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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 30, 2020 12:00am-1:01am +03

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building a life and a city from scratch has proven difficult and some experts say monella has never truly recover it. 0. hello i'm maryanne demasi you're watching the news hour live from london coming up in the next 60 minutes corona virus infections continue to surge in europe a new daily record is reached in the u.k. as calls for vaccinations to be sped up. a powerful of quite brings down the building buildings of the creation town the katrina 7 people are confirmed dead. the test is from both sides of argentina's abortion debate outside the senate ahead
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of a historic vote i'm definitely with this sport has been described as one of the great comebacks in the history of cricket as india recovered from a heavy defeat in adelaide to win the 2nd test against australia yesterday level the series. thursday marks 12 months since the world health organization heard the 1st reports of an unknown corona virus in the chinese city of one han more than 81000000 cases and almost 1800000 deaths later governments around the world are still struggling to get ahead of the virus more than 53000 new cases were reported here in the u.k. on tuesday roughly 12000 more than the record set just the day before some hospitals are responding to the crisis with contingencies the sort of thing normally reserved for large scale attacks or industrial disasters 3 weeks ago margaret keenan made the headlines as the 1st person to receive the coronavirus
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vaccine on tuesday she had her 2nd dose as officials warn the government needed to double its vaccine target while the rest of the world waits it's increasingly clear that for many millions of people it's going to be many months before they receive it and then across the region in the european union they have been asked to approve they've also approve an extra dose for each vial of the pfizer biotech maxine to allow scarce supplies to go further the e.u. is also ordered another $100000000.00 doses were each allan's brings us our report now. well across europe a public health operation is under way the size and speed of which hasn't been seen before madrid spain one of 5 airports countrywide with the same arrival new consignments of the pfizer biotech vaccine from plane. to truck and off with a police escort just in case spain now has 350000 new doses. a
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german care home the country was one of 7 e.u. states to coordinate the start of vaccinations on sunday. elderly and caregivers are the priority was applies a short order to the torso in front yet now the big vaccination pushes on and we as an aid organization want to do our part to eventually defeat this scourge of mankind. already 3 weeks into vaccinations is the u.k. because of the new more infectious strain of the virus the situation is worsening by the day there are more covered patients in hospital now than there were cheering the 1st wave speak the head of n.h.s. england acknowledged the picture is grim many of us of course lost. family friends colleagues and at a time of year when nobody would be celebrating i think understandably a lot of people are feeling tired old actress and frustrated. and now we're back to be part of the story of the 2nd wave of corona virus sweeping your home this
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country medical experts are deeply worried about rising infections the london school of hygiene and tropical medicine is advising that new restrictions plus a huge increase in weekly vaccinations may be needed otherwise they fear 2021 could see more hospitalizations and deaths in this year. ministers are considering keeping school and college people's home after christmas holidays finished they're also looking as a new tear of lockdown measures rory chalons how does era. well elsewhere south korea has recorded a daily record of 40 corona virus deaths as infections there more than 850 people in total have died from the corona virus and infections now exceed 58000 president says he plans to buy enough doses of medina's coronavirus vaccine to inoculate 20000000 people south korea plans to begin its vaccination program in february.
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now thailand is warning that stricter coronavirus measures could be enforced after a serious outbreak among mainly migrant workers 12 days ago on monday thailand's or its 1st coven 19 deaths in almost 2 months there are fears undocumented workers could be spreading the virus as they try to evade the authorities it's prompted officials to allow workers from cambodia laos and me in mar to apply to work in thailand legally for 2 years well thailand is one of the world's low it has one of the world's largest infection rates and the government wants to keep it that way al-jazeera tony chang reports on this now from sun sun in eastern thailand. this is we're back in there and a half away from bangkok you would normally be absolutely jam packed with people here for the new year home with the big holiday of the year in thailand but while some people have come out most people are heeding the prime minister's advice which is to stay within your own province now he spoke to the nation today offered
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a cabinet meeting he said the government wasn't going to impose a nationwide lockdown they put in place series of red amber and green alerts in all of the different provinces at the moment most places are on amber but we are still speaking seeing these little clusters of infections coming out 22 more in bangkok $45.00 in the populated province around and they're now in $45.00 provinces across time and that's a huge problem for a country which had seen 0 chance missing transmission in the country for months and it's got many people here very worried i would expect most people are probably going to follow this government voice. particularly after thailand has worked so hard to try and combat the coronavirus this was remember the 1st country outside china that found a transmission but since then it's closed off its borders it's put very strict quarantine controls in place the cost however has been huge 2 and thailand's tourist industry has been absolutely decimated and in fact i think many people
