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tv   Al Jazeera World The Other Face of Europe  Al Jazeera  December 15, 2020 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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the usa is always of in fact the people all right the world people pay attention to what gets on here and how does it is very good at bringing the news to the world from here. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera european nations are facing tough choices in their fight against the coronavirus cases are surging across the continent and regulators are on the pressure to approve a vaccine before christmas now reports from brussels in brussels they're dreaming of a busy christmas shops reopened in belgium on tuesday despite a recent rise in covered 19 cases but bars and restaurants have to stay closed shop keepers here in belgium are hoping to make the most of the reopening but with daily covered 19 infections roystering and the reproduction rated almost one the
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government is not ruling out bringing in new restrictions at the end of this week. over the border in the netherlands they've gone into a 5 week lockdown closing all non-essential shops as well as schools prime minister mark insists that rising infection rates make it essential to in his words bite through this very sour apple before things get better and it's totally understandable the numbers are skyrocketing if this wasn't done the consequences cannot be neglected. or looked down as not really dissolution by strict enforcement not compulsory facemasks using the coronavirus act and shopping malls the temperature should be checked. but there is new hope at the prospect of mass vaccinations across europe after pressure from the german government the european union's regulate free body is set to approve the pfizer biotech vaccine next monday . live on the law and president of the european commission tweeted i welcome the e m a bringing forward its meeting to discuss the pfizer biotech vaccine before christmas
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likely that the 1st europeans will be vaccinated before the end of 2020. germany hopes to vaccinate up to $4000000.00 citizens by the end of the year but with hundreds still dying from the corona virus every day it's bringing in a national lockdown on wednesday. in france they've lifted a lot down but they're bringing in a nighttime curfew and bars and restaurants remain closed tuesday so members of the cultural industries protests angry that places like museums and theaters and also allow to open number 13 in a huge numbers of cinemas in theaters that will close its catastrophic person will no longer be the culture city it was before the lockdown because we're back with the media you can't say one sector is essential and another is not there's no evidence of clusters in theatres and cinemas now the government's advice in people to quarantine before meeting up at christmas because he controls a budget plan scientific can't sleep and i view that as reasonable if you can self
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confine for 8 days before christmas if you can it's not possible for everyone across europe the message from governments is the same please be careful over christmas so the new year can be a better one knitting barber al-jazeera brussels. meanwhile a 2nd corona virus vaccine is set to be given approval in the u.s. this week regulators say the job produced by the drug firm modernity is safe and highly effective if an independent panel gives it the go ahead on thursday it would make the u.s. the 1st country to approve 2 vaccines. saying in the u.s. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has recognized president elect joe biden's election victory for the 1st time it comes one day after the electoral college officials validated by the ins with the electoral college. vote so today i want to congratulate president elect joe biden the president elect is no
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stranger to the senate he's devoted himself to public service for many years i also want to congratulate the vice president elect our colleague from california senator herb beyond our differences all americans can take pride that our nation has a female vice president elect for the very 1st time and the renowned italian writer has returned the major french honor in protest that the latest recipient coralville out justice says he is this gus that egypt's president has also received it at the father and sisi was given the owner last week the spite human rights concerns italy's form a culture minister giovan the milan 3 is also planning to return her medal in protest those are the top stories that stay with us al-jazeera world is coming up next more news in half an hour.
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for decades arabs have migrated to countries across europe. and i can see how much of the dems i meant to be just feed said beetle your comment they would not comment on when you become a 2 hour. i found several 100 comments about running mosques. shooting immigrants shooting muslims. most integrate successfully but others become marginalized. republican.
