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engineer and the boom operator. the route to fame and fortune can be a rocky one juggling the demands of family life with their passion for filmmaking i'll become a great film director and mother will be proud of filmmakers and. al-jazeera. the attack was done for donald trump actresses struction and to feel his wishes. democrat lawmakers in the u.s. wrap up their arguments in the 2nd impeachment trial of donald trump his defense team presents its case on fighting. about this and this is all just live from doha also coming up meehan was moving general signals he's running out of patience with protesters ordering them to go
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back to work. venezuela's opposition leader criticizes a decision by chile to expel migrants from venezuela and deploy troops to the border. american jazz legends chick corea has died at the age of 79 he won 23 grammy music awards. ok let's begin in the u.s. where house impeachment managers have wrapped up their case in donald trump's trial they say the former president must be convicted for inciting an insurrection in the january the 6th riot on capitol hill and be barred from public office jobs defense team are going to begin their arguments on friday alan fischer reports from capitol hill. there was no dramatic video from the impeachment managers on thursday and
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instead there was a warning donald trump had a history of political violence and if he wasn't convicted then there would inevitably be more the attack was done for donald trump at his instructions and to fulfill his wishes donald trump had sent them there we love it we love you grow you know you'll be happy what do you mean we're fighting for jobs. all of these people have been arrested and charged they're being accountable held accountable for their actions their leader the man who incited them must be held accountable as well. so you thank. god if we don't try the line here what's next what makes you think the nightmare with donald trump and his lawmaking and violent mobs is over. if we let him get
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away with it. and then it comes to your state capital or comes back here again is there any political leader in this room who believes that if he is ever allowed by the senate to get back into the oval office donald trump would stop inciting violence to get his way. would you bet the lives of more police officers on the. i'm not afraid of donald trump running again in 4 years i'm afraid to say run again and lose. because he can do this again. the democratic impeachment managers quoted extensively from republicans who had blamed criticized and condemned for what happened here on capitol hill on january the 6th a clear message to the republican senators no sitting in judgment impeachment is not to punish but to prevent we are not here to tarnish donald trump we are here to prevent the seeds of hatred that he planted from burying any more fruit
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many of the insurrectionist the president trump incited to invade this chamber were dangerous people on the f.b.i. watch lists violent extremists white supremacists. i challenge you all to think about it if you think this is not impeachable what is . what would be. president trump's lawyers endorse his breathtaking assertion that his conduct in inciting these events was totally appropriate. and the senate acquits donald trump than any president could incite and provoke insurrectionary violence against us again if you don't find this a high crime in misdemeanor today you have set a new terrible standard for presidential misconduct in the united states of america
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donald trump's defense team will no take about less than half the time allowed to present its defense convinced it has the votes to stop the conviction of donald trump on the charge of high crimes and misdemeanors. well as trunk's defense team prepares to make their arguments on friday one of his lawyers has dismissed everything the democrats presented so far. they haven't. i think it's offensive quite frankly if the healing process. the frenzy that happened under them and then i think there's an american. and a gallup has got more from west palm beach in florida near the former president's resort. there is been some reporting that during the 1st 2 days of his 2nd impeachment trial he was glued to the television and was reportedly deeply unhappy with his lawyers performance there is other speculation that peter navarro his former economics advisor had called him and told him to fire his legal team rehire
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another legal team and focus on the fact what the democrats are calling the big lie what we now know is a big lie that the election was rigged so this is an uncharacteristically quiet president don't trump former president on top i should say but of course he has been muzzled from social media remember during his 1st impeachment trial he tweeted out 140 times in just one day now some of the reasoning that he was playing golf today it is that perhaps some of his advisors told him look show strength show nonchalance just get out there and do what you would normally do with a simply no way of knowing what's in the mind of the former president at the moment apart from the fact that he is quite possibly angry with the legal team that only had a few days to prepare for the 2nd impeachment trial so we are waiting for have perhaps the end of the 2nd impeachment trial where we may hear from the former president who is still holed up in his mar-a lago resort very close to me here in west palm
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beach. and we're most military leaders announced an amnesty for more than $23000.00 prisoners men claim that decided humanitarian grounds they made the announcement to coincide with a public holiday is acting president after seizing power in a military coup almost 2 weeks ago and the u.s. has impose sanctions on myanmar as military leader and several others involved in the coup it's also targeted companies in the jade and gen sector which generate significant revenue the u.s. international development agency is redirecting more than $42000000.00 of aid away from minimize government washington's warning further punishments could come. the generals meanwhile are warning protesters to go back to work or else demonstrators against the coup and the hands and of civilian leader aung san suu kyi have been largely peaceful but a crackdown has been deepening for a slew of reports. maintaining their momentum thousands of protesters again pour into the streets across myanmar in their civil disobedience
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campaign against the coup different groups representing many walks of life now that are nearly done you this campaign is a little strange and co-chair but we think that the main goal is to get attention from all the countries so all the boys joining this campaign are risking their lives and putting aside. some police officers in chaos state even broke ranks and joined protesters calling themselves the police of the paper someone who was in the 1988 myanmar student uprising that ended in a violent military crackdown says that this movement has much broader support i think that the military will not be able to use the. must of their might in full extent because this is the time is different the world is different now you can see that the the world's leaders came out with
