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tv   Rewind Broken Dreams The Boeing 787  Al Jazeera  December 21, 2020 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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american people have finally spoken america as i see it when america is off balance or become more dangerous the world is looking for the next year of sadness. with the election behind us will the republican party dump truck to the hill weekly take on the us politics and society that's the bottom line. this is al jazeera i'm dating obligato with a check on your world headlines a growing number of countries are banning or restricting travel to and from the united kingdom they're trying to stop the spread of a mutation of the corona virus identified in the u.k. that's believed may be more contagious the government's put millions under tough new restrictions for a chance has the latest from maidstone in kent. we have a situation where we've got christmas coming up. much of london in the southeast is
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cut off from the rest of the country you have the u.k. now cut off from much of europe and real questions about whether the u.k. can adequately supply itself with the things it needs like food and i'm other supplies the government of the moment is saying that it doesn't have an immediate problem at the moment if you go online and on twitter or whatever you'll find countless means of out christmas being cancelled you know and islands and bricks and islands that you can't get off but behind that humor there is genuine concern at the moment this is not actually impacting on well that what i mean by this i mean the the the closure of. transport links to the front so actually impacting on the supply of food or supplies box it could do over the coming days and if that happens then the mood i think will turn very sour indeed and i think it's it's certainly playing into the fear of bracks it's and what that means for the for the
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new year and there are people nicholas sturgeon the 1st minister of scotland for example who is saying no this is a real crisis that emerging and in a crisis what you have to do is offer more time in the u.k. should go to europe and say that the brits had to go she ation should be given more time by extending the transition period but they haven't done anything like that yet the european union is expected to approve its 1st coronavirus vaccine later on monday as infections continue to climb rapidly in parts of the continent the european medicines agency is meeting to discuss the approvals in amsterdam stuff awesome is there. we hope to hear the approval by the european medicines agency they're having in meeting here a days earlier that initially was the plans because of the pressure coming from germany and other european countries hundreds of millions of europeans are eagerly waiting what is vaccine while you're going through this very serious 2nd wave off
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infractions the husband is the lady because the u.k. of course and the u.s. and canada and other countries have been vaccinated already with this so by impacts why so sexy but the european agency said we are doing it more so really we are basing our decision on more evidence so if we think the decision is legally binding it's a thorough decision you can be sure that the fact is safe and they have to say this because a lot of people here in europe especially also in the netherlands a very reluctant to be vaccinated are very worried about their safety procedures they are worried about side effects so that's why the european union has taken its side but as soon as the approval comes at the european union we'll have an awful recession probably through days from now which means that the rollout can start south korea's capital has opposed tough new coronavirus measures as it struggles to contain a rise a new infections gatherings of more than 4 people are banned and soul into
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neighboring regions hospital capacity for critical cases is to be doubled by the end of the year spyware sold by an israeli private intelligence firm has been used to hack the phones of dozens of al jazeera journalists that's according to researchers a citizen lab which is part of the university of toronto the digital security watchdog says the unprecedented cyber attack is likely to have been ordered by saudi arabia and the united arab emirates. stargazers are being treated to once in a lifetime celestial event as jupiter and saturn make their closest alignment since the 17th century the 2 largest planets in our solar system have been inching closer together since september coleman dating in what's known as the great conjunction while they do pass one another every 20 years as they circle the sun jupiter and saturn haven't been this closely aligned in the night sky for centuries those are the headlines rewind is up next on al-jazeera.
