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up to date with what's happening on the ground in the ward and in the lab now more than ever the world needs w.h.o. making a healthy a world for you. to everyone. signs of resistance from in mars military rulers as thousands demonstrate for a 3rd straight day. for them or a trial this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up south africa suspends its current of r.'s vaccination rollout program amid concerns the astra zeneca job isn't effective against a highly infectious strain. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu peace not
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guilty to corruption charges just weeks before elections. and the search for survivors after a glass or collapse in northern india at least 11 dead around $200.00 still missing . we begin in may and manuel forty's are starting to crack down on public displays of defiance against the military coup that took place a week ago police have threatened to use force to disperse anti coupe protests earlier they turned water cannon on people in the capital. 'd thousands of return to the streets for a 3rd day of demonstrations a civil disobedience campaign has grown into strikes and mass protests monday men miles army ousted the democratically elected government and arrested civilian leader. rights groups say dozens of people including activists who have led the
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growing demonstrations have been detained has more from bangkok. we just heard that you know not only have they said that they'll go through legal channels to prosecute anyone who is disrupting the stability in the country because any wrongdoing that leads to disruption in the country talking about the protestors but also we've heard that the police and they put where we saw those water cannon used earlier in the day again that's kind of the 1st time we've seen any real pushback by security forces against this growing protest movement particularly over the weekend we saw tens of thousands seeing that again today on monday so that was really kind of the 1st physical pushback we saw and then now we're hearing that the police is warning those protesters in a port or maybe or the capital but that if they don't disperse peacefully it will be done by force and that's the 1st time we've really kind of heard that we do need to know that you know these massive protests over the weekend they did disperse peacefully but there really wasn't this kind of confrontation we've seen with police so be interesting to see how how resilient the protesters are going to be
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and how patient the security force will be. israel's prime minister has pleaded not guilty to corruption charges benjamin netanyahu has appeared in court charged with bribery fraud and breach of trust and 3 separate cases he says he's the victim of what he calls an attempted coup for such is following developments from outside the court in occupied east jerusalem. legal team has been arguing against the legitimacy of the investigation against him but now you know him so only stayed for about 20 minutes worth of that argument and he did speak in the court he didn't say the words not guilty what he said was that he confirmed the written submission of his legal team so essentially it's the same thing that the legal team arguing that the attorney general did not give proper
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full written approval for all the phases of investigations in the 3 cases against him the judges pushed back a little bit on that and also against the length of time the legal team was taking to make that argument they also pushed back a little bit against the prosecution when they were defending the investigation against those allegations we heard that the most serious of the 3 cases against him so-called case 4000 in which he's accused of bribery media bribery that will be the 1st of the main evidentiary phase hearings that the witness part of the trial that will be the 1st and it is in that case you know faces the most serious charges accused of offering massive deregulator e benefits to one of in israel's most influential businessmen and the the largest telecoms company in exchange for favorable media coverage on this the website that
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the same individual owed so that is the 1st case that we're going to hear when the real guts of this trial gets under way. south africa has suspended plans to vaccinate frontline health workers with the astra zeneca job as after a trial showed it might be less effective against the more contagious variant that's cause the country's recent surge of covert 19 back scenes made by johnson and johnson pfizer will be ordered and the coming weeks last week south africa received 1000000 astra zeneca doses and was due to sars not collations in the next few days all that study. university shows 2 doses of the oxford astra zeneca vaccine provide minimal protection against mild to moderate infections of the south african variant the study didn't assess the efficacy against severe infections but the office said the findings show efforts should shift from herd 'd immunity to protecting people at risk of getting cove it and scientists to lead the
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development of the astra zeneca vaccines of the study confirms the virus will find ways to spread in vaccinated populations researches noted work is underway on a 2nd generation of vaccine that will target new mutations the mother is in johannesburg and says the government had already come under criticism for its slow vaccine rollout. according to the studies that have been done and we are expecting that full study to be published sometime today 2000 participants were studied with regard to the response to astra zeneca and the government has said that it shows that there is only a 22 percent efficacies rate when trying to prevent mild or moderate covert 19 now this is very damaging for the government given the criticism it's already faced and even if the government can be forgiven for only understanding now that the vaccine is not is as effective as they had hoped the government has also come out
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to say that the vaccines that receive the $1000000.00 doses last week it's only on a rival that it was a stablished that these vaccines expire in april vaccines take about 6 months they have a 6 month shelf life and already south africa has a difficulty in that it didn't have this information on hand so south africans are certainly very disappointed and there really is an issue of confidence with regard to how the government is managing this vaccine rollout for the time being we know that they've said that they use the information they had on hand they've said that this was the most accessible vaccine at the time and what they'll do now is one of the experts on the panel that's trying to deal with the vaccine rollout has said it would it would be irresponsible to completely discard the astra zeneca vaccine instead they will vaccinate some people at some point but at the same time continue studies to understand better how to use astra zeneca dr alan raises a member of south africa's ministerial advisory commission for covert and the
