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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 26, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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ranging from infrastructure to health and education. these initiatives ultimately help to eradicate poverty. and promote sustainable development. this is al-jazeera. hello again i'm adrian for the get this is that live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes 100000 people have now died due to the pandemic in the united kingdom as the government there grapples with new strains of the virus. the u.s. senate confirms veteran diplomat antony blinken is that he was secretary of state in the by the ministration. india's
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protesting farmers stormed the historic red for said you delhi as they march against the governments do agricultural. and almost 10 years of conflict a plummeting currency and a rising food shortage syrian families turn to scavenging landfills to survive. and in sports playing test cricket in pakistan for the 1st time since 2714 wickets falling on the opening day of the 1st test in karachi. so we begin with breaking news out of the u.k. where more than 100000 people have died from covert 19 it's the highest number of deaths in europe britain's recorded around 3600000 infections and officials are still struggling to contain the outbreak. on this day i should just really
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repeat that i am deeply sorry for every life that has been lost and of course as good as i was prime minister i take full responsibility for everything that the government to has done what i can tell you is that we truly did everything we could and continue to do everything that we can to minimize loss of life and to minimize suffering in what has been a very very difficult. stage very very difficult crisis for our country. lived out of bradford in the north of england i was it was after simmons is at the start of the pandemic the u.k.'s chief scientist was saying that $20000.00 deaths would be a good result and now today the u.k. passes this grim milestone entry. yes it's a shock even though many had already known that we would get to this point the
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level of infection rises and the growing number of deaths which of chips some want this past week but but they're still colossal and everyone was expecting 100000 to be that statistic that really gets into the under the skin of so many people because now they're trying to visualize the enormity of that number as you say 20000 a good result that not only offended a lot of grieving people at that sawing but it's now well it's a fraction of what this country is facing now the highest number dead in your from the coded far as the prime minister extended his apologise he sounded heartfelt to doing so but when pressured on the stakes that have been made in angling this pandemic in the u.k. he said we did what we cood and that probably won't be enough to.
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greedy calm down those who feel he was too late every step of the way in taking action he was behind the curve and back in march when kobe derived in your he was borrowing we didn't even attend cobra meetings that was the crisis meetings head of the virus arriving but some would forgiven for a false starts out sorry i say a slow start but what happened later ignoring scientific advice. to go with a 2nd far as it was called and then on the 3rd lockdown delaying by also 2 to 3 weeks late and also having a break for christmas when the virus was rampant he had to do a u. turn and sure but nevertheless that's one of the main reasons the increase came in the new year along with these new variants but to the u.k.
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new variant he was even late the coding to scientists in coming down up to a new variant was discovered so this situation is pretty appalling there will be an inquiry at some stage there are demands by many people about inquiry should stop now effectively but like now really the time is for reflection. after with one 100000 deaths more than 3 and a half 1000000 infections there in the u.k. there must be hardly a family in the u.k. that hasn't been touched by this pandemic. that's a point that is on everyone's mind most people now know of a friend or relative who's had covert speaking around here in bradford which is one of the worst hit areas in the north of england along with leeds and yorkshire liverpool manchester speaking around and speaking to some of the bereaved they feel
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pretty angry some of them and also feel isolated in their grief they they don't feel they're able to reach out in a way that they would do under other circumstances many people in this lockdown not being able to go to a relative's house to cry on a shoulder or to engage with friends is it a social situation and also feeling that they've been let down by the government in terms of. time off from work those that are going to work for instance and also grief counseling a lot of people are getting the situation in bradford. it's quite back. all over the u.k. the enormity of what's happening is sometimes hard to absorb and. the health service is overloaded to near breaking point many hospitals have no more room left for the dead vast temporary mortuary has been set up and now there's
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a landmark figure 100000 dead no one in our worst nightmares and to supposed to that would be 10 months into the pandemic with such a high loss of life. this is bradford there are high levels of deprivation poor housing and ethnic minorities living close together here cove it has struck these communities hard and this muslim cemetery is where many of the dead are buried the grave digging is relentless and they're running out of space coated has frozen painful moments like this in the minds and hearts of too many people brothers fathers mothers daughters sons taken by the virus and the numbers increase remorselessly. 100000 lives lost and how many more to come the scale of this ongoing disaster can be measured in so many tragic ways the crowded