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concerned that after all of those sacrifices despite everything that thailand has done over the last month could be in vain. u.s. president elect joe biden has warned the pace of vaccination the united states is much slower than the white house predicted in it could take years to complete the program as i long feared war the effort to distribute administer the vaccine is not progressing as it should a few weeks ago trump administration suggests that 20000000 americans could be vaccinated by the end of december. with only a few days left in december we've only vacs the few really do so for the pace of action the vaccination program is moving now as it if you continue to move is now it's going to take years not months to vaccinate the american people well u.s. vice president president elect has received her 1st dose of madonna's corona cannot
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occur on a virus vaccine on live television the event was part of the by the ministrations efforts to boost confidence in vaccines and it comes off the president elect joe biden himself was inoculated just last week earlier this month a poll by the associated press found 25 percent of american adults were not sure if they would get vaccinated. well dr nathan jamila is a pediatrician and co-founder of minnesota doctors for health equity joins us now from minneapolis by skype and i start by getting your thoughts on the pace of the vaccination program we're seeing a deteriorating situation with the virus in many parts the world experiencing a 2nd and 3rd wave is there anything the bite at the incoming biden immiseration can do to expedite the process yeah thanks for having me there's a few things you know one of the big backlogs has been just funding for that grow
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on the ground work that's needed. a lot of the work is being done by public health departments which are already stretched thin because of the coburn $1000.00 pandemic response and so not only funding but then a billet itto train up more staff and people power that's needed for allocations to get out to where they're intended i think those are some a media steps that really need to happen. we were just seeing images of the vice president elect come in the harris receiving the vaccination on live television obviously this is to send a message to communities that might not be at that might not trust the authorities to encourage people to be able to get a vaccination how is this going to be perceived well i think there are 7 of the population in communities that will be reassured seeing someone like vice president elect harris get the vaccine on live t.v.
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i think what you're touching on there is that there's been a lot of violation of trust in many communities by the medical institution by governments and so there's still a lot of work that's need to be done just seeing popular figures get the vaccine thems themselves won't be enough but it does help so what additional measures need to be taken and what sort of weapon he's talking about you know really talking about it ongoing dialogue and really inviting people in to a conversation around their fears and ideally it's done with people that they know and so really engaging other physicians other community leaders of the faith based leaders or other workers or leaders and communities to talk about concerns that they feel like they could be messengers to answer these questions and concerns that are seen but it's going to take multiple conversations you know backseat hesitancy is it new in my practice it's something i'm talking to parents and families about every week and a lot of those conversations happen over the course of months or years when you
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change someone from being backseat hesitant to being a you know understanding the benefits of vaccines really provide i understand that is somebody who is self is doing a great deal of work and reaching out to people on an individual basis and having as conversations but in terms that process that you describe who is meant to lead that does it come from central government the health department state bodies. why i think what can really be set is the tone and the trust in science from the top and that's you know frankly what we haven't seen from the federal government is that a consistent message these are the ways that we can protect ourselves and our communities from coven 1000 here are the ways that we trust in science and how the science is coming along and progressing and so you know having that consistent message i think will be very helpful and that's what can really you can see centrally but yeah there's not really so much that a central process like this can do to get at some of these underlying fears that you know are out there around the cover $1000.00 bechstein vaccines in general and
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what we know from you know even before coburn 18 is that it takes these multiple conversations that really takes unpacking what the individual concerns are and doing it in a way that invites people in and doesn't you know shame them for asking questions or having concerns does this mean he is going to take that it's about the messaging is very important in terms of dispelling those fears around vaccines but actually getting lost he is to say it's been the reverse of what you've just described in terms of the way in which the tramp and the station has dealt with scientists and scientific evidence yeah so you know community immunity is the term i prefer and your community immunity is going to take different amounts of time for different communities because there's a certain you know varying levels of trust very levels of you know lack of violation of trust by the medical situation or government that each community has
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to face or over caught and so you might see some communities that you know do reach that protection productive level this sometime in 2021 but you know some it might take quite a bit longer and you know it will have to wait and see how that unfolds well thank you for joining us dr nathan pediatrician co-founder of minnesota doctors for health equity thanks so much for having me and please stay safe. with the news hour life from london much more still to tell you about the program. developments in the u.s. with the u.s. senate has considering defense spending and coronavirus relations is a 2 issues where the president remains deeply at odds with his own policy and then later taking off again boeing 737 lacs resumes commercial flights 2 years after 2 deadly crashes crowned at the at last. and another tennis tournament is postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic we'll have the details with gemma.
