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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 29, 2020 7:00pm-7:31pm +03

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washer. a powerful earthquake hit central croatia cause he may do damage to a town near the capital of zone group. but i'm glad this is out there life and also coming up the global vaccine rollout so kleiman cave with cases prompts calls to speed up the distribution. caught between no profit making in short supply concerns of people in developing countries may have to wait much longer to get inoculated. boeing's troubled 737 max returns to american skies after 9 months on the ground.
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so we start with breaking news from her a ship which has been hit by a strong 6.4 magnitude earthquake precise details on the number of casualties not yet clear but it's one person has been confirmed dead in the town of petrolia believed to be the epi center the town's mayor says about half of it has been destroyed and is calling for evacuations to take place just as soon as possible all of the water we have to help people we have to give them clothes and blankets we have to make sure they have food we must coordinate all teams and find a way to get into the buildings because as far as i'm concerned all these buildings are dangerous now where the earthquake was felt in neighboring bosnia and serbia and slovenia has shut down a nuclear power plant as a precaution electricity and phone lines are out and have this report now from not even baba. church bells and panic
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vote. he says bring out amid the destruction as people in the small town of petrina rushed to rescue people from the rubble. one house collapsed on top of this car is a man and a boy inside thankfully local residents managed to get them both out alive thank you thank you but a 12 year old girl is known to have been killed these pictures filmed by al jazeera make clear the damage houses completely collapsed others partially destroyed and stonework strewn across roads al-jazeera reporter marian very she was reporting live when there was an aftershock. thank god as i have been here for beyond. is about 65. people in the nearby town of c. also affected by the quake missis. everything is destroyed all clouds are inside it
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was a girl inside but likely she wasn't in the changing room and she wanted to try some clothes i don't know what to do now i'm all shivering i feel like everything is still shaking soldiers from a nearby barracks were quickly on site handing out blankets to elderly people evacuated from a nursing home they've also brought emergency shelters for the town's 20000 residents. emergency services are coming from zagreb police civil protection services fire brigades we have teams coming from other parts of the country we've mobilized everyone. some of the injured have been taken to hospital in the capital zagreb 50 kilometers away the epicenter of the 6.4 magnitude earthquake was near here just like a week a quake on monday and once again it could be felt in zagreb where it damaged properties as well as in neighboring serbia and bosnia. well sort of venia close down it's only nuclear power plant just a 100 kilometers from the epicenter as
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a precaution we cannot really escape the problem baby or anywhere or even larger events within the area but that missile and i would like to underline that even smaller magnitude earthquake smaller than the mains that we saw today might also even more significant damage when they come feel certain to see this or they become even more shallow or in march this year as a grab was hit by a magnitude 5.3 quake that killed one person but this is a small town still reeling and still trying to make sure everyone is accounted for . al-jazeera well let's get the very latest now we can join any kleeneze of a search has joined us from that petunia now you're right that nikolay in the night has fallen what's happening. it was a very strong earthquake so far i can say you can find one building good one house
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and better you know without damage but the center of town these. many. buildings collapsed so far we know 2 persons were killed one of them a girl 12 years old around 20 injured people ambulance or rushed with today took them to hospitals in the nearest town and in zagreb the capital of. the 1st 15 minutes or a half an hour after the earthquake system collapsed no internet no more bio next for citizens who couldn't reach for help but now as you can see everybody is here. 1 army police. and nurses doctors but many ordinary people from other parts of creation from other towns of. came to help but they said we saw the building 1. we also have children we want to help. the night just coming in
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so far we know red cross is building tents for citizens who was that their home but 1 food and water also big problem i can say today in after the earthquake you can't find store or station you can't fight anything for drinking or food to eat so red cross 2 is collecting food and water to bring to citizens so fighting a very difficult months ahead for residents and rescuers mcclean a service which thanks for the. now the world health organization says many countries are still not prepared to deal with 2nd and 3rd waves of corona virus despite the limited rollout of vaccines a group of health experts in the u.k. says the british government needs to double its targeted vaccine 80000000 people a week about 200000 every week currently getting injections israel says it's