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graveyards and the challenge of trying to visualize how many lives have been lost as the counting of those who have died continues a look at the u.k.'s biggest football stadium wembley can help convert those to to sticks into some sort of scaled imagine every seat here is one last life and even with the stadium full it would fall $10000.00 short of the total just as hard to visualize is the number of those in mourning charities that arrange counseling estimate the number of bereaved at more than half a 1000000 and we're worried that that's the silent crisis going on behind closed doors mary curie and end of life charities says lockdowns mean many of the bereaved aren't getting help those people are isolated so dealing with complex difficult the
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reason and that they might not be getting the support they need surely would gallagher's father died alone she's shielding because of a health condition and couldn't go to the funeral instead she was given protective clothing and allowed just a few minutes beside her father's body rituals we have around funeral my. new lives catherine ashton and are all taken from us not. so. around 100000 need to be back. in bradford darkness doesn't stop the burials the global spread of covert carries with it a 2nd pandemic mass grief. one thing that has helped some with their grief is the assurance from the prime minister that there will be some commemoration that there will be some marked to respect for all the dead all the heroes you referred to from the front line that
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was something that many people feel they needed to hear because certainly a mary clearly a charity the end of life a charity you heard from in that report they were wanting some announcement of a national day of remembrance remember that the number 100000. exceeds height by quite some extent but the civilian deaths in the 2nd world war so as i said earlier she's trying to visualize that number 100000 is is incredibly difficult so mass grief as i referred to and a time of reflection but the government is saying 6800000 doses of the vaccine is it is a really really positive way forward that's going to be on target it seems on some
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level of hope but it's going to get worse before it gets better. al-jazeera is anderson's reporting live from bradford in northern england many thanks indeed under what sun appears it is lead at university college london is global citizenship program on outbreaks of infectious diseases she joins us now live via skype from london good to have you with us acts on a prime minister johnston said in that press conference hour or so ago i take full responsibility for everything that the government has done we truly did everything we could and continue to do everything we can to minimize loss of life and to minimize suffering but has it how much of the blame for the worst death toll in europe must the british government shoulder. well the government's 1st error was seeing that the modeling would follow a pattern more like flu so they they didn't proceed with the test and traces didn't that was punctuality and bad year all together march however we did not hear
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a firm professor chris moody admission to this in terms of lessons learned professor berry has seen malo had highlighted lessons around he checked innocent masks and the rule isn't a magic transmission has to break but ernie he also says that we should expect more deaths. on top of this extremely tragic milestone or 100000 which is again given that the u.k. has internationally didn't use prior to this is a leading expert in outbreaks of disease and actually taking it to consult other countries dealing with things like ebola and etc now unexpectedly he to be essentially the worst performer in this endemic and again her. reason this has occurred but what we need to do is continue to look forward and one of the things we didn't hear out of cities press conference was any structure border
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measures despite the fact that pm boris johnson had said this virus words looking still as though this lesson around ensure intern's mission experience which has largely been the driver. i guess to. extending to the way i was a bit surprised to not hear about this measure is now not yet at least being taken with the presence of the border closures with the virus running rampant as it is through the u.k. at the moment with that being if if tougher restrictions are introduced on travelers entering the u.k. a bit like shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. well this isn't to see that analogy doesn't take into consideration the various so what the reason we want to be more strict about controlling the reason that new zealand is still not going to open its borders for the remainder tightening money is the threat of new
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variants that have higher amounts of transmissibility and it appears the evidence of even more culling higher rates of mortality is well so while we have to do more to control of course community transmission within the u.k. we should be taking much more advantage of the fact that the u.k. is an island and the measures that could have been in prison so has an influence has to job in terms of ensuring that it's still allowing travellers then but having . seen research in his last test is there an element in the summer would have been required to get that virus your mission way down low only for it to be reintroduced in july and that's your period and i was going i was going to say all of this begs the question why was this done a year ago or at least it in the summer not only with with travel restrictions but things like ensuring that you have a fully functioning test and a tray system in place and that lock downs
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a proper lock downs instead of leaky ones like the u.k. seems to have a bit. and also lockdowns are sort of the last resort if you hound them all measures so for us in the laser the able to do this very well in terms of ensuring that it's a after shorter period of more strict restrictions that you can move to more mix model but it's contingent on being able to have a very were best tested traces and there has been 0 admission from the government that not only have they spent an enormous amount of cons in trying to get this off the ground after wasting so much time to be in whether it would be useful or not when they finally did it still we're a year later and still there are problems in contact particularly because our transmission has just so high that it was no longer particularly useful so i think that admission was tiring as new from today's briefing members have
