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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 16, 2020 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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the. 0. either give it al this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes government struggle to balance a major holiday season with protecting people against coronavirus. on the 1st day of a strict lockdown germany reports nearly a 1000 deaths. warnings that call that 19 hunger and collapsing 8 will combined to create a catastrophe in yemen next year. story appears to be credibly strong ties to
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beyond. and a strategy of hits back against chinese tariffs on its barley him an increasingly bitter trade disputes. and i'm siding with all the sports world. is. one of those types of 2030 asian games a country comes to the stage the multi-sport event for the 2nd time in its history . missions around the world are facing tough choices in the fight against coronavirus ahead of a major holiday season in britain scientists warn that easing rules over christmas will cost lives the prime minister cross johnson wants families to make their own decisions on whether or not to get together south korea though is preparing to implement its toughest measures yet after recording more than a 1000 infections on wednesday its highest daily figure a stricter lockdown has taken effect in germany on the day it reported
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a record of $952.00 deaths there are those monday and. i'm very pleased to see the new plan because the measures taken so far haven't shown good outcomes i wish the lockdown could last for a couple of weeks we think the situation will get better 6 months from now. i have a big family i definitely wouldn't be able to see all of them this year we hope to be together it's understandable if we cannot be united this year. i'll speak to john a holler is in london shortly but 1st let's go to nadine barber who is in brussels nadim talk to us about germany the strict lockdown that's come into force how strict is it and how are people responding. well yes it is from wednesday this national lockdown at least since invest until january the 10th is a strict lock down it's much tougher than what was introduced in november and the government judge that that just simply hadn't worked enough in driving down transmissions interesting to hear some voices from the public that chancellor
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merkel has been one of the most cautious leaders in the e.u. over the over the months in the 1st wave she was seen to have done a good job recently though things have gone in the wrong direction in 24 hours we've seen more than 27000 you covered 1000 cases. over $900.00 deaths is the latest daily figure they're very worried she has told members of her conservative party that it's a genuine and february are going to be very tough months also her government is saying they're ready to start vaccinating people next week now on monday the european medicines agency d.m.a. holds a meeting that's been brought forward to approve that pfizer biotech vaccine which we've seen already rolled out in the u.k. and in the u.s. and germany says that it's it's ready to vaccinate millions of people in the coming months hoping to get to 60 percent of the population by next summer now just a few hours ago not far from here in the european parliament of underlying
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president of the european commission said that the rollout was going to be coordinated across the european union to give everybody to give citizens the feeling that it was being done in a fair way she also said this we've bought more than enough doses for everyone in europe and we will be able to support our neighbors and partners around the world through kovacs so that no one is left behind that's the mechanism under which less developed countries will be assured that they can get access to the vaccine regardless of their national income so that message from the european union is that we are ready we're going as quickly as we can don't panic. they've also said that they have actually contracted put in orders for 6 different vaccines but with those lockdowns with everybody getting fed up with the restrictions on their freedom it can't come soon enough ok thank you for that update then again barbara live for us in brussels let's go to the u.k. now john hall is in london john or so as we've been saying private us across
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johnson there's been under intense pressure not to ease coronavirus restrictions over christmas has he succumbed. no he hasn't succumbed he hasn't backed down to that head of pressure as you say that's been building for. well over a week now including scientific and medical warnings that if these planned easing of the restrictions for 5 days over the christmas period were to go ahead it would lead to more deaths more hospitalizations the overwhelming of the national health service and a possible surge wave in january indeed the 4 nations of the u.k. health matters of course devolved have met and agreed on wednesday that it is simply too late to turn around and tell people that they can't meet as planned over christmas the plan of course is to allow them to meet up to 3 family secure covert bubbles at home over that 5 day period from the 23rd to the sept the 27th they will
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now be allowed to go to go on and do that with strength and guidance coming out of those 4 governments to exercise greater course and perhaps self isolate if you're going to be seeing elderly relatives and so on just take great care basically of course it's all fuel for the opposition leader kist ahmed who stood up in the house of commons a short while ago and pm queues prime minister's questions and railed against the prime minister boris johnson. accusing him of ignoring scientific and medical advice telling him that his system of restriction simply hasn't worked as infection rates continue to spiral and broadly accusing him of delaying his response at every point during this pandemic so that britain the 6 richest country in the world suffers from one of the highest death tolls and deepest recessions of all the rich countries while poorest johnson fairly unmoved by all of that stood his ground told kid starmer that really all the leader of the opposition in self was interested in was counseling christmas. thank you. almost half
