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it's got a much harder line now so it's more difficult diplomatic partner logic might suggest that a party's brecht's that britain would want to swallow some of its political differences with the world's 2nd largest economy but at the moment at least if the politics that the dominant rory chalons how does iran. well much more on everything we're covering right is there a dot com for comment and analysis but to all say what just on life streaming that if you prefer that. our top story this hour a biden and ministration will hold us support for saudi that the saudis that military offensive in yemen the move is aimed at stopping the country's deepening humanitarian crisis president joe biden will deliver a speech shortly at the state department announcing a number of changes to u.s. foreign policy and a shift away from former president america 1st approach his national security
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advisor hinted at what to expect he is going to announce an end to american support for office of operations in yemen that is a promise that he made in the campaign that he will be following through on but he will go further than that he will talk about the united states playing a more active and engaged role in the diplomacy to bring an end to the conflict in yemen and that will include the naming of a special envoy which will happen today we have spoken with both. senior officials in the u.a.e. and senior officials in saudi arabia we have consulted with them we are pursuing a policy of no surprises when it comes to these types of actions so they understand that this is happening at least 247 people have been detained in manned mars protests against monday's military could gather pace the u.n. has expressed deep concern about the situation. and the deposed president by face charges and if convicted they won't be able to work in politics again. the 1st shipment of the russians vaccine is arrived in iran the country hardest hit by the
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coronavirus pandemic in the region health care workers and the vulnerable are the go to be the 1st in line to receive jobs ugandan child soldier turned rebel commander dominic has been found guilty of 61 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity by the international criminal court despite being a victim himself judges ruled he was still responsible for his crimes he was abducted by the lord's resistance army in northern uganda when he was just 9 years old and the house of representatives is expected to vote in the next few hours on controversial us republican congresswoman marjorie taylor green considering removing her from several official committees when his expressed support for the q and on conspiracy theory and other extreme views with the stream is the program coming up next asking if the united states can confront its domestic terror threat .
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ok welcome to the stream home edition i'm josh rushing sitting in for fin me ok oh look see that youtube box over there in that chat we actually have a live producer sitting there waiting for you to get your comments and questions to me so i can get into our guest in the show so we can do this together so tell me if you will get me some questions over there and i'll ask them here in just a couple minutes now what we're talking about today is actually just kind of breaking this afternoon in canada they've declared the proud boys a terrorist organization alongside al qaeda and isis which begs the question why
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hasn't the u.s. it's a u.s. based far right extremist group why hasn't it been declared a terrorist group here that's what they were discuss with our panel today there is a renewed interest of course in domestic terrorism now with the new administration of what happened on january 6th in fact i believe president biden might be the 1st president ever to mention it in an operation speech here listen to this. a cry for survival come sort of planted itself a cry that can't be any more desperate or any more clear now a rise of political extremism white supremacy the mystic terrorism that we must confront and we will defeat. white supremacy and domestic terrorism in the not her recent speech now here's the thing the u.s. actually doesn't have a formal law for domestic terrorism is for the debate as should it but as we know
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from the past what happens when the u.s. has expanded temp powers under the name of terrorism often has minority groups in the u.s. who have suffered the most under those new laws so that's also can be a part of today's discussion i want to bring the panel in now i'm asking to introduce themselves to you and then we're going to take off here khalid can you begin to become a director of policy and research at the soufan group thank you collin and develop . i mean as our son mass and i'm an attorney at the center for constitutional rights and new york and i work on challenging surveillance and discriminatory policing practices and i think still in midst of a. lot of a.m.a. i'm an author and professor and i'm trying you from brooklyn new york. so call and tell me this one tell our audience what the soufan group is and then to lie doesn't the u.s. have a law for domestic terrorism. sure soufan group is a security consulting firm we do products for
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a number of clients looking at you know a range of security national security and homeland security related topics there's a couple of reasons why the united states doesn't have a domestic terrorism law or statute what is the concern that politicians or even the president could use that law to target political adversaries and i think you know after the last 4 years it doesn't take much imagination to see that actually coming to fruition president trouble on several occasions threaten to designate. but paid gigs that we saw threatening the capitol on january 6th groups like the proud boyer's the oath keepers the 3 percent ers and others. i want to bring in a comment from someone in our community this is charles lister he is the director of countering terrorism extremism in the middle east is to took this our greatest
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domestic terror threats in in america today arguably come from a combination of the far right and the various aggressive conspiracy communities that have developed and being fueled by trump that's arguably being realized through the increasing assertiveness of local and national militia movements and a surge in violent incidents attempted attacks and even a recent suicide bombing in nashville late last year and then of course comes the persistent challenge posed by jihadists but it's centrally directed and inspired by the likes of al qaida or an isis that's that's a threat that's clearly not going away and if anything the recent surge in law enforcement and intelligence focus on the far right might even present an opportunity for jihadists to operate more freely in america so much stuff of domestic terrorism there's nothing new about it been around but something new happened in 1983 and it's a wall congress of these extremist groups met in idaho and declared war against the u.s.