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already given the vaccine to more than half a 1000000 people and it wants to increase that number 515-0000 every day rising infections there have forced the country into its 3rd nationwide meanwhile south korea has announced it's fast tracking its national vaccination program signed a deal to secure doses for an additional 10000000 people after it detected the 1st cases of a more easily transmitted variant from the united kingdom and not to cause the speed of vaccinations in the u.k. really challenges more from not that the gravity of the situation that the u.k. is in at the moment we've just had the record number of daily infections more than 40000 reported in the last day we have a record number of people currently in hospital with covert cases so more than 20000 people in hospital that's a record beating that the 1st wave of the virus you can see how serious it is it is
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here and then you have some schools of medical thought which is saying that actually you really need to boost the level of vaccination so massively more than it is at the moment so if your target is 1000000000 actually your target should be about 2000000 a week which of course we're way off the problem is that this fine biotech vaccine is difficult to administer it's fragile you have to store it at very low temperatures it's difficult getting it to people who are not particularly mobile you can't come to you you need to wait for more easily administer of all vaccines to really get that number up and they're not here yet. health officials in thailand are warning case numbers could soon climb by tens of thousands a day if coded 1000 measures are not proper to force the bars and nightclubs in the capital bangkok and now under snoo restrictions in an effort to keep those numbers down and similar measures have been rolled out in other provinces where an outbreak was discovered among migrant workers at the seafood market tony chang has more from thailand. and this is we're about an hour and
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a half away from bangkok that would normally be absolutely jam packed with people here for the new year holiday the big holiday of the year in thailand but while some people have come out most people are heeding the prime minister's advice which is to stay within your own province now he spoke to the nation today after the cabinet meeting he said the government wasn't going to impose a nationwide lockdown they put in place series of red amber and green alerts in all of the different provinces at the moment most places are on amber but we are still speaking seeing these little clusters of infections coming out 22 more in bangkok $45.00 in the populated province around and then now in $45.00 provinces across time and that's a huge problem for a country which had seen 0 chance mr transmission in the country for months and it's got many people here very worried i would expect most people are probably going to follow this government vice. particularly after thailand has worked so
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hard to try and combat the coronavirus this was remember the 1st country outside china found a transmission since then it's closed off its borders it's put very strict quarantine controls in place the cost however has been huge too and thailand's tourist industry has been absolutely decimated and in fact i think many people concerned that after all of those sacrifices despite everything that thailand has done over the last month could well be in vain. as a growing number of coronavirus fact scenes complete clinical trials become approved for use wealthy countries around the world have been able to secure enough supply to inoculate their population kind of the united states united kingdom european union australia they're all among the richest nations that have reserved the most doses unicef in fact says they have enough to immunize a resident up to 6 times over that's because many wealthy countries made deals with pharmaceutical giant sort of invested millions to develop facts. well the world
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health organization says it is looking to raise $35000000000.00 through its kovacs program the aim there is to make sure $2000000000.00 doses reach low income countries by the end of 2021 but just how that will be done that remains unclear what olli the facts of ms the vice president of vaccine research and development of blue willow biologics he calls on pharmaceutical companies to reserve part of their vaccine supply for the developing world. i think there was several ways of trying to ensure the supply for different countries number one is really for the big companies to live up to their promise that one of the horsham of their order will be available for thier world countries or through the devaluing your so we would expect there they will live after that that's number one number 2 is to try to expedite the development of the other
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back scenes and they buy blind to get to the end point so there are those scenes which are possibly cheaper are going to be available for that they are who are going to raise the other thing there mechanism that was used in the bath is doing manufacturing in this walled and solid like india egypt other countries where the caliber abuse as a those there are scenes at a cheaper price why transferring the think knology to the contract manufacturing organizations and these guys will be running and developing a new manufacturing process so that it would suit the demand in the field what country for a list writes some head there are deserved a teenage pro-democracy activist sentenced to 4 months in prison in hong kong for desecrated chinese flags. turbulent times for aviation we look at how the pandemics
