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encounters unpaid child labor is working in a $100000000000.00 industry well over half of the country's cocoa produces live below the poverty line. on al-jazeera. a desperate search for survivors at least 170 people are missing after a delay see it in the himalayas bursts triggering flash floods in india. come on peter dhabi you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here and also coming up the u.s. president joe biden says he will not lift sanctions on iran unless it returns to its nuclear deal commitments while tehran says the u.s.
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should make the 1st move. calling for democracy and meanwhile protesters gather for these 3rd day in a row denouncing last week's military coup. socialist was claims of victory in ecuador's presidential election but exit polls suggest the race is heading for a runoff in april. top story rescue crews in northern india are trying to reach survivors after parts of a gli sea in the himalayas collapsed sending a torrent of water and debris down a valley at least 14 people are known to have died around 170 are still missing the water swept away 2 hydroelectric power plants and forced evacuation of villages elizabeth purana reports from cash in the state of iraq and. a wall of water dust and rock rules down the ganga river in northern india the
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bridges and dams in its path damaged or destroyed. a portion of the number they've said to have broken off said. the tarn surging down the mountain and through now a valleys but. people living on the several neighborhood tributaries will want to move to safety immediately what is it to give them one that i've never seen anything like what i saw at the rashid power plant about 50 to 100 people were running for their lives they could not be saved and they were engulfed by the river . rescue teams and the military quickly arrived at the area where dozens of people working on major hydro power projects like the one vishnu got plant which was under construction. scramble to reach at least one block tunnel people were trapped inside. here at least some good news but several workers pulled from the rubble. in that in the movies it's in these difficult
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times the modi government is standing shoulder to shoulder with the people of. the disaster management teams along with other security forces are already there the indian air force is also on alert it is our priority to minimize the loss of life and property to the people and restore normalcy here. in the himalayas as prone to flash floods and landslides in june 23rd record rainfall caused devastating floods that claimed close to 6000 lives. that disaster was dubbed the himalayan tsunami because of the torrents of water which buried homes and swept away buildings roads and bridges. and mental experts have criticised the construction of power projects in the area pointing to its fragile ecosystem and the damage caused by the 2013 floods. it seems like the part which was. this disaster today
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was actually less than 50 megawatt plant the question is should we be compromising the integrity of the model for such a small project more questions will no doubt be raised after this latest disaster. well that happened in mountainous states in the far north of india the glaciers on the country's 2nd highest peak. a portion is said to have broken off sending a wave of water and nearby rivers which support hydroelectric power stations like the one at rainy on the russian river and the top of on guard to power plant which was under construction for the downstream on the. it's less power on again with more on the rescue effort. rescue personnel have just begun working on a tunnel near the top of one they had to stop work on sunday night because of a rise in the ocean level this is
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a 900 meter long tunnel that around 30 workers are believed to be trapped and. were only able to dig about 150 meters of the tunnel before stopping work on sunday night they just restarted the work again because of the rise in the water level people along the riverbank. district who remain have once again pushed on police say they believe most of the people who are missing work on hydro electric power plants one is that. there are around $125.00 workers who are still missing at another one. power plant the flooding that happened on sunday actually swept away a at the top of one that's used to divert water and there are a lot of questions being asked about why hydroelectric power plants will be constructed in such ecologically. sensitive areas there also a team of scientists making their way to the number. to ascertain exactly what
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happened because there's different language being used to describe what happened what caused the floods and critics and experts are saying that if it was indeed a portion of the number david lacey which broke off that people in the region should have been forewarned about the devastating flooding that would follow. in another reversal of donald trump's foreign policies joe biden's administration plans to rejoin the un human rights council earlier this week to put an end to trump's isolationist policies and declared diplomacy is back trump pulled out of the un human rights council in 2018 calling it a hypocritical organization that displayed an ending hostility towards israel president biden says he will not lift sanctions as a means of getting iran back to the negotiating table join an interview mr biden suggested the move would only happen if tehran stops enriching uranium the former
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president donald trump withdrew from the 2050 nuclear deal which led to iran rolling back on commitments iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei said to iran would only return to compliance if the us 1st lifted all economic sanctions we. had the british the one that has the right to set conditions for continuation of the j c p o a is iran because from the beginning iran has met all of its commitments they violated their commitments we have the right to set the conditions if they want iran to return to the chase e.p.o. commitments the u.s. must remove all sanctions and not just in words and on paper they must remove all sanctions in practice then they will return to our commitments this is the definite policy of the islamic republic and all are running officials agree with that and we won't change this policy. joe castros in washington d.c. she says biden has bipartisan support on the decision not to lift sanctions. the