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government and they trained for that they raise funds for it and really the kind of zenith of that was blowing up the federal building in oklahoma city through all these years and since then the government's never really posture itself against these groups as if it is a. insurgency proper certainly in 2009 the obama administration the department of homeland security came out and said that white nationalism was a leading threat in the u.s. it was major blowback well what's going on with that why why does it seem like the government looks the other way on this kind of extremism. well you know who has paid the price for all of that and it's largely been arab and muslim communities within the united states because i believe it's just a lot easier to think that the threat is coming from outside it allows you to see it likely you are pristine and that you've been invaded by some foreign adversary but in fact as we know as becoming clearer and clearer that's just not the case and
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not only is it not the case but there's not enough. initiative there's not enough drive there's not enough purpose from law enforcement to actually even enforce the laws that we do have on the books and i think actually trying to introduce new laws on the books will only mean bad news for arabs in muslim communities but not only them but in fact many other minority communities and activists communities around the country is a racial component though as to to why the u.s. government says we still proactive in going after what they call terrorism when they see it. basically nonwhite them when they're from a white guy so i think there's no question that there's a racial component and you know it's not only the u.s. government in fact i think it's really just part of american culture in fact even even the journalism community you know when you have a plot that gets for oil and it makes a huge splashy news it's done by somebody who is affiliated with muslim communities and one study has found that that kind of study will get more than 750 percent more
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coverage than a similar plot by a non muslim so this is actually a deeper problem than just thinking about law enforcement. in diyala as a word terrorism even useful useful in this regard at all or is it part of the problem. yeah i mean i actually think that it's part of the problem because it sort of bridges of our ability to properly diagnose what is going on and you know you started with referencing the oklahoma city bombing and i think that's a really good place to start to illustrate the point that every time acts of violence white supremacist violence have occurred the response has actually been to pass laws and legislation in this case it was the end of the terrace and if i could get a penalty at the time marilee her brown and black community that that statute of sensibly asked to address the problem of why it's only for minority communities and so that's really i think the fear that many of us who've been seeing these long
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term patterns have about how this particular moments might be again trying to utilize to push his agenda that are ultimately not going to address the root causes of white supremacy the real problem of white supremacist violence that many of us who work side by side with movements like movements or black lives and muslim communities have had we've had longstanding concerns about the problem of white supremacists infiltration of law enforcement including and the halls of congress i'm so i think our our our real concern is how what do we need to be doing. as a government and law enforcement to properly addressed problem by violence and white supremacy and and passing more laws and giving f.b.i. agents more tools and solution and it will only sort of exacerbate the problem and and have and will see those tools be turned against the more vulnerable. elements
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of the population in only muslim communities as most of us said and and black decentralize the kind of turned against you know the. just recent examples of the f.b.i. i really focusing on. black dissent in there and black matter movements at this as a primary targets and they've even used language smearing domestic terrorism to talk about those immigrants and so that's really where concern comes from. talking about the idea deep in the police and how it converges with the idea of calling for a crackdown on the kind of people who invaded the capital in january 6th what do you think the government should do. well the notion no i think the way that the notion of defining a police resonates here is that it stems from the same department of justice with a really long history of anti-black and time muslim sentiment at the institutional
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level as well as in at the individual agents level those of us who have worked representing clients who have to deal with agents can sort of test some of that the question 'd of why you would try to answer the problem of white supremacy by giving those agencies more tools is sort of an essential one and matter if the call is that we have institutional racism within these law enforcement agencies and why would we call for giving them more resources and reform when part of the problem that we're identifying is is right there so i think that some of the parallel sort of thinking here that's at the core of the critique. of these proposals these policy proposals is budgetary expansion proposals and these you know add in kind of criminal laws to throw prosecutorial instinct at a problem that's far worse and far bigger than you know some just some criminals are going to get some of my you tube community to go by reverb trying to says we
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need to use the laws we already have in the rest of cell is another persuasiveness of video comment. was a civil rights lawyer at the leadership conference on civil and human rights name a man who could do him. our coalition wrote a letter to congress and to the administration really over $151.00 is asian signing on opposing additional authorities for 2 reasons 1st there are over 50 statutes and others. already allow for the investigation and prosecution of violent terrorist activity in the united states. second. the majority that are already on the books have been disproportionately used against black and brown communities particularly black lives matter activists muslims arabs south asians and others and we know that any additional forty's will
