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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 10, 2021 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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conflict the conflict of narrative brazil the age of both n.r.o. whose truth is it anyway and al-jazeera. al-jazeera. hello i'm sam is a than this is the news live from coming up in the next 60 minutes u.s. democrats are finalizing the wording on what would be an unprecedented 2nd impeachment of president donald trump taiwan hails a u.s. move to strengthen ties but it's likely to anger china joe biden prepares to take office. packed beaches in brazil defiance of warnings about steep corona virus infections and contagious variants. lies in mobile phone towers forcing
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businesses to shut india and step up their campaign against new agricultural laws. and support alleged crowd abuse marci india's test match against australia for a 2nd day running 6 spectators have been thrown out of the sydney cricket grounds after indian players complaining about racial abuse. us democrats drafting articles of impeachment for president donald trump's role in encouraging protests that turned violent inside congress the move would be unprecedented house speaker nancy pelosi says the only other options trumps cabinet pushes him from office themselves or he quits on the reports from washington d.c.
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. and ultimatum to the president resign or face impeachment this is a message from house speaker nancy pelosi to donald trump with trump showing no sign of stepping down willingly before january 20th inauguration of joe biden it's full steam ahead for impeachment starting as soon as monday sadly the persons branch is a drain judged unhinged dangerous president of the united states and a number of days until we can be protected from him but he has done something so serious that there should be prosecution against him it's believed palosi spent the weekend going over the final language for the articles of impeachment a draft circulating in washington says he'll be impeached for inciting an insurrection democrats are determined the trump needs to be punished for the
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rioting by his supporters and they're also determined to make it quick impeachment proceedings and possibly a vote as a release the middle of next week donald trump must be removed from office immediately he should be impeached. convicted. and thrown out of 1600 pennsylvania avenue and forever banister the dustbin of history which a growing number of republicans in congress have abandoned the president the latest being senator pat toomey of pennsylvania who on saturday said he thinks trump committed fences with a growing tide against trump congress has many options to pursue against the president in his final 2 weeks in office the congress has 3 choices they have met which says. this is a high crime insurrection of the 25th amendment saying he's not able to carry out
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his duties they also have the 14th amendment that the congress hand if somebody has participated in or abetted an insurrection they can be stripped of their title and not allowed to run for office again 3 days after the riots in washington d.c. is eerily quiet there are almost no tourists on the streets and many office buildings remain closed because a covert and many other businesses are boarded up like this either because of economic distress or in anticipation of more violence saturday many people who call washington home came out to see a changed city where security remains tight many still trying to make sense of the writing and damage gabriel zonda al-jazeera washington. well let's bring in thomas gift he's a fellow in residence at the university of oxford wrotham in american in-situ good to have you with us so it seems like the tide has been turning against stone trump
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but is it turning or has it turned enough to support an impeachment process in congress. well sammy i think at this point it's almost impossible that impeachment 2.0 will end with trump being forced from office for early even though democrats will almost certainly push through articles of impeachment in the house early this week a memo set by senate majority leader mitch mcconnell suggest that and he vote in the senate wouldn't happen until after trump has left office simply because the chamber schedule it's in recess until the 19th wouldn't allow the senate to hold a trial in time and even if there is a vote after trump leaves the white house i think the most likely outcome is acquittal peter baker of the new york times has reported that privately many republicans in the senate are fuming at trump but voting to convict trump would require that republicans on capitol hill do something publicly that they haven't been willing to do throughout all of the scandals and challenges of trump's last 4
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years that is upset a sizable fraction of trump's base by revolting against him. even if it's not ultimately successful do you fear that just the start of another impeachment process may trigger the sort of the violent scenes we've already seen. well i think that it's certainly going to reinforce political divisions that already exist and i think that there is legitimate concern that if trump is impeached then this will make him a martyr to the far right it worked further insight violence or a spate of social unrest and it will continue to create this aura around among his supporters that lead to the kind of incidents that we saw this week certainly all of that is part of a calculus among republicans when they decide whether to support this initiative or not let's talk about the calculus amongst democrats now though it seems everyone or
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most people not everyone is saying this is doomed to failure it won't pass through congress why then is nancy pelosi the democrats still trying to get an impeachment process rolling they were a very reluctant democrat leaders in the 1st impeachment process right where what's happened to all of this cautiousness not a lot of days as you pointed out left. it's a great point that nancy pelosi was very reluctant to go through with impeachment the 1st time around and if you saw what happened politically the result was that donald trump's approval numbers in the united states peculiar moderate republicans actually went up after impeachment rather than down so there is that political calculation but i think ultimately what democrats are thinking is twofold one is that there is symbolic importance to going forth with these proceedings they just feel like there needs to be accountability and then 2nd i think that they're looking at this from a broader historical perspective and so far as if the kind of activity that donald