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at least 7 people died when a strong $6.00 magnitude quake earthquake hit central croatia local media reports the town of between year is the epicenter that's 50 kilometers from the capital zagreb the town's mayor says about half of the train yet has been destroyed and is calling for evacuations to happen as soon as possible barbara ports. church bells and panic voices ring out amid the destruction as people in the small town of petra rushed to rescue people from the rubble. one house collapsed on top of this car is a man and a boy inside thankfully local residents managed to get them both out alive. by. car. but there have been deaths including a 12 year old girl these pictures filmed by al jazeera make clear the damage houses
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completely collapsed others partially destroyed and stonework strewn across roads. al-jazeera reporter marian very she was reporting live when there was an aftershock . started here all below 00000000000000000000000000 people in the nearby town of see affected by the quake measured. so now everything is destroyed all clouds are inside it was a girl inside but likely she wasn't in the changing room and she wanted to try some clothes i don't know what to do now i'm all shivering and i feel like everything is still shaking soldiers from a nearby barracks were quickly on site handing out blankets to elderly people evacuated from a nursing home they've also brought emergency shelters for the town's 20000 residents. the emergency services are coming from zagreb police civil protection services fire brigades we have teams coming from other parts of the country who
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have mobilized everyone. all over the world we have to help people we have to give them clothes and blankets we have to make sure they have food we must cordon i all teams and find a way to get into the buildings because as far as i'm concerned all these buildings are dangerous. some of the injured have been taken to hospital in the capital zagreb 50 kilometers away the epicenter of the 6.4 magnitude earthquake was near here just like a week a quake on monday and once again it could be felt in zagreb where it damaged properties as well as in neighboring serbia and bosnia. via closed down its only nuclear power plant just a 100 kilometers from the epicenter as a precaution and respond by going longer even smaller magnitude 9. 100 the mains that we saw today might even more significant when they come or.
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already began even more or in march this year zagreb was hit by a magnitude 5.3 quake that killed one person but this is a small town still reeling and still trying to make sure everyone is accounted for . al-jazeera. u.s. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has blocked an effort to quickly increase covert 988 minutes the republican held chamber back to $600.00 stimulus for most americans but so far not voiced overwhelming support for trump's push for this to be increased to $2000.00 well that passed the house with bipartisan support on monday said it is also debated an annual defense spending bill the trump vetoed earlier in the week and will vote on whether to override the veto on wednesday mcconnell is under pressure to allow a vote on the stimulus payments later this week. is following the story from washington and it looks as though president trump is facing an uphill struggle in the republican led senate. right but i think we now have
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a clearer idea of what to expect for the rest of the week mitch mcconnell's main goal this week is to override the presidential veto on the national defense authorization act that starts his main goal but he also has another goal which is to make sure that the 2 incumbent republican senators in georgia who face a runoff election next week are damaged by appearing to stand in the way of more stimulus checks for those suffering because of the covert economic downturn and just in the last few minutes i think we know now what mitch mcconnell is up to because he's set the wheels in motion for 2 votes at some point one on the house bill raising the stimulus checks from $600.00 to $2000.00 and $1.00 vote all i'm a what would be a combined bill which would include the rate the rise in stimulus checks but would add in would bundle him to other issues that don't trump has been talking about which is to end legal protections for social media companies and to
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to investigate to investigate allegations of election fraud so i think what we're seeing now is the plan the plan will be they'll be these votes at some point probably on friday i would imagine and the democrats will be able to vote for the 1st one dell dell vote for for the the the house bill to increase stimulus checks but the republicans don't have to vote for that one they can vote for this combined bill which has all these other factors in which the democrats can't vote for both bills will now fail and everyone can say that they voted for the extra stimulus for people but it just didn't work because of the other side i think that's basically what we're going to see now and then the vote on the n.d.a. override mitch mcconnell seems to i think we've got the plan now for the rest of the week in summary shenanigans all right thanks very much from washington should have a chance. all in all the stories are following protest as a rallied outside argentina's senate as politicians debate
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a bill to legalize abortion before a vote in the coming hours both pro and anti abortion rights rallies were held outside the legislative body if passed the law would allow terminations up to 14 weeks of pregnancy estimated there are half a 1000000 illegal abortions in the traditionally roman catholic country every year protesters on both sides of the argument have been putting their cases forward to more is proving to be an emotional debate. just because the other person has not taken precautions i'm not going to teach that killing a baby that has no voice is a right but i mean nobody. ever it's a historic day for me this is a day we owe to a lot of comrades who are no longer here to the historic activists to a lot of women who lost their lives for these rights that we need to have to access to legal safe and free abortion and to decide on our lives our bodies and personal matters the state must take care of this must guarantee safe access to abortion and
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and we want it to become real. well jerry stories about joining us from outside congress in one is ayers and it looks as though the country is poised to legalize abortion rights but it's not clear when we're going to get a final result. well if it's going to be a very long and not a year and every vote is likely to happen around 5 o'clock in the morning of people here say that they're going to remain just outside paris waiting for those things so we're here now in the pool of course pro-choice. color green has become the color of the campaign that is not only significant certain argentina but throughout latin america are just in front of congress and right on the other side . of the anti-abortion schools there were under the goal of being separated by security forces in order to prevent any type of confrontations and when you have
