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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 29, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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this is coming. to one of the most intense election campaigns the u.s. is set to inaugurate its 6. january on al-jazeera 'd. this is al-jazeera. this is the news hour live from doha coming up the next 60 minutes a powerful earthquake hit central croatia causing major damage to a town near the capital of. the global vaccine rollout climb in covert cases prompts calls to speed up the distribution. between profit making in short supply concerns people in developing countries may have to wait much longer to get inoculated. turbulent times for aviation we look at how the pandemics white town
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decades of growth and what it needs to take off in the years ahead. and. the days boards in india have leveled a cricket series against australia with victory in the contest. so we start with breaking news from croatia which has been hit by a strong $6.00 magnitude earthquake one person has been killed in the town of but believed to be the epicenter the town's mayor says about half of it has been destroyed electricity and phone lines out exact details of the number of casualties at this moment is unclear the earth quake was felt in neighboring both india and in serbia and slovenia has shut down a nuclear power plant as a precaution. the country's leaders say the priority is to build emergency shelters and evacuate people from areas that aren't safe. everyone is here and luckily we
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have the military barracks in between us so they are here emergency services are coming from sec rob we have teams coming from other parts of the country with mobilized everyone we have to find alternative accommodation emergency shelters are coming but some people will have to be moved out of between here because it's not safe to be here which is going to we will rebuild everything but we've already lost one child last year the strongest earthquake. and it was 6.4 magnitude this one is the same but i hope there will not be as many deaths one life lost is one too many well it's straight away to nic in lena's ever since she was joining us from. croatia so you've been monitoring the situation there tell us what you can see. yes. a small town in central part of croatia so far i can say center of town ruined many buildings in their garden called lives
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so far we know of one girl 12 years old is killed but there are also many injured people every few minutes weakens he hears and violence rushing 2 to see suck the nearest hospital and also capital of zagreb the 2nd the hospital mayor of spirit 2 we can hear him cry for help he said anyone just help he just came to pay to come to pay 3 and help armies here police here nurses said doctors everybody came but what dutch made the most the ordinary people from other parts are for. they also came i spoke to them they said we saw. pictures on television we also said we also have children so we decided to come they have alter they have shovels just so they came and help. like 15 minutes after the earthquake.
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this was totally system collapse internet to was not working mobile phones you couldn't phone anybody to see what is happening are there ok our parents are our children ok so i think that this 15 minutes half an hour was the 1st half an hour for many citizens of grace we've heard that one person has been reported is killed in the town do we have any further information of about casualties and what's happening to them where they've been taken. yes i said. rushing to see stuck at the nearest hospital. like half an hour from an ambulance is going in zagreb capital of grayson also hospital there are no numbers so far i can just say.
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i can see i saw like 20 ambulance. from. hell. and you're going to leave it there for the mind is not made. in the current thanks for that. so the world health organization says many countries still not prepared to deal with the 2nd and 3rd waves of corona virus despite the limited rollout of vaccines a group of health experts in the u.k. indeed says that the british government needs to double its target of vaccinating a 1000000 people a week about 200000 every week getting injections currently israel meanwhile says it's already given the vaccine to more than 100000000 people and it wants to increase that number 150000 every day rising infections of force the country into its 3rd nationwide. south korea has announced its fast track its national
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vaccination program it signed a deal to secure doses for an additional $10000000.00 people to take the 1st cases but more easily transmitted variant from the united kingdom let's. study by 1st in london and situation in the u.k. rory is grim indeed it is nice and cool to crank up the the rate of vaccinations rapidly. yes some unpleasant records have been set in the last day or so the number of new cases is pushed through 40000 a day and the number of people currently in the hospital with covert symptoms is above 20000 which is more than were in hospital at the peak of the 1st wave back in say marshall april the head of n.h.s. england simon stevens said that once again the national health service is back in the eye of the storm so in this is grim news i think for the country it's worrying
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stuff for the government to have to deal with there are many vaccinations about 200000 being done a day at the moment but that is good but not good enough although 600000 people have been given the 1st dose of the fires upon a biotech vaccine so far the whole group is. maybe a 1000000 people a week will be getting vaccinated but even that wouldn't be good enough say some health experts are saying that really the needs to be at the 2000000 a week mark to have any appreciable difference on the rate of infections as they currently are and are projected to be with the onset of this new strain of the virus so given all that are we looking further lockdowns in the new year. well i think it's looking that way i mean are you i don't want to predict but the