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trump engaged in right now is an impeachable then what is so that goes to the issue of precedent that it sets for future administrations or an interesting point do you think the vice president is leaving the option of invoking amendment $25.00 open as some kind of safety valve on the whole from what i've seen some conflicting reports on this the latest seems to be that he isn't ruling any possibilities out simply because as you know it may be it may be a last safety valve but i think he would be very reluctant to do that you know up until this point all indications are that he just wants donald trump's time in office to naturally expire course he has his own political ambitions going forward pence does looking ahead to 2024 as a possible presidential contender he's in a very difficult spot there because of course if he is seen as revolting against
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the president that's going to hurt him with donald trump's base though remember that for sure but at the same time he doesn't want to totally alienated moderates and go along with this kind of behavior so he's kind of in a catch 22 to at the moment catch 22 number 25 see how and thanks so much tom a skiff that. thank you more than 50 people are now facing charges for taking part in storming capitol hill on wednesday they include jake and jelly who was seen wearing horns during the siege and this man is named as adam christian johnson who's photographed carrying speaker nancy pelosi his legs in from the house of representatives many of the rises posted images of themselves online the f.b.i. is asking for help to identify them. disturbing video continues to emerge including this one of crowds chanting hang
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mike pence shortly before the capitol hill attack vice president had put out a statement saying he would not block the ratification of president elect joe biden's election victory relations between pence and trump have since nosedive was more fallout on the social media front amazon is the latest tech company to suspend pala a platform popular among far right groups google has already banned the app from its play store and apple has warned it will do the same unless parlor removes extreme content it's sought in popularity among trump's supporters in recent months because posts are monitored so closely the u.s. is ending decades of restrictions on official contacts with taiwan secretary of state might pompei or says it's time to change rules that have been in place to appease beijing china views taiwan as its own territory and so the u.s. announcement is likely to increase tensions as the new administration prepares to
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take over in washington d.c. with all analyst either tangan joins us now live from beijing 1st of all how do you think beijing is likely to react to this u.s. move. well very quickly and very harshly they're only going to be tempered by the fact that they know this is a last ditch effort not by donald trump but actually by pompei o seems to be intense on putting up as many roadblocks as possible against biden doing anything and in essence creating political attack points he has his own presidential ambitions and he's trying to set the table for i'm glad you mentioned that point do you think beijing is likely to say that it's china that is being targeted here all perhaps the by the administration in the manner you mentioned well they might understand by an administration but the they don't they're not
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going to let this slide by taiwan is a and a mess it's a red line i don't know how else to put it crossing that you you are in fact risking war this is not something i mean this is taiwan is in the constitution as part of china and it's something that they will defend and they will go to court you know there have been times in the past when people countries you know underestimated china's resolve in the un 62 and of course in the in the fifty's in north korea this is not something that's up to the debate so you can expect some very very strong reaction and then they will be looking at biden to undo that otherwise they're going to be serious consequences and even more trouble between these 2 powers it's doubtful though that i don't want to continue this there's no it can't you treat him he has a different strategy toward china is only a few days left of the trumpet ministration don't trumpet seems as very distracted
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with domestic issues why do you think mike pump a.o. is so fixated on doing a move like this at the 11th hour is it ideology all. well yes it's part i mean he actually believes this stuff i mean he's he's he's an evangelical he believes that the end times literally the end of the world is coming that the u.s. will be the power of the defense god and that those who are not with us will be the enemies that you know the u.s. will be facing i mean so this is a kind of apocalyptic group idea but on the other hand he really believes that he should be president during this period of time that he should prepare the united states for war with his enemies and as a result there's part ideology ideology governed by his religion and part political ambition and they seem to be coinciding right now for him do you expect the by men
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ministration to continue this kind of upgrade income tax with taiwan and whatever else and pay a dozen the last days no i don't think so i think lincoln has made it very clear that they they mention that they adhere to one china policy this violates that and all but they also say they uphold the taiwan relations act which says that the u.s. can in essence provide the fence of. arms armaments to taiwan but i mean remember the whole strategy that biden has adopted is he wants to get together like minded countries across the world the democratic market driven economy is and convince them that they need to come out china on a multilateral basis not this kind of unilateral action that has been the hallmark of trump and is now being continued by pompei oh well trump is as you got it