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people if you are 2 women here that are wearing the color green be explaining why it is important to legalize abortion in argentina mean reason is because it's already happening as you just explained around half a 1000000 abortions over the harper member countries if any of this is the are you working or portions of women that can afford it. on top of the safety doctor the front row seat or without causing the life of the women with no peace and turning to desperate measures and that's what i'm talking about and that's going to mean you're still putting them out or. just a matter of equality for the government for precedence over the for among those it's a matter of public health that needs to be addressed 1 in this country thousands of women after the last few years because of complications with those abortions succumbs 1st road bill is the catholic church east coast franciscan so he's argentinian he's been deeply involved in disability he's been personally calling
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from a senator's congressman when. it's not our car because of the congress or your congress under god and the grocers are very because it doesn't have very divisive issue in this country back in 2002 that were the 1st time i got to go with me to congress. to cut the funding because when you talk to our collection of banks to protrude next year what makes a different background correction o.t. so much chris brown for the big congress and he was personally opposed to the mean difference right now is the president got to put on the support the speed of the border because he's been courting some of them from coming from them but how important are the people that we will continue to work out the congressman money covering the different kind of record low turnout was very early on was the word. thank you very much from one a zire is to raise
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a. lot by dr who. is the spokes person for the national network of health professionals for the right to choose she joins us by skype from one is iris and latin america is home to some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the world argentina as we were hearing from tereza there is now poised to legalize abortion rights we're just waiting for that result from the opera house how historic a shift is that not just for argentina but for the region having the union that well we hope that it will be a nice example because latin america has a large history of fights on struggle will work regards to women's rights and in this case bringing in people's rights so we hope it will be an example and the will be well argentina could be one of the 1st countries
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aside from your wife to have legal abortion. how divided is public opinion on this how would you describe the reaction there in the country because as we're hearing it's still very traditional very roman catholic and there are people that are not in favor of this. yes what happens here in argentina is that. the roman catholic church has to be implanting in society and well there are some some. things on some thoughts and perspective that are carried out and repeated but what we we think and what we what we claim is that abortion is a public health matter and it is a health issue so the state has to be a marxist take care of this because the us and so it was i was hearing war war there the correspondent was saying we can't stand and who wants to and
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more women and want more bring in people die in since 2835 people have died for awards or shot related causes so abortion needs are easy realities so we need to be a lot of we say that abortion is health care. which parts of society are affected most by the legislation that is currently in place in in other words can you describe some of the scenarios in which women would need to have illegal abortions. well in argentina what happens out in many in that in american countries is that we have the inequalities all over our territories so if a person or man or a pregnant person wants to get an abortion the information to get there or to get
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to a safe or a safe and health care service it's not so easy and fast there are many antiabortion ropes in on the internet and they are very well financed it's quite difficult to get to a safe environment to a safe cleaning corps or a hospital service so what we do is we try to to pull all the information that we have a baby level or with all the certified to meet and high quality to stand on scientific information on the internet on on on on the streets in order to people who all you we know that people from the lower the lower lower out of poor people maybe sometimes cannot. get access to the abortion busy in the
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way that which people may have. well thank you very much for sharing your perspective on the story with us dr. thank you thank you a lot. still ahead for you on the program a hong kong call jails a teenage pro-democracy activist desecrating a chinese flag during an illegal protest and spending a good game on the story of how chile is indigenous motherhood she women are finding new value in an ancient tradition and he's ready football club looking to confront its racist past by signing an arab play. well pressure has dropped like a stone in water this whole middle of europe is now
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a big diff in the atmosphere low pressure is everywhere wrapped around it is frontal systems they were given the name storm better and is still stormy wind wise down the western side but this is now all cold full of rain or snow snow in the middle of england dancer. cross in italy as well there's still snow falling in particular i think it will be ignored for a long pyrenees and across western isles with a general feeling of cold virtually everywhere the blue is rain and the southern limit how far back cold gets that it's probably going to be somewhere across the balkans so here's the picture the next 2 days and windy weather in northern spain so france more snow forming not huge amounts but snow all the same and look at the temperatures you're probably disappointed as it hit the balkans the lower limit so sorry if you could well see temps low enough for a bit is snow in the next 3 days or so takes up the weekend and probably greece is probably on the southern side where tensions start to rise again you get rain not
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snow here and here is the picture all friday with the kota having to reach down through spain snow right in the sciences by noon that is the spot is generous and pretty stormy weather in the western med. mass protests forcing the government's hand but are we seeing the whole picture. of trying to craft various we follow journalists on the front line of restraint free press committed to reporting the facts police officers pointing guns at journalists that's a stock can make hong kong fact and fiction to miss truth is in any way on al-jazeera. for many young adults a coming of age brings greater responsibility. for this young man the responsibility of 800 years of family tradition weighs heavily on his shoulders.