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government is going to find it hard to resist the growing calls to toughen the measures now as to what that would look like is difficult to say the moment whether it be another national lockdown which hasn't been ruled out by the government so far. side sat on that the more lenient side of the fence on that or perhaps introducing another tier tier 5 and making that regionally political but the health experts who said that you need to get up to 2000000 vaccinations a week this is coming from the london school of hygiene and tropical medicine are also saying that to have a real impact on the spread of the new strain of virus you're probably going to have to shut down nurseries primary schools secondary schools universities and that's something the government hasn't wanted to do at all because of the knock on effect that that has on the country's morale but also the economy because once
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children are at home parents have to stay at home with them they're not going out to do work or they're trying to juggle at home that the pressures of home schooling and doing their job and it's a very difficult indeed and that's what the 1st lockdown looked like in the u.k. the government doesn't want have to go back there but it's looking like it might have to already thanks to that original is there in london in the u.k. let's cross over to ari nasr who is in west jerusalem and she has more on the situation there. this is really going to bolster netanyahu ahead of an election that's coming up here in march on saturday he said that he's hoping that $2500000.00 israelis will be fully vaccinated within a month of this rollout now in terms of how they're doing it israel does have a pretty big health care system it is public but it is kind of it's not centralized so there are many branches of it working simultaneously at the moment the
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government has also enlisted the military to set up some vaccination centers and also at the same time it is a relatively small country with just about 9000000 people in terms of population and geographically it is also relatively small the vaccination campaign though does not include palestinians in the occupied west bank and gaza where things have been becoming much much worse in gaza the world health organization is warning that the health care system there could really collapse if things continue along this trend of the numbers of infection the palestinian authority has made attempts at securing the vaccine but it doesn't really have the economic and logistical means to do so they have applied for a world health organization program but that would really only provide about vaccinations to about 20 percent of the palestinian population now with human rights groups are saying that it is israel's responsibility to facilitate getting
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the vaccine to the occupied west bank and gaza but really all that israel has said so far from the health minister who said that if they have any left over doses after they vaccinated all israelis then they may hand hand them over to the palestinian authority. well south korea has secured vaccines for another 10000000 people as it grapples with a rapid rise in covert 1000 infections to deal with it comes the same day the country reported 40 virus deaths and is its highest ever one day toll the government is also unveiled a new $8000000000.00 aid package for small businesses and people who lost their jobs due to the pandemic right is following developments from seoul south korea has faced an awful lot of criticism for what seen as an overly cautious program of vaccinations basically beginning in the spring and then taking up pretty much a full year before the bulk of the population will be vaccinated so this is
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a government which is largely been applauded around the world for its handling of the coronavirus when it comes to the thing that will finally solve the problem it really does seem to have taken a misstep here so we've seen the government respond with a conference call between the president being j.n. and the boss of modernity to secure these extra vaccines and also to step up the delivery time line that's of the real concern here that people here in south korea are seeing vaccines being rolled out around the world in fact u.s. military from choose day here on south korean soil being vaccinated the start of their vaccination program south koreans themselves won't see their 1st vaccines until the spring and it does come as we are having this 3rd surge this 3rd wave of around a 1000 new cases a day and also setting sadly in you daily death toll record of 40 deaths there that might not seem much compared to other parts of the world but south korea before this winter wave set in was having
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a number of days when we had no cases of people dying from covert 19 at all so south korea does not look as though it is on top of this thing as it once did. well there's a growing number of corona virus vaccines complete clinical trials have become approved for use wealthy countries around the world have been able to secure enough supply to inoculate their populations canada the united states the united kingdom the european union australia they're all among the richest nations that have reserved the most doses unicef says those countries have enough to immunize their residents 6 times over and that's because many wealthy countries made deals with pharmaceutical giants that have invested millions to develop vaccines the world health organization says is looking to raise $35000000000.00 through its kovacs program the aim is to make sure that $2000000000.00 doses reach low income countries by the end of 2021 but just how that will be done that remains unclear it's big news the vice president of vaccine research development at blue willow
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biologics joins us live from ann arbor in the united states by skype very ancient get your take on this because. your company hoping to develop a nasal vaccine it will come on to individual companies in just a 2nd but in your view how can we ensure that poor developing nations left without vaccines. thank you good morning take you for the invitation our i think there was several waves off trying to ensure the supply for different countries number one is really for the big companies to live up to their promise that one of proportion of their reduction will be available for sale board countries through the w. and show so we would expect that they will live up to that that's number one number 2 is to try to expedite the development of the other back