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covert vaccine she explains how health authorities will use the study and the planning. so this was a very important study it was a small number of people and it was a young cohort which meant that just in terms of the natural history not many of them were anyway going to get severe disease that means the only thing that it could show was that there is only this very limited impact on prevention of mild or moderate disease but there were severe cases so the question is could this vaccine still have an impact on severe cases and the other question being asked is can the vaccine be tweaked to be responsive to the variance of the answer's yes to that and the 3rd question being asked is can this vaccine be combined with another vaccine so that you have $22.00 different vaccines that do what we call prime and boost so you stimulate the immune system at 2 different points in time and you do it with slightly different vaccines so there are many questions still to be honest here
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well at the moment because of the lack of efficacy and it was a south african cohort small as it was it would have been very hard to justify putting that out to your highest health care workers in the absence of additional data so we have a meeting today to have of both local and international scientists to ask the question what is the and what is the additional data that we would need to see fortunately we're looking to urgent if you're going to get hold of other vaccines to other vaccines have been showed to have because the against the variant one is the johnson and johnson vaccine and the other is the novak's and change a sizable study in south africa across age groups and was able to show and effectiveness against the very but also against severe disease so there are options that have been rapidly sought so the actual rollout is not delayed but it will be
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with the the esters anika vaccine. rescue crews in northern india are trying to reach survivors after part of a himalayan glassware collapsed around 200 people a still missing at last here burst in a torrent of water rushed on a valley sweeping away to hydroelectric power plants many people living nearby had to flee their homes scientists studying himalayan glasses have warned increasing global temperatures a speeding up the rate of ice loss that's causing the development of glass will pawn play still ponds that can hold millions of cubic meters of water they want governments and agencies to pay more attention to the risks satellite images of the . hydroelectric projects so the change in ice cover on the surrounding glass is over the past 4 years from early february 2017 different than an 18 surface area of ice gradually increased in the region continued throughout to nasa 19 of
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a rapidly expanding in the winter of 2022 what can be seen here but within that past year all that new cover as melted away well is a problem as more from wish to cash in her grand state on the rescue efforts. rescue personnel have just begun working on a tunnel near the top one they had to stop. on sunday night because of. this is a 900 meter long tunnel that around 30 believed to be trapped and. only able to dig about 150 meters of the tunnel before. they just. because of the rise in the. people along the riverbank. district who remain have once again. police say they believe most of the people who are missing worked on
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hydro electric power plants one is that. there are 125 workers who are still missing at another one. of the flooding that happened on sunday actually swept away a. that's used to. and there are a lot of questions being asked about why hydroelectric power plants would be constructed in such ecologically sensitive areas there are a team of scientists making their way to the. to ascertain exactly what happened because there's different language being used to describe what happened what caused the floods and critics saying that if it was indeed a portion of the. people in the region should have been forewarned about the devastation flooding that would follow. testing teams have traveled to remote areas
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of the brazilian amazon to try to stop the spread of corona virus the trying to identify and isolate people in indigenous communities who have caught the virus showing no symptoms in the closest city overwhelmed with limited oxygen supplies and many people left to die in the. before and. this is a community that is outside and surrounds the capital but does not receive assistance these actions of members of the society working in favor of the indigenous communities have been fundamental during the absence of local government the actions of friends have made this possible and it's extremely important we've managed to get here but logistics a challenging because we need a boat gasoline and the willingness of the people to get. the chinese government is aiming to vaccinate 50000000 people by next week but analysts say that's too few at least 500000000 people need to get the job in order to reach so-called herd
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immunity against over 19 the world health organization says it's assessing chinese made vaccines for emergency use for training ports from beijing. every day crowds of workers are being bussed into this beijing museum to receive corporate 19 vaccinations the chinese government aims to vaccinate 15000000 people by the middle of this month. after vaccinating workers will move to ordinary people we asked made it will take about half a year to finish beijing's population. security guards delivery and transport workers are among those instructed to receive the jobs 2 to 3000 people are not at this beijing vaccinations and to every day the chinese government has prioritized certain industries the 1st phase of its mass vaccination rollout and so many of the people who come here it's their employer who has organized that business but experts say china needs to speed up its vaccination program and a lack of widespread infection means
