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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 2, 2021 2:00pm-2:31pm +03

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if this breaks up a little conflict between august and india this has implications for the rest of the world we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al-jazeera. the u.s. and iran accuse each other of ramping up military hostilities ahead of the anniversary of the assassination of iran's military chief. i'm santa maria here in doha this is the world news from al-jazeera presidential elections go to a runoff as the main contenders fail to win a majority. the u.n. peacekeeping mission in sudan's darfur region is coming to an end but thousands of refugees are now facing an uncertain future. and the u.s.
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. passes 20000000 corona virus infections with a vaccination rollout going slower than planned. we will get to all the stories in a moment do want to start with some breaking news that's coming out of india where the drug regulator has just approved india's 1st coronavirus vaccine for emergency use the given the green light for the rollout of the. oxford astra zeneca vaccine i'm sorry as the 2nd most populous country this will be one of the largest vaccination campaigns in the world when it does eventually happen trial runs have been conducted nationwide with vaccines india more than 10000000 cases of cope with 19 which is the world's 2nd highest caseload. we'll get more on that as it
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comes through but right now iran and the u.s. which are accusing each other of escalating military tensions ahead of the 1st anniversary of the assassination of iran's general. sunday will mark a year since he was killed in an american air strike in iraq but in just the last week the rhetoric between washington and tehran has really gone up a notch things like these the b. 52 bombers which the u.s. flew to the gulf earlier in the week trying to caution iran against any attacks on american troops or interests iran sent a letter to the european sorry the u.n. security council condemning was it called washington's military adventurism in the region foreign minister javid syria also accused donald trump of a fabricating a pretext for war the us is also accused militias which are backed by iran of attacking its embassy in iraq last month the rocket attacks on the compound in baghdad only increased and the u.s. withdrew most of its staff over concerns of a retaliate trees strike. dosage of ari with us now from tehran as she has been for
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us all morning you were telling us the background earlier one of the iranian leaders actually saying as this one year anniversary approaches. well we've heard a plethora of officials saying essentially the same thing that is that the assassination of us and so on will be avenged on their iranians are not done with seeking their revenge we heard from a number of high ranking officials on friday and an event that was held at tehran university among the guests was also a series of high ranking officials from hezbollah as well as palestinian islamic jihad and also the deputy of xabi from iraq we also been hearing from the head of the revolutionary guard major general salim e. who has been today visiting the island of abu musaab this is one of the most strategically important military bases of the revolutionary guards near the strait
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of hormuz it's in the eastern part of the entrance of the strait of hormuz he chose today to visit this base to show the international community that iran is ready and able to defend itself when it comes to this rhetoric that we need been hearing over the past few days the iranians have said that they are not looking to for war they are not looking for conflict but they are going to be defending themselves if they are attacked meanwhile the assassination is now one year on but let's take a closer look of what actually happened to or ago today. in the early hours of january 3rd 2020 shortly after arriving at baghdad international airport major general. was killed in a u.s. drone strike is close ally the deputy head of iraq's popular mobilisation forces. this also died along with 8 others missiles from the u.s.
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drone hit their convoy as it left the airport. so the money was the commander of the cult's force a unit of iran's revolutionary guard responsible for foreign operations and he was also considered to be the 2nd most powerful man in iran behind the country's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei and those whom i noted all by annoyed by the news of his death made official by iran's state t.v. a 3 day mourning period was announced and iran vowed revenge as u.s. president donald trump stood by his decision with this claim last night at my direction the united states military executed a flawless strike that terminated the terrorist ring leader responsible for gravely wounded and further in thousands and thousands of people and hundreds and hundreds at least of americans. sulla money has been killed
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and his bloody rampage is now for ever on. for ayatollah khomeini so in mind he was a trusted confidant a member of his inner circle and a friend for more than 30 years almost 12 months on the commander in chief of iran's armed forces says he's not done avenging so in mani's death. you know him built woman as a politician whatever it's possible we will take revenge we will take revenge on those who ordered so him on his assassination and the ones who carried out that assassination just hours after saw him on his body was laid to rest in his hometown of care mon on january 7th the revolutionary guard launched 13 missiles at the u.s. space assad in iraq no americans were killed attentions increased iran was on high alert and accidently shut down the ukrainian airline passenger plane killing all 176 people on board while the united states said they were not