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the choice is his but the decision must be made soon. by blood of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. i'm back with the news out a look at the main stories the u.k. reported a record 53000 corona virus infections on tuesday getting 12000 more than the record set just the day before meanwhile across europe massive public health operations are ensuring vaccines are distributed across the continent as soon as
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possible u.s. president elect joe biden has warned that the pace of vaccination in the united states is much slower than the white house predicted says it could take years rather than months to complete the program. because several people have been confirmed dead in a powerful earthquake that struck central croatia the mayor of the trio says hoff the town has been destroyed is calling for evacuations. to israel now the country is vaccinated hoffa 1000000 people against the krajina virus the health minister yulia edelstein made the announcement on twitter 9 days after the vaccination campaign 1st started israel went into its 3rd lockdown on sunday by minister benjamin netanyahu says he wants israel to overcome the pandemic in february a month ahead of the general election netanyahu is hoping to boost his election chances after 6 months of protest over his handling of the pandemic and alleged corruption every nasa has more now from west jerusalem. this is really going to
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bolster netanyahu ahead of an election that's coming up here in march on saturday he said that he's hoping that $2500000.00 israelis will be fully vaccinated within a month of this rollout now in terms of how they're doing at israel does have a pretty big health care system it is public but it is kind of it's not centralized so there are many branches of it working simultaneously at the moment the government has also enlisted the military to set up some vaccination centers and also at the same time it is of. of li small country with just about $9000000.00 people in terms of population geographically it is also relatively small according to the vaccination campaign though does not include the palestinians in the occupied west bank and gaza where things have been becoming much much worse in gaza the world health organization is warning that the health care system there could really collapse if things continue along this trend of the numbers of infection the
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palestinian authority has made attempts at securing the vaccine but it doesn't really have the economic and logistical means to do so they have applied for a world health organization program but that would really only provide about vaccinations to about 20 percent of the palestinian population now a human rights groups are saying that it is israel's responsibility to facilitate getting the vaccine to the occupied west bank and gaza but really all that israel has said so far from the health minister who said that if they have any left over doses after they vaccinated all israelis then they may hand hand them over to our palestinian authority. iran has begun human trials of its domestically produced coronavirus vaccine 1st volunteers to be inoculated will officially from the state affiliated conglomerate producing the vaccine and the heads daughter health minister saeed now maki says that participation shows that the government has
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confidence in the chavez government says u.s. sanctions are preventing it from purchasing a foreign made vaccination iran is the worst a country in the middle east by the virus with more than 54800 deaths and 1200000 infections. now hundreds of wrangle refugees have been arriving on the island of bus and char off bangladesh despite safety concerns raised by human rights groups the bangladeshi government is moving about 1800 people from the overcrowded camps in cox's bizarre this is where they are being taken us and char is one of several unstable islands that formed about 20 years ago from a build up of silt critics say isn't safe because it's prime to flooding and it's known to be lashed by cyclons tom vitale reports now from the port city of chittagong. around 1800 running a refugee is boarded navy vessel in the post city of chittagong in southern bangladesh there been sent to passion char island where 1600 of their fellow
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refugees were relocated earlier this month. and his wife who have a young child don't know what to expect so bible. most are saying things are fine of a day we are going because government told us the facilities are good over there and so we are following their advice but no one really pressured us to go there human rights group have questioned whether the island is safe and can withstand natural disaster and floods and whether the refugees were forced to go there against their will. the un who the international community and the barriers governments in the diplomats and in dakar are looking to to actually take on this assessment are just not being allowed to go there bangladesh is struggling to find a long term solution to the running a crisis more than a 1000000 are living in the world's largest refugee camp at cox's bazaar after fleeing man march in 2017 during a military crackdown the government is now looking to some of them elsewhere this
