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tv   Al Jazeera World Living With MS In Egypt  Al Jazeera  December 27, 2020 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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we important we make them as understandable as we can do as many people as possible no matter how much they know about a given crisis or issue as al-jazeera correspondents that's what we strive to do. and are there pieces over here in doha your top stories on al-jazeera the european union has begun one of the world's biggest coronavirus vaccination campaigns aiming to protect some 450000000 people health care workers and care home residents in the 27 member bloc have been among the 1st inoculated dominic cain has more now from berlin. there's a twin track strategy here there is the vaccination on the one hand and then on the other as hard a lockdown as possible would be accepted by society and that by doing so if you remember there was remember the phrase flatten the curve which was the word as it
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were during the 1st wave of this pandemic well the hope is that that twin track approach will try to do that we know here in germany just in germany the health minister spoken of $1300000.00 doses being administered in the course of what's left of december which gives you a sense of perspective of just what's happening here now if you then extend if you then extend to the other countries you can see we're talking about many hundreds of thousands of people perhaps millions of people who are going to be receiving the 1st dose of the vaccine in the course of the next week or so but again in so far as the numbers are concerned we know that here in germany at least they're talking about immunising up to 5000000 people in the 1st quarter of the year to come 2021 and again if you then pull out of just germany and look at it for me you perspective it's clear they are talking about immunising very many millions of
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people but of course the population of the e.u. is hundreds of millions so it means that even though people might think this start of the vaccine campaign now being good news many many millions of people will be waiting a long time for this vaccine voting is underway in the central african republic despite the threat of violence the opposition wanted it to spawn and rebels united to reject the polls they're accusing president fastin are showing whatever of rigging the election fighters have attacked several towns rights groups for your return to levels of violence last seen in 2013 when thousands of civilians were killed. voting is also underway in the sharon nation looking to deliver its 1st peaceful handover of power the president. came to power after a coup and was alexy to $27.00 he's stepping down after 2 terms so. this is a special day for niger for the 1st time in its history niger will see
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a democratic transition of power and i hope this transition will lead to others as we consolidate our democratic process parts of the u.k. are being warned to expect more flooding and strong winds that have already been days of wet weather from an approaching storm storm bella rivers have been rising particularly high in the county of bedfordshire many homes have been evacuated. more than a 1000 refugees and migrants are stranded in a burnt out camp in bosnia herzegovina in freezing weather a fire this week destroyed much of a camp near the town of b. hatch on the border with croatia the camp was meant to be a temporary shelter for the summer and was supposed to be closed on weapons day politicians couldn't agree on an alternative sites at least 10000 people from asia the middle east and north africa are trying to cross into croatia hoping to reach western europe. and the most. and they will in the united.
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and to help us because if they cannot help us we really don't. so please help us federal investigators in the u.s. are searching a home as they look for clues into the big explosion in the southern city of nashville along christmas day minutes after blaring out a recorded warning of what was to come parked motor home blew up on a street early in the morning. the u.s. president donald trump has refused to sign a $900000000000.00 coronavirus relief and spending bill congress agreed to $600.00 per person for individuals but mr trump wants that increased to 2000. those are your headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after al-jazeera world i'll have another quick summary for you in about 25 minutes.
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send a come let me do i have never seen and i'm kind of see in them i mean this man does have this to hold his thought of like any thought as to conduct or i'll say fine so we try it is an emotion that also ought not be in this who. then by that would want to limit items that far gunship may not lay a hold of and i am. and then i. don't want to have that. many given to.
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me that i'm can sort. of i'm going to feel a lot of. the sort of fun of the ones that i need for that's almost over the sort of with them in this interview i will tell you i mean. i want to comment on a figure hammy has been. and we're going to get there and. had . got tigers off like a difficult. for made any 7 1 of them into that had trouble the way it was always on a scale and i mean that would have it just have to put to you. that they do the leg with voice that is water but if. you haven't that we want to be famous if you eat and then the father then no one does it again but that's about that if they have it
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done well that's all. but i want to show that if you want to do the show need to either get out of it you've got on the ups and downs because whole is what i thought i would say that i want to. buying a bottle. ringback ringback ringback ringback ringback after the doctor. they own the car was either. a member guess the other way and can do the other damage consider whether. it had already lost so was she in see american movie. any. young mother not who she could have dr ality. with many whims of a god and also understood. the mobo are in.