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a strong statement especially the new zealand prime minister. our then came out with this very strong statement that they cut their relationship with the military in his 1st public remarks on the protests coulee dam. urged government staff to return to work and people to avoid large gatherings because of coronavirus. people are found to be assembling in public areas we urge them to avoid doing so as such assembly could increase the spread of covert 19th but many protesters seem unlikely to listen some commented on social media that living under my. dictatorship is worse than under the pen demick but mina also warned that effective actions would be taken without elaborating what he meant. the junto says the election in november was fraudulent citing that as the main reason for its takeover. the us announced it
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will impose sanctions against the military rulers the u.k. says it may follow suit a slowdown on foreign investment is also anticipated like in the past that could lead to the country tightening its already close economic relationship with china and sanctions and international isolation could also undo the economic progress since the election in 2015 was. but for now the message and the goal for the protesters are clear get as many people as possible out on the streets while at the same time drawing in more international attention and involvement florence louis al-jazeera. attorney the 2nd most populous state of victoria is starting a 5 day locked out after new cases in march linked to a quarantine hotel health authorities in the city of melbourne ramped up contact tracing unprepared for more mass testing after a worker at the hotel tested positive residents are being urged to stay home where
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mosques and public. u.s. president joe biden says the u.s. doesn't have as many vaccine doses as his administration initially thought the government signed contracts to buy another 200000000 rob reynolds reports from. their bodies great after a laboratory briefing by scientists at the national institutes of health president joe biden announced a major new increase in corona virus vaccine is on the way care since the afternoon we started a final contract for 100000000 more. and 100000000 more farther vaccines. are also able to move up the delivery date with an additional true $100000000.00 vaccines. through the end of july faster than we expected so far at least 33000000 people in the u.s. have gotten at least their 1st dose of vaccine and more than 10000000 have gotten a 2nd shot biden says his administration is on track to exceed his promise of
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100000000 doses in its 1st 100 days and his chief medical advisor says that approximately 300000000 americans will be vaccinated by july or august and by the time we get to april that will be what i would call for you know for better wording open season namely virtually everybody and anybody in any category could start to get vaccinated from then on it would likely take several more months just logistically to get maxine into people's arms so that hopefully as we get into the middle and end of the summer we could have accomplished the goal of what we're talking about biden said the government has spent $3000000000.00. there is to set up vaccine centers in states across the country still governors say they haven't got enough that seem to keep up with demand people are going to continue to struggle to get an appointment as we've said over and over and over again probably the last 8 press conferences you can't schedule an appointment if you don't have
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a vaccine we were under the distinct impression i replied in praise the scientists it and i ate sure but said the former president left him with what he called a big mess mark predecessor to be very blunt about it did not do his job getting ready for the massive challenge of vaccinated hundreds of millions of americans he didn't order enough vaccine you did mobilize you know people who administer the shots you didn't set up a federal vaccine centers were eligible people could go and get their shots when i became president 3 weeks ago america had no plan to vaccinate most of the country meanwhile congressional leaders say a $1.00 trillion dollar coated 19 relief and recovery package including $20000000000.00 for vaccine distribution will be ready for biden to sign into law by early march robert oulds al-jazeera south africa's president said obama opposes
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says this country will receive 9000000 doses of the johnson and jealous and vaccine after suspending use of the one developed by astra zeneca studies suggest it's got a limited effectiveness against a variant 1st identified there african union disease experts say leaders should still use astra zeneca in countries where the mutation isn't present w.h.o. says it's still confident about the vaccine. still ahead on al-jazeera promises of reform from the belorussian president after months of boss protests but opponents say they've heard it all before and for a 2nd time the global pandemic is casting a shadow over east ages lunar new year's celebrations we report on how people are adapting. it's time for the perfect gentleman. sponsored point qatar airways
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hello there the weather looks lots of fun enjoy across much of the middle east that there might be some places of high class isn't easy sunshine but not too much in the way of wet weather there are some showers just pushing across turkey will slide their way further east was friday through saturday running into georgia simply with some snow there over the high ground but across much of the region it just that settled in sunny winds 40 somewhat lighter around the gulf highs here in doha a pleasant $24.00 celsius and that sunshine stretches down across the whole of africa heavier showers those towards southern parts of uganda the basin showers into southern areas of kenya some wet weather of course through the rift valley pushing across into where northern areas of tanzania for a time to the west the weather is going to be through the mozambique channel well this little chain of storms just were rolling through here out of that eastern side of tanzania pushing down across those warm waters and digging in to wards
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madagascar west impossible to cast a system shot showers longer spells of rain and pushing that wet weather back into southern areas of mozambique the eastern cape also seeing some very heavy rain over the next couple of days that rain sinking right across the region with the potential for widespread flooding by the end of the weekend. qatar airways jump into the story there is a lot going on in this and julian and global community when i talk about the misinformation i think we all want to feed the hungry and be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we have been disconnected from who we are too little to keep the new in each he could be part of today's discussion this dream on out is the are.
