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the gland itself it will be much harder for that country to go back and rebuild ties as they were 3 years ago. i can always find much more on our website the address for that is dot com. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories twitter has permanently suspended the us president donald trump's account citing a risk of him fueling further violence comes after the deadly attack on capitol hill by trump supporters president elect joe biden says those who stormed the capitol on wednesday should be regarded as terrorists and should be treated as the bunch of thugs insurrectionist white supremacist and i so much 6 and there's not enough i mean you know these church there were these are a bunch of thugs thugs and they're terrorist messager and that will be
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a judgment for the justice department to make as to what charges should be but the fact is they should be prosecuted and should be prosecuted the difference is this had the active encouragement of a city president of the united states and the way in which the breakdown in security occurred needs to be thoroughly investigated. troubles also facing the possibility of an unprecedented 2nd impeachment a group of democrats have drafted formal charges of misconduct to be presented next week accusing him of inciting insurrection. north korean leader kim jong un says the united states is this country's biggest enemy and has threatened to expand his nuclear arsenal he made the comments of the ruling party congress kim said the u.s. must withdraw its hostile policy toward north korea if it wants to establish new relations. bucca stands prime minister iran khan has accused a group of his are a shia demonstrators of blackmail as they continue their refusal to bury coal
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miners killed by eisel feiss the protesters have blocked the road with coffins containing the bodies of 11 mine is who were abducted from a mine and belong to stone province on sunday they are refusing to bury that it until the prime minister agrees to meet them the mayor of london is declaring a major instant over the coronavirus saying the city is at a crisis point so he comes says $1.30 london is infected and hospital beds could soon run out the surge is being driven by the more infectious strain of covert 19 the u.k. has reported more than 68000 cases in the past 24 hours and more than 1300 deaths. the news continues here on al-jazeera after from the sting out 6. on counting the cost scan the world bounce back from the worst economic contraction since world war 2 and rich nations call of the vaccine market what kind of recovery can we expect
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without the world's poorest and trying to set the stage for economic damage counting the cost on al-jazeera. and the mess to terrorism that is what some are saying on capitol hill today took a look down the barrel of possible before they were to look for clues for you thank you leave here and when you're not heard from the president where are we measuring . hello i'm richard gaisford and you're watching the listening post where we don't cover the news we cover the way the news to cover here or the media stories we're looking at this week. chaos in washington d.c. the trump base hits rock bottom having been misinformed by the president and ignite on social. the on the one hand on the other hand illegal for in the ongoing case against julian assange. and the iranian jam one
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year after he was killed has grown into a potent symbol in a story that tehran wants to tell about itself this was the week that the u.s. senate mercifully made it official donald trump will be a one term president and it was a week that had americans glued to their screen watching the live feeds from washington of what trump is leaving behind. news anchors weren't quite sure what to call the images that they were describing was that a coup unfolding on capitol hill and insurrection mob rule journalists poured over the president's twitter feed his rhetoric his lies the conspiracy theories and they focused on the right wing news outlets that so many of trump's supporters rely on for their idea of information channels like fox news newsmax one american. this president is on his way out there will be
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a biden inauguration but term limits do not apply to the news media or social media and that ultimately is where much of america's problem lies our starting point this week is capitol hill in washington. legacies usually take much longer than this to reveal who said this is treason. this insurrection this is rebellion and donald trump is still in the white house yet the news channels were covering his legacy lives wednesday on capitol hill. not a couple not very predictable over. in america people don't want to call it a coup but what else is it if you're trying to replace the duly elected president of the united states and our interaction and the people who are correct.
