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tv   Lords Of Water  Al Jazeera  December 28, 2020 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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what has happened to the engine that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. this is not religion this is the politics. an unholy alliance on al-jazeera. a low i maryam namazie in london a look at the headlines a sound now south africa's president has announced strict measures to fight a fosse biting coronavirus variant the country's become the 1st in africa now to pass a 1000000 cases the sale of alcohol is going to be banned and a 9 pm curfew enforced failure to wear a mosque in public has also been criminalized a person who does not wear a mosque could be arrested and prosecuted on conviction there would be liable to a fine or to imprisonment for
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a period not exceeding 6 months or both is a fine and imprisonment i must admit that this is addressed to measure but it is not necessary to ensure compliance with the most basic of preventative measures. there is how much faster is following the story from port elizabeth. or some of the other restrictions includes extending the nighttime curfew it also means a bad in all public gatherings except for funerals it was many of the doctors and health workers who called for more strict restrictions to be put in place saying that they're not surprised that the number of infections are high and what surprised them is how quickly it happened speak to most of africans will tell you that they also not surprise for a couple of days dodging the theft of season thousands of people are traveling up and down the country to visit family and friends many attending big parties many
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seen not wearing mosques or practicing social distancing now we are in the eastern cape province this is one of the provinces in the country where this new variant was identified in port elizabeth is a hearts what i can tell you people are feeling the effects of covert 19 it feels very real to them we met a family member who lost 7 people from one family in the village there was talk of a funeral of a prominent person almost the entire village lanes to that funeral and many of them came back sick it is a big concern and of course many people were watching what the president was saying somewhat of a what they think about what he thought some thought he was a bit too heavy handed but some do say they feel many south africans avoid being reckless and they have to do what he did elsewhere there's been new data indicating the actual number of coronavirus deaths in russia could be higher than previously reported according to the official figures russia recorded more than 25000 deaths related to cohabit in november it's confirmed just under 55000 current of our staff
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overall since the pandemic began well in all the news wall street has hit record highs in response to u.s. president donald trump signing a long way to corona virus relief bill $900000000000.00 aid package restores unemployment benefits for millions of americans but $14000000.00 people missed out on unemployment payments this week. a saudi court has sentenced a prominent women's rights activist to 5 years and 8 months in prison during international condemnation and jane have flu has been held since 2018 after being arrested along with at least a dozen other women's rights activists relatives say she's been sexually assaulted and tortured while in prison she campaigned against a ban on women driving and for an end to saudi arabia's male guardianship system. human rights watch says they are deeply concerned about but it is absolutely shocking to see the saudi authorities conviction and sentencing regime to have through today on the under the terrorism all what they have done is to now state to
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the world that they consider women's rights activism to be an act of terrorism now the saudi authorities have done this in the past with human rights activists which we have seen being sentence of being treated as terrorists but now we are seeing the same thing being dug women's rights activists and a chinese citizen journalist has been jailed for 4 years for lifestream reporting of the early days of the corona virus outbreak in the city of one jiang videos a widely shared on social media platforms in february she's among east 8 whistleblowers facing charges of picking quarrels and provoking trouble for their coverage of the outbreak the 37 year old former lawyer was arrested in may and is on hunger strike in jail north of water is a program coming up next exposing the monetizing of water.
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but you don't it is a whole lot of perfect british will do something to make you see picasso the suit all stitching plum non-fossil much wrong that the minute you look look into the accounts do what you did on my little family press if rising northwards across the u.k. under 39 degrees breaking the july record well you have. got a lot given that i have i'd rather be rather gardening but i will soon go to kill about the girl who called an old dog to me but she couldn't tell you. don't smoke some believe you're sure to preach to me don't i don't know a specific number to make sure. some 2019 in europe illustrated the urgency of the climate crisis which claimed its 1st victim. water. the demand is going straight up and the supply is going straight down i mean it is dark it's stark.