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of singapore's migrant workers have been infected with covert 19 in the past 9 months most lived in shared rooms and large dormitories they face restrictions on their freedom of movement that are only due to be gradually lifted next year overall singapore has reported more than $58000.00 infections since the pandemic began phones though it has more from kuala lumpur. it was hailed as a model of success at the very start of the pandemic but if you remember back in april there was an explosion of coronavirus infections among the singapore's migrant workers community in a sense when singapore drafted its response to this to this pandemic and how it would tackle it it had in a way left out this community these workers they were living in cramped conditions they were living in dormitories where many of them share a room they were sleeping in bunk beds physical distancing was extremely difficult in those circumstances it's no surprise that an at that academics have described
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this pandemic as a pandemic of inequality and that's how corona virus infections words cases were able to spread so quickly among this community even now with singapore having accumulatively confirmed more than 58000 cases migrant workers make up more than 90 percent of that number now in the singapore government response has been extremely swift test and it did and it still does extensive testing market workers living in dormitories are tested about once every 2 weeks and then if they're found to have a corona virus they're isolated they're quarantine or they're treated now and authorities had also decided very early on when they were tackling the explosion of current virus cases among migrant workers community that the dormitories would have to be sealed off to contain the spread of corona virus and many of these workers are still living under movement restrictions. the us health system is straining under the pressure of the crowd of hours and demick intensive care units have been
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running out of bed said at least one state mississippi and there were fewer than $100.00 available in los angeles county home to millions of people are reports. in california and across the u.s. the numbers are staggering in los angeles county population 10000000 there were fewer than 100 intensive care unit beds available on tuesday. in some areas like the central valley and counties east of los angeles there are 0 i.c.u. beds left more people will die because the whole gist is that. statewide more than 42000 cases of covert 19 were reported on monday breaking all previous single day records we're still in the tunnel going through the most challenging and difficult search we've experienced since the beginning of this pandemic most of the state is under
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a stay at home order still public officials pleaded with people to wear masks and socially distance. we just had to order $5000.00 additional body bags they just purchased for the state that should be sobering after more than 300000 deaths nationwide millions of doses of pfizer's vaccine are now being distributed around the country with medical workers at the front of the line more encouraging news came from the u.s. food and drug administration which found moderna vaccine candidate to be 94 percent effective emergency f.d.a. authorization for the vaccine is expected by the end of the week a new poll shows 71 percent of the u.s. population wants to get vaccinated right away that's an 8 percent increase from september widespread vaccine acceptance is essential to combat in the virus vaccine rollout also costs money congress is still working on multi-billion dollar covert
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relief legislation but they're not there yet no matter how long it takes will be here until we get a codebook the country's top infectious disease expert dr anthony fauci recommended that president elect joe biden who is 78 years old and vice president elect kamel harris get vaccinated right away in the interests of national security we want him fully protected as he enters into the presidency in january so that would be my strong recommendation biden said he'd take that advice. you are now to the public. much of the ongoing nationwide search is attributed to virus exposure during travel and family gatherings over they thanksgiving holiday last month with hanukkah underway and christmas coming next week doctors are begging americans to stay home and stay safe rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles. among the stories
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we have still to come for it months the whole system will be under severe pressure from with patients to jump in severe chronic virus cases pressure on afghanistan's creaking health system also. dilute tripura rules europe is not fully free i. call for action to defend democracy is about erosion our position perceives the e.u. stop human right to be. added sports find out what happened with this world cup when i return to coach visit his wits against his brother. last hour it's been announced the 2030 asian games will be held in the qatari capital was revealed as the venue by the olympic council of asia while riyadh was named as the host of the 2034 games and
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a compromise agreed between qatar and saudi arabia the games are the 2nd biggest multi-sport event after the olympics let's get more now with our sports presenter and a richardson and he said both countries had wanted to host in 2030 how was the solution reached. well i think it's a victory really for though horan cats was a long term commitment to its sporting infrastructure i mean it's it's hard of course not to see the geopolitics of this situation with saudi arabia being part of the blockade that's been imposed on cattle but i think this is slightly more nuanced and perhaps slightly more straightforward than that qatar has vast experience of hosting huge sporting events it started really in 2006 when it hosted the asian games for the 1st time it's remodeled its national stadium and everything really is in place to really host an asian games and since then last year we saw the world athletics championships hosted here in doha and of course the big one
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coming around the corner the football world cup and that has resulted in even more investments in training facilities in transport facilities for fans and media so it's already there and the scale of this event is hard to understate it is the 2nd biggest multi-sport event after the olympics it will involve $10000.00 plus athletes and the olympics deliberate association both regional level and the international level by thomas back is at pains to stress that it doesn't want to overburden hosting countries and at the moment cats are in a position where pretty much tomorrow it could host these asian games has to be said that riyadh and saudi arabia are also moving in that direction they are starting to host big sporting events be a formula one race next year they've hosted big boxing matches in the last few months as well but in terms of hosting multi sports events with large numbers international athletes it isn't quite there yet so this compromise has been required by saudi arabia be given that extra few years to prepare for the 2034