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the governments are going to get back. at them a lot of it but that really is a knowing that this film offers rare access inside mainly muslim communities living in deprived areas in 3 different european countries. some have been subjected to racist attacks others have been radicalized others still have struggled to integrate so the subaru dealer can remove beat ms blas so that you can little more rural these also so to support. olmo do want to see she does cool them more and if they have been then i just want to know how but at the micky one of the not me and i believe that and then all of. them did all the layers. mullen back in the western quarter of brussels is home to
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a large arab community densely populated with some 100000 residents mall and big social problems in disputable. just a 20 minute walk from the historic center of brussels mall in beak is a district that attracts 1st and 2nd generation immigrants. most are belgian citizens and while some have done while others are struggling to find their place it's a largely arab district home to the majority of muslims in brussels many in mallaby can see themselves as increasingly marginalized in a wealthy european capital a couple of the biggest of the management family has really so bad that he can. work when the time was. to come for her.
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who see. the future we see here. a 2nd but katyn. least for took a want to get to what how we are. here should be here. in 2015 the municipality game global notoriety when it emerged that several of the perpetrators of the paris government bomb attacks were from model be. there. in the event that this came in a stronger they were in the choir homes up. or no cattle on what on books always are complex on the i want to get it. under. the bus will cost the buyers what if they trade and they said if you don't want. the coolant configured to support it but don't fit your person here with. this new moron because
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some problem. can mean turn off stop the market which is then feel problem can mean the enviable really stated was made on bt has to fall out of the mall and be that for that belief is that the radicalism and ex that amuse me nearly anymore. because up up i'm probably a muslin or leave leg that over the hurdle to stand of while clearly most people in modern big live normal lives albeit under challenging social conditions some do not it's not easy to explain why a small group of young men from one single municipality chose a path of violence an unknown number left to fight with groups in syria iran 20132014 some others were involved in the attacks on brussels airport and on the city's underground in 2016. a survivor of the group involved in
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the paris attacks was captured in more than peak 4 months after the attack in the french capital. one belgian intelligence officer alleges that had authorities listened to a local informant he would have been captured earlier. due to well heeled dad like stella that's. sal obviously the market's 3 dozen cysteine. fact we all believed that the fruit at greenock of up the order that the 2nd one evelyn there's. the informant to help the belgian authorities followed up the salaam after his return to model beach but it's alleged his information was ignored . i am taking to you this big diff to willie had in them familiarly have been hailed vale here later on that at the fed the equal of the felix pretty thick it would probably give them extra well. different mediums alex was a good actor more the plate was as ns
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a can is in roles like the for other salaams role in the shootout with police while attempting to evade capture led to a 20 year prison sentence and racial tensions are cited as one reason why some young people in the district are drawn to political violence in a rare interview a belgian born radical who traveled to fight abroad explains his motivation.
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he. was a comic. so what. was. the pommel horse and. a point to walk. more. and more. with a motor boat. or a walker but what's. up with. her probably all bob. who wasn't a cop going to all want to. talk a horse and i will. not concede. this so-called sense of self pride led him to travel abroad to fight before returning to belgium.
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for more. walk. walk. home who was. more. a part of. who. on. the sanction a family member travels to fight abroad is immeasurable. she had ben ali is a 2nd generation immigrant who's parents arrived in brussels in the 1970 s. she grew up had children of her own and everything seemed normal. in 2014 after her son was killed in syria she founded the save belgium foundation it seeks
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to prevent children of immigrants from being lured into armed groups today she urges small and big parents to be watchful for warning signs because. key. to mow it all a particularly slum kitted. extremists by example. you really predawn over to. the foot so. you need to says i mean us could use except to the. men use a fed the discraft on his. kid here so short a mall it will deposit met you could set it up on the boat evolved question of. college and you kept you. can keep the city bearish. course you there live music knowledge and the museum all come. to hold this on the copy
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to follow a minister the latter here holly pope madame's or anita. part of the depart all sick leave and not even madame bonanni he's about to vote for newton is in one of the very philosophical who should excuse him not to his office or back this one no bridge week isn't called you don't visit your member best. sack you take all the shown you need. to vent. in a problem district and. later it emerged that a belgian farm worker and serial protester was also a leading recruiter for i saw. those who knew him spoke of a charismatic man with a cartoonish personality that enthralled youngsters. excel in later who keep ours only we do need. the region belt