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hello and welcome again to rewind i'm elizabeth prana oddjob want to rewind a survey visit some of the most important programs and more than a decade of al-jazeera documentaries and to find out how the story has moved on since today were turned into a film which had a major impact on the world's biggest plane maker in 2019 boeing hit the headlines
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when they were forced to ground the brand new 737 max after 2 fatal crashes and in asia and ethiopia but this wasn't the 1st time that being forced to ground a new aircraft type back in 2013 the 787 dreamliner then boeing's newest and most advanced plane ran into trouble in midair when a on a flight made an emergency landing in japan after a battery caught fire at high altitude just days earlier a similar problem had occurred on a 787 at logan airport in boston usa the dreamliner boeing's flagship aircraft was in trouble but as al-jazeera as an investigative unit discovered there was more to worry about on the dreamliner than just smarting batteries from 2014 his broken dreams. gender is
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16th 20 searching chuck amounts to. a brand new boeing 787 dreamliner makes an emergency landing. passengers muse the plane was in trouble. it was in the u.k. with all engine off. she working with. them on a. schedule mike you join you put us you can see always you know you. need to take care of the moment so you know. issue almost. a mouthful and all you. want about there and all came. to blue books was one of the dreamliner is to
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listen to my own batteries the most powerful and risky ever committed on a commercial aircraft. it's just the latest in a string of a barrister meant for boeing state of the art aircraft 9 days earlier a dreamliner battery that caught fire in boston massachusetts. to battery failures in less than 2 weeks japanese car is all nippon airways and japan airlines grounded their fates of buying 787 dreamliner as japan airlines and a n a had been the 1st to fly the dreamliner now they became the 1st to counsel all flights breaking news to the united states federal aviation all within 24 hours to u.s. safety regulator the federal aviation administration grounded the 787 all 15 of the new boeing 787 dreamliner as of now been grounded. the rest of the world followed no boeing fleet had ever been forced from service i don't january 17th 2030 in the dream. is over.
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i'm will jordan. for a year my team and i have been investigating the dreamliner it's the boeing company's big bet on the future a plane created to save fuel improve comfort and boost profits. built in a new way designed and manufactured by schools of companies around the globe. the company that makes the factory is g s you also based in kyoto. we wanted them to tell us what you've gone so wrong. hi how are you and all. out there. i wonder when you might
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be willing to do an interview they refused. to. tell me. the battery is only one part of the dreamliner is complex electrical system is also a charger made is a factory thousands of kilometers away what happened there shows boeing learned years ago just how dangerous a lithium ion battery could be. in tucson arizona we tracked down michael. an electrical technician. i didn't work and electronics since i was 17 years old my drawing the paratroopers i was assigned to alectryon a communications a tie in of 82nd airborne. and this is the 1st time i've been here since. 2007.
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it's hard to believe that this is what's left of a 3 story engineering structure. on a november morning in 2006 laon and dozens of other workers cloaked in secure a plane the company that makes the battery charger. and i started a pot of coffee then i went into my lab and started working on my battery charging unit. and then the top and there was a very valid explosion and all of us saw i was lying on the floor and there it was coming out the side of this battery it was about big and it was not like fire it looked like a jet afterburner large jet exhaust. the prototype battery secure plane was using to test its charger had exploded. i heard a very loud series of metallic corralling bangs very kind of
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a shock and just this jet of steam of fire was literally rolling up the walls around me and on the ceiling i could just see it eating up all around me. i know that if that happened on board an aircraft there there would be no chance of survival. it was the biggest chemical fire into someone's history. a $10000.00 square foot 3 story structure bent to the ground. after my building burned down after that they realized very emphatically the danger of this chemistry. knows well the chemistry of the dreamliner battery. boeing chose the most powerful
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there is but also the most volatile they when told lithium. which is why here is far danger look so stepped down a secure plane president just before the fire he started a new company to make lithium ion batteries for business jets. bugs i was a true believer in the technology. then he began testing 23.3 m. series. battery that. went beyond even the latest industry guidelines going so far as to fire bullets into batteries to see if they could be made safe military applications. you know you could run the test that you feel that you need to meet the requirements to be safe but. you also need to have
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a conscience that's going to tell you i want to do the extreme. in the end testing with a conscience couldn't make the batteries meet the requirements is new company failed. we became professional and destroying batteries and and the more we learned about it the worse it got i mean with home i got him to give in to him and we were saying i wonder what the rest of the guys are doing or i guess we knew either. by the rest of the guys he means bowing. may we're testing to a week a standard one written by the f.a.a. specifically for the dreamliner. it's the f.a.a. is job to regulate safety but when it comes to building airplanes the f.a.a.
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delegate service site almost completely to the aircraft manufacturers. when it comes to the battery and beyond boeing largely polices itself the batteries passed boeing's tests in line with the f.a.a. rules boeing said the 787 batteries would virtually never catch fire on board an aircraft then they failed twice in just 9 days. boeing is not uncovered the root cause of the failures. it found a work around. a strong steel case morning too late. and an exhaust triss fuels any fire will be a hospital because there's not enough oxygen to support combustion but several leading scientists have their doubts i don't think it's a sufficient fix even inside that steel box with all of its fortifications all the elements are still there for fire. despite not knowing the root.
