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al jazeera. will need all american support for offensive operations in the war including relevant arm show u.s. president joe biden includes a call to end the war in yemen and his 1st foreign policy speech. and eye on money this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. the yeas are 230 and the nays are 199 the resolution is adapting
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conspiracy theorist marjorie taylor green has been kicked off 2 u.s. house committees for her views. hong kong issues sweeping guidelines on how schools teach children about china's controversial national security. and we speak to guatemalan family struggling to make sense for mass killing of migrants in the next . u.s. president joe biden says he's ending american support for saudi led war in yemen including a ban on the sale of specific weapons saudi arabia says it welcomes a political solution to the crisis and its former coalition partner u.a.e. says it's eager to see an end to the war in button's 1st foreign policy speech since taking office he promised to restore america's leadership in the. old
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a line says that what fraction jaring the trompe is a state department correspondent was in jordan reports. u.s. president joe biden delivered his 1st foreign policy speech at the state department and made news on the long running war in yemen where saudi and rocky forces have allegedly targeted civilians with u.s. made weapons this war has to end. and to underscore our commitment we are ending all american support for offensive operations in the war in yemen including relevant arms sales. and the coup in me and mark the mermaid's military should relinquish power they have seized release the advocates and activists and officials they have detained lift the restrictions on telecommunications and refrain from violence. and on russia's imprisonment of the political activist alexei novelli he
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should be released immediately and without condition biden's speech which also touched on china and on reversing the trumpet ministrations dismantling of u.s. refugee policy was short but specific a reflection of the years he spent leading the senate foreign relations committee a former u.s. diplomat says he supports biden's action on yemen the u.s. going to be considerably to that war now the u.s. is saying i will no longer can simply add to this war i will not she will it with weapons shipments year i would like you all the big followers and the regional powers to do the same and that was something new the other part of biden's foreign policy agenda repairing an agency that lost hundreds of experienced employees and suffered considerable budget cuts during the previous administration morale had crashed especially during the tenure of former secretary of state mike pompei
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o who many diplomats believed used the agency to boost his political ambitions in a separate speech to state employees biden said things will be different america is back diplomacy is back you are the center. all that i tend to do you are the heart of it we're going to rebuild our alliances. gauge the world and take on the enormous challenges we face the new administration's promise to try to restore the u.s. is reputation both at home and around the world rosalynn jordan al-jazeera washington and congress the house of representatives has punished a republican member who was supported while conspiracy theories marjorie tyler green has been removed from 2 committees response they were holes in the
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unprecedented measures taken by a divided house. at the debate on whether to remove her from my committee positions at the house of representatives taylor green argued that all she was guilty of was querying established narratives i was allowed to believe things that weren't true and i would ask questions and questions about them and talk about them and that is absolutely what i regret because if it weren't for the facebook post and comments that i liked in 28 teen i wouldn't be standing here today among the viewpoints that she's expressed support for all of the q and on conspiracy theory and the belief that school shootings and $911.00 were hoaxes these were words of the path but she's also approved of exhortations to kill house speaker nancy pelosi as well as racist and anti-semitic tropes i did not hear a disavow meant or an apology for those things. i did not hear an apology or denouncement for the. the claim the insinuation that
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political opponents. should be. violently dealt with the motion to reconsider is laid on the table. the democrats are setting a precedent which privately some fear may be used against them if the republicans regain the house effectively demoting someone in the other party for comments made before he or she joined congress but in the case of marjorie taylor green they say they had no choice i remain concerned about house republicans leadership except of extreme conspiracy theorists but green received a standing ovation from republican colleagues at a meeting on wednesday night underscoring republican leader kevin mccarthy insistence that his party wants what he calls a big tent that includes the courtroom base the number one thing that happened in conference was unity donald trump remains the most popular figure in the republican
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party able to draw out grassroots turnout and draw in grassroots campaign contributions but ever since the storming of the capital more and more mainstream republican voters are growing easy with the viewpoints of that core base plus the republican leadership is well aware that donald trump's most vocal supporters are loyal to him and not of them shihab rattansi al-jazeera capitol hill. well michael isikoff is the chief investigative correspondent at yahoo news he thinks action against greene is a significant moment in american politics. there really isn't much precedent for what the house did today but on the other hand there is not much precedent for a congresswoman like marjorie taylor green who has espoused the most bizarre conspiracy theories and more significantly. made comments that seem to
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threaten the lives of her fellow members in the house and i think that's really what pushed the democrats to do this at the very unsteady hoyer who's the house majority leader that's the number 2 democrat in the house held up a poster of marjorie that something that marjorie taylor green had posted on social media carrying an assault rifle aimed at 3 democratic members of the house alexandria cacio cortez to tell you've been on omar this squad and saying bad she would be their worst nightmare and the image of that assault rifle aimed at democratic members of the house of representatives i think was so powerful and is what moved not just all democrats but 11 republicans to vote to strip her of her committee assignments and me i'm a close aide of unfun sue cheney has been arrested when 10 is a senior and l.d.
