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tv   People Power Western Thrace Contested Space  Al Jazeera  December 22, 2020 2:30am-3:00am +03

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again in 2040 if you want to see this bright you're going to have to wait another 400 years with everyone on this planet trying to stay socially distant because of parana virus other planets are managing to get closer together tony chang al jazeera church on some thailand. so this is out there these are the top stories more than 40 countries have closed their borders to flights and travelers from the u.k. due to concerns over a mutated strain of the virus the british government says it's working to ensure that freight including food supplies will not be affected. member states are preparing to rode out the fires or buying tech coronavirus facts enough trip was given the green light by regulators a final sign off is still needed from the european commission france germany and italy say they will begin mass vaccinations as soon as sunday politicians in the us are rushing to finalize the $900000000000.10 package to help businesses and
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families they have until the end of the day on monday to vote on the deal and prevent a government shutdown how to cheer castro has more now from washington now that what this bill contains it's massive really i know we're focusing on the coded elements but this of course keep the government running for the next fiscal year there's also many measures unrelated to coal that are related to federal funding that have all been thrown in there in this lame duck session but on this covert piece we're looking at $900000000000.00 worth of economic stimulus that's going to be in the form of direct payments to americans extending unemployment benefits helping with rental assistance food assistance things that american families are desperately needing right now. cutter's 1st shipment of the pfizer biotech coronavirus vaccine has arrived in the capital doha ready for distribution they'll delete those with chronic illnesses in front line workers will be 1st in line
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months roll out again it's been described as the largest vaccination program ever delivered in the country. rwanda has sent troops to the central african republic amid an escalation in violence the country's heading to the polls on sunday rebels backed by former president francois busies are accused of attempting to stage a coup there are many parties to the iran nuclear deal say they're preparing for the u.s. to join them and the president elect joe biden in a virtual meeting foreign ministers from iran russia china germany and from the u.k. and the e.u. committed to working towards the full implementation of the agreement deal to lift sanctions in exchange for limits to iran's nuclear program and revelled after the united states pulled out in 2018 yet today with headlines more news coming right up off the people in power.
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greece has a proud reputation as the birthplace of democracy of government by the people for the people but to the ethnic to minority of trace in the country's northeast who say they've suffered decades of discrimination from the state that snorts have it seems today we've been to investigate. form west and thrice. the northeastern corner of grace bordering bulgaria and turkey is wild and remote.
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the rideau payment ins would struggle these 3 countries form a spectacular natural frontier. the history of this region is no less dramatic it has changed hands qantas times over the centuries finally coming and also man rule in the 1300s which lasted until about a 100 years ago. but even today the mountainous province of western thrice which is now coventry math and continues to simmer with ethnic tensions 850000 ethnic turks live here and they're getting angry. the greek state wants to control. the minority here in all the fields wants to control our religion our believe. people here say that decades of discrimination a push the region to boiling point. i'm thinking that the moment the bus.
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normally done in atlanta to the island park to get just i guess. turkish president for egypt time to one is viewed as a hero here. he's condemned athens over the mistreatment of ethnic turks in a region where religious leaders have been jailed journalists silenced and land seized by the state. election the chimbley visit gives them a supplement you know the one that was bullshit if i did it then i'm a blue look obviously. within the safe confines of the many cultural associations across thrice turkish traditions are celebrated and passed on to youngsters. hysteric years ago i was going to a lot of part of local lot of gaelic up you'll love. them so you are like it is
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give it is like if you challenged but also there are many others who have a lot of. good. in it make it your. traditions a strong. especially in the villages where many ancient practices continue to thrive. how. community leaders say that their distinctive ethnicity is under siege from the state. should on the show you keep understand i'm not the little ark kinda top up there in the usa and. illegally it doesn't bother me as in the bowl illegally. those urns and the turkish unionism thing was founded in 1927 in order to preserve turkish culture but when a court ruling forbidding any n.g.'s from having the words turkish in its title
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came into effect it's signs along with those of other n.g.o.s who were seized by the police a move those unsuccessfully challenged in europe. now as a kid was at the cinema get tickets now as a kid. i know but it's not about marking as a color you can stick as you learn them we're going to follow you on you can you give me a lot of that want to kill don't really even know something of law or belong or. discrimination starts early here. last year the creek education ministry should die and 5 turkish minority schools bringing the total number of schools closed to $65.00 in just 80 years. now his forties say as a reserve went to this turkish speaking school in the village of color mccaw struck as did his parents and their parents. it's sudden closure as
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a heavy blow to the community if i call them. mr. mayor. where there are much. formal musser. who are good and it was a pleasant day let. it in mrs burrage year i was in the church at rome and candy died in any chance and yet the net and get all my. body there. are simulate me. the government closed the turkish schools citing lack of demand but according to the community there are actually too many students for the number of places available. in fact the situation has become so acute in trace's 2nd city zanti that's
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a policy of splitting up the school day into 2 shifts was introduced resulting in substantially fewer hours of schooling per day for ethnically turkish children. hundreds poured on to the streets to protest the news. that is why this scene is part of a broader policy to phase out the turkish language in the region. like it is going to talk. but. that is a man and i believe in it. in their. heads in the. critics also accuse the creek state of attempting to impose religious status on the turkish minority. the region
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has traditionally elected its mathieson like abraham sarah he represents come a teeny the region's capital. and surprisingly the majority of turks refuse to recognize those directly appointed by the government. when come a teen he's appointed mufti was invited to speak as a minority school the students made it very clear he wasn't welcome and bought his entrance. to me you'll meet the right in. the eye and move to the other they must give it because the stadium is doing what every city care is about i do most of them call the reject send in early new jhana that all of them gays are sinister men and i mean did byzantine at the. abraham center was elected mufti of come a teeny with the resigning 90 percent of the vote he's less popular with the greek
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authorities he has just been sentenced to an 80 day prison term for use a thing authority by taking part in friday prayers at a nearby village in 2016 or the. other. there should be that it. could be then that there are mood message near the rule. he say's he had never explanation as to why the state waited 4 years to put him on trial but the 69 year old mufti knows he's been in the authorities sights for some time followed threatened and regularly taken in for questioning by the secret to this beating murder me on it very good the bizarre take. all a lot of the stick is that they are not a man out to get me out of routine b. although you begin to doubt the b.s.