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completely distracted all right thanks so much for your full sand analysis on that and the thang. i hear some of what's ahead in this news hour flight recorder is recovered from the wreckage of an indonesian passenger plane that crashed with more than 60 people on board 75 years after the 1st u.n. general assembly meeting we look at what's been accomplished and the challenges ahead and this n.b.a. coach speaks out is kobe 19 ravaged forced to play on story coming up later in the show steal. now bomb attack in afghanistan's capital has killed 3 people including the spokesman for the country's public protection force zia what than previously work for several afghan media networks attacks on journalists politicians and rights
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activists have increased despite peace talks between the government and taliban as yet no group has claimed responsibility. and rescue teams in indonesia have located a flight recorder from a passenger jet that crashed into the java sea body parts and plane wreckage you've also been retrieved the boeing 737500 with 62 people on board disappeared from radar screens minutes after takeoff on saturday. in the name of the government and indonesian people we would like to express our condolences on what has happened yesterday already instructed to transport minister in search and rescue agency to help with the search operation as quickly as possible. let's go live now to jessica washington she joins us from jakarta so jessica what are those search operations turning up. well sammy this is a huge effort involving chlorination from
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a number of agencies the indonesian military the innovation government of course the navy experienced search and rescue teams and of course experienced divers i just want to correct what you said earlier the black box has not yet been located here is what we just heard moments ago from the head of the engine asian military at the point of the crash has been located in the java sea a crane will be used to collect large debris buried around $23.00 made his deep on the sea that also includes parts of the tail of the aircraft but this still no clarification as to the location of the main body of the aircraft we also just heard from the head of the search and rescue team who did confirm that they are confident that they believe the signal that this sonar equipment has picked up is coming from the black box however they do not have an exact location for that as yet we would be at the port this morning where equipment was coming in where the
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debris was coming in as search rescue teams were continuing their operations we did see that debris coming in as it will now be examined further here in jakarta authorities have also requested that the relatives of those 62 individuals on board flight s j 18 to contact the national police hospital here in jakarta to assist with the process of identifying the victims we know that that process is under way and many of the relatives already assisting in that process. all right we'll leave it there thanks so much. at least 11 people have been killed in 2 landslides on indonesia's most populous island it happened in a village in the sunni dyeing district of west java province some rescuers were swept away as they searched for victims of an earlier landslide.
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the u.k. health secretary says britain is vaccinating 200000 people a day against cope with 19 matt hancock says opening mass vaccination centers this week the outbreak continues to surge and severe restrictions will likely be in place for another 3 months england's chief medical officer is warning the national health service is facing its most dangerous situation in living memory. let's go live now to ne fark rejoins us from london so naive the comments by the chief medical officer i mean do they indicate to worry that the public is not fully on board with the government's measures. i think there is a general concern that perhaps some of the definitions of key work or definitions of essential shops are being stretched a little bit and that perhaps some people have grown complacent that they know of
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course that if you wear a mask if you wash your hands if you made socially distance then that will protect you to some extent at least against coronavirus big given how quickly the new strain of the virus is spreading particularly here in london experts have repeatedly said that applying that all kind of logic the old way of dealing with the virus just simply will not cut it this time we need to go deeper we need to go further the government has announced that it will ramp up the testing of key workers so people that cannot work from home who are asymptomatic who may be inadvertently spreading the virus when they go out to work so we're talking about maybe transport workers or energy sector workers or even us journalists who are out on the streets reporting on this but arguably some others are saying the government needs to go even further to help people for instance to isolate if they get a message to on their track and trace app to isolate if they're living in
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a deprived part of london in a house share with lots of people where do they go if they want to isolate in some european countries are being provided with hotels so i could be the government could go further all right let's cross thing other side of the channel how grim are things looking on the rest of the european continent. well the big concern in the european union is about the spread of the new strain of the virus reaching nations nearest to the united kingdom so france and belgium belgium has reported a death toll of $20000.00 per capita. that is one of the worst affected countries anywhere in the world and the worry is now that given the strong links between belgium and the united kingdom that they could well be an escalation in cases of the british strain in the country before they've been able to get on top of the original strain of corona virus in france