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asian games you sort of touched on it there andy but i wonder if you can talk to us a little bit more about the wider context here. yeah of course there is the blockade this been imposed on cats or by neighboring countries including saudi arabia is of course part of the conversation in the background here and it's arguable that perhaps riyadh would have been pushed into into bidding so soon for an asian games had it not been for the fact that there are great regional rivals doha we're also going for the for the 2030 games there's also a desire to bring the olympics one day to the middle east and which country will be at the front of the race to do that now doha is very keen and to put itself forward for 2032 it's been a couple of times in the past the big stumbling block it will face is is the timing of the olympics with the asian games the organizers can be a bit more flexible for example when doha hosted in 2006 the games were hosted in
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december. when the weather is is much cooler here the olympics they are very sort of determined to always have the olympics hosted june july august number of reasons for that one of the main reasons being that the main source of income for the olympics is a huge contract they have with n.b.c. in the united states they want the games to be hosted in the summer they don't want to be clashing with major north american sporting leagues later on in the year when the middle east would like to host the olympic spirit october november december but the i.o.c. the international olympic committee had indicated they wanted to see doha host another big sporting event after the world cup something like the asian games before they rebid for the olympics so this is the perfect opportunity for that what doha wants is some kind of commitment that there is some wiggle room as to when they can host the olympics but 2032 is a very realistic bit schedule now for the arts to try and bring the olympics to the
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middle east for the 1st time as well ok i think that sports presenter advantage there. turkish president says u.s. sanctions won't stop his country building up its defenses the sanctions had been imposed over the acquisition of russian defense systems says it's a hostile stance by the u.s. against its nato ally but added that the problems creatives can be overcome. he says says more than $2000000.00 children have been cut off from humanitarian assistance in ethiopia is to great region fighting broke out there last month when prime minister obviously had ordered a military offensive against local forces thousands of people have been killed the european union is reportedly delaying and the early $110000000.00 aid package to ethiopia over the crisis into grade the international rescue committee has released an emergency watch list of countries where it says suffering will worsen in the coming year the 20 countries represent just 10 percent of the global population but 85 percent of those in need sees call for action includes afghanistan syria and the
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democratic republic of congo and ethiopia rises into the watch lists top 5 for the 1st time because of the fighting in tikrit yemen tops the list for the 3rd year running the i r c says the scale of the need and the steep drop and funding of the humanitarian response times to collapse reports. in yemen so. 30000000 people are displaced most live in complaints like this one surviving us as they call for help from the outside world and. thousands and during the cold on the water less planes in the shop come near the city of them in the south. not only in we are suffering due to the cold weather we need blankets for organization and philanthropist there is no support for the children the scald the coronavirus pandemic disease and malnutrition her all adding up to make life
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here extremely difficult we need to health center in the camp to deal with mountain and also to treat pregnant woman. even before the war human imported 90 percent of the steeple from kuwait but supplies on. a shop full in the value of the yemeni riyal has led to the prices of essential commodities like food and medicine stored in the absence of help from the government and international allies assurance most people here the muscle the elements one liners didn't kill us out of pollution at the prices of everything have increased even for bread and vegetables prices have gone up because the road is cut off so everything is expensive for me i'm a motorcycle driver my daily income is not even $6.00 so i cannot afford to eat. yemen has been mired in war since late 2014. when the whole thing rebels seized
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control of several more from provinces and forced the international to cognize government of president of the rebel months. out of the capital sanaa. so did you he led coalition then intervened with diverse consequences in a country rocked by conflict no one knows how many people are dying from diseases such as cholera or from the quick 1000 pandemic. yemen's health system has all but collapsed across the country doctors say hospital beds are food and they don't know where to put the 2nd boy. looked up to latif is head of the hospital. philosophy the war has had a huge impact on the health sector we've been affected by the brutal aggression on our country and the air and sea blockade we suffer from a dire shortage of medicine such as cancer drugs open heart surgery drugs and others and fortunately aid organizations also have
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a monopoly on what support they offer and we have no say on what help they bring in all this leads to a severe shortage of service whether in the aisle for a hospital or in other hospitals. then many courses of the war in the for there only to consequences death and the destruction of people's livelihoods mohamed al jazeera. around president says he's not overly happy about joe biden's u.s. election win but is glad that the quote terrorists donald trump is leaving office hasan rouhani has been speaking ahead of a meeting in vienna on the 25th a nuclear deal. i tell our people if this pressure persists it is from an individual that unfortunately still has a few weeks to go he has been the united states is most lawless president and hopefully he is leaving we are not excited about mr biden taking office but we are very happy to see trump go he committed so many crimes he's a murder