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america's safety regulator the f.a.a. was satisfied. and in april 23rd team the dreamliner was back. but this story goes far beyond the burning battery it begins at boeing itself. is it the 1st american commercial jet capable of economical transatlantic service the boeing 707 jet. since its creation in seattle nearly a century ago boeing had developed a reputation as a world class engineering company. but in 1970 boeing changed. in merged with competitor mcdonnell douglas. 2 companies with 2 very different business models. the merger was all about transforming our successful culture and business model
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into the same business model the doll goes had used unsuccessfully you basically shortchanging nearing you stop doing aggressive new product go into your other business for cash. the new boeing moved its headquarters from seattle the only home the company had ever known to chicago. began slashing investment in research in order to cut costs. and maximize wall street returns. i felt was wrong i felt the company was going to come in the wrong direction and. i thought that quality would suffer and the integrity of the product would suffer. the feel like a seed and now history in a clump of time. has been hijacked. by
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a bunch of course. by 2003 it was time to launch a new plane. but boeing's new board was reluctant to invest the billions needed. the board made it clear that. they wanted this plan made for less money they wanted it made for $5000000000.00. they wanted parkers the command to pay the rest. it's expensive so how do you make that happen well you promised them that you can do it for wes and then worry about the consequences later. boeing came up with a plan to save itself money. it would push the costs onto its major suppliers. boeing would call them pumice. and they would design and pay for the parts they built. boeing's job would be to assemble the plane.
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it was almost as if times you thought boeing executives believe well maybe they can sit in chicago and have other companies do things they would just rake in the money somehow by putting it all together putting a boeing sticker on it at the end. right on show jewel boeing rolled out the dreamliner on sunday july the 8th 2007. 787. 0 lines with us today have made a big commitment to boeing at this airplane so far they have ordered 677 theme. to do a lot of ways enjoy 2007 was one of the more magical moments seen in the industry watching us live around the world broadcasting i'm told in 45 countries in mind
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languages for the fear of this very exciting new boeing 787 dreamliner. we were all inside the factory with artificial lighting big stage tall broccoli huge screens. i. then opened the doors of this giant assembly bay and union rules this beautiful beautiful. there it is sitting in the sun and we all stream outside and we'll touch it. and none of us know that. and i'm reassured by all the executives involved but it's going to fly within 2 months. what i realized walking around it is that you could you know. look up in the wheel well and you can see daylight.
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we learn that the whole thing was shot. beautiful isn't absolutely beautiful. they roll like this fig airplane. i realize the doors are made of plywood this plan that we were admiring was completely a shell inside none of this would be possible of course without exceptional leadership there's only 2 conclusions you can draw you have executives there who are either in which case they're clueless because they're going to get caught in 2 months or you have a complete disconnect between the people who are working on the play and the engineers and the executives who are saying this and so to each and every member of the sudden a sudden global team i say thank you. congratulations and keep up the great work more than any other single event. it was the big launch
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and it was a statement that the boeing company is now oh about the big lie. the day off to the roll out wall street pushed boeing stock to a 10 year high. but it was all about one rival was revealed in boeing's invest a closed. car. around. september 2007 boeing announces its 1st delay. the all year how the airplane goes to gather. really complicated. on target 2007 the 3 month delay becomes 6 months we wish we didn't have to do this. kind of innovation
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challenges there we're doing our best to meet. the target 20096 months becomes 2 years of delays. we know we can and must do better and i'm confident that despite our setbacks we will get 787 through the flight test program and into the hands of our cause. it just kept getting worse and worse and it seems unbelievable. you have to understand this was on the crest of that 3rd never seen a boeing to land a boeing program the sequence of events which is awful on like a catastrophe rather than just a manageable series and a way as. the dreamliner a business strategy was backfiring. designed to save so much money it was costing boeing billions. the outsourcing plan failed very
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badly all these different suppliers who were going to build these major sections couldn't actually do it. to fix the dreamliner boeing dispatched hundreds of quality inspectors to struggling supply is around the globe including to its partner and linea in southern italy ringback. we are just looking through a day and a part of the process. would take on the topic of constructing the body of the plane not without a minium panels but with compass it plastic barrels. the main objective to lose weight. saving fuel and making the 787 cheaper to run. but no one had ever made anything like this before not boeing and especially not
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a linear that is not all that bad on the market and nothing else like that. boeing's quality inspectors have one overriding priority to make sure the job is done correctly. in 2009 when inspectors found fools in parts made in this a lenny a plant. they would work to stop. a year later in a linear as other factory they again found serious problems and again they all did work to stop. but this time manages over route to quality inspectors. this internal boeing document from 2010 reveals executives ordered a linea to continue with fabrication without delay we follow all of the time the proceeded to stall but with the help of a boring specialist at the time there was a worry you disapprove of collusion they took responsibility for approving the call and we would continue to warfare in general and buy the product. in