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a few days ago at least the french authorities confirmed at least 10 cases of the british strain of the virus the authorities there saying that restrictions cannot be responding instead by saying that they are going to bring forward the 8 pm curfew that exists in the majority of the country forward by by 2 hours that's already the case in a number of areas that are where concerns are growing about the spread of the virus though there are some positive bits of news though italy has vaccinated more than half a 1000000 people within the e.u. at least that is the fastest rate of vaccinations the fasted fastest rate in which the doses are being administered at least 1st doses of the vaccines that need those 2 critical doses all right thanks so much need farka. pope francis has described opposition to the cove in 1000 vaccine as suicidal denial the leader of the roman catholic church says he'll be vaccinated next week he's urging others to do the
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same when they can vaccinate vatican city is home to 450 permanent residents and soon launched its own vaccination campaign. in china millions of people living in 2 cities south of beijing of been ordered to stay home for at least a week ching thai and. the capital of her bay province are on the lockdown authorities say 16000000 people have been tested in both cities canada's most populous province on tare it was recorded more than 3000 new infections every day for a week nearly 3500 cases were reported on saturday doug ford says the province is in crisis and is considering further measures that's on top of a region wide lockdown that's been in place since late december the discovery of a more infectious variant of the corona virus in latin america is raising alarm
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tough restrictions are in place large numbers of people are defying orders by traveling in attending parties daniel shriner reports from argentina's careful one aside us. this is not what medical experts had in mind with urging people to take measures to restrict the spread of the 2nd wave of recorded 19 pandemic beaches in rio de janeiro and elsewhere in brazil where infections top 8000000 now. there hasn't been any bare minimum planning and logistical organization for the establishment which feasible backs a nation plan brazil is at the end of the line and last for the start of a mass immunization program against kovan 1000 yes. there are similar tales of crowding on beaches in argentina and this video taken at the seaside party in. the thousands more people are preparing to escape hot in cramped cities to join a. lot during the 1st weekend of january at least mated about 55000 people will
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travel from the santiago metropolitan region which is the equivalent of about 2000 buses leaving our capital. however the number of deaths and infections continue to rise brazil still without a national vaccine program is one of the world's worst affected with 200000 dead. buried you are more educated just my obligation as a sister daughter niece is to put the names of my family forward so people can understand the risks of this disease and that no one is immune no matter your social class race or religion we are all a tricycle losing our lives from the disease. research is in brazil have many more confirm that the woman who contract the virus last may was really to reinfected with the soup of the real and south african strain. and in peru a massive national testing program is underway focused on the most vulnerable after
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scientists discovered the highly infectious strain of the virus 1st found in the u.k. tight travel restrictions have been imposed across latin america this is the scene in the colombian capital where 85 percent of hospital beds are occupied with cobbett 19 patients who are portly scope or 8 for the sake of life and health for all the people for the world for the country and for everything else. next a nation programs are underway across latin america but while many respect the restrictions to control the pandemic thousands more don't while the numbers of dead and dying continue to rise. here are one of cyrus. or returning to the pandemic benjamin netanyahu has had his 2nd dose of a corona virus vaccine says israel is on track to immunize all its adult citizens by the end of march the 1st dose has been administered to one in 5 people the
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highest ranks nation rate in the world palestinians are still waiting with no firm date yet on when their vaccines will arrive. much more to come including we bring you the latest from kyrgyzstan's presidential election where the front runner is an ex convict. children of going hungry and want to model the u.n. is warning chronic malnutrition is on the rise and it's for arsenal stay on target in their effort to retain the english f.a. cup. how high that what i'm pleased to say that smoke in spain is now starting to ease away we have still got some very cold weather following on behind so little area of low pressure here that's what was philomena brought the heavy snowfall in across
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the peninsula now the bad of cloud and right now add snow over towards italy and beyond further north things a good deal quite a bit a high pressure in charge and cool enough but somewhat drier than down towards the southwest signs of some of the wreck coming into northwestern parts of europe glasgow 9 degrees celsius will actually be warmer than rome right gets up to around 8 celsius it stays cold in madrid temperatures at around 3 degrees celsius but as you can see large the clear skies sparkling sunshine ice will be something to watch out for for the next couple of days because come choose day we will be lucky to get above freezing in madrid because some snow they're coming back in across the up southern parts of germany pushing over towards poland we still got temperatures getting up to around 7 celsius in london by this stage as that mild weather coming through heavy rain down towards greece pushing into that western side of turkey we got some wet weather today making its way across iraq over the next couple of days
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further south it is generally fine dry and sunny. al jazeera well it appears into the murky world of state sponsored spyware. and the discovery by al jazeera journalists that syria the technology stocks that smartphones their free system. is this the new frontier of espionage. think about the sophistication of exports to break in the fall this is as good as it gets. the spy in new york on out just there out. of one half scottish and half lebanese so diversity is really important to me and al-jazeera is the most diverse place i've ever worked we have so many different nationalities and this is a nice pull together in this one news organization and this diversity of