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a terrorist he even causes problems when he wants to buy a vaccine he's a man without humanity or moral principles we are very happy that this arrogant man who wasn't committed to any pledges has been toppled. well back in 2015 the iran nuclear deal was met with celebrations to tehran and satisfaction in vienna where it was signed the back to walls between iran and the so-called p 5 plus one that's france the u.k. china russia the u.s. and germany was designed to limit to iran's nuclear ambitions in exchange for sanctions relief but in that may of 2018 president donald trump withdrew the u.s. and began re imposing sanctions on iran one year later president hassan rouhani told the remaining signatories that iran would reduce its commitments every 60 days until they honored their part of the deal and by november all of this year iran's enriched uranium stockpile had reached 12 times the levels permitted under the agreement just weeks later iranian nuclear scientists most and fuck result there
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was assassinated. i speak now to ellie. in london she is the deputy head of the middle east and north africa program at the european council on foreign relations thank you for your time so u.s. president elect joe biden wants the u.s. to return to the j. c.p.o. a right that if though iran returns to compliance in terms of uranium enrichment 1st what's the likelihood you think that will happen do you think the u.s. will return to the deal and if so how do you think that will play out. thanks jim so we had a recent statement from the president elect on his vision for how the chemistry with iran could take place and as you say the 1st. diplomatic process as he laid out is joining the new plant there with the world powers and i think it's clear to everyone that we will need some sort of a mutual and phased. back to the deal by the iranian side and the
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u.s. to make this deal fully implemented on both sides they will have to have some degree of technical talks over that sequencing on how iran who deserves to lose its nuclear steps in return of sanctions really by the united states iranians on their part maintain that they will only be going to be clerics if the u.s. provides sanctions really but i think what's important to note here is that we are getting high level signals from both the coming u.s. administration and iranian authorities that they want to have some sort of it went . in there and so i think that the political will is there and now they need to get the technical teams in place to work out how to make that translate into credit quality's how much consensus consensus rather is there within iran between. the lawmakers and the supreme leader in terms of the way forward. so there was
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a very important speech today by iran's supreme leader are in which outlines you know the usual distrust that he views the united states with where they're it's either the trumpet ministration obama administration or the incoming by going to this ration but he did very well today you know in that speech today that if sanctions can be eased they shouldn't be delayed even by an hour and that there needs to be some of you know. by authorities to consider that sanctions moving process but at the same time that iran who is. unionized or needs arise itself u.s. sanctions policy in that in the long and see need that speech by some sort of political cover full president rouhani is that miscreation get to work and start thinking about. outreach with the fire station who work on the climate which is
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right now much more conservative. than the presidency we have seen movements in recent meets egypt you see a new legislation that essentially will start that quote taking one as an informant in the coming week or so of 2 months by which time you're on the floor and see what factors are that meant that there has to be some degree of economic relief or diplomatically on getting the sanctions lifted and so that does mean that there is a squeeze on the iranian mr ation from what i meant something of complete relevance to the iranian new pearl quite soon once the biden creation comes and. thanks so much for your time l.a. john meyer there from the european council on foreign relations. for the weather has her up. it's playtime now on the gold coast as the result of
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the story where the show themselves this is all foam churned up from sea water itself the still flooding inland in new south wales the warnings should be all disappeared now because the storm's got it still like to be humid and fairly wet all the way from queens and that's new south wales to victoria and a city with that breeze coming in from the northeast the next heavy rains more like to be up near darwin as a particularly heavy back on its way through sydney she made weather with storms hang on to her frog in the wind changes to a southerly and temperatures drop considerably as a result but our eyes are to the east it is tropical cyclone season some accordance to supercycle and it's certainly officially a severe cyclonic storm and it's on its way slowly south towards fiji as a dangerous thing now locally because a category 5 internationally is a category 4 with winds likely on impact that they were 240 kilometers per hour
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they will gust higher than that landfall for the worst conditions probably going to be around about dusk in fiji but the wind will pick up before that so it's an overnight damaging storm heading south and away during friday. still ahead in this news all the refugees and migrants are enduring violence and deplorable conditions . want to. revisit the everglades and florida unesco world heritage site that's on the trace and it's not just the ecosystem at risk. the australian captain issues a warning to team india ahead of the 1st test the latest cricket coming up and support. building a new life on an entirely beach living off the sea and. a dream shared by so many but so few make it a reality. of family business led by
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a mark of a woman with a flair for cooking and desist than if. i didn't catch it on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks the measures introduced during this way in the 20 percent drop in the amount the people are travelling with details coverage both one. in one poverty rate. in the top tier from around the world the un has identified 56 countries most need assistance what's worrying them is that many of those have a deteriorating situation. the.