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white house official told al-jazeera today that president biden quote certainly will not be removing these sanctions from iran just to get iran back to the negotiating table biden himself spoke to c.b.s. news on friday in a recently released interview clip he said this will the u.s. lift sanctions 1st in order to get iran back to the negotiating table now they have to stop enriching uranium 1st and republicans are supporting president biden in not lifting these u.s. sanctions 1st senator lindsey graham saying that it must be 1st iran that changes its behavior so certainly the stalemate continues even as we know that the background of all of this is that the by administration wants to renegotiate the
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nuclear deal there had been cancelled by trump. biden's national security adviser jake sullivan has criticized policy saying that they only aggravated the tensions between iran and the u.s. escalating this nuclear crisis in his words and president biden has said that this is his hope is to return to diplomacy how that happens that of course is still to be determined the u.n. special envoy c.n.n. is visiting iran for the 1st time to discuss the war there mohsin griffith's visit comes after the u.s. revoked the terrorist designation for the iranian backed to see rebels this month the u.s. stopped its support for the saudi arabia led campaign in yemen. hundreds of anti coup demonstrators have returned to the streets of mean mars' biggest city for a 3rd day of protest exactly a week after the military seized power or the. it follows days of growing civil disobedience including strikes last monday mean mars army
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ousted the democratically elected government and arrested the civilian leader unsung suchi human rights groups say dozens of people including activists who have led the growing demonstrations have been detained for more let's cross live now to scott harlow who's in bangkok difficult to know for sure i know scott but do we have a sense of how big the crowds are on the streets right now. they do what we do know you know we've got someone on the ground who we've been speaking with over the last couple of hours since these various marches have started in yangon the commercial cap of the largest city in myanmar and he's telling us that they're going to converge right in downtown yangon this will probably take over the next couple of hours but what he has been telling us is and what we're kind of seeing from images and video coming out is that it's definitely in the thousands we just don't know how many 1000 that is because thousands that is because you have different marches coming together what's interesting coming into today monday morning you know we saw those big numbers over the weekend tens of thousands was
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that we weren't sure if there's going to be a lot as many people or even that many people because it's a work day but what has happened is organizers have called for a work stoppage a general strike this is part of their their movement to get more people out on the streets now this is what we're seeing in yangon we're also seeing in mandalay this is the 2nd largest city in myanmar healthcare workers are also out on the streets there protesting against this coup that happened exactly a week ago today peter so we're seeing you know some numbers coming out it's still kind of early hours on on monday but what's interesting again you know because we saw such a large outpouring over the weekend we didn't know what to expect on monday because of the work week but because organizers have called for a strike for people to come out and even though it's a work day come out and protest we're seeing bigger numbers than initially anticipated on monday morning here many things got hard to the reporting live from bangkok let's bring in dr. who he's executive director of the meanwhile institute
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for peace and security he joins us on skype from uganda gone doc so welcome to al-jazeera is what we're seeing today the beginnings of the protests gathering momentum losing momentum. it was just the beginning of the gathering momentum once protests go on mochi people are joining them alone their march so by the time when they converge in downtown the crowd gets to go to thousands and thousands of people so that a sea classic tactics used by the organizers of the protests in 1988 less uprising basle the security forces have so far tolerated these protests on the streets they tolerated the pots and pans being banged that's been a a fingerprint of the protesters at what point will those security forces
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decide they've got to do something. so far all of the security forces are tolerating the protests and they a keeping the security presence low profile so that minimal security until yesterday we hauled and saw some video clips the military of it he caused the country into young go from different directions and they may be preparing for the crackdown by usually before they do that they make the announcement at night calling. to disperse the protests not to go out to the streets and not together so they usually have like this they're wonderful for at the activity the one for for at legally we haven't seen yet so far so maybe they maybe been watching the situation today
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and so we can tell exactly until this evenly whether those security force just well have decided to pick it up as far as we can tell from this distance from this vantage point the protest movement doesn't have either one leader or several leaders around which they can coalesce if you will if they are to get any real change do they not need to have a leader. well the world that's going surely because these protests they have to consolidate commence but right now these demands some of them demand for the release of the political president that is the kind of common demands. then the call for the restoration of the elected government and also acknowledge the $2.20 election results but some of the protests that call for the abolition lost
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the 2008 prosecutions so these issues need to be considered dated about them so because the eventual e they have to be some people negotiated with the government authorities so that they could find a solution without bloodshed but so far we are concerned that they could potentially she blushes if they already decide to crack down dr we must leave it there thank you so much for joining us from young go on dr min sol over there in. still to come on this program the haitian president says an attempt to overthrow the government as being for oil. china aims to vaccinate 50000000 people next week sounds impressive we'll tell you why however the experts say it is know when enough .