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perspectives is the flexes in our coverage giving a more accurate representation of the world we report on and that's a key strength of al-jazeera. the world. will come back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap the headlines u.s. democrats are moving ahead in an attempt to impeach president on transfer inciting violence to capitol hill at least 180 democrats are now co-sponsoring a resolution they plan to introduce it on monday vote possibly by wednesday the white house says it's lifting decades long restrictions on official contact with
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taiwan in a move to move which is sure rather to anger the chinese government this comes just before a visit by the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. . rescue workers in indonesia recovered wreckage of a passenger plane that went missing shortly after takeoff on saturday 62 people were on board the boeing 737500. sedan if you know pierre and egypt are expected to resume negotiations over a contentious than they've been as olds over the grand ethiopian renaissance dam since construction began 9 years ago it's been built on the blue nile that feeds into the river. here are the arguments from both sides ethiopia says the hydro power project is crucial to its economic development and will provide electricity for 70 percent of its population downstream sudan and egypt are worried the dam will affect the flow of the nile that's their main source of freshwater you
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theo here wants to fill the dance reservoirs in 5 to 7 years egypt has proposed 12 if and when agreements reached egypt and sudan say should be legally binding with 3rd party arbitration for disputes if you would prefer to settle between themselves or let's go live now to have a morgue and she's in sudan's capital khartoum so where does this round of talks look like it might be any more successful than previous ones. while sami over the past week sudan has been urging the african union and the. u.s. to mediators and observers to have a greater role and it's been asking if european and egypt for the same thing and it says it doesn't want a partial deal what it wants is a complete deal that is it doesn't want a deal that would settle differences over the 1st filling but not the permanent
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operation of the grant if you can renaissance dam of course talks have been going on virtually between the 3 sides sudan if you've been egypt since may last year it's been on and off they were not able to reach a deal especially when if you filled the dam last july without an agreement and it says that it doesn't want any deal between between egypt and sudan that it would reach if the talks are successful to be legally binding it says it doesn't want any deal that would hinder it as per their words previously from having any other operation or any other damn bills along the nile they say that this is their right and this is something that is needed for their development now sudan is quite concerned about the fact that he has filled that had begun the initial feeling of the dam last july without an agreement and that it will continue feeling the strain is he's and ask for the words of the if european minister of irrigation this rainy season especially if no deal is reached so sudan has been urging the african union and the u.s. mediators over service to have a greater or this is that's because they want the deal to be more binding and they
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want to make sure that any agreement that is settled in these round of talks to be conclusive and something that is very permanent and not something that would deal with a temporary filling now egypt and if you have been rejecting giving the observers and the mediators a greater role so right now these talks that is to just start in a few hours looks like it's going to be very crucial especially because sudan says it wants an agreement to be reached before the end of the month and before if you're starts filling the dam once again. the same time we've got mauricio peeling the foundation stone for another dam project in the holler region how controversial is that one. well right now sudan in ethiopia and egypt are not looking at that down but part of this talks part of the talks over the ground if you've been in a zones them includes addressing building more additional dams only if european side of the nile so right now sudan and egypt have not commented on that but
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they're trying to make sure that any future deal that is reached and any future agreement that they have or in the coming weeks that they have over the ground if you can realize on them addresses such issues issues of having additional dam projects built on the nile because they say that they're concerned about the amount of water that will come downstream so so far this meeting that is going on that's going to happen in a few hours and these round of talks that have been happening between sudan if you appear in egypt have been addressing the ground if you can read us on some specifically but you know it has been bringing up issues such as what should sudan and egypt do should if you appear build additional downs along the lyall or thanks so much of morgan their. voting is underway in kyrgyzstan presidential elections the front runner is a man who 3 months ago was serving a lengthy prison sentence for kidnapping so the lives of our of was freed from jail by supporters during protests over disputed parliamentary elections last october the results of that election were an old charles stratford reports from the capital
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bishkek. collier break works part time on a farm on the ground school. winter is especially hard for cuteness pharmacist kelly about his comfort in the man he's voting for in the presidential election will win and put an end to the corruption and political mismanagement q.b. stan has suffered since independence following the collapse of the soviet union really 30 years ago long term in the snows and more long term all bikers subject to power off lost his father his mother and son when he was in prison so he understands a hard life he's a sincere guy he has an open heart and he would do a lot for ordinary people compared to other politicians who say one thing but think and do another to power off as honest and with god's help he will be our leader there are at least 15 other candidates running in this presidential election but analysts say none of them have the level of support the souther to power off has in