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you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour germany has gone into a nationwide lockdown imposing some of the toughest restrictions in its post-war history there's been another $952.00 coronavirus deaths there the worst daily fatality figure yet. britain's prime minister crossed johnson is resisting pressure to scrap a planned easing of coronavirus restrictions over christmas johnson says strict rules will be relaxed for 5 days to british medical journal say that will cost many lives. and his pain and else the 2030 asian games will be held in doha qatar accountable was revealed as the venue by the olympic council of asia was named as the host of the 234 games of a compromise agreed 20 qatar and saudi arabia. a coroner has determined that
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air pollution played a role in the death of a 9 year old girl from south east london is the 1st legal case of its kind in britain possibly the world ella casey deborah died of an acute asthma attack in 2013 the coroner ruled that unlawful levels of pollution there her home and militia the sas a base in her condition contributed to her death ella went to hospital nearly 30 times in 3 years with breathing difficulties. the strain is old saying a formal appeal to the world trade organization of the chinese decision to impose huge tariffs on its barley and maybe opposed to 5 years of duties on the grain effectively stopping a 1000000000 dollar trade in its tracks there's been a growing trade dispute since a strain a call for an investigation into the origins of the corona virus pandemic. we are highly confident that by stone the evidence darter an analysis we've put together already destroyed here has an incredibly strong case demand in relation to
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defending the integrity and propriety of our growing growers and bali produces we have full confidence at the diner not i'm julie subsidized that they do not dump their product in global markets in the day i have operated with nothing but commercial imperatives in relation to the way diving gauged in the china market china's foreign ministry insists australia hasn't properly addressed allegations that the bali is being undervalued and subsidised which i'm going to share what i want to stress is that the last ruling government should take turn his concerns seriously and take concrete actions to criticize discriminatory actions against chinese companies you know gerry and security forces have rescued at least 15 students kidnapped in the northern state of katsina hundreds were taken on friday from a boarding school in calcutta city the government is being accused of not being open about the number of children abducted it's also denied reports that it's
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negotiating with the kidnappers a faction of the group boko haram has claimed responsibility aid workers are pushing for benteke care and shelter for refugees a migrant stranded near the bosnia croatia border buzzin officials are meeting later to discuss what to do as temperatures plunge on camp may need to be closed because it hasn't been made safe for the winter even though international funding is available on just there is tony but the reports from valley could lead to show. it's not a prison it's a camp and for these migrants and refugees the former miral warehouse in velika katyusha in northern balls near is a staging post on their journey to the promised land europe some have spent years getting to this point my dream is that their life. living condition good. everything good life style good living style good living working. because issues
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here are basic but they have heat shelter and clean water they are lucky these men from algeria not they have no electricity no water no proper heating all of them have tried and failed to cross the border into croatia and failure comes with a price this man shows the bruises on his legs he says were caused by croatian police who robbed him and then sent him back barefoot his aim is to get to france and beatings not a deterrent. effect on there's nothing for me and all derian the algerian government does nothing for its people i'm 40 years old i have nothing i've looked for work there but there is not just the danish refugee council says that in october alone they recorded 189 claims of extreme violence by croatian police against the migrants and refugees but there's been no investigation so far hundreds more migrants are scattered in woodlands throughout the area these are the most basic of shelters made by men mostly from afghanistan pakistan and bangladesh they
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moved here when the bosnia authorities close their campaign be hatched 2 months ago because of local opposition european union any country like this can do this man says he's tried 10 times across the border and spent nearly $15000.00 and trying since he left his home 2 years ago he says he wants to go anywhere in the european union anywhere is good he says. the winter is coming in in northern bosnia there is snow and temperatures can drop well below freezing survival will be difficult has been split about what to do about the problem in the worse is that in some humanitarian crisis you don't have enough money so you cannot take care of everyone else here defending is not an issue we have the funding to take care of those people in proper centers but simply because of the lack of political decision making we actually cannot take care of them in a way that we should the sad irony that in a country that was so dependent on international aid and assistance during the war but apparently not the same kind of humanity is being shown to people who simply
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want a better life but this never ending problem is leading to a growing anti migrant feeling here that 1st migrants and refugees were helped 2 years on and some feel differently but only problem are with them it out causing problems that upsetting locals they're breaking to put i about the house is an apartment in this throwing them players god go go it's enough international aid agencies have been providing basic supplies in sleeping bags but they describe it as the very minimum needed to some this will be just another migrant story to have been so many others it will be one of arduous journey is taken by those who are trying to escape poverty and hardship and make a better life in the woods and abandoned buildings in northern bosnia a better life looks a long way away tony berkeley al-jazeera the liquor clear dushka. 3 far right activists have been sentenced in a french court after an al does their investigation helped convict them of assault
