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the powerful earthquake hit central croatia bringing down buildings including the capital including the capitol. hill romney watching al-jazeera live my headquarters here in doha hole so coming up the global race to roll out bank scenes a climb in covert cases prompts calls to speed up that distribution but challenges remain in rich and poor countries alike also. many of the agencies that are critical to our security. enormous damage.
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president elect joe biden accuses the trumpet ministration of obstructing his transition to power. and a teenage pro-democracy activist is sentenced to 4 months in prison in hong kong for desecrating a chinese flag. but we start with breaking news from croatia which has been hit by a strong $6.00 magnitude earthquake local media is reporting the town of patina is at the epicenter that's around 50 kilometers from the capital zagreb widespread damage to buildings is being reported but casualties are not yet know the earthquake was felt in neighboring bosnia and herzegovina as well as serbia savina has shut down a nuclear power plant as a precaution let's join tanya novak from our sister channel al jazeera balkans by phone she's in zagreb tunney just tell us what the authorities are saying about the
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disaster zone. well the 1st part is definitely between you know 15000 population and surrounding counties circle but the earthquake was very very strongly felt in zagreb as well it was very strong it shook the ground for quite a long time for about 20 seconds and it does seem like eternity when it's happening let me just remind you this rocket was hit this spring by an earthquake of 5.5 so this was much. much stronger earthquake and at that time the center of the group was heavily damaged but stronger one almost completely destroyed the little town of 3 and so far we have confirmation by the local authorities of one death but there are a lot of other casualties and
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a lot of people they are being taken care of all of the services and the urgent and to petrina right away. and in the search and rescue operations clearing out the debris and taking the people out of pennsylvania and removing them to zagreb deserted hospitals crazy's under lockdown due to epidemic of coronavirus so that's another trouble that they have to meet up because there are some people who are infected by corona virus in that area they have to be evacuated separately from the people who are not affected by 19 it's going to be a very very rough time despite gracious people who live in this part of creation because. town of petra and this area was hit by 2 earthquakes yesterday magnitude 5 and 5 point one and kind of the feeling was that
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doug was it that this was over and. the ground settling down this one today very strong one surprised everyone and now people are very insecure on what is ahead of them should they go back to their houses and how to expect the night it's very cold it started raining immigration temperatures are about 5 degrees centigrade and it's getting colder as the night is coming over this week to be a very very difficult night for people who live in this area especially in the area at the time of katrina where the emergency will try to go to the grave and to see if there are any other people who might be in teacher of maybe under her staying at the tree that we don't even know about ok tanya i mean basically tell us a little bit more about the town itself has a population of nearly 200000 the pictures we are seeing are of people in daylight hours. battling through the rubble to try and find survivors and help the injured
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it seems a lot of these buildings are rather old or they may not be earthquake proof can you describe the area of the earthquake zone or. yes the town of the train yeah it's a small town which this heavily damaged during the early nineties inspiration took place in that area and it's never really truly recovered it's your it's. a small town with a lot of also like area architecture after the war in which it was heavily destroyed not all of the towns was completely. completely renovated and so basically the earthquake hit on a very very poor ground and a very badly very. very resistant to earthquake let me just say that the start of the world it's not an area of the world with frequent
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earthquakes people are not used to it this is. the last very strong earthquake in his area happened 100 years ago high point 5 so this year has been very shaky in this part of the world and definite the place to be now and the town neighboring town the sea 2nd that part of the world we're not expecting to is and will not today be about it's special because this is the area. mainly billet you older people living there not much. stronger economic activity going on because it's not exactly you know where you could expect to be ready for such a disaster to happen ok before the update thanks so much time you know about that from my office to channel al jazeera balkans thank you. now the world health organization says many countries are still not prepared to deal with the 2nd and 3rd waves of corona virus despite the limited rollout of vaccines
