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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  December 27, 2020 8:30pm-9:01pm +03

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peeples the city is now a source of archaeological history and treasures and an example of what life was like back then over several years about 80 fast food joints have been found in the city but this one is the 1st to be entirely excavated and restored and soon to be open to the public and archaeologists say there are many more to come. al-jazeera. results is there and these are the top stories poles of closed in central african republic despite the threat of violence the opposition wants it to spot rebels have united to reject the polls they're accusing president phosgene ourselves to a debt of rigging the election. every 5 years central african 3 to choose their leader responsible for this mission or that in the end the constitutional court and the date is the 27th which is why africa is comfortable and i myself came to fulfil
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my civic duty. voting also took place in a nation looking to deliver its 1st peaceful handover of power president mohamad who is some 4 who came to power in a coup before being elected in 2011 is stepping down after 2 terms his preferred successor is mohamed barzun the european union has begun one of the world's largest coronavirus vaccination campaigns aiming to protect some 450000000 people health care workers and care home residents in the 27 member bloc have been among the 1st to be inoculated. parts of the u.k. are being warned to expect more flooding and strong winds there of already been days of wet weather from the approaching storm beller rivers have been rising particularly high in the county of bedfordshire and many homes have been evacuated . turkey's defense minister says that libyan warlord holy farfar and
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his supporters will be viewed as legitimate targets if they target turkish forces in the country on saturday go to see our car arrived in tripoli promising to increase cooperation with the internationally recognized government there after our present to strike turkish forces after they pledged to extend their deployment for 18 months at least 11 people have been killed after 3 avalanches in the mountains north of iran's capital rescue workers are searching for 7 people reported missing since friday another 7 climbers have been taken to hospital with frostbite the avalanches than are hard out of barts child were triggered by heavy snow. the headlines and use continues here on al-jazeera right off the inside story .
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the country has thought a massive and poor today to the vaccination campaign against cove with 19 it's disquieting as a moment of hope but as a new calling of out it's very into spreading quickly well the initiative effective this is the inside story. hello and welcome to the program. the european union has begun one of the wells biggest coronavirus vaccination campaigns it aims to protect 450000000 people across 27 countries the block's leaders have hailed the roll out of the fire as
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biotech vaccine as a moment of unity and hope. a group of nurses in rome was the 1st in italy together the country was one of the 1st in europe to go into lockdown more than 75000 people the have died from the virus since february 1 who received the vaccine is urging everyone to do the same. comparable undervalue your finger on this and it is with deep pride and a great sense of responsibility that i received the vaccine today it is a small but fundamental gesture for all of us science and medicine are the only means we have together with the civic sense in each of us which would allow us to emerge victorious from this tough battle but i say it with my heart let's get vaccinated and in spain the 1st shots went to nurses and their care home residents in the city of guadalajara the country is the 2nd worst
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affected in the with more than 1800000 cases recorded but not everyone's convinced they should get the job done you have got to know that i mean on a personal level i don't think i would take it right now that's because i haven't had it and nobody close to me here scared it either i'm not saying it's not a problem because a lot of people have died but to be honest i wouldn't take it right now but if you know when i know it seems to me like it's good news one of the few that we've had during the pandemic and let's hope that a lot of people will take advantage of it she made up and yes i would take it because it would prevent infection also to make everybody around me safe i think it's good. 3 countries hungary slow very here and germany start of their an occupation campaigns a day earlier in berlin a 101 year old woman in
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a nursing home was among the 1st to be vaccinated she admitted having downs but later said she is grateful to have protection from the virus this is. in the beginning when they said there's a vaccine but the vaccine itself wasn't ready there nobody knew which one it would be i thought you don't need to be one of the 1st you don't really need it but then there was no more talk about it and i found it good to participate. now over to our panel in geneva annie sparrow a professor of population health science and policy at mount sinai hospital she also is an emergency and critical care physician in italy dr gloria tell yani professor of infectious diseases the peons university of rome and in
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regard to morocco as a d.n.a. brahimi professor of medical biotechnology of the 5th university welcome to all of you annie this vaccine couldn't come soon enough for hundreds of millions of people all over the world it's kicking off in europe how significant is the moment . well it is the moment that we have all been waiting for and it does represent the light at the end of the tunnel but it's still a very long tunnel and people aren't realizing that the best things i designed to prevent disease we don't know yet whether they prevent infection so we just listen to a woman saying well it will prevent infection and make me saved for other people we don't know that yet because that seems the only license on a billet to stop symptoms if they still. if you can still have asymptomatic infection then then you know that that's great for elderly people too to stop
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people dying when they have so much risk and we still don't have a single effective treatment middle and cure but in the meantime we're still going to have to continue with with mask masking you know with the mandates and you know and really get the message across that a vaccine is not an antidote yet to be at the economic county generic clinical suffering and the rising death toll we have to do everything else that we're not doing and that includes a state of testing and. you know not only of masks but of every single tool that we have in the tool kit rather than putting all of our hopes in the medical basket and you know there's a you know that seems the only as good as vaccination and across europe we've seen trust distorted by all barry who plays political games with preaching one. vaccine and in sweden which suffered directly in swine flu from decided that.