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and reporters in the field struggled to find the words might not a credible. act that accurately describe exactly what they were covering revolt is not a word that you know that can be guaranteed the way they ran out of synonyms for the term unprecedented nothing i never see it is hard to put into words what exactly we witnessed today i'm going to run here for a long time i've never seen anything like that and the question was asked how much of this was to be expected in a country whose president trades in lies and conspiracy theories this was a fraudulent election. a land of competing news box and news networks that cannot or choose not to agree on the facts a country routinely described by its political leaders and its legions of talking heads as the world's greatest democracy. invasion of the capital. donald trump. was
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a very predictable way out of the messaging that you saw in the media that supports and sustains trump's messaging president appeared literally at a rally with thousands of his supporters and framed it as you know a critical juncture for america i know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the capitol building we want to be so respectful of everybody including bad people. and we're going to have to fight much harder on the people who mock the capitol or stout information that came from conspiracy theories information from conspiracists like you and i on online that does not happen in a vacuum that happens because there'd been on my communities that have been built around pro champ fandom and most of those have been bolstered by conspiracy theory . people who call this president tom masterful manipulator of the mainstream media in the age of digital disruption give him too much credit he did not invent the
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term fake it was trumped just a harness deployed against orders and had it amplified by the likes of fox news thereby devaluing journalism is in the public's mind the end results of polls show that roughly 35 percent of americans say they believe the trunk there and not the mainstream media on the 2020 presidential election that it was still it's fitting that at the at the very beginning of his presidency you had his advisor kellyanne conway coining the phrase alternative facts and here we are at the very end of it where you have the majority of this or leave the collection was stolen by our brother because they live in essentially an alternative reality it's an interesting thing to think about to think about how much reality is based on collective understanding and they don't have a collective understanding anymore as as a society the american information. ecosystem doesn't make sense anymore it's too
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convoluted with misinformation for people to know where the truth stands and what that means is that people are not incentivized to tell the truth or to cater to the truth as the economic infrastructure of information actually incentivizes people to say things that are outlandish that cater to emotions that are very tribal down chap is taking advantage of that. one donald. came into office he had mainstream media backing from fox america's most watched news channel talk radio hosts like rush limbaugh and online upstarts such as breitbart news 21 democrats on then you have republicans some strange is going on and. the president now criticizes fox for being insufficiently supporters and has steered his base to other networks that leans further to the right 24 hour news channels newsmax and one american news and
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. uses in the times. when conspiracy theories about the election or crack science on covert 90 make their way from social media and the dark corners of the web into the mainstream outlets like newsmax and. often their 1st ports of call sort of like trump t.v. all the time it's just all it is in trouble great clothes nothing here with a left carolina american man for the. liars i mean there are often promoted really obvious conspiracy theories stuff like that we never really make it on the air at fox a lot of these newsmax what one of our news shows sort of looks like the stage is about to fall down and they're going to get over the wire and so they're about to replace fox but i do think that fox needs to be concerned about you know losing 10
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to 20 percent of their audience if you watch newsmax one. it's kind of cringe worthy year that saw marcus and black lives matter and tape up burning looting beating and killing their way through american story he some of those clips in a movie think that's that's a little too ridiculous that's north korean style state media type of praise for the leader or for president thanks so much for having us here at the white house quickly you think appreciate it thank you very much for ministration has been incredibly open to the press if you're trying to make a satire of fox news that's what you do fox aces a real challenge what does it want to be there's a lot of people at boxing frankly want to cover the news cover the reality it's clear though that a substantial portion their audience is not interest and they really do want amplification of trump's lies his conspiracy theories and whatever he has to say
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and so that's a challenge for box. this part of the story was inevitable a clear cut case of cost and the fact the president's constant attacks on journalists that label the enemy of the people has placed a target on their backs that they and their profession will wear long after transco having sold his base to lie about election implicating journalists as coconspirators detaching his supporters further still from reality donald trump has made it harder than ever to bring those people back this is a basic tenet of trump backers of the media is their enemy it's not surprising at all that they were attacking media outlets writing murderous slogans because this anger is real and it has been manufactured in some cases over a very very long time trump has taken it to the next extreme and so now you've got a situation where there is a substantial portion of the american populace that means that the media is not
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just biased. but is actually evil that is genuinely dangerous. frankly the future prospects are very grim there were people in front congress who were you know convinced that i don't know trump is working with the military to execute states kind of democrat so they were content people who you know were trying to bring about. this dictatorship a lot of people and more classical journalism beats in politics sort of treated this is a side show that i did that we the people were chasing around a bunch of kooks on the internet and it wouldn't amount to fact. and you know unfortunately i think the people who are tracking that these groups have been proven right the riot in congress is perhaps the ultimate example so far of of how to reign generac conspiracy theories and movements you know really record the american bombers the most predictable presidents we've ever had was not hard to read he's. created