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contempt in france that's who are. closer than the rest of the country i have cost. china ahead and from russia that iran. will need out of. a 100. other guys who are in them in front of an altar and look for how long we are so in the shadow and on military level and no one of the official or as has on or on the had the world notice of nasa for the. daughter of the title a kind of the look and. in order for them to. do the same says to sincerity of neutrality. fear of whom to whom one would stop in the chain and. only looked at in the among them to have them assume of
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a 100. i've .
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been to by the time he walked in or any. other for a. name with the thought of government in ohio will see the engine running i have getting one another on a lot of people. on the west and i are fairly and up and down the game small elite of many titans are being the. what facility for a lot of the. got any losses that painful. i mean about i wish way. more of the health care law latonia fairly low in for us to give you what the hell didn't hold these marketable bunny rights while in the heavy lifting it up across a venue wattle i'm sure my messages are for.
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me to discuss about all of that we had a lot of them ask. me a comment when i. last saw many are glad they are left hanging as a lot of. us thought about of them. but then. on with them and what us. can often and yet they could hear me in. the most secure at the father give yet again to even some of what i meant i think still. and then he said something in my shoulder bangin. and i don't remember asking me but its me getting
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into. the net i was sure then that but in the court. 100 up too much. for him are we. going to get the hero in my ear good night i said in. a come ashore welcome assured that i will call all of korra pays me. ringback a long day of them in my. home. with
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a shout. and i. will have. been flash. and little enough to let. one fall i mean one out of a. whiff to have bitten and. are not look. merry when king get out of my hand the what in the. world that off i mean what are men who are the range they my hand i bust. all my country and had lots would have gotten.
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them out of the heavy many. in the beat of. the office that are about that old enough was the commission michalos what a kid's year some of the america's fellow. lived to have done. because my end of it from my end a bit as the wrigley lane. in the now but for those of from was before. and i'm charge us all in the chant for as good a mystic deity will a man she after this are not initiated is a bubble with a fellow from a now had to shout for the words he had from minister but it was a. visit later the off omitted off each other all other iraq is if there is i'm sure are for with are will.
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be some more in one of the afford so her devoted or. dom from. very big then has a they have big if in. only can she be made. when one of the shifted on in 'd a low d. my best for because it's out of the world will result from tribute of this and. those. who are. that are the cats are the cats were the cats. aleem of who fished for her on her own shuttle lands on the coast as if you will until you. learn i'm given intravenously tell you . i was the us and they did as a kid to come off aluminum a 100 ship around and a couple nuked 2 and a lot into did the large numbers of remember 150 move there. look what i did from
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helen tell him is he the only girl on the lesson to take a little goes on what i'm really a share in town the gal we gave to fill all the mollison minutes given the sonos enamel amelie if you miss beach a hoss all of them would disunion full. 'd of hot on them so it was a sort of water. in one of a 1000000 touch it all work 30 and you are a. lot of santa the guys on our dollar can dive one of the cool deluded gum about how the car before we had a devoted of come along a lot of shiny other. modern you know most of them indeed in this a long wire than the top to the store where. i thought the so i thought i learned nazi doll and i've seen all the talent of son of one of. the in the people tomorrow will be more tribute to forgiveness then
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a bb then. muslim. bill and then the in the to toss a bit hell in the city put on both had the cancer. as well had been home. of the movement as if obama leading into hell it would also be a good look tell truth from start to look into it didn't you know get your gloves never seen each other a little. if you're probably right about above probably what. you'll see with your blog about. the what i remember going from school for the above article for going on with. the letter. a few even mail machine can.
