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as with $40000000000.00 as business and government come together to explore business and networking opportunities at the international exhibition boats to you by african export import bank and they prefer the i 80 s. 2021 transforming africa. u.s. president joe biden is expected to sign 10 executive orders on curbing the coronavirus pandemic 24 hours after being sworn in. the u.s. says it will now join the world health organizations callbacks project to deploy over $1000.00 vaccines around the world. are above us and this is obviously a live from doha also coming up at least 32 people are killed in twin suicide
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blasts at a market in the iraqi capital baghdad. the u.n. envoy calls on the security council for a substantial increase in peacekeeping operations in central african republic and made rebel attacks and a refugee crisis. there as president joe biden the vice president campbell harris have begun their 1st full day in office with the inaugural prayer service which has been held remotely a ceremony took place at the washington national cathedral but by this post is joined in from the white house after undoing some of the most controversial actions of its previous s.-a don't trump biden is set to announce another 10 executive orders on thursday that are focused on the coronavirus plan that. in another break for the trumpet ministrations controversial legacy antony function has announced that the u.s. will return to the world health organization and he says america will help fight
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coronavirus at home and abroad i am honored to announce that the united states will remain a member of the world health organization. yesterday president biden signed the letters retracting the previous administration's announcement soon withdraw from the organization the united states stands ready to work in partnership and solidarity to support the international coal 'd 1000 response can ask a lot of talent fresh air in washington d.c. so i'm missing a raft of new executive orders still putting code front and center of this administration. something that joe biden flagged up during the transition that he would have theme days in the 1st 10 days in the white house this day was always going to be about covert and what they can do to combat the virus they've came up
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with an action national action plan and included in that 10 executive orders that will be signed by joe biden to try and speed up the distribution of the vaccine he wants 100000000 vaccines out into the community in the 1st 100 days that's 1000000 a day it's a big ask and he realizes that that's why he's saying that there should be a concentration on making sure that people have the passionate protection gear to get the vaccines and katty what needs to be done getting syringes things like that that's all very important as well he says that across the federal government if there is a problem in obtaining this through normal production methods then they should invoke the defense production act which would mean imagine say production being targeted towards the federal government and making sure they can carry out the operation also talking about improving safety in school so they can get them open quickly as well so big steps for joe biden he sees this as an important plank of
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what he promised during the campaign he realizes that the capacity might be slightly more difficult than he expected because according to administration officials they've walked 10 and there is no plan for distribution. the vaccine 16000000 doses have been distributed at the moment with the trumpet ministration saying there would be 50000000 by the end of the month you know i think that's unlikely simply because the logistics don't exist to get them into the country joe biden already pointing to logistics experts to his coronavirus task force so he hopes that that might speed up the process but they say they are surprised that there wasn't a more comprehensive plan put in place by the trump administration operation warp speed perhaps not firing on all cylinders there's also going to be a covert concentration on friday but that will be on the economic fallout and what the biden and ministration can do to help but certainly on thursday the fox filled
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in the office it's all about covert covert covert allen thanks very much on a fresh air in washington d.c. for us house speaker nancy pelosi has used her 1st public address since president biden's inauguration to discuss donald trump's impeachment trial for more on this let's go to shihab rattansi at capitol hill this is an interesting wasn't isn't it because joe biden and his team were quite keen to dream focus attention away from the impeachment so it wasn't a distraction to all the work that they said they were trying to do in the 1st 100 days and of course this is. speaker nancy pelosi bringing attention right back to the impeachment. but it's clear there from what nancy pelosi said that many of the issues surrounding the impeachment trial as far as the senate is concerned have not been sorted out she said that the house is ready to send over the articles of impeachment once she does that though the rules are clear that the trial has to begin at 1 o'clock pm the following day unless it's
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a sunday so the rules have to be put in place 1st and she seemed to say look the senate is still wrestling over various questions that we have heard over the last few days those questions were who will preside over the trial of a former president how much evidence will be introduced will there be witnesses can congress conduct legislative business is business in the morning and clearly though by did ministration wants to get its nomination sorted out at once it's not just of agenda to be discussed and passed can they do that in the morning and have the trial in the afternoon a lot of these questions still haven't been worked out in addition we understand that was not clear who will defend donald trump donald trump hasn't put together a defense team yet so pelosi says that they are ready to send it over once these issues all sorted out but she is very clear there will be a peaceful trial there has to be an impeachment trial he roused the troops he urged them on to fight like hell he sent them on their way to the capitol he
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called upon lawlessness he showed a path to the capitol and the lawlessness took place and that's going to be telling you when it is going but it what we had we had to wait at the pleasure of the senate to be in fashion they've now informed us they're ready to receive the question is are there questions about how a trial will proceed but we are we are ready. there is a very good both republicans and democrats want to get this done quickly and we had reports this morning that there was some discussion about having a 3 day trial that the argument is that unlike the previous impeachment trial of donald trump there's not the need for reams of evidence and witnesses because many of the whip witnesses who's who whose testimony you need are the senators and the
