never got information or maybe they never. give in to do question. so they never develop an interest. well for now they'll be
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encouraged maybe documentaries on how countries 'd that might encourage them to come but for the coming generation i think it's absolutely important. topics should be even introduced in the curriculum from childhood. so that the information is imparted to them you know how important i'm. hoping to change the perceptions of. arnold has become involved with a number of new initiatives and today he's asked to help with one of them. was to village. to actually number so we have like 56 to do today. we just learned that involves children in consideration program is very possible. so that the past but the mission even the next generation projects like this have
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gained the support of some unlikely kenyans including a senior government official in this day job is deciding what kenyans can and can't see on their cinema screen. you know one of the things that we are doing actually as a board is to try and get our kids to our i'm interested in their own country and in their in the in the main in the dynamics that the final we are in our lives is one of the key areas and you do that by one giving them and you just look like then giving them exposure they need to know that they need to see one of the things that we must do therefore is to introduce this kind of education in our schools is that we have kids know not just that their their local vanilla fine but that they the importance of manila and how to relate with an elephant and what it is above mine i my parents of never up to now to the economy to any place to see animals i took it
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myself one day definitely i'll take my children to go and see animals. and fun i'll be alive i'll take my son to see a lion to see. a buffalo when he grows up i'm sure i will do that then to children i think the base anything we can teach our children right now who lead with their set out celko appreciate the beauty of nature and take care of that nature and then vitamin down to them knowing that the are a legacy to leave for their children our kids in to be taken to the national park in front of their education why would these people come for overseas to see animals in the national park when the bozo buffalo live next to the park is not even sure any interest in visiting those places be a buck or 2 more that women village in the from bow to him to visit the village and to mitrovica one of our papas was to bring his tablet and when we were here we
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managed to take some trips of a different kind of animals you know shortened cinema one of those elephants in some brutal eco system so it doesn't float it has generated a lot of power so we have to work to bring all our. well you like if something really good and it is given would for the war of. kenya remain i would you know and we have to laugh when only most so our children we must it could them about where you live because it makes this country or so beautiful and bring many people to come and see our beautiful well you're.
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educating kenyans to learn to love their wildlife may 1 day allow national tourism to replace the foreign income that has been lost to corinna virus but it will take time. when the pandemic tore through asia europe and the americas in the early part of 2020 africa seem to be relatively less effective now in common with much of the rest of the wild kenya is experiencing a 2nd wave of infection. the discovery of suitable vaccines may eventually improve matters but wealthier countries will be able to access them more quickly than developing nations and even then international travel and the tourism it brings will take years to fully recover the consequences of covert 19 will be felt in communities like some barrier for some time to come.
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greece the birthplace of democracy but ethnic turks from the northeast tell a different story the greeks they bounce to control our religion our believe their religious leaders jailed journalists silenced schools closed and a surge in the far right they say that if you don't like you can both hurt you why i'm dirty but i'm all for greek people in power investigates western thrice contested space on al-jazeera.
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an invitation to bear witness to all that life office. the heidi's the learner's the trials and tribulations the unseen and everyday miracles the injustices the defiance the tests of character and the person they tunis with nice documentaries with a delicate touch on al-jazeera. al-jazeera while tells the intriguing stories behind 4 classic songs from palestine enjoyed social snapshots of different times and places from the british mandate to 19 fifties jordan and the palestinian diaspora today musical expressions of their cultural identity and the yearning for the homeland that many were forced from in the 1948 songs for the love of history
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on al-jazeera. holding the powerful to account as we examine the u.s. its role in the world on al-jazeera. joe biden formally secures a majority as members of the electoral college votes to verify the presidential poll. this is the u.s. attorney general william barr is resigning amid tension with president trump over his baseless claims of election fraud. close to home you watching al-jazeera life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 30 minutes a massive covert 19 vaccination campaign is underway in the u.s. on the day the death toll surpasses.


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