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seeking regime change in iran trumps the citizen to kill himself in money had far reaching repercussions feared by his enemies inside iran so the money had for years been one of the most popular national figures in the country the international face of iranian resistance to american pressure he remained largely untouched by the diminishing popularity of the country's elected government. his death prompted calls for the expulsion of u.s. troops from the middle east by iranian officials as well as reigning back groups in iraq and it's a demand which still stands a year later officials here called solmonese assassination and you tapper in the history of the middle east while many countries condemned no one has actually been held accountable this by efforts by iran to prosecute u.s. president donald trump who in support solmonese role was quickly filled by his deputy or his legacy is now in trends in iran's history. dorsetshire bari
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al-jazeera tower on. one other note on iran the government's pushing ahead with plans to enrich uranium up to a purity level of 20 percent it's told the u.s. nuclear watchdog that work will be done before the plant which is built into the side of a mountain enrichment breaches the near 4 percent enrichment which was allowed under the 2050 nuclear deal but does still fall well short of what's needed to make a nuclear weapon that would be 90 percent richmond. where no candidate has won a majority in the 1st round of the presidential election which means the 2 leading contenders mohamed. and harman they. will face each other in a runoff next month the vote has been praised as fair and transparent i did rist live in now my forests whatever number is. well actually. mohammed volume one this last round with 1000000
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879000 he's closes the phone and can only scroll 811000 of the vote now the election commission says more than 5000000 people voted which represents a 69 percent of the total registered voters however have been ruling party candidate the ruling party has maintained its leadership in the house of representatives or the parliament as they call it here it has 18 out of the $166.00 seats in parliament so the 2nd round of the voting is shared for civil return to forest and that will mean that mamma bazooms and mama deuce money will slug it out already alliances arrive being formed even before the election results or not when announced by the independent national commission and lecturers commission here so whether or not more people will come out to vote because of voter fatigue in civil rights it depends on how well they pass that message tonight
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and this is just too but this campaign has been characterized by petty issues of tribalism of racism but largely went without any major incident despite the threat of attacks by armed groups broke out i'm from nigerian side and then i look at it and i still and the others on the boat cannot be and mali and border things are looking up good for this country however the ruling parties failed to do what it promised to do to win this election in the close trial it would have been the 1st time a presidential candidate won an election in egypt or for the 1st time without going into a 2nd round which means of course with this development now the ruling party always has a party that ends up winning in tripoli will need to form a coalition of parties to govern very well thank you for that update manager in the emmy. now an artillery strike has killed at least 5 people during
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a wedding ceremony in the yemeni city of data shell landed in front of a wedding hall in the western port city many civilians also injured the saudi coalition and the rebels are both blaming the office for this attack more news on the way including this. the years are 81 the news or 132 thirds of the senators voting with their senators from both sides and donald trump a major defeat in the last days of his presidency overriding his veto of a national security bill. really sad to be. european and getting into a new reality britain some of how they feel about the u.k.'s departure from the european union. it's time for the perfect jenny. sponsored point qatar airways
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hello once again welcome to another look at the international forecast it is still have snow in the forecast for japan hopefully not quite as heavy or is widespread you can see how the ice apos starting to open up now so the winds are quite as strong as they have been but there will still be some snow being pushed into northern parts of on shoop pushing up into hokkaido temperatures in tokyo struggling to get to around 8 celsius and as we go through sunday by monday notching up into double figures but still not particularly brilliant further west where high pressure does dominate across a good part of china is cold enough but it should be last the dr will say want to see showers having said that to northern parts of taiwan shallowest to into southern parts of india pushing into sri lanka but further north about a westley disturb assessment a rolling across the northern pakistan into the far north of india helping to clear the poor visibility the poor air quality that we do have just around new delhi for
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example the showers here will linger as we go on through monday so helping somewhat as far as that's concerned that west whether the slot a little further south was that was he's could see some wet weather just coming through here as we go on into monday mumbai could see some showers or longer spells of fright was showers continuing to the south. wace the latest news as it breaks the measures introduced during this way brazelton the 20 percent drop in the amount that people are traveling with detailed coverage of the problem both one on top and all the believe in one us out of poverty rate increase in the clear from around the world the un has identified $56.00 countries most need assistance what's worrying them is that many of those have a deteriorating situation.
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the top stories this hour and india's drugs regulator has just in the past few minutes approved the oxford astra zeneca vaccine for emergency use as the 2nd most populous country on the largest vaccination campaigns in the world's. commemorations are being held ahead of the anniversary of custom sort of mounties assassination a us drone strike killed iranian general in baghdad on january 3rd last year. and iran's government plans for enriched uranium by up to 20 percent a significant breach of the 2050 nuclear deal but short of the 90 percent needed for a nuclear weapon. african union and u.n.