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and in one case inciting terrorism and undercover reporter infiltrated a group in the northern city of lean from there david harrison reports. it was the only one of the 3 men who appeared in court to hear the verdicts read me follies and on how and have avoided media attention since legal proceedings began 2 years ago after they were featured in an al-jazeera documentary. an undercover reporter from the network's investigative unit infiltrated a branch of generation identity in the northern french city of lille. the far right movement believes that europe needs to be reconquered from what it sees as muslim invaders of former generation identity activist rémi follies was found guilty of incitement to terrorism and assault he was given an 8 month jail sentence suspended for 18 months. follies was filmed covertly the group's legal headquarters he
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described his dying wish to drive a car into a crowded market popular with muslims. most were children. who saw. the original. it was a media folks like you. with the. police's conviction for assault followed an argument with arabic speaking teenagers in leo's nightlife area. wearing plastic reinforced gloves follies struck a 13 year old girl. charged alongside philly's was gay on some p.s.t. he was convicted of assault and given a 3 month suspended sentence he was filmed using pepper spray on the same teenage girl that bullies later punched. a 3rd defendant etienne's on
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how when was convicted of assault and incitement to racial hatred he was given a 5 month jail sentence suspended for 18 months but helen was filmed making a toast to the nazi party in a bar with other far right activists was. the judge said that evidence from the al jazeera documentary played a key role in establishing the 3 men's guild. mrs clare this decision sends a clear message to the muslims of france and around the world but especially in france that today we will not accept discriminate 3 acts perpetuated because of people's religion and in particular those towards muslims. relations between the french government and the country's 4000000 muslims have been strained by a series of crises in recent months to date suspense and recognize the greatest motive on the limper far right ideology. they may for sure what many muslims here
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would consider justice for a racist attack on a 13 year old girl because she was and. david harrison al-jazeera. afghanistan's frail health system is coming under intense pressure from rising coronavirus infections the exact number of cases is unclear and many afghans are finding it too expensive to protect themselves contra 40 reports from kabul. less than a month ago these beds were empty but since then footage obtained by al-jazeera from inside afghanistan's only covered hospital in kabul shows the beds are quickly filling up doctors say as winter sets in and respiratory diseases flare up coronavirus patients needing treatment in hospital will increase. this hospital has capacity for only 120 patients with the patients in hallways or any other rooms
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that will increase the number of beds to 150 we do not have any other space and we cannot put beds on the streets many officials and diplomats say the official tallies are seriously undercounted and there's no reliable data to give a clear picture of the pandemic in afghanistan the country has received millions of dollars in aid to manage the pandemic but a lack of testing and knowledge about the virus especially outside the afghan capital who remains a big problem forcing many people to seek help in kabul. my mom was sick and cause the doctors there were not able to get a diagnosis for her her health was getting worse by the day on her breathing got really bad we came to this hospital when we got the results of the covert test that was positive. there's no social distancing in afghanistan and barely anyone wears a mask many afghans believe the koran a virus doesn't exist here what if there was coronavirus i could have been infected
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as i'm in contact with hundreds of people every day here and i'm not but there is another reason why afghans do not follow the government's recommendations to take protective measures sanitizers a masks are available almost everywhere yet many afghans can not afford to buy them with most living on less than $1.50 a day spending event $0.10 for one single use. is too much. deaths of also increased according to the minister of public health because afghans did not axes the health care they need to curb the spread of the virus during the winter wedding holes will be shot while universities have already been closed our prediction is that for 8 months the whole system will be under severe pressure from patients so that's why. even though we have doubled the number of beds the are
4:43 pm
increasing the beds more but the are prepared for that but let's see what happens nothing is predictable with. the government says millions of dollars in international aid have been pledged to help of ghana stand deliver the car on a virus vaccine in the next 7 months initially for 20 percent of the population yet it managing the pandemic has been a big struggle vaccinating afghans could be an even bigger one. al-jazeera. uganda has asked google which owns you tube to shut down 14 channels and set the links to riots last month more than 50 people died following the latest arrests of opposition presidential candidates for the white uganda goes to the polls next month the government has already canceled media accreditation and web is monitoring developments from nairobi in neighboring kenya. with the ugandan communications commission written to google complaining about these channels it says that their