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a group of health experts in the u.k. says the british government needs to double its target of vaccinating a 1000000 people a week about 200000 people every week are currently getting injections but israel says it's already given the vaccine to 650000 people it wants to increase that number 515-0000 every day rising infections her forced the country into its 3rd national lockdown meanwhile south korea has announced its fast tracking its national vaccination program it signed a deal to secure 20000000 more days of vaccine after it detected the country's 1st cases of a more easily transmittable variant from the u.k. well more on that 1st but his irie nasser in west jerusalem with more. this is really going to bolster netanyahu ahead of an election that's coming up here in march on saturday he said that he's hoping that $2500000.00 israelis will be fully vaccinated within a month of this rollout now in terms of how they're doing it israel does have
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a pretty big health care system it is public but it is kind of it's not centralized so there are many branches of it working simultaneously at the moment the government has also enlisted the military to set up some vaccination centers and also at the same time it is a relatively small country with just about 9000000 people in terms of population and geographically it is also relatively small the vaccination campaign though does not include the palestinians in the occupied west bank and gaza where things have been becoming much much worse in gaza the world health organization is warning that the health care system there could really collapse if things continue along this trend of the numbers of infection the palestinian authority has made attempts at securing the vaccine but it doesn't really have the economic and logistical means to do so they have applied for
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a world health organization program but that would really only provide about vaccinations to about 20 percent of the palestinian population now a human rights groups are saying that it is israel's responsibility to facilitate getting the vaccine to the occupied west bank and gaza but really all that israel has said so far from the health minister who said that if they have any left over doses after they vaccinated all israelis then they may hand hand them over to the palestinian authority for all of those calls to speed up vaccinations in the united kingdom are a challenge as more from london. the gravity of the situation that the u.k. is in at the moment we've just had the record number of daily infections more than 40000 reported in the last day we have a record number of people currently in hospital with covert cases more than 20000 people in hospital that's
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a record beating that the 1st wave of the virus you can see how serious it is it is here and then you have some schools of medical thought which is saying that actually you really need to boost the level of vaccination so massively more than it is at the moment so if your target is 1000000 actually your target should be about 2000000 a week which of course we're way off the problem is that this. vaccine is difficult to administer it's fragile you have to store it at very low temperatures is difficult getting it to people who are not particularly mobile who can come see you you need to wait for more easily administer of all vaccines to really get that number up and they're not here yet. now health officials in thailand are warning case numbers could soon climbed by tens of thousands a day if covered $1000.00 measures are not properly enforced bars nightclubs in the capital bangkok an hour under new restrictions in an effort to keep case numbers down similar measures have been rolled out in other provinces where an outbreak was discovered among migrant workers at
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a seafood market teaching has more from thailand. and this is we're about an hour and a half away from bangkok that would normally be absolutely jam packed with people here for the new year holiday the big holiday of the year in thailand but while some people have come out most people are heeding the prime minister's advice which is to stay within your own province now he spoke to the nation today after the cabinet meeting he said the government wasn't going to impose a nationwide lockdown they put in place a series of red amber and green alerts in all of the different provinces at the moment most places are on amber but we are still speaking seeing these little clusters of infections coming out 22 more in bangkok 45 in the populated province around and they're now in 45 provinces across time and that's a huge problem for a country which had seen 0 chance missing transmission in the country for months and it's got many people here very worried i would expect most people are probably
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going to follow this government by. particularly after thailand has worked so hard to try and combat the coronavirus this was remember the 1st country outside china found a transmission since then it's closed off its borders it's put very strict quarantine controls in place the cost however has been huge too and thailand's tourist industry has been absolutely decimated and in fact i think many people concerned that after all of those sacrifices despite everything that thailand has done over the last month could be in vain. dr mohamed menino is of all a just electra in biomedicine at lancaster university in the u.k. and he explains why coordinating the distribution of vaccines is so critical. what we have seen so far is a stream level of vaccine nationalism which means that most of the wealthy countries they have really scoop the most off the vaccine pharmaceutical manufacturing capabilities which left very little for the low and middle income