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you watching or does it a reminder of our top stories this hour us democrats are rested their case against donald trump and as a pitchman trial they say there's overwhelming evidence that the former president incited the capitol hill riot last month. one of donald trump's defense lawyers has dismissed the evidence presented by the democrats calling it offensive the former president's legal team will begin their arguments on friday. as military leaders have announced an amnesty for more than 23000 prisoners they've also won protesters to go back to work 2 weeks after the generals took power in a coup. b.b.c. world news has been banned from airing in china that comes a week after british authorities cancelled chinese broadcast a c.g.
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tiens license in the u.k. london and argued that c g t s license was held by a different company which wasn't controlling its editorial content chinese authorities said the b.b.c. violated requirements to offer fair reporting on china the b.b.c. denies this. the president. says he will hold a constitutional referendum next year to let people vote on whether he has too much power is disputed when last summer has been followed by 6 months of protests the opposition's accused him of making vague promises to end the demonstrations reports . alexander lukashenko has promised constitutional changes for better loose before he has a timeline early 2022 and he said conditions if he was to stand down some time after that but no guarantee of that happening this government only or small
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they scored it is realistic my main condition for stepping down would be peace and order in the country no protest activities nobody overthrows the country and opinions expressed are we belittle those of the law the opposition says his addresses just window dressing to cover the true intent hanging on to power no matter what the cost however the setting is different now to 6 months ago after his disputed victory for a 6th term as president weeks of mass street protests presented the biggest threat to the autocrats 27 years in power he crushed the uprising with force. some political observers in the capital minsk believe repression bloat when he said he is. precisely because he has. to rely on this is like the left of his dog it. since putting down the protests the little doubt that feels
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more empowered however his opposition isn't confined to bell roofs the west impose sanctions of the his crackdown and labor lithuania supports the opposition we have them are the devotion and courageous throw of the russian people standing up for their right to decide the fate of their own country who have free basic demands free elections and a while and and the release of political prison. is europe's longest serving leader and for now at least he tends to keep it that way. libya's interim presidents had talks with a warlord who for half dollar in the eastern city of benghazi $100.00 men fate was appointed head of the transitional presidential council last week at the un led libya political dialogue forum in geneva after his power bases in the east has
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offered his backing to the peace process they launched an unsuccessful offensive to take the capital in 2019 the new u.s. special envoy for yemen has met the yemeni president and foreign minister in riyadh 10 lender kings visit to saudi arabia as part of joe biden's efforts to end the more than 6 years of war last month the us president posed arms sales to saudi arabia and the u.a.e. pending a review of the deals in 2015 the countries intervened with a military coalition to help the government fight against hooty rebels. venezuela's opposition leader has criticized chile's decision to expel venezuelan migrants and deploy the military along its borders dozens of venezuelans on other latin american countries i mean entering chile through a remote desert passives border in bolivia are like in america editor and senior but reports from the border town of call sunny in chile is top pocket region.