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wiped out decades of currents and what it needs to take off in the years ahead. it's about to get cold again not just cold but particularly snaring this white paul goes right to. most of honshu not necessarily just the northern slopes we still stay over 30 in tokyo but some of the snow is going to sneak through the valleys and the city given how hot it will catch bits of the korean peninsula but the cold air further west is just cold in the sunshine by day and by night and even hong kong gets to feel it down to about 12 degrees by thursday the cold push lasting until the end of the week back up to about 16 by saturday with the easterly returning and that cold air is the invasion south china sea in the philippine sea
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will pick up some big thunderstorms will create big thunderstorms here's the 1st mass being driven down that when probably towards western side of borneo might singapore so it is going to enhance the showers it indonesia the some more rain to come in the far south of india as you see tamil nadu but the persistent problem is the cold wave over the north from odisha right up to the north of pakistan that does give you a few hours of fine weather during the day with temps just creep up to about 20 below single figures by night with plenty of fog which of course turns quite happily into smoke. from. long before the cold the crisis broke the world was grappling with another global crisis the climate breakdown destruction of nature can lead to destruction all hail the lockdown examines links between these 2 crises and asks why it took
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a pandemic to bring on changes that should have been made long ago all these things we were told were completely impossible to suddenly become also connected to the wake up call the comp ignored on i just. told. hello again you're watching our desire among the top stories this hour and a strong 6.4 magnitude earthquake has hit the central croatian town of petrolia one person has been confirmed dead but the extent of casualties is not yet clear widespread damage to buildings is being reported. the world health organization is warning many countries are still not prepared to deal with the 2nd and 3rd waves of
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coronavirus even though they've started their vaccination programs a group of health experts in the u.k. says the british government needs to double its target of facts and 80000000 people a week to only administering them to 200000 so far. us president elect joe biden has accused the trump administration of damaging security agencies and impeding his access to intelligence as he prepares to take office with just 22 days left in the white house donald trump is also at all those with members of his own party republicans in the house of that voted with democrats to override a presidential veto on defense spending and many also refused trump's demands to back an increase in cash payments to americans speak to other fish is live for us in washington d.c. an extraordinary turn of events you wouldn't think things could get more surreal on them but they have. i think he's on the same page is nancy pelosi the leader of the democrats in the house the woman he has criticized the tact in vilified over the
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last 4 years meanwhile mitch mcconnell who is the leader of his own party in the senate he's describing the republican leadership as weak and ineffectual saying it's time for new leadership the source of all this is that $2000.00 check that don't trump wants to pay for all americans who are eligible nancy pelosi in the house managed to get that through with her majority there on monday it now goes to the senate mitch mcconnell hasn't gone on the record saying he's very keen on the idea a toll in fact he would rather it just disappeared and there are a number of republicans who feel the same way but chuck schumer who's the leader of the democrats in the senate well he says he's going to raise it as an issue at some point in the next few hours hoping to force a vote mitch mcconnell doesn't want to vote on this so he's really going up against the president now there's also the question of the national defense act which has been passed every year for the last 59 years but donald trump vetoed it well the
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house on monday overturned that veto sent it to the senate now the senate would quite like to get that pushed through as well but bernie sanders and a couple of other democrats have said look we're not going to talk about the national defense that overturning the veto until we talk about the 2000 dollars check so you need to hold a vote or not mitch mcconnell actually says the democrats if there are no votes because then they can turn around and say look we wanted to give you an extra 2000 dollars 'd we were with the president on that but the republicans in the senate didn't and that's a handy political cudgel to use with the runoff elections coming up in georgia on january 5th so it's going to be a bit of a messy end to the year in congress but then it's been a messy kind a couple of years mitch mcconnell. i'd like to get the veto overturned and like to do that by january the 3rd set me before the new congress sits down on sunday so