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remove located don't send it do you mean when i'm granting or not yet you seem to be on the money does you no more news when it rains down from this nearly 2 thirds of them are affected by. farmers i see in their homes destroyed while those of my due to the climate we. go to bring you. the rule today 70 percent of the earth's pure water these used to be human consumption . it has become the most coveted resource on the planet we. all need. to. try not. doing in a think that will cause water to die and say hey you go. you won't be wearing any clothes you won't be using a mobile phone you might be driving in
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a car might be living in a house you might be having breakfast you might be having lots of be having dinner . watery is in paper thing that we do you can in the loo. to save humanity wall street wants to start a revolution. make water profitable and create water markets just like oil fields. water falls from the sky and therefore should be free whenever i hear that i always say 'd diamonds are current nature and they're not afraid. of. the it's a financial product like any other financial model these china india are often on the way around i don't want to live life on $495.00 i believe in god that good just at the beginning go through some water of financial revolution. the blue gold
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rush has begun. and he will stop. the human right to water means that it's not a charity it's an issue of justice. this is the issue of our time this is the crisis of our time. with financial pressure on human mobilisation rising the battle over water has already begun. who will come out on top the planet the people with a mock. i've. done the financial company of your. here is where the relationship between water and finance 1st began 30 years ago.
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at the time it was simply a question of commending the virtues of privatisation. it was margaret thatcher prime minister at the time who championed the cause neither did i. lose in the. near. wartime in the benefit of being in the national night. out of was a sin and i believe. that says. what happened was the entire system the entire physical system as well as the concession was sold to the private companies. every drop of water in the ploy is a private commercial to take. one of the 1st thing some of the companies to. go. to people he
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had paid their bills. the number of people who've had their water cut off for failing to pay their bills has almost tripled in a year. one company for example disconnected $11000.00 customers and the source the company was concerned. they could stay this collective if they didn't pay their bills they didn't get any more so. come back now to talk the talk. do you have to come. up with a tell for. my life you think i have to make this journey that they just come down to. us. i mean you could have drank anything but it just took things. we didn't need now to care for this during the last song.
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i said to myself it's the scots. that from the market perspective but doesn't the market couldn't care less if people died of cholera really that's not a joke their job is making 1000000 they've done that very well. the. final 10 years later a law is passed and the brits companies from cutting off the water supply to those who haven't paid their bills. but this is not enough to deter the financing on the contrary. in the early 2000 and new generation of traders and to the world. namely private equity funds for vulture funds. they are hungry and completely unaccountable. they may
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be which have a 10 year life and they therefore they need to get their returns over that decade that they will be vienna's and then they need to find a new way. say you have a lot of international investors people who may never have been to a water plant in yorkshire talk or baby. never been to yorkshire before this is a wonderful business and truly sick links you don't need to do anything about water and you don't need to care anything about. the new owners arrived from canada hong kong i'm a lazy. 'd in london thames water distribution authority that covers 20 percent of the country is booked by the australian based mcquarrie friends.
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i was aware of mccrory i mean they were quite a famous institution in australia where they've been named as something i think they were called the millionaires factory because so many people who worked at a quarry became very rich as a result of the bonuses that they and. but cory were one of the 1st private equity companies to save face a good places to believe one of the simple reasons for that is if you there is and is going to be population growth. if there's population growth there's going to be more water dr. david hall is the man who revealed this war to scam. in 2017 he published a study in which he detailed certain years of abusive practices. rising buildings
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soaring dividends to shareholders and tax evasion. a caricature of financial companies. we ended up polluting a belt. 2.5000000000 pills. was being taken else of the system but private capital now a 1000000 reason for that was that the dividends though playing themselves were very very regular so these companies were perfect cash machines they still are they still. everybody believes correctly that we are being swindled by the world is.
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what david hall study then did was it said is this really how you think that essential services should be. i think is the best way by financial interests so graphically. the australia based mcquarrie finals was the thames water just of the time. when it sold its function to the company launched to just to. acquire isas and had just over $13000000000.00 of debt somebody at that point will have to repay all those boring well there's any one source of money in the whole water industry and that is the custom and when the customer has to repave those borrowings that will affect the charges they have to pay and of course the owners will never return the
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dividends they've taken out those have just gone. i think they take a view that this is. affecting this crime. the funny thing is that you case experience water privatization is no one else in the developed world has done it it's a one off and. sometimes you have to ask yourself why is. today over 80 percent of britons would like to go back to a time when water was a common public and essentially free resource. but this concept is slipping away.