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rural communities of kyrgyzstan a little those 3 months ago. was serving a jail term for kidnapping a crime he says he never committed because he wasn't in the country at the time it happened he was freed from prison by supporters in protests off the october was parliamentary election an election that was made invalid because of widespread allegations of vote buying. spoke to supporters on the last day of his presidential campaign in the summer he became the country's acting leader when both the prime minister and president resigned amid protests up to the failed parliamentary poll. he called for presidential elections before stepping down as per the constitution so he could run for president himself he describes himself as a cutest nationalist from a conservative ruled background. he was a member of parliament on the one of 3 presidents overthrown in revolutions over
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the last 30 years. despite his recent promises to crack down on corruption his critics say he's being soft on leaders of powerful criminal networks by offering them amnesty if they hand over stolen and laundered money to the state this is deplorable surrounded by supporters after they freed him from jail and stormed the parliament building in october he says what he described as kyrgyzstan's 10 year experiment with parliamentary democracy has failed yet that voters are being asked to choose between a parliamentary or presidential system in a referendum the departure of called for when he was acting prime minister opponents accuse him of planning to expand his own presidential power if he wins the election not that. this is bad for democracy the parliamentary system despite its flaws is still young and return to
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a presidential system will reduce the activity of political parties and young people's interest in participating in this country's political future. back at the farm is looking forward to the election he says the best chance of a better future for his young family is if saddam depart off wins. let's go live now to charles stratford so what is turnout look like so far. well sami a very low turnout certainly in bishkek the capital city we understand that turnout may have been higher in the rural areas that being because of as we mentioned in that report the level of support that the front runner has in this election. of course there are big concerns about the direction of democratic progress in this
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country has made in recent years the power of supposed insecurity of intimidation using his supporters to bully opposition opposition figures and activists in the run up to this election activists that we've spoken to have said that some of them have even received threats it's fair to say that there seems to be an almost sort of a cult like status of this man power off and along with questions by the opposition about disabling an intimidation there are also legal questions about his standing as being a candidate in this election centered around parliament let's not forget that the parliamentary poll that was held in october was made null and void because of the vote buying allegations that it was that parliament that basically voted for japan to become the interim leader of this country all through is free from job by protests and it was also that parliament the basically green light the holding of
1:41 pm
this referendum is also being held today that is giving people the choice of choosing between a parliamentary system the current system or a presidential one and the phase among par of scrutiny that a presidential system would eventually if he was to be president give him more power there are also concerns about criminality in this country powerful criminal gangs played a very big role it's believed in the vote buying during the last elections they have huge influence on the politics in the economy of care. and there are questions about your powers policy towards those individuals in those gangs going forward when he said that he would offer them amnesty if they handed back to the state what is believed to be hundreds of millions of dollars in stolen and laundered money so there are a whole host of questions surrounding this man it seems as if the $15.00 or so other candidates haven't really had much of
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a look and certainly their presence on billboards around the city around the capital bishkek is very small indeed we're expecting exit polls in around 3 to 4 hours from now as far as an official results that could take a least a couple of days but as i say analysts we've spoken to them just there is this general feeling that solidarity a part of his very much you know very strong position to win this election and by some margin i will come back to you in some of those numbers start coming out thanks so much chance transfer there now there's a parliamentary election in neighboring kazakstan president seemed takei or voted early and his party's expected to win easily their only registered opposition group is boycotting the vote they say the political system is rigged this is the 1st legislative election since the former president resigned in 2019 after nearly 3 decades in power. the un is warning that latin america's hunger crisis is getting
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even more critical especially in guatemala has one of the highest rates of chronic malnutrition in the region made worse by recent storms and pandemic john heilemann reports. this is santiago s.q.l. guatemalan health worker today is heading to the village of power in the east of the country as usual one of his big worries is that people there are not getting enough food. for years of drought large families and few jobs have all contributed to chronic malnutrition here in general what somalia has one of the highest rates in the world its 2015 survey found that almost half the country's children was stunted for lack of food. then developed thin underweight you see their ribs their faces are thin and sometimes parts of them swell up. but lately things have got even worse and not just because of the pandemic in november 2 massive storms hit watermelon quick succession ruining crops across the country.