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scenes in the by blind to get to the end point so that those scenes which are possibly cheaper can be available for the fee and walked down trees on the other thing that are mechanism that was used in the bass that is doing manufacturing in this they are walled and solid like india egypt other countries where they can approve use as a those that seems at a cheaper price who i can answer to that the knowledge to these contract manufacturing we're going to is ations and these guys will be running and developing the manufacturing process so that it would suit the men and in the field what about here for a list price right it's a real problem isn't it because 9 out of 10 i understand in the developing world will not be vaccinated in 2021 so how serious would it be for controlling the
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spread of the fact seen if populations in rich countries are vaccination vaccinated but those importations are not. yes i think that the spread of the virus versus the protection of the population that has stored different things the protection you can get by individually it acts in the speedball live specially with the entire muscular injection which all ringback divac seen that you know so far will take that route you will generate immune responses and so forth the indication right now is there is some influence on that call a zation and b. which express itself in the spread of the virus however. i think that the even a z. this immunization were predicted individually but you've been still carry the virus and and that is what it then spread it around so therefore we would expect to have this feeling of security about our own bodies but the
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risk to the community especially the communities where baxi nation has not there been able is a still there and so basically we need to take those into account when roddy said our expectations so you're hoping as a company we will have to get a vaccine on the market from your point of view how do you manage this this moral question you're in business after all but there is this this broader ethical question of make it affordable to make sure that everybody gets. yeah so i think that for us as a small company it's that it kind of theoretical question of this point of time but definitely we have to think you know of course companies are not philanthropic organizations they are there for a for making profit and also covering some of the investment in the development. of that i think that the silly
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decision that the company has today which is you know that part of the of of the of the production should be. better acted toward of the those companies from the many factions in the main many affected in the 1st all but they're definitely a a collaboration slash. partnership with big manufacturing facilities in the 3rd world countries that's another mechanism which approved its own very nicely with brevin are for instance the brevity is a very expensive vaccine but we are seeing that the. serum institute of india and other organizations in india they are certainly they are successfully producing this vaccine and distributing it shortly so basically that's moot could be a great framework for bilawal ration and both are efficient and i did have it you it
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sure is in the center of this of the are all of the big choices to identify to negotiate to mediate to get these things are these agreements done ok to me appreciate your perspective on this some speeches from an offer in the united states thank you. well in a special program this week al-jazeera will be looking at the devastation caused by cave at 19 in the year since the virus managed and as vaccines offer hope of protection will be asking how long it could take for the world to recover that's also has to hit $800.00 g.m.t. right here on out is there but more still ahead on the news hour including a teenage pro-democracy activist sentenced to 4 months in prison in hong kong for desecrating a chinese flag. and as long as his time on the clock the game can still be won it's been all in sport. to the.
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u.s. president elect joe biden has accused the trumpet ministration of damaging security agencies and impeding his access to intelligence as he prepares to take office and with just 22 days left in the white house donald trump is also at olds with members of his own polity republicans in the house have voted with democrats to override a presidential veto on defense spending and many also refused trump's demands to back an increase in cash payments to americans also in jordan reports now from washington. members of the u.s. house of representatives interrupt their holiday break to decide whether to give americans $2000.00 each in the midst of the covert $1000.00 pandemic the bill is passed and without objection the motion to reconsider is laid on the table the vote in favor came after us president donald trump finally signed into law on
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sunday a bill giving americans a one time check for $600.00 even though he had said the amount should be higher i hope it will enjoy a strong bipartisan support the president of the united states has put this forward to something that he wants to see and terms and part of his signing the legislation yesterday i hope that that will be that view will be shared by the republicans in the senate but some republicans worried about increasing the budget deficit said $600.00 per person is all the government could afford but looking at this bill today it makes me feel like we're in the parliament of afghanistan burundi amun or bolivia do we really think the way to improve the quality of life for americans is to just print more money from the fed. if you look around we're going to be printing another $400000000000.00. the other business before congress overturning