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a separate memo obtained by al-jazeera boeing states that she may required deviations to the preferred quality process. we received the memos from an engineer who like many we spoke with was afraid to appear on camera so he answered my questions by email. the quality engineer told us deviating. in the process compromised safety. a lineage boeing said it did not. so i brought the memo to the former president of
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boeing's engineers union so my name is cynthia kohl c y n t h a last name c o l e since your cold spent 32 years at the company but never on the dreamliner program . so she had never seen this memo before ready. the program schedule may require deviation to the preferred process see that was as right there that one fragment of the stands you know you don't you don't change your quality process for schedule you make quality happen in the schedule. they're short changing the engineering process to meet a schedule and they're not even allowing quality control to do their job and they're telling them this is how it's going to be i don't see how these people who write these things and agree to these things honestly if you don't hear how they
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how they sleep at night i just don't get it and how can you do that. as an engineer i find that reprehensible. how does it make you feel as a fly. oh yeah i know fire so is there and. it just makes you know because i've been kind of avoiding finalists only thing is i would definitely avoid fire. a decade us pause since then arab spring swept through countries across the middle east and north africa in a series of interviews we explore the legacy of the revolution that changed the political landscape of the region to news is former president ma su kyi discusses the arab spring 10 years of. silence has been just. this. is one of
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scandinavia smog just iron ore deposits. and it's driving a wedge between those seeking wealth. and those defending their way of life. a witness documentary on the. said his own didn't change because. people believe in a post that to speak out and they're. trying to make a political or my city around the state of the senate they put themselves out to make the changes something that we've done. we should have taken this long to do that and name a spot to music learn we have a disco to slosh or to create new areas we have to change this culture i am one of the fortunate ones who can leave and establish my love outside but all the people
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and on the majority of these legal research talk about just good hardworking people that want to live the american dream like our ancestors these are here to refugees are terrified that they may be forced to return to myanmar. moon or. this is al jazeera i'm daddy and abigail with a check on your world headlines a growing number of countries are banning or restricting travel to and from the united kingdom they're trying to stop the spread of a new taishan of the corona virus identified in the u.k. that's believe may be more contagious trade has ground to a halt with ferries staying in port and the channel tunnel to france closed supermarkets and food companies are warning of shortage is of perishable goods were a challenge the latest from maidstone in cannes we have
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a situation where we've got christmas coming up much of london in the south the city's council for the rest of the country you have the u.k. now council for much of europe and real questions about whether the u.k. can adequately supply itself with the things it needs like food and other supplies the governments of the moment is saying that it doesn't have an immediate problem and the french are saying that they would like to get this resolved in the coming hours by establishing you senator e protocols but we don't know yet what that means the european union is expected to approve its 1st coronavirus vaccine later on monday as infections continue to climb rapidly in parts of the continent european medicines agency is meeting to discuss the approvals in amsterdam south korea's capital has imposed tough new coronavirus measures as it struggles to contain a rise in new infections gatherings of more than 4 people are banned in seoul and to neighboring regions hospital capacity for critical cases is to be doubled by the
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end of the year spyware sold by an israeli private intelligence firm has been used to hack the phones of dozens of al jazeera journalists that's according to researchers at a citizen lab which is part of the university of toronto the digital security watchdog says the unprecedented cyber attack is likely to have been ordered by saudi arabia and the united arab emirates. stargazers are being treated to a once in a lifetime celestial event as jupiter and saturn make their closest alignment since the 17th century the 2 largest planets in our solar system have been inching closer together since september culminating in what's known as the great conjunction while they do pos one another every 20 years as they circle the sun jupiter and saturn haven't been this closely aligned in the night sky for centuries. those are the headlines are now al jazeera it's back to rewind next then it's the news hour
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at the top of the hour see you then bye bye. if the dreamliner represents boeing's future. and i've come to the place was out future will be built. in this assembly plant in charleston south carolina. i've been called to a meeting with a man who works inside the plant. he's taking a huge risk even talking to me. it's been eating me alive to know what i know and have no appetite no venue to say anything. at
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his request we used a different voice. 300 souls on the plane their lives it's bigger than me. we had seen reports of bad workmanship in the plant. but the man claims the problems of falling deeper. with all the problems reported on the 787 there's 90 percent it's get swept away hushed up. it's an iceberg. the people that actually work on it are the biggest problem there isn't an educated under skilled and uncaring staff that are building these plans and i'm not the only one that feels that way and he was prepared to prove it. wearing a camera inside the plant to record what some workers said about the dreamliner.