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a wall of out of steam his house was destroyed along with her livestock and then as i did that then everything was lost i had 35 chickens and they're all gone corners well the france. her daughter has a female lost more her daughter's pneumonia worsened in the storms in the floodwaters meant they couldn't get to a health center to save her now she and her husband is struggling to feed the 4 children they have left. then. when my husband earns the money working in the fields we buy half a kilo of chicken for the children at least but when we don't have money it's just our tears insult because we can't buy more. it all helps to explain the anger felt when guatemala's congress passed a bill which among other things cut $25000000.00 destined to fight malnutrition the lawmakers did it even
1:45 pm
a storm waters flooded parts of the country. those funds were quickly restored but that didn't stop protests in the capital. it's a long way from the pub but the villages here know that the aftershocks of 2020 the going to reverberate into this coming year for them and their children john hohmann which is it or. 75 years ago delegates gathered in london for the 1st meeting of the united nations general assembly plants to celebrate the anniversary of been scaled back because of covert 19 a disease the u.n. chief says is the biggest test the world body has faced is up there for medicare to james face central hall where spencer was the 1st dozen for the meeting of representatives from the $51.00 united nations the united nations in session for the very 1st. meeting in london in 1946 there were 51 countries seated in the un general assembly now there are 193 in 1946 there were high
1:46 pm
hopes for the new organization after 2 world wars. now the world body is being tested again by the pandemic and many feel the un has failed that test because many of its members have been. fending for themselves rather than working together. 7 days after the 1st general assembly in a conference room in a church building nearby in london it was the turn of the other main body of the un in charge of maintaining international peace and security listening back to these recordings today the 1st word ever spoken in the security council seems particularly jarring gentleman all 11 ambassadors on the council the number of members was later increased to 15 in 1965 what all men they wouldn't have realized it at the time in 1946 but with the benefit of hindsight 75 years on we
1:47 pm
now know the world was drifting into what we now call the cold war it lasted for more than 40 years to rival military blocs mistrust which meant much of the work of the security council was paralyzed. that's because in the security council division means in action when the un was set up 5 nations the us russia china france and the u.k. were given permanent membership and the power of veto on any security council decision the solution is not care if they do negative favor of a permanent member the number of times the veto has been used has been increasing again in recent years those against marking increased tension between the u.s. and its allies on one side and china and russia on the other incoming u.s. president joe biden believes in the u.n. and international cooperation but he'll face a u.n. system with growing discord in
1:48 pm
a world where some see the united nations as increasingly irrelevant jamesburg days al-jazeera london. coming up in sports straight be a take control in sydney on a day marred by controversy as the full wrap of the cricket. frank assessments you've got colleagues on the ground in the canaries what is the situation there's only one doctor and when there's or when you do have an informed opinion as to how big this foreign policy in the early stages of a bind is fresh he comes into office with a huge about foreign policy experience in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines how will a place like it live get the vaccine when there's no money at all the rest of rich countries are fighting for an inside story on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. and. that. all right now food supplies uncovered 19 vaccines are being sent in convoys to parts of spain cut off by the heaviest snowfall in decades at least 4 people have
1:50 pm
died in the freezing weather charlotte ballasts reports it's provided some with a much needed distraction. after 23 months of restrictions the spaniards are embracing what nature throws at them. it's kind of weird we've never seen so much snow in madrid it's like a kid stream playing in the snow. storm filomena brought blizzard conditions to madrid. it turned roads into dance floors and streets and a ski runs this in front of madrid's prado museum a phenomenon well it's wonderful something you could never imagine spain's me here logical agency said it was the heaviest snowfall in madrid since 1991 meteorologists reported more than half a meter of snow in the capital police i'm so happy this is a spectacle of nature something unusually beautiful in madrid he. said you see it's
1:51 pm
been incredible i felt i had to go out and it's incredible i've never seen so much snow snow i mean everywhere the most magical prices in madrid covered in snow are having such a great time really i can't stop smiling. but the storm did cause mass travel disruption madrid's main international airport was closed as was much of its main. the military was mobilized to clear roads more than 600 will block the snow 1500 most respect trapped in their cars told trucks were of little help and the rescue. team is more or less for the civil guard among communal security forces have deployed in all their capacity to prevent this from affecting the prevention plans of the covert $1000.00 pandemic or the vaccination campaigns that communities are continuing the minister added that more of the pfizer vaccine is arriving on monday their evaluation the best way to make sure it can still be
1:52 pm
distributed on the frontline health workers for the conditions to reach work on saturday he said i am not saying i did a late night shift today i slept in a hospital bed i do not know if i have to stay tonight because there are people who cannot get here with coach at 19 spain has with a storm that few forecast. in madrid filomena is child's play charlotte bellus al-jazeera. let's catch up on the sports news with. sammy thank you so much alleged racial abuse has marred the australia india test match in sydney for a 2nd day running police had to take 6 spectators on day 4 after a fast bowler muhammad siraj complained that he received a racial girls gere's while fielding on the boundary on saturday's siraj along with a jasper he had already reported receiving taunts with india making official complaint cricket australia has apologised to the indian team and promised
1:53 pm
a full investigation. it is definitely more acceptable in this. war we've seen a lot. of the we want this must be done. we must make sure there's a. and the game at south australia have given themselves a great chance of winning they've set a victory target of 407 india will resume on the spinal day on 98 for 2 for the 1st time in australian open history qualifiers for tennis's 1st grand slam of the season are being held outside australia because of coronavirus restrictions the women's qualifiers are taking place in dubai wild have to capital is hosting the men's a limb unary rounds joanna geyser oscar is at the main tennis complex and joe wanted organizers decide to hold the qualifiers outside australia.