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trump's veto of the annual military spending bill something both democrats and republicans agreed had to be done as congress works to keep both ordinary americans and the military afloat the incoming president is accusing donald trump of interfering with national security for political purposes joe biden made the accusation after meeting with his national security team right now we just aren't getting all the information that we need for the on going out going from not going to do stray shoot in key national security areas it's nothing short of more of you of irresponsibility. no comment from president trump just a new campaign style video he posted on his twitter account even though he's already lost the election russell and jordan al-jazeera washington. speaks
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out in fisher is live for us in washington d.c. and in a strange air it's a strange and there's no. really is here we have donald trump and nancy pelosi the democratic leader of the house someone that he's attacked that he's criticized that he's vilified on the same page when it comes to the $2000.00 check and it seems that the republican president is up against mitch mcconnell the leader of the republicans in the senate someone who until recently he's praised he's been pleased with he is admired some would say because of the way he's managed to get legislation through the senate and the opposite pages so it's pretty good nancy pelosi put a motion in front of the house of representatives on monday which essentially would give everyone in the united states who qualifies a $2000.00 check for every adult that was passed by a 2 thirds majority that no goes to the senate but mitch mcconnell isn't very keen
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on the idea even though the president is and it's unlikely that mitch mcconnell wants to raise that in the senate the republicans know that chuck schumer who's the leader of the democrats is going to raise that very issue probably in the next couple of hours hoping to force a vote i don't it's likely that the republicans will see no and that gives the democrats a big political win because they can then go to the people across the united states but particularly to the people of georgia where there's a run off senate election on january the 5th and say look the republicans don't care about ordinary people and then you fold that into the national defense act which is in the senate now they're trying to overturn the presidential veto house has already done that their job is done they've put it over to the senate the senate wants to do it that's even with mitch mcconnell behind that idea but the difficulty he's got is that the president doesn't want them to do that and this
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tweeted just out in the last couple of hours that the leadership. of the republicans is weak for allowing this act to go through if it gets at the veto overturned mitch mcconnell would like to take it to vote he'd like to do that before january the 3rd he has the difficulty he's got bernie sanders among others has said that if they don't vote on the $2000.00 check remember that then there is going to be nor vote on the national defense act and the overturning of the veto so the 2 are really no really intertwined mitch mcconnell has got a bit of a headache trying to plot a way out of this he's done it in the past all eyes on him to see if he can do it again but you're right what a bizarre end to 2020 who would have thought nancy pelosi and donald trump on the same page and on the same site he has extraordinary we got $22.00 days left in the white house for donald trump what about the transition was made sense with. well we
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hear from joe biden that the political appointees in the department of defense are dragging their feet joe biden says that this is really totally irresponsible particularly when you consider that many institutions in the american government are recovering from a massive heart just in the last couple of weeks we know that donald trump isn't overly keen by this time 4 years ago barack obama had invited donald trump to the white house no invite this time for joe biden and also we know that hillary clinton it conceded the election no concession this time from donald trump joe biden is not bothered that he hasn't had an invite to the white house he spent 8 years as vice president here so he kind of noise his way around but certainly there's growing pressure on donald trump and his administration to be more open and more transparent you know donald trump doesn't want to acknowledge he lost the election here's the reality he did and so he's got to get over it particularly when you start talking about problems in the defense department and you talk about the
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safety of americans both here and abroad or out and thanks for that sound official there in washington d.c. a global aviation data firm says the coronavirus pandemic has wiped out 21 years of industry growth serum and line insights review for 2020 notes that the number of passengers worldwide has dropped to 999 levels is forced airlines to cut the number of flights by half in relation to the previous year i mean this is see the syrian which is a travel data and analytics firm he says the next 6 to 8 months are a make or break moment for alliance. there's no way of dressing up those numbers for the for the industry that catastrophic we've city hall off the number of flights in 2020 that we saw in 2019 globally be a 3rd of the number of passengers traveling on those flights and that's 21 years of continuous year on year growth wipes out in a matter of months to stream to turn all of us that it didn't with that and
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struggle that way through the challenge of the industry have a moment ease that and cash is running at is why the full cost that the assaults become cash positive in the last half of next year and those organizations that have talent can go about it absolutely funded to refinance i've got to see out the next 6 to 8 months of cutting costs trying to toss passengers on to those aircraft as much as possible until as you say the facts and hopefully kicks it passenger numbers start to come back put it more to come here on the news hour including indigenous chili and the women bring in rachel crow moved into a new era weaving that culture and the future together threat by 3. d. a coaster is on its way out of about the current madrid star we'll have the details in sport.