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party a former political prisoner he spent decades campaigning against minute rule he had any a call for people to carry out acts of civil disobedience following monday's coup. posse members remain defiant despite the coup they met on thursday to show that. elected representatives were supposed to open a new session of parliament on monday off to winning november's election by a landslide instead the military power on a rest and suci along with others under reports. prevented from taking their seats in the new parliament democratically elected politicians from the national league for democracy have met anyway a symbolic session surrounded by armed guards at a government guest house. since representatives from the end of the party are all elected civilian representatives we can call the parliament anywhere parliamentarians are present so we called for
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a session and signed our oath and we are going to stand as parliament representatives people voted for us to be in office for 5 years and the result cannot be erased no matter what. that around 70 gathered on thursday and signed their oaths of office hundreds of lawmakers were detained for a period after monday's military coup. this violates the human rights of the whole population this is not a coup this is treason against the government i have to say that this is state treason. symbolic acts of defiance by politicians and the public against a military known to put down ballot protests that history in mind people are sticking to red ribbons and 3 finger salutes originally from the hunger games film franchise it was popularized by pro-democracy protests in neighboring thailand all calling to end the dictatorship. thanks. then at 8 pm
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the sound heard round young gone for a 3rd night in a row and local culture it said that banging pots and pans can drive evil from a home. there was a lot of people who we are going to be most people across the country are bringing to drive out the military coup leaders who are known for the seize power will keep driving out these evils until power is a return to our government. health al-jazeera. outside of their homeland more people from myanmar live in thailand than anywhere else in the world al-jazeera scott hylas spoke to some ex-pats in the city of china my hair worried about their families back home. praying for peace and serenity in the thai city long known as a hub for me and mars diaspora through decades of conflict and military coups migrants dissidents and ethnic fighters have found their way to chiang mai so in myanmar as elected leadership was ousted in monday's coup it cut deep into the
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community here. funk wang was there in 1962 when the military 1st took power away from his civilian government he later became a soldier in a kitchen ethnic army for 10 years he fought the military for autonomy with his experience he thinks violence is not the solution now and political pressure should come from people like him into war i am worried about my country men back in myanmar not just my relatives the military may be in power for many years to come. i do not support violent protests in the cities then these people abroad should play a big role they don't have to live in fear from the bennies military. chiangmai has unique history and culture different from the rest of thailand and that's possibly why so many ethnic groups that have crossed the western border have decided to settle here but it's difficult for them to stay connected to their communities in myanmar. government. runs
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a migrant radio network it was formed 25 years ago in chiang mai to keep the many migrants from myanmar informed. the network has been reporting on the coup since the 1st hours of the takeover a lot of the listeners were shocked and worried. i have to keep my listeners updated on the situation they need information to make decisions people worried the a concerned about the future. a show of solidarity in front of the chiang mai myanmar consulate a nighttime gathering of anti coupe protesters thais and migrants making themselves heard this in support of those who put themselves in danger by going out on the streets of myanmar to denounce the coup let's go live to scott hide from china and neighboring thailand scald there are reports now that protests all growing both inside and outside manama what are you hearing. absolutely we know that here in thailand obviously we saw the footage there of the gathering here in chiang mindful of the myanmar consulate on thursday evening we know also
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there was another gathering in bangkok thailand capital much larger one that what we saw here that has been going on now for the last couple of days growing in size we also know around the world in front of me in our embassies around the world there are protests going on inside the country in myanmar and again as we were just saying that obviously that's a much much bigger stakes involved for those inside myanmar now country completely controlled by the military and a military that's known for bloody crackdowns and dissent so it's much more risky for them to go out in the streets but we know that those are growing as well you know it civil disobedience initially started with people banging or there these pots and pans out in the street honking and then it's grown a little bit since then but also now we're hearing other groups teachers' union it's actually come out and said that they want their members to participate in civil disobedience we saw that a few days ago with hospital workers at the hospital workers said they started the
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civil disobedience movement within their group because they saw the military taking putting their own agenda above the agenda of the citizens because of covert $1000.00 and what was happening then they staged this coup so now we're seeing a more group start to join the civil disobedience it will be interesting to see how they do that is this the 3 finger salute is this red ribbons that they put on their shirts be interesting to see because again inside the country it's a very risky thing for them to be doing but we're seeing more and more groups and people joining the civil disobedience movement inside myanmar. scott many thanks. still ahead on al-jazeera they were murdered in the thousands by eisel in iraq years later the government holds funeral ceremonies for u.c.d. victims.
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however we've got right in the full cost look at parts of the middle east over the next couple of days cloud and rain driving in from that eastern side of the mediterranean sweater weather there just around the levant syria lebanon jordan right down across israel pushing across the palestinian territories into the sinai peninsula rather wet weather and that so making its way further a swiss through iraq and this law in a very heavy rain running all the way down towards central parts of the red sea 3 macca that is a lot is to cause some flooding as we go through the next day or 2 not just a little further a switch as we go on through saturday so that wet weather chance of flooding some sleet and snow to coming into western parts of iran running down across q 8 i think is going to make its way across here in cots fine and pleasantly warm temperatures around 23 celsius and that dry weather stretching down across say yemen adam on
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into somalia the usual shall is just around the rift valley we'll see some wet weather there just coming in to uganda making its way across a good part of the democratic republic of congo cloud and rain that's also drapes this white out in c. much of south africa said in northeastern parts of the country saying some rather wet weather along with botswana and that's not going out into mozambique. to make a change. change your life or the path of a country challenge the accepted truth you want to create something you push to break you continue remolded turn the status quo and fight injustice all month you. will. witness personal documentaries not going to
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deception on al-jazeera. in war in the war world war. you're watching out is there a mind of our top stories this hour u.s. president joe biden has set out his vision for american foreign policy is with strong support for saudi arabia's war in yemen and pledged to repair a global alliances that were fractured during the trump he is. the u.s. house of representatives has taken disciplinary action against a republican congresswoman who supported wild conspiracy theories marjorie taylor green has been removed from the education committee and others to which she had been assigned. protests continue in myanmar against
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a ministry that seized power from democratically elected leaders in monday's coup of an ice top aide of unsung suchi was arrested when 10 hard call for civil disobedience following monday's. let's turn to hong kong which is issued sweeping guidelines to schools on how to teach children as young as 6 about beijing's controversial national security law students will learn about tough penalties for antigovernment offenses young people of course have been at the heart of the anti-government protests in hong kong let's go straight to our correspondent who is live for us in hong kong david good to see you firstly took us through what these children are going to be taught. right this is basically the biggest overhaul to hong kong's education system and what it's going to do is force teachers to warn students as you said as young as 6 about secession about sedition about collusion with foreign powers it will also
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limits the kind of discussions they will have in the classroom where teachers will be essentially policed particularly when it comes to political discussions and the one topic of discussion that they cannot even touch now and they will be closely more. it is the independence or even the idea of independence in hong kong so what this essentially does is release the classrooms and the home called schools which have largely been very open and open to all kinds of discussions where students have been encouraged to be vocal and teachers have been encouraged to. make students talk about things regardless of what the topic is no matter how sensitive they were in mainland china so what this does now is bring hong kong schools why it's in line with those communist controlled classrooms of mainland china this is also a very worrying turn for many people here many students here who now feel that the
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government is sitting in their classroom in fact the national union of teachers says that this essentially gives the government a chance to micromanage what happens in the classrooms and gives full control of academics even down to what's put on notice boards or even library books which may in some sense violator counter the national security law and how is the government justifying this and what will it mean now for hong kong as a whole. this is largely expected but nobody expected this kind of a reform and many people have thought and the government had been making a lot of noise a sense that 29000 protests those protests were largely motivated and. moved by the young people of hong kong many of them of the front line protesters of 29000 where are the university students or high school students and many probe politicians and communist party members had blamed those protests on the hong
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kong's education system on the teachers putting ideas on students and so the government has used this to justify and now they're managing our classrooms here but what does this mean for hong kong's education system which has largely been open and admired it means that this is now a communist education system pretty much the same thing as you would see in mainland china and this is worried many parents here we've already seen in the run up to this. reform is expected many teachers many parents are trying to move their children to international schools which wouldn't be as stringent or even trying to leave the country and never going to see more of an exodus expected particularly with many parents who had a voice concerns about the national security law and how they would impact their children since these parents and many of the older generations have grown up with a free and open hong kong and they fear that their children won't be able to
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benefit from such an environment to plan their 1st life in hong kong many thanks. a funeral for more than 100 victims from iraq's yazidi minute minority has been held in the capital baghdad thousands of years e.d.'s were killed by ice will fight is back in 2014 the un investigators called it genocide so now fulton reports now from baghdad. these trucks carry the bodies of 100 for years e.d.'s murdered by eisel nearly 7 years after their killing they are at last on their way to their final resting place they were among thousands killed and buried in mass graves in the northern region of stenger and at a 1st to be identified using d.n.a. analysis after their remains were examined from the mass graves. now they have a name a face a family to return to. in life the iraqi government didn't protect them from isis
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systematic campaign of killing and kidnapping in death it is trying to grant them the respect they deserve. today's funeral procession is a message that terrorism targeted members of this oppressed community and iraq today wanted all the world to sympathize with the fall and there should be justice and punishment for the perpetrators. but for this group of easy to survivors who met iraqi parliamentarians on wednesday the government hasn't done enough they say the exhumation of the dozens of mass graves in sindar is taking too long. the mass graves have been there for 7 years they're not under isis control anymore anyone can go to these mass graves but nobody cares. they also accuse parliament of dragging its feet to enact a draft law that would almost 5 years after the un has done so recognize the crimes
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committed against them as genocide it would also grant them compensation and create a mandate to search for the approximately 3000 still missing. female survivors don't have rights and we are always repeating our demands per rights for us and for our brothers sisters mothers and sons who are still in the hands of isis the government is always saying icily is. gone but why did nobody bring our families back the easy to survive a law was submitted to parliament in 2019 but voting has been repeatedly delayed if passed it would also lay the legal basis for iraqi courts to use evidence gathered by u.n. investigators to prosecute suspects justice accountability truthtelling proper investigations fair trials are critically important not only to expose the
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violent extremist ideology of dosh. but it will do that also but to ensure that the value of human life is underscored and that those individuals are exposed and confronted by those that have survived in a courtroom by hard evidence that is reliable that is relevant that have property value and so that when punishment is meted out sentences are given nobody can say that there is an injustice but the objective of thursday's ceremony wasn't simply to return the bodies but took knowledge to crime with the hope it will not be repeated the 104 remains will be transported to the village of culture in central where they will return to their families and laid to rest in line was it a tradition not a funeral we offer some closure for survivors the struggle for justice they would say and rights is far from over they want to hold on al-jazeera but without. we can
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hoffa go $900.00 bodies were found sauce and burned in northern mexico authorities in tamaulipas state now say at least a dozen of their own police officers were involved among the dead a guatemalans who were travelling through the country to get to the united states got home and has this report. this tallies all the way to the small houses for gold was building for his wife and 3 children before this affair but it's thousands of them and that's why we went to the us to try for a better life for them because when you work the land here you can make it perfectly but you get paid to. see it finished now. on the way to the u.s. ofa go was shot one of the guatemalans that makes complete killed and then burned entirely person if talley still doesn't understand what you are missing a persona i ask myself how it's possible that the authorities take justice into their own hands it's the impunity it's beyond measure. if you look at it over go
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was a farm worker pianist in a christian music group he had another child on the way. this municipality comic-con c.e.o. is submerged in shock and sadness they think they've lost 13 heechul in the attack in another house but the cedar can't forgive herself for letting her son rebel singo she hasn't heard from him and believes he's dead to. publicly thank you but why did he go why didn't he listen to me he just don't know you see everyone else getting to the other side and now i regret it it's as if i sent him i should have said to him no and that's it. but rebel some wanted to get his family a kitchen and he couldn't do it with $3.00 a day on a nearby coffee plantation it was 15 difficult to imagine the probable terror of these final moments. his mother's distress now. last summer when i found out
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that my son was dead i died of sadness too he was the only son i had has grown up who helped me whatever he owned he would give it to be who's going to help me now. this is happened before in mexico 72 migrants were killed a decade ago in the same state they're easy prey for gangs who kill kidnap and extort. but this time around it was the police those men protect the that schools dying on both sides of the border. a misery here but the people of commitment see you rely on migration there's so little for them where they live the likelihood is that in the future more of them will be running the same race as rob else and therefore go. john home of al-jazeera. pharmaceutical giant johnson and johnson has asked u.s. regulators for emergency authorization for the world's 1st single dose coronavirus
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vaccine a process could take several weeks and if approved will be the 3rd vaccine to be authorized for use in the united states that's after 5 is a fine tech and mcdonough a medical trial in the united kingdom has been launched to save giving people different coronavirus vaccines for their 1st and 2nd day as well of the same protection the study will mix the astra zeneca and pfizer biotech jobs. this is al jazeera these are your top stories u.s. president joe biden says he's ending american support for offensive operations in the saudi led war in yemen including a ban on the sale of specific weapons and his 1st foreign policy speech since taking office biden spoke about the coup in myanmar and russia's treatment of opposition figures he's promised to restore america's leadership in the world and
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repair alliances that were fractured sharing the trouble is america is back in.


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