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it's going to be a busy few days it's going to be a loaded angry few days who knows what will be the end but it's certainly a bizarre few days when you've got donald trump and nancy pelosi on the same side standing against mitch mcconnell someone who donald trump has been able to do business with over the past 4 years but suddenly seems to run a route you know his remark on isn't it so we've got 22 more days of donald trump in office and meanwhile the president elect is very critical of the ministration. he's saying that he's not getting the help that he needs particularly when it comes to the department of defense said that political appointees are getting in the way he's not criticizing the career diplomats the career civil servants or all of these places it's political appointees and particularly in defense he says that there is a problem and he's concerned about that because the department of defense has taken the lead in combating this cyber attack that happened over the last couple of weeks
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he's one of the 2 about there being a risk to americans and not just here at home but abroad and feels that the department of defense is a key to that as well so he's really saying to the trump administration look you've got to do this for the benefit of the country we know you think you've lost the election but you need to do this for the country the problem is donald trump is still fighting the election just in the last few hours he released on twitter what can only be described as a campaign video where he says he's the best thing that america could hope for but of course he lost the election back in november he hasn't admitted that yet still won't admit it there's a possibility he wanted me to come january 20th but his reluctance is clearly causing problems for the next administration to take every over everything or and get up to speed on day one he made out and thanks for that sound of pressure there and washington d.c. . travel in the united states has reached its highest level since
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a pandemic to cold in march the u.s. transport authority says nearly 1300000 people were screened to airports on sunday that is despite public health warnings against travel during the holiday season for fear of spreading the coronavirus further. well california's governor says the recent spike in holiday travel will lead to a surge upon surge in case numbers record infection numbers across the state pushing intensive care units to capacity of a given you some says it's likely the current state home order will be extended look at l.a. county alone 12 to 15000 cases a day just in the last few weeks so obviously having a big impact taking a big toll on our hospitals not only in terms of hospitals proper but obviously i.c.u. the impact in terms of the acute care as well as just general emergency care within the system. a global aviation data firm says the coronavirus pandemic has wiped out
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21 years of industry growth the serum airline insights review for 2020 minutes of the number of passengers worldwide has dropped to 999 levels it's forced airlines to cut the number of flights by haul off in relation to the previous year jeremy bowen is the c.e.o. of syria which is the travel dates for an analytics for he says the next 6 to 8 months are a make or break moment for airlines. there's no way of dressing up those numbers for the for the industry that catastrophic we see the heart of the number of flights in 2020 that we saw in 2019 globally be a 3rd of the number of passengers traveling on those flights and that's 21 years of continuous year over year growth wiped out in a matter of months into street into turmoil and it was the having to do with that and struggle that way through the challenge of the industry have the moment is that cash is running out is why he forecasts that the start to become cash positive in
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the latter half of next year and those organizations that are can go out and refund or refinance have got to see out the next 6 to 8 months by cutting costs trying to entice passengers on to those aircraft as much as possible until as you say the vaccine hopefully keeps it passenger numbers start a comeback. hong kong called to sentence a teenage pro-democracy activist tony chung to 4 months in prison he was convicted of desecration china's flag taking part in an illegal protest in may last year in a separate case he's accused of seditious activities under a controversial national security law the former student leader has been president since october to the kampala has more now from locals. not long ago a 4 month sentence for a teenager whose main crime was taking part in an on off advice protest and disrespecting a national flag would have been seen as a hefty sentence but now it is seen as mild particularly compared to the other
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charges that he is facing and those are under the national security law charges of secession and sedition tony chung was a member of a group which advocated hong kong said dependence the group broke up hours before beijing imposed a national security law in hong kong but not long after he was accused of promoting his support for hong kong's independence overseas online and in social media in october he was nabbed outside the u.s. consulate and accused of trying to seek asylum so that he would have to face those charges here in hong kong this is seen as just the latest notch and beijing's crackdown on dissent in hong kong fact since the protests of last year there have been more than 10000 arrests and countless cases through the courts many of them involving protesters and pro-democracy activists tony jones case sense a stark message to his generation young people who were born after the handover in