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you know your vaccine competent is not necessary they're all right to be a downer but. gloria what kind of impact with a mass vaccination bring. president. well i have to admit that this is a very special moment because even in such a short time we've passed through many many. unique advances. and now we're ready to vaccinate everyone or in short time which is something that was not imaginable before. the police dicks of vaccination me here need to be. moving trum the 1st in law in which how did doctors and without any restriction older doctors 1st of all who is who take care of her and then to patients but there after all the
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other doctors medical. profession are already in mendocino ariane and we get a after ward to alter the oldest. oldest to end more and need for being vaccinated and protected because they are at higher risk of edging out difficult to cure and severe infection and afterwards all the other people to fall so. those are going to be the targets for the time being as a dealer brought him in iraq or you've heard both annie and gloria talking about light of the end of the tunnel that has general sentiment prevailing in europe is of the same sentiment in iraq which has a 2nd highest rate of infections and deaths in the african continent after south africa now particular the government is saying is acquiring something like $65000000.00 doses from 2 companies one in china and one of the ok. i
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think it's a great scene moment in history not just for morocco once for the whole of humanity that think it's an i'm so excited that we trust that science and actually in one year we're able actually to get this vaccine it's a really amazing and i'm so excited that the vaccine will be here i think the tunnel could be long short to i don't care actually what they want to just to get to this vaccine so i think in morocco we are just excited that the vaccine will be here but i think for african countries all of them they are eating preparing and ready to go to get the vaccine dolly problem that we have to do get to get to the vaccine and i think africa should get to the vaccine and i think the callbacks initiative should be something interests in and when i hear like in europe and in the u.s. for example i would just give the u.s. example you have we're planning actually to get 20 millions to be shot to be given the the vaccine by the end of the year and we're not at 2 millions yet and we're hearing friends like 45 percent just of the mission is interested i think africa we
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have the culture of vaccination we are ready for it and anytime we get the vaccine i think people the population will be interested to get vaccinated with the anti conveyed lexy heard any of the german health minister yet saying that the vaccine is that this size of key to and the pandemic how whether we seem to be learning by the day is it safe to say that the moment you get the is the beginning of a new era. it is that it isn't we realize that michael jackson in the room we see them as weapons of mass starvation and they are i mean they have prevented the most deadly diseases and every year they save millions of lives but we have put all our eggs in this one by medical and you know instead of sort of. adding ourselves with the tools to be able to suppress to deal with patients so now we have the know with failure by the u.k.