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get the. high out the yes sure that. many trace increases attitudes to his ethnic back to the cyprus conflict of 974. when due to increasing ethnic tensions between the island's greek and turkish communities to turkey launched and of beijing. more than 500 people died in the fighting which resulted in the partition of cyprus. from this point on the greek state refused to recognise the ethnicity of its turkish citizens. like some middle east to call it ark. diet they have it is because like a 255 that the gay can say that somebody called them was the other nun from when all of a cult. almost woman has among other that she can be as an oracle. or look the.
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sort only that. something like $60000.00 asked nick to a strip of creek citizenship. get economy you noticed the number of possible looking for months old options all of the columns who use the last lot on that up and saw. the link shows what a highly things on the door was on his speech looked a little. before 9000 monkeys because don't get driving license. so what we said just. actually. almost all turkish community talk to people here. had horses. in fact many turkish villages were sealed off by military checkpoints well into.
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the 1990 s. . places like the village of at you know us. ox a haka was a boy at the time but remembers it while. this and in the mid ninety's until than or somebody who was from other parts of greece it was not possible for him to come in this area without any specific permission. why you how to how and a special identity in order to come to your area because it was minority because it is a minority and. it was a policy. minorities to become isolated in the villages isolated in debt. at the time as dick turks went just having a difficult time in greece. in neighboring bulgaria joining the 1980 s.
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the communist authorities embarked on a brutal policy of force assimilation including giving ethnic turks slavic names. to some of the impetus for the because of the so did that it's because their names were changed through christian mass which for a muslim to have a christian name used in france. and in the 100-9000 think way 350000 troops left for the u.k. . it's unsurprising that so many left people would be eaten and fined just for speaking turkish thousands were jailed across the country places like better than a an infamous to attention center where 500 turks were imprisoned without trial for resisting the forcible changing of the names. but that was bulgaria a communist dictatorship in greece. the birthplace of democracy in the heart of the
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e.u. things were supposed to be different but athens has always been a world away from west and thrice and not just geographically as we soon find for ourselves from the moment we arrived in the region to make this film we were followed by unmarked police cars stopped and interrogated about our movements on one occasion although it was always all of us we were journalists we were even briefly arrested on suspicion of espionage and threatened with years in jail after being held overnight have a lawyer secure whatever they. were they get hired your bunch of guys they teach in touch with. some other still must look. this is pretty big you can like yucatan the correct me check out this is another. quote this if
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i don't put it. earlier amman is the editor of gundam a turkish language newspaper. when police intimidation failed to silence the paper was sued for 1000000 euros beating your you will get out of your your pond because they teach in. because it will solve the business in detroit be that. we encountered several people who were too afraid to speak on camera. there is no question that many feel the pressure of the state. the editor miller western 3 says other turkish language newspaper points prison for writing an article which criticized the notion of state appointed mufti. mockumentary visit. you know me i or you know me i have set up is that just on the older. they are them
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down the visible east and off at the dance or. sun on bush indicated very at night in their own bush i hope it's just us not shocked at all the. chain gates sayes has been threatened and physically attacked by the police on several occasions for refusing to stop reporting on the plight of the turkish minority. but other but that i care they fight is good live all don't necessarily amaze. envious of them that it was done but honestly the book. we wanted to ask the greek government about this and other issues covered in a film to get an official response to the many other gay sions of discrimination we've heard that we wanted to give the authorities in athens an opportunity to explain to put their side of the story but despite repeated requests to various ministries no one was available for interview.