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probably be used disproportionately against black and brown communities. so call and. speech but of course hearing now from america's top diplomat anthony blinken who is also speaking at the state department of support and that means a great deal to all of the men about and with that it is my pleasure to introduce the president of the united states joe biden. the secretary. it's great to be here with you. and looking for a long time to be able call your mr specter. good afternoon everyone it's not every
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back of the state department. under the eyes of the 1st american chief diplomat benjamin franklin. by the way i want you all know in the press i was the benjamin franklin professor of presidential politics at penn and i thought they did that because i was as old as he was but i guess not. all kidding aside it's great to be here and stand alongside our most recent senior diplomat secretary tony blinken secretary thank you for welcoming us today and. we've worked together for over 20 years and diplomatic skills are respected equally by your friends and our competitors around the world and they know when you speak you speak for me and so so is the message i want the world hear today america is back america
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is back diplomacy is back at the center of our foreign policy. as i said of my noddle address we will repair our alliances engaged with the world once again not to meet yesterday's challenges but today's and tomorrow's american leadership must meet this new moment in advance and authoritarianism including a growing ambitions of china to rival the united states in the determination of russia to damage and disrupt our democracy we must meet the new moment accelerating glow of the accel already in global challenges from the pandemic to the climate crisis to nuclear proliferation challenging the will only to be solved by nations working together and in common we can't do it alone that must be this we must start with diplomacy rooted in america's most cherished democratic values defending freedom champion opportunity upholding universal rights respecting the rule of
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law and treating every person with dignity. that's the ground mean wire of our global policy our grow will power that's our and exhaustible source of strength that's america's abiding advantage though many of these values have come under intense pressure in recent years even pushed to the brink in the last few weeks the american people are going to emerge from this moment stronger more determined and better equipped to unite the world in fighting to defend democracy because we have fought for it ourselves over the past few days we've been in close cooperation with our allies and partners to bring together the international community to address the military coup in burma. i've also been in
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touch a little mcconnell to discuss our shared concerns about the situation in burma and we are united in our resolve there can be no doubt in a democracy 4 should never seek to overrule the will of the people or attempt to erase the outcome of a credible election. the mermaid's military should relinquish power they have seized release the advocates and activists and officials they have detained lift the restrictions on telecommunications and refrain from violence as i said earlier this week we will work with our partners to support restoration of democracy in the rule of law and impose consequences on those responsible over the past 2 weeks i've spoken with the leaders of many of our closest friends canada mexico the u.k. germany france nato japan south korea australia to being
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re forming the habits of cooperation and rebuilding the muscle of democratic alliance is the atrophied over the past few years of neglect and i would argue abuse america and alliances are our greatest asset and leading with diplomacy means standing shoulder to shoulder with our allies and key partners once again by leading with the plumber see we must also meaning gay gene our adversaries and our competitors diplomatically we're it's in our interest and advance the security of the american people that's why yesterday the united states and russia agreed to extend the new start treaty for 5 years to preserve the only remaining treaty between our countries safeguarding nuclear stability. at the
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same time i made it clear to president putin in a manner very different from my predecessor that the days of the united states rolling over in the face of russia's aggressive actions interfering with our elections cyberattacks poison its citizens are over we will not hesitate to raise the cost on russia and defend our vital interest on our people and we will be more effective in dealing with russia when we work in coalition and coordination with other like minded partners the political we motivated jailing alexi the volley and the russian efforts to suppress freedom of expression and peaceful assembly are matter of deep concern to us and the international community mr know of almaine like all russian citizens and title those rights under the russian constitution he's been targeted targeted for exposing corruption he should
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be released immediately and without condition also take on directly the challenges posed by our prosperity security and democratic values by our most serious competitor china will confront china's economic abuses counter its aggressive course of action the pushback on china's attack on human rights intellectual property and global governance but we are ready to work with beijing when it's in america's interest to do so will compete from the position of strength by building back better at home working with our allies and partners renewing our renewing our war our role in international institutions and reclaiming our credibility and moral authority much of which has been lost. that's why we move quickly to begin restoring american gazer internationally and earn back our leadership position to