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a pretty good store to get upset about effects data out of physics and a lot of. this is that he was on from al-jazeera still to come on the program we'll tell you why iran says the u.s. should recommit to the 2050 nuclear deal before it's too late. it's early plunges into a political uncertainty as the prime minister resigns after losing his senate majority over his handling of the pandemic. and later in sports a year on from the death of kobe bryant's bron james produces a fitting tribute. the u.s. senate has confirmed anthony blinken as the new secretary of state the longtime adviser to president joe biden was approved by a vote of 78 to 22 senior republicans who endorsed lincoln included marco rubio and
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lindsey graham al jazeera joe castro is with us now live on capitol hill in washington d.c. tell us more than about lincoln's approval. adrian this confirmation came as no surprise given that members of both parties had lavished praise on lincoln following his confirmation hearing performance including as you mentioned lindsey graham republican who is a strong trump ally saying that lincoln was an outstanding choice as u.s. secretary of state during that confirmation hearing a week ago lincoln very out really navigated the questioning he refused to be lured into making any controversial statements and in the foreign policy positions that he staked out those were acceptable to both parties that includes the u.s. stance toward china which blinken says is the greatest threats among nations to the u.s. he said the u.s. must approach that relationship from
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a position of strength he said that he agreed with trump ministrations efforts to be tough on china and he just did not agree with the way that it was what about enforcing those policies. now as far as the relationship with iran that is something that blinken will certainly face he reiterated the president biden's commitment to re entering the nuclear war with iran but he said that would not be easy would not be around the corner and on saudi arabia he said that the u.s. would stop selling arms to that nation and its in its war that it's leading against in yemen and that by the administration would quickly reconsider the recent designation of who the rebels as a terrorist organization so again the final vote in confirming blinken as biden secretary of state is 78 to 22 wide margin supported by bipartisanship of course this obviously weighs in with the articles of impeachment against for
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president trying to reach the senate. being debated we're hearing that 2 republican senate so this is. on the floor against the. that's right and this is before we were even scheduled to really hear any of these arguments laid out because in about an hour or two's time that's when the senators will be sworn in as the jurors in former president trump's impeachment trial but already just on the heels of the blinken confirmation vote we heard 2 republicans speaking on the floor really laying out the arguments that senate republicans have against this impeachment one of them rand paul he is arguing that this impeachment is unconstitutional to begin with because trump is a former president and paul says that makes him now a private citizen he also argues that trump did nothing wrong essentially he quoted the president during the rally that in that preceded the riot here on capitol hill
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in january 6 choosing words that trump did utter peaceful he said he did it to be peaceful and patriotic while ignoring the rest of the speech that asked for supporters to march upon the capitol and fight. and he also said that if that sort of rhetoric is impeachable and not protected by political speech in the constitution he said that democrats would be guilty of doing the same using similar rhetoric in other instances and then we also heard an arguments from ron johnson the senator from wisconsin another republican who summed up the other argument that senate republicans are using which is that this would be to visit for the country he said that it would be wise not to put the former president on trial. reporting live from capitol hill for the many thanks george. in india tens of thousands of farmers travel to the nation's capital new delhi in the biggest
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show of strength yet against the government they breached the historic red force just hours after a large military and cultural parade was held to mark india's republic day farmers have been demonstrating for months against new agricultural laws which they say will destroy their livelihoods and favor large businesses. reports. he. was frustrated and angry thousands of farmers occupy india's most prominent landmark the iconic red fort blocking highways and roads. they say new agricultural laws being introduced by the government will devastate their livelihoods and favor large companies. what began as protests months ago has turned into a movement with farmers marching into the center of india's capital i in the outskirts of new delhi police fired tear gas when
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a group of farmers breached security barricades with their tractors. that we had designated routes for protesters many follow the orders but others hold stones at police vandalized barricades and tried to run a sort of. the demonstrations coincide with india's republic day as farmers rallied nearby this. is what another side of the capitol looks like a festive display of the country's cultural diversity and military strength is the better you. feel the entire country watches delhi on republic day so when the farmers roll the tractors into delhi in the message goes out at the farmers fight is not yet over it's just started we are fighting for our rights by entering the city. opposition just 3 agricultural loss passed in november is challenging the authority of prime minister narendra modi. the reforms will be lax rules on the sale price and storage of farm produce the government says the changes will boost