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rains sweltered through another 24 hours of extreme haste either night it barely dipped below 30 degrees in many parts of the state with temperatures soaring into the need to hide the reasons for that was. really not the right kind of stuff but not enough to render the writer of the story it remains a strangely hot topic and i would imagine that things are going to. bring not only . australia. on the frontline of climate change. here drought is a part of everyday life. in this parched country australians are getting closer and closer to tomorrow's world. a world where water is
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a scarce and expensive resource. but the man is a dairy farmer who lives in new south wales one of the driest regions in the country. for many months now his reserves have been empty. the only solution for feeding his animal is to buy extra water from a private. well you know. to go. to die to run just for my kale and cost me close to half a $1000000.00 for 12 months of boredom $500000.00 can you afford that it would put a great deal this trying on us if we if we did it a great deal
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a strong. fuck we now if i'm in the last 3 months it's already spent $1000000.00 on waldo. a storm could come straight tomorrow up at all and. so it's they've spent the money but still again move on with it whether it's going to work on. which i am basically paid the chaos a lawyer. told the board to grow crops so they can't. we can't afford a real lot of grinding out there getting very little or not a growing at all at the moment. side they're producing. 50 percent less than what they should be but he's told me.
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it's just save all my drawings of all i keep going. and i am trying it out the other end of it. my somites in helping each other but now it's a little like dog eat dog world at the my space with with the waterfall a c. .
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it has become like. it is bought and sold with a single click thanks to mobile phone and an application connected to the market available 24 hours a day. its price changes day depending on supply and demand. it's there aka touch compatible fade in or. even. not most of that money ready. once the transaction is approved there are a geisha china valves open automatically and pour out millions of liters to customers those who can pay. people are just taking water from us and it's a law and exciting effort from
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a 5 or. why we doing it is we next year the rivers of fall and then we don't have to go back onto that i can market the border again well what happens when we die. we multiply russian reluctance. to combat water shortages the australian government has chosen to rationing. each year it allocates a quota to the major water consumers farmers industrialists and cities. this is calculated based on activity existing reserves and weather forecasts. along with this new law called the water act water markets have been created where
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anyone can come and purchase additional rights or sell some of the. value of coal as the market is changing and there are over the last couple way certainly was not i don't judge or modeling i may say driving really having around 400 i believe after falling on a 5 dollars an hour later martin martin from the waterfront thanks tate look for to hearing from you in just 10 years the water business has become the new el dorados with a turnover of $2000000000.00 a year morning here i am not a top 1st thing. i want to find is the world's leading water stock exchange was because they work with the mega liter a unit of measurement equipment to 1000000 liters. some are tame he called me the water market parnia. i'd like to cite then
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i'm a pawnee or in the world. i must always go and i would have to go to them since actual money was handled the transmitter these are only got i think yeah yeah it's a 6 digit. so we reset that a gun then. ran for negligence on that we secured that saw a huge amount of transfer $250.00 bags plus the side prices to die around the $500.00. maybe later all mean latest you've got it. is i think it's. what $500.00. was that 300 euros 350 euros for 1000000 liters of water. it's pretty cheap when you look at it from that perspective.
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isn't it a good thing that way a family putting a value on this resource because in putting a value on it we're going to respect that will. in this new world every drop count. water is no longer a natural resource but a commodity. in the world the water markets the key players of the agricultural industry as is the case with webster the country's largest producer the about. the directors of this company are among the richest water. at the head of a reserve worth more than $200000000.00.
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there is a mass conservation and exported all over the world in relation to the amount of water used this is their most profitable cross. on this farm brendan barry as the title of water management. this is a new area of expertise. that they. that some would call any. you know what writing. if you've got not may be here then be up in the tightening edition of the bible. but the nonpareil of the real number of. days i will not figure in that but they may sell that far from
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pretty much live on some of the mosquitoes and the old. days used to market one off . the total value of their water is more valuable than all the land we hold of the plant and equipment over the last talk that we hold. the water market in this area this year has gone from about $320.00 per make a little to have a $700.00 per meghalaya and that's in a period of a ground 5 months. and that will probably double the process but that's how it works.