4:44 pm
content incites violence particular risk of being attacked for their tribe or because of their political beliefs the rights groups have already spoken out about this they said the ugandan communications commission hasn't followed g. process that none of the stations in question have actually breached any guidelines and neither have the been any court cases against them but it is interesting that these almost exactly the stations do include police stations that frequently follow and cover the activities of the opposition candidate and former pop star bobby wine whose followers have been repeatedly dispersed on the campaign trail he's been arrested in the violence just a few weeks ago in which 50 people died was following an arrest of bobby wine during one of his political rallies. that's our series on the nascar world heritage sites that are under threat a special status that often catapults from most locations to international fame
4:45 pm
they can also be revoked and the 2nd pass of our 5 part series sunday gallacher reports from florida's everglades national park. the everglades national park was among the 1st places in the u.s. to be added to the united nations world heritage list and for good reason this vast subtropical river of grass is the largest mangrove ecosystem in the western hemisphere refuge to over 20 rare endangered and threatened species the park's also faced more than its fair share of problems since receiving its designation in 1979 is the state's population's grown fresh water flow has dwindled and toxins from agriculture choking the everglades pristine landscape the everglades ecosystem was once huge and over the years as florida has developed we have cut away not only at the natural wildlife habitat but also at the water flow about 70 percent of the historic river of grass water flow has been cut off because of florida's urban and
4:46 pm
agricultural development environmental challenges of threaten the parks status the public awareness of its importance is increasing people are rallying across florida going to cross the country to say the everglades is dying and we need to need to renew reaffirm this sense of purpose and do it with a sense of urgency as environmental threats grow so too is the determination to restore this unique sanctuary and vital source of fresh water billions of being spent on improving water flow eradicating invasive species and increasing awareness one of the things that that we aim for is to educate the public as much as possible as to why this place was protected in the 1st place and why it needs to be restored and protected for the future the stakes then are high the dangers of losing its status as a world. heritage site constant but environmentalist's are optimistic that awareness funding and restoration will preserve this park for generations to come
4:47 pm
there's no denying the everglades faces huge challenges from global warming population growth and a rash of invasive species this park status is a world heritage site attracts tourists from around the world but more importantly supplies fresh drinking water to 8000000 people this park survival and the states then are into linked reason enough to save it no matter what its designation in years ahead gallacher al-jazeera the everglades national park florida. is continuous from 10 from 10 g.m.t. on thursday i'm reading 1st to walk in. georgia to find out why the inhabitants of these ancient villages are fighting to protect their heritage. size head next would sports shell tell us about the basketball star who's become a whole lot of red chip.
4:48 pm
business leaders as well to buy the brass pot.
4:49 pm
business leaders is both to buy nebraska. elaine. an afterthought has tyra banks thought it came a lot's been happening in this part of the world because cattery capsule of da will host the 2030 agent games disability is thanks to harvey to be armed in a vote by the olympic council of asia that took place in amman earlier on wednesday in the game for the 2nd biggest multi-sport event after the in and pick riyadh will now host the 2034 edition and we've been speaking to professor of the eurasian sports industry simon chadwick he believes the latest successful cats are sets them
4:50 pm
up for another bid to stage the olympics as we know cattle have effectively built a nation. based upon sport so a lot of its infrastructure a lot of its urban developments have been connected to the staging of the world cup and also to other sporting events too like the world athletics championship in in 2019. and so it was absolutely crucial i think in terms of legacy and in terms of delivering a return on investment for the. from it some various projects to not only did over the world cup but to subsequently also host of the maker of zones and what 2030 will do is it will enable the country to deliver on its 2030 national vision but also to utilise the infrastructure the sporting infrastructure that it has now created it will be of build upon the 2022 world cup legacy but i think what
4:51 pm
it will also do is propel qatar forwards in terms of bidding for the olympic games and we we know all that. it's increased seems increasingly likely that cattle are obviously door har will bid for the games possibly as early as 2032. moving on to football where karim benzema stands for real madrid as they not stop the 3rd straight win in the french forward scored twice as los blancos beat athletic bilbao 31 victory means ya'll are now 3rd in the table level on points with the leaders real sociedad well as they can listen to what the real boss had to say when he was asked about that post-game on whether ben zimmer is the best striker in france's history but i mean. look as a person who really is for me what he is been doing is the proof he's been playing at real madrid for a long time more than 500 marches his goals what he has won and done is all proof
4:52 pm