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the last storm has just about gone through but it left flooding in southern turkey this is a cache which is a place that grows vegetables quite readily from much of europe and elsewhere that tomatoes do like water but maybe not quite that much focus wise we're out of it by wednesday a few showers in the west maybe and these showers developing northern saudi as well it's a slow moving revolving system wouldn't think much about of it there's a potential flash that there but i don't think we'll see anything from an otherwise look at this the comparison with a couple days ago to run back in sunshine 10 degrees is no snow falling in iraq now is getting active further south this is a tropical storm reformulating chalet now it's like to make landfall in mozambique named beira i think about. early morning this is local time during wednesday
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it's got winds of approx 100 kilometers per hour and rain about $200.00 millimeters so locally it could be damaging with some friends and some minor wind damage but it does it gets to branch having said that it will be a rain mess the goes across mozambique and then into zimbabwe where it goes or the tougher pull away or during thursday. if you look at the history of morphine if you look at us from our own if you look at the u.k. these things do not enter the world as the warner world drugs they enter the world as medicine. and you 3 part documentary series looks at the history and geopolitics of drug trafficking and its impact on the well today drug trafficking politics and power coming soon on al-jazeera. mass protests
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forcing the government's hand but are we seeing the truth this is a chance to understand we follow journalists on the front line to speak to. pre-crash committed to reporting the facts police officers pointing guns at journalists to say stop the hong kong fact and fiction the truth is it anyway on al-jazeera. and again you're watching out 0 remind about top stories this hour a strong $6.00 magnitude earthquake has hit the central croatian town of katrina
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one person has been confirmed dead but the extent of casualties is not yet clear widespread damage to buildings is being reported. the world health organization is warning that many countries is still not prepared to deal with the 2nd and 3rd waves of coronavirus even though they've started their vaccination program. u.s. house of representatives has voted to approve higher cash payments to americans struggling during the creative artist behind the mic the president trumps demand for the $2000.00 checks and now faces an uncertain future in the republican controlled senate. boeing 737 max is about to take flight in the united states almost 2 years after it was grounded worldwide after 2 deadly crashes american airlines flight 78 from florida to new york right there on the runway or just a way to go into the runway at will be the 1st passenger service since regulators cleared the aircraft to resume operations 737 max crashed in ethiopia and indonesia in 2018 in 2019 killing 346 people
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let's cross to any categories in miami for us and all watching events and tell us more about the situation what's happening now. well as you said nic this is the 1st time this particular aircraft has been recertified and taken to the skies in the united states it's been almost 2 years since the 737 max was grounded following those 2 devastating crashes but of course there was a an investigation into what happened with the company and that was extremely dire for them they said that there was a culture of hiding things and that the federal authorities here that oversee the entire industry were far too cozy with boeing so for that company this is a very important flight they need to restore confidence in the flying public and polls that i've seen suggest that about 50 percent of the american public wouldn't get on this flight american airlines who's operating this flight today say that
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passengers are aware of the aircraft that they are on if they don't want to fly they have the choice to rebook at no cost but this is of course if you go back to this damning report nick it really uncovers boeing what were many short cuts and short falls on that company's part but also the federal aviation authorities part saying that they were far too cozy and there were even questions now about the recertification and the pilots from the f.a.a. may have been coached by boeing to get this aircraft recertified i should say it's been recertified in brazil the canadian authorities are fairly close to doing the same and in europe it is also been recertified but this is about restoring confidence in the american flying public american airlines say they will expand the number of flights using this particular aircraft in the months ahead and other airlines will follow suit so people are watching this 1st flight from here in miami to la guardia airport in new york very very closely indeed yet as as we watch the
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737 it's just heading towards the runway let's move on to daniel who's a managing director at the aviation insight he joins us from singapore skype tell us more about the changes that have been made and what kind of training the pilots will have to do. ok will this 1st start with a redesign of the u. this is something they're going to systems and with after that they redesigned them there's considerable testing and then a redesign of the testing then leads to the change of processes that the pilots have to follow in particular to find a new procedure so now with the lifting of the order to allow the airlines to be fly then it's incumbent for their minds to really trying their their pilots and want her to meet the expectations of the f.a.a. or her it is all about safety now talk about the confidence of the flying
