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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 15, 2020 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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people stop me and tell me how much we appreciate our country and our focus is not just on their suffering but also on the more uplifting and inspiring stories people trust are just here to tell them what's happening in their communities in a clear and i'm biased and as an african i couldn't be more proud to be part of. the. 0. out of there i missed all the attain this is the news hour live from our headquarters here and coming up in the next 60 minutes from berlin to london parts of europe face tough. with christmas now just 10 days away. briefly.
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today the u.s. begins vaccinations against kobe 1000 as the death toll there from the pandemic process 300000. a faction of boko haram says it was behind the abduction of hundreds of school children in northern nigeria. would go through far biden of delaware a democrat. the fire nose. and the u.s. electoral college confirms that joe biden's victory in november is a presidential election. and i'm sidecar it's a belated all south korea's a.t.m. kim stuns the gulf world the number 94 ranked player wins the u.s. open on a debut at the tournament. but we begin this news hour in europe where a new wave of the corona virus is spreading rapidly across the continent drug regulations are under pressure to prevent scenes as a grow. number of other countries have already done let's take
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a look at the rate of infection across countries now this was the situation 2 months ago you can see lots of that dark red color which shows high rates of infection now nearly the entire continent is dark red the european center for disease control says any more than $120.00 cases probably 100000 is critical every country now except finland norway ireland and iceland is on that highest level serbia georgia croatia and if you any a country have the highest infection rates but turkey russia germany italy and the u.k. the other countries that have reported most cases in the past 14 days turkey recorded more than 400000 well we have a large team of reporters covering the situation for us in europe we'll speak with the talks about in paris later as france comes out of lockdown john holl is standing by for us in london which will go into lockdown on wednesday but 1st let's speak to nadine barber he is in brussels looking at the constant for us the team i want to start with germany how have those new restrictions been received there.
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when the stars of the national lockdown comes in on wednesday through to january the 10th it involves non-essential shops as well as schools and places of learning being closed all teaching being taken online now the german government just like all those other countries that you were referring to a well aware that the public is seeing this hope of a vaccine offering some sort of return to more freedom but at the same time being told to restrict their movements and it's very very worrying for the german government the fact that the european medicines agency has still not approved the pfizer by own tech vaccine which of course was developed in germany now germany's health minister yen spahn has said that the delay is actually hitting people's trust in the european union in its ability to act and he wants the approval brought
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forward from december the 29th to december the 23rd so before the christmas holiday period but at the same time the government is saying it has to introduce this lockdown because of the way the figures are going oh now it's around $14000.00 new cases per day around $500.00 deaths per day so the government is very worried that it's a lighter lockdown last month didn't do enough to drive down cases and it seems speaking of these figures the rest of the continent continuing to deal with this huge sajan and belgium where you are continuing to break records. that's right well just over the border in the netherlands we've seen the reaction to the speech by mark routes of the prime minister on monday night when he announced a new national lockdown for 5 weeks going into effect straight away similarly non-essential shops and schools closing there was a protest by
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a small crowd outside he knows that these measures are hitting people hard both in economic terms and in terms of their mental health but in his words we must get through we must bite through this sour apple before things get better he hopes to be able to lift the measures sometime in january but cases there are over $10000.00 new covered cases per day and so his messages please bear with us please follow the rules the authorities in the netherlands are also urging people not to cross the border here into belgium because in belgium as of tuesday shops are reopening although as you can see behind me bars and restaurants remain closed the dutch authorities are urging people not to cross the border to do non-essential shopping before the christmas period we saw the situation happen in reverse a while ago people going from belgian belgium into the netherlands but here in belgium the reproduction rate for coverage 19 is it not point $97.00 nearly at that
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worrying one figure and we're seeing a we've seen a 6 percent rise in cases in the last week alone so they're saying that people really need to control their behavior in fact on friday there's a national body meeting to decide about what measures need to be in place the government is not ruling out bringing in tougher restrictions for the holiday periods and keeping an eye on the continent for us that from brussels thanks so much madame let's not speak to china how he isn't one for us here is the latest on this 3 the earth tier 3 restrictions that are coming into effect at midnight janet it doesn't seem set to be a very festive lead up to christmas. no i think it's very disappointing for a lot of people it's not the full lockdown that nadine was describing in large parts of europe this is tier 3 it's the highest set of restrictions in and remember came out of full lockdown 2 weeks ago london and parts of the southeast that have
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seen a steep rise in infections in that 2 week period now go into tier 3 shops will be able to stay open but bars restaurants cultural settings and so on will have to close along with much stiffer restrictions on social distancing on meeting up household learn to be able to meet each other up to a maximum of 6 people outdoors in public settings a salutary lesson said the health secretary about hancock when he announced this in parliament on monday night that this is not over yet only had another salutary lesson indeed that british scientists have discovered a variant strain of coded 19 said to be more virulent said to be spreading potentially faster perhaps behind this rise in numbers in the southeast although said not to be in any way resistant to the vaccine or at least that is what they hope and adding to all of that new figures out from the office for national statistics suggesting a steep rise in unemployment pushing the unemployment figure up to 4.9 percent across the u.k. in total 820000 fewer employees noted on company books in november than they