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the mom or the papa. i excel in commune know to be our bookseller. you stick with telly slam on the. set 11 the deal older dog it is you go look on street. got him. elected. paul do you best true dad a president who. saw these all deformed elision in museum man. kid. get offered one accepted on binge it didn't have a decision on the just really who they found could be found for the law it. was extremely. over several years it's only denny lured
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a number of young people into joining groups of syrian fighters. the impact of danny's recruitment drive was felt far beyond belgium. which only dhoni other could put the insult and the person. in later accusing the acquitted minimum demeanor kansas's up. perth kids haven't met in a new school save us. tulip our home 70 you know the pattern of the fall in love how could you please could do no upon me a file a to continue. a fat pen and the like and then i saw muscular cancel may come 11. close avoca people who very. cover you come and pick
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that up police you $10.00 member who goes on we don't need the stuff a cloud. people. benefit by to join we do need to have public critic. also known as out the hard r.l. for selling was alleged to have had close links with louie denny in court it was claimed that i was actively recruited young people. however lawyers for danny claimed i was about was a police informant something the belgian authorities did not deny denny's 10 year sentence was later reduced on appeal to a 5 year time. she viewed her as if illiteracy she did a cannot nurse yes check for kevin you know that they 1st said it can't be a crazy don't like. a demo decus of. the n.t.
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more new. sell a particular general fit the bill g.q. very new a key id back to store in the time warner if i pad to my new. civic leaders struggle to explain why some people turn against the cities where they live . more than this one on the notion that to come there and i must say they are not. an adult there's an hour behind our song. on the thing they don't all sit in a regime of except posix on the process x. some of the a lot isn't really our movies of in the us a city like an interview for.
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a little a lot of little of the mother celeb. community was a moment in jim and yet he misses it you know by the question of knowledge is a song a lesser known as that in the event that this crimean us one of the women in the choir going to nocca. tautly. out of fear and to hurt him to mean mean honey and i walk for him to mean to me. the hurdle met for him to meet the damage to my an article in which the man there issue fiji we could look.
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still called the capital of sweden known internationally for its tolerance and as an advocate of human rights over $100000.00 people have migrated to sweden each year since 2012. while many swedes welcome you were rivals there is a vocal far right minority who believes that sweden's your dick culture is being a vastly diluted. in december 2019 expo a swedish anti racism magazine published a report into far right underground anti immigration groups these groups operate online and call for muslims in sweden to be murdered and for arson attacks on
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mosques the report found 40000 people were members of this closed online community . well i found several 100 comments about burning mosques. shooting immigrants shooting muslims. there were comments about ethnic cleansing like getting rid of the muslim play things we had done or killing afghan parasites and the swedes shouldn't get weapons to to get rid of these parasites that are in fact things we don't know and things like. the common thought really shocked me about muslims or those about exterminating muslims from sweden like cleaning sweden from the muslim population. people saying things like i want to exterminate them or we should get rid of every muslim and i remember one
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comment where one man said that we should divide muslims into 2 different columns those who are religious and practicing muslims and those who are not and the practicing those are practicing their religion we should get rid of them. the expo report was critical of the right wing populist sweden democrats party accusing it of inciting hatred against immigrants it's a charge that the sweden democrats vigorously deny their use for some individual for example in a local chapter write something horrible on facebook and the way media do you expel that person but then they make that something that should be representative of the whole party and i think that's deeply unfair it's basically the same thing as saying yes because one immigrant commits crime all immigrants are criminals the same logic i didn't see some official representatives from the us with and
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democrats in these groups i did not see them writing anything about violence or things like that but it if you just goes to show i think that. they are in these groups they they must have seen some at least of these comments but that's what i think and if you look at our party our policies does nothing racist about it's nothing no exterior missa no far right them senate we are in the european. perspective center right we are not a racist party or an extremist party that's just propaganda they will say for many years they've been people out there with racist ids intolerant id's. when you ask them in different surveys they will say that they don't want to muslim as a neighbor they don't want immigration. but they didn't vote for