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1997 they were brought up with the ideals that they could say and do what they want even advocate independence so long as their activities remain peaceful they were a large part of the protests last year and now they're considered by many of the probating politicians and establishment supporters as hong kong's last generation. chinese indigenous people are experiencing a cultural revival that goes beyond teaching their language and history at schools it's also been woven thread by thread by men christian women as well to seriousness in human experience from the way the imperial. speaking rule is it all this time. even though these days it's rare to find anyone who knows how to do it but didn't rule something chinny indigenous might put you women joining forces to revive an ancestral skill that wasn't sufficiently valued until recently my put you
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women were paid almost nothing for these traditional hand-woven blankets rugs and ponchos you may be able to say to me there are here this piece was inspired by the map which is symbol for warrior i feel that we are women warriors. it's that perseverance that led them to form large cooperative set decent prices for their work and even begin exporting it to europe and the u.s. these are all natural colors this was dive for example with barks from the aloe tree and this with onion peels which is what makes it aren't here we have green made with chili in chilies all of this is part of the effort to enrich the cultural fiber of them up which of people. i need to buy your meal is one of the main organizers for a grandmother taught her to die wool and leave when she was 8 but the technique was
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being forgotten even to see a lot of c.d.'s and suddenly we had the opportunity to organize workshops and teach those women what they didn't know that many people were burning or burying their sheep's wool but we said no we have to take advantage of our heritage you know a few might have given it if these symbols represent our eyes for us it has to do with being observed because my approach has a tour that we must be good and that someone is always watching. dying and weaving these pieces of art require time and talent they also provide much needed income from up which is families and most infant that are in water. when i 1st started a lot of women couldn't speak spanish they were afraid to bargain but no longer now we're more dacia. and they're also more proud and independent thanks to an ancient craft that experiencing a long awaited revival. you see in human al-jazeera normally imperiously actually.
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the 1st the boeing 737 max has returned to american skies almost 2 years after the aircraft was grounded it took off from miami international airport after months of testing american airlines will begin using the model for commercial flights between for. and new york once a day the u.s. regulates a cafe at the jet to fly never of the boeing made changes to software design and trading it to 737 max planes crashed in ethiopia and indonesia in 2018 in 1000 killing 346 people like daniel is managing director at aviation insight well let's 1st start with a redesign of the this isn't there a system stand with and after that they redesigned their interest considerable testing and then redesign into testing then leads to the change of processes that the pilots have to follow in particular to fly you know their procedure so now with
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the lifting of the order to allow their lives to be fly then once incumbents with their minds to really trying their their parliaments and were to meet their expectations and they were it is all about safety you know we talk about the confidence of the flying company. but it really is the here are my safety measures taken. as well as the euro suit to reduce that higher level safety to restore the confidence of slime. well the changes that have taken place and not only with the what we said but also on the israeli side so now it's where we left it with the government side and that goes back to the training and reintroducing her back into the system and so do we need a lot of people watching this others who have things that people may not be aware of what you're going to report any occurrence of those that are attributed to
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introduce the aircraft so then that will be marking that's what causeway i think that will have some specter tones quite as well for mark. french design appeared caught on has died aged 98 he's been credited for bringing stylish clothes and visionary creations to ordinary people caught our work briefly with christian dior before setting up his own fashion label in 1950 is futuristic designs in the 1960 s. made a mark in fashion before he moved to supplying retail stores with high end items. so this is out there these are the top stories and breaking news from croatia which has been hit by a strong 6.4 magnitude earthquake exact details on the number of casualties not yet clear but one person has been confirmed dead in the town of picher new believed to be the epi.


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