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confidence. but it really is the bottom line is safety measures taken. as well as the airline suit to reduce that high remove of safety to restore the confidence of 5 right people but to be nervous flying in that plane would you be 100 percent happy to fly that 7 their 7 months i would i would be more than happy to do that because i'm the one you know all the adjustments are made not only the usa certification process and the delegation process which is one of the more controversial as space. research patient but knowing all of the changes that have taken place and not only with the what we say the is the site but the middle is where he left us with the government side and then moves back to training and we introducing her back into the system and so one of the great a lot of people who are going to we're watching this there's a lot of things that people may not be aware of what you're going to report in the
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occurrences that are attributed to to introduce the aircraft so then that will be marching it's quite costly i think they'll have some specter phones quite as well for mark just how damaging has this been for boeing. well i think you know them to have insurance have to do with the reputation. reputation which means. at the very beginning of this certainly not to be more attuned to. the action the internet and. so it is going to be not only comments regarding but also. factor or oh i. don't know great to get that. from me that to perspective thanks very much indeed that's mike daniel aviation in sight thanks very much in the as we watch the 737
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nights preparing to take off heading flight 708 scheduled to leave miami it 10 30 am local time and land in new york at 1 30 pm after a long and difficult time for betting health officials in thailand a warning case numbers could soon climb by tens of thousands a day of cave in 1000 measures are not properly enforced bars and nightclubs in the capital bangkok now and a new restrictions in an effort to keep case numbers down similar measures have been rolled out in other provinces where an outbreak was discovered among migrant workers at a seafood market tony chang has more from tide. this is we're back in there and a half away from bangkok you would normally be absolutely jam packed with people here for the new year holding the big holiday of the year in thailand. while some people have come out most people are heeding the prime minister's advice which is to stay within your own province now he spoke to the nation today after the cabinet
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meeting he said the government wasn't going to impose a nationwide lockdown they put in place series of red amber and green alerts in all of the different provinces at the moment most places are on amber but we are still speaking seeing these little clusters of infections coming out 22 more in bangkok 45 in the populated province around and then now in 45 provinces across time and that's a huge problem for a country which had seen 0 chance mr transmission in the country for months and it's got many people here very worried i would expect most people are probably going to follow this government vice. particularly after thailand has worked so hard to try and combat the coronavirus this was remember the 1st country outside china that found a transmission since then it's closed off its borders it's put very strict quarantine controls in place the cost however has been huge too and thailand's tourist industry has been absolutely decimated and in fact i think many people
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concerned that after all of those sacrifices despite everything that thailand has done over the last month could be in. a strain as immigration minister is warning temporary visa holders they could be deported if they caught breaching covert $1000.00 health rules as often local media reported some of those visa holders were among hundreds at a christmas day beach party in sydney number of public health orders have been in place following a recent outbreak of corona virus cases 3rd most australians are doing the right thing most temporary visa holders are doing the right thing but there is a small number of these the holders who are doing the wrong thing and 10 months. this pandemic that is unacceptable so i've asked the department of homeland fares to bring forward any cases working with the new south wales police in new south wales agencies that they're aware of of people have breached evasive conditions and we will examine those visas and we will cancel them when necessary access to the beach in rio de janeiro will be blocked on new year's eve to prevent crowds from
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gathering the millions of people typically head to reinstate host line every december the 31st to ring in the new year more than 191000 people have died from corona virus in brazil and rio de janeiro is one of the hardest hit cities. thousands of people in a poll of demonstrated calling for the prime minister to resign. or leave dissolve parliament and called you elections after 40 out with a ruling party he says internal politics have made his job impossible the former prime minister's join protesters saying the decision was unconstitutional demonstrators say if parliament is not restored the movement will grow. a hong kong court has sentenced teenage pro-democracy activist tony chung to 4 months in prison he was convicted of desecrating china's flag and taking part in an illegal protest in may last year in a separate case he's accused of seditious activities under a controversial national security law former student leader has been in prison
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since october difficult part and has more now from hong kong. not long ago a 4 month sentence for a teenager whose main crime was taking part in an unauthorized protest and disrespecting a national flag would have been seen as a hefty sentence but now it is seen as mild particularly compared to the other charges that he is facing and those are under the national security law charges of secession and sedition tony chung was a member of a group which advocated hong kong said dependence the group broke up hours before beijing imposed a national security law in hong kong but not long after he was accused of promoting support for hong kong's independence overseas online and in social media in october he was nabbed outside the u.s. consulate an accused of trying to seek asylum so that he would have to face those charges here in hong kong this is seen as just the latest notch and beijing's