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countries and according to responses are extremely important when it comes to global pandemics at like sauce to causing a covert 19 and as you actually have been saying 'd is that this is really of a couple i'm certain that the lesson learned from this pandemic will be translational to the future perspective hope we will not see such type of diseases in the future but those are inevitable so believable and do more coordination than what we have done just in the start i think equitable access to the vaccine has been the most whole topic in the scientific community and also with the regulatory bodies as well but relatively little has been done in that perspective for example if we look on to developing nations usa u.k. canada israel and japan they have basically scooped up 54 percent of the total vaccine capability which means 9 out of 10 people in the developing world will be vaccinated in 2021 and this means that even if the european countries if they can
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manage to vaccinate majority of their population within 2021 which is what they are aiming for still that doesn't mean that the continent europe is protected from the infection because infection is can travel from from whom to the rest of the world it can travel from any country to the rest of the work basically we all are in to gather so until people who need it the vaccine they are not vaccinated compared to what we get a for the vaccine this pandemic would sustain around. u.s. president elect joe biden has accused the trumpet ministration of damaging security agencies and impeding its access to intelligence as he prepares to take office now with just 22 days left in the white house donald trump is also it holds with members of his own party republicans in the house have voted with democrats to override a presidential veto on defense spending and he also refused trump's demands to back an increase in cash payments to americans alan fischer has more from washington d.c. . well 3 days from the end of 2020 uter thought the year could throw up some more
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surprises but here we are the republican president of the united states on the same page as the democratic speaker of the house of representatives no donald trump has vilified nancy pelosi said tact or he's criticized her and suddenly he's on the same say this what he wants those $2000.00 checks to go out to every american she took this step in the house on monday to push it through and managed to do that and no hands it over to the senate mitch mcconnell well we should hear from him probably sometime around lunchtime here in the united states but he's sure nor interest a troll to raise the issue of an additional $2000.00 certainly when he welcomed donald trump signing the bill on sunday he made no mention of the fact that donald trump was pushing for that extra $2000.00 and there are those in the republican party and certainly many many democrats who see if donald trump what the 4 winds the way he is what the forms of his alleged election loss and started calling republican senators he might be able to get it through but it seems unlikely the
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mitch mcconnell is going to resign certainly chuck schumer who's the leader of the democrats in the senate is going to try and bring it up for a vote but if which mcconnell doesn't want to see it he could kill it in the senate now as for the defense bill that centrist thing because that relates to the 2000 dollars how does that work you're saying well. if the couse has already approved the overtone of the president's veto 1st time that they've done in 4 years he's issued 9 vetoes during his 4 years in the white house this is the 1st time the house has voted to overturn this senate is likely to do the same thing but unless there's a vote on the covert $2000.00 checks there's a number of senators including bernie sanders who say that he is going to use procedural motions to bork the overwrite he wants the czech debate to come 1st still ahead here on al jazeera another group of running the refugees is moved to an isolated island despite fears it could be vulnerable to floods plus indigenous chil
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a and women bring an ancient craft into a new era weaving a culture and their future together friends my friends. is about to get cold again not just cold but particular least narry this white pole goes right across the most of honshu not necessarily just the northern slopes we still stay at 38 in tokyo but some of the snow is going to sneak through the valleys and certain given how hot it will catch bits of the korean peninsula but the cold air further west is just cold in the sunshine by day and by night and even hong kong has to feel it down to about 12 degrees by thursday that cold push lasting until the end of the week back up to about 16 by saturday was the easterly
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returning and that cold air is invasion south china sea in the philippine sea will pick up some big thunderstorms will create big thunderstorms here's the 1st mass being driven down that when probably towards western side of borneo might catch singapore so it is going to enhance the showers in indonesia. this is more rain to come in the far south of india as you can see tamilnadu but the persistent problem is the cold wave over the north from odisha right up to the north of pakistan that does give you a few hours of fine weather during the day the temps just creep up to 20 below single figures by night with plenty of fog which of course turns quite happily into smoke. ok calm and make sure you're not hyping the situation be part of the debate my main characters are women when no topic is off the table there was in the last allow