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nonetheless successive creek governments have challenged accusations of human rights violations in 3 days insisting that there is not a turkish minority. as recently as february 2020 outgoing president procket place pub local us made this comment. whatever is said the truth in international law cannot be ever written in any way the muslim minority who lives in thrice is a religious minority and not an ethnic one. greece like many countries in europe has seen massive support for the far right in recent years brothers have golden door greece's anti islam party attract buyers ins of supporters they use some center for me. towards us sometimes they say that if you don't like what he is you can go turkey why. i'm
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a greek citizen. i'm turkish it's not my fault it's my genes. i'm turkish but i'm also greek. against this backdrop it takes some courage to politically represent greece's ethnic turks. seedtime us a photo that is the leader of case the party of friendship peace under quality. all going to take so long with the digital crowd in the room you know i'm stunned that i told talk about this but i get to plan and i did this brass or i'm gonna take the bus or the simple prowls the reason you can is this belies the law on the this. city can say she is frequently misquoted and for the fight on national t.v. and told it it by far right extremists reuters the moment
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a few months it is that we are reminded of the democrats the reporters those who are not top of the take did the very top fall that if they follow they think mainly they think may make make the plan all the salad and get a standing order just say send order just an island only does the state $21.00 countries has to toss it out. never the less in greece's most recent parliamentary election keefe came top in the provinces of zante and to do with a 3rd of the vote it's prompted a racist backlash in the region's biggest city drop of this. where turkish cemeteries desecrated tombstones smashed and thought with nationalist symbols game remains and taunted. by spiteful that google dot com is degrading the endorsed file it goes to that. that that may not happen soon
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a national election threshold of 3 percent effectively prevents any politician representing the turkish minority from entering poem and as it accounts for only 2 percent of the population. the good policy is much stronger the traditions but politically you know. big double getting in the greeks here right consciously. to put it further away as possible from their every day political war which is. 6 bones the culture. the kurdish political culture yes but critics say that all aspects of turkish culture are under attack. all kateri traill ruddock's from greece is also meant past all disappearing fast practically no state money is allocated for the upkeep of ancient autumn and
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monuments which are allowed to fall into disrepair and the money for the upkeep from turkish cultural foundations is prohibited. there worth more than 3000. more new months of autumn one heritage here in greece but in recent years we just have 300. the greek paul is see. about the historical monuments of all time and let them be demolished they don't want them here. the bay is a mosque indeed imitation is a masterpiece of autumn in architecture it is the oldest mosque in europe built in the 1400s. suliman speaks for the ethnic turks of did imitate chair. it isn't mr $110.00.
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b. or spawn the etc. yeah but the packing. of upon colville brought out the ovules of this is that it's intricate i mean. but disaster struck in 2017 when inexplicably the mosque caught fire. the official version is that spawns from welding equipment left in the building some high reach the wooden roof which thing caught fire but few vocals believe the story . did on full bore. actually. we are suspicious about fire. the turkish people mostly believe that it's. not accidents.
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against this backdrop it's ironic that there's no shortage of ethnic turks prepared to speak up for greece. what a pleasure to cause unless it was a month do you notice donna says the moment we rebuild the love it cost us your common. minimum standard which was on effort that moved. ozone is grandparents like many ethnic turks died defending increased during the 2nd world war and its aftermath. wasn't sure what was in there that it was that the little miss bush was. here in some vision of we should know that in general. it might seem hard to believe that cracker turkish relations could get any worse but then they did. unable to cope with the growing number of refugees arriving from syria on the 29th of april 2020 turkey opened its land
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border with greece for those wanting to went to war as thousands headed west the greek only was deployed. hostility between the 2 countries was the worst it had been since the turkish invasion of cyprus. when creek soldiers started firing tear gas and smoke grenades over the border turkish troops returned fire a very real conflict was and they narrowly avoided. none of which bodes well for the ethnic turks of west and thrice. here's a clue. and to give you an astonished that it. doesn't. cut it in there as 1000000 a day i need you older than in there a little back i was alone and didn't want to die your mind. for now that is just what creases ethnic turks hope for. common things association of turkish teachers
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is holding its weekly music night you'd be forgiven for thinking that you were in down time in stumble they had miss free is surprisingly up days. i believe it comes from a satirical. to call it a column is a political. message. we were unable to get a response from the greek government during production to the issues raised in this film but after its 1st broadcast we heard from a spokesperson alexandra c. and emeritus he said that the muslim minority in trace enjoys every freedom and right guaranteed to your citizens that minority the statement went on is made up of greek citizens of turkish comac and roma origin. and that it distorts reality to refer to them as asking turks about representation he said that there are 3 muslim
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members of the helena parliament and that's over 400 muslim councillors participate in the local administration. on education he said that more than 120 minority schools cover the needs of my noti students and that the closure of some schools was a direct consequence of the decreased number of students he also said that in trace there are more than 300 mosques 270 of them properly functioning for religious services the state department of lefties he insisted was in full compliance with centuries old islamic tradition member .
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face the isolation more countries shut their borders to the u.k. of the fears of a mutated strain of cleavage 19. this situation. cost me. the closures are causing havoc for cargo transportation leaving trucks and drivers stranded that close.


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