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were before the pandemic back in february so yes you're absolutely right it's all costing a bit of a poll on the christmas spirit bizarrely all of these most of these restrictions are being lifted for a 5 day period over christmas so people can meet mingle and get together inside their homes but that's all they're doing to fears of a possible 3rd wave in january maybe even a 3rd lock down turn out how they will the latest for us from london thanks so much china well it is a slightly different approach on the other side of the english channel as asked about that joins us now from paris and hausa restrictions are set to be eased what does that mean in practice. for receptions have been more at ease day of the last. in france we saw. a few weeks ago remember schools have remained open all along live but now today the government of lifted one of the main restrictions and that is on people's freedom of movement until now they could only move people or
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any large after the homes are about an hour a day and they were given 3 hours a day but within a one to 20 kilometer perimeter so now people all free to travel anywhere within from so that really is a big change and they no longer need to leave the house without a permit which was something that people had to do until now in the 1st lockdown and in this 2nd said some restrictions being lifted all those all being reimposed and from this evening people in france will face another national kind of you sir between 8 o'clock in the evening at night and 6 o'clock in the morning people will have to stay home unless they've got a very good reason to be out that need to be out for example if they need to work or walk an animal otherwise what we're all saying is there is restaurants balls museums cultural centers however all remaining shops and for people in those industries very disappointed indeed because they thought that today they would be able to reopen the government says that the situation is not good enough to allow
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those cultural centers restaurants balls to reopen in fact the prime ministers will cast steaks so that the restaurants and bars may not even be able to open the 28th they may be much much later the mass and the reason is that at this stage in december the government to tell you that infection rates would be mo than they actually all they know they're coming up to this christmas holiday period here in front a lot of concern over that as people will be able to mingle for a few days during that period of course don't just assume that could lead to a spike in infections and that's why the government is keeping these cultural centers close nor expecting though surely a purchase behind me here in the past led bust in central paris because many people in those restaurant industries and told. the industries also need simply what they all struggling for the jobs of the last waltz those assumptions remain open and they then they also feel it's unfair that they should be all still remain closed when things like people are a popped into trains for example as i was the difference between going to think
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it's a day when the chinese government says though a cultural sense is a little essential services natasha about to the in the french capital for us thanks so much that hashes well across the atlantic the number of deaths linked to 1000 in the united states has now passed 300000 that figure was reached on the very same day the largest of vaccination campaign in the whole country's history began medical work as among the fast to be immunized with the pfizer biotech vaccine but health officials are warning that the situation could get much wes before it gets better reports from washington d.c. . never before has the nation been so caught up in watching a delivery packed up shipped out and flown to it's just a nation's all under the watchful eyes of security usually anonymous workers now celebrated but i'm very happy. happy to. see
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whether he'll be here. these are the 1st coronavirus vaccines from pfizer almost 3000000 doses shipped out across the country and it led to very unusual live television it's not often you hear this when anyone gets a shot. what happened to the. state governors from kentucky to colorado new york to louisiana waiting to see them arrive with this you. start to see our ability to preserve water protect our people we are going to be cold starts right there. one of the 1st shots watched on live television intensive care nurse in new york who wanted to send a message right for very long beginning and. great pain for a time in our country. i want to instill public confidence that america the way all of these made for t.v. moments meant to let people know that the vaccine is safe and everyone should take
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it when they can as polls show as many as 50 percent of adults say they won't there's also a question about how long it will take to have enough vaccine for all americans right now you should use the 1000000 for a visionary mission it already has been manufactured and you know locating it. will be. we are going to make much we have in. the 1300000000 cities our commitment to the world but you don't want to make much another vaccine from the company madeira is expected to get approval later this week that will increase supply and experts say they think that that means by the spring every american who wants to get the vaccination will be able to find one it's positive news but it comes a very grim day as it's announced that the u.s. has now lost 300000 people because of cold and experts say without big changes it's only going to continue to get worse. al-jazeera washington. all moving on
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and a faction of boko haram has now claimed responsibility for the abduction of hundreds of school boys in northern nigeria it comes as the government has announced it's negotiating with what it's described as armed bandits those students were taken on friday from a boarding school in katsina stayers there are concerns that the government is concealing the real number of those abducted the book around factions says it's captured more than 500 boys that's alone just a number of people abducted by that group in recent times well we can now speak talk correspond off and address his across all of this from a view to for us i mean just what do we know about who actually has these boys and where they are. it appears that. maybe who are. these schoolboys for now initially we were told by the authorities that bandits bandits who been raiding communities in northwest nigeria were holding them now in this statement by boko haram that they holding these school boys came