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did. that mean with the level of the list that. they're looking more fan of. only. for the met. i think in the his militia. is there you heard more of the coverage the. woman has really in this group but then the bigger finnish you know. a younger one of those. rather than a lot of some of. the more than one here. and we're behind it that him is from here in the uk i really miss the military. and the. care more hints came with humility are to my own i have
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a kitchen level with the staff at the hospital. and then there's talk of the mcdonald look i'm a little bit well actually when i. heard the story on us funny. most thought i heard. that we mustn't say i'll never go to the mosque. so when we decided that we had. in. our d.c. . group or do such but i'm not at all was that most of those are nothing was off limits for the. composer well the answer lies in how only innovative and generally growth while they are how this will go you the been also saw about was hard stuff for dinner this was for the additional cost about the really bad thing you get into there are all sort of dates. going to. the halls and of course of the hotel and i
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love enough with the. warble young ones their history. that haunts of the school. that i knew was the year i made then you really want to share with all of those samples match in the but a few. left with that mean in muffled annoyed me a familiar mission set in the hall you will hear that you are in the wild if loose years ago we thought hard about. the fish and egg if you remember. how chinese room. between the modem would have would have it would have the model would have to. travel from the. middle commuter we were once in the autumn shannon hader if that is. where you would rather not range and then you had to in 3 years i was a mom of b. who shot in which i'm going to go over to some of. those gives you more would. be
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more of. a liberal voice. on the whole the thing would have been frozen as a whole lot of. stuff but hell would not look minute to my yet the caylee. lynn law and in the toilet m s. had to be worth it all in the damn minute on rather must mean that it might be cliff ish and home have come while i'm in a slum it would not. be they are heartless our standards are mocking. what had near gave him this badness and if you like the omnipotent model could be it would have made being good then what august meaning it then into 100 women who had come in shock lana in the middle had it mis guided us all so how merced would also work us to know good about the story and how the 101 in mis use a little when i said i thought that our leaven with the kind of stuff for thought
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of a young kid was all in there has it ever asked her out if such a thought all. kids era is very far away and even what she is that out of more than one mama forget then in our own biography. in you food it's the fact and i'll swear i've said that that even sarah has any kibble in that matter how also do you feel more time for i didn't get that milder in a lot of us which was early for him on the amber alert so any disease drobo with. right also we've asked. and i has no. command he said we're going on with ethan.
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moat one and the other we will kill the most that you can with that chemical you mean a moot i don't want you to miss the much as i would discipline because. i was somehow dumb squeezer and that that would. be to give fish with all in the what the heart of the. the fish. when if you don't want to be left at maracana shall have had the what the mission statement was up to say how many that mean for him is be so for this full hour called the shop and i need the poems from
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the mighty elephant and then on the facility and said that the law gives any more bombs for some than watts. and one 1st off the most complicated then probably the need than choice thought it had been doing what i was going to have been done about in. and i had even that ed from kim i just knew not how to. say though i don't much care if you will. they're not with the whole. lot of us than we can live so our telephones are some of the what. have you learned when marvin the love my lost my fishy let me show you. a loss of part of the can you give off he. is a police officer a question with a little more the norm if you have been there also. lead 4 feet that will
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have to fiddle by the up but i'm in the wild get home with a little about the money. side the 20 children in the house was that has us in her eyes if you hadn't the whole of them i sent her ugly come hate in me and him where he thought he was for seems clear. see if there's a 1000000 if it did though we get out is there just in the let's not actually are i guess again all acts of history then had section and child in all of them are several beers luckily for blob sarah left at the wheel for the last of the year after $911.00 me of the buffy for all the winter that's before it all that any bugs me anybody have a machine anything gotten of it and the russian i would rather have but we are there know who i was going there and also if there election anyone.