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a slower development of herd immunity among the population which may not be achieved at a late 2022. 50000000 people by be february. but it doesn't mean much is only one 3rd taste of total population maybe only after $500.00 mil. inoculated will see the difference try to afford to relax there are also these beijing want have enough doses for its 1400000000 population china has promised 10000000 doses to kovacs an international alliance distributing vaccines to developing countries it's also exporting about $400000000000.00 to countries such as brazil and indonesia and donating millions more to allies including pakistan the discovery of a counterfeit vaccine ring in the southern province of jugs earlier this month has also undermined confidence in vaccine safety authorities say all fake doses have been tracked down. the chinese government attaches great importance to
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serve god in the security of the vaccines and will continue to crack down on vaccine related crimes the government is also under pressure to roll up vaccines out of the national people's congress the nation's largest leaders gathering in march at the preparations for the 2022 winter olympics. has high hopes for the olympics and its vaccines will help improve its international image in the wake of the penn demick. but while questions about china's role the outbreak remain unanswered its borders are still closed and its people await their turn to receive a vaccine between you al-jazeera beijing. still ahead here on al-jazeera president biden is rolling back many of his predecessor's policies we have why he's unlikely to include lifting sanctions on iran and not. the all of trees in these
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and maybe in mountains might not have roots thousands of years old but the tradition of pressing that oil certainly hands. it's time for the perfect gentleman the weather sponsored point qatar airways it is still snowing in japan there is still cold in the northeast of china maybe this isn't a big surprise so the forecast looks like this massive snow showers in hong shoe and a few more in her car there but otherwise it's sunny and it's not that cold everywhere was still subzero in harbin but if awestruck not so in beijing but this is not normal this time the you should not see significant rain running up through southeast asia anywhere really we're a month or 2 out of it but it's there and it's moving eastwards towards hong kong the already center suggests it will be fairly heavy rain for
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a time it's also i think that we fairly windy the specific forecast for hong kong doesn't look good on wednesday easterly 16 degrees and rain it doesn't prove that actually the local description is warm weather those only get to says your friday is a bit above average temperature wise and the wind is light. little is changing spirit india is another chance of shari stuff up in the foothills of the himalayas and running snowshoes i think it's in the poll seems quite likely and there's not quite as much fog and northern india as it has been a couple of weeks past nevertheless the forecast a new delhi still showing shallow fog every day call it is not that good but the study temperature regime not too cold. sponsored power qatar airways even recent history can become ops q 3 intrepid photojournalists return to the at the center of peru civil war and track down the brave characters that they had captured through their lenses 30 years earlier. imagine
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a rising challenge to the official history that denies indigenous peoples contribution to the peace process witness seen again on a. hello again you're watching al-jazeera as reminder of our top stories this hour police in miramar have worn down to demonstrators to leave or they'll be dispersed by force they turned water cannon on people in the capital is preferred day of may just street demonstrations since the military coup one week ago today. israel's prime minister has pleaded not guilty to charges of bribery fraud and breach of trust and
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his latest corruption trial resumes benjamin netanyahu says he's the victim of an attempted coup. and rescue operations are resumed in northern india to locate around 200 people missing after a himalayan glass collapsed at least 11 bodies have been recovered classiest sent a torrent of water rushing down a valley. in another reversal of donald trump's foreign policies u.s. president joe biden the ministration plans to rejoin the un human rights council earlier this week biden vowed to person and to trump's isolationists policies and declared diplomacy as back pulled out of the human rights council in 2018 calling it a hypocritical organization that was hostile towards israel. well president biden says he will not lift sanctions meanwhile to get iran back to the negotiating table during an interview biden suggests the move would only happen if terrans stops in which the new raney and former president donald trump withdrew from 2050 nuclear
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deal which led to iran rolling back its commitments and iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali hum and they said iran would only return to compliance if the us 1st left at all is economic sanctions we. had heard from the one that has the right to set conditions for continuation of the g.c. is iran because from the beginning iran has met all of its commitments they violated their commitments we have the right to set the conditions if they want iran to return to the chase e.p.o. commitments the u.s. must remove all sanctions and not just in words and on paper they must remove all sanctions in practice then they will return to our commitments this is the definite policy of the islamic republic and all are running officials agree with that and we won't change this policy because castro is in washington d.c. she says biden has bipartisan support on the decision to not lift sanctions. the
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white house official told al-jazeera today that president biden quote certainly will not be removing these sanctions from iran just to get iran back to the negotiating table and republicans are supporting president biden in not lifting these u.s. sanctions 1st senator lindsey graham saying that it must be 1st iran that changes its behavior so certainly the stalemate continues even as we know that the background of all of this is that the by the administration wants to renegotiate the nuclear deal that had been counseled by trump biden's national security advisor jake sullivan has criticized policy saying that they only aggravated the tensions between iran and the u.s. escalating this nuclear crisis in his words and president biden has said that this is his hope is to return to diplomacy how that happens though of course is still to