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peacekeepers are to begin withdrawing from sudan's darfur region the joint mission to protect displaced people ended on new year's eve troops will gradually pull out over the next 6 months and see morgan reports from cullman south for displaced people fear returning home but don't know if the camps they live in are still safe . this little space is his family's home in a camp in south dar for colin says he was forced to abandon his actual home when regional conflicts reached his village he started his family here his children no nowhere else i. want to go i know my home village and to recognize it but my kids were all born in this camp this is the only home they know they don't know their ancestral home if you ask them which village they come from they say coma if you ask them which county they say calma it's not just a displacement camp for them. has set up a pharmacy in the camp it's one of the structures that gives the camp a sense of
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a small village there's also a market a school and a health center was established after fighting started in darfur in 2003 between mainly non arab rebel groups and the government more than 300000 were killed and more than 2000000 displaced the camp is the largest in the region more than 150000 families live here and until the end of last year it was secured by united nations and an african union peacekeeping mission known as the thing come up may seem like a small village or town but it lacks basic infrastructure like running water and power lines and while many of the planes of income other similar to survive with the end of the dance government has promised to continue securing camps for both displays until they return to their villages but for many this camp has become a permanent home. a peace deal was signed between the armed groups and sudan's transitional government last october it allows for the return of those displaced and gives them back their farms and properties but camp leaders here don't trust
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the deal and don't think it's safe to leave. our homes have been taken over by foreigners there's no security backing or religious and with gone we don't know what will become of the count's the government is saying that there will be a joint force to protect the camps on can relieve but we can't leave because we don't trickle signed the government says it won't force anyone out of the camps but that providing for them will become increasingly hard. yeah if you could have had a service when there were plans to make the camp a town but how do you do that when people don't want any government force or official to into the camp we can't provide services we can't provide protection we can't implement law and order inside the camps because the people are unwilling to leave our son and the location and the layout of the camps do not allow for it to be a town and with the implementation of the peace deal people should return home. that's
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easier said than done for the people living here whether they were forced from their homes or whether they know nothing else they see danger and security outside the camp now life inside the camp is also under threat to the morgue and al jazeera camp south there for. the u.s. senate still even a significant defeat to president obama trump voting to override his veto of the defense policy bill the senate which is controlled by trump's republican party easily reached the required 2 thirds majority trouble you refuse to sign the defense act into law it limits the president's ability to withdraw troops from places like afghanistan and also the ability to divert military funds the ones trump wanted to build the border wall with mexico as a white house correspondent kimberly how could he says the defeat prompted a series of angry tweets from the president. the u.s. president reacting on twitter calling this pathetic particularly angry with the republicans in the senate for not standing with him and he feels and tweeting that
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he believes that they should have done more for americans with respect to the coded relief raising it from $600.00 to $2000.00 that didn't happen and also the president so i happy with some of the power of the tech companies particularly leverage over the u.s. election also talking about why more wasn't done for that now in the midst of all of this the house speaker nancy pelosi she reacted as well sending out a statement that this is a resoundingly we're buke of the u.s. president and his assault on the american military and national security noting that in the waning days of his presidency she accused him of attempting to sow chaos and undermine security so very strong reactions from the u.s. president but also one of the president's biggest critics in the u.s. congress what we've seen in recent days and weeks is a growing number of republicans distancing themselves from donald trump since his election loss on november 3rd what this really marks is
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a departure as they sort of look to the president who is outgoing and setting the sights on their own political future so this is certainly notable what is also notable is that many of these republicans are not backing the president's claim that he won the election that the election was rigged or even that there was widespread voter fraud so how big stuff are this very notable loss on capitol hill the u.s. president now setting its sights on the next big date on capitol hill and that is january 6th that is when the congress will be tallying the electoral college votes we do expect that there will be. number of dozens of republicans in the house and at least one republican in the senate that will stand with the president to at least delay that tallying but old. mut lee it will be unsuccessful the u.s. president will ultimately be joe biden and stay in the u.s. which is entering this new year with few signs it's rampant corona virus outbreak
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can be contained u.s. is now reported more than $20000000.00 coronavirus cases and faces the threat of the more infectious strain and as those infections rise vaccinations are being carried out but much more slowly than expected all the details now from rob reynolds in los angeles. it was nobody's idea of a good way to ring in the new year on friday johns hopkins university reported the u.s. had surpassed 20000000 cases of covert 19 with more than 346000 deaths the number of infections has doubled since november 9th less than 2 months ago the u.s. accounts for nearly one quarter of all coated deaths worldwide in places like southern california hospitals and their staff are increasingly overwhelmed forcing doctors and nurses to ration care one california public health epidemiologist likened the situation to of tsunami florida became the 3rd state after
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colorado and california to report a patient with the relatively new more transmissible kovac variant 1st identified in the u.k. the man had not traveled recently at least 33 countries have now reported cases of the mutant strain a u.s. genetic testing company says its research suggests the variant has been circulating in the u.s. since october on the vaccine front fewer than 3000000 americans have received their doses of figure far short of the trumpet ministrations goal of 20000000 vaccinations before the end of 2020 i think the rollout been very haphazard there's been almost no coordination from the federal government the federal government basically delivered to the states but then the states were not funded for the
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rollout program adequately and furthermore basically the state said here's the here and go hospitals you guys will it out for the senator mitt romney a prominent us republican political figure called for stepped up efforts including the enlistment of medical students veterinary. ins and emergency medical workers to administer vaccines he said schools and other facilities that are closed due to the pandemic should be converted to mass vaccination centers president donald trump spent friday tweeting about various political grievances but mention the faltering vaccine effort only once and then to shift blame to state officials president elect joe biden says he will use emergency wartime powers to boost vaccine production and speed up the lifesaving injections across the country rob reynolds al-jazeera. post brags that fights traffic between the u.k.