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crackdown on dissent in hong kong fact since the protests of last year there have been more than 10000 arrests and countless cases through the courts many of them involving protesters and pro-democracy activists tony jones case sense a stark message to his generation young people who were born after the handover in 1997 they were brought up with the ideals that they could say and do what they want even advocate independence so long as their activities remain peaceful they were a large part of the protests last year and now they're considered by many of the probating politicians and establishment supporters. as hong kong's lost generation . argentina senate will decide later on tuesday whether to legalize abortion hundreds of anti abortion activists protested outside congress head of what's expected to be a close vote the lower house of congress back legalizing the procedure earlier this
6:44 pm
month throws about has more now from santa fe or an issue that has divided the nation for decades you. know mike we were never thought she would become a pro-abortion activist she lives in a poor and conservative community in the province of santa fe but her life changed when her teenage daughter who was pregnant was diagnosed with cancer in her job own fundraiser. she was one month pregnant and i told the doctor why don't you do an abortion because she has 3 children but they said no that a judge needed to get involved my daughter needed chemotherapy and no one wanted to help her and i might yessiree there was 19 when she died doctors kept her in a hospital until she gave birth so she could begin the treatment but the tumor almost covered her entire face neither she nor the baby survived and many here are making a run i said only said they would do an ethical meeting while we waited on the streets with my grandchildren and i was pushing them so that they would begin
6:45 pm
treatment the ethical meeting was with the priests i wanted to save my daughter. that i might be off death. that even though abortion is legal in argentina in cases of rape or if a woman's life if i don't risk it finds lots of resistance when it comes to implementing the law especially in places like this one where poor women have almost no we sources to fight for their rights. as the senate gets ready to vote on legalizing abortion stories like those of no mark was on her daughter show how entrenched anti-abortion culture is in argentina's most remote regions. in spite of this health authorities say at least half a 1000000 irregular abortions happen every year and many women end up in hospital because of complications. and that's one of the reasons why pro-abortion activists have been taking to the streets for years wearing the color green the symbol of
6:46 pm
their campaign. early in december the lower house of congress approved a bill which would allow interruption of pregnancies until the 14th week the senate vote is expected to be close and there's an hour. the senate is much more conservative and we know this we're very conscious of this we also know that last year there was an election that renewed the legislative chambers and so there are more senators willing to make history and 30 to democracy that we have with $3200.00 women who've died in democracy and for all of us who are still alive and all future generations to come but the debate has polarized society that has close ties with the catholic church for francis is argentinean and has been lobbying against the law that will get casa anything can happen with the result of this vote because we have a president who is taking it upon himself to demonstrate the worst of corrupt politics which is to go to his own party politicians and ask them to vote even
6:47 pm
though they may be opposed a president who is showing no mercy with this law because he thinks it will be his administrative victory and his end of year victory a victory that people like not a whole will guarantee what happened to her daughter will not happen to anyone else that is how will. argentina. french design a piccata has died aged 98 he's been credited for bringing stylish clothes and visionary creations to ordinary people a cot i worked briefly with christian's ill before setting up his own fashion label in 1950 is futuristic designs in the sixty's made a mark in fashion before he moved to supplying retail stores with high end items. still ahead here at al-jazeera did his best start to an n.b.a. season for 4 years so i will have all the action and.
6:48 pm
6:49 pm
chillies indigenous people are experiencing cultural revival that goes beyond teaching their language and history at schools it's also been woven thread by thread by women as well to seriously see in human explains from new haven a pedophile. scripting wall isn't all this time. even though these days it's rare to find anyone who knows how to do it but in rural southern chile indigenous might put you women joining forces to revive an ancestral skill that wasn't sufficiently valued until recently my pussy women were paid
6:50 pm
almost nothing for these traditional hand-woven blankets rugs and pawn jewels there may be a brother said to me there are here this piece was inspired by the map which is symbol for worrier i feel that we are women are warriors. it's that perseverance that led them to form large cooperative set decent prices for their work and even begin exporting it to europe and the us these are all natural colors this was dive for example with barks from the aloe tree and this with onion peels which is what makes it aren't here we have green are made with chili in chilies all of this is part of the effort to enrich the cultural fiber of them up which of people. i need to buy a meal is one of the main organizers her grandmother taught her to die wool and
6:51 pm
weave when she was 8 but the technique was being forgotten even to see a lot of c.d.'s and suddenly we had the opportunity to organize workshops and teach those women what they didn't know that many people were burning or burying the sheep's wool but we said no we have to take advantage of our heritage enough you might have given it if these symbols represent our eyes for us it has to do with being observed because my approach has a tour that we must be good and that someone is always watching. dying and weaving these pieces of art require time and talent they also provide much needed income from up which is families of the 7000 water. or not. when i 1st started a lot of women couldn't speak spanish they were afraid to bargain but no longer now we're more dacia says a. and they're also more proud and independent thanks to an ancient craft the chip experiencing of a long awaited revival. you see in human al-jazeera normally imperiously.