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government to suppress the virus means that it is now 17. now either total $23.00 which make it much more contagious that seems worse to work against the virus but it would take us months to to roll that mess to parliament and in the meantime that you know the virus is much more contagious and the problem is that the limitations of vaccine uptake you know it's not just about trust it's about limited and manufacturing capacity and that is limited and by a prize of program for which is to get the vaccine has chosen to roll out across europe. is on the one hand doing that but on the other pushing to protect intellectual property which is prioritizing people you know profit over people's not sorry if it's a it's a it's it's a little bit in it deeply cynical actually did put patients at a time when a pandemic means you know when economy safe. and poor countries are just
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a pain right away and because vaccines unless you have 100 percent you know a very highly effective vaccine at stopping spread and high uptake which is going to take months then this sort of backs a nationalistic approach account works against us and and you know. we're right main africa the pen tested vaccination culture and this is an extraordinary step but we could raise. squander it by. lack of leadership an inability to actually understand that we need more than just the extreme. gloria. are we likely to save those who are very skeptical about the vaccine roll up their sleeves this time and say yes i would like to get the job myself oh yes sure if quire com because of most of the people who say i will not be vaccinated i don't
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want to be vaccinated do not really know what the maxin contains how does it work and they are mainly afraid of a new backs introduction technique and therefore it's very easy to convince some skeptical people that the vaccine is safe in this technical arrangement is the is the safest we have ever experienced and it sounds to be very effective and without so significant side effects and therefore i have convinced myself manical needs and friends that the vaccine should be done but what i think is mainly important to think out is that many people war will not. discuss or any in any case will not meet that the vaccine is
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a conqueror. by the end if discovered by themselves that they only way to stop the spreading of the briars is to have a vaccine and they claim to have a vaccine in the lab boys why in the previous months it was difficult even to make them accept a flu vaccine or vaccination for their kids but therefore it said really changes of the mind of many people who are in santa of our evident risk it up. sector and everything and then in feet that they had they never accepted the end never accepted and that's the hope that those perceptions will have to change in the near future when they see the momentum building up towards more vaccination as
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a dean morocco's acquiring doses from 2 companies sign a farm and us resin ika however when you look at both drug makers this still sign a farm for example is tell is still conducting late stage crew clinical trials in some countries while astra zeneca is in a said vans to trials in the u.k. and the us in particular our people are the authorities confident it's a good choice it's about time and it's very safe to administer to moroccans. well i think it's a question that they get all the time but they have to clear out one thing all the vaccines then they didn't finish their 3rd step for the 3rd phase of tribes or do that more there are no fines there because you need the year to finish it so nobody did finish it actually likes to not harm or astra zeneca so just to make it clear we need one year to finish the tries and what we are getting as authorization
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is emergency use for all of this vaccine so it's been a comparable and they think what one has not published actually is the result of this phase forcing a farm and for astra zeneca arthur isn't a part of which was published and they are coming soon i think a soon as there will be authorized images us in i think such as in a car is asking for the emergency use this week and i think sooner farm gaps the doctor ization emergency use from the china or from behind from evie and the soon i think they will have the authorization to use in morocco so i think we are very confident as we are all of the published not that clear about it and i think that's something that will be safe and effective and the effectiveness is really we are as traitors but still effectiveness is an issue i would like to discuss with annie a vaccine is effective is shown to be effective in preventing the spread of the virus people are not developing the since about
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a cases of covert 1000 the moment they give a how whether we'll be able to stop the spread of the virus will be able to tackle the 'd new a variant which is spreading in different parts of the european continent do we know do we have any answers. we just have a couple we do know that the maternal vaccine has shown that roughly 2 thirds of the people who had. transmission. had to medic infection as it were but this is a thing that you know rexy the licensed only ability of the bill only on the basis of their ability to prevent disease you know that is that is their base is awake they're licensed so it's going to take a few more months to go to do that a sport which can show us whether it's spread and you know that's what we need to know because it's the young adults who medically infected who do most of the spread
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we have no clue about whether or not it isn't meant to conviction or it prevents onward spread. and since we know there's so much asymptomatic infection included anyway it's it's going to make it even harder to know you know it's great it's happening so you know it is very likely ended or that it is very likely that we'll see you know something like probably 75 percent effectiveness in preventing spread that's great you can do the mess and think ok if we need to have a highly contagious virus but not doing very well thanks very much for that is highly contagious. put that on top of the makes and you see the countries in britain and. this very steep rise. then it makes it much much harder to achieve herd immunity because you need. to know we already have this terrible distrust but it's based on you know the u.s.