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child marriage to happen legally easer basically archaic walls there are often legitimize them grega one is pedophile on air or online jumping to the quick section and meeting to be part of the discussion this stream on out is there a. rule. book like you want your daughters are with me so horribly reminder of our top news stories a strong 6.4 magnitude earthquake has hit the central croatian town of patrice the prime minister says one person has been confirmed dead widespread damage to buildings is being reported. the world health organization is warning that many
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countries are still not prepared to deal with 2nd and 3rd waves of coronavirus even though they've started their vaccination programs. in the u.s. house of representatives has voted to approve higher cash payments to americans struggling during the credit i was pandemic the president trumps demand for the $2000.00 checks now faces an uncertain future in the republican controlled senate. hong kong coulters sentenced teenage pro-democracy activist tony chung to full months in prison he was convicted of desecrating china's flag and taking part in an illegal protest in may last year in a separate case is accused of seditious activities under a controversial national security though the former student leader has been in prison since a toyota. called. not long ago a 4 month sentence for a teenager whose main crime was taking part in an unauthorized protest and disrespecting a national flag would have been seen as
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a hefty sentence but now it is seen as mild particularly compared to the other charges that he is facing and those are under the national security law charges of secession and sedition tony chung was a member of a group which advocated hong kong said dependence the group broke up hours before beijing imposed a national security law in hong kong but not long after he was accused of promoting his support for hong kong's independence overseas online and in social media in october he was nabbed outside the u.s. consulate and accused of trying to seek asylum so that he would have to face those charges here in hong kong this is seen as just the latest notch and beijing's crackdown on dissent in hong kong back since the protests of last year there have been more than 10000 arrests and countless cases through the court many of them involving protesters and pro-democracy activists tony jones case sense
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a stark message to his generation young people who were born after the handover in 1997 they were brought up with the ideals that they could say and do what they want even advocate independence so long as their activities remain peaceful they were a large part of the protests last year and now they're considered by many of the probating politicians and establishment. more tears at home pumps last generation. 50 journalists and media workers have been killed this year for their work mostly in countries not at war reporters without borders report says the debt increase of reporters being targeted for their investigations into organized crime corruption or environmental issues mexico has the highest number of journalists killed this year along with india and pakistan french designer peer cardinal has died at the age of 98 carter and died at a hospital west of paris he's been credited for bringing stylish clothes and his
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visionary creations to ordinary people he worked briefly with christian dior before setting up his own fashion label in the 1950 s. his futuristic designs in the sixty's made a mark in fashion and after that he successfully managed to supply retail stores with high end items a rare feat for designers of the time hundreds of rohingya refugees have been arriving on the isolated island of bashan charge of bangladesh the government is moving up to 1800 people from overcrowded camps and coaxes bazaar but the u.n. and human rights groups have condemned the relocations saying the new site on the low lying island may not be safe well this is where it is it's one of several unstable islands that emerge from the sea 20 years ago after silt bunched together at the mouth of a river critics say it isn't safe because it's prone to flooding during the monsoon and is known to be or has been in the path of many cyclists it's time to cherry has more from chittagong. well the 2nd batch of rowing our refuge is on the process of
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getting into the navy vessel that on their way to the remote coastal island up boss john john there are nearly 1800 rowing r.f. it is were are in the shot place to be transported today to this remote coastal island you can see behind me refugees are coming up to get into the naval vessel one vessel already relaxed there scouted by navy ships or patrol boats rather now this is the 2nd batch the 1st batch run on december for the government is determined to relocate at least 200000 refugees to this remote coastal island despite opposition from rights groups and even the un and the government on its part saying there's issues of congestion and a lot of crime and security issues in the camp and they want to gradually decongest and minimize the congestion in. football long area and also the government is under