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incomes and private investments but farmers insist they are an invitation for conglomerates to take over agriculture in india if. the government has passed these laws without any discussions without any thought they just imposed them. about half of india. 1.3000000000 people work in agriculture the government's offer to delay the new mosque for 18 months has been rejected by farmers. they say they will continue protesting until the last are fully repeal katia locus of a yawn how does a. ugandan opposition leader bobby wine says that the police siege on his home was a form of torture it but not a house arrest since the presidential election 12 days ago why in claims was one fortunately security forces about lifted the blockade after an order from the high
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court whiners promising to bring down president yarima 70 through peaceful means within a year the law provides for the people of uganda to stand for the our rights and we encourage them to stand against one thread to link results that were read by me about come up with 70 should not be president of uganda and we encourage the people of uganda to use all really go and or nonviolent means and ideas that they have to free themselves from the most 78 didn't she says catherine sawyer is following developments from nairobi from kenya's capital nairobi. this press conference was held in his home after the police and soldiers while withdrawn in compliance to the court order issued yesterday and basically he reiterated that he has overwhelming evidence of widespread rigged
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a widespread irregularities including rigging he did not provide this evidence but he said that he's part of the national unity platform is considering the option of going to court even if they do not trust the system and don't trust the judges will give him a fair hearing then he went ahead to call on ugandans to use every means nonviolent means legal means to free themselves this will likely upset many government officials and president yoweri with 70 has also spoken about the election he was speaking in entebbe during the country's labor liberation day celebrations where he said but the election was free but there are some people who are trying to cause trouble he said that the government will not tolerate any form of violence he also said and i'll quote this we are not a shallow force which shall be tossed around by opportunists forget about threats so definitely
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a looming showdown but like i said. a strong statement he made but then was also careful thing that whatever is going to happen whatever is going to happen going forward is going to happen a using within the confines of the low the united nations security council is meeting to discuss the palestinian israeli conflict it's the 1st briefing that the new u.n. middle east coordinator told what is learned it's also the 1st time that the council has met to discuss the region since new u.s. president joe biden was sworn in let's take you live to the united nations our diplomatic editor james is the james tell us more about this meeting. adrian on this snowy afternoon in new york i detect a little only a little optimism was regard to the israelis and palestinians you remember at the end of the trumpet ministration there were peace deals between israel or normalization deals between israel and number of arab states but that left of
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course the underlying problem of the israelis and the palestinians and what to do about them and peace between those 2 peoples well now we have a new biden administration and although foreign ministers were many of them speaking around the security council table today of course the new secretary of state had not got his job confirmed at that point neither has the new u.n. ambassador but we heard from the deputy ambassador a career state department official laying out the new administration's policy and it's really an old policy it's sticking to the guidelines that the security council has put down in resolutions of a 2 state solution and that has led to some optimism amongst some security council members including norway which has a historic role over a quarter century ago it came out with the oslo as accords it was attending the meeting its foreign minister was speaking in the meeting and afterwards i spoke to there has been some interesting developments in the region that could potentially
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create a new dynamics and i did in my intervention today also applaud and welcome in normalization agreements between israel and several arab states that was also reiterated by many of my colleagues and also i mean new u.s. administration and i think that it provides at least a potential for a new dynamic in the region need it does not solve the israeli palestinian issues they have to be negotiated and the plan is that is the issues are not solved by this the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov talked of the idea of an international conference or a ministerial meeting that was dismissed by the israeli ambassador. he said it would be pointless and the destruction. well i would not rule out any ideas at this stage i think that when we now entered into the security council 3 weeks ago we entered with the clear ambition of restarting and negotiations between the israelis and palestinians and if
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a conference is what is needed then i think we should not rule that out how important will the role of the new biden administration be clearly they have more leverage than anyone else on the israeli government and are you somewhat worried that they're going to be overburdened dealing with covert 19 dealing with the global economy and in the middle east with the priority being on trying to get back into an iran deal. i think there is no doubt whatsoever that the new by the ministration will have to spend a lot of time on domestic politics because they have a pandemic out of control they have an economy that is also suffering badly and in addition to that trying to mend and shield an extremely polarized american society but on the other hand signals that have come out so far from the new administration and also in the senate here in me of tony blinken it seems like they are reengaging on some of these areas with the palestinians with the international community and i