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a far right party the big shift in the last. 10 to 5 years in swedish politics is that suddenly those of those voters found sweden them all to sweden democrats as their new alternative the far right and nordic resistance movement says it seeks a state with authoritarian leadership it shuns publicity and a spokesman only agreed to be interviews under conditions of anonymity. the main issues are a lot of issues in sweden. one obvious one is immigration. to want to move on from all over the world to very different. ethnicities different cultures everything else mixed up sweden's hardline anti immigration activists became in boulder and by the growth of far right politics in the country. some openly attacked muslims others stayed in the shadows. people afraid to join us
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because. the right right about those who know about by the way. i think. where we people on the streets streets you never see all around the world are countries. where yes they're good for the people who are not for rights we're not capitalists we're not marxists. what the middle a 3rd way to go for swedish muslims sadly enough it's clear for them i think that they are described as pointed out as the big. group in sweden society the group who care is and symbolizes the everything that is not welcome here. and that is sort of a heavy weight to carry on after you stop them ration and start some
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people back home. the rink of the district in stockholm is largely made up of 1st and 2nd generation immigrants these locals complain that the swedish authorities have left their suburb behind they claim they're open to racist attacks from far right groups in a suburb plagued with social problems. muhammad haji fattah is a well respected community figure known as the shaikh overing p.-p. originally from somalia he blames local authorities for allowing the district to become run down. the back. door to descartes the thing. to be a normal day in now as you hope you know it's. i would. think a lot of people are living to be feel very detached and because as i mentioned
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before it's because of the the services that didn't exist here and the poorly school results star also come out from this area but also a lot of the projects that exist in jinky are often very short term so there's not a long term and funding they exist. i soon feel is. the. most of my damage to the. the. health of the market before. it would. have. had a good year had. had the marijuana you know.
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coveted beyond well. taken without hesitation forgotten died for a cause of power defines our wild dogs new babies were dying and did it. it's neglect the babies to death be berlin paris investigates exposes and question the use and abuse of power around the globe. on how to syria. be the hero the world needs. washing. the argentine in the middle ages hard real weaponized throughout history a lot more frustrated its head man started fighting the developed by nation states there could be enough to be set free. now within reach of those seeking
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combined the most toxic substances. man me invisible friends on al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera e.u. members are preparing to roll out the fines or biotech corona virus vaccine as early as christmas european regulators are under pressure to approve the jab and they're expected to deliver their decision next week restrictions are being reimposed as infections a surge across the continent where germany entering a national lockdown on wednesday. senior u.k. officials meanwhile are discussing whether to proceed with plans to ease coronavirus restrictions over the christmas period and the current measures 3 households will be allowed to mix over
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a 5 day festive period but an urgent review was called for after 2 leading medical journals warned that the citizen to relax the rules was rash and would cost many lives and a 2nd coronavirus vaccine could be approved in the u.s. this week regulators say the job produced by the drug for a modern era is safe and highly effective tests show the mother in a job is more than 94 percent affective when 2 shots are taken within $28.00 days of each other. you know the news the u.s. senate majority leader has recognized president elect joe biden's election victory for the 1st time this comes one day after the electoral college officially validated by the ins with the electoral college. vote so today i want to congratulate president elect joe biden the president elect is no stranger to the senate he's devoted himself to public service for many years i also
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want to congratulate the vice president elect our colleague from california said or her beyond our differences all americans can take pride that our nation has a female vice president. for the very 1st time and the remount italian writer has returned a major french honor in protest that the latest recipient colorado i'll just handed in is to the french embassy saying he is this gus that egypt's president has also received it at the fact that is sisi was given the owner last week the spite human rights concerns form a culture minister just on the mainland that he is also planning to return her medal in protest those were the top stories that stay with us al-jazeera world continues next that i'm going to have the al-jazeera news hour for you in just under half an hour i hope you'll join me that by.