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72 hours after they walk taken and that but what i'm explained in a recent. interview and in a recent piece of information obtained by one of the online media that they were making sure that they in fact secured quote unquote secure the their hostages which could also mean that but what i may not up directly attacked that school and took away the boys it could be that some of the armed groups operating in northwest nigeria may have invaded the school took away the children and then handed them over to ball i don't suppose ability because over the past months we've heard and watched a video site too late to. but what i'm calling one act is non-state actors in the north west and central parts of nigeria to form an alliance with them and there was such an videos that came online why such groups were pledging allegiance to boko
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haram it could be a possibility that these groups may have carried out their tech and $100.00 over the boys to walk around above the numbers but what i mean claiming that bailout will be more than 5 $120.00 students which could also be close to the figure a lot of people are walking with that boarding school had more than $800.00 school children and the day after the attack we were told by officials and it's in a state that more than 200 boys have returned which leaves a balance of 500 more than 500 students unaccounted for let alone the government gets in a state we spoke about a few dozen state can by these attack is confirmed days later that more than 300 people or rather more than 330 children missing so these could be the largest abduction ever carried out on a school in nigeria since book i'm struck to remember chibok $270.00 plus now this
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figure we walk in with is perhaps one of the biggest if not the biggest since this book on prices started in nigeria huge numbers i met them invest really also means an enormous expansion in terms of its operations. well this is this is the biggest fear with no book oram flight is attacking security targets in the northwest of nigeria in central nigeria but not in large scale abductions like this we also know one in particular that been engaged in kidnapping still runs some to finance the operations in northeast nigeria and if this is confirmed then this is a frightening dimension be added to the crisis the 11 year old crisis because. 2 years ago we spoke to a governor in the northwest of northwest of nigeria who 'd said this suspect that book already has 4 prey to that which indicates that boko haram is now expanding farther away from its traditional operating base in northeast nigeria to venture
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into northwest nigeria and also central parts of nigeria which should be giving a lot of nigerians by now streetlights nights it's scary but that could be a reality amid interest across all of that story for us from a big job thanks so much up and. well there's plenty more ahead fear this news hour including terror attacks cites under threats health stability in libya could help to bring a new lease of life to these 2000 year old threat. calling for justice families 11 on say charges of negligence and don't go far enough following the devastating buried course explorers. and dortmund players get ready to embark on a new era all the latest up all coming up with terror and sports. on u.s. democracy has prevailed that's the message from president elect joe biden solti off
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to the electoral college formally validated his victory in the election he also criticized donald trump's attempts to overturn the result she had to tansey reports from wilmington delaware. but you also are biden of delaware a democrat i 55 knows the route. california is electoral college vote made it official joe biden is the president elect and in the end the formal tally of the states joe biden won in the november election was the procedural affair it normally is across the country electors in states that biden flipped from the republicans cost their states votes for the president elect joseph r. biden has received $16.00 votes under the u.s. constitution the president isn't chosen by the popular vote but by the $538.00 electors of the electoral college however usually they follow the majority vote in each of their states as part of the trump campaign's efforts to overturn the
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election results efforts were made to subvert that process they have actors have not honestly cast 16 votes for joseph r. biden but even in michigan one of several states where electors were given a police escort the vote was conducted without surprise and eventually 306 electors across the country voted for biden 232 for trump soon after joe biden made a national address calling for the page to be termed 360 electoral votes is the same number of electoral votes that donald trump vice president parents received when they won in 2060. at the time president calls alleged electoral college tally a landslide why is our own standards these numbers represented. a clear victory van and i respectfully suggest they do so now if nothing else some wonder whether this raf focus on the electoral college might lead to more discussion about whether the us will his should be allowed directly to vote for president i myself disagree
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that we still need an electoral college to certify our election results and we should really lived into our principle in this country of one person one vote and make sure that we honor the popular vote when americans vote for president on election day as the electoral college finalized biden's victory throughout the day trump tweeted about election fraud he has repeated he will fight on in the courts though it's not clear what his motivation is at this point the electoral college votes will now be sent to the u.s. congress where they will be counted and certified on january the 6th there are reports that some republicans may attempt a last ditch style and at that point would have nothing else will be a symbolic moment that will help the narrative that many from supporters still believe that this election has been stolen however the polls also show that a majority of americans do feel that it's time to move on she had her town see al-jazeera wilmington delaware well steve clemons is the washington editor at large