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be determined william lawrence is a professor of international relations at american university and a former u.s. diplomat he says iran's upcoming elections may complicate efforts to get to iran back to the negotiating table. there's no direct talks behind the scenes but there are definitely indirect talks behind the scenes going on and even offer put on the table and i think the europeans are the main intermediaries in this discussion they're working term i've been hearing from behind the scenes talks of compliance for compliance and they get the 2 sides back into the juicy people with his few new conditions as possible this is not easy but it's the easiest way to get things moving forward right now we're having negotiation by megaphone all through the pronouncements by the supreme leader and by by and that's no way to get anywhere the main operative variable right now is the iranian elections and there was a meeting of the national security council on friday about whether or not to try to
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push for some sort of a agreement on reentry before or after the june elections in iran because already the iranian parliament and you know campaign conversations are making things more problematic. for me u.s. secretary of state george shultz who played a key role in helping to end the cold war has died at the age of 100 schultes held several cabinet posts over his long career that made the most impact leading the state department under president ronald reagan he helped cement a historic nuclear missile treaty with lasco and remained a strong advocate for alms control. the european union's foreign policy chief says the block may be forced to impose sanctions on russia borel's says russia is in his was disconnecting from europe he spoke after a tense visit to moscow during which russia expelled diplomats from 3 e.u. nations russian foreign minister sergey lavrov described the e.u. as an unreliable partner. somalia's opposition leaders say they no longer
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recognize the president mohammed after last year's term has expired with no agreement on elections to replace him. as wanting developments from nairobi and has this update. today was when the presidential election was supposed to have taken place before about there was a whole process of electing members of the local house of representatives and the senate who were supposed to elect the president on the 8th of bread today that that line has now been passed and these no indication whatsoever of what could happen next opposition presidential candidates a category called of they would not want to see an extension of president mohamed apply for modules mandate and him remaining in office saying is a big no for them the some of them have been approaching the speaker of parliament who has scoffed at suggestions for him to become an interim president for period of
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3 months now lives somalia in a situation of limbo the international community of the moment is engaged in this period to diplomatic efforts to once again bring together the presidents of the regional for draw administrations and that is supposed to take place in the coming days according to a diplomatic sources in mogadishu and if all these a breakthrough with them then the fate of the president himself has to be discussed to see whether he would be going on with his current role all that would be another interim administration the presidential candidates from the opposition want . over centuries of changing civilizations religions and cultures and libya a small mountain town
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a mass alaska has relied on the same industry pressing olives for oil on it trying man speaks to people carrying on that tradition. in the mountainous small town of them so let's about 100 kilometers southeast of tripoli the people here live and. olives the good gassy all the tree is one of 50 varieties that are specific to this town known for their large size an abundance of fruit they are picked twice during the olive season here all of those have been grown for thousands of years and their oil extract it will some a shout works for the archaeological committee he says these ruins are of an olive oil factory built by the romans over 2000 years ago he was brought to him so lots of by the phoenicians later the romans began exporting all of oil that was produced here from the ancient city of leptis magna we run perscribe detects on libya of 3 to 400000 liters annually the all of harvest is
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a special time of the year for people here this is perhaps the most traditional method of processing all of oil and almost every household in the town of them so that's if you can find an area like this where all of us are crushed by hand and family members enjoy time together miffed has fond memories of growing up and making all of oil that hasn't got. my grandmother would sit and we would take turns crushing the illness it was fun we would drink tea and eat out all of the with bread of course the olive oil made by hand is much higher quality than the factories. arabic word for all of oil factory they've developed through stages over the centuries here all of their grinded with these mechanical wheels the pace is then put on discs and through pressure but will is extract and usually sold by the leader salim has researched
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the variety of all lives in libya for decades he receives a ph d. in the us in agriculture he then came back to me and started this olive oil factory it's one of the more advanced factories here. in the town of them slaughter all of oil has a special meaning it's celebrated every family here spends the months of november to march harvesting all of us to make will each of them have different techniques. and so let us for the most part been untouched by violence in the years of conflict in libya that's because here and during the harvest all lives and the quality of oil they produce is the only thing that matters now a trainer al-jazeera and so a lot of. amanda gorman who was part of president joe biden's inauguration has become the 1st poet to open the super bowl today we honor our 3 captains for
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the u.s. poet laureate performed course of the captains the final tazers 3 essential workers chosen as honorary captains to take the toss before kickoff appear accorded recital was played to a half full stadium true to current virus restrictions on the field and in the tampa bay buccaneers were crowned super bowl champions for the 1st time since 2003 veteran quarterback tom brady threw to 3 touchdowns and the same the most valuable player tampa is $123019.00 win over the kansas city chiefs 43 year old 7th super bowl title. here without is there are these are our top stories police and man man have want to demonstrations to leave or they'll be dispersed by force or they turn horses callen on people in the capital as the 3rd.


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