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muslim communities living in deprived areas in several european countries say they are marginalized by state agencies and fear the growing far right movement. in parts of the swedish capital still called many locals and community workers tell similar stories of neglect by the state but their chief concerns are racial discrimination and threats from far right groups. al-jazeera soul to put these concerns to the swedish government the culture and democracy ministry referred al-jazeera to the ministry of home affairs who refused to comment. similarly sweden's ministry of justice and migration declined the opportunity to give a statement. the problems of stockholm suburbs have festered for decades haasan zatanna was a young palestinian store owner working at his small shop in the southern suburb of
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pakistan society. in 1902 sata was shot in his shop by your own osun is infamously known as the laser man as he carried a weapon equipped with a laser sight also news targeted immigrants including haasan saturday. i was paralyzed in the attack and his speech remains impaired. and i'm not whole thing as an a bad that they want to get it that's how off now. and it's i mean ken nordine own and they are not him out they're not messiah and you know if he didn't have no more or less than one half inch of a sad ending to. that he behind us of south.
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but that's how you were. far better both of us. that a better source than. that. of saddam the sullenness food baby diarrhea or the column. with a high level of hate crimes in store combs immigrant suburbs a group of swedish somali women decided it was time to act following the deaths of several boys in gang related violence in the area the women founded the mothers of rinky. patrolling in small groups in all weathers they are on the ground presence aims to turn teenagers away from gangs and gun violence these mothers and grandmothers who asked not to be lame say they are changing lives for the better chance of a home they were only you have 3 or under scene and you know and i'm going to just
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know and i was of an unknown. but compared to begin that you know in a sort of we saw him or as some type of the cause of a no one would even have been umatilla did not have they have no hope for ministers or. then i don't know what the man saw a man who had worked there and. you know elicits a oh. well. if you are in the look of what well it is look. at the shit and i was in. severe. back to it. he. only said it so shall. you do so do in an innocent means. and i am but now i would not have the look on her down but i know
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we are maggie on the button and did you know. what his mission is i'm going to have . many in stockholm's arab communities feel let down by what they see as a lack of positive engagement by the swedish authorities. they view with increasing concern the rise of the far right the associated anti immigration movement racial abuse and racially motivated attacks. al-jazeera approached the swedish police authority seeking its view on the alleged failure of law enforcement to adequately protect immigrant communities in stockholm they refuted the claim stating. the mission of the swedish police is to reduce crime and increase public safety disregarding background or ethnicity.
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neighboring denmark also has a sizable arab immigrant population the country witnessed widespread protest in 2005 when a danish newspaper published cartoons of the prophet muhammad muslims in the country were deeply offended and demonstrations followed. noti brew is a suburb in the northwest of the capital copenhagen it's a multi ethnic community where almost one in 6 people does not hold a danish passport. like many communities in europe with a sizable immigrant population not reprove is a melting pot of cultures some individuals integrate well into danish society
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others struggle to balance integration with maintaining their religious and cultural roots the religious barrier suspend part of the mistrust really and i think being a muslim in denmark is probably pretty difficult. not as if you can practice your religion back because you can this is by law so so there is no inhibitors in that area but the whole. terrorist thing that's been going for ways of islam has been a huge problem and it is so so much distress and it's a distrust that's really difficult to overcome. some marginalized people drift into criminality those who do speak of a 2 tier system with danes on the top of the social ladder and arabs on the bottom rungs and as is the ladder though have the mark of them on
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a colossal boom or. the little below not a whole lot of the work. review article been passed. about their arrival right now tell mom about them remembered in a sort of a good move forward with a lot of the rug. because nobody really muscly and really our laws are going along well yeah and it was them at the market let me look at them how they shovel ready than if he couldn't hear and i managed only to have me yes on the tension couldn't we stammer wish that were shown but what happened to the sort of question between his time at the marquis well is that it. made me want to be here who are the laughter out of their. intercom the men were similarly i actually see less of. the keys yarn e.g. the engine the engine than could be a horse also
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a minute. and also you determine a lot of on michael if you were muslim then mark while i'm wiser for the remark was made in the half of the iliad of on with so you are min my and in. my urine min home you should know. mother has an enormously mean mish bottom her mother hasn't. finished. home well and i'm used to load that in by the militia will home feed the kids i live in ireland which remain less efficient you had a museum long story finish them and then mark many feeling that their parents were . subjected to. persecution that they now saw force in the 2nd generation or 13 aeration. and on top of that if they also suffered discrimination in in european setting you learn that you are kind of
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a 2nd class citizen because of the niggers lation which prevents you from. accessing the same rights of the on an equal footing. that may lead to radicalization off of some of the youngsters yes. like in stockholm brewing copenhagen as an ongoing problem with gang violence drug dealing and robbery. in which i mean we. have a problem and order me in indoor a me for how the youth bit in the feet oxley of men. need to be to i mean. be. a mandatory month amir and i'm not about how men. must lead it.