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for the hill and also host of al-jazeera share the bottom line he says it's now impossible for anyone in the republican party to deny biden's victory. today was the day and we've seen major senators like senator roy blunt senator john thune who had really held out and had suspicions himself that he expressed about the solvency of the election came out and said it's time for this to end joe biden is going to be the president and they're coming around so we've had a good number of republican senators just today come out and say that they now recognize joe biden as the president elect so i think what's going to happen i mean we all you know we're in the business of speculating and i will let the audience know i'm speculating is that i think that that that number of people whether they're senators or members of the house of representatives even those house members that signed the legal brief to the supreme court they're beginning to look like you know comic acts if you will and i think they're going to find the number of those people peeled away because there's just no way no serious way to consider
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constitutionally how to undo the votes of electors americans don't vote for the president united states directly they vote for electors and those electors from states elect the president united states that occurred today it will of course be certified on january 6th but the election happened today and we all know how it came out and what the numbers are so i think other members will see it and if they don't come along with that because they fear what donald trump may do to them in donald trump's you know after life in the post presidency then i think they are going to be come fringe politicians and fringe in the eyes of a lot of americans well the attorney general of the united states has resigned and will step down next week when they involve had fallen out of favor with donald trump this month after he failed to support the president's unfounded claims of election fraud thought in his resignation that said also the allegations would still be pursued and trying to straighten that their relationship had been
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a very good one. levanon sketch take a prime minister has refused to cooperate with the investigation into the bay report explosion which happened or guest house and 3 former cabinet ministers face charges of carelessness and neglect victims' families though say many more people need to be held to account santa ana reports from beverage. the rule of law is what these people are demanding they came to the palace of justice to show support for a judge who is facing a political backlash for charging the caretaker prime minister has stand and former ministers with negligence over the beirut port explosion fadi so when it was supposed to question them this week but the defendants accuse him of violating the constitution by overstepping his powers and are refusing to comply it says me either he takes a decision that shows that he is truly working for justice in lebanon or he don't
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do that and the shield that the whole decision that he took and everything that happened in the past few weeks was just another scenario that case is now politicized leading politicians and religious officials friends and foes rallied behind accusing so when of bypassing parliament and are calling his decisions selective justice that some say so one could have avoided criticism if he explained that more officials will be charged with judge or freddie so we're heard is the jurisdiction to indict to. file a claim against anybody once the judge has submitted to the parliament no i think he has the total and complete jurisdiction jurisdiction over the port was in the hands of many security agencies ministries and political parties and the ammonium nitrate blamed for triggering the
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explosion was stored in warehouse 12 since late 2013. that is why some politicians believe the charges are about settling political scores they question why former ministers linked to president michel aoun for example have not been charged the president has denied accusations that he intervened in the judicial probe the families of the $200.00 people killed believe charges of negligence are not enough and that many more officials need to provide answers. we want justice for the blood of the victims we want to know who caused the death of our children we are with you somewhere in a country with a history of a lack of accountability and a judiciary long accused of being politicized this is uncharted territory but justice here is now at stake center beirut. it is now time for the weather. brisbane's had a rough spell of weather recently not just press been on the storm system is
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expanding now from what was effectively nearly a tropical cyclone offshore the legacy is a load of foam being brought in on the coast this is the gold coast as quite safe it just looks very weird it's because these seas been chewed up what has been churned up now that that wind is not as strong other ways aren't as big but these showers all the way down through new south wales into victoria the temperature melbourne's come down to 24 the forecast on wednesday a couple days of a 30 as you can see the storm system proper such does will go down to the east of tasmania and keep going south was leaving behind a legacy of very humid weather admittedly and thunderstorms all showers still in sydney the temperatures there are rising at the low thirty's again by friday well just piece it it's a representation of the weather in new south wales now is just becoming active in what will be the typhoon or tropical psychoses debating with the north and south of the equator this is the tropical cycle and it's
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a big one of the category 5 now that beijing get is about time it gets to fiji is going to be sometime on thursday as potentially of course a destructive tropical cycle we'll watch that very closely. well still ahead here on al-jazeera warnings that malnutrition related to the pandemic could kill more than 100 children at day over the next 2 yes. and turning day into night thousands gather in chile and argentina to view a rare titles are left out. in sports we hear from the extraneous cab ahead of bass player anticipate a test series against india. from fossil fuels to modern day renewable as societies develop the energy demands increase requiring innovative solutions to meet such tomorrow's as a global power developed into the investment company nebraska power is uniquely
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positioned to deliver against these developments we provide business growth promote social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and environmentally sound energy solutions for future generations the brush pioneering future energy. i was raised in france. these are my grandparents. these are my parents and this is mean. fighting both isis and the us of. the 1st of a 2 part epic tale of a remarkable simony. the father the son and the jihad caught one on al-jazeera.