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and there will. now then what we're going to have money is on the can i. mean fast sunny. if you have plenty of banana well now that we have now that we have them. if you look at the history of morphine if you look at the history oh and if you look at the klan these times do not enter the world past evil underworld drugs may enter the world as medicine through new 3 part documentary series looks at the history and geopolitics of drug trafficking and its impact on the world
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today drug trafficking politics and power coming soon on al-jazeera. the b.b.c.'s journalism is revered around the world but its close relationship with the british state has always placed limits on its independence before the existence of a small things in joe's close phillips explores the little known central long tussle between the b.b.c. in the u.k. government and considers the current threats to its future if the government has it in for the b.b.c. what he does see the enemies on movers battle for the b.b.c. a listening post special on al-jazeera water scarcity has become a major global issue the demand is going great and the supply is going straight down turning an essential natural resource into a commodity trained into the profit just because it's life doesn't mean it cannot be priced what about the guy that can afford it guys tell me it's water. al-jazeera examines the social financial and environmental impact of water
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privatizing loads of water on al-jazeera. but again peter i'll be here in doha with your top stories from al-jazeera the e.u. has now begun one of the world's biggest coronavirus vaccination campaigns aiming to protect some 450000000 people health care workers and care home residents in the 27 member bloc of being of the 1st inoculated the mccain is in berlin and explains now why the program could take a long time. the problem of course is that there being hundreds of millions of people in the european population logically it means that there will be very many people who will still be having to wait a considerable period of time to receive the vaccination and that explains why you
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have these twin track strategy vaccination on the one hand hard lockdown on the other so that the social distancing guidelines that have been in place now for such a long time during the course of this year will remain there voting is underway in the central african republic despite the threat of violence the opposition wanted it disposed and rebels have united to reject the polls they're accusing president or data of rigging the election. as also starting in the are a nation looking to deliver its 1st peaceful handover of power the president. came to power after a coup and was elected in 2011 he's stepping down after 2 terms. more than a 1000 refugees and migrants are stranded in the burnt out camp in bosnia herzegovina in freezing weather a fire this week destroyed much of the leaper camp near the town of b. hatch on the border with croatia the camp was meant to be
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a temporary shelter for the summer and was supposed to be closed on weapons day at least 11 people have been killed after 3 avalanches in the mountains north of the iranian capital rescue workers are searching for 7 people reportedly missing since friday parts of the u.k. being want to expect more flooding and strong winds there have already been days of wet weather from the approaching storm bella rivers have been rising particularly high in the county of bedfordshire federal investigators in the u.s. the search you know home as they look for clues into the big explosion in the city of nashville on christmas day u.s. president all from paris refused to sign a $900000000000.00 coronavirus relief and spending bill those are your headlines back now to al-jazeera world after that all of the news out for you 60 minutes of news and comment see that. 'd
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lemma gave us. 'd a host confessing with me you. can get. it in the has she made good of. the no m.s. . $100.00 in the end not that i'm left. at the ready. for him a few months when a film is what i found. was. the one who. chased and the. lion. but. what i've. given b r
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e a r. and fossil on you to learn you. go with. them would have banned him as. a fish mad if abused. because the. mark of human. a smart aleck in the cliff. lee would be rowdy. and asyut. for you about once a. while about the ongoing thing. well. mia noticable have music. invisible signs invisible symptoms when they.
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see this. then. a bit in the cinema beginning the beginning. of the. beside me and i who can miss who are best. when i would. have missed one had ramen would. mean. that. i'm callin you know what i mean. and. you know
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what. if i hear it. often say how good then. we had. to. have had movie thinking. who worked on faster for you hell i let them alone and stop me. in los angeles way. good because. then they're back to. hold the. ball in a bit away all. of the shock coming to the end i am home hello benign elysium andean media it's got to be all in the minute national homicide center. hurt so bad
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they get off and then a film with new fun are up in march of the mcallen a bamboo look at the law the lawsuit mamak a supportive good been. supportive we are all more visit all my yard. supportively are for the only. bus 100 in there if me can be a. whore dr may be neurology. know my country he gave me a message. and obama drop in and give him his aim at then he get up when he. and then be just fine boy. will it get. you to the one that would.
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come to. get them some of them. it has in the feet some society mr has another how did you get such a. child so we will know where that the little bonehead of that if the name of. but that's about malloy question one how that now that the helena of focus was on the heart of a composite and it beats all of his medical no more ways of. putting stuff in the best machine but that also limit. of what i don't
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want to have is that is that all and if it was easy. but i'm a little. short and then i'll add a short story in there you think that he's in the software engineers when i add short sightedly. they've gotten. over that has another look when you have a lot of times i've. the command put it at the root to keep the name such as. convince a commercial to go away i. will be. in the loft. a lot to do no more but those friends of all those old one says i'm in. the summer you have a bunch of his hobo but the boss. comes up big you know how that mean that we
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should meet him is beginning the allow morton of c. a minute but a poor man of some same. village fear i. have been of that i did an awesome job of so mother. suicidal for him. for one of the good but the might upset upset with. the mother when they would have about the lives of them just. a little do. they have no money let me she have no bus so that everyone who we are going to feed then go through a nation which had the love gumbo and my sandwich and then less you know a man than me could i love but then about one in one of the simple issue what have i am really like and while i'm against it of course the unaccountable i don't want
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to go when you can i'll be a good man in the law that you will melt shyly. helen of syria with a bit of a we see in this. woman is the suicide attacks because that the head is a source and a continental she runs it over all from haiti when he got in the pool i can remember that also. but love her said has a manner for the though into our your. way on into through the aisle or. is it different that i've been eyes to be and that of course arriving at the 50 i mean the mismatch wasn't how one decided he wanted. to hug the underworld from going on for a little bungalow but the way and when father wasn't hugged and again we've seen that they weren't just. i meant. and we're here. and this thing that i'm going.