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a lot of noise to contest the election so you can drive the support he loves the attention and i think. for i don't know but i think you know riding this wave of attention for the forseeable future and i think it's going to put pressure on the. to. make it more tried. out of the this information misinformation that you see is only going to get more. it was a good news quickly followed by bad news week for julian assange the founder of wiki leaks a judge in the united kingdom ruled that a sanch would not be extradited to the u.s. to face espionage charges and then just 2 days later that same judge rejected a senator's new bail application meaning he must remain in prison phillips has been watching this case for a slow this is a mixed legal message from those charges yes richard because although the british court rejected the extradition request on humane grounds the concern is that you're
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innocent would be a suicide risk if he ended up in the u.s. prison it did side with the u.s. when it came to the substance of the case against him that includes charges under the espionage act which treats the publication of classified information as a criminal offense press freedom advocates are concerned that this verdict will set a precedent for the prosecution of all kinds of journalism in the u.k. here's how reporters without borders describe the ruling from outside the court now the court has failed to make a clear stand in favor of press freedom we need to see strengthen his journalistic protections in this country in the u.s. and internationally because i think dan nobody knows how this or no countless no storage company called the west government or the other governments won't pursue them in the same light just 10 years ago sanjay was being celebrated as he was winning many awards then came the counterstrikes for more than one government indeed rich given a songes impact on investigative journalism the practice of it was widely
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acknowledged celebrated even but quite quickly the tide turned when he became the subject of that swedish investigation into allegations of sexual assault it was dropped but not before he'd taken refuge in the ecuadorian embassy in london he spent 7 years that reportedly being spied on through audio and video surveillance that we've been provided to the cia he was arrested by the u.k. police in 29. and he's been held ever since in the top security prison in the u.k. now campaigners and even the united nations have argued that the conditions that you and the songes been subjected to over the past 10 years have been a violation of his human rockets and let's not forget richard that exactly this time 4 years ago january 27th teen one of the main sources for wiki leaks chelsea manning was in fact pardoned by president obama actually. this past week thousands of iraqis were on the streets of their capital to mourn the death of an iranian
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it's been a year since an american drone strike on the outskirts of fact that killed possum soliman a general in iran's revolutionary guard solem on iran a clandestine network of militias most of which operated outside iraq he made his mark and many enemies across the middle east in his own country soliman it was something of a celebrity a frequent presence in the media and according to the official narrative a national hero since his death has been cast by the authorities and the media outlets they oversee into a new role that. martyrdom is a powerful concept one that's long been at the heart of state driven rhetoric in iraq since soleimani his assassination iranians have been inundated with imagery glorifying death listening post talk now from now on soleimani and the media's manufacturing of martyrdom in the islamic republic of iraq. 'd
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one year as to who was killed in a u.s. drone strike the shadowy and its legend lives on. the propaganda around some sort of a mini scenes limited in trying to one of the fun things for. your time on your. prey's really money. in the middle east so they money was respected and the spiders he led an elite military unit responsible for security interests in foreign service which is why he was in iraqi capital but then when he was killed silly money had already acquired the kind of money to get status before who the south a nation. johnno not much has. started she's still.
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in debt both the legend and the likeness live on harnessed by government into iran that has credibility of its own there was an initial shock. assassination of money because he was considered to be invincible. bots he was not invincible he was located by a drone and he was attacked and he was killed so they are putting the best face to this scenario that they can everything in the arsenal of the propaganda machinery of islamic republic has more been lies in order to turn him into a saintly figure into a martyr into an icon of everlasting revolution. on the. government did it or something. so they made the mater larger than life immortalized in the still image. pictures like these dominated
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iran physical and cyberspace after his death the stunning scenery money with the status typically with commit the goal here eyes and say. from the bottom of karbala on the mater dump of a man say in the year 68 a foundation event in the shiite face to the iran iraq war of the 19 eighties and which an estimated 1000000 iranians lost their lives veneration of saddam and he speaks a visual language around martyrdom that runs deep in iraq martyrdom has become. an essential part of state sponsored rhetoric because explanations have to be made for an overabundance of deaths so an explanation had to give greater meaning to the bloodshed that death is not the end it is just the be. kenning and so we have seen since his death many images that equate him with the mom hussein and therefore as