in itself for me is the best it is very clear to me. and it was on those even encouraged between brothers and italy's top football division on tuesday then eventa managed by italian world cup winners. she faced off against last year who are created by these younger sibling smile in the game itself was settled by 2 volleys the 1st was this done and just you can see right there from that bell a 25 minutes in and then the cries of just before half time scored by pasquale 3 low who actually got sent off later on in the match and the final score on that one was one for. chelsea have missed their chance to go top of the english premier league table the blues were beaten 21 by walls and or opened the scoring for chelsea in the 49th minute but was hits back on petro netto scored in injury time to seal the win for the home side is chelsea's 2nd straight defeat and they remain
4:53 pm
in 5th place 9 choose days of the game in the e.p.l. manchester city were held to a draw by 2nd bottom side west brom you can see there in the result mean city are now 6 in the table. berto settlements new interim manager is off to a good start by winning his 1st match in charge at in-service it tells its side were 21 winners away to veld braman on tuesday marco royce getting the when i was just over 10 minutes left terry's it was put in charge after $51.00 thrashing at the hands of stood guard which saw alyse and 5 boys fired as coach now this latest result lifts the side to 4th in the bundesliga and moving on to australia captain tim page 15 won't back down if on the receiving end of sledging by india's players it seems faceoff in the 1st of 4 test starting on thursday the match in adelaide will be the 1st test action for either side since the resumption of international
4:54 pm
cricket after the krona virus and you shut down india won the last 4 match test series between sides in 2819. terms of what goes on the field will have to wait and so you certainly don't go into it clearly. have run ins or the overly aggressive we just sort of go out. on execute airplanes firstly with their skewed ball and. as we all know it's on cricket fields things can be a little bit. because there's no doubt that this team won't be taking a backward step or n.b.a. star younis are there has signed a record breaking contract extension them or keep box the greek forward used twice been named the league's most valuable player confirmed details of the 5 year deal on social media it's worth close to $230000000.00 making it the most lucrative in n.b.a. history. that's all the sports for me but i'll have the of the having more
4:55 pm
later rather back to thank you for that. british scientists are heading to the south atlantic to investigate an iceberg the size of a small country it's drifting toward the island of south georgia will be assessing potential damage to the delicate local ecosystem and reports from when a sinus. the iceberg known as a 68 a is one of the biggest ever recorded more than 4000 square meters it broke away from the antarctic last in the sea ice shelf in 2017 and is drifting toward south georgia at about 20 kilometers a day actually massive in terms of hours but mostly our spokesman there in the open ocean they tend to break are going to smaller icebergs this one remarkably as remained intact and that is still even more remarkable because it's got quite a shallow keel is not very thick so we expected to break apart a 68 day is about 200 meters thick and one fear is that the iceberg will run
4:56 pm
aground when it reaches the continental shelf around the island the challenge facing the team is to assess the impact something so huge might have on the vulnerable south atlantic ecosystem so something the size of luxembourg is going to be a massive impact on an island like south georgia which is not much bigger than luxemburg so. the iceberg is formed from glacier ice and as it melts to release billions of tons of freshwater into the sea potentially devastating krill photo plankton and other species low on the food chain that in turn could threaten the diverse ward life on the island. it's one of the most pristine pieces in the world with the ocean of foreigner at its most. that's the problem. the sawing to swill employed submarines to measure the temperature salinity and levels of phytoplankton
4:57 pm
in the water around the iceberg collect and study animals in the water. if we don't protect the oceans this kind of events will become increasingly frequent and the impact it reversible greenpeace and others have long been warning of the effects of climate change but say the threat presented by this enormous iceberg is one that cannot be ignored. what osiris. i originally position leaders have been awarded the european parliament's prize for freedom of thought sideline attack on a skier received the award in strasburg has been in political crisis since a controversial presidential election in august incumbent alexander lukashenko trying to have one with a landslide the opposition in regards to kind of skier was the real winner. but as the news hour don't go away ever have much more to come here on al-jazeera
4:58 pm
and just a few minutes time. joggers in new delhi take advantage of the relatively clean air after weeks of toxic small stopped people from venturing outside institutions including hobgood say air pollution is leading to more severe cases of the coronavirus and more deaths from it and nowhere in india is the situation worse than daddy the number of kids thought of record highs and where a desperate situation of the indian government set up a new commission to monitor sources of pollution across 5 north and ian states health experts and bob mentioned this and been wanting for months that the easing of the lockdown would lead to an increase in pollution and the impact that would have on those is the cause of 19. i was raised in france. these are my grandparents. these are my parents and this
4:59 pm
is mean. by them both isis and the us of. the 1st of a 2 part epic tale of a remarkable simon. the father the son and the jihad caught one on al-jazeera. the coded 19 president is threatening one of singapore's most beloved traditions its famous straight story the fragile used 101 east investigates focus. on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. and. write.
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downs. government struggled to balance a major holiday season with protecting people against corona virus. on the 1st day of a stricter lockdown germany reports nearly a 1000 deaths. and given how this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up warnings that covered 19 hunger and collapsing aid will combine to create a catastrophe in yemen next year. to go.


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