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but. you can't have somebody from mcdonald's do heart surgery that's trusting someone with your life that's what we're doing here.
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i've seen a lot of things that should not go on an airplane plant people talking about doing drugs looking for drugs. really like in a place. like this someone right now i could just walk up to this. place sure. when boeing 1st announced a 787 back in 2003 nobody ever dreamt it would have been assembled anyway but washington state. the one place boeing to always made its commercial aircraft. but new boeing was playing by. new rules so it did something into never done before . doffing final assembly to the highest bidder.
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they were going to hold a competition for a steer against a nationwide competition were to build this plant. iran to my editor after i put the phone down i think it was 5 o'clock and i said you're going to believe this they're going they're not necessarily going to go here to washington state one but only by giving boeing what was then a record $3000000000.00 in tax breaks. 5 years later owns machinist's would go off the job after contract negotiations school. the strike cost boeing billions and added to the dreamliner as delays. boeing stock was in freefall amid a global economic crisis. that strike really
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enraged the top executives at boeing and so early in 2009 they made it very clear that they wanted a 2nd assembly made somewhere else. that turned out to be south carolina the state offered cheap land and labor. close to $1000000000.00 in support found no unions. the decision to build the 2nd 77 assembly line in charleston south carolina was made because of the strike in 2000 it they want to do it there because they wanted to weaken the union and they did. but for boeing leaving behind a world class. union workforce for the greener pastures of a nonunion charleston would come at
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a price was. work in the plant is significantly behind and plagued by production areas. i know of one customer though no longer except plants from charleston due to quality issues. they will only accept final assembly done in everett washington. every day when you go to work not only are you doing your job but you're looking at the previous job to see if someone has messed something else up on that and chose not to tell me.
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to be sure everything is done correctly and the plane is safe boeing has quality assurance inspectors painstakingly check every step of the way but in south carolina this inspector says he only saw ends off on finish drops. you think everything better. my name is john edwards. space engineer. work for general electric g.e.
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. boeing. join woods spent a career in the highly specialized field of everest base compositions. boeing hired woods knowing he had qualified psychiatric conditions. attention deficit disorder obsessive compulsive disorder and mild depression his job was to write instructions on how to repair parts damaged during the manufacturing process. is my job. to make sure. that their craft is safe. which says when you try to enforce quality standards in the south carolina plant he was berate by his bosses. in a couple of meetings there is several group of managers. screaming at me to
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dumb down the work instruction. saying you have to take remove requirements from your instructions just to be there it's it's going to take so much time. would says he witnessed damaged parts being ignored papered over and hidden from view. there's no doubt this bad repair is going out the door on the $77.00 aircraft i am worried that. sooner or later there's going to be a structural failure. woods appealed to boeing's human resources department claiming he was being harassed for doing his job instead of coming to his defense boeing managers put boards under review. weeks later they fired him. never forget this the day before i was terminated. i was telling my brother he was to be working and.
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he still had not lost faith in the system. he turned to the f.a.a. . filing a whistleblower complaint. to document alleged 7 serious violations in the south carolina plant. so i'm going to the page where they reach their conclusions in their discussion and what they found is that all the allegations all but one of them they could not substantiate and the one that they could substantiate they asked boeing to fix it boeing said ok we fixed it and then they closed the investigation and that's pretty much how they all go i mean i've seen this so many times i. think you would think that when you want.
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us to help you when they commonly call me up with information and they say i have all this information about this dangerous situation should i blow the whistle and i said well no not unless you have a private trust fund or another job to go to because you have a problem earning a living. when we looked at wood f.a.a. complaint we noticed a familiar name. from e. he was in the f.a.a. is man in charge of the dreamliner. in 201130 years behind should boeing celebrated final approval for the 787 to fly. and there was bob rummy who signed the order. also writing.