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ok. january on al-jazeera it's 10 years since the arab spring sold to bring change to the middle east al-jazeera looks into how successful look at pollutions what a new documentary series examine for history and jihad on the takes of drug trafficking and the way states and drug lords abused it as an instrument of power as facts elections are being doled out around the world hope of returning to normal comes back again with media trends constantly changing listening post continues to analyze how the news is coming up to one of the most intense election campaigns the u.s. is set to inaugurate its cool to 6 president. january on al-jazeera. long
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before the cold the crisis broke the world was grappling with another global crisis the climate breakdown destruction of nature can lead to destruction all hail the lockdown examines links between these 2 crises and asks why it took a pandemic to bring on changes that should have been made long ago all these things we were told the complete impossible suddenly become also connected to the wake up call that can't be ignored on i just. take the worst possible material eurabia ground into dust comparable to flower and make a hell of it and put it into place looking. it is a colossal event id has gotten so many people asked to keep this in the file in cuba but doesn't make you feel nice you feel like a murderer we have created an enormous environmental disaster. and investigation
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south africa toxic city on al-jazeera. the pool the. oh i maryam namazie in london a quick reminder of our main story this hour south africa's president has announced strict measures to fight a surge in cases driven by a fast writing coronavirus variant countries become the 1st in africa to possum 1000000 cases gatherings in the sale of alcohol will be banned and a 9 pm curfew enforced failure to wear mosque in public has also been criminalized a person who does not wear a mosque could be arrested and prosecuted on conviction there would be liable to a fine or to imprisonment for
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a period not exceeding 6 months or both. a fine and imprisonment i must admit that this is addressed at measure but it is not necessary to ensure compliance with the most basic of preventative measures. new data is indicating the actual number of crimes of ice related deaths in russia could be higher than previously reported according to official figures russia recorded more than 25000 deaths in november alone it's confirmed just under 55000 coronavirus deaths overall since the pandemic began. in other news of. highs in response donald trump signing a long awaited coronavirus relief bill $900000000000.00 aid package restores unemployment benefits for millions of americans but $14000000.00 people missed out on unemployment payments this week a saudi court sentenced
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a prominent women's rights activist to 5 years and 8 months in prison drawing international condemnation jayna have fluid has been held since 2018 after being arrested along with at least a dozen other women's rights activists relatives say that she's been sexually assaulted and tortured while in prison she campaigned against the ban on women driving and for an end to saudi arabia's male guardianship system. the chinese citizen journalist has been jailed for 4 years for her lifestream reporting of the early days of the corona virus outbreak in the city of john videos a widely shared on social media platforms in february she's among 8 whistleblowers charged with picking quarrels and provoking trouble we'll have you in the news hour in about half an hour's time i will see then i think.
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as water manager brendan is more of a trader than a farmer. a big stack of grind has a value that's money water is no different in that sense. you know our business we want to use air water officially because if we do that we can drive a greater profit into the business and that's what we're ultimately he forced to deliver a profit for the shareholders. interest. he manages his stock with the help of a specialized broke up next battus. he too embodies the new generation businessmen looking to exploit water. for them drought means good business.
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it's an. interesting lease. i don't think there is yet thousands of mega ladies on the market at the moment. the market doesn't seem to be terribly logical at the moment in our view it's sort of grey didn't feel the market and it's we've a balance between the. very good that's that's that's because of where we are and there's not that much more people really really skittish. frustrating. so i go yeah. look i think there dearies and such or such as start down you know the number of kids getting sold a lot of it's quite. ridiculous that that for a very badly every dairy farms on the market so if you did want to do something down there i think is. land still going to be not going to be difficult.
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to work. 11 and i don't want to go on all the money on monday. when i go home i'm not going on a run. on i 40 if they take 58 don't get me out of bed till then i say that i find a non 810101020 but 20 got here at you know what really got there 93204050 party. when i want to hear you man are never going to think that the 500 a day out and 5 my car behind are going to buy it or would still really believe that i did it with
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a gift. that no one tells them. i had on for that one i don't know what the little one so you still can and will use when you sell them on to you i know they say. they have but you've never been history in. the water crisis and soaring prices have forced david dunn into bankruptcy he has had to sell the family dairy farm and now joins the long list of victims of the water markets and i don't know 71 of them that are coming out of government right. and the end of the new era we're going in this district go off. leave 10 kilometers from where our ship. your special dog.
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trainer no. no no no the. no i mean we're not even opening and i don't know any of you and i don't really want to hear you look at your cash flies for the last 12 months and 4 years ago when you realize you're spending more and more wars and then jenny said to me. we concave going on like this. that called the citation was a very nauseous. 3 more dishes in the in the sink and stump they out there. as very emotional. it's probably not as much emotion as slider on when we selling calles i can tell you who i'm on the raise and who are a grandmother right very well that. is all they tell me
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a good average. and i mean i 550 it is not you know initially the creation of water markets was welcomed by families. big agricultural players saw it as an effective way to buy water whilst others plan to supplement their income by selling this someplace where it will break begin to go down but right but 10 years later the market had become a huge sucker if they want right now at the rate that you know a lot. of like this lots of people had done on the stand he was not on them saying the law just. lisha cave all know it all the talking is the start of what's happening and i don't think a lot of us know what's happening in the water market. alicia buoying you know a look at the water market because lots of dogs and i need to purchase. special
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looking for and you think oh all day today and. it's going up. the strain is on extremely low this has searing temperatures put emergency crews on notice and authorities ready to answer any major process records fell today and more so to tumble tomorrow with at a light forecast to hit 45 to gray's notching the hottest guy on record for the city is the face wounds of wifely happen to controlling my adelaide in south australia the driest city on the driest continent on the planet. adelaide says a think tank it's here at the university but the idea of water trading was conceived. and in some you see my kids 0 water.