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members of the house themselves who are in congress when the mob attacked so there's not that need for enormous deliberations they were there they know exactly what happened so there is a sense that this could be a very expedited process when it happens it's very much indeed shihab rattansi capitol hill. these 32 people have been killed and more than 100 have been injured in twin suicide bombings in the iraqi capital it happened in a market in central baghdad it's the most violent incident there in 3 years now is claimed responsibility for the attack but the government is blaming myself alexy o'brien reports. the market in baghdad's tire on square was packed with people making the most of a sunny winter's day. and we were there by the stands one man came to the ground started complaining about my stomach is hurting and he pressed the detonator in his hand exploded immediately people were torn to pieces a lot of people died and were injured. the interior ministry says that as more
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people flocked around the victims the 2nd bomb went off. it's the deadliest attack in central baghdad since january 28th saying it also happened in tire on square similar bombings were commonplace in the capital in the early 2000 after the u.s. led invasion and later as isis influence group across the country but after the government declared eisel defeated in 2017 such attacks became rare we need to bring you. into an enormous bill bringing new ideas. and your expression of the many important. what were your rights you know are huge event or how. moment. was just a few blocks from thailand is tahrir square the same turf more than a year of anti-government protests demanding security more opportunities and less
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foreign interference the protesters also want elections which have been postponed to october analysts say several groups could benefit from thursday's bombings we witnessed a continuous and a very prominent rhetoric from a lot of politicians and a lot of militia leaders that continues the war in iraq in one way or another and directly in this movement that the government will only be 2 nations that would remind us who the isis. the blasts come just awake. after the u.s. confirmed it it cost its troop levels in iraq to just $2500.00 the lowest levels in nearly 2 decades but just this week iraq seemed extra soldiers to its border with syria and a town north of baghdad where i still still has a presence. security now also stepped up and baghdad to
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prevent any more attacks elixir brian al jazeera. and someone of holton has been following events in baghdad. we're here at the side of the incident in baghdad central square disses the market where the bombs went off earlier on thursday on the floor we can see burnt pieces of clothing there is also quite a bit of blood that is still spilled which we're not showing you because it may be too graphic and people here are still very much in shock they can't believe that science such incidents could once again return to baghdad which has been relatively stable and peaceful since 2017 since eisel was officially defeated now many believe although there is not official claim of responsibility it is that these a tag bears the hallmarks of i saw what appears to have happened is that the 1st suicide bomber famed sickness to attract people to wards him to help him and after
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the 1st bomb went off and people gathered to help the wounded that's when the 2nd suicide bomber heads now you can see right now that many of the shops here are closed security forces have told people to stay home to disperse in case there would be further attacks but normally this area will be extremely busy it will be bustling with people doing their shopping at this time of the day and many people that i've spoken to they are very fearful that this incident could perhaps mark the return of such suicide bombings to talk about the return of instability it's only been a few years since life has really returned to normal in the capital with people once again going about their daily lives about having to worry about explosion we've seen concrete walls that surrounded buildings to protect them from from such blasts come down again revealing really the city and some of its architectural heritage so there there is quite a lot of shock there is quite
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a lot of fear about what this incident means for the broader stability of the city but of course we have to wait. what the investigations will reveal we have to still wait for the official claim of responsibility. mr head and al-jazeera are left out in the cold the days of snow and torrential rain leaves thousands of syrian refugees without shelter. and europe makes plans to phase out fuel burning cars but county will taint its technological independence. for the perfect jenny. sponsored plan qatar airways however we're seeing some rather wets and windy at a time when she weather pushing across northern parts of the middle east recently we've had since snow pushing in across the levant easing across northern parts of
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syria and iraq pushing across iran now making its way towards afghanistan through turkmenistan dry weather coming back in behind to the south that will see temperatures here in struggling over the next couple of days 2021 celsius with that cane blowing through the gulf lifted dust and sand so visibility problems they can expect that until we get into the 2nd half of the weekend south of that generate dry plenty of sunshine coming through that sunshine stretches across the whole of africa we've got the showers rumbling away across the rift valley central parts of africa i mrs showers heavy spells of rain pushing across northern parts of madagascar recently. elouise has brought some flooding into the north of madagascar and it's now gathering strength once again the winds picking up as it pushes through the warm waters of the mozambique channel as we go through friday central parts of mozambique and expect to see some very heavy rainfall coming through that wet weather will slide its way further south which as we go on through sas they
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need into sunday gradually pushing into the far north east of south africa. qatar airways it's the biggest sport. a truly global game. and it doesn't end at the final whistle. in a new series al-jazeera uncovers the passion the rivalries and the politics at play . because beyond the pitch that beautiful game is a way of life. the fans who make football coming soon on al-jazeera. if.