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to give. be given if. the heck. that what 100 out of the land i mean i'm getting shot. i mean if you know. all. the. joy that. you know. the maltreatment way they could look at the. other kid that if there were enough. he says. off. let us be good because they have all come in.
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with. the merry yani in the house. not about the manner of mark to market a bit of them and why she needed them and next year i wish most of that of only
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into modernistic to my piece of the heart of the giver and i smile of cv a smile was the. alarm i. dumb enough to see the money in their money even and. then give them to them the in their whole well beauty of the i will madison non-doing you dizzy you have sex again if you did yellow easy beats the difficult it was little bit higher than. very filthy bad old dumb enough they need more houses of iowa missouri to be your live so when we get them actually then we can pick one more help from bill hemmer would work the couple's 8.
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minute the 1st woman who got the movie macgibbon elizabeth the number would be in the coleman a separate benefit for mom or a muslim in. an apartment in one of the best possible home a lot more we want to see be a man a smart bob is why bob. wolfowitz or. not if he was the royal and ancient humanity. why do you hold most anti when we say him. to them. where one is a good one are there any pleasant arms actually less than you and as to the 1st is
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that either for herself lemme hester in there in the hallway or in the safe in then that instead of them could there. be we. but again tomorrow it'll be without us on how anonymous how to silence have. actually beaten the hoax. and either from the. article and followed through on a walk of a day or had an internet kind of thing when a family. unit was at the last instant whatever the darkness that even a moment that any any way you go would die to need to reason with them and i'm fairly good on intervals are up because it entails to something. ringback ringback
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ringback that in the tradition intuition is to get a key to good than i'm selective there you know what i think and i want to close i have a lot of police a hell of a problem is not built in a how to handle the fear and all that and then i want them bolting to allen muhammad a post office work like a homicide house while i've been away i am kind of the profiles i can because i buy a lot on the way to go ahead with someone when i haven't faced the kind of them is that any good than sticking want to have a phenomenal boy or a nice home tonight if they did then the paid any given us all so i got a chance i. think that the history. of the bottom of. god i'm struggling for my goodness clasped in my. wife's hand not.
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i want him on the phone and have to move could you could. see my son. they are standing on i'm not his innocence absolute punishment. no no no no i thought that the 75100 where what i. mustn't talk about a pinch he said on the back to them. in effect is out of the army what they get the internet to come pick it up but we're not allowed to make a funny old taxi took on that off. by that without another part of the have that faith that you have to go on in the. center of town you go. it's a nice bit of art guitar left behind. have been
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a long time nanny. and shipped to others if. you. can define i want to about got on by an equal being involved number 8 or had a kid out in the line of safety so i thought as well i mean good then without them or not a lot about me about you because i was the messiah the year i give the knowledge to how long one of those. doctors get them in an opt out album enough if you go to tie them up with poser care a lot if you get them into his name version only and i've had nearly always had a good t. o. f. often y. and up to some of them will be in the form of a logical love opposed to the keys were found in different i. got to move one has some more we may get them for minutes. but such from what they came in. for see. what a hater. you fear the decision it's must confess or what.