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chani is in the have a desert and nearly 4000 meters above sea level the lamas outnumber the locals the majority indigenous and moderates who sell their wool and meat. here there are no basic services not even sewerage or electricity so when more than 6000 undocumented migrants suddenly began arriving from across the border with bolivia 6 weeks ago residents say they felt invaded. the me that several of the entered my house and stole my things the human beings who are cold and hungry but this is the government's responsibility not. this i met a woman silver spoon faces upwards as a sign of anger when they see again more just the number of migrants is more than double the number of residents here when huge numbers of outsiders arrive with different customs for example sacking or homes that produces a cultural clash. that migrants are penniless and exhausted many arrive
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traumatized after experiencing robbery violence and even rape along the 4700 kilometer route from venezuela made up of my thumb were here waiting for buses to take us to the city where we will get tested for cold it and with the help of god after that will go to the capital. the day it was told that after reporting to police she and her 3 children would be allowed to go on their way but that's no longer true. on wednesday the 1st even israeli. and some called cheney were put on an air force plane to be flown back to venezuela. i don't precedented government initiatives to halt the influx of undocumented migrants it was said little again we want to be very clear about these laws a plan to enter illegally and clandestinely risky as the law states. earlier the ministers of defense and interior visited the border to oversee the
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plan called chinee which significantly increases military and police controls to keep out undocumented migrants. we went on one of the night patrols officers searched trucks and illegal border passes they stopped believing in strength to smuggle clothes but for the 1st time in weeks no migrants. i think the migrants are moving to other parts of chile to enter because of the increased controls that they are carrying out that makes it more difficult for them to enter through here. but as the government prepares to expel thousands more than its whalen's are still getting through these 5 young migrants arrived here yesterday they have been walking their say for 25 days and they already know of the chilean government's grants to send them back to their home country if they're caught so they say they're going to walk through the desert here around the mountains of border police brought her barriers everything they need to do to keep
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going. others simply can't keep walking like knight who brought her 10 year old granddaughter ashley to chile to join her father a dream that now seems more unlikely than ever. you see in human al-jazeera chani cheney. for many of us wearing a mask to protect ourselves and others from covert 19 has become a common practice but experts in the us say wearing 2 is better than one the centers for disease control has conducted experiments on the effectiveness of mosques it's now recommending double layers it says combining a cloth musk over a surgical mask blocks more than 95 percent of particles the c.d.c. also says a tight fizzy sensual to stop any air escaping from the edges they'll fish is the chairman of the world health organizations global outbreak a lot and response network he says the evidence for doubling up on mosques is clear the research has shown largely what we know and that is that
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a single layer is not of is not as effective as multiple layers it's getting translated a little bit into. we're into masks or even 3 and i think that's really not the point it's about wearing masks that have those different layers and this is plain really common knowledge for some time the standard surgical mask has the 3 layers that we talk about w i w i j i was released guidelines on how to my cloth masks with those 3 layers. you need a non absorbent inside. story absorbent inside lie or not absorb an outside layer and then a filtration perhaps in the middle which is typically polypropylene and this is how you can make your own cloth in that describes how to water and all the sort of things are so i don't think i'd be pushing too masks but i'd be pushing good masks
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. countries across east asia marking the lunar new year but this time it's the year of the ox pandemic is forcing people to halt their travel plans and stay home probably reports from seoul. as the lunar new year gets underway chinese travelers have once again been on the move but in far fewer numbers in the city of wool hand where last year's new year exodus helped turn coded 19 into a global pandemic many people have stayed put. i feel happy last year we just stayed indoors and couldn't do anything this year we still need to wear masks but it's much better but china's regional neighbors are being hurt by less international travel for thailand which relies heavily on tourism it's a further blow after a miserable year the same is true in japan where borders of virtually closed and
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for more distant destinations like australia's blue mountains facing a steep decline in a rivals from across asia. a year ago in south korea chinese visitors throng the capital seoul many of them vying got masks from pharmacies like this one with fears growing about a new virus spreading back home this year no crowds even the pharmacy has closed a detailed study by seoul city has shown just how much life has been transformed as visitors have stayed away and residents change the way they shop and work with around a 3rd less visitors to downtown areas this city like so many others moving away from in person activities towards more of a remote online existence to what we imagine to be happening has now been proved through the data and it can help us make more responsive to concrete policies in
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malaysia kuala lumpur's chinatown district is also suffering but traders here. they're all working with an online retailer to help shift the stocks of traditional new year clothing the recording goods i'm going to boil you will nobody wants new clothes this after the holiday but online we're hoping to get at least some cells east asian neighbors mocking the start of a lunar new year and adapting to a new reality rob mcbride al-jazeera so. to korea the american just composer and keyboard player has died at the age of 79 there harding has more on his impressive career as a musical pioneer. chick corea is known for his 1st love playing jazz on the piano. 2 2 with 23 grammy awards to his name 2 he is more than any other jazz musician the keyboardist helped miles davis usher in the jazz rock fusion boom in the 1970 s.
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2 and founded his own game changing groups including return to forever he also worked alongside american pianist herbie hancock. korea's career spanned more than half a century just last year he released the double album plays which captured him at various concerts armed only with his piano. if you're trying to learn something and appear you have to be the one who you have to be the one who wants to learn it so he also launched an online academy where he could teach and share his passion for jazz. even after death korea could went even more grammys this march he's nominated for best improvised jazz solo and best jazz instrumental album. and a facebook post korea's manager confirmed that he died of a rare form of cancer he was 79.


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