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said they said nobody can take any more water so you're going to have to find a way. share war what happened very quickly. as a result of work that i did all started dies that will what we need to do is to unbundle the system and take a license and he set out the bank life accounting system little everybody tried it like cost him to do that in all the regulations and. mike young is the founding father of the australian water markets a renowned economist he attended harvard university and has advised the united nations. this is the man writing the new history of water. more scarcity is really think so water scarcity is part of the future of the world the global predictions of that by 2050 more than half the world will be living with
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limited water resources an abundance is a thing of the past. water needs to be many still very precious why. and why is it drives innovation that makes sure our water goes to the best use as it possibly can so we make money and feed ourselves well. and that lead to the interest in water markets and drive a revolution. the revolution started by mike young has turned climate change into a market force. you know it's fascinating to see how sophisticated our water markets of the company if this rainfall cost in a week's time the price of water will go down because farmers now they won't have to irrigate if it's going to be really hot for the next fortnight seein the price
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of water goes up. in the future. in the news. and i think the reason why you really come to a university is to buy the world a better place to live so i teach a course on how to my world a better place to live in. companies well i think. mike young has opened up water markets to all farmers small savers and above all professional investors.
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now a days everybody can buy water on the stock market for consumption or simply for speculation . when water becomes scarce i suppose. when somebody has to stop using it what markets do is they are. discover and reveal the most appropriate people to pull out of agriculture as it is from making cars as it is for lots of things we live in a competitive world. markets mature spot market stuff derivative markets for water options forward new intelligence and information systems we're building artificial intelligence and machine learning but we're as far as we're in the gun the mike money but ready. michael leaving out of just trying or worse we're just interested in getting war
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might boil water to mike a living. just might leave boy on and selling water. the system was putting for the farmers to create wealth for the for the economy but it's fine taken from the farmers now. in the money. water purchased at the market price has drained the australian countryside. only the agricultural giants have the means to compete with the investors who are pouncing on this new rule material.
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that they stains going around the world to encourage basis the bar into these trying water market with they used returns that they say buy on huge amounts of water and they might in huge money out of. water becoming the new australian gold it is if if you can mark a 25 percent return on your investment. or would new trial undo it.
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it was melbourne's hottest day in 5 these temperatures hit 42.3 degrees on the city of life 42.921 living in the southern part of state police are treating. the steal their grief at midnight in the open. not the new nodes of war to live in the city of melbourne the business capital. they are bankers insurance pension and investment fund managers. and they are gradually taking control of this mood go. i don't need to outlay you know would i lie on land would i consider it yes but i'm not a farmer i'm an investment banker which to do invest not much maybe $20000000.00. the price of water has doubled but in the next 10 years it will double again
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because of intensive agriculture. there's a lot of discontent between the families and the people controlling the water and so the farmers sometimes look at these people as water barons or water bandits because they controlling water that many times i can afford. as an owner of expensive water reserves david williams prints his water to farmers as others would rent land. in the future is looking bright. if we go to 9000000000 population and the chinese want more food in the indonesians one more food in the unions one more food and they can afford to pay for it then we 1st need to find more intensive ways of going forward that means more water. and that's going to lead you smack bang in the hay get that water hey
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a price of hay you allocate it and hey you regulate it. with a being a vest on water it's getting back to the al guys of the land lords and the peasant farmers and if we want to survival staying to it we're going after for the border landlords game the war is we're back to the middle i just yet. in the name of fighting global warming the loads of water have made an agreement with the environmentalists. a portion of lake and river water is now protected it feeds the ecosystem and is kept out of the market.