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was luck in ilithyia sure when you know what i thought if we're going to. shabab one of the muslim in color wash it down at the margin why i'm a leon is the one in the towel in noirish that sucker how do the denmark. closing the borders would clearly have little impact on those born and raised in denmark. one such man chose to leave and fight abroad. for. so what the world will. last. call.
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for. balshaw all of the followers on. the mall small to refer to. the book. one hold. more and. more hold. of good news and it's. a normal. who in denmark is persuading these young men to fight in syria an older man said to be a leading radical in the country might have the answers but when approached he refused to answer specific questions well law you have too far as you know mr comment if you want a grease $100.00 and then you will out well borrow the can i get it it's going to
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last a contract and come up with your stick of far as combat unit being on a lead look at her to be learned and be cool head and a vet will lie. it's not like. the. fight she had was born in a palestinian refugee camp in lebanon and arrived in denmark in 1987 when still a teenager he's now a community worker working closely with disaffected youth from the area a former kick boxing champion and gang member harder now works with young people steering them away from criminality. fanatic when it seems to have gained or lost the nadia that mean that the. block a lot of alley or a couple and a few thought the fear that what the law thinking of them can lie and look up and i think for that and that able to hear but i mean that on
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a mock up come think. of i love them that in a minute like already nothing. but when. the shooting incident transforms shareholder's life he turned his back on gang land and devoted his energies to helping young people he now teaches self-defense and at the same time shares his story but. why the monopoly i mean if you want let me know you had to say enough i mean how about me how the hill in the middle what a body that the brothers you know that are their home. despite your father's efforts a number of young people from the area did leave copenhagen to fight in syria. one such man born in denmark claimed to have recently returned from syria.
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just a fluke due to toughen your loose let's assume you think of a flea because who knew that the she's the most the pimp but you know. the pimp before any learn. the don't go call you if you have the power of the detroit home during the behavior of her mother how sort of who should i be up to be applying a bill to tell bill he should not be financially. it's not just young men who travel to fight in syria a number of women went to the facilitator it was said to be an arab woman who scored at the young women through copenhagen airport it's believed that a number of those who traveled were killed in syria while others remain unaccounted for. according to
11:49 pm
a source connected to fight a groups in syria this facilitator enjoyed protection from security authorities in denmark an allegation which cannot be independently verified. daughters it had some son is a well respected syrian doctor who's lived with his family in. denmark for many years. some some song in his twenty's traveled to syria in 2012 to join the free syrian army to fight against syrian government troops. he's going prison in spain ahmed agreed to be interviewed by phone. and then when the mythical sort of going to like them is funny when it there i mean heaven.
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i mean i've. got. to hand out of the had i been i you know i mean. i can they are. look i'm not i'm a sort of a lock in new york i think i'm a better buy them hold out for what i've been around. and the.
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more ruined i was the my passion for that i'm the forgotten who were hired. by the room i got here you were coming out of the home and now that meant what i'd done was number one and we were having then that was the most of what. most of them had in the warehouse and then we could have gotten the story but i don't know what a dumb one. i don't know how to.