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think what the american representative said just now in the meeting is also taken very positively by by the rest of the security council because it shows that there is a strong emphasis on the 2 state solution many of remarked on the fact that israel has been very successful in vaccinating its population but there are human rights groups who say that israel should be providing vaccinations to the palestinians as they are the occupying power your view of the also of course gives the clearest possibility to the palestinian authority is of actually conducting maximisation all of the vaccination programs have been conducted by by the p.a. this is a very special situation and it's bigger and more it encompasses much more than any other situation we have seen so we have been urging for a corporation and we think that's the only way forward in this case. the norwegian foreign minister speaking to me
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a short time ago as use can see there is some optimism there but this is such a long running conflict adrian and remember what we've got to get through in the coming months we have elections this time not just israeli elections again but it looks like we're going to have palestinian elections too so it doesn't look like any peace efforts are going to come in the next few months but the russians suggesting the idea of an international conference or a ministerial meeting in the summer diplomatic editor james bay is reporting live from the u.n. in new york james benny thanks. we're going to weather update next here on the news out then 1000000 coronavirus cases registered in indonesia we'll tell you more. a silent crisis will tell you how climate change in southeastern bangladesh is pushing thousands of indigenous people to leave their villages that in sport proselyte had financial trouble with debts in excess of $1000000000.00 and the it
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tell us more a little later. how we've got more weather in the forecast across the middle east northern parts of the reason in particular a fair bit of cloud rain sleet and snow sliding across turkey at present where the state doesn't let's say about full advantage should be largely fine and dry but the winds are gathering we are going to see a wet and windy weather correctly pushing through here as we go on through thursday so syria lebanon jordan pushing down towards israel calloused and in territories charles to some shabby rain coming through that he's decided to say some of the more the way of west's weather northern parts of syria could see some showers streitz just slide in the way across northern parts of iraq into the northwest of iran ahead of that is generally 5 and settled and even caught out to be fine and settled temperatures in day out around 22 degrees with light winds early morning
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mist and folk to watch out for over the next couple of days meanwhile into southern africa and the a shower us into the hearts of africa still some very wet weather coming down across botswana the remnants of away struggle siphoned away still bringing some very heavy showers into central and eastern parts of south africa's you go on through the next couple of days it orally it's well a little further east which as we go on through thursday and push right across the eastern cape. it's the biggest sport. a truly global game. and it doesn't end up the final whistle. in a new series. the passion the rivalries and the politics of play. because beyond the pitch the beautiful game is
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a way of life. the fans who make football coming soon on. a firsthand glimpse of the challenges faced by journalists. we are fighting the fake tears. the enemy of the people through the eyes of a veteran white house correspondent what do you base your legs down the press after truck after. we're not the enemy of the people we are the usa the current battle ground truth is it anyways.
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it's good to have you with us hello adrian figure here in doha with the news from out 0 up the headlines the u.k. has a past 100000 coronavirus deaths prime minister boris johnson says he accepts responsibility on behalf of the government he says that he's done everything possible to minimize the number of deaths. the u.s. senate has voted to confirm and today blinken as a new secretary of state he was approved by a verse of 78 to 22 he's promised to return to multilateralism as well as a tough approach to russia and china. the 10s of thousands of india's farmers of march to the nation's capital new delhi and their biggest show yes against the government's director of culture they entered the storage red force and blocked roads. while on our top story nations battling the corona virus pandemic as of tuesday all international travelers arriving in the us must show
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a negative covert 19 test by that ministration is also tightening the country's borders blocking non-citizens from brazil britain and south africa and 27 european nations from entering the president says he's positive about his plan to bring the world's worst outbreak under control for more let's go live to andy gallagher who's in miami for us andy the president says that things though are going to get worse before they get better. you know that's really the caviar in all of this the president saying that by march potentially over 600 possibly as many as 660000 people will have succumbed to the covert 19 virus of course those travel restrictions were already in place under the trumpet ministration were rescinded 2 days before former president trump left office that's now been put back in place with the addition of south africa to that travel ban and this is all about those variants that people are getting extremely concerned about the one that was 1st