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this aligns brought about a large majority vote in favor of water reform. as i'm talking to you today we're about to have 7 days in a roy here in adelaide above 37 degrees celsius. that is the 4th time in 2 months where we've had. high temperature climate change is happening and it's happening now and it is impacting on the levels of water usage and the water that is being returned to the system. from the rivers struggling and so we had to start putting a value on it. environmental
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organizations are now taking advantage of the markets to buy water and return it to nature. the agriculture industry in australia with billions of dollars the value of water in australia is worth even billions more so if we want to make sure this the river is kept alive if you want to make sure there's water there for the future we have to engage in that process that of course forced a proper market for water buying and trading. has a strategy got it right yet no we don't. we might be the test case we haven't got it 100 percent. water was the last remaining natural resource to have escaped trading. 'd 'd
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but australia has just blown the final whistle. the time has come for maximum profitability and the creation of wealth. for my people to be offered this land in this water. 'd water for me and my people it's a part of who we are. 'd 'd it's a part of our stories our creation story. today is different. australia has implemented what are markets. how do you know that.
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we don't like it very much we don't like it at all 'd. well forcing her to find out everyone else interesting ok. with. that and i've got my night tonight. went on. selling trading what does that. feeling your dad. making sure that you're. making sure that no one else takes your. part of the madness. most of the greed. * * * * greedy people.
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* they want their water back or forward. * and they're sell it to. money. you can eat money. the conduit of money. water is like the grains in our body. earth mother earth. like our bodies. the water 'd goes through. the roof the wood is the water but.
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without that. we all know that. you're saying how great. a big ole our need our need our. time to. be. the producers of this program mcquarrie group to be interviewed but they declined. so al-jazeera asked mcquarrie to respond to statements made about them in the programme. mcquarrie replied to say that they took their role in economic and
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community infrastructure very seriously. that's in the time their fund was a shareholder thames water had made $14700000000.00 of capital investment. and that this had allowed thames water to reduce leakage and to keep bills out to low level. they went on to say that the investment had been financed by profits from borrowing and had been approved by the u.k. water services regulator off what. they concluded by saying that thames water had paid an average dividend to shareholders of 11 percent of capital expenditure. the last stage in the financial isolation of water. the long term a stock market index to bet on water prices by nasdaq
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a stock exchange specializing in technology. this is the 1st time that water has been reduced to an algorithm. is water the next oil we set it up as a question and then mostly dismissed it the question is not going to go away we're just probably not ready for it yet there is no alternative to pricing water properly and making people realize that every time they think you're supposed water there is an opportunity cost and they feel it in the wallet. what about the guy that can't afford it that guy still needs water. during the fight against the financialization of water is fueled by the refuse to accept any sort of privatizing our own the global water rush is accelerating
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privatisation competition profit when they say it's got to be a commodity it's because they know that the scarcer it becomes in a world where you desperately need water there's this gold it's gold it's blue gold . water scarcity has become a major issue the demand is going great up and the supply is going straight down turning an essential natural resource into a commodity trade into the profit just because it's life doesn't mean it cannot be priced what about the guy that can afford it tellings water. al-jazeera examines the social financial and environmental impact of war to privatizing loads of water on al-jazeera a unique perspective on nigeria we have so much more we just don't snore of so money this morning that we have. through the eyes of a sudden abrasive african photographer to pollution to rejoin us live in still
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being us one of these the. 3 years on how has life changed. rewind ga sodhi on al-jazeera. we may well see flooding across parts of queensland over the next few days some rather stormy weather across northern parts of australia the top 10 pushing into the gulf of carpentaria easing across a good part of queensland the larry of low pressure here so what's the weather to
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for good measure into new south wales so that will bring some lively storms over towards save me to the north of that as well pushing up towards the gulf coast as out west or whether persisting across the northern half of queensland in particular and it stays in place as we go on into. whedon's day the west the weather will gradually ease away from sydney still a few storms around as we go on through wednesday temperatures around 25 celsius the settled a hot weather i will continue down towards the south and southwest perth around $39.00 degrees celsius what's a weather clearing away from new south wales will gradually push over towards new zealand so some rain is beginning to set in across the south meanwhile this could be snow setting in across northern parts of china through the korean peninsula easing across japan once again then quite a lot of it as well you can see how extensive that is here's that cold air temperatures in seoul go from 3 degrees celsius on tuesday to minus 7 on wednesday
12:00 am
. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm maryam namazie you're watching the news out lie from london coming up in the next 60 minutes. we have simply let our guard down. and unfortunately we're now paying the price. south africa tightens its covered restrictions banning alcohol sales again and making mosques mandatory in public after reporting a 1000000 infections. russia report.


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