1:54 pm
will follow we're almost 12000 kilometers away from melbourne but as you can probably see in here behind me the australian open qualifier is all happening here in doha and as with so many things that have happened in the sports world in the last year it has to do with the current virus pandemic now australia has very strict travel restrictions on who and how many people they let in and they just didn't want 120 odd qualifies turning up the week before a grand slam and arriving in australia it would just be a logistical nightmare so in fact they've only got 16 qualifiers plus their stuff and 6 alternate they're actually allowed off to this qualifying process to board a flight from doha to melbourne and when they get there they will of the sea have to have quarantine you know it's been a very difficult one for the australian organizers to get their heads around and organize but they've done it really quickly and although we could have a strange situation with some australian players have had to travel from australia
1:55 pm
to come here to qualify for their own home grand slam in general when i spoke to one of the player is earlier they seem very happy with this arrangement. i think it has been a great global. position and that's why the nation. and the moment. i really think about what. we've. been buying or the. phone from the wrong the wall. here with the. old. and everything is that it's a really rigid. and you know why was cats are chosen as one of the qualifying that is. you know the other grand slams it really doesn't have time to rearrange that qualifies and they decided that because it was just going to be too difficult a lot of the qualifying tournament actually got cancelled but with the australian
1:56 pm
open push back 3 weeks while the government and the australian open officials were discussing quarantine arrangements it meant that the australian open officials were able to rearrange that qualifies and they chosen to have them here in cats and that's really because cats a has a certain form in hosting tournament's you know they're very good at hosting the fifa club the asian champions league which they held in the last few months and they have the hotels and the sporting facilities and now they're going to be hosting the fifa club world cup also in a bicycle bubble in the next few weeks ok joe thanks for that great we'll talk to you soon. titleholders arsenal are through to the round to rounds 4 of the english f.a. kept the london team scoring twice in extra time to be premier league rivals newcastle and you can as well did have their chances in this game andy carroll missing a couple of good opportunities a key moment coming up arsenal's anneli smith a row had a red card rescinded after the video's distant memory reviewed this challenge and
1:57 pm
it meant the 20 year old was still on the pitch score the goal to put arsenal ahead . a balmy and added in 2nd it from ish to male to us. now there are some strange scenes in the n.b.a. on sunday as the denver nuggets took on a coded 19 ravaged time the sixers in philadelphia 76 years were down to their last 7 players deals with injuries and a coronavirus outbreak denver made most of the situation. and jamal knowing it led to now gets 21152103 when 76 ers coach doc rivers said to me he thought the game should have taken. ok and that is all your support going out sammy back to you thanks so much father you can find much more on our website the address free there is just 0 don't call me that brings us the end of this news out but kim is back in just a couple of minutes with another 4 shows so do stay with us here and i'll just say
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just 0. the hillbilly a harmless caricature or a malicious label denying a people their culture to justify the exploitation of their natural resources that devoting haka thing has been so successful that even people in the region believe the stereotype then becomes dangerous it's only a region of trash so. why not trash it what's in a name hillbilly a witness documentary on al-jazeera. when the news breaks the impact of the storms in honduras has been particularly devastating when people need to be hurt no group has claimed responsibility for the shooting on the outskirts of srinagar in indian administered kashmir people here say they're living in fear al-jazeera has teams on the ground they never ate the sky for food back home we simply don't know if we can teach you to bring you more award winning documentaries
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and life on air and online. us democrats are ironing out the wording on what would be an unprecedented 2nd impeachment of president dog truck. can that al this is al jazeera live from don also coming up tawana hails a u.s. move to strengthen ties but it's not easy and get china as president elect joe biden prepares to take office. back speeches in brazil in defiance of warnings about steep corona virus infections contagious variants.


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