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is the 2nd batch the 1st batch run on december for the government is determined to relocate at least 200000 refugees to this remote coastal island despite opposition from rights groups and even the un for many rowing are worried about how safe the island. people who are willing to go there also knows the risks involved so why are they going there i would never go because i'm afraid but the commander of bangladesh navy in chittagong is confident everything will be ok government has taken up the project. 3 years back before taking up this project in part on short. and detailed study has been carried out by international from nowhere in the world any government has such kind of project that in my knowledge. this is something that. we believe that my government will soon take them back to their families
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and build them. with no means to earn a living and a congested living condition at cox's bazaar summering a refugee has decided to take the chance. that a lot of it is about it life is hard in the camp and it's difficult to earn a living there they said they will provide us with better living facilities and means to end a living 3 years on rohingya refugees are increasingly frustrated they don't have a voice in the decision making. and feel their fate and destiny is at the marcy your father's friend richer agree. with been following developments in the central african republic and election officials there are saying that hundreds of polling stations in sunday's general election fail to operate after being damaged by grapples they say some voters were attacked and stretched and catherine sawyer has more from the capital. it was
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a joint statement by the african union the economic community of central african states and the community. and states and observers here but it's important to note that they could only deploy to the copy told. not too far away from here and they say that in all the polling stations they visited the process went on smoothly there were some delays in the delivery of the material in some polling stations some other polling stations opened late but then people were due to go and vote but they did also note that particularly in the provinces many presidential and many candidates in the lead up to the election were able to come pain because of. the security situation because of intimidation. and this is what we've been hearing as well on voting day in some towns and villages there was a lot of intimidation of voters by armed groups but then you when and government
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officials we've talked to say that the security challenge in much of the country people were able to come out and vote freely now we wait for their result the preliminary presidential results on monday and people are eagerly waiting to hear just how many people turned up to vote. sentenced teenage pro-democracy activist tony chong to 4 months in prison he was convicted of desecrating china's flag and taking part in an illegal protest in may last year in a separate case he's accused of seditious activities under a controversial national security law a former student leader has been in prison since october. and has more now from hong kong. not long ago a 4 month sentence for a teenager whose main crime was taking part in an on off rise protest and disrespecting him at home black would have been seen as
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a hefty sentence but now it is seen as mild particularly compared to the other charges that he is facing and those are under the national security law charges of secession and sedition tony chung was a member of a group which advocated hong kong said dependence the group broke up hours before beijing imposed a national security law in hong kong but not long after he was accused of promoting his support for hong kong's independence overseas online and in social media in october he was nabbed outside the u.s. consulate and accused of trying to seek asylum so that he would have to face those charges here in hong kong this is seen as just the latest notch and beijing's crackdown on dissent in hong kong fact since the protests of last year there have been more than 10000 arrests and countless cases through the court many of them involving protesters and pro-democracy activists tony chung's case sense
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a stark message to his generation young people who were born after the handover in 1997 they were brought up with the ideals that they could say and do what they want even advocate independence so long as their activities remain peaceful they were a large part of the protest last year and now they're considered by many of the probe aging politicians and establishment supporters as hong kong's last generation . now the stories we're following russia has opened a new criminal case against the opposition figure legs in a volley state investigators alleging a volley spent money raised by public organizations he's involved with on himself on monday in a volley said he'd been warned by russia's prison service that he could be jailed if he didn't leave germany as reports of probation office in last go by choose day mourning he's been recovering in germany off he was allegedly poisoned by russian intelligence agents which the kremlin denies. now boeing 737 max plane
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has made its 1st commercial flight in the u.s. after being grounded for almost 2 years max was taken out of service globally following 2 fatal crashes that killed 346 people a u.s. congressional investigation blamed a culture of concealment and criticized regulators for their flawed oversight and gallacher reports. it was the longest grounding in the u.s. aviation history but boeing's 737 max is once again flying passengers in the u.s. american airlines flight 718 flew around a 100 people to new york's la guardia airport all aware of the aircraft's troubled past on board american airlines president robert who says the recertification of boeing's were a course plane should inspire confidence this is an aircraft that has been more highly scrutinized than any ever before we're very confident that this aircraft is the safest in the skies and we're confident to be putting it back in the air and