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how they are watching al-jazeera let's remind you of our top stories this hour. europe's drug regulator is under pressure as approve a coronavirus vaccine the netherlands is now following germany and announcing a new nationwide lockdown over the holiday period and nandan tougher restrictions will come into effect from wednesday. president elect joe biden says democracy has prevailed after the u.s. electoral college validation of his presidential election victory he's accused of trump of trying to sabotage the will of millions of voters is by challenging the results. the nigerian government says it's negotiation with the armed men that have ducted hundreds of schoolboys from katsina stays in the federal police have also deployed extra investigations parents of the students have been staging protests. somalia has cut diplomatic ties with kenya its accusing its neighbor of political
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interference in juba land one of somalia's 5 semi autonomous states somalia has recalled all of its to diplomats from kenya and has ordered their counterparts to leave somalia within 7 days welcome webb has more from nairobi. action is happening next month is based on a fragile agreement between the leaders of those 5 so you autonomous states and its president came here to visit nairobi kenya spoke to the government returned back to somalia and the somali government then said that the president a jubilant were negative on the electoral agreement and blamed kenyan interference for that now just 2 days ago the president of another region somaliland also came here to nairobi and that's been followed by further allegations by the somali government of interference by kenya that's what led to this latest move them cutting all diplomatic ties this is the latest in
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a series of diplomatic disputes between the 2 countries began nearly 2 years ago those disputes were initially about a maritime border dispute over which country gets to control substantial offshore oil reserves that is more recent disputes will be based around somalia accusations of kenya interfering it is forthcoming election. now there are warnings that the wild is on the brink of a nutrition crisis as a result of the coronavirus pandemic a report by save the children projects that pandemic related malnutrition could kill an average of 153 children a day over the next 2 years facing a spike in the number of global manual cases and an additional 9300000 children could suffer from wasting in severe weight loss their surging numbers are because of increased poverty and the loss of livelihoods just less access to health and nutrition services well let's speak to gabriella why and she is the global
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humanitarian director at save the children and she joins us now from london gabriela those numbers are incredibly shocking and can you talk us through the intersection here between the pandemic and manufacture. thank you very much it's definitely absolutely very frightening frightening figures that so that we're seeing. before and then make started we were we were actually doing quite well with with our high tech and small nutrition so if you for example compare the year 2000 to the year 2020 back in 2001 in 3 children less money raised in 2022 we brought that down to. 20 percent so from 30 percent down to 20 percent unfortunately as a result of the pen demick so basically since last year we're seeing out of worst last piece of these trends and now we're seeing an increase in the children that are detrimental to the figures you just mentioned so $153.00 additional children
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can die before 2022 unless we're able to intervene now the been demick itself of course doesn't necessarily affect children disproportionately but the secondary effects of the pandemic deaths really where children are hit hardest and this is because food supplies are disrupted this is because there is more conflict in the world so children have to flee for their lives. and don't have access to clean drinking water day have been dropping out of school or sort as old as the pandemic they see secondary impacts that are really doing a lot of damage 4 days next generation know so many children in developing countries in sub-saharan africa for instance depend on school lunches as being kind of big meal of the day how much of school closes and have to thank you. so the school closures are absolutely devastating for for the next generation as you
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mentioned school at school lunches is certainly 11 thing that of course is affecting children stability to access to access food but it's also information that's they're getting about you know health and safety it's also so damaging. services that are often provided through school say school lunches it is health care provision that's been provided so school it's information it's protection for children that is all provided through schools so having an entire generation having direct. attendance disruptor to this is devastating for the next generation and not only having an effect on their here and now but also on their future of course governor i know you yourself have racked very extensively on the horn of africa and there went out looking at fighting in t. grade of the ongoing war in yemen none of this bodes well for children going forward unfortunately it does not conflict basically to a deadly combination off food insecurity and conflict is an absolute killer for
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children we are very worried about yemen yemen of course has been on the brink of famine for a long time we're very worried about south sudan as well obviously we're very very worried about teen creasing conflict in the horn. and these are not going to. you know help in the survival of children so we definitely call on all warring parties to put children 1st. before for peace and diplomacy to prevail and for aid agencies to be able to support those in need of assistance in and i'm trying to manner gabrielle a lion in there the cable humanitarian director at save the children speaking to us from london thanks for being with us gabrielle and we wish you all the best with your way thank you so much. now dozens of unesco sites that have been damaged are at risk of losing their world heritage status in the 1st of a 5 part series we visit the ancients a brotha ruins on libya's mediterranean coast fighting has left the site then