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if you had asked us to destroy. but not for a good thoughtful a leg their difficulties she would have been retired if and tried for benefits of leave us i have gotten rid of see. a launch of 07 getting left and if so. any very ready within a could i'm going to lose another show a lot and ask for a follow up what if any of the our motivation the. payment i love the uk thought i had the most of. them not all that i'm sure the one with the name came and got them all at. a whim kinda. way and here when asked who would of could remember which had sawyer to use and they miss. hong or in the what image and
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i mean the one who would. of i when it hasn't been that they have had a good then i went on to a superhuman or had the talk irish in years and hasn't i'm a fish well of them i have them in the model then but i have them raw am i would like to lead the work team in one of the realm of the vox hip about in that mode of about is sad about the music my are off about how to call. my not of the 100. and i wanted him as we know cannot have still married the government there under close and i don't because it been so totally under control some almost one head of steam ahead she took her full gamut she supported the sea dumb enough to leave been all been bought pullin our union has seen the eat the fish had the history be zillions are you bill if i can erase me if i go i'm a man of america that has a bit of
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a shock see what we can do you know i really meant. get abused and immuno there were about you know do you know how dark it could because it will move huge blocks of a whole indian. chief or give them way in sydney and they will allow un was if they like the show if it expired on the land that he will in the judgement that the irish in the year than that i fell the rock of all mother of the normally good woman beside him in the funeral even if she knew she was more do you the most i could then into mecca more of those who are looking for work talk to chicago another sort of hostile force that's for the met there as i might reduce those for hostile holes almost all of you seem of a starch at ariel been about national and i want more outcomes that are take this year what for a piano eames that. phil bellowed with ike now we are only a leg. out of the top one this one this summary i.
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am insecure figure to stash for most of the in this early. for mom out of the money the national stash may but you know especially in a locked in a now and then the agape calls and now we're us never to have c n n the coleman in without that now. in the advent of send out an addict you'd see it and a clip to see those do need see him as any animal says this is the believe with of good muslims this is what he most of the sad if inhaled is a kind of little bit no mystery has there been a year with a heavy give me that i brought home a good woman and that's what hanum is that i am the model in the world that they're the firemen of m.b.m. until it for real only and they're really ready to go our lives for beginning. a very nice foreign war here with the malayan are some girl who. were
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a bit of blue willow who are to no other be mahmoud who are not arguable among the more arguable. are you willing to pick up enough that stuff washed off and i'm going to the last couple of them and finish them. thank you. for that but my opinion time and then hey give it a name and i will have to look in the having a beard and i'm going to miss lerner has been all over any. new way and when i did so i didn't actually swear it was going to use me so i knew what i had. done and not having any.
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more questions in the mold or the. modeled part from melanoma also on the home. on the one of those with. them. just when i want to move down that's what's missing in that last one but i would. i mean you know when. she. was small. yeah i mean they made me. miss the homes.
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and the territory that's been under constant siege for 12 years. and in a state of perpetual conflict with its neighbor. women
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a swimming against the tides and challenging stereotypes and that isolated society . out as their wild followers 5 palestinians making a difference. the new women of gaza on al-jazeera. it's been a very wet christmas season across a good part of bolivia plenty of showers well with spells of rain coming through here that wetter weather just starting to push its way up into that eastern side of
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peru as well western side of the amazon see some heavy showers the western parts of brazil for that line of cloud in the rain down to watch the southeast rio still seeing some live shot the getting up to around 30 degrees celsius $29.00 celsius there in point to save his west a slushy fine adds rollo the be a few showers to the a west of the capital here further north the showers continue across the amazon pushing right up towards guyana fringe diana 6 and heavy showers and some showers too into the caribbean line of cloud here just stretched across the great tarantella southern cuba there through watchmaker into the western side of the caribbean so on terrorists costa rica panama seeing more big downpours and a similar picture as we go on through monday sunshine the showers that most sunshine shabbas to the east the nolens as we go through the next couple of days further north in north america very wintry weather making its way over towards the lakes at the moment that will eventually push its way into that eastern side of
3:59 pm
canada temperatures starting to recover. from. the stories of abuse in aged care homes in the west to shock the world but there's no alternative when no one is makes those sending elderly loved ones to thailand to live out their deaths on al-jazeera. the ultranationalist marks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crises we doe as any migrant joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda we have to protect our nation what has happened to the engine that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. is another religion this is a politics. an unholy alliance on al-jazeera.
4:00 pm
al-jazeera. every. this is al-jazeera. it's a double you're watching the news hour live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes thanks some cheer across the united nations is a massive vaccination program gets under way the blocks leaders are hailing it as a moment of unity and hope. voters defy threats from armed groups in central african republic rebels on the former president call from oil.


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