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you want to see are a reminder of our top stories this hour u.s. president joe biden is set to announce another 10 executive orders on wednesday that are focused on the coronavirus pandemic biden and vice president coming to harris began their 1st full day in office with the inaugural prayer service which was held remotely. u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi says she doesn't think donald trump's looming impeachment trial will detract from president biden's calls for unity lucy says the article of impeachment he will be sent to the senate soon. at least 32 people have been killed and dozens have been wounded in twin suicide attacks in iraq's capital explosions happened in a central baghdad market suicide attacks have become rare in the city the last one happened in 2019. dozens of syrian families living in refugee camps in have lost their shelter after days of torrential rain and snow aid groups and
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are working to rebuild and protect their homes from floods cover 90 is also spreading through the camps the refugees are more vulnerable to the virus because they're forced to live in close proximity join the winter all right i mean is senior communications adviser and spokesperson for middle east and north africa u.n.h.c.r. she's joining us now by skype good to have you with us on al-jazeera rula how bad are things there. they're very bad they're very bad because these people have been displaced for years now that are about 2700000 syrians who are displaced in that our country and many of them have been displaced as i said multiple times moving from one shelter to another they're living in a cold it's clinton there is many of the i mean you all of the. camps that they're not actually cats they are random informal settlements that these id peace we call the light is turned into space people because they are still on syrian lamp so they move into them in clusters of families and many times
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without any infrastructure there's not range and these we have been almost everywhere having these situations where tough luck great can store actual rains flooding the area becomes so bloody the roads are closed even for humanitarian actors who are on the ground agencies who are trying to reach these families with assistance it's hard to get there what we know so far is that at least 21900 people have been affected by this latest storm about 1301300 tents have been destroyed almost double that number of shelters had been badly damaged but this doesn't really tell the picture because i said you know these rains and floods they come they sweep into these tents they take and destroy whatever little the spirit span is possessed and it's very hard for them to protect themselves against the snow against the displacement against the weather against
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the subzero temperatures and they're looking for help they need support in every. at every juncture we have to remember this storm making all the end the sun today is out there but the temperatures are still very cool but we're not we're there is still at the beginning and we anticipate more storms and we're suffering. more concerning is it organizations like yours that these people seem to find themselves essentially. they moved off the world's attention and replaced by the situation in yemen the situation as we were talking earlier about the central african republic it seems as though these people who have been in these situations for a very long time and not getting the attention from the world that they should be. it's true they're not getting enough attention they're not getting enough support but i think most important is that they need our fun. but i'm present. to that and that can only happen when he comes together and find
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a political solution to the conflicts conflicts this is major fundamental and the most important part to find a resolution and some comfort to these families in 2 months it will be 10 years on the start of the syrian conflict you have people who are displaced inside syria for now and then after 10 years you still have about 6700000 people who are still displaced inside the country more than 5500000 refugees around in the countries neighboring syria a lot of people who have been good at out of their homes and they're still suffering we're getting percent kind of resolution a long term solution to their. displacement and most important they're looking for a future for their who are their children i mean some of these children and we're born in this place then they're 10 years old some were 10 years old now they're 20 and what kind of education that they get what kind of future is awaiting them and what kind of future is awaiting syria at large when you have this whole population
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about 11000000 people who are now living in their answer which means they're living in not more generous situations away from sort of their social safety net most of the time struggling to me to find a jar struggling to be able to get food on the table they don't have enough services not in our hospitals when they're inside or outside not enough quality education that that can't grant these children or give them some but that they will have a future one day at least i think this is a meijer it's a meijer issue that needs to be addressed and the ali fundamental resolution and way to resolve this is to find a political settlement to end the conflict and for these people to start rebuilding their lives in a thanks very much and a durable ameena from the u.n. h.c.r. . well really i was just talking about the situation in central african republic and let's move on to that the u.n.