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neglected by local authorities but as my trainer reports peace talks could help change that. established by the phoenicians in the 4th century b.c. the coastal city of so brought was used as a trading post that served as an outlet for trade from africa it was later ruled by the new 1000000 kingdom of mass and on to rome rebuilt it in the 2nd and 3rd centuries a.d. . today from a distance it looks like it's endured the violence libya has witnessed for nearly a decade but close up are signs of the conflict. the conflict in libya between the internationally recognized government of national court for g.n.a.t. and warlord police to have 2 years libyan national army l n a letter to unesco to puts abroad and 4 others on its list of endangered world heritage sites so brought to was controlled by forces loyal to have to train his
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failed military campaign to capture the capital but the tripoli based government retake the city in april yeah one of the things that was said and how model for unfortunately the city of subprocess has seen several armed conflicts in the last decade the ruins were hit during the fighting but thank god there was only minor damage to the fear. but now brought as crown jewel a 5000 seat theater has survived and stands 3 stories tall built by the romans nearly 2000 years ago it's a testament to the history and culture this country on the southern shores of the mediterranean has officials here 30000 of the foreign tourists use the come and visit but the years long conflict and political divisions have had a devastating impact on the tourism sector. and of course there's also the penn demick for now besides a few local families heritage sites like this remain for the most part abandoned
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but some still come. we live in tripoli with cave 19 we're all a bit depressed so i brought my kids here to see the history of their country and to get some fresh air the lack of attention and funding by authorities is clear and when the ban will help the fighting will end and we can have security and economic stability in our country i hope that those in power realize how important developing our historical site saw it could create jobs and give young men an incentive to leave their weapons behind with un facilitated talks between the rival sides ongoing many here hope stability will be achieved however long that takes and with that a new lease of life for libya's historic sites well that traynor al-jazeera subrata well we can now speak to me she is the director of you know sky as well heritage sentence she joins us now from paris metal the little bits of welcome hope there at
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the end of my next report but speaking of the end of what's been quite the to mulch or see it there are other lot to talk through in terms of threats to unesco sites what worries you the must. at the moment we have all of the cultural sites in libya on unesco's list on the danger list so that means we have a continued monitoring the last meeting we had to the libyan authorities was actually in early march 20 twentieth's just before our riyadh the lockdown in paris and we continued different tools and assume meetings. towards a removing them from the danger list but that means a lot of efforts from their side there needs to be coordination s. specially subbarao term where the sea damaged during the conflicts but i think there is hope at the end of the tunnel we got funding those that you are indeed project on the site for the rehabilitation and there is funding also from i leave
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em from unesco especially for the management plan and the future recovery of this property matter just taking a bit of a step back and looking at threats to sites around the world i see that climate change has now taken a spot at the top of the list of those threats and we saw those fires on fraser island just in the last few weeks how devastating could this be for other sites around the world and how soon. we have a lot of impacts of climate change and that is also the affecting affecting sites in the mediterranean region of rising waters and coastal erosion you have seen more fry as opposed to cultural properties and to natural sites like you just mentioned in australia we have other impacts of climate change whether it's drought or increasing floods which we have in sudan it may or our island and other sites so. you have seen that climate change is increasingly
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a strat but conflict as you just mentioned is ongoing in the middle east libya in other areas of the world also for our natural sides in the congo. as we speak the world is still reeling from this 1000 pandemic and with the huge economic downturn they've also been cutbacks on what countries are spending their money on are there the resources to maintain sites. icing down should be the resources there's a lot of money when it comes to nominations for a new site we would like to see more resources for the conservation of area to as you just have heard it's so important for the identity of people the parents bring their kids to learn about the history of their country and their culture so this is a very important part of our joint shared history around the world and if you cannot save got rolled here at that site what is left on earth and very last that i
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understand that during this pandemic smuggling rings have been continuing their operations despite the decrease transport that we've seen has there been an uptick in artifacts moving around the world. i think it's really a problem also is the internet sales on the internet of artifacts sometimes smuggled trumbull heritage sites you have seen that also in syria they come to the market a couple of years later immediately on the market and very closely between the world heritage convention and the 1970 convention trafficking to prevent that but there's also looting going on especially in the conflict regions where i think in libya people themselves the community prevented looting from some of the archaeological areas and really grateful for that. they're the director of unesco's world heritage center speaking to us from paris great to have you on metal thanks
1:44 pm