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discovered in the u.k. and the one that was discovered in south africa that seems to have some resistance to the vaccines that are going out but we are expecting president biden to give a briefing in the next few hours where he will talk specifically about vaccinations and the stockpiles of vaccinations and how they will ramp up the amount of vaccines going out to the different states it's perhaps going to ramp up to about 10000000 a week that's an increase of 16 percent the lots of questions that need to be answered particularly about those stockpiles of the vaccines because the governors of all 50 states a crying out to get more vaccine so they can get shots in people's arms so we may get some more clarity on that now there's also a disagreement over a way with when we may turn the corner in all of this because president biden suggesting perhaps the spring is when we'll reach herd immunity but dr anthony felt she of the c.d.c. suggesting that maybe more towards autumn so lots of questions that need to be answered remember the population in this country less than one percent so far have
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been vaccinated so it's clear there's still a long way to go under serious and gallagher reporting live from miami andy and he thanks indeed for the european union's vaccination plans have been disrupted by supply delays both astra zeneca and pfizer biotech announced that they will fall short of their promise to liver is a new ministers of war that they may restrict vaccine exports from the block as vaccines in the u.k. continue to be made available dominic kane reports now from berlin. freshly produced for sending out to distribution centers it's highly likely these doses of the astra zeneca vaccine have already been injected into british patients but while the global demand for this product is very high now the makers say their ability to supply non u.k. clients is not specifically the $27.00 member states of the e.u. who collectively paid more than $400000000.00 upfront for a possible $400000000.00 doses their allocation of the vaccine for the 1st quarter
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of the year has been cut by 60 percent prompting an angry reaction in many european capitals europe invested billions to help develop the world's 1st covered $1000.00 vaccines to create a truly global common good and now the companies must deliver they must honor their obligations and this is why we will set up a vaccine export transparency mechanism europe is the challenge to contribution to this global common good but it also means business. the german health minister has suggested imposing export limits on vaccines produced in the e.u. potentially hindering the dispatch of the biotech pfizer product destined for the u.k. something the british government wants to avoid i think the thing to do now is not to. go down the sort of the dead end of actually nationalism it's to
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work together to make sure that we protect our people that's my priority is to protect the british people to protect the united kingdom but also to protect the whole world is no one is safe from tools that is no more than 4 weeks since germany began its own mass vaccination program 1st in care homes and more recently in vaccination centers such as this one here in central berlin using a combination of the bond tech pfizer vaccine and the mowed down products and the health ministry says that it plans to take delivery by the end of february of more than 6 and a half 1000000 doses of both those vaccines what's not clear is how many doses of the astra zeneca product will be added to that e.u. regulators hope to approve it for use later this week dominic kane al-jazeera berlin italy's prime minister conti has resigned in a bid to form
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a new government it lost his majority in the upper house with a coalition partner withdrew its force over its handling of the his his handling of the corona virus outbreak submitted his resignation to president so sure about allah or start consultations for a new government the resignation is being seen as a gamble and a chance to forge a new alliance al-jazeera stephanie decker reports from rome. political consultations party consultations develop meeting with the heads of different parties over the next 2 days or so to figure out who will be the right person to get that majority a lot of analysis here but how it's going to go i think the consensus is that perhaps i'm saying perhaps because everything is still up in the air that just epic want to maybe given a 3rd child to form a 3rd government that will then be more acceptable to those who have been you know shuffling for power party political around him which is led to this political crisis so we don't know what the motive good what's going to look like other people
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say that potentially you know there could be a situation where someone else is appointed so i think we're going to have to wait and see but certainly speaking to many entirely and over the last couple of weeks this is been bubbling before those votes actually happened is that this was not the time to pull the political crisis there's a lot of issues to be dealt with you know they called economical situation has been the worst since world war 2 in terms of public debt small businesses struggling people the homelessness is up for example in the last year here people called pay their bills having lost jobs the vaccination campaign has been wheedled back because those are not being delivered by belgian and the schools remain closed people are frustrated as there's a lot going on so it's they need a strong government to push through legislation get a strong hand on things and serving at the moment that's not happening. in today's yes a past 1000000 confirmed cases of corona virus it's the worst affected country in southeast asia and hospitals in some areas of the country are overwhelmed washington reports now from jakarta. on indonesia's most populous island java
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hospitals are stretched to their limits he's covered 900 patients were able to get treatment but many others are missing out now gotta get the not fastened on among we have rejected so many people in the hospital reject patients every day because there's nothing else we can do the doctors having to reject critically ill patients is a heavy burden the. psion it makes me so sad to turn down patients i read the files of patients who are referred to our hospital they can hardly breathe but we cannot help them. the indonesian hospitals association says hospitals on the island of java and bali are close to collapse doctors are forced to turn away patients because of a lack of intensive care unit beds and a shortage of health care workers. indonesia's covert 19 task force says in some cities all hospital beds are full and health specialists say on average more than