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envoy to the central african republic is calling for a substantial increase in peacekeeping operations mancow and they made the appeal at a u.n. security council meeting following a wave of violent attacks by rebel groups operating in the country on monday 2 un peacekeepers were killed after their convoy was ambushed chris is certainly has the latest from the united nations. we're hearing from council members bribe support for the. recently reelected president we're hearing support for more resources to go to menu sky just before the election the security council authorizes 2 units of troops from another mission to go to the central african republic in a couple of helicopters. the head of the mission is asking for even more help because he says the country is so large and right now there are other eyes at about 15000 troops he said it's just not enough to cover the entire country and secure
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the entire country even working with the country's military we've also heard some talk about lifting the arms embargo there that's something that the government has been in favor of it's something that china and russia are are pushing for and there seems to be some support among council members to move in that direction france in particular the pan holder the central african republic did say that it was worth discussing and considering but the united states raised some concerns on that saying that there's a lot of reports of defections in the central african republic military that there needs to be more accountability on the part of the government before the international community gives carte blanche to lift the arms embargo everyone is hampering efforts to get aid to survivors of a powerful earthquake on indonesia's sort of ways the island thousands in the cities of most any and who are displaced but people in affected villages say help
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has been concentrated in the sitting centers and those on the outskirts of struggling jessica washington has will from jakarta. an island of soon see these villages the trying to shelter under simple to poland's after their homes were destroyed by the $6.00 magnitude earthquake and the sri is worried they running out of a city. to survive just by we need milk and baby food you see the conditions the poor children these are not conditions for children makeshift camps like this one have sprung up around westaway see that authorities are struggling to get aid to all of them. closer to the city center evacuation centers are better resourced president joko widodo visited one this week and pledged support for the affected areas. as for the collapsed houses the government will provide help for those that were heavily damaged. but some were not reassured by the president's
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words rebuilding the city is not the priority for many as they scramble for food and clean water and. we are lacking clean water diapers milk and blankets it is so cold here during the night local n.g.o.s and workers from government agencies say the heavy rain and challenging geography of the area makes it difficult to access some communities far from the city center oh. that was the 1st we need more tents for them the weather is so unpredictable sometimes it rains sometimes it's really hot and at night the wind is so strong and cold. indonesia's disaster management agency is working with hundreds of military personnel and volunteers to reach these makeshift shelters in remote areas or me. or together with the police and military we are delivering aid to those isolated
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places with helicopters to the places we haven't reached yet we are using heavy machinery to open access to deliver the aid it takes time but we are trying our best. and covered 900 travel restrictions have only added to complications on the ground with fewer volunteers a bailable to help out just 2 weeks into 2021 into me if that is battling multiple natural disasters. country meteorologist. lost until the end of february and has the potential to rain even more having just the washington al-jazeera. that is 5 people have died in india after a fire broke out of the world's largest vaccine manufacturer the building was under construction and being erected to boost manufacturing of covert 19 vaccines serum institute of india has been constructed to manufacture a 1000000000 doses of the astra zeneca oxford university vaccine the company says production won't be affected schools universities in portugal will close
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for 15 days from friday is the government to ramp up efforts to slow the spread of covert 19 parents of school age children will get government support to stay home hospitals have become overwhelmed by record numbers of seriously ill coronavirus patients a more contagious variant of the virus is believed to be responsible for the surge in cases. the demand for electric vehicles is booming worldwide the governments in europe are making plans to phase out fuel burning cars but there are warnings that the continent's economy risks falling behind if it allows asia to dominate the development and sale of batteries reports from gothenburg. further faster cheaper and greener demand for electric cars is rising and so are the demands placed on the the swedish chinese pollstar to is one of the latest vehicles trying to tempt drivers away from petrol diesel why is this
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a cyclic time for the electric cars because it's finally happening because finally not nice anymore the other aspect whole can you still at all think that the combustion engine oriented car has a future proof business pole star is a joint european asian vehicle made by valvo and their chinese owners but the emerging electric industry is about intense intercontinental competition as well as collaboration. cars like this are developing extremely rapidly as engineers try to match the speed and range of petrol driven very coals and whoever makes the biggest leap forward now is likely to win the race to dominate the transport industry of the future. in europe that race is being run from here the laboratory in uppsala north of stockholm because when it comes to electric cars the advantage is all about the battery like this the lab is the standard bearer for the battery 2030
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plus project the consonance bit to take back some of asia's dominance in the development and sale of electric batteries the europe wide group is led by chemistry professor christina edstrom we need to snake defining a new much here's a new back to calls to help europe in the hard competition with asia they're good and show doing new tricks in factories if we want to have industry in europe we need to catch up. there is a lot of catching up to do you factories for the current generation of lithium ion batteries are being built in sweden and germany but europe makes just 3 percent of car batteries globally while asia led by china japan and south korea produces 85 percent to change that europe needs to find a battery that provides great to mileage charges faster and relies less on the damaging effect of mining from mineral such as cobalt the problem with the fact is today they don't hold enough energy in that container we want to make it back to
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something and we need to understand what's going on really fundamentally to mystic level that could be the ace up europe sleeve the world's most powerful neutron source a kind of x. ray for atoms is also nearing completion in sweden in time to join the hunt for a new car battery a breakthrough will be needed to stop asia putting the rest of the world in its readdy vera for good paul reese al-jazeera gothenburg sweden. and this is al-jazeera these are the top stories u.s. president joe biden is set to announce another 10 executive orders on biden's day that are focused on the coronavirus pandemic include mandating that mosques need to be worn on public transport and at airports u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi says she doesn't think donald trump's looming impeachment trial will detract from president biden's call.


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