for being with us here on out of there. now a strain is prime minister scott morrison has warned china would it would be in breach of global trading rules if it stops imports of australian coal his remarks follow the chinese state media reports of a possible bad this is a further escalation in their trade dispute and a potential blow to australia's economy as nicholas cage reports from sydney. australia is one of the world's largest producers and eggs who use of coal used in both steel making and to generate power one of its major markets is china but months to be imported lives have left millions of tons of destroyed in coal stranded on china's coast and the industry in turmoil china's state of political reasons not economic crisis because economically it's itself china says clearly a political stance that the the parties talking. now using seemingly confirmed
1:45 pm
destroy lee was being targeted in that state backed global times newspaper saying power plants have been granted approval to import coal without clearance restrictions from anyone except the strategy of those countries that are available and also are willing to export culture china are introducing a russian colony or are we seeing qualified willingness for those countries to actually expand their market in china. it will no doubt further with my intentions reviving which is shutting more restraint in industries alpha china in a deepening trade dispute or the foreign interference by using the bears in hong kong and allegations about the origins of the current harvests. talking about coal in a strongly right now is a sensitive issue industry stakeholders have been reluctant to comment on what's happening with china and australia remains without an energy policy as more countries set climate targets carbon dioxide levels that are blocked commuter recent united nations climate summit due to its perceived lack of action on climate
1:46 pm
change some experts believe now is the time to plan for a future of reduced use of coal and other force who you strike is increasingly being viewed quite rightly as an international pariah our own climate action strongly needs a plan we need a plan to get out of coal and gas we need apply and transition all of those workers who are playing in the short term to florence new trade partners cold exports to china were worth more than 10000000000 dollars last year now that's threatened and other industries will be wondering if they could be next we can gauge 0. now the international criminal court has rejected calls to investigate allegations of genocide and crimes against humanity and china's problems exiled readers had given the court evidence accusing beijing of locking up more than 1000000 people from the muslim minority and forcibly sterilizing women but prosecutors say they can't
1:47 pm
investigate those allegations because china is not a signatory to the court based on the hague and the u.s. has imposed sanctions on turkey over its purchase of russian missile defense systems increasing tension between the 2 nato allies washington had already removed taki from its f. $35.00 jet program because of that deal turkey bought the russian s $400.00 ground west system last year and says it's no threat to nacer present at a one has condemned the sanctions. motile from our nato allies the united states we expect support you know battle against terrorist organizations and forces to have plans for a region that's not sanctioned we are never a country that chases off to conflict with tensions with its neighbors or any other kind we are fighting for the prosperity of our entire region and the world but the situations just don't mean we will remain silent against our rights and so when it's been trampled just like we don't want anyone's rights we will not allow anyone
1:48 pm
to take our rights either robert hunter is a former u.s. ambassador to nato he explains why the u.s. considers that the russian missile defense system threats it's a fact that if you have. russian military people on an air base by questioning in truly where the united states also operates and if you have a turkish system based upon not. that there is a russian type system which can target the most advanced u.s. airplanes in the region that causes good cause a lot of problems there is a concern that that would compromise some of the most important western american and nato military secrets in terms of technology. mystery i don't want in fact opening the door to the russians it was not very smart for mr to want to be as
1:49 pm
a problem with the americans and with nato to have chosen this particular route i would have chosen something else now ivory coast's incumbent president alassane ouattara has been sworn in for. he's taking office soft october's disputed election in which several opposition leaders but arrested on charges of sedition they argued which are as the time is in breach of a constitutional 2 time limit but the president maintained the revision and 2016 allowed him to run again. tens of thousands of tourists have converged on chile and argentina to experience this is only total eclipse visitors were worried that they wouldn't see much because of cloudy skies but the weather can't up just in time latin america tell you seen human forts from santiago. for the 2nd time in 6 months the moon passed over the sun in the southern hemisphere creating a stunning spectacle that turns day into night. unfortunately for residents and
1:50 pm
tens of thousands of visitors and astronomers who travel to southern chiles and how can you region the weather clouded over with they'd hoped it would be a perfect clearview. eclipse is never cease to amaze especially astronomers they study the sun's corona which drives solar winds and can produce alterations in the cycles of the earth why is it just important to be able to see the corona better. or to look at a lot. we cannot forget that the sun is. in the solar system so if you turn. the lights on and. we'll die in less than a week in the capital santiago will only 80 percent of the moon could be seen covering the sun well this is about as good as it's going to get i can still see a sliver of the sun peeking through but you can still see some light out here but
1:51 pm
it's darker than it was just a half an hour ago at high noon there are no clouds in the sky it was boiling hot and now it feels much more it's colder. residents who come to see and feel the same things were not disappointed when their hero this gives you a different energy it's an extraordinary sight a privilege. in 2024 another token solar eclipse will pass through mexico and parts of the united states but it won't be another one in this exact place for another 400 years to see a human al-jazeera sent out. also ahead here on al-jazeera there was an unexpected finish to the u.s. open golf action coming up but there are just people.