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do it all right. for the next 2 years ahmed some some lived quietly in denmark then in 2017 he travelled through copenhagen airport without incident and boarded a plane for a holiday in spain. he was arrested near the coastal town of molokai and charged in spain with having links to an armed group 12 months later he was sentenced to 8 years in prison for joining i saw.
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you know the good with money i thought it would know about that i said why not now not that i'm a man and that i sorta leffingwell a lot about but then you must know that it ok and is that at the end finally dies what if i don't most know that i'll assume. that's why no one would know i was got this i got mafia than mickey so what i can she's or what i did and he had a hobby and go with what obviously and. what did i not of you and hubby didn't came out happy is that malvo what it's getting him already got that well don't know what it was so but now there's been about my uncle but the been my god she missed a lot of money but let me get them out of their condo when i met them they would you know i thought me and my fee and then you mom and send
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a family you know us and families of our swat the hog. oclock on a bailout can i be done. when i become ft and say i need to know who i someone listen to. what i. or what i'm what the hobby off a dime off got a job and i'm awfully. ramadan that i've got. to. tell you and think about it in sabbath and said get out like i can i want to. mention so now i don't want to do any of down and she. had been a marquis a because neither team
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a bad. and that they have been. better than ricky many men as i mean you would have let me thought them and. as you've been doing you know of no one of you know me and i think that almost made me. then feet are the. al-jazeera sorts to corroborate the sums on families claim the document had worked for danish intelligence. after
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a lengthy correspondence with different agencies including denmark's foreign affairs and just as ministries the team did receive a response it was from p e t the danish security and intelligence service the agency refused to comment on whether or not some sample was sent to syria as an agent of danish intelligence offer an instead a one line reply. it read p.t. cannot comment on your inquiry since our service cannot comment on specific persons . this journey through 3 european countries raises as many questions as answers many 2nd generation arab immigrants struggle in their adopted countries young people in deprived city suburbs can find themselves exposed to criminality or even the lure
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of fighting in far away conflicts. in these poor districts where people feel marginalized by state agencies and fear the growing far right movement hope may be plentiful but optimism is in short supply. from fossil fuels to modern day renewable as societies develop their energy demands increase requiring innovative solutions to meet such demands as a global power development of investment company nebraska power as you. the position to deliver against the state we provide business growth promotes social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and fire mentally sound energy solutions for future generation no pressure i am hearing future energy.
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from. brisbane's had a rough spot of weather recently not just brisbane and the storm system is expanding now from what was effectively nearly a tropical cyclone offshore the legacy is a load of foam being brought in on the coast this is the gulf coast as quiet site it just looks very weird it's because these seas been showing up what has been churned up now that that wind is not a strong otherways aren't as big but these showers are all way down through new south wales into victoria the temps of melbourne's come down to 24 in the forecast on wednesday a couple days about 30 as you can see the storm system proper such does will go
11:59 pm
down to the east to tasmania and keep going south was leaving behind a legacy of a humid weather admittedly and sunder stalls all showers still in sydney the tensions there are rising at the low thirty's again by friday won't just be sitting still representation of the weather in new south wales now is just becoming active in what will be the typhoon or tropical cyclones he's dipping with the north and south of the equator this is the tropical cyclone and it's a big one of the category 5 now it's a big get is about time it gets to fiji is going to be sometime on thursday as potentially of course a destructive tropical cycle we'll watch that very closely. i care about how the u.s. engages with the rest of the world i cover foreign policy national security this is a political impasse here's the conflict are we telling
12:00 am
a good story. really interested in taking you into a place that you might not visit otherwise and to actually feels that you were there. al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara sarah this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes coronavirus cases surge across europe pressure mounts on regulators to approve a vaccine for use as soon as possible. their local college. top republican senator mitch mcconnell congratulates joe biden and running mate campbell harris on their election victory and i.


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