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is in every. politicized that seems sorry it just makes it harder to actually achieve what we need to a cheap right now and and that's where you know putting. your name. kids are tools or strategies and they are built like mass testing at home can help us tell whether we're good mediately we have failed putting in social protections or financial incentives and we're using a test which can tell whether or not you're contagious and that's how we've ended up where we are now fascinating the way we just learned $101.00 on a daily basis about a covert 90 of the way in the way it could potentially be tasteless impact to our or our livelihood gloria those who govern that seem do we know whether they could pose any threat to their loved ones who are vaccinated while the examination
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is necessary to exclude from the 1st wave of vaccine or people who have been infected in the us into mantic of course and therefore. we have to plan and we did it to plan. extensive examination of the potential matheny's at this time. and therefore of course especially in the 1st time or perhaps in administration there's the needs of controlling the effect. and not the need to control if their. bodies out there then the and to spy has been produced by a person's. potential appearance often seem to magic infection because the seem to mattick plants will be these corporate ready kleenex of course it's very very important machinery that is
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moving forward in terabytes of activity. organisation and all the lands of the vaccine nation are very very difficult to perform and more to because of the temperature of the vaccine that mass be kept there 70 for a long time in florida in this to be. an end and so it's. a very. demanding operation but we are ready to do the perfect. demanding dotting about we have faith in science as a day and it is the sentiment among many people because they're just waiting to get some very positive good years that the moment you. inoculate 60 to 70 percent of the population of this is that it's the end of a near the begin to go over another one is it's fair to say of this particular
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moment that we would get to that threshold our day to day will change the precautions we have to be shelved and it's got to be a brighter better day. why i think it's a fanatical question whether it's mean a normal life after the coffee there is something that everybody has to think about it and they think that consumed by settled rethink in advance and you'll be thinking hard but i think i have to be just very cautious secretary i think we need to have the 1st phase that will be actually protecting the people at risk and i think that would be the 1st phase and after that will be the 2nd phase to get the maximum of vaccination and i think through this period until june i think we'll be very cautious actually to keep our diary gesture around the thinking that something will be interesting the other think we are facing that the evolution of the virus and they think many of our it will be coming soon and they have we have to do the vigilance and the surveillance for that just to make it clear that we will not get
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to a modern wave of another variant of the virus and that's something very interesting it's a visitor think but go ahead go ahead just that it just i think if it was sent countries they don't want to use their vaccines in africa we need them just send that to us who will be using. the government as i hope we see vaccines flying all over the place as getting to all those remote desolate places where people are really badly in need for those vaccines which have completely shattered lives. i would like to ask you this question about how long will the immunity from the vaccine last are we going to say 12 doses this is it or are we going to be in a position where in the near future we'll have to update the vaccines like with doing with the flu because this is something which is going to stay with us forever . well i'm sorry to say i don't know again the best scientists probably up to 5 years at best case scenario they could provide protection and i'm talking about they are in a. peculiar uyghurs another one but you know the thing is that reinfection
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and cases are increasingly being reported so we don't actually know how long the trinity lasts a new year different things every day writing on anybody very effective or not but we think action is happening and probably happening much more broadly except that we're not looking forward and we're not testing but sorry that in order you know that there was a problem and then there's a fact that we had the new retail change which mean that. you know they can evade. the best things and then we have the fact that it circulates between links and snakes pink's to a lesser degree casual dogs cats domestic don't think cats even and that we circulate it means it can also. take more representing and the fact that it has an animal and we still don't even know what it is made we're not going to get rid of this it's going to be endemic so best case. we could have
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a couple of years then then we can always have butcher expand it also means that when we do need to produce a new vaccine according to a new strain well then you have to go through the whole process or again so certainly the vaccines like the jane jaipur example there are single dose thank you that thing out and can be stored in a regular bridge a much easier to to roll out and get this to be but. at least there is this sense of hope now it is thought into trickle and after months and months of anxiety panic and fear about a disease which has shattered lives changed our lifestyle beyond recognition this phase one i think are sort of underlying the european commission president said this is a touching moment of unity and the european continent. just to hope that this spread all over the world. gloria as a diplomat really appreciate your insight looking forward to talking to you in the near future thank you to for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website www dot gulf of other discussion go to our facebook page
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legitimize the legal one is pedophile. online jump into the comments section and each into the part of the discussion the stream on out is there a. 0 . give the bell this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes polls have closed in central african republic after a day of voting on the threatened to act is ations of. a different election story in the ship with the 1st peaceful transfer of passed since independence looks likely. optimism in europe a massive vaccination campaign begins with the aim of party.


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