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for her. thanks it was but rummy who signed off on the dreamliner batteries. and offered 2 failed and the f.a.a. grounded the dreamliner it was buff romney who signed it back into the. shortly after that he retired from the f.a.a. . 2 weeks later he was hired as vice president of the aerospace industries association which lobbies on behalf of boeing. one of the 1st things he did was to appear before congress to call for greatest self-regulation for companies like boeing for years the f.a.a. to allow greater use of delegation not only to take full advantage of industry expertise but to increase the collaboration that improves aviation safety mr buffer ami declined our interview request one day or regulating the airline in the next day you're working for it can't possibly be tough on the industry that you're
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regulating because you'll never get that plum job after you leave the regulators that the f.a.a. will rarely cross boeing is simply walked. into the washington influence game and boeing is a monster last year the company had over $100.00 registered lobbyists. even president obama knows that he works for boeing you so i add to his jail time i see him i said you know i deserve a gold watch because i'm selling your stuff all the time. jay is jim mcnerney. it's clear what boeing gets from the u.s. government what's not so clear is what it gives back. pay no taxes in 2013 no federal income taxes that's not a unique year over the last 12 years they claim to over $1600000000.00 in federal
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tax refunds even though they reported 40 $3000000000.00 in u.s. profits. $43000000000.00 in profit but none of that comes from the dreamliner which has cost billions and he's years away from making money. all of boeing's commercial profit comes from older and from. those created prior to the dreamliner prior to jim mcnerney and prior to the manager. it has been the top executives and largest stockholders who have benefited most. boring c.e.o. jim mcnerney made $27.00 and a half $1000000.00 in 2012 that was enough to pay the salaries of the president states the vice president $15.00 cabinet secretaries the 9 supreme court justices 7 joint chiefs of staff and all 100 u.s. senators. mcnerney is set to retire with a pension of close to $250000.00
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a month just before christmas 2013 going to mounted pension cuts from its union machinists' for jim mcnerney to be earning a pension at proximately a quarter $1000000.00 per month and think that it's ok for him to take my $2200.00 pension is outrageous absolutely outrageous. back in south carolina and with the rise tool with boeing's new workforce is coming to a close there's only one question left to ask. i also asked 15 of his coworkers if they'd fly on the dreamliner. 10 said no. human moment. why would you.
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find this office will do it so well will join the workers who fear to fly the plane they build quality process apparently loosened to speed up shed work is fired after making safety allegations we. added on says from boeing right now we're at a very exciting point in time we. brought our production rates up to 10 airplanes a month faster than any airplane in the aviation history and to the highest level of any wide body airplane of the beast in history there's a couple of documents i want to show you here i showed him the documents suggesting boeing had changed quality procedures into overruled inspectors to speed up production mr loftus was not manager of the 787 program in 2010 when the memos were written not through with the doctors for boeing engineers have told us that these represent boeing essentially putting shed jewel ahead of quality shortchanging the
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engineering process to me to shed you is that something you recognize the number one focus that we have that boeing is ensuring the continued safe there were this of an airplane the integrity of the airplane in the quality of the airplane going out. we've also heard directly from from work inside a south carolina plant. they painted a grim picture really of things there they say the workforce isn't up to the job i'm extremely confident in the quality of the workforce and i'm going south carolina the boeing workers at south carolina to share that confidence his what some of them said here. why would we need to turn the camera what's the problem and then boeing's communications director stopped the interview. the lorries.
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or one of the. some of the say i can't tell you who the employees are but they are boeing worked is it was some of the planes that you build. sure it's. oh i'm assuming the buck stops with the boeing commercial airplanes management and so the most senior managers of the wall. to answer this above we're here with the head of the 707 program and we have these things that you know you need to hear and you need to provide a response to we have never through. the us already into. your head to say you were ok. but are as i do i have the highest degree of confidence in the production system we have with the employees we have the boeing company in our supply chain. but. boeing on saddam questions in writing denying it compromises safety or quality it
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said our interview was hostile unprofessional and in the worst traditions of tabloid style television news the company said it was confident that its battery fix prevents failure as boeing says it uses one common f.a.a. approved quality system for the 707 in everett and charleston boeing noted its memory stated it did not signify authorization to ship parts that don't meet quality requirements boeing said it drug tests in line with company policy and duplicable law the company denies any customer has said they will only take planes from everett. as for john woods boeing says his safety claims have no merit and the. may 18th 24 team. canada celebrates the delivery of its 787.