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immense public pressure to resolve this crisis as the bangladesh people you talk to said that the international community is providing lip service not doing anything tangible for the refuges it's up to bangladesh to resolve this crisis and the international community need to do far more than just the lip service russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov says moscow won't be deterred from military cooperation with turkey despite pressure from the u.s. washington has imposed sanctions on turkey over its deployment of a russian missile defense system after a meeting. this turkish counterpart reiterated that country's plans to cooperate. we have confirmed mutual intention to develop military ties with turkey we appreciate as president putin has repeatedly stressed the attitude about turkish colleagues towards further interaction in this field despite continued illegitimate pressure from washington. u.n. secretary general antonio terrace has called for a year of healing in his end of year message to terrorists reference the krona
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virus pandemic as well as the economic fallout and climate change some of the trials of 2020 the new year lies ahead and we did receive rays of hope people extending a helping hand to neighbors and strangers front line workers giving their all scientists the developing vaccines in record time countries making new commitments to prevent climate catastrophe if we work together in unity and solidarity these rays of hope can reach around the world together let's make peace among ourselves and reap nature's deck of the climate crisis stop the spread of coffee 1000 and make 2021 a year of healing healing from the impact of a deadly vitals healing broken economies and societies healing divisions and starting to heal the planet that must be our new year's resolution for 2021 boeing 737 max is about to take flight in the u.s.
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almost 2 years after it was grounded worldwide after 2 deadly crashes american airlines flight 718 from florida to new york will be the 1st passenger service since regulators cleared the aircraft to resume operations the 737 banks crashed in ethiopia and indonesia in 20182019 killing 346 people. argentina's senate will decide later on tuesday whether to legalize abortion hundreds of anti abortion activists protested outside congress ahead of what's expected to be a very close vote the lower house of congress backed legalizing the procedure earlier this month. and chillies indigenous my put people are experiencing a cultural revival it goes beyond teaching their language and history at schools it's also being woven throughout by thread by approach a women as out as there is lucy in human explains from noida imperial. scripting the wall isn't all this time. even though these days it's rare to find
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anyone who knows how to do it but in rural southern chile indigenous might put you women joining forces to revive an ancestral skill that wasn't sufficiently valued until recently map which you women were paid almost nothing for these traditional hand-woven blankets rugs and ponchos there may be a benefit to me there are here this piece was inspired by the map which is symbol for worrier i feel that we are women warriors. it's that perseverance that led them to form large co-operatives set decent prices for their work and even begin exporting it to europe and the u.s. these are all natural colors this was dive for example with barks from the aloe tree and this with onion peels which is what makes it aren't here we have green made with chili in chilies all of this is part of the effort to enrich the cultural
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fiber of the map which of people. i need to play your meal is one of the main organizers her grandmother taught her to dye wool and leave when she was 8 but the technique was being forgotten even to see an obviously obvious that suddenly we had the opportunity to organize workshops and teach those women what they didn't know how many people were burning or burying the shapes will but we said no we have to take advantage of our heritage you know human opinion if the if that these symbols represent our eyes for us it has to do with being observed because my approach has a tour that we must be good and that someone is always watching. dying and weaving these pieces of art require time and talent they also provide much needed income from up which is families and most infant that are in water. when i 1st started a lot of women couldn't speak spanish they were afraid to bargain but no longer now
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we're more dacia. and they're also more proud and independent thanks to an ancient craft that experiencing a long awaited revival. you see in human al-jazeera normally imperiously chile. your job is there always a whole wronger reminder of our top news stories on our breaking news coming out of croatia which has. been hit by a strong $6.00 magnitude earthquake one person has been confirmed dead at the epicenter of patina the victim is believed to be a 12 year old girl the extent of the casualties isn't clear widespread damage to buildings is being reported electricity and phone lines are out the earthquake was felt in neighboring bosnia as well as serbia and slovenia now has shut down the nuclear power plant as a precaution al-jazeera ball.


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