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an ultimate martyr whose reward is paradise i must say as is very important for shia muslims in general he's the he's the grandson of the prophet mohammad has that particularly important in the post-revolutionary sphere and the islamic republic because the way in which i am hussein was martyred is a story as told by shia muslims of oppressors rising up against those who are press them it is a image that that resonates almost immediately for for anyone who is viewing this and the reason they can communicate so much is because of historical methodology as well as almost 4 decades of image making in this sense so the propaganda machinery of the islamic republic uses the reconfiguration of the picture of some silly money into that i cannot graffiti in order to really validate and really energize the component of the islamic revolution. march or
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shockey in persian arabic has a connotation of being a witness with this to watch witness to truth witness to the veracity of the iranian revolution. that the revolution needs to be nourished reimagine with each generation and it's for the convenience and flexible food food left messages in the billboards but it's been murals found in cities across the. political propaganda the runs go sometimes more subtle than not found on t.v. . by design fluid more responsive they can be unfurled overnight and changed just as quickly to meet the needs of the day. the image of the military salute with a general so in. ronnie in the front and a variety of iranian citizens standing in salute behind him includes women with
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very loose his job and one very small boy he's engaging in a form of sign language that forms a t. in iran the ts stands for the vertical bodies of soldiers that head into war only to be returned horizontally but us struck me about this billboard and body as square is that you don't see a single ayatollah or cleric there's no over religious iconography and that stands out for me in comparison to the other images which in fact embrace a more religious rather than nationalistic stance. before his death silliman he had already become a compelling character in the story of the government wants to tell about himself was. not a hot movies and music video reproduced above the suffix the general who for the missions really means a book to. some people iran and so on. so liberally and so
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cultivated the image posing for instagram selfies with his network of proxy militia of the many runs malign influence in the middle east his strategy on instagram was to selectively put images of himself especially in syria to show that he is at the helm of various militias and divisions that he has been a successful tactician and leader so if you were a syrian looking at those images on instagram in essence those images are highly agitational it's a way of asserting power so once he was killed in the way that he wise his own media team is light into high gear producing from neural zte to us social media campaigns oftentimes it's. very difficult actually to tell that it's coming around from regime producers in iran because they know that if their audience is in iran
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or maybe even in iraq and lebanon know where these are coming from they're going to be like oh that's propaganda not pay attention to it instead they're doing it in a way where they're removing as many of their fingerprints as possible but producing things that are entertaining 1st and foremost. in life and in death so name any help to build an image of a powerful iraq but the government is in many ways its own worst p.r. problem. in the weeks before the cinematic assassination security forces used to lead to to crush nation of protests killing hundreds of citizens just days after the city money was killed as the authorities were trying to unify the nation against outside and it means the accidental shooting down of ukrainian. deaths of 176 people no any initial official denials that followed iranian. protests
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rock in lebanon have since tried to be run in fear of influence that city many help is seen by many. to change one need look at the same version and sort of mind its image to see that not everyone is buying a quartet rather exactly the state is aware of its own fundamental illegitimacy in a modern world that you have a group of octogenarian few logins drooling over massively young generation. and they don't even have a memory of the iran revolution not the $7779.00 and even if they did they couldn't care less so they want to generate and sustain a younger generation for posterity that will keep islamic there. alife to what degree this is successful you can see it came down resign of the way that they are
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projecting was some sort of the longer the pictures the larger the posters the longer the graffiti sent a press goes the more sign of the fact that they realize that the time of this iconography has really passed it doesn't sell. and finally back to donald trump his so-called path to victory and the so-called news outlets in his corner we featured the work of mark fiore here before he's an american satirist and cartoonist prior to the fiasco on capitol hill fiore compiled a collection of the nonsensical arguments the trump cap has been making about the election results that have been spread by the likes of newsmax o.a.m. breitbart and yes fox news it's a quick trip through the far right news problem that so many trump supporters have inhabited before making their trip to washington we'll see you next time here at
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the list so. try a new snow not just one man but a network of men because true tonight i'm from news network the one and true president's path to victory because the fake news media doesn't decide the winner counted and recounted votes decide the winner because counted and recounted votes don't decide the winner certified votes decide the winner just because certified votes don't decide the winner the courts decide the winner courts don't decide the winner the electoral college decides the winner electors don't decide the winner congress decides the weather it's not congress that decides the winner it's some new michigan court case that decides the winner if it's not that court case that decides the winner it's a startling revelation on a podcast or a blog that decides the winner the path to victory on top news network tonight and
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is no channel that covers world news like we do we revisit places. there are really invests in that and that's a privilege as a journalist. has permanently suspended u.s. president donald trump's account citing a risk of fueling further violence this is trumped faces the possibility of a 2nd impeachment all prompted by an attack on capitol hill. neither can tell this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. moved to impeach trump gains for the traction the groundwork has been made to take action against the president as early as monday. and says the u.s. remains his country's biggest.


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