6:52 pm
for those we want to support his story thanks nic and thanks to an 8 wickets when india have levelled their cricket series against australia in the 2nd test in melbourne the home side resumed play on day 413336 a slender lead of just 2 cameron green reached 45 which was the top score for the australian team lost his wicket some 100 siraj it 63 wickets as the hosts were all out for exactly $200.00 india needed just 70 runs to win and it wasn't too much trouble for them withstanding captain edging carroll hartley hit things a winning run is to square the series at $11.00 with 2 tests to play i think it was . one of the great comebacks because writable you. could be 6 and. get up and be ready to punch. was i'm standing in the boys deserve all the credit. really terry. dropping
6:53 pm
a number of catches probably no. woman's i think. in the field and you know that is not runs again elsewhere south africa have completed a big win over strength or in their 1st test in centurion the sri lankans resume their 2nd innings on 65 for 2 despite a 64 by close of para and 59 from one in the house arango the tourists were eventually out for 180 that gives south africa the win by an innings and 45 runs as well as a one no series lead. and there was an entertaining day of cricket in mt maunganui in new zealand trying to force a victory against pakistan in their 1st test opener tom blundell's top scored with 64 is the key reason code on 1845 that pakistan 3735 victory tim southee dismissed in the sean must hold and middle order batsman harris so hale
6:54 pm
in the process southie reach 300 test wickets pakistan 71 for 3 at the close of play on day 4 now. cost as an athletic 0 madrid player no more the club have terminated the strikers contract costa had 6 months remaining on his contract after returning to the club 3 years ago the 32 year old asked to leave the club for personal reasons. moving on to french champions paris and demand they finally confirmed the sacking of their coach thomas to heard the news was 1st reported 5 days ago but on tuesday the club at last long last confirmed that 2 holes contracts has been terminated the german took charge of the league one club in june 28th seen and won 2 league titles he also led p.s.g. to the champions league final now former tottenham boss maurice xeno is understood to be the favorite to replace to her. manchester city's premier league match on
6:55 pm
monday against everton was called off due to cope with 19 cases at city the game which was cancelled 4 hours before kickoff was meant to take place that everton's home ground goodison park now this is the 2nd premier league game to be called off this season because a krone virus city confirmed for positive cases on friday including striker govern and defend a car walker their training ground is now closed for a deep clean. and a decision will be made in the next few days as to whether city's match with chelsea can go ahead on sunday frank lampard side were in action on monday they drew one all with aston villa they went ahead through livia as you all but annoyed because he equalized for velo who move up to 5th one place above chelsea and with 2 games in hand over them so we have to get safety paramount i believe that's why the game's been called off tonight because of the fear of the spread within the squad for man city so from our point of view in terms of our find out more the next day
6:56 pm
or 2 to make sure it has to be sorry for the 2 teams if not the game one go ahead i think the premier league have their rules and directives on that but yeah it's a tough time or there will be 5 matches in the premier league on choose a bar and course anymore interferences by the coronavirus the headline fixture of the day is arguably the late that she can see just there between manchester united and wolves man united boss only gone or so is expecting a tough examination of his players well we've got so many tight games against them and we are improving definitely we're getting better and better at. finding different solutions in different games. but we know all the wolverhampton they've got quality as well that there was build give us problems if we were to open so we got to put a plan together now on to the n.b.a. and the late score has helped the utah jazz put off a 1st win on the road again so chroma city thunder since october 2010 it was
6:57 pm
closely contested game with stars on both sides of the court against stuart scored a career high 26 points for the funder but it was donovan mitchell's night with only 7 seconds left on the court he took matters into his own hands 110-1092 the job. i don't feel like we played our best but that's that's the you know that's the challenge to figure out how to win when you're you know you don't have your best game so we hope we can take this and build on it you're getting better. trade young continued his impressive recent form by scoring 29 points to the atlanta hawks as they defeated detroit pistons his'n 12120 for the 3rd straight when they have assaulted a season this well famous 26 team. well it's all the sports for me for now but i'll be more later by tina so great thanks very much
6:58 pm
indeed that's if these are the back a couple minutes. in a territory that's been under constant siege for 12 years. and in a state of perpetual conflict with its neighbor. women are swimming against the tides and challenging stereotypes in the isolated society. al-jazeera world follows 5 palestinians making a difference. the new women of gaza on al-jazeera.
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a powerful earthquake hit central croatia causing major damage to a town near the capital of zagreb. and i would like this is odds or live from doha also coming up the global vaccine rollout so kleiman covert cases protocols to speed up the distribution. caught between no profit making in short supply concerns of people in developing countries may have to wait much longer to get inoculated. boeing's troubled 737 max returns to americans.


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