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catalyze global action on shared challenges on day one i signed the paperwork to rejoin the powers climate agreement we're taking steps lead by example of integrating climate objectives across all of our diplomacy and raise the ambition of our climate targets that way we can challenge other nations other major emitters up to to up the ante on their own commitments i'll be hosting climbing leaders a climate leaders' summit to address the climate crisis on earth day of this year america must lead in the face of this extension threat and just as with the pandemic it requires global cooperation we've also reengage with the world health organization that we can build better global preparedness to counter covert 90 as well as detect and prevent future pandemics
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because there will be more we've elevated the status of cyber issues within our government including a point of 1st national deputy national security advisor for cyber and emerging technology we're launching an urgent initiative to improve our capability readiness and resilience in cyberspace today i'm announcing additional steps to course correct our foreign policy and better unite our democratic values with our diplomatic leadership to began seka defense secretary austin will be leading a global posture review of our forces so that our military footprint is appropriately aligned with our foreign policy and national security priorities. it will be coordinated across all elements of our national security was sectarian austin and secretary blinken working in close cooperation and while this review is
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taking place will be stopping any planned trouper of dollars from germany. are also stepping up our diplomacy day and the war in yemen a war which is creating a humanitarian is to t.g. catastrophe i've asked my middle east team to ensure our support for the united nations led initiative to impose a cease fire open humanitarian challenge them restore long dormant peace talks this morning. secretary blinken appointed tim lender came a career foreign policy officer as our special envoy to the yemen conflict and i appreciate his doing this to me as a life as a lifelong experience in the region and i work with the un envoy and all parties of the conflict to push for a diplomatic some resolution and tim's diplomacy will be bolstered by us i usa id
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working to ensure that humanitarian aid is reaching the yemeni people who are suffering on and on and durable unendurable devastation this war has to end. and to underscore our commitment we are ending all american support for offensive operations in the war in yemen including relevant arm sales at the same time saudi arabia faces missile attacks u.a.b. strikes and other threats from rainy and supplied forces in multiple countries we're going to continue to support and help saudi arabia defend its sovereignty and its territorial integrity and its people. we also face a crisis of more than 80000000 displaced people suffering all around the world. the united states is moral leadership on refugee issues was a point of bipartisan consensus for so many decades when i 1st got here we shine
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a light of lamp and love liberty an oppressed people were offered safe havens for those fleeing violence or persecution and our example pushed other nations to open wide their doors as well so today i'm approving an executive order to began the hard work every story in our refugee admissions program to help meet the unprecedented global need it's going to take time to rebuild what has been so badly damaged but that's precisely what we're going to do this executive order will position us to be able to raise the refugee admissions back up 212-5000 persons for the 1st full fiscal year the biden hours the ministration and i'm directing the state department to consult with congress about making a down payment on that commitment as soon as possible and to further repair our moral leadership i'm also issuing
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a presidential memo to agencies to reinvigorate our leadership on the l g b t q i issues and do it internationally you know will ensure diplomacy and foreign assistance are working to promote the rights of those individuals included by combating criminalization and protecting the queue refugees and asylum seekers and finally to successfully reasserted a plume of seeing keep americans safe prosperous and free we must restore the health morale of our foreign policy is to to sions i want the people who work in this building and our embassies and consulates around the world to know i value your expertise and i respect you and i will have your back. this is ministrations going to empower you to do your jobs not target or politicize
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we want a rigorous debate that brings all perspectives and makes room for dissent that's how we'll get the best possible policy outcomes so with your help the united states will again lead not just by the example of our power but that the power of our example that's why i had my ministrations already taken the important step to live our domestic values at home our democratic values at home within hours of taking office i signed an executive order overturning the hateful discriminatory muslim ban reverse the ban on transgender individuals serving in our military as part of our commitment to truth transparency accountability. we stated on day one we started in day one with daily briefings of the press from the white house we've rested we've reinstitute regular briefings here at stake at the pentagon we believe
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a free press isn't an adversary rather it's essential a free press is essential to the health of a democracy restart our commitment to science and to create policies grounded in facts and evidence i suspect ben franklin to prove we've taken steps to acknowledge and address systemic racism.


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