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a quarter of people are testing positive for the disease. across indonesia the positivity road is 27 percent it's hard the w.h.o. standard is 5 percent to ensure that the pandemic can be controlled. many have struggled to get care for their loved ones it also must. the emergency unit was full there was a tent for all the positive cases but all the rooms were full so my parents were sent home with medication. out of desperation some families have turned to a local covert 19 data agency to help them get their relative into a hospital often it is too late. from our cases one died in the health center another died in a taxi after being rejected by many hospitals another died in hospital because the i.c.u. was full. despite the rise in cases and death indonesia's president says the situation is under control. we're grateful that
9:45 pm
indonesia is one of the countries that can control this crisis well that many health workers have criticize the government for failing to properly implement restrictions to stop the spread of the virus and allowing a crisis to unfold in their hospitals jessica washington al-jazeera to counter. france says that iran must comply with the obligations of the 2050 nuclear deal before the u.s. returns to the landmark agreement to run says that it's waiting for washington to make the 1st move. on no plan for talks of contacts with the u.s. still waiting for the off chance of the u.s. government about their return to their commitments in removing sanctions which is part and parcel of the commitments any progress in this regard is totally dependent on the practical steps of the u.s. will take to meet its obligations under the result 2231 actually america's time is
9:46 pm
limited and the window of opportunity for the u.s. and the european embers of the g c p a remains open for a limited period al-jazeera. says that iran is determined to continue downgrading its commitments to the deal until the u.s. is back at the negotiating table. according to a law that was passed in parliament in december the government has to proceed with carrying out these measures and the next step that they will take about is they will reduce their protocol additional protocols under the nonproliferation treaty meaning there will no longer be allowed surprise visits by inspectors into nuclear facilities in the country when iran signed the nuclear agreement in 2015 they also signed up to these additional protocols under the nonproliferation treaty as a goodwill gesture they now say a result of the sanctions being imposed on them by the united states they are reducing their commitments to these additional protocols they've already taken the
9:47 pm
step of increasing enrichment to 20 percent in early january this is now a 2nd phase of what's coming as a result of the united states withdrawing from the nuclear deal the iranian government is now saying it is up to the new u.s. administration to lift some of those sanctions and return to the nuclear deal there is no further negotiation iran is not interested in rediscuss ing the way because it stands as is and the united states knows now what they need to do to return to it so the position here is very clear and there is now a very set timeline for what they expect the biden administration to do an explosion in northern syria has killed 3 people and injured 4 others it happened at a busy market in the city of tal a bad on the border with turkey no group has yet claimed responsibility turkish forces took the town for the kurdish way p.g.
9:48 pm
group and 20 $910.00 the economic situation in syria has drastically deteriorated wristbands the syrian currency is in a downward spiral sending the price of food and basic goods soaring by more than 200 percent spent increasing numbers of syrians attorney to landfills to survive ballasts explains. model lives in a refugee camp in the syrian province of it live every day with her friends she comes to this landfill she searches for plastic she can sell for cycling probably a lot of money. i come here every day to work and help my father who is sick and can't work i'm helping my father to buy some bread because we left our area jar and we have nothing but some clothes. after 10 years of civil war syria's economy is in tatters in 20 live in the currency traded at $47.00 layers to the dollar no it's more than $1200.00 the u.n.
9:49 pm
says food prices tripled last year and used to mates 4 and 5 syrians now live below the poverty line this winter has been a shortage of fuel and wheat cross over on a dry land. we come here every morning scrapping through leftovers and plastics to bring back home and sell to make a living sometimes we find food and eat it even give it to our children at home if there's enough of it. it leaves home to about 3000000 syrians displaced by the war about half the children many here abandon their assets use this savings to flee and then are desperate for work they have little buffer for an economic downturn so there is a growing reliance on child labor leg up on that the leg had been research for plastic iron and copper we go to every car that comes and then collect and sell what we can so i can have enough money for my family and return home. more than 30
9:50 pm
refugee camps around it lives landfill sites those who scavenge here contract skin and lung diseases of course hypnotizes 3 weeks ago 3 children died after a lend phil collapsed on them. i know now we are poor and don't have anything to eat we struggle day and night working with injured hands breathing fumes from smoke in the waste it's a lot of suffering only to earn $4.00 which is not enough to cover the basics like medicine for us or our children. the world food program estimates more than 9000000 syrians suffer from food insecurity that's half the country and the highest on record. the worst of the war may be over but the fight for survival goes on bellus al-jazeera. still to come. in sports gear telly and football manager has talked himself into trouble by being here with that and the rest of the day's action are just about.