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this is the modern marketing reality of the dreamliner but is another reality one revealed by a burning badgering by the words of the workers who built the plane will. find boeing's apparent changes to its quality protocol. boeing says the 77 has no more problems than previous models the f.a.a. says there's never been a safer time to fly. the dreamliner is the phones to selling plane in the world. one day we may need find ourselves on board. when we do we will trust boeing has put quality 1st we will trust the regulators have been rigorous the ultimate link we will trust the plane is safe.
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broken dreams from 2014 a disturbing insight into the corporate culture of the world's biggest manufacturer and i'm pleased to say that i'm joined from london by the reporter on that film will jordan so well what's happened since that film ed let's start with the release of the film and what action boeing took at the time which was externally very little internally. really what they did was try and weed out the whistleblower the person who it filmed within the plugs at chelles. and south carolina they also let go all the temporary workers in the areas of the plan they they suspected were the areas where workers had filmed and then issued a statement attacking our journalism describing it as tabloid style and complaining
3:55 pm
about ambush tactics they blamed the allegations on disgruntled employees who they set out an axe to grind and they talked about sources who they felt had their own agendas and said they didn't have an interest in safety but in their own personal priorities they complained that the program was inaccurate and and unbalanced but 5 years have passed now we have seen. a new crisis now at boeing with the 737 max which has sparked reportedly a federal investigation a criminal investigation into the certification of that plane and that has also reportedly expanded to that plant in south carolina where prosecutors have issued subpoenas for information about activities there there's also been a renewed media scrutiny on that plant reporting broadly the same things
3:56 pm
that we found back in 2014 which suggests that in fact very little has changed within that plant and within the boeing culture more broadly well statistically flying is the safest form of transport and i guess you're more likely to fly a bomb on the most of the aircrafts of 5 years on from your investigation how worried should we be all. well it's true that hundreds of thousands millions of people fly every day and they do so unharmed flying is extremely safe it is deemed to be much safer than driving in a car almost other forms of transport and there is also a huge level of scrutiny on the plane construction but that is because it is such an extremely complicated business and you can talk to be journalists who have worked in the aviation sector for years and years and years and engineers in
3:57 pm
fact who say you know they simply cannot understand the true complexity of the machines that we fly and that is the reason why there has to be so much scrutiny but that is also why there are times issues that arise and any issues like that of the 737 max and will do you fly in a 787 dreamliner especially after what people working on that playing told you about it at some point most regular flyers will fly on the 787 i am a regular flyer and there are some routes you do fly on the 787 i have. and here i am but there is a plenty to look at and to scrutinize on boeing and all we can do as the flying public is trust that the system works trust but verify and i think. a decent amount of scrutiny on boeing and airbus and all plane manufacturers is
3:58 pm
absolutely what should and is going on well thank you for talking to as. well that's it from rewind you can find more updated stories from the al jazeera archive on the rewind page at al-jazeera dot com elizabeth problem for me and all the rewind thank you for watching.
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skies are clear again throughout the sun is quite strong temps is coming up nicely 29 back to blanket these are the big storms that produced something an interesting sky over a year ago right now in the southeast of brazil which is more or less well those stay for the next 2 days is also a good build in the far west of brazil and ira good part of those bolivia and peru north of the constant things are much quieter now that sort of trade when time there a steady stream of crowding light showers in some of this more islands and increasingly you've got this cloudy overthrow through central america giving the light rain for places that don't want any rain atoll showers are going through the bahamas on that cold front a cold front which is already offshore in the u.s. is this one here but it's a spear point of cold weather again heading down through the plains states now do some snow but i think it will go from the midwest across the lakes and it's not going develop into a nor'easter so do not be considered about that there is snow for the northwest of
4:00 pm
course and rain down the coast of washington it won't make it really into california is the picture for tuesday is generally proper like running across the mountain states with sunshine to the south where it's quite warm. you're watching the news hour live from headquarters and. coming up in the next 60 minutes travel chaos in southern england closes its border over fears of a virus strain said to be out of control dozens of countries have banned flights from the u.k. . on the other side of the world south korea puts its population under increased
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restrictions as the country battles a surge in coronavirus cases. 0 clik.


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