12:44 am
convert it to showing it to our customers and getting people back to where they want to go 737 max was grounded in 2019 following 2 fatal crashes in indonesia and ethiopia that killed 346 people investigators blamed an automated flight control system that pushed the aircraft's nose down boeing failed to mention the system in the aircraft manual major airlines in the us are planning to expand use of the 737 max in the coming months and boeing is hoping to restore its battered reputation as long as all the faith the measures are in play is writing a very good idea so we're just waiting to see if their regulations are respected. maybe think they'll. never think about it the more research those pilots never had a chance a sweeping congressional inquiry found that boeing made faulty technical assumptions and the u.s. federal aviation authority failed with grossly insufficient over. site those that
12:45 am
lost loved ones in the 2 crashes a calling for the aircraft to remain grounded aviation experts expect the passengers will fly the 737 max despite fears over safety assuming there are no headlines or any kind of unpleasant warning miles for any kind of incidents i n's diverted then they will simply route just i think it's on the business of the 737 max is already back in the air in brazil and mexico with the european aviation authorities expected to recertify the plane for regular service in the coming weeks the aircraft continues to be a big seller for boeing who are keen to put safety concerns behind them while the fine public here remain cautious of boeing's 737 max major airlines here are placing more orders for the aircraft fuel efficiency is a big selling point 52 airlines are already struggling with a global pandemic while boeing is keen to put this entire tragic chapter behind them it may take some time before full confidence in the aircraft is restored and
12:46 am
gallacher al-jazeera miami florida. chile's indigenous people are experiencing a cultural revival that goes beyond teaching that language in history at schools it's also been woven thread by thread by an approaching women as our desires that america at its release in human explains now from wherever and pay our. scooting rule is a all this time. even though these days it's rare to find anyone who knows how to do it but didn't rule southern chile indigenous might put you women are joining forces to revive an ancestral skill that wasn't sufficiently valued until recently my pussy women were paid almost nothing for these traditional hand-woven blankets rugs and ponchos there may be a benefit to me there are here this piece was inspired by the map which is simple for worrier i feel that we are women are warriors. it's that
12:47 am
perseverance that led them to form large cooperative since decent prices for their work and even begin exporting it to europe and the us these are all natural colors this was dive for example with barks from the local tree and this with onion peels which is what makes it aren't here we have green men with chilean chiles all of this is part of the effort to enrich the cultural fiber of them up which of people . i need to buy your meal is one of the main organizers her grandmother taught her to dye wool and leave when she was 8 but the technique was being forgotten even to celibacy i guess if suddenly we had the opportunity to organize workshops and teach those women what they didn't know that many people were burning or burying their sheep's wool but we said no we have to take advantage of our heritage enough you might have to do anything if that these symbols represent our eyes for us it
12:48 am
has to do with being observed because my approach has a tour that we must be good and that someone is always watching or. dying and we've been these pieces of art require time and talent they also provide much needed income from up which is families and most infant that are in water or not when i 1st started a lot of women couldn't speak spanish they were afraid to bargain but no longer now we're more dacia. and they're also more proud and independent thanks to an ancient craft that experiencing a long awaited revival. you see in human al-jazeera where when previously actually . french designer has died aged 98 the famed fashion icon died in a hospital west of paris was credited with bringing stylish clothes and visionary
12:49 am
creations to ordinary people who worked briefly with christian dior before setting up his own fashion label in 1950 is interesting designs in the sixty's made a mark on fashion from there he successfully supplied retail stores with high end items refugees for designers at the time. so add. a mouth find himself at the center of another control the city this time over a week long policy in brazil general have that story and mall in sports.
12:50 am
12:51 am
as for now it gemma thank you mariam india's cricket courage ravi shastri has described his size 8 wickets went over australia as one of the great comebacks in the history of the game india won the 2nd test in melbourne with a day to spezza level before much series that one or australia resumed with a 2 run late cameron green top scored with $45.00 before he went to mohammed suresh we took 3 wickets as australia were all out for 200 india needed just 70 runs to win and stand in captain a drink or a harness got in their india then completing quite the starter out after being bowled out for 36 in an 8 with a defeat in the 1st test just over a week. i think this would only. one of the great comebacks of history to get. the 6 days they did get up and be ready to punch. was outstanding always deserve all the credit. you really.