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9:52 pm
well i got to underscore here's a big thank you so much as you know in the last few minutes almost circle has been confirmed as chelsea's new manager frank lampard was fired by the premier league club on monday the 47 year old german was most recently in charge of price on german where he wants a french league titles so close just signed an 18 month contract and he will be in the dugout for chelsea's league game against walls on wednesday and manchester city could go top of the premier league a little later on a win against west brom will take them a point clear of man united city on
9:53 pm
a 10 game winning run the result give you an incredible boost to an incredible confident so sometimes you believe what is 1st to the result to make you play good or do you make good do good results. if you were corrected barcelona have had financial trouble with debts in excess of $1000000000.00 and it's now being reported the players weren't even paid in december ocelot a cultural came in force to deny any knowledge of the wage situation the players had already agreed to taking salary adoptions of late last year to help the club through the pandemic also more than a $150000000.00 to other clubs in relation to transfer deals. well you critical but . the learner is one of the many big clubs that because of the coronavirus pandemic and the lack of spectators in the stadium have a problems also the fact of lack of tourism in barcelona is affecting the economic
9:54 pm
situation of the club i think in general all the clubs have had very bad numbers not just here i don't know anything about the subject with the players i have only seen them today during training and they were focused and working i haven't seen them worried about it. when some one coach antonio console has been hit with a 2 game touchline ban after being sent off that he denies it on saturday concise sent to the stands in stoppage time after a confrontation with the referee and his title chasing cyber health and no mail drop he's since been found guilty of using this respectful language and is also being fined more than $20000.00 inside currently 2nd in syria 2 points behind leaders ac milan. now it stumbled on day one of the 1st test between pakistan and south africa in kharaj south africa returning to the test arena in pakistan for the 1st time since 2007 yes a shot 63 wickets says the tourists were bowled out for 220 home
9:55 pm
seemed i struggled in reply and they've been reduced to 33 for 4 by the close. range and. it's really. sour. remark. they're going to bring to conciliate now with less than 6 months to go until the olympics the world health organization says athletes are not surprised for the covert 19 vaccine olympic organizers continuing to deny reports that the games are about to be cancelled more than $11000.00 athletes are set to compete at the games which are jutes to begin in late july. it's not about saying it's putting one priority in front of another we should address all of these issues over time right now we're laser focused on solving our biggest problem which is vaccinating workers in all countries and allowing people who are vulnerable from dying from this infection and f.l.
9:56 pm
legend peyton manning says he doesn't think tom brady will retire after his upcoming super bowl appearance the 43 year old will be playing in the n.f.l. championship game for the 10th time this time with the tampa bay buccaneers right he was previously the new england patriots for 2 decades where he won the super bowl on 6 occasions using strained we've got some play and it's all strange and training is in saves him sleeping habits you know. a lot 4 of you have some great success and this age i didn't have all the great years putting me to sacrifice has . formed a. major in a short period of time are going to. start well he is on the right 1 handers chambering the super bowl is on trial. and a year on from the death of kobe bryant le bron james produced a fitting on court tribute for the l.a. lakers legend james becoming the oldest like us by
9:57 pm
a since bryant to score 40 points in a game. the 36 year old achieving featuring the lakers went against the old saying the cleveland cavaliers. james at 46 points in this victory ron scored 60 in the final game of his career at the age of 37. in the life of bronze has been celebrated in the italian city of reggio emilia where he spent part of his childhood friend died in a helicopter crash in california the age of 41 alongside his daughter giana and 7 others he won the n.b.a. championship 5 times in the lake is also it sits on a limp 8 gold medalist. coby as a player was searching in for perfection always search for perfection he just wanted to to get better and better. in that colby as a person was a typical an absolutely. gorgeous friend ok that is why sports is looking phenomenal from in a couple of hours time i have been
9:58 pm
a thanks to time for us in doha to pass the baton to our colleagues and love them barbara starr i have to update your just a moment i'll see you again for. a calm and make sure you're not hyping the situation be part of the debate my main characters are women when no topic is off the table there was in the last allow child marriage to happen legally easer basically archaic walls dads often legitimize and legalize pedophiles on ara online jump into the conversation and the
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team to be part of that discussion this stream on out is they are. examining the impact of today's headlines it didn't matter you're rich or poor what your religion is you are battling this and you're staring at it in the face and you're dealing with it setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions with that are unfolding on capitol hill international filmmakers and world class journalists bring programs to inform and inspire you each and every one of us in the responsibility to change all persons place for it all on al-jazeera. i really did bad thing. would i be able to forgive somebody like me a convicted war criminal seeks out the survivors of a prison camp to apologize for the crimes of his past i just can't get even better showing. the unforgiven
10:00 pm
a witness documentary on al-jazeera. is nothing but. context is the thing in storytelling around the biggest issues. at the day you should do with. 100000 britons have now died after testing positive for corona virus leaving families across the u.k. to deal with a national tragedy and deeply story for every life that has been lost and of course is good as prime minister i take full responsibility for. barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up the drug
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companies must deliver europe's ultimatum as a raw about vaccine supplies simmers rolling into the heart of delhi india and farm .


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