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the war with. america it's now time for sports yes our thanks a lot and well we saw it with golf and that was quite a stunning finish the women's u.s. open in texas south korea's alien came shocked the world by winning on a tournament so manic has all the details. nobody saw it coming. south korea's kim stunned the golf world on monday by winning the u.s. open on her debut at the tournament. the world number 94 had a massive task going into the final 18 holes trailing by 5 shots but that didn't faze her. neither did the fact that she was up against world number one gin young
1:54 pm
coach her fellow south korean having to settle for a share of 2nd place alongside amy olsen of the united states who carded 3 straight bogeys in her final round for managed to finish up 2 under. kim however had no such problems the 25 year old made 6 birdies 3 of which came in succession on her final 3 holes to seal a memorable victory. saddam or 3rd or here i cannot describe it in birds i never expected that i was going to play the women's u.s. open but the discipline i still cannot feel it could probably sink in when the 70 wraps up. the world will wait and see whether this win is just the start of big things for the new u.s. open champion so he'll malik al-jazeera australia cricket coach justin langer
1:55 pm
expects an ashes like in 10 states in his team's upcoming home test series against india the 1st of 4 tests gets underway on thursday it follows 2 limited over series boss trainee awaiting the one day's and india trial thing in the t 20 s. who played cricket but it was in the spirit the guys made reply and that's one of the benefits of the i.p.l. i think that the guys get to know each other well there's good relationships and the guys bilingual but it's a great rivalry wide bring it on i just literally bring on thursday and for the next 4 test matches the good. really as good as it gets in terms of test cricket with the ashes i think when and you can take plenty of confidence into the i know knowing how things went the last time the sides met for 4 test matches india coming out on top 21 in the 201819 series we ringback just so.
1:56 pm
it is to disperse just but it's really crucial but this time they forced us this version of the. moment so i think it goes to the conditions for us. played as a team as a unit and think for each other for a suitable men's newly appointed interior in courage and in tears it faces this 1st challenge and challenge later on tuesday his side face vertebrae min away so as it was dortmund's assistant coach and was appointed following the team's 51 thrashing against god on saturday that results and a disappointing start to the season with the side is now the 5th in the book going to go after 11 games of course former boss new c on 5 for a his job so it meant i haven't won the league title since 2012. as an assistant coach it's more about coming up with ideas maybe even questions but you also often speak in the conditional tense i would i had i could of course that
1:57 pm
will change all of this started it's all about deciding things and doing things i think that's the biggest difference otherwise i'm still the same height of the same age and show one day older than yesterday. the baltimore ravens are facing their chances of making the n.f.l. playoffs off to winning what's being described by fans as the game of the year the ravens cut came from behind to beat the cleveland browns 4742 a man jackson was the star often even the field with cramps the quarterback returned with 2 minutes remaining to throw a go ahead touchdown pass. that's old school is for me for now bots i will be back in a few by seeing a 1000 thanks so much sarra don't forget you can always find a much much more on our website including all the latest vaccination programs for private 19 begin running out around the wild as well as all the latest on the book around incident in nigeria. that's it for this news hour but don't go away
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i'll be back in just a moment with more of the day's news and that's no i won't or will be and i will see you after that stay with us on out of there. gay com and make sure you're not hyping the situation be part of the debate my main characters are women when no topic is off the table the law is in the last allow child marriage to happen legally these are basically archaic walls they are often
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legitimized and legal one is pedophile. online jumping to the quick 16 and 18 to the post to discuss this stream on out is the era. held for over 3 years in an egyptian prison cell denied the right to a fair trial no charges have been brought against al jazeera correspondent mr saying this crime journalism. to demand more truly and voice solidarity with all detained journalists sign the petition. 'd to say. we're told the technology can help tackle the spread of cold at 19 but our tech solutions the best solutions we're starting to think it's public health very quickly becomes a measure of what data is being collected where is it stored really looks at the
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limits of tech and the potential of other creative ways to deal with the issues resurface track it when tech tools go viral episode 3 of all hail the lockdown on al-jazeera. play an important role protecting it with. ringback the war. from london large parts of europe face tougher covert restrictions with christmas just 10 days away. rather than. live from doha also coming up. here one man back in. the u.s.
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begins vaccinations against cope at 19 as its death toll from the pandemic crosses 300000.


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