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and france and move pretty smoothly despite concerns about potential backlogs the 1st ferry from person to dock in the french port of kalaignar arrived several hours after the u.k. officially left the e.u. customs union. so as the u.k. comes to terms with brags that many are not reflecting on what life outside the e.u. will mean for them and their sense of identity the looks at that from london a clouded sunrise over westminster nothing extraordinary in many of breaks its changes will be slow but knowledge even but in the minds of british people the u.k. now adrift from the e.u. is alone again for some that's a cools for optimism for others profound regret. the country still working out what breaks it means in practice with new rules on travel trade and immigration to name a few but beyond the dry details it's also about something much deeper for many
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brits especially those in their twenty's and thirty's being british and a member of the european union a part of one indivisible seamless identity that now is a result of bragg's it has been split in 2 of the 48 percent of people that voted to remain in the european union many now feel like they're being told to abandon half of who they are really sad to be. not european anymore but i think it was a really awful decision that we made as a country the idea that we this nation the world this could do better outside of something the size of the european union with exhibit stupid it's hugely problematic and the people who have grown up in the eighty's ninety's new sees a european identity was was fundamental to how we saw the world we call yeasty be able to travel freely in the european union being able to work live and of course
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people who are older were able to retire that fathers a european union membership was felt in some way forced and disingenuous voting to leave the e.u. is a shock treatment for some parts of the country that felt left behind a way of restoring the country's factory settings i think it's a great opportunity for the u.k. now to stand alone and to really. build some business across the world but it's not as simple as hitting reset in the past 50 years the u.k.'s become intertwined with europe london's often called france's 6 biggest city because of its sizable french population i'm picking the relationships required a form of diplomatic surgery in the shape of years of torturous brags that negotiations and bean or human could have been the message for many of europe's leaders is the braggs it is not something to celebrate the last
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thing the e.u. wants is for the 1st member state to ever leave the e.u. to be followed by others how future generations will judge this moment we don't yet know is it the beginning of new opportunities or the end of many a sunrise or sunset nave barker al-jazeera london. bosnians military has set up tents for hundreds of refugees stranded in freezing conditions were left without shelter for several days after a fire burns down their old cab as have tried to relocate them but local people are not having it. reports. a sign of relief and of new shelter this will be home for hundreds of migrants and refugees stranded in bosnia-herzegovina sleep a camp near its northwest border with croatia back the military set up tents to shield hundreds of migrants from the winter's freezing weather after days of sleeping out in the cold the nation face mounting criticism for leaving the
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migrants without proper shelter heat or facilities to do it with ok we don't mind we're going to gesture and we can drink of water that's enough for us but the problem is then problem for us we need to contain this ok. for days there were cries for help earlier this week migrants and refugees once on a hunger strike 7. amid reports of frostbite and hypothermia they held a protest to bring attention to their poor living conditions with all these new the despite the problems caused when these people were abandoned by un organizations and by local authorities we must show solidarity we're here today with the red cross we're trying to help them as much as possible. most of the campus destroyed in late december when police say occupants deliberately set a fire to protest the schedule closure and lack of alternatives plans to move them
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to another facility fell through rejected by politicians and people living nearby aid groups have warned of a potential humanitarian crisis is a problem of more humanity just food is not enough combinations bad madness mostly but disease most of the people here are from so. and the middle east they are among thousands hoping to make it to western europe to start a new life we don't have beyond kids we don't have the you can see this i don't have shoes the new camp will be run by the international organization for migration it's not a long term solution but it is a way to help people with nothing survive the winter cutting a little piece of the young al-jazeera. and afghan journalists been shot dead in the central province of war the smell of mark was killed when government fired on his car was a human rights activist and the editor of a local radio station he is now the 5th journalist to be killed in afghanistan in
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the past 2 months. now thousands of white swans have flocked to the caspian sea in migrating south to escape plummeting temperatures in russia it's not unusual they do visit the coast of kazakhstan each winter but usually in these numbers in fact this group is the largest reported in recent years. this isn't a 0 these are the top stories india's drug regulator has in the past half hour approved just resent it because oxford astra zeneca is vaccine for emergency use as the 2nd most populous country will be one of the largest vaccine campaigns in the world. recorded more than 10000000 cases of covert 19 which is the 2nd highest in the world. commemorations are being held ahead of the anniversary of the assassination of khan.


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