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time for the perfect gentle. winter sponsored by qatar airways. the last of the significant rain and snow is on its way out through iran that leaves monday largely fine and dry the shamar blowing down which is always the case are together with spell there is rain to come in yemen and the mines in the southwest and saudi otherwise a breeze are coming out of the interiors like to warm things up further west particularly for example in the valley things are up in the levant 4 above average for beirut and 6 above in lux all so that is warm at least probably won't last with just a nice temperature change the rain following the sun is slowly coming up from southern africa now in fact there's been some unusually heavy rain in those kenya and tanzania recently leaving behind cause and increasingly sunny bit in most in namibia and south africa but it's still that time of year we should watch what's
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happening in madagascar and in mozambique and if you take a look at it as a hint here we're trying to create itself circulation a tropical or which we don't really won't watch all the same plenty of showers for madagascar and back through botswana as well wanted to further south even for example in the city where tuesday wednesday look cherry for a little windy to blow through about something it to thursday we're back to sunny skies once more. sponsored poll qatar airways. when all that seems to matter is the headline and always 2 sides to a story when narratives and counter narratives obscure reality the main there on the one hand the enemy is open neither on the other hand the listening post drips away the spin what kind of reporting if you can see on the ground misinformation is right lays bare the bias a lot of people believe things because they want to believe them and uncovers the uncomfortable truths do you think they did enough to through tonight is the case a war the listing posts on
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a. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera from peter dhabi your top stories this half hour rescue crews in northern india are trying to reach survivors after particle you see in the himalayas collapsed sending water and every down a valley comes 14 people are known to have died around 170 are missing. thousands of anti coup processes in me and i have returned to the streets for a 3rd day of protest it's actually a week after the military seized our colors days of growing civil disobedience including strikes. and a leftist economy stand this is claiming victory in ecuador's 1st round of presidential elections but exit polls suggest
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a runoff is like feet in april the us is closest rival is a conservative. the haitian president has announced that more than 20 people have been arrested for an alleged coup plots. so the group had been planning to kill him for more than 2 months a supreme court judge and a senior police official were among those who've been detained the opposition has called on the president to resign saying his term expired on sunday. and. i'm not a dictator dictators are people who take power and don't know when they're leaving i know my mandate and on february 7th 2022 you're not going to give you today are wise to how they're massacred. there are people who suffered from police brutality to the population told us that the president's mandate is all of our will not leave the streets before he has left power well laurent dubois is professor of history at the university of virginia he says more protests are inevitable. this is actually
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an attack against the opposition parties kind of an excuse to round up opponents the people who have been arrested are a number of prominent voices and critiquing his regime so to me it seems like the story is a cover for something very different it's important that today is february 7th a very sad and he said history is a very important date it's the anniversary of the overthrow of junk load of a in 1906 and also supposed to be the end of the president's mandate now there is a discussion and debate between opposition and president least about whether his mandate ends this february or next february because of the circumstances that the election that brought him to power which were themselves quite contested and so that's the kind of point i think today was meant to be a portent it was going to be a potential day of protest against him and the beginning of more protests so it seems to me this is a preemptive move but i do not believe probably it is meant to be i think a show of force maybe also
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a show of weakness and i suspect that the next days are going to see a great deal of response from the population and you case of ebola has been found in eastern democratic republic of congo more than 2 months after the end of the last break infected woman from the north kiva region died the area suffered a big break from 2018 to 2020 that killed more than 2000 people last november the country declared itself a free after the end of a smaller break in the west a police officer has been detained in chile over the fatal shooting of a street performer relatives and friends have gathered in the capital for francisco martinez romero's wake the 27 year old was killed by the police on friday it triggered big protests and several public buildings have been set ablaze latin america at a solicitor newman was at a protest in santiago with more on the fate of the police officer. he is in detention there is an investigation underway the prosecutor's apparently going to
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charge him with a murder. with those a homicide with a a fire a weapon but the policeman claims that he acted in self defense so this is just the beginning of what could be a very long process and people here do not believe it was self-defense they say that the juggler was carrying sables but anyway the juggler was carrying a save that he used for his for his act that were made out of tin. if this is the case the weapon or the so-called weapon has now gone missing then it clearly could not have been something with which he could have killed the policeman so this is going to take a long time but it has as i say bit inflaming passions and it's going to cause more and more disruptions hundreds and hundreds of people have been coming here to the house where mike dean is his family lives and where his body is. you can see them some of them a lot of them behind me and they've been demanding justice they believe that he was