12:52 am
that was a big win 2 for south africa over sri lanka in the 1st tests and cheer in sri lanka resumed their 2nd innings on 6502 and despite 64 i.q. so pereira and 59 from test debut saw when india has a rank of the tourists eventually out 180 south africa winning by an innings of 45 runs to take a one no lead in the 2 match series new zealand are trying to force fit tree against pakistan in their 1st test open tone blundell top scores of 64 is the kiwis declared on 1845 set pakistan 373 for victory to him soundly dismissed i know sean must see it and harrison hale and in the process reached 300 test wickets pakistan 71 to 3 at the close of play on day 4 still trailing by 302 rounds occurring of ours pandemic is causing problems for tennis officials trying to thrash out this year's schedule the sport's governing body the a.t.p. has announced that march is indian wells tournament has been postponed the event
12:53 am
which is often referred to as tennis his 5th major was cancelled this year as well the pandemics already forced the australian open which is the 1st grand slam of the season to be pushed back 3 weeks to february football continues to be disrupted as well with the english premier league confirming 18 a positive coronavirus test among players and staff in its latest round of weekly testing that's the highest figure so far this season. a number of those cases are manchester city and the outbreak that led to that game with evanston being called off just 4 hours before kick off on monday and now films match at tottenham on wednesday is also in doubt after a number of people tested positive for 19 of the west london club sheffield united also confirmed a number of positive tests that aren't among those 18 that we just mentioned that came with the on tuesday did go ahead which they lost one nil so they're still without a win all season and now unless one points adrift at the bottom of the table a great win filets you thrashed west brom 5 nil but no goals between southampton
12:54 am
and what i meant to say not sure they can go 2nd if they will so they have just taken the lead their leading one also heading 2nd in the table to fend a gavriel out wasn't an option for arsenal off the testing positive for current virus but his side made it to ins for him to by beating bryson one they'll back as that squad austin's win at just 21 seconds after coming on as a substitute to move them up to 13th in the table talk about the impacts of the spanish international diego costas terminated his contract with the s.k. madrid 6 months early the strike at will become a free agent in the january transfer window the brazilians have a tough time since returning to s.k. from chelsea in 2008 say he's made only 7 that your appearance is this season scoring 2 goals. former tottenham manager you know is widely expected to be named as the new parent sasha bank coach shortly they are going to any private p.s.g. from 20012003 is thought to be at an advanced stage of talks with the french
12:55 am
champions that's according to local media p.s.g. only confirmed their sacking of thomas to call on shoes day after clearing legal hurdles the german led them to 2 league titles as well as 2 domestic cups but p.s.g. star player name was come under fire for hosting a week long new year's eve party for around 150 is celebrity guests in brazil the pandemic has killed almost 200000 brazilians that's the 2nd highest death toll in the world the local media have dubbed the party name or palooza and it started to see front mansion in rio on saturday or thirty's have already canceled the traditional copacabana beach celebrations and have asked people to stay home if you know it is very football team jerusalem is promising to change his club's racist reputation by hiring its 1st arab player is the only major israeli clubs who refused to integrate club officials in the past said the hands of tired by hard core base of fans but since buying the club 2 years ago cryptocurrency billionaire
12:56 am
washer hog says he's been fighting racism in its ranks and having sold a 50 percent stake to an. earlier this month he says it's high time to end the hate . in other ball new. so. the question anymore it's a non-issue we actively looking for. a class. that can deliver forward club and. if we're fine in other. percent to poach and i can already tell you that we already approached a novel a play that we think that. i'm not going to join. he's making a lot of money doesn't want to release him but. call gaga has made a winning written from coronavirus in his hometown. browns when he tested positive
12:57 am
but he led the way of the 4 hills to. the storm. american scare run a cochran siegel and his 1st world cup when he clinched victory in the super g. in for me by 7 tenths of a 2nd conditions were perfect on tuesday for the 1st american victory that in 14 years and finally the world darts championship has had its 1st 9 dot finish in 5 years englishman james wade recorded the perfect leg in his 3rd round match using 9 dots the serious possible check out from 5 $101.00 but it wasn't enough to save him from the feat the 7th seed joins a growing list of top class suffered an exit. thanks so much. back in a couple of minutes for a full. round up of the top stories coming up at 2200 g.m.t. .
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january on al-jazeera it's 10 years since the arab spring sold to bring change to the middle east al-jazeera looks into how successful look at pollutions was a new documentary series examines through history and giancana takes of drug trafficking and the way states and drug lords abused it as an instrument of power a spark selections are being doled out around the world hope of returning to normal comes back again week media trends constantly changing listening post continues to
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analyze how the news is coming up to one of the most intense election campaigns the u.s. is set to inaugurate its pool to 61st of. january on al-jazeera. take the worst possible material you radio ground into dust comparable to flour and make up a lot of it and put it into a place where people live there is a cause colossal event. as well and so many people a few clicks this is the file in cuba but does it make you feel nice you feel like a murderer we have created an enormous and little mental disaster. and investigation south africa toxic city on al-jazeera american people have finally spoke in america as i see it when america is off balanced or will become more dangerous the world is looking at us with a mixture of sadness and hate. with the election behind us will the republican
1:00 am
party dump truck to the fuel weekly take on us politics and society that's the bottom line. corona virus infections continue to. a new daily record is reached in the u.k. as calls grow louder for vaccinations to be sped up. and i know i maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program a powerful earthquake brings down buildings in the croatian town of the train yet 7 people are confirmed dead. local till the end protesters from both sides of argentina's abortion debate gather outside the senate at a vegas.


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