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murdered in cold blood by a policeman cold blooded murder of the policeman had fired 5 shots 2 of them at the ground and then the other 3 apparently directly at point blank range as might have been issued died on the side on the footpath right as a few minutes later so it is at the latest incident that has inflamed political passions here we saw a bus just 2 blocks from here that was burnt by putting it people we don't know who they were and we've also seen riot police water cannon trucks that are roaming this area but they haven't come yet however i can say that there are people who are carrying and holding rocks in their hands just waiting to confront the police at any moment and as it gets darker that is likely to happen as has happened so many many times especially when a protest or or even in this case a simple street artist is killed by police. small groups. protesters have been braving cold weather in belarus to demonstrate against president alexander
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lukashenko and many who joined anti government demonstrations of the past 6 months have been put off by freezing temperatures and continuing police brutality but with spring approaching the opposition is preparing to ramp up its efforts to oust the longtime leader. an economist and result is claiming victory in ecuador's 1st round of presidential elections but exit polls from a field of 16 candidates suggest he is likely to face a runoff in april votes are being counted to decide who will succeed president lenin. or as his main rival is the conservative guillermo last so. he is in neighboring colombia. it was overall a quite tranquil day of voting across ecuador even as if was happening in the middle of a pandemic so there were long lines in the morning there was a big turnout of people voting for roast of 16 presidential
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candidates in the end as expected the leftist candidates backed by former president rafael correa and. came in 1st exit polls have them somewhere between 35 to 36 percent of the vote way above 4 the 2nd best candidate to guillermo last so. i was a short press conference right after the polls close to saying that his was a big victory that there is a ratio of 2 to one door instead decided to vote for him he didn't say oh he thinks or not that he has enough votes to avoid a runoff now according to a quote dorrian law if a candidate gets at least 40 percent of the vote while also having at least 10 percent more then the 2nd best candidate then he can win the elections out right.
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now according to these exit polls he's 4 to 5 percent in spring to be low that. people are expected to leave the chinese capital to begin their journey home in time to bring in the new year now the government says it is aiming to vaccinate 50000000 people as the travel rush begins but analysts warn that is still too slow and tens of millions more will have to receive the job in order to reach herd immunity to train and you know from beijing. every day crowds of workers are being bussed into this beijing museum to receive carbon 19 tax of nations the chinese government aims to vaccinate $50000000.00 people by the middle of this month here after vaccinating workers will move to ordinary people we asked mate it will take about half a year to finish beijing's population security guards delivery and transport
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workers are among those instructed to receive the japs $2.00 to $3000.00 people are not at this baiting vaccinations and every day the chinese government has prioritized certain industries the 1st phase of its mass vaccination rollout and so many of the people who come here it's their employer who has organized that business but experts say china needs to speed up its vaccination rollout and a lack of widespread infection means a slower development of herd immunity among the population which may not be achieved at a late 2022. china vaccine a $50000000.00 people by mid february the problem but it doesn't mean much is only $130.00 s of total population maybe only after $500000000.00 are inoculated will see the difference china afford to relax there are also fears beijing want to have enough doses for its 1400000000 population china has promised 10000000 doses to kovacs and international alliance distributing vaccines to developing countries
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it's also exporting about 400000000000 to countries such as brazil and elysia and donating millions more to allies including pakistan. the discovery of a counterfeit vaccine ring in the southern province of junk suit earlier this month has also undermined confidence in vaccine safety authorities say all fake doses have been tracked down to. the chinese government attaches great importance to serve god in the security of the vaccines and will continue to crack down on vaccine related crimes the government is also under pressure to roll that vaccines out of the national people's congress the nation's largest leaders gathering in march at the preparations for the 2022 winter olympics dating has high hopes both the olympics and its vaccines will help improve its international image in the wake of the pandemic. but while questions about china's role the outbreak remain
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unanswered its borders are still closed and its people await their turn to receive a vaccine katrina new al-jazeera beijing. amanda gorman the 22 year old artist who performed president joe biden's inauguration has now become the 1st poet to open the super bowl today we honor our 3 captains for their actions and employ us youth poet laureate performed a chorus of the captain needs the poet in praises 3 essential workers chosen as owner of captains to take the toss before the kick off the prerecorded recital was played to a half full stadium because of coronavirus restrictions 80000000 people were expected to tune into the game double the number of people it was goldman's inauguration recital. former u.s. secretary of state george shultz su played a key role in helping to end the cold war has died at the age of $100.00 mr shultz held several cabinet posts over his long career but made the most impact leading
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the u.s. state department under the then president ronald reagan he helped cement a historic nuclear missile treaty with moscow and remains a strong advocate for arms control lots more news and background articles whenever you want it on our website the address for al-jazeera dot com we'll update the headlines right now. these are your top stories so far this rescue crews in northern india are trying to reach survivors after part of a delay sea in the himalayas collapsed sending water and deborah down a valley at least 14 people are known to have died under around 170 are missing elizabeth purana has more on the rescue effort from cash in iraq and rescue personnel have just